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!Leader' Classified! > t | Advertisements. APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT OR WANTED, TO BE LETT LOST AND FOUND J One Three Six j Insertion. Insertions. InAertiono ) "-10 Words.. 1 0 2 0 3 0 38 Words. 1 6 .3 Oi 4 0 4'0 Wordig., 2 0 4 0 5 Q. FOR SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. One Three SIX Insertion. Insertions. Insertions 20 Words.. 1 6 2 6 3 6 30 Words. 2 0 3 0 4 6 40 Words.. 2 6 3 6 5 6 FTTRTHS, DEATHS, IN RIEMORIAM, AND V £ MARRIAGES. A One Three Six Insertion. Insertions Insertions 20 Words.. 1 6 3 6 6 0 30 Words.. 2 0 6 0 8 0 40 Words. 3 0 7 0 12 0  EDUCATIONAL. tr v One Three Six Insertion Insertions Insertions 2 0 3 8 4 6 36 Words.. 2 6 4 0 5 6 49 Words. 3' 0 5 6 7 6 ItØNEY.-M per line. t'? .? ? .j.<. MISCELLANEOUS SITU AT < VACANT. A-NTED.-Spinner and Weaver; Regular 1" Employment; State ?ages required ajnd Experience^—Apply, PhiLip? Grant ana ?o.. DuffrY n Port Talbot. 13ZAll-5 | WOMEN ANO GIRLS. A GOOD Tailored is wanted; ai?oac undei-preeee*—A DP'y E. Morris. 27 Pnioa Chambers ?wans?a,. 1,34A]I-& CAPABLE Uenera? Required Immedle.-elY: I ?. three in family; wages liberaj.—App?y. Personally, Mrs. Jonee. aeathiandB. Di??yu- rpad, Sketty.. 131Ai:-fl j OOD Girl wauled. jiS-20: (rood home p KOC wages to suitable arirl.—Apply Mrs iowles 54 Lone-road. Clydach .)2All-10 Al lbi,lNk,RY, Experienced Hanas le J." L quired for Workioom.-Apply. James Jones. 49-50, Woodfield-street Mc)ri,iston. SHORTHAND Typist, with some knowledge of Bookkeeping, for jierelmnts Onice; aAte ?e. experience, ?a.ry retired. to "te ag" e. Da.?y Leader.' OSce.  ,,Alpba, iwAil-7 Q H mOROU GHLY Com petent Lady Shor- 14 hand-Typist Wanted for three hours ?Uv: eoo-1 education nd references e?en. ?! ?te to M p, Dail\ L«adeti\ 133AII-6 W ANTE't- Staid Wo.kin* Housekeeper <>r Domestic HelP; sniait family; pod fcottie; stale age references. etc. Delta," B«-ader Office. Swansea. J34AU-JO ^Vfi> rANTtiD good General Servant small family.—Apply Mrs Davies batcher 6. (]v>l st >-ot Pontarttewa. y" i ° "ft A.NTED, Experienced General; W e6 to Suitable Girl: references- Apply. Mr., Miller Bryncoerl." Skeity- voad, Swansea. • !5DAL 7 a good General: another IY'fI'ct ..VV Apply, between 5 ana 6, to Mrs. |j»avie«k-6 Gwydr Uardei), Swansea, Hll.ó t ANTED.— ihorough»v expe rienced wi V V and one younger, for housework — 3?f, A. H. Buekland. Draper Ho)tox_road Barry. ?A!I-5 V*\x\ 7ANTKW immediatelv a Lady Smv ?t viwr f'? tar?e Mannfacturin? Concern in Soutti Wales: must he capable of hand- ling 253 to iCO female workers past eipcn ence essential, excellent prospects for tnf- tight per SOT,—Apply, statirc age. exjoeri- trice, :m<I salary required to Mox W 16 Cambria Daily Leader Swansea. Ol'-fi_ 3|AT ANTED. November 18, e,,i)p,i( f General —Keply bv letter, stating age. ftagei*, mil] orcvions experience to Bos No 159. Lead m- Office. 138A11-6 WANTED thoroughly experienced Hor" Poi-'ourmaid A«"ir rtrstmg are. Wages references to Mrs J E Davies The lionnt Gor/erton. <126A11-S ,;i, M Ë lJ 1 H S. fj Wt-N fluO YOUTHS. ySTTL'. SLAUGHTERMEN (capable) 50- t ?3 1M ueel to the wholcale tradt wanted trnmedhtd by the Smithneld and Aidgqte C&rGa.sG Butchers' A??M'?tion. Ltd The i terms are 5f per heart tali int for Kosher J Of Knocke- Cattle. Th¡ is a favourable i fit portun .ty for capable men to earn good [ eadv waaeF,Ap-Iy, in writing etating i oapabilitlea and experience or in oer^on, to eecreta'v. Smithfield anrl Aldgate Carcnge Imt.c:hcr. Association. Ltd.. 64 West Smidt. i field. Londor E.C.I. 132A1!:5 CHAUFFEUR.—Thoroughly E-xperienced. Competent Chauffeur required -Apply. s Mr. W4! iiam dward". Haresfield La?giand. j Mumbles. 11 -6 VURIÚ.SHlN:i Trade.-Wanted. a good t!L iT rou".1 Man for the Swansea Branch.— liill's, Gower-street Swansea 128A11-15 U Rf-IE:il'LY WANTED -50J~Stiidentr to I > Qualify for Exirtitie Vacancies fs a splendid opoortunitv fo; a Youth t.c- tween the age of 17 and 24 to secure a per pianent (ucrativc bert.i fo? 'if? Otiem ,oyed Demohohsed Servica ")n with a knowie?Ke ot Wireless of th? above 6hou!d write or call at once.