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    1 'Leader' Uassmed Advertisements. APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT OR WANTED, TO BE LET, LOST AND FOUND One Three Six Insertion, insertions. Insertions tO Words. 1 0 2 0 3 0 + 30 Words. 1 6. 3 0 4 0 40 Words. 2 0 4 0 5 0 FOR SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. One Three Six lnaertion. Insertions, insertions 20 Words. 1 b. 2 6 3 6 30 Words. 2 0 3 0 4 6 40 Words. 2 6. 3 6 5 6 BIRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAIA, AND MARRIAGES. On« Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions 10 Words. 1 6. 3 6 6 0 30 Words. 2 0 5 0 8 0 411 Worda. 3 0 7 0 12 0 EDUCATIONAL. One Three Six Insertion Insertions Insertions ro Words.. 2 0 3 0 4 6 30 Words. Z 6 .m 4 0 5 6 40 Words. 3 0 5 6 7 6 MONEY.-6,1, per line. MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS VACANT. ,NFY-Y,AKING Work Offered: vhole (r 1*1 8tH1. tune; particulars, also Pocket Rubber Stamp of your A! am-* and Add re-s f'l'ee.J LC;eiiiord. Ltd.. bnow liiiL London U8AU-3 TTTANTED, thoroughly Experienced Short- er f hanr'-Typist; also Ofhoe Boy.- nte. ctatins aso experience, eto Box L 16 Daily .Loader Office (JlO-ii y STAI,)-FII"RA, Neath; Rood spare-time Agency: applications invited from re- j epoctablt working men or women in regular employnLfcn- to supply Suits. Drapery, for eash or credit; hoerai commission.— :Al{cnc. Leader Office. 127A11-1 WOMEN AND GIRLS. Coog-Ueneral iV&iitect.- J Appiy, with testimonials, to Xib. tvans, uaiiway Hotel. Ibtaijiera. 123A11-2 t: XPE-Ð-E CJ1.lJ General Wanted at Once; Jul Gooct wagea.—Appiy. 6 to 6..>0 eveiuug, Lewis, 2M. iiigu-street, Swausea.. 123A11-1 REQUll'PU for London. first week in De- cember two Lxptnenced Maids as Cook-<.iciit;;u and ilquoe-i'ailourmaid.—Ap- ply llrs Jtiazelton, 96. Ea: MI b rov. IZ8AH-3 T W() TyuLoilEi-SlLS wanted. VeFt and JL Trou>cr¡ haarl. HkheÜ ?.??a; rf.- ip?nfi?'y —James Tailors. W oodfichl-st¡,et. V.orri-toii 126All-a A.NTkt), November 18, expejjei: « » Oenei a].—itepl.v bv letter, stating ae. T<a}:e?. and previous experience to Box No 159, L?r! I' Office. _?_ 12BA11-61 \\7 A.NT&D, Experienced GeLcral Servant: tw? in family: liberal outings and good w"ge, to capable en'i.—Apply 68. Bryn* ] road. Swansea 128 A11-1 ''tT A'l 'Eíl tho!,ou¡ílc:Ptrienêd House- Parlourmaid. A-nl*' 6ta Ünç; age. waKM. references to Mrs J. E Davie? The Mount. Gov/erton. 126A 1.1-a W ANTED. Young Woman. General, and II Plain Cooking: also assist in bar. re- fcreccoj re-Quired -,Tarvie Bhyddingrs Hotel, Swansea 12.6.10-31 A-NTED, a Good General Servant.— V Apply, any evening after 6 o'clock, 39, VE_ aton Grove. Swansea. 125A11-2 n/'A?'J?ED. a. Genera! S<T-.ant im?e? d iatelY: Good References required — Apply. 51, 'in$bury-tet'rac. Swansea. C11-3 "1717" AN TED Jlousekeeper. Apply between 6 ati-I 7 p.m.. B. M 67 Aberdyberthi- st-ree.. Hafod. Stvansea 123A31-1 TXrANTED Immediately, Girl, about 16 ▼ V years, as General Servant: good home jLur\ wagcs.-A rIp: lire. George, Hill House, Pcumaen, Gower. 123A11-1 A NT1tD-M¡Ÿ in November, thoroughly *V experienced help for si?ll famÜy; ?oad rfmes ;wd outings.—Mrs. Coonan. Bal- 'noral, Murubles. 123A111 MEN AIV0 YOUTHS. A GFKT wantM immoointely for small kin Swansea- also spare umo ARent for Neath.—Write C.B., Leader, Swana. 123A1?-1 B HICKI.,AYtILi Wttutcd APPIY Mac. -D kennfi Contractor. VVernddii Colliery, rear Neath. tll-4 BOY Wanted must have good references J JD Matthews 28. Walters-road. 126A10-31 C OACitBUILDER Wanted for Bwaasw; if suitable, ixartnership will be given.— Ecp-ly. Box W 15. "Leader," Swansea. 123A11-2 DRAPERY Apprentices; Vacancy for Two J? Smart we'J educated Boys as Appren- tices; to live in: small wages given 'rem beginning of term —B. W. Davies and Co.. The Square, Neath, I C11-2 LIRNISIII i%i Trade.