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Aberavon Municipal Election. I ELECTION OF COUNCILLORS. I South Ward of Aberavon. Ladies and Gentlemen,— The Manual Election of Councillors takes place on the 1st November, when the Electors of the South Ward have to elect two candidates to represent them. At the request of a large number of Ratepayers, I have consented to be nomi- nated. and trust you will give me the same splendid support on this occasion as was afforded me at the last Guardians' Election. It is impossible to set forth in detail all one's views in an address, but among other things I should support: 1. Immediate steps to provide housing I accommodation for the growing popu- lation. 2. Strong action by the Council to as- sist in reducing the cost, of living, and in preventing profiteering. "«5. The adoption by the Council of the Allotment Act, by virtue of which they could lease larnl to let for a lengthy term to the allotment holders. 4. Improved lighting and condition of roads in the South Ward. 5. I am of opinion that: the time has lIIoW arrived when the services of trains to and from the Sea-side Station should be a more coniprehen- 1 sive one, and every effort, should be math, to hring-ahotit the stoppage at I flu's Station of trains which at pre- sent run through. 6. I firmly believe, with the prospect before us of a great amalgamation of interests, the time has now arrived when something, can be done in the direction of a more attractive and REMUNERATIVE Beach. 7. The Water Supply of the Borough is matter that will have my most earnest attention. 'o' 8. No otic needs me to remind them that the Town Council is now mov- irig towards; bigger things. The long discussed question of an EXTENDED BOROUGH has. at iast. reached the day when argument and speculation have been nHGEn in the greater husines.s of a practical start in the should .support' sufli an extension, and respectfully submit that 'mv! many years of business experience will be of assistance in the promotion of such a scheme. This same business experience will always be at the disposal of the Elec- tors of the South Ward whom 1 have found it an honour and a privilege to represent. Soliciting the favour of your vote and I interest. Yours faithfullv. E. lyiARCHANT JENKINS. Bryn Ogwy, Aberavon, October 23rd, 1919.

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