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•_ '-r. Classified '«Wt ? Advertisements. APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT OR I RANTED, TO BE LET, LOST AND FOUND j One Three Six insertion Insertions Insertions SO Words.. 1 0 2 0 3 0 V 30 Words. 1 6 3 0 4 0 40 Worde. 2 0 4 D. 5 0 FOR SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS One Three Six Insertion. Insertions Insertions 20 Words. 1 6 Z 6 3 6 30 Words. 2 0 3 0 4 6 40 Words. 2 6 3 6 5 6 fllRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEKORIAM, AND MARftl ACES. Ontl Tbree Xix Insertion. Insertions. Insertions 20 Words.. 1 6 3 6 6 0 30 Wordi. 2 0 5 0. 8 0 40 Words.. 3 0 7 0 12 0 rx EDUCATIONAL.  One Three Six *? tnserHoa icaert'ons Insertions SB Words 2 0 3 0 4 6 ia Words. 2 6 4 0 6 6 40 Words.. 3 0 5 6 7 6 I MCKEY.-M. per !ino. *r.; '■ ) t ———  —— L  L tn»l- 4 MISCELLANEOUS SITUATiGi'^ VACANT. TVfOftx'Y-MAKING Work Offered; whole or "VM, spatime; particulars. 2.10;0 Pocket I Rubber Stamp of your Naiii., and Address •tree.—?i Jtscttord, Ltd.. Know liUt London 118All.3 TT7ANTED, thoroughly Experienced S?ort. Vl Lau?; also OCiee Boy.—Write, rtatins experience, eto. Box L 36 Dai.y i,oaacr Oiijce Clfl-ii WOMEN AND GIRLS. l I jf-?OOK?.—Stt)? Eva.?? and ?.. LM.. r€<?mrt; V a GuoU fo. thur Uef:t3iiruei!t iiuouis. < ^ri'leaiifc to the Manageress. C10-30 I '? X?KR? ? L; ?D Cooti-?en?rat Wanted.— ,Jllj .?ppiy. with M'ttiluoni?. to Mrs. ?.?r.s. ??uw?y Hotel. i'tj??iei?. I2?A11-3 'T?X?'????KD Ueueral Wanted at Once; I ',LJ Uood wa.g?.-Apply, 6 to 6.? evenn.g. Lewis, m. Riga-stfeft. ?wa"60?. ??AU {nV<r TAiLOEE?SLS waited. Ve&t and !Wo wal?ted. Vest anJ .:nL?n("-c,' -JamM Tailors. Wooda<dd-st?_ ?t'l-?." _? 1*5A1)-» \1, ?-M'E?. a Good General Servant.- VV Apply, uny evening alter 6 c'e? -S9. Eaton Hrove. Swun?e?. 1Z5A1J,Z i  \r\¡'-kjJ- a ?).erj.l Servant Imrne- ?Y (liatc'y ietluired -Apply. ?1.iBsbury-tet!'acf, Swansea. C-l-3  -????rE?Housckecoe". Apply between ? 6 au-i 7 p.m, M. M 67 Aberdybptth? .He" DaiW, ?wa.n6?& 123A'I-l "'??Ar\TED immcdi'm-?y. Cirl. abont 16 ? TV years, as General Servant; good home ind ?a?e!App:y. Mrs, George, Hi* 1 P?nniacn. Co?e-.  123.11-1 :4 2• 1V\\ f ANTEX)I early in November, thoroughly e^erienced help for b!1lll family; wages ar.d oatinxe.—Mrs. Coonan. Bal- 'moral, 2 s VfVXY T \NTSDi ? ?ood (?ner?I; another Ma'd  kr-)t.—Apply, bdween o and 6. M ?Mr?. D??s. 6. Gwydr-eardene. bwan|ea Mt!N A'\O YOUTHS. r, ? i GH????nt.edImnicdiate'y for smil" book iu Swans?:aiso6p&renmo .A?ent ior Neath.—VV rile O.B., La,ly ?:I?ade- SwtLneea __?. !?A?-i y Wanted Apply Mac- I .,1.J kenn* Contractor, wernddu ^oniei'y. < or Neath.. L1* 4 j < '?dY Wa?ed must have ?ocd refM??os. Jj ??t?ie??S. V/altere-road. 1_?A? 31 ^iiEEGl6ll-CA>. V ASSE^recjuirod for in- V VK"airée- t?ok; Previous r-.ei.? ,?t.?(i. -Apply, pe?otiat.?. ?bc?t?M-n 5 ?r.dY.?-.y ;jig ? &0. I rospect-plaoe. -? ± 'Q ??n6t? !)Q C :lBi: 1LIJKR Wanted for Swan&m; :f -iutt?ie. p&rtncrsh? w? be given.- fHipJy, Box W 15. "Leader." Swansea 123A1I.s D^Al-F.fY Apprentices; Vacancy for Two i y Smart ?.leducatea Roys as Appren* t:(. to t?-e in- e?aH ?aB?.g?e" irom ?n.?nni.? of term -B. W. Davie>» and o ",P\ 8?.&re, Neath. Cil-2 '?? TOTXI'.RS Wanted_Jo'?'ng aadB«pair. ':» Apply J. Tboma? and ?TCC '^rasron-lare. j, E. ThomiLf. and Co. -n ,XTTI B'jEKTT.V WANTKO ~«»j Students^to Jr?ify ?. V-3cant- es Tbif, 's a sulendi.1 opportunity fo. a Vo'.th ?bp-  th? & of T. a«d 74 to secure a per- mamnt incratjvc hertu fr>" 1 it(? l "™ ?oypf! (?mohol?d ?t-vtM "'?n ??'' k tc?'?-c- ot Wil'rk of the ? utd ?r?? or Cn ? ""?  iratn.n?O?i?f-.Ltn.? Marv-street Car. ?'It. or C;utl'Mtr('(1,. S.ant;N' iVV\ f.\ XTEI), Experienced Motor Wechan.c ?V for Gamsre.-Apoly, ctating aEe. cx- ?ri.n? W !-T?. 28. The P^nuvrir,^ Sw.n?? Clu A -N TD Collierv Fireman '<?'? VY Secor?-Cl ?s C?rtiGMte for C?o.iHer? ? tha Swansea. VaIiey.-Write. gi?nXR.? :mJ Experience to ,Coal," Leader ?n?e ?w?nscA. !25.\1: 'TED. Doublers. Furn(l<*eDä;1 Blunders.-Apply. Glamorgan Black plate Work?. Pontaroulais. 125AII-2 '\1 A'TEÙT-ëiiõtël:Y Croce?t Haü1ir; !I,,d to KorFeB; steady-App?Ho? Neath. '3?? 14 2  — '\Y~&Y 7 A.NTED. Pr&ct)oa) ?!i?ht Mill Foremnn %t -\pnLy !JY lett-er. hi firf?t instaBc?. fit alius: six* expedience an I wages, retiuuvd to MGO«ra the Villiers Tinplate Company. It ri tor terry 121 A 1,1. 31 Tr?A?TEI.. Tou?)? Draftsman to w M?ati)!" and VentilÐtin Eyg,,int,.c?r' ?rtt.-Appty by letter. "tating age PEri ar..l aJrJ rennired. the Bnjrhteiao Fonndry anr) I..c?nM?n.; Co 2?. St 0. ?rec? CarjiS 22IA10 30 WANTED by Fir?t.?M? Insurance Office wriiiior Clerk. ?5—? refp-rc?pa <r r'?io)? exppri?!Me reouired.