-Warited, a good I Frott,i Man for the Swansea Bi-aneb. Iiili's, Go we i-street Swaneea 128A11-15 JNFRSW-ante< Jobbing and Repairs t. &v y J. E. Thoruafl and Co. Green Dragon-ane. 123A.0 c0 UEGENTLY WANTED-5W Students to Qualify for Existing Vacancies. Thil is a plcnrfirt opjiortunitv fo: a Youth be. tvrean the aga of 17 and M to ectir,, a per manpnt lucrative bertn fo" 't?c -?'° oloeù Demoho'ieed Service nen with '30 Unowledsrv of Wireleee of the above ;tLP. should write or call U on?.- wireJe?» Tr:tinim: Coltc?c. Ltd ?t Marv?treet Car- d?. or OaattpstrMtt. Swansea 'Ï'¡{r A!'iTÊDiOAthracitø C(J yY —Ap!<!y Man??-r. C?mIiycfeU Co!. liery. Up?cr Cwmtwreh. 1MAM-.5 WANTEF-Caretaker fm:RhYdflin' I T' IL-?h CoT'?'-?atinnaI Cburch n,%v -m ¡'FlY to J Ree9 33. Lon Oak«-a^enne r 125AIj 7 "I\X\ rANTEtt.a Ymith. abniit 15 of a,e ?Y to Mak<. him?f uapfn: bn Who?? New,, Denot.—Apply Geo. Williams, 69. Hien street. 12oA10-31 "\7irANTED. Experienced Motor Mechan.ic Vl for Gnrnpc.—Aprily. statins ape. ex- nftrlf>Tic<N \V Bevan, ZG. The PTomer. SWANPPA "—'? J~MTASfED~CoUfery Fireman hold in t Sceond-CbE Cfrtificate fo? CoUier?' in the Swan?ea VaUey —Writt, ?'vin? a~f and Kprjcnce to "Coal," LettCtr ora?e Swansea. 125A11-1 Vxf ANTFD Doublers, Fnrnftcemen, ar'i VV Behinders.-Appiv. Glamorgan Black plate Worke, Pontardulais. 125A11 2 '?7A'KTED'Immed iat?y Grocer's Haulier; ?t n-?.) to Hor: ste?dy.-Applv Kong Stores. Keath 123> I VTTANTED. PT1tdica(ó r, -Apn!? by lett: ht f1rd instance, ?atintr acre erpe-ience mil wacea rcnuir?d to -Me(isi-q the Villiers Tirriate Company. Ltd- Brltol ferry. 121A10,31 LpST AND FOUND. L OST, from Gwaun-ca.e-Gurwen Common. J a Dark Chestnut Filly. two-year old. about 13.1 b.h.. with prominent White Star on eurebea(i. light mane and snort tad; unsho d Also a Bay two-year old Pony. 12 2 t.h.. Stnall Star on Forehead, and touch of white above left eye.—T. E. Morgan, 38. .Ncaadd-road, Gwaun-cae-Gurwen. Cll 2 LOST between Grand Theatre andH L street Lady'a Wristlet Watch, on Fri- day evenintr r(,warit. Soldier," Cambria; Laily Leaner Offices. 12bAl0-31 j  OST. Bay Mare Pony 12 2 hands, in Rcx?t I i condition: medium long tail; to Marks —Evans, Post Office, Cefneitnen I MONEY. LAW 12 London-road, Neath Makes Cash Advances from £ 5 and upwards. itricti; Private Established IE76 TC. IF yo s require a Loan apply to Georee t thtitnni. Niaiinger Church-Street (ODDO- dte St MaryV Cliuivb Swansea Private tori conf(ifntial. TLfl"ONSlr ? [?nd to R?pertable nou?. it. ho!de: P')v? and Con?deptia.) ■ yor f) Thomas. 6. Waterloo-st.. Swansea ADVANCES, £ 15 TO £ 5,000 Oa written projpise to repiy or any eeoarity Principal remains or can b-* repaid by 16 or j 34 monthly lnrtaimetits. no charge of any I ktnd tin less business done; promptness a.nd nrivflcy: avoid exposing your requirements oldest Company existing: E. LAWRENCE, LTD., ) Don Chambers, Wine-street, Bristol, HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. |>Li iuur witn Lne reijt; over -D ?8."0 1' lou-ic.? nave b?en uougnt on our ttcnexne.— £ or particuia.s, apply, U. Lvan^, Eveisiey-road, Sketty. 123AII-I (X\UOXTON, K ?'i'U.—1'or Sale, two W d J built Come meat and Attractive eisriit loomed Huiises; low ground rent; ions lease; vacant possession of ciie.-Aplily Cliarie.- Gower. bkev.en. 127A10- L'OIt \Lb, two well-built Houses at En- Nvat-d-st?eet, A ht?'cn Pontal'ua we now in the occupation of Griffith Jenkins and Henry Joh l Thomas.—A wly Richard «V ii- liaam. 1). Ynisj, I. Ystalyfera 138A11-0 rpOR SALE two Houses at- Mysydd-)t moderate ground rent; lonp years oi lc,,sc- uuexl)ii,ed -Rei)ly Tawe Leader OfBce :2SA11-^ 10.R S,TLE Two Houses in Courtney-street, 1 .Maps" ;ton. 4 and 5 Rooms; in good ¡-epaJr.Ú'Íte, Busiuess/' "Leader" OJiet, Swansea. 123A11 1 BOUSE.-from £ -50 and ur-.varda• fc 1M weekly repays £ 250. Applicants Nisiteu any district.— Writo Sellei- Leader Office 'f.G T,\rALriEK-KOAD LeascLoid Reside^. VT wi?i vacant possession, on (-om?Ietion of sale; 2 reception rooms, the booroom, and bath-room. Lh vid Roberts and Son S1. Wind-Btreet Swansea. Cll-1 Ili Pay Uentr 40,000 Houses aW.o.y i V* Purchaaed through our eyfitem. For Prospectus and Balance-sheet writs Box "Lea(ler" Office. 