- Wireless. Training CoUcKc. Ltd ?t Marv-strect Car fk4f. or Castle-street. Swanfea ] __H_ t'?7'ANTED.* Intelliaent Youth a? Offloe Boy S V, for Sdicitc! OfHce.—AcDiy by lettnr to fo1r 7 OiRce this paper. 132A 11-5 ANTED, Acetylene Burners: Excep- » > tional opportunitv offered to killed ;wbrkers on piece work begic,Apply. Shjp, afereaking Co., Ltd., King's Dock, Swansea 131 All-7 ?^T\rANTED.—-Cutters; a Dozen Pairs v I Wanted Urgently for work in Dis- gtnantling submarines. -Apply. Shipbreaking fiCo., Ltd.. King's Dock. Swansea. -131A11-7 ^■rANTED Stoker for Anthracite Col t. -At)rly Manager. Cwmll.vnfell Col- »-,liery. Upper Cwmtwrch. 128AH-5 ^TXTANTED Caretaker for Rhyddint- » » lish Congregational Church Swansea. Apply to J Reea 32. Long Oaks-avertue IAU1 SITUATIONS WANTED. .KEEN. energetic Young Man not afriid ^4-V of worl;. deeires Position 4a TravePer ?for good Hrm.— Box S 17. Lcader Office. Swansea. l.MAil-10 L,O ITUATION wanted at Mother'? Help C7 Housekeeper.—Apply C 27676, Cambria ailv Leader. Neath. Cll 9 -==: — ■ i-)- ■ n ——— LOST AND FOUND. 4* 5"/vTJ J.OLD Brooch, set with Diamonds and Sap. pbire lo?t between Brynmill and Town Ilali. Reward given on returning to Mrs ^Jjloyd Thomat" 17, Brynmili-terrace 132All-5; iT OST. on Friday last, between Hightt <it and Danygraig, bottom Set of False .:Teeth; finder rewarded on returning sarac ;-ton25, Yogol street, Danygraig. 132A13-6 froix, a field at Gorse-road. Cwm- < bwvl^ Thorouernrj.ea Horsf* about 15.3 -ands high, all dark noillk -Return to M. wis. Piggeries Cwmbwrln..1J2Al1.a tr OST. from Gwaun-cae-Gurwen Common. a Dark Chestnut Filly, two-year old ;about 13.1 hh.. with prominent White Star on Forehead, light mane and 'I ri iiTishod. Also Bay two-year-old Filly, 12.2 i h h.. mail star on forehead, white patch ove- left hind bock T E Morgan 33. r- Neuaxld-road. Gwaun-cae Gurwen. Cll-5 ILL the Person who by mistake, took '1:' a Khaki Coloured Overcoat from 8t eilltyd's Cloakroom on Thurad?y evening ?kindly return the same to No. 1. St. llltyd' ?crescent. Danyraig. 13OA11-4 V K'1"^ ■—'■-■■■■■.■I > in —— iiiw.w r — ? MONEY. | ?TD LAW 12 London-road, Neath Makes JJJ-i* Cash Advances, troin £ 5 and upwards. ^St rict] Private Establisheo tf.76. TC. you Wisfi to keep your affairs private. t' do n t applv to strangers, for no "O,trange.- will lend you monev without mak ine inquiries For a Strict; Private Loan apply to Albert E. Gash. 6 Uplands-crescent fewanjoa Cll-X- i IF yo i aro in tenioora-v Financial 1 cnltlc-.s don't worry Consult M Fonei. 9. Ca-It,,Y-tet-racii Swansea and yn -.vil' not be sorry 106AII-13 IF yoM require a Loan, apply to !:c t Thfjriap Chureli-stree (opposite S+ YaT.v ri (Piurch), Swansea Private and Cor firtential. H/TONKT to f.end to Re^pe(■table UOUBe. p iv^ ;i »id Fvqr f) Th4'TTIfIt! 6. WFitf,rlcK)-st Swansea ADVANCES, S15 TO 25,0-30 On written promise to reds or any security Principal remains or can b" repaid by 16 or IM monthly instalments- no charge of any j kind unless business done; promptness and privacy; avoid exposing your requirements I locally.—Write oldest Company existing:) E. LAWRENCE, LTD., J Don Chambers, Wine-street, Bristol. < HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. I L'OR iALL by Tender Leasehold Dwelling I X house. Cloveily. Alexandra-road. uoreeuion held umier a ieait for years from lYW. aí. annual ground rent oi £ 7s Scaied tendetc» to be iorwarded on ot btfol-4, Saturday next to Mr. bewift Pniliips, Sojio- tor Llanelly 134A 1.-6 î..t'OP. SALi' wefl-Ouilt Modern Hou?e. witb J' vac?u? possession, in Manse!tou-road. 2 l\eceutio:. Rooms. K.tchen. tcuiiC-ry. Green, house 3 Bedrooms Bath Room, h and c.— Apply, 91, x-anseiton-id., ilauic^tou. l^sAil-ll -1FORE8T]f.CH.q- — For Sale.? 6-roomed JL iiou?; Long Lea?e.—Apply. Box L17. Dai;Y Leader," SWbea „ 1MAU 8 j I^REEUOLL' House for Sale at Cwu'hwt 'u -L six room*?, also scullery and bathroom: bargaiu £ 630—Call or write Freehold. 5. George-terrace. Cwmbwria. Swansea. 131A11-8 L:10R SALE 6 Houses in William-street and 4 UouSi-n in Jones'-te; race; Bargain—! AppLv Bruce 23, Alexandra-terrace Bryn- milL 12PA 11.