— w nte Box ?14. Leader OfRM. 120A!020 _0 LOST AND FOUND. OS-r pet woe 11 Grand Theatre and ij street Lady's Wristlet Watb. on Lri- d?f ?eninc reward.—"Soldier, Cainb.ia La)Iy Lta?c? OlRces. _? 12aAlO-5t I L FTon8eätat-B)"ynnlïÚE):lrGDSuI¡:- Lday, üirl' Squirrel Muff—Finder re on n-turmng ,.m<; to ?. Hry'.ymu. road. Swancca. C!!1 30 IOSTI Lar? Cap of a Wheel, painted J Gren: Lost whUp travelling between Morrison. Liangyfeiseh. Pontardu!ai?. anu Harid'y:Finder rewarded.—H. Studt ¡J 8{!nio ?Hway. Kidwelly^ TMAIO-lo IOST, on Odoher 16th, between Mumbles J and Pontardawe, Stepney Spare Wheel complete -Finder plea_le ise C, ,I.,h Police Station. 'MAIO-.M IOST, from C'waun-c&e-?urwen Common. I La Oark Chestnut Filly, two-year old. .it !2.) h.h.. with prominent White St?r on Forehead, light mane. and short tail; nnshod. Also a Bey two-year old Pony. 12 3 h b.. Small Star on Forehead, and touch of white above left eye.—T. E. Morgan, 33. Xeuadd road. Gwaun-cae-Gurwen. Cll-2 -OST, Bay Maro Pony 12 2 hands, in f:<x.n j conf'ition; medium long tail; j-ar' lcs—Evans, Pest Office Cefneitnen. 122A 0..31 1 ODviiNGS Wanted; Bedroom and Sigh 5lA Attendance for Rebpeotable Working I Men; Town.- Pic? iFy tcrmi to Rox C if, { ',r.nmhrh U?ilv Lfa'?r. SwnRfa IM.?W ? ) i.ui -i -I-. — | IVHSCSELLAKEO'iS WANTS. TBTITEETHTPl^imimrGold. Pfil. A vt. r. any condition: utmort sali'e fiven Püt par;ek1 J Cher nick 44 ?chant.f?tt'fLt, Cheetuaxn. M¡wcbester. 122AH-& j ?AST-Orr'ClothinE of Every Descri./t.  Bought. Parcels sent. ea«h or c,- |1 by return Attends Sv-ansf-a. Moi-rdav t Gnmtus. Moodbicc. Forr.?Ejdo. t22A?-31 ? LADY requires Piai'o; would give &? to f £ jC; »ld 0ne would suit 'good.- I ?_?. Lo?tu?. Leader O?ce l?A?? PIANO?—Wanted :>-f><õ<:()nt1-ha;dp'f¡;nö-in I li 31 IT 'A, 17TI 1-D- iIF7? n i Kt?te 1?'" nrice for rea,?y t;?h.—Do\ P M. Lc??cr CHico 122,\11:5 r¡Wâ::EW a I¡ï;i-(;r- Pit :ôoèï afsc.—.lem 1 nirir.V, Ltd. 1/,rl. Brv'-N,! Bianch it I Porthcawl STC. ] \'S7'OSK Wanted for 2-fc'->» and 5-ton 1 Lorry.—Reply R?x .U 16. Leader Ointe. 1Z7A:G.7,1 'r.Al'I'l'Lo ;:o"'N!¡;'htu[(nm'a-Z: ¡ I m Mnikr;- ?.—R?!y Bc.n' Welfare j \i!or. ThQiaas a« i C?. Ua' '?y mAV 5 HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR I' SALE AND TO LET. BO i lour nuu?e?a the tl?nt; over j JD M.fMO nouses Uave been Dought on uur cc.ictuc.—rcr pan.:cuiars, apply, u. L\au?, AI)OX,TO.,N. N EATil7-For SaleT two Well built C<.nvenienr and Attractive eigilt roomed Houses; low ground rent; lorig lease; vacant poi^eseion of one.—A[.p!y i Ciiarle^ Gower, Skew en 127A10-3: "pVKUSLEl-KOAD. SKETTY.-For Sale. JL i with early possession. Freehold Semi- attached Villa; two retention "oom!>, kit-! chen. sculipry etc. 4 bedrooms bath-room. w.c.; good garden—Apply to I Meesra. J Bievvitt Jenkine and 6ons, Estate Agents Savvey ore. etc 4. College-str-et. Swa nbea. CI0-30 j.iOli SALE, Two liouses in Courtney-street, Manseiton, 4 and 5 Room.->; in good repair.—Write, "Business," "I^oder" Oihee, ?S w ?-, ii sea. !I-iI 11'RE-ËJÍOLr-lÍouee for Sal.- at '?oo(i!a?s? J- tpvrace JloRtpelier-terraee and Rose i .!ill.terrace. also excellent Leasehold House at, the Uplands to be .sold with vacant tos- eession -j,-)scph Harri6 Auctioneer, 1, GfcOTErp-streei Swansea, 010-30 HOUSF fiom £ 250 and upwards- 56 lid 1 t weekly repays £ 250. visiteu auy district.— Writ(» "Seller," Leader Ofice T.C j N1 EA'm.ROA D HA POD -Two well-hniU I li Hou-e#. for Sale, cheap to initnp(lirite i purchaser- low ground rent —.loseph liar- ri _A)tcu!?.(?r.  ]. George-etreet, Swengea. QT. GFORd- siTERRAJE'dus?'off Walter- ? road. "Vacant Uotj?e for Sale; every (modern convenience; nrico to immediate pu-ehtscr only £ 850 —Joseph Harris Auc- tioneer. 1, George-street Swansea. -117-ily Pay Pcnt? (.!J.ûOO Houses alrarrly T 9 Purchased through our system. For Prospectus and Balance-sheet write Box D 1. Leader Office. 126Ail-4 7 E will enable you to Purchase a Hon.™ j » » Ivol",b EW for an average repayment of 58 lid weekly—Write Box W 8. Lender "face. Swantea. ClO-71 I/ ?RKKLY'?irPurchase?SO'Honse } ,) anv ditdd: pm",psdw¡ by arrange r'cut.—' Landlord, Leader. Swaiisea. T.C. APARTMENTS AND LODGINGS TO LET AND WANTED. ¡f:T_I\]\fEl>fwo large unfurnished rooms or t\ furnished.—Write Box G 16, Leader Office. Swansea. 125A11-3 HOUSES WANTED. "tTS^AKTED a House, Bcsolven. £ 2 bonno' 1 fo7- key. or Respectable Apartments, for man follier), wife and child.-Box L 15 e Office. 122A10-31 "rANTED. Small Fnrnshed HOIIM- »v bat! room preferreii at Langland or Newton—Write M Leader OCace ) -iZ!AI0JO PREMISES TO LET & WANTED ARAGE ReQuirMi. or Share of, for ?lotor ? Cycle and Sidecar; di?t'iet of Hfath fie-lil and Waltez,-road.