125AU-4 1) 1. -?-EL'EI,Y will Purchase R450 HOUPC 4/C) anv district; po?t-ssio'i by a trance merit.—' Landlord," Leader. Swansea. T.C. APARTMENTS AND LODGINGG TO LET AND WANTED. W -ANT"L,Two large unfurnished rooms ] V T or two furni«bed.—Write Box t-i jo, i "Leader" Office, Swansea. 125A11.-3 ¡ HOUSES WANTED. I 9-:OUSES WANTED.I ?V for key. or Re?ae?tahie ApartmcDta.. for m?n (collier), wife and child.—Box L '3. Leader Office. ISXAlO-? PREM:SES TO LET & WANTED GARAGE Required, or Share of, for ?otor \jr Cycle and Sidecar; district of ticath _I tieid and Weiter-road.—Write H 16. Ctlm- bria Daily Leakier." bwaiifcoa. 126A10-31 EUSLNESSAS FOR DISPOSAL. IT^OR SALE a Poetins Business aad t cr- j' taKn.s good ?oiug concern tn a prosper out* town in South Waloa; or would take Partner with £ 500 as Working Manager to take cbarse Can have all particulars. ? rite Box 8 16. Leader OSlce. Swansea. J28AH-12 PARTNERSHIP. A R'l N ERSlilP — AdveTt: ser with exte'? sivvs know lodge of Mcuai? and Swansea and Lonao;i experience would like to nieet established Metal Merchant with view to lartnershiu, could invent small capital. Also open to Represent well-known firm,— Reply, id first instance, to Mttalswan, Leader Office. Swansea. 12SA11-1 \70UNG Man reouires Working Partner- L shh; any btMinese: could invest £ 200.— Reply to "Partner." Leader Office. l^BAll-^ NOTICrwS. CCONTINUED Success; Madame FI?tcher. M.B.P.S.; tMt reading free; send, birth date and stamped eiirvelope.—5. Arcade, Pontypriud, Glamorgan. 123A111 DA3iClNvjt.—iliss Oliva tiarrie teaches all the Latest Dances; for terms, etc., apply Welltield House, 1, George-street. Swansea. Tel. No. 469 Docks. 123A11-1 IOR Light HaulaRe of any deocription at i reasonable chai-glo. apply S Hearn. 23. Trafalgar-terrace. 98A i U-31 HOKSES and Traps foi Hire. also Pony JTE. and Governcsft Car: by hour. day. 0" bv week.-S Ileat-n. 28. Trafalgar-ttrrace. 98AIC 33 L oltity.-Half-ton Lorry for Hire; Light Aj Haulage arrv, description.—EnQuir;e:, H. A. Leak. 211, Oxford-street. Telephone. 431 Central. C24 11 SAVE 63. IN THE £ by Investing your Sav- 'J ings ii the IAn lore Permanent Build. irg Society. Interest paid free of Income Tai half-yearly. Larcredt Societj in w est Vales Established 1875 Secretaries, David Roberta and Son. 61. Wind-street. Swansea CH-3 T Y P i!W [LITE ItS.-The l Royal J. Standard Typewriter No tO. The final choice of all discriminating Writing Ma chine Buyers Recent Government orders for over 7.000 Royals Facilities provided for inspecting all other makes of Type winters; Officc Appliances Company. Sid- rlall f'nilding, Swansea. C*9 FURNS-r UR. -UKNLT- TIREF Bet3t Pricee given by me r for Second-hand Kurmture and Antuji.e Furniture of any description Drop me a rostcanl or ca¡l.Wm. J(?,mœ, 8. Fabian ,?t,-eet St Thomas CT? IK you requirJ a good Bedroom Suite, I'ár Jt. lour Suite or Pmit'ed BeddioK (a)¡ at 11 Ill's Furnisbei-s, Gower-etreet. Swansea. 123A11-1 IllUY Furniture New or Second-hand.— i. Serkin, 219, High-street. Swansea. 123AJ1-1 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. ARTIFICIAITTEETN. Platinum. Gold. Sil- ver. Bought; any condition; vutmo»t q¡Jne nven Post parcels J Chernick 34. Exchanw-street, Cheetham. Manchefiter. I22A11-5 C AST.Or,T, Clothinc of Every Descriptjo: Bought. Parcels deut. caeh or by return Attqnd6 Swansea. Mondays.- G riffitiia. Vi oodbine. Ferryside. 122A.0-31 LADY requires Piano; wQuld ?ive ?'?6 to JU ?.M; old one would suit if good.- Write, "toftas," "Uader" OTice. !25Atl? IADY wisc& to PÍ1rc1hEen. Seconà-=}ill1 I IJ Piano, suitable fcr 'iarj wear; will oav fah' ptiC(-Writr. atatine ?rice. to ?,ebooI." Ddily Leader. Stvanfiea.. 128A11-3 -P-1 TIfo. w ante{!, a Second-hand Piano, in 1 ,in? condition State ihr price fojr reajv cash.-Bo? P 16, Leader Office  H^REES Wanted over < PHwood fize.—'en- i nings. Ltd. Woodworkers. Pennywell road. Bristol Branch at Porthcawl. STC. \V\V TANTED a mad Vertical B^ujer, la -tr s-ize to work 100-120 Ibn vressiire.-Re- ply Cwm.Duflryti Collierjes.Ltd.,2Z. SVJ t l' I Talbot. Cll-5 WORK Wanted for 2-ton and 5-ton t T Lorry. Reply Box M 16. Leader Office 127 A10-31 I ■\XrANT'ED ?occer Fixture? teams aE!-( VV urdi • 19.—Reply Boy; Welfare "rrT.1 viror. Kicli. rd ITioma* all i Co. LlanePv 122A11-S LIVE STOCK, &c. GEES1< Large and Young Gloucestershire G Poultry; 11s, 6d. each; laying fowls. 8s. 6d.; cockerels, 6s. 6d. Also Working terrrts.-Xeill. Pegler-streot, Brynhyfryd. Swansea. 123A11-1 P VCJ I. each at HvOmontha old. for fonr ??J! ncm!) "tor o'c;? bought Rt.SS kee?01) was one beginner's record after niI" Karswood Powders. Yoi r, do it tool Twelve for 19. Thorna. Chemist, Gorsein- on. and Old Bank Pharmacy. Llanelly 112a11-5 -u:- uiwihi"*ul I FOR SALE. A S?AHTLY'CUT '?r welT-?ilored'Dinner A i z,?cke' ,st: 3.9 chest;*a bargain.— VV rite Dinner Jacket." Leach; • Office. S.T.D B-"IÚlGAÚis-A ïä;g- Second-hand Walm;?, Siueloara and a gojJ Office Writing Desk for Sale.—Hill's. Furnishers, Gowtr- ?'J''?;L S-????- 1^2AU-5 (-lIU I\.it, q l¡'c¡¡.e lor :u.ll!, Uou'ole pan: j ncariy new,-Jolm Thomas. Chip Shop. Manuel-road Bonyinaen. Swaiitsea 125A31-1 /ldkU?A l?ne?nier.—The nest Portable V Machine, wo?ht. 8? lb.; all latest im- provements visible; 14 guneas; makes -ti iueaj oretcr.tation gift. Fole Agents tor W est Swansea Typewriter Ex change, Salubrious Paseate. Swaijwa  125AH-4 I_URS.—Magnificent Black Set; large ,1 shoulder wrap and lovely pillow muh; cost ?14 14g. late last season; not worn; K 16, "Cambria Daily Leader." Swansea. 126A10-31 1- ] "Ol SALE. a M,tal Van Body; euit Com- 1 1 mercial Traveller; oft a Ford; screen nd (•rehions as good as nev. Also several E!ecti",c Room Indioatou suitable for larg-e houi'io <,1' hotel, and a Wlieelbarrow -57. Alesanararoad, .jOu. SAIiU Hand Truck, in good conditir.v X Can be seen any time -Apply Wrn. Mat thews. Newsagent. Killav. C11.1 li^OR SALE, at Sterry-r4»ad, Gowerton. Cornc Block, half a-e n laud; excellent Lcsition for bueir.ese. Apply Thomas, Waun i(;sitiort ft,r- bu,3iie-?.E. Ai)l)lv Ttiojii,,t?s 127 -,1 I l -4 Farm. Louthor. 127 A11-4 F OP. SALE. Modern Gas Range and Fire. 1 Geyser, and Automatic Water Boiler; M.eom'-liand; in |ierfe::t condition; inspec"- tion b.' appointment.—Write "Ceyser." DajlyLeadcr. 126A11-4 -V CIDhand Tubes and Covers —liurden's Vulcanising Works 190. Ox fcrd-fltreet Swansea. 127 A1C-31 [ Excellent Condition; Inside dimensions lbft. 6:n. by 7ft. by 3ft. llin.; with Two side and one end door; Me in Line Traffic — Write. Wagons," "Leader" Office. Swan- sea. 125 A11 3 ji'OR SAL-i), good Hackney. 6 years old. 15 3 quiet in harness and saddle— Jarvis. KhydfMi;gs Hotel. Swansea. 126A10-31 SaLE. Oak 8jd<.hoard7 'I?aTr. X Cahinet. Overmantel; no dealers.-A, ifv Cambrian Inn Morriston. 122Aim O ALE-—Six Wheel6 with Springs and Axles; ? suitable for light Drays. Two &r feet Ladders.-llardv The Burrows. Swansea C10-31 SA FES (Fire Resisting, 20in. to 48in high. n.r Sale. Also pair Skin. Winding Engine? Steam Wagons. Petrol Lorries.— Birt, 4.a. Strand, Stvansea. Cll-2 House Policy Certificate for Sale; 10s- Paicl In; what offers:- Writ-e, Fcllc-r," "Leader" Office, Swansea j 122A10 31 a ?-,()() Tons New Penrhyn Blue and Purple for Sale; cheap to spot cash buyers: specifi^cation and prices on applica- tion.-Beii Jones and Co., Pembrok" e Build. ings, Swansea 127 All-1. oil ARS. CVCLS. &c. OU SALL. 18-seater Charabanc Body wj'i's renovating; cheap to immediate purchaser—The Commercial Carrier Co. Ltri, 59. 60,6, and 62. St. Htlen's-road, Swan. eca. pil-5 j^OR SALE Wicker Side-car. in good cendi- I tion: just leen upholstered and pai. nted: £ i a bargain.—Thomas. 11, Harris street. Morriston. 