-Write H 16, "Cam bria Daily Leader," Swansea. 125A1031 0 1. FICE in Swirsea required by industrial Company—Apply, with full particu- lars of accommodation and rentaJ required to Box X 15, "Leader" Oftice, Swansea. 123A11 30 NOTICES. (-,AGIIA Fanciere.-Ilaving bought a Largj Ccnsignmpnt of this year's h. i r- vtstcd Canary Se ed, we are now oh faring the same at 6ad per lb.; mixed 7Jd per I'o.; Ilemp. Rap." Linseed, an ) Parrot Food all at 9d per lb On sale at Swansea Pou'trv Corn Co-operative StOi"CoS 26 Fabi",n-etrp.t. St Thoaias and No 6 Stail Swansea (Watei loo-street sidp). opened everj day 121A10.30 CONTINUED Success; Madame F!et?hcr. C M.B.P.S.; test reading free: send, birth date and etoiiiped envelope.—5, Arcade, Pontypridd, Gluuiorn. 123A11 1 ("HOCOI.ATI.S Confectionery. — ) auantities SRppliod. trade onlyr 3F, vurietip? Write orice h.t istampt Dt pt ? C6. City Confectionery Co il9. Mino-ic?. I?ndo't '?Al' 30 Olivo Harris teaches all S the Latest Dances; for term-i, etc.. apply Wtdlfield House, 1. George-street. Swansea, Tel. No. 469 Docks. 123A 1 1 i ?"\ANCUCG —Madam J?.-?'f. Davie? naa Re- J eirned her Private Dancing Lessors T^atesflt Dance? taught. For terms apply 35 (ieorge-street Swansea. ■ 121A10-30 fj^OR Liftht 'Haulage of any dryscription t i reasonable chareos applv S Hearn. "8, Trwf^ Igar-torrace 98 A j (J- jl H"()t¡-¡F'R :1lJcjirran!! fct Hire. •l?o .Pony XI and Govern Car: by hour. day o? bv week —S Hearn. 23. Trafalgar-terrace. 98AIC 3J 1- OK,Ry.-iialf ton Lorry for Hire; Light IJ Haulage ati, description.—Enquirie-. H. A. Leak, 211, Oxford-street. Telephovo. 431 Central. C24 11 TVfOTlCE.—Madame Dalma hap Removed to 283. Oxford-street. Swansec; next door Bucliland Jones' Dental Surgery. 122m rj^TPEWRlfEilS —The "Master-Model r.Y3! 1 Standard Typewriter No 10 The final choice of all discriminating Writing Ma chine flnyers Recent Government for over 7 OOO Royals Facilities provided for iispectins ,I] other makes of Type ?rtre?' 01Jrt' Company, :rI 1Pnilding. Swansea. Cll-0 L i —rrtr MONEY. j E, LAW 12 London-road, Neath Makes i-J* Ltsli Advances from f5 ant\ upwards, strict!/ Private. E^tabli^heo H76. TC. t t* you i't*ii tt ire a Loan apply to Georae Jt Thoma. Manager Church-etreet (opno- site St Mary'eOiU?h Swansea. Private and oonfuiential. MONEY, to L?nd to BesDPttnbIe no?? 1 i ho'dcrs; Private and Confidential fvor* n Tj:<'rna«. 6. Watrrloo-st.. Swnn^ea ADVANCES, £13 TO 15,000 0.1 written promise to repiy or any security Principal reniains or can b-* repaid by 16 or 24 nvi,!th!y Instalments; no charge cf any kind unleex business done; promptness and privAoy4} avoid exposing yottr recjnirements lo<>my.—W rite oldest Company exwtins E. LAWRENCE, LTD., I Don Chambers, Wina-street, Bristol. PERSONAL. TN "Ut.t:lt Bertïr Shop there is "SlaJtdiut Room Onlv" Uncle Bert and hu ?cn thank you for your help You are f'o?iar "You: Bit" a? we did oura Thanks! v.-go pea, Than ks!! 1717'ILL Any Person who Witnessed Co? Y ? lteion between Tram C?f '?nd Rover Motor Car in Walters road some two manths ago pieaso comintinie;. i,e with Browns (lare.ges. Ltd., Oxford-street, Swansea? C., 21 ell 2 ■ J "MJ ■ l t 4! — •, ■' 'S PURWJTURE. "L"*URNTTr)RE.-—Best Pricey sriven by me .1" for Second-hand Furniture and Antioue Furniture of any description Drop me a I postcard or call.- Wm. James, 8. Fabian- i ?trppt St ThOma. CTL0 j IF you require a cood Bedroom Suite. Par. lou?' Suite or Puiified Beddincr ca!)at Hill's Pur?i?ners. Gower-etreet. Swansea. 123, 11.1 iT BUY Furniture New or Seoond-hand.—• JL Serkin. 219, High-street. Swansea. 123A11-1 -4.0- 'A'IPl. .Jfl FOR SALE. | (^OOKlNu hall:C for Sale, double pan; i '?? nearly new.-John Tnomas. Chip ?*tup. I' Man»el-road Honymaen. Swaneea 125AU-1 ?UKUr.A TjKe?ritf?—Thc nest Portable ? Machine. we?ut. 81 lb.: all JaL im provements visible; 14 cui'eaa; makes aU II :?cal ureseLtanon gift. Sole A?cnt? tor U t'ct VVa'es Swansea, Typewriter Ex (,bangt\ d. Salubrious Passage, Swansea. 125 A 31-4 FLT,P,Nl,igiiificerit R,acii Set; large j' shoulder wrap and lovely pillow muu, coet £1"; 14s. late last season; not worn; fcaenhoe, £ 4 15s.—Write, K 16, "Cambria Daily Leaaer," Swansea. 126A1C 31 Gowerton. FCorne- Block, half ac o land; excellent position for ADD1.. Thoaiaa, VVaun Farm. Loushor. 127A11-4 j I^OR SALE. Modern Gas Ran?e and Fire. -r Geysci. and Automatic Water BoUer; I «cont'-hand; in perfect condition; inspec- tion bv appointment.Writ Gayser," Daily Leader. lioAll-4 F Oil, SALE Scond-hand Tube:< and Covers I J —Uur'ie'i g Vulcanising Works 190. Ox fcrd-street Swansea. 127A10-31 11",OR, Sale Two Tyvriter8; No. 4 X o t No. 4 Smith Premier.—State be?t offers to Box No. 21, Cambria Daily Leader." Swansea 125A1C 30 Quick Sale, Fifty 50-Ton Wagons in Excellent Condition; Inside dimensions 35ft. 6in. by 7ft. by 3ft. llin.; with Two side and one end door; Main Line Traffic.- Write. Wagons," Leader Office. Swan- BOO. 125A 11 3 "f?10P" SALE, Piano. £1.2: Bedroom Suite, t £ 15. Sittin Room Snite. Sideboard. Sell clieao Large stock of Eoots and T rouse rs.-Ap_,)Iy, 13, Nelson street, Swan- sca. 125A10 30 J-O: SALE. Oak Sklpboard. Pian. Cabinet. Overmantel- no dealers.-An ply Cambrian Inn Morriston. 122A10-31 SALE.—Sis Whee? with Springs and Axïs: s suitable for light Drays. Two 25 feet Ladders.—Hardv, The Burrows, Swansea CJL33 QALE of Unredeemed Pledges on Tuesday. U November 4th. 1919, at 10 a.m. Messrs Hitman and Co will sell by Auction at 23, Nelson-street. Swansea, Pledges that were I pledged from December 1st, 1925, to May 30th, 1918: also Special Contracts from Sep- tember 1st. 1916, to August 30th. 1917, with Messrs. A Siedle and Son, Nelson-street. Swansea; A. and R. Wehrle, -tation-ro-d. Uoreliy. ■ 125A11-30 S' A FES 'FireRe?Mtin?.-20;n. to 48in high, 0 f<ir &ale. Also pair 8?n. Winding Engines Steam Wagons, Petro] Lorrie6, Birt. 4Ta. Strand, Swansea. Cllt ????? Hou&c Policy Certificate for Sale; e??tJU ?6 10s. paid in; what offers?— Write, "Seller," "Leader" Office, Swansea 122A,0 31 rAA Tons ???' Penrhyn Blue and Purple -Slates for Sale; cheap to spot ca??b buyers: specification and prices on applica- tion.-Ben Jones and Co., Pembroke Build- ings. Swansea 127A11-1 L. MOTOR CARS. CYCLES, &C. ALBION CHASSIS-We canofferdeTive of 50 cwt Chassis end September. 60 cwt November and 30 cwt and 80 ewt No- vembcr. subiect unsold Caeh Easy Terms. or Exchariite -R E Jonex. lAd. 31otor Dept.). Diilwyn-street Swansea T/C /AIXOTT Light Car (1916)? Mckey seat. ?' dynamo li?htin?. electric horn: ?p I aintfd and overhauled: ii exceUpit con. | ditior a?d splendid running order. £bO.- ?nply W Be van Z8 The Promenade. Swan- efla CIO-30 J^OK SALE Wicker Side-car. in good conrli- Ft i- i iliet leen upholstered and: painted: £ S a bargain.-Thcmas. 11, Harris, street. Morriston. G1031 DOH, SA.LE, Milmes Daimler Commercial 5ry, 09 1 Ton Aerial ditto., 9A. 2-Ton Dennis, £ 110; 3-4 Ton Clvne.da!e. £ 220; 3 Ton Straker and Sou ire, £ 260; 3-4 Ton All- d'¡8 Lorry, £3W. A' o. a 4-Seater Touring Cer, R.M.C., £ 426 23 Seater Studebaker, £ 230; and a Briton 5-fieoter Car. .£1.- Apply. Joseph Harris, Auctioneer and Vainer. 1, George-street Swansea. Tele phone No. 463 Docks. Ci i-I STAFFORD Scoot-^ Book now for early deliveries %], Airont for Swan-w and District: Fletcher's Garnre, Swansea. 123A11-1 4 H P. JAP; Free Engine. Boche Msp. JC B. and B., new Tyrc? and Belt; tove?y "ondition. Also 4; Bradbury. 2 Speed. Free Kndne; reason for selling, room win-?(I P15. "Cambria Daily Leader." Swan- ra. 123A11-1 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. BARGAIN.— Second-haid Piano hy"we]? ?? knowu London maker in cMeUr?. txttdition; 22 g:ia ca«h—Hawkins, 2z, Chapel-street Mumbles 12JA1.1 BABY Grand iron Fmme Overstrung Biliano in Burr Walnut (;a, 7o Guinea?; Seoond-Hand Pianos from 30 Guineas; Cash cr Terms Arranged.-D_:lp. Forty, and Co., Ltd., 20, Kinj; Edwar<Ai-road Swansea. 125A10-30 GRAJTOr HONES with worm-gear motors, :,Ii,)"t runaiuu, 6 nanc!)) R,4 37s. fid. Re, tuids from 1 d Records Exchanged, 33. doz -1:. Park-street Swansea, 3 27 A11. < GODFREY And Cf) Ltd.— SpecisM Bargains in Second-hand Piano* and Organs: t-rioee from 25gns New Pianos by lilt the leading makers, inoiudine Q)Iiard and Col- lard. VVittor and Wltton Hamee and Co., Biii'smead Oramo" etc,, etc Prices from 50f?n3 cash Terins arransred if desired V. rite for free list or (-all and make a per. scnal «seiec;ion.-Godfrey and Co.. Ltd.. 22. St. Helen's-road, Swansea. 122A10-31 GODFREY and Co. Ltd Pianoforte Mann, X tadurers. have now Ro-Opencd their Tuning an-i tlepairing Department Pianos and Organ, Thoroughly Renovated and Re. paired Estimates given Expert Tunett Visit all Parte of Wales Pianola and Plarer i?noi) a Speciality -?ndfrev and Co? Ltd 22. St. Heen.?d Swane!t 122A1Q PJANO ?poond-hand?7twenty?bc "few. 20 twenty to view. I? o ,36. 43 guinea's, "tc., bv Broa?wno? !Md'*rneaR<' BrinsmeM etc -19 Park- streot Swanpe?. i27AlL? THà-j!po AN: fŒ_AOlfELI/S A NO U N C EM E-> fS •— CHICAGO Or?n. 4 sets of stops, 'L? 2 knee ewel: Vpry tot'C. ThornDron and Shackclf. LtA., 39. Caetle- street. Swansea j OlA.NOFORTE by Ralph AlHaon, full con. i. rass. tvorv keys; 50 cnuieaa cash, II. easy terms.