010-31 IT1 OR SALE, Miimes Daimler Commercial X Lorry, £ 100; ITon Aerial ditto., £ 50; 2-Ton Dennis, £ 110; 3-4 Ton Clynesdale. £ 220; 3-Ton Straker and Snnire, £ 260 3-4 Ton All- dny's Lorry, £3W. f,} o. a 4-Seatcr Tour-ing Car, S.M.C., £ 425; 2 3 Seater Studebaktr, €290; ard a Briton 5-Seater Car, £Hû.- Apply, Joseph Harris, Auctioneer and Valuer, 1, George-street Swansea. Tele- phone No. 459 Docks. ClM QTAFFORD" SeootT- Book now for KJ early deliveries 8ol » Agent for Swansea and District: Fletcher's Garage. Swansea. 123A 1 l-l T'RIUMPfT Motor Cycle for Sale; excellent 1.. condition. Can be seen at Gloucester Buildings. Chnrch-etreot. 128A11-1 14 H.P. JAP: Free Engine, Boche Mag.. 't B. and B., new Tyree and Belt; lovely condition. Alo 41 Bradbury. ZSpeed. Free Engine; reason for selling, room wan.ed.- Write. P15, Cambria. Daily Leader." Swan- sea. 123A11-1 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. BARGAIN.—Second-hand Piano by weTT- knowu London maker; in excelJej-.l er udition; 2R gns cash -Ilawkins, %,&, Chauel-etrec", Mumbles 123A11-1 u GRAMOPHONES with worm-gear motor8.  silent running, 6 panels. £ 4 ?7s. 6d. Re. cords from Ij ReccrdaExchaEtg€? 3a. 4oz —Park-street Swansea 127A11-4 G :ODFRE'k.' and Co Ltd.—Rneciai Bargains in Second-hand Pianos and Organs; prices from 25gns New Pianos by all the leadin. makers, includine Collard and Col. lard. Wittor and Witton Sames and Go. Biineroead Crame- etc.. etc. Prices from 5fign» casit Terms arranged if desired Write for free list or call and make a per. Honal Gel ection.-(' o(ifrov an.) Co.. Ltd.. 22. St. Helen's-road, Swansea. 122.V 10-31 a-ODFUEY and -CoÚdpjanoforte Manii. ?? lacturers. have now R?Oper'ed their TumnK an'1 Eepairins Department Pianos and Orsrap* Thoroughly Renovated and Re- paired Estimates given Expert Tuners Visit all Parte of Wales Pianola and Player Piano a Speciality —Godfrey and Co Ltd., 22. St. Helen'g-road, Swansea. 122A10-31 PIANOS (Second-hnndh twenty to view. 20 8. 36. 43 guineas, etc., by Blroadwood! Weldernesso Brinsmead etc.-19, Park- street Swansea. ''27A11-4 THOMPSON A SD SlUOKEWS- i NOUNCZNENTS (CHICAGO Organ, 4 eete of reeds, 8 stops. L y 2 knee swells; very fine tore. -i 4!k. Thorn pon and Shackell. Ltd.. 39. Cactle- street. Swansea. PIA.NOFORTE by Ralph Allison, fall com- i pass, ivory keys: 50 euineas cash o. f'.a8 terms.—Thompson and Shackell. Ltd 39, Cast.'e-streej. Swansea A LEX A K DBA ?aTiaT??rmonmm: 12 stops. ?*. 4 get?s of reeds; la r' powerfl instru- ment. Oilita-ble for place of worship; £ 35.— ,rhonips,)n enl Shackell, Ltd., 39. Castle- street, Swansea. E DO CA TI ON A L. P OSTAL TU ITION.-T,arn Pitman'ft Short- JL hand and DiE Book-keening quickly New easy method Shorthand 20 lessons, l&s 6d.: Book keeping 22s 6d — Daniel Jones F LP S., etc (the WeTl-knowu Coach). NeAth Cll-5 PRIVATE TUITION for L(mdoa Mairir J and all the ProfeM'ionat rMtiot Ex- ams: Shorthand and Book-keeping rapidly, taucrnt at Lishman'a Coachine College, a.1!1. orcc^ter-place (opposite Castle Cinema) Swansea TC QWAKSR? Bu?ineasCoTh?e?Speci?H?-i S Trrii:ii,ir for Busmen PublIo Examina- tions, etc Day and Evening Tuition Proa_ xectus Fre.> Principal: E. V Ruddell B A. 128A 11 -5 PERSONAL. IN Urclt Bert's" Toffee Shop there is J "Stn?idim Room Onlv" Uode Bert and M.s Son thank you for your help You are Ho ng "Yon: Bit" no we did oiirs Thanks! .•••v.'n ri;ea Tha nks!! "TILL Any Person who Witnessed Col- i li;on between Tram C,r and Rover Motor Car in Vvralt?ns road some two months ago please communicate with Browns Garages. Ltd., Oxford-street, Swansea? C11-2 f4im «inl■ msjrv*.ainp.. u.  I SMALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM. t I I I ■ ■' ■ 1 -iii T M  i — -■  ? I ¡ ¡- h | • j PleaM publish tho above advertisement times, for which I .,nclose.8. d. Name and Addreae I H desired, replies may 6ft eent to 063f NLmbers at the "Catdbrfit Dally I Leirder Office. This form should be addressed to Advertfs4vwlnt D«pariis«tit, Cambria Dally Leader," Swansea TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. Li'T'E'i TEXNENS, thn exl)ert La(lies' and Gent's Cucier, liae the most beau- t.tal selection in Ladies Costumes, Gent (5 SuitlJ anl Overcoats. Perfection in Cut. Style and Fit.