—Thompson and Shackell, fAd 39. C, Sw sea. LEXANDHA Paris. Harmonium; H?tops. A 4 ses of reeds; !ar? powerful ¡nFtru_¡ ment. suitable for plaoe of worship; ?35— Thompson and Snack&H. Ltd., M. Castle- st.r<,et. SWat16ea. LIVE STOCK. &c.  Sale. Pure Wbite?om. (dog)7 four F months.—Apply, Fairweather. 6. Hill- side-terrace, TichbonrM. Mumbtes. 125A30M ItOn.s:Ü':ir 50 Febl'uar MaTQh AJ!rIJ1 i' ?'j White./ Wvandot»« of ftcf?cnt ntiiity strains 'from !28 6d.- IT O1P9. '? tlitiil't it ienw" Farm. MorriqtoLi Ch?net?ta. Hannienw?Q Farm, Morrfto? CIO-30 GEE.SK Large and Younsr Gloucestershire Poultry; j Is. 6d. each; laying fowls, Ss. 6d.; cocherela, 68. 6d. Also Working Frrets.-Neill. Pfcgler-street, Bryhhyfryd, Swansea. 123AT1-1  each at S?montho old. for fo^r ) small torn Digs b01¡M at 53 each vvas one beginner's record after using "K.i re wood Pil-t Powders. YO-J car. do it too! Twelve f.)r 1. Thomas. Chemiflt, Gor«?ein- on. an4 Old Bank Pharmacy. Llanelly 112^11-6 iI SMALL ADVERTISEiMENT ORDER FORM. I I 4 I ¡ I -jt i r ¡   I 1- t- ¡ I  Please publish the above advertioemenL.tim. for which I ? encloae.?.?.d. ? Name and Addresa: ij < '1 deseed, replies may be sent to Box Numbers at the Oambna Dai?y I* 3«der Office. This form should be addresse(i to Advertisement Department, "Cambria Daily 1 Leader," Swa ea TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. A R', t,It, eNDertLadies'I A and Gerit'e Cutter. hM the most beau- t.ful selection in LadtM Coetumes, Gent's 8uits an 1 0 ,ercoat?s. P?Tf?tion in Cut. Style and Fit.-5, Cradock-street. Swansea, j 125A11-3 -Á MMANFORD.—Sca^on'e Goods—indoor or A out)—whether Cartridges (ley's. Ky. Koch s. and Curtis' and Harvey's), or Cut-: lery. Tabic Lamps, Mantles Nicl-vl Fendew. ana 11'01103. at Harr'&s' th- noted Fur ish ers and Ironmongers. Cl", ALARM-CLOCKS" Another'La.rse C?t I J.\ sienrnen' ?udt arrived; t??t mak^; I every one guaranteed: £ 1 eaeh.—A. Joseph. Jeweller. 23 Hcathfieid^?trf>et (next to Iii. I. 16r"8)_ !21A:C-30 BARGAINS at Enoch's, Aroaae.—Casquet ) of literature, 6 volo.; fine sot of Burns' Poetical Works, 5 vols.; complete set Kili- con's Commentary, 8 vols.; Practical Draper, 5 voh "Popular Encyclopaedia." 14 \:01£, Teachers' Bibles, Welsh and Eng- lish, from Es.; Family Bibles. etc.. etc. 123.\11-! FURO Remodelled; by our Process we are -f able to make Old Furs look like New; All the Latest Styles in Fur Coats and Sets. -Tennens, 5, Cradock-street, Swansea. 325A11-3 AVE you tried the new U.-G. Boots ? -Ll They are good, reliable, and reason- able in price. 127.A1-4 IN Uncl<> Bert's" To?c- Shop thenT?s ± '?.andin? Rocin Oni.v." Uncle Bert ald his Son thank you for your help You arj doing Your Bit. as we did ours Thanks! Swansea Thanks!. 120A1028 O-VER 20 Years' Reputetiollfor Value; Come West for the Best; 50 Ladies' and Children's all-wool Tweed Coats to clear in all the Newest Shades and Styles at Bar- gain Prices.-Richa.rds, High-Class Milliners, 40. 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Shorthand 20 le-Ors. 106 6d.; Book-keeping 22s 6d.-Daniel Jones F.I.P.S.. etc (the Well-known Coach). Neath. Cll-5 PRIVATE TUITION for London MaÚic- 1- and alt the Professional Prelim Ex. am*: Shorthand and Book-keeping rapidly taught at Lishman'g Coaching College. 40-41. Worcester-place (opposite Castle Cinem-ii Swansea. TC SAILINGS. CUNARD LINE. TO UNITED SIATES. tx)TJTHAMPTON AND CHERBOURG 10 NEW" ITOitK (Calling at irijmou..n Iiaett-ound) MaUTf-L,nJ.:l .Tues.DV. 11 'Royal George I li uNov,W Mauretauia faat. Dec. 6 Via Halifax LIVERPOOL 'iu ¡'tl.v' YORK. Tueti. Nov 13 Nov Z9 'C&rmaiiia '.1 Via Ualifai TO BOSTON Ikala (Freight only) Sat. Nov 15 LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA. Verbania (Freight, only) .8a.t. Ndv 29 LONDON TO NEW YORK. Vasoonia (Freight only) Tueo. Oct. 28 (Preiglit only). T b u i- s -Oct ?O Port Pirie (Freight only).Tbure. Oct. 30 fValacia (i'leignt -only) f ued. Nov 4 Glensanda (Freight only) Sat. Nov. 8 Port Darwin (Freight only) Mon, Nov. 10 1 ort Chalmers (Freight only).Mon. Nov. 11 Caronl,t Sat. Nov. ZZ t VIa. Havre. Via llalifix, LON DON Tf) BOSTON. Valdura (Freight only) Tues Oef; 28 Gukula (Freight only) Sat Nov. 22 LONDON TO PHILADELPHIA Venoonii (Freight oniv) Sat. Nov. Z9 BRISTOL TO NEW YORK Veetalia (Freight only) Tuflls. Deo. 9 BRISTOL TO BALTIMORE Doonholia (i'rei&ht onlv) Wei. Nov. 12 BttlOTOl, TO PHTLADEl/PiiiA. Copenhnfrer (Freight only) Tues. Dec. 2 ROTTERDAM TO NEW YORK Arclo-Cliilesu. (Breirht only) Sat. Nov. 15 ANTWERP TO NEW YORK Sahara (Freight onlv) .S,%t Noru CUNARD LINE TO CANADA. SOUTH A-il PTON TO HA LIE AT Ura,i George .Thura. Ncr. 20 LIVERPOOL TO HALH.A? ov, 20 Orduna. Tuee, Nov. JO Carma?? Sa?. Nov. 29 .V LONDON TO HALIFAX. *valacia Tum. Nov 4 a :i E. J Camnia Sat. Not. 22 Vi Havre. LONDO TO PORTLAND Me. WWiMl, la^ioi (Freight only). ftt. Nor. 8 er'T!t'?oI rFrfirbt only) Fat.Nov 22 Volumnis, (Freight otllr) "Pné&. Not 25 BRISTOL TO PORTLAND Me I vennsia (Freight ÓDly! Wed Oct 29 ''irsrilta (Freight only) Sat.'Nov. 22 To Montreal All Canadian jafMmrs connect fdtb Cans- nian National Railways. For Rnt? of Passng* and Further Par ypijlars. anply Cunard I I. L<verpon: 61 H?honscat? london. FJT S ■ Cock apor-?trpet. London. 8W ()rwi, ,?tr"t. Br?tn!: l8t R?.-hpfr?t. Card'ff: H7 Nt'wrf'M, Rirmini'h»Tn • Mørhfme Ch?n? ?rt.f'ttnntfrf? Sooth??pt.'r) Minbav ?&d Fivmouth: o? to Local A?nta. 11 L1SJ—! ILiiLJ-LaqU; WW.LII g ELECTION ADDRESSES. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE ST. THOMAS WARD. Ladies and Gentlemen,— It is a matter of gratification to I me that my Candidature for the forth- coming Election has been advocated and supported by all parties. I have lived in the Ward for many year;, and, possess-, ing as I do an intimate knowledge of the needs of the Ward, I ask for your activ i support in this Election. I am anxious to see that this end of thft Borough re- ceives its DUE SHARE of live represen-j tation. If elected I shall strenuously and con- tinuoufly labour for the following urgent reforms i—(i) Extension of the Munici- pal Housing Scheme; (2) An Improved and Cheaper Tramway Service, the pre- sent service bcinf" a disgrace and an in- sult to any community. I am a con- stant advocate of Better Opportunities for the Children of the Workers to secure the advantage of Higher Education, the e:r*sfcing facilities being totally inade- quate. I shall do all in my power for the Health of the District, for Child Welfare, and for the 'Extension of Maternity Centres. If I am honoured by being returned as the first I.ady Member of the Swansea Borough Council, no effort will be want- ing on my part to carry out my duties as your Representative without fear or favour. I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yonrs verv faithfully, HANNAH SELDON. CHANGE OF BANK HOURS. As from the 1st of November next, the Swansea Branch Banks will Open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, instead of 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. as at pveseat. SALES BY AUCTION. MORRISTON, LAN DO EE AND SWANSEA. Exceptionally important Sale of Two Splendid freehold and Free Double- Licaused Counter Trade Public Houses with early Vacant Possession, and Two Dwelling-Houses. MESSRS. James and Jalnas, F.A.I. Are favoured with instructions from the various Owners to offer for SALE by PCBLIC ALCTIO, at the HOTEL CAMERON, HIGH-STREET, SWAN. i SEA, on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER dtii, 1(,)19 (subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall then and there be produced; the following I' Ii\ST-CLASS FREE DOUBLE-LICENSED FREEHOLD I' Public Houses, viz.: Lot I.-All at noted Freehold Pub- lic House, Brew house, Stable and Pre- mises calied and known M THE MID- LAND HOTEL, MORRISTON, situate on the Ciydach Road about 200 yards from the Cross and nearly opposite where the Morriston trams stop; in the occupa- tion of Mr. Thomas Evans as tenant at wu) (his lease having expired at Michael- mas). The Premises have a frontage over all of 50 feet ex thereabouts by a depth of 107ft. 6in. or thereabouts. The Accommodation is as follows:—On the Ground Floor: Entrance Hall, Smoke- room, rap Room, Private Room, Store Room (formerly Kitchen). Kitchen, Cellar, Small Back Kitchen. On the First Floor: Club-room, 2 Bed- rooms and w.c. On the Second Floor: 3 Bedrooms. There is a lafge open Yard at the back and a Brewhouse, and a Two-stalled Stable at the far end with a large loft over both, with an access thereto from the side lane direct. Lot 2.—All that excellent FREE- HOLD TREE DOUBLE-LICENSED PliÐLlC HOUSE AND PREMISES called and known IS THE STATION INN, LANDORE, in the County Borough of Swansea, immediately facing Lmldore Railway Station on the upper j side, with Vacant Possession at Lady Day next. The house is at present and has been for many years past in the oc- cupation of the owner, Mrs. Mathews, who has carried on thereat a very luera- 1 tive trade, probably the best in the locality. The Property extends from one street to the other with a frontage of 34ft. 6in. or thereabouts to Station- road, and of 42ft. or thereabouts to Mysydd-street. The Accommodation is as follows:—On the Ground Moor: Bar, Sitting-room, Passage, Smoke-room, Sitting-room, Kitchen, Back Do., Small Tap Room, Kitchen, Back Do., SmaD Store-room and Pantry. In the Base- ment: A good Cellar. On the First Fit ;r: Club Room and 4 Bedrooms. There is a good-size Yard at the rear wit.i a 2-Stalled Stable and 2 w.c. 