-5, Cra-dock-street. Swajisea. m A11-3 ALARM CIX)OKSH Another Tiarce Wu- 8igi,metit. Judt arrived; best rn:tk(: every Olin guaranteed; £ 1 each.—A. JOSCP a. Jeweller. 2J Heatbtiehl-etr^e; (next to len's). 121..1:C-30 BARGAINS Enoch's. AroId??Cas?uet 1-3 of literature, 6 voi?.: Iwc set of Burns' Poetical Works, a vols.; copjplete itetElh. cott'ii Commentary, 8 vols. "Practical Draper, 5 vol-i eoi)iilir Encyclopaedia," 14 vols.; TMcbcro' DtU)c< ?ckh and Eng- I ish, from 8s.. Family Bib?cs, etc.. etc. 325A11-1 Llits Remodelled; by our Process we are i- able to make Old Furs look like New; All the Latest S-tyies in Fur Coats and Sets. -Telinens, 5, Cradook-street, Swansea. 125A11-3 OAVE ycii tried the new R..G. Boots? il They are good, reliable, and reason- able in price. 127A11-4 IN" Everybody's Uotitb! Mackey's Herbal -L riablets for Chest. Throat, and Voice. Unrivalled Of all Confectioners. 2d ounce. \Vholeeale of Maekay S, Mfg. Confectioners, Old "darket-iitreet, Bristol. I50PULAR SWEETS. Chea-peat, Best, J. Greatest Variety; 4ib. 4s.; Id. per oz. Mother says the children will have them.— Headdon's Orangc-street. Swansea. 123A11-1 TJ>A1^«C0A1S for Boys and Girls in any ? size; we h.?ve jn?t the Coat to suit Your Child; scm? new in etyle and colour; moderate m price.—John Richards, Ha)noo? Speci?i? Ci?ejoeli-cti-eeti22AI(?-3.L sea. 122A10-31 SIDNEy-'paÏmer's weH-knnwn Cakca and ?-9 Paatritc are made of be?t 'ngredientR only. Wedding and Birthday Cakes in stock and made to order. Noted for Tc-cu,; and Co'j LUDcheolls.-Pnhne1"@ Cafe, oppo- site Empire and Branchta 123A31-1 SURGICAL Appliances.—Trusses, Sprays. ? Enemas. Fur?eons' Enhhcr (Hoycs ;>nd Surgical Rpbbc) Good's rf every (Iesc;ript;.? WritJ for Cata!ogue. Hent po?t free.—I?' Brassour Suriricnl Co,. Ltd 'Dept D.V ). 90 J and 92. Worcester-street, Birmingam. ToC. 1 STKCLK BERTrS Full Orean- Walnut and I. APnon 1 Toffees are now on -;ale at his Oxford-€treer Shop. Pre-war Quality. The First and the Best. 128A51-5 mmmmmwmmnmm—mwm iiui Required Immediately MILLMEN FOR STAFFORDSHIRE SHEET MILLS. Rollers who cati bring their own Sets will be given preference; APPLY— Bryngwyn Works, Gorseinon For PAINTS and VARNISHES Of the Right Quality at the Right Price Go to PARKERS' Paint & Varnish Stall, THE MARKET, SWANSEA. Liberal rebates to Builders, Decorators. and General Dealers, SALES BY AUCTION. ,t7..FiSBURY TERRACE, SWANSEA. Astlay Samuel, FIA.I. Has been instructed to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on MONDAY, NOVEMBEK anI, 1919, Valuable and Well-Preserved Household Antique & Modern Furniture, Good Upr-iglit Pianoforte, Massive Wui-j nut Sideboard, Telescope Dining Table. Carpets, Rugs, Mats, Buae Rocker, Electro Plate, Ornaments, Oil Paintings, Pictures, EngravtogB, Pira Suites, Braas Fenders, Walnut Overmantela, Venetian Blindfe, Poles, Curtains, Cornice, Bronzes, Clocks, Gas Fire, Mahogany Oval Dining Table, Mahogany Cheffoniere with !daitle Top, Coco Mats, Mahogany Hall Std-r.d, jBaruboo Whatnot, Mahogany Dining Table, Oval Inlaid Table, ANTIQUE PIANO by Thomas Sawers, London; ANTIQUE OAK FLAP TABLE, Whatnot, FUD\"d Mnhog. [ any Cabinet Mahogany Bedroom Suite, Mahogany Hall Table, Maho- gany Mirror, Chast of Drawers, Screen, Commode Chair, All Brass Bed- steads, Spring Mattrosa, Feather Beda, Overlays, Bolsters, Pillows, Bamboo Music Seat, Bamboa Settee, Bamboo Bookshelf, Marble Top Washsfand, Single Bed, Kitchen Dreraer, the usual Cooking and Culinary Vtensi!s. and various other articles. 2-SEATER HUMBER MOTOR CAR (1911) will be first lot offered. Goods on View Morning of Sale from 9 a.m. Sale to commence at 11 o'clock. Terms—Cash. Auctioneer's Office's: King's Chambers, Swansea. ■ r ——— Re W. H. MILL (Deceased). SWANSEA. Centrally Situated Property with Large Prospective Value. Astley Samuel FA.I. Ha3 received instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4th, 1919, at the HOTEL CAMERON, the following Properties, viz.: All those Freehold Houses, Nos. 4, 8, 0, 10. 