's thereon. The Club-room can be ex- tended or reduced as occasion requires by means of a moveable partition. There is one good Club, viz., The Foresters, meeting at the House. The House ts situated In a position of monopoly, be- ing the nearest licensed house to the Landore Jtailwav Station. Lot 3. —All that desirable FREE- HOLD DWELLING-HOUSE known as N> 6, HEATHFIELD-ROAD. SWAN- SEA, containing 6 Rooms, Bath (h and c). Scullery (h and c), in the occupation cf Mrs. Morgan as yearly tenant. Lot 4.-Ai that LEASEHOLD GAR- DEN CITY VILLA known as No. 9, THE PROMENADE, Garden City, con- taining 6 Rooms, Bath (h and c:)cul- i !sry (h and c), and nice Garden. WIT!I! VACANT POSSESSION ON COM-] PLETION. Held for 99 years from 24th June, 1910. Ground Rent £1 188. Sale to Commence promptly at 3 p.m. For further particulars, with refer- ence to all the Lota apply to the Auc- tionta'S, 7, Goat-strcot, Swansea: and with reference to Lot 1 to Messrs. iStrick and 1 >llinghatn, Solicitors, Fisher-street, Swansea; and Lot 2 to 4, to Messrs. T. W. James and Co., Solici- tors, 24, Goat-street, Swansea. TOWN lULL FAInt, SKBTTY. I Near SWANSEA (Distant ten minutes' walk from Sketty Train Terminus, or 15 minntea from ( Swansea Market). MESSRS. James and James, F.A.I. I Are favoured with instructions from Mr. Joseph Evans, who is overstocked, to ¡ SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the Premises as above, on SATURDAY I AFTERNOON, NOVEMBER let. 1919, the following Valuable Live Stock, HAY, CORN AND ROOT CROPS, Etc., viz. 4 DAIRY CATTLE (1 with Calf) J 2 Handsome. Well-bred Roan Shorthorn in- Calf Heifers and 8 do. first-class Roan Heifer Calvee. 9 HORSBB. CROPS.-HA Y: Abont 5 ton* of excel- lent IToree Hay. CORN: About 10 tons of ftrst-class Oats. BOOTS: 2" Acres (a grftat crop) of Swedes. Sale promptly at 2.30 p.m. Terms—Six Months Credit on Approved Security over or the usual Discount for Cash. Auctioneers* Ðffices, 7. Goat Street. Swansea. Tel., Docks S72. IM, ZfSLEY," EATON CRESCENT SWANSEA. Mr. Henry F. Hood, F.A.I. Has been instructed by the Executors of the late W. G. Lloyd, Deceased, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above address, on TUESDAY. NOVEMBER ith, 1919, the SURPLUS Household Furnishing Appointments AND EFFECTS, Including GRANDFATHER'S CLOCK, by Spiridion, Cardiff; 6 Foot Solid Ameri- can Black Walnut SIDEBOARD, artis- tically carved, SADDLEBAG DINING- ROOM SUITE, 2 CHIPPENDALE CAB- INETS, One 8-foot Mahogany SIDE- BOARD, PICTURES, CARPETS, TABLES, BEDROOM SUITE in Satin- wood, CHINA, etc., and other articles1 too numerous to mention. Goods will be on View on the day prior to the Sale from 3 to 5 p.m. The Sale to Commence at 10.30 a.m. sharp (and not 11.30 as on bills). Terms—Cash. For further particulars, apply to Henry F. Hood, Auctioneer, Arcade Chambers, Goat-street, Swansea, Tel., I Central 513. WITH VACANT POSSESSION. Mr. Richard H. C. Roche Will OFFER for SALE by AUCTION, on the Premises on WEDNESDAY, NOVEM- BER 5th, 1019, at 11 o'clock in the fore-, noon precisely (subiect to condition. the Valuable LEASEHOLD Dwelling-House & Premises kppwn as No. 14, MORGAN STREET. HAFOD, SWANSEA, held for a term of, 99 years from 25th March. 1884, at a I ground rent of J-3 8s. per annum. j Mines and Minerals are reserved. | Also at 11.30 o'clock in the fot-enocin oil the same day, on the premises, the surplus i HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, etc., now on the promises Full details on Posters, Goods cxi View Morning of Sale from 10 a.m. Ter:ms- Cash. For further particulars apply to Mr. A. J. Puntan, Solicitor, 12, Fisher Street, or to the Auctioneer, Rutland House, I Angel Street, Swansea. SALES BY AUCTION. I MINERAL WATER FACTORY, WAS- SAIL SQUARE. SWANSEA. Astley Samuel, F.A.I. Will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, et tho aliovs Premises, on FRIDAY, OCT. 31st, 1919, Plant and Machinery. Chief Ilcuus are as follows: A Compk-to Double Pump Soda Water Plant by Hay- ward Tyler, One Upright Portable Boiler and Engine Complete, Niagara Power Bottle Washing Machine by Harnett and Fester, Gasometer, Gas Washer, Lead Generator, Acid Tank and Lead Storage Tank, Nine Head Rotary Filling Mach- ine by Barnett and Fester, Four Hand Turnover Filling Machines, Horizontal Soda Water Machine, Foote's liu- proved by Chapman and Foote, One Hand I Low Pressure Screw Stopper Filling Machine, Vertical Soda Water Machino by Barnett and Foster, Three Platform j Scales, One Bone Crushing Machine, One Large Saug-e FilHng Machine, Power L Chaff Cutter, Four Tray Bottle Washing Machine, Two Spring Carts, Two Mineral Water Spring Wagons (Bristol make), TWO COBS 15 hands high (straight from work), Harness, Galvanised Tanks, Hand Truck, One 30 Gallon Enamel Syrup Pan, Three 20 Gallon Enamel Syrup Pan, Sun- dries. Sale to commence at 11.30 a.m. Terms— Cash. Further particulars from the Auction- eer, King's Chambers, Corner of Gower and Orchard Strepts. Swansea. 