11, 12, 14, and 15. MARINER STREET, Swansea- All those Freehold Ground Rents with reversion to the rack rent, Nos. 5, 6, 7, 13, 16, and 17, MARINER STREET, Swansea. The Mines and Minerals are reserved. Sale to commence at 3 p.m. Further printed particulars and Condi- tions of Sale from Messrs. Gfile and Edwards, Solicitors, Llanfair Buildings; or Auctioneer, King's Chambers, Corner of Gower and Orchard Streets. Swansea. ST. GABRIEL'S HALL, ST. HELEN'S AVENUE, SWANSEA. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5th, 1919. Mr. Joseph Harris Has been favoured with instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above Ilall and date, the Contents of a Gentleman's Residence, which consists of Very Superior Household Furniture AND OTHER EFFECTS, the chief items being: Handsome Carved Uak Bedroom Suite, Walnut do., Inlaid Mahogany do.. Beautiful Drawing and Dining-room Suites, China Cabinet, Teles- cope Dning Table, Hall Stand, Linoleum, Hearthrugs, Oak Bedstead, All-Brass do., Wire Mattresses, Wool Overlays, Feather Beds, Kitchen Tables and Chairs, together with an Excellent PIANOFORTE, Size Billiard Table with all Accfts.eories (equal to new), also a quantity of Heavy All-Wool Blankets, Taper, Table Cov.i ers, La<: Curtains and Sheets, all o? Mgh- elass quality, as well as a No. 10 Yofet Typewriter (equal to new), and other articles too numerous to particularise. Goods on View Morning of Sale. Sale to commence promptly at 11 o'clock a.m. Terms—Cash. Auctioneer's Offices: 1. George-street, Swansea. Tel. No., 469 Docks, SALES BY AUCTION. MORRISTON, LANDORE AND SWANSEA. Exceptionally important Sale of Two Splendid Freehold and Free Double- Licensed Counter Trade Public Houses with early Vacant Possession, and Two Dwelling-Houses. MESSRS. James and James, F.A.I. Arc favoured with instructions from the various Owners to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL CAMERON. HIGH-STREET, SWAN- SEA, on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER Gin, 1919 (subject to such Conditions of 8al, as shall then and there bp produced; th.) following FIRST-CLA_3 FREE DOUBLE-LICENSED FREEHOLD Public Houses, viz.: Lot 1. — All «liat noted Freehold Pub- lic Hous, Brewhouse, Stable and Pre- mises called and known as THE MID- LAND HOTEL, MORRISTON, situate oil the Clydach Ileixi about 200 yards from the Cross and nearly opposite where tho Morriston trams stop in the occupa- tion of Mr. Thomas Evans as tenant at will (his lease having expired at Michael- mas). The Premises have a frontage over all of 60 feet or thereabouts by a depth of 107ft. Gin. or thereabouts. the Accommodation is as foilows:-On the Ground Floor: Entrance Hall, Smoke- room, Tap Room, Private Room, Store Room (formerly Kitchen). Kitchen, Cetlar, Small Back Kitchen. On the First Floor: Club-room, 2 Bed- rooms and w.c. On the Second Floor: 3 Bedrooms. There is a large open Yard at the back and a Brewhouse, and a Two-stalled Stable at the far end with a large loft over both, with an access thereto from the side lane direct. Lot 2.—All that excellent FREE- HOLD FREE DOUBLE-LICENSED PUBLIC HOUSE AND PREMISES called and known as THE STATION INN, LANDORE, in the County Borough of Swansea, immediately facing Landore Railway Station on the upper side, with Vacant Possession at Lady Day next. The house is at present and has been for many years past in the oc- cupation of the owner, Mrs. Mathews, who has carried on thereat a very lucra- tive trade, probably the best in the locality. d e, The Property extends from one street to the other, with a frontage or 34ft. fin. or thereabouts to Station- road, and of 42ft. or thereabouts to Mysydd-street. The Accommodation is as follows On the Ground Floor: Bar, Sitting-room, Passage, Smoke-room, Tap