1 47, FINSBURY TERRACE, SWANSEA. Astley Samuel, F.A.I. Has been instructed to SELL bv PUBLIC j AUCTION, on MODAY, NOVEMBER 3rd, 1919, Valuable and Well-preserved Household Antique & Modern Furniture, Good Upright Pianoforte, Massive Wal- r nut Sideboard, Telescope Dining Table, Carpets, Rugs, Mats, Base Rocker, Electro j Plate, Ornaments, Oil Paintings, Pictures, Engravings, Fire Suites, Brass Fendets, i Walnut Overmantels, Venetian Blinds, Poles, Curtains, Cornice, Bronzes, Clocks, i Gas Fire, Mahogany Oval Dining Tabb. 1 Mahogany Cheffoniere with Marble Top, Coca Mats, Mahogany Hall Stand, Bam hoo Whatnot, Mahoganv Dining Table, Ov. I > Inlaid Table. ANTIQUE PIANO by Thomas Sawers, London; ANTIQUE OAK i FLAP TABLE, Whatnot, Fumed Mahog- t any Cabinet, Mahogany Bedroom I Suite, Mahogany Hall Table, Maha. I gany Mirror, Chast of Drawers, Screen, Commode Chair, All Brass Bed- j steads, Spring Mattress, Feather Beds. f Overlays, Bolsters, Pillows, Bamhoo Musis j Seat, Bamboo Settee, Bambuo Bookshelf, | Marble Top Washstand. Single Bed, Kitchen Dre?er. the usual Cooking and  Culinary Utensils, and various other I| articles. f 2-SEATER HUMBER MOTOR CAIA (1911) will be first lot offered. Goods on View Morning of Sale from 9 a..m. Snde to commence at 11 o'clock, T»fms—Cash. Auctioneer's Offices: King's Cham1)er», Swansea. AUCTION MART, i 3, 4 and 5, GOAT STREET. SWANSEA, MESSRS John F. Harvey and Sons Will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, o* TUESDAY NEXT, the 4th NOVEM. BER, 1919, Household Furniture AND EFFECTS, | Massive Oak Sideboard with bevelled j mirror, Oak Dining Table, Three Pianos, Ebonised China Cabinet, Hall Stands, 1 Brass Rail Bedsteads, Wire Spring Mat-' tresses, Brass Stand and Candle Sticks, Oak and other Single Combination Bed- i steads, Oak Dining-room Suites, Cheffonier, Mahogany Dining Tables, Mizapore Carpefc, Child's Cot, KniUir;* I Machines, Concertina. Dressing Cheht: with swing glass, Washstands and Tabks. I Easy Chairs, Chest of Drawers, Vacuum Carpet Sweeper, and a Large Assortment, of Kitchen Utonsils; also a quantity of f HOTEL FURNITURE, I via., 3 Pull Beer Engine and Lead Pipin'ft', Cork Drawers, i and 1 Pint Glasses. Spirit Flasks, i Bag of Hops. Ware Spirit Keg and Measures, Pewter Measure. Wine Decanters, Tables, Settles, Benched Dipper, Barrels and Butts. Sale to commence at 11 a.m. prompt. Auctioneers' Oficcs, 3, 4 and 5, Goat. street, Swansea. SWANSEA. Important Sale of Remunerative InvesV ments in Freehold and Leasehold Houses with Life Policies. Mr. Trevor Evans, F.A. I., (Messrs. Bowen, Evans and MiHs) WiH offer for SALE bv AUCTION it   1919, the fallowing Freehold & Leasehold Dwel- ling-houses with Life Policies. t Lot I.-Two Freehold Dwollicg- Houses, 9 and 101 Emma-street. b Lot 2. The Life Interest of one Syd- ney Wedlake, believed to be now aged 4 years, in 17 and 18, North Hill-road, together with Policy of Insurance for £ 150 on the Life of the said Sydney Wedlake. Lot 3.—The Li fa Interest of one E. A. Thomas, believed to be now aged 53 years, in the Six Houses 33 io 38^ Vin- I cent-street, as well as Two Policies ",1. Insurance aggregating £ 50G. For further de+ its see Posters. Sale to Commence 3.30 p.m. Further particulars and Conditions of Sale may be obtained of the Auctioneer » at his Offices, 22, Wind-street. Swansea (Tel. Docks 420), or of D. 0. Thomas. I Esq., Solicitor, 21, York-street, Swansea Required Immediately MILLMEN FOR j STAFFORDSHIRE SHEET MILLS. Rollers who can bring their own Sets will be g i v e u 1 preference. APPLY- Bryngwyn W orks, Gorseinon » • a ■. 1 ■ .j—— jj_a GERMANS AT lLANDEBIE. Batch of Prisoners Laave for Frongoch. A batch of 2 J L-errnan prisoners of war left Lla-tidebie 011 Wednesday for tha Frongoch Camp, Ncrth Wales. I They were enagjed on work at tho lime quarries, Llandebie, since April, 1918, and were housed near by, under guard. On one occasion, soon after their arrival, one escaped at dead of night from the encampment. He Vt?a recaptured maki^c for Swan? '? j