Room, Kitchen, Back Do Small Store-room and Pantry. In the Base- ment: A good Cellar. On the First Flc r: Club Room and 4 Bedrooms There is a good-size Yard at the rear witn a 2-Stalled Stable gknd 2 w.c.'s thereon. The Club-room can be ex- tended or reduced as occasion requires by means of a moveable partition. There is one good Club viz., The Foresters, meeting at the House. The House is situated in a position of monopoly, be- ing the nearest licensed house to the Landore Railway Station. Lot 3. All that desirable FREE- HOLD DWELLING-HOUSE known as No 6, HEATHFIELD-ROAD, SWAN- SEA, containing 6 Rooms, Bath (h and c), Scullery (h and c), in the occupation ci Mrs. Morgan as vearlv tenant. Lot 4. —All that LEASEHOLD GAR- DEN CITY VILLA known as No. 9, THE PROMENADE, Garden City, con- taining 6 Rooms, Bath (11 and c) Sent- lery (h and c), and nice Garden. WITH VACANT POSSESSION ON COM- PLETION. Held for 99 years from 24th June, 1910. Ground Rent El 18s. Sale to Commence promptly at 3 p.m. For further particulars, with refer- ence to all the Lots apply to the Auc- tioneers, 7, Goat-street, Swansea; and with reforence to Lot 1 to Messrs. iStrick and i llingbam, Solicitors, Fisher-street, Swansea; and lot 2 to 4, to Messrs. T. W. James an4 Co., Solici- tors, 24., Goat-street, Swansea. TOWN fiLL FARM, SKETTY, Near SWANSEA (Distant ten minuter walk from Sketty Tram Terminus, or 15 minutes from Swansea Market). MESSRS. James and James, F.A.I. Are favoured with instructions from Mr. Joseph Evans, who is overstocked, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the Premises as above, on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, NOVEMBER 1st, 1919, the following Valuable Live Stock, HAY, CORN AND ROOT CROPS. Etc., v-iz. I DAIRY CATTLE (1 with Cftlf); 2 Handsome. Well-bred Roan Shorthorn in- Calf Heifers and 3 do» flrat-claas Roan Heifer Calves. 9 Housm CROPS.—HAY: About 5 totui of excel- lent Horse Hay. CORN: About 10 tons of first-class Oats. ROOTS: 2} aoz-as (a great crop) of Swedes. 9 Sale promptly at 2.30 p.m. Terms-Six Months Credit on Approved Security over ? or the usual Di?co?nt for Cash. Auctjoneer Offices, 7. Goat Street, Swansea. Tel., Docks 172. G- Afell R- MINISTRY OF MUNITIONS. I BY DIRECTION OF THE DISPOSAL I BOARD (Huts and Building Materials Section). SALE by AUCTION of HUTS .at the SWANSEA DOCKS on MONDAY, NOV. 17th, at 2 o'clock p.m. prompt, comprisnig 20 Wood Built Huts 1 Situate at Prince of Wales Dock, King's Dock, Lock Gates, North Dock, Burrows' Yard, South Dock, West Pier, Sea Walls, and Officers' Quarters 30ft. x 10ft. x Sft., Guard Room 27ft. x 15ft. x 10ft., Guard I Huts 20ft. x 15ft. x 9ft., and other vari- ous sizes. Cook Houses, Kitchens, and Latrines. For further particulars, apply to the Auctioneers, Messrs. SELWYN DA VIES, COGGINS & CO., 25-27, Charles-street,, Cardiff. Tel., 933. Note.—For particulars of other Govern- ment Property for Sale, see "StJRPLUS," price 3d., at all bookstalls) or by quarterly subscriptions of 2s. post free, payable in advance to the Director of Publicity, Ministry of Munitons, Whitehall Place, London, S.W.I. WITH VACANT POSSESSION. Mr. Richard H. C. Roche Will OFFER for SALE by AUCTION, on the Premises on WEDNESDAY, NOVEM- BER 5th, 1919, at 11 o'clock in the fore- noon precisely (subject to conditions), the Valuable LEASEHOLD Dweiling-House & Premises known as No. 11, MORGAN STREET, HAFOD, SWANSEA, held for a term of 99 years from 25th March, 1884, at a ground rent of J23 8s. per annum. Mines and Minerals are reserved. Also at 11.30 o'clock in the forenoon on the same day, on the prerni, the surplus HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, etc., now 09 the premises- Full details on Posters. Goods on View Morning of Sale from 10 a.m. Terms- Cash. For further particulars apply to Mr. A. J. Puntan. Solicitor, 12, Fisher Street, or to the Auctioneer, Rutland House, Angel Street, Swansea.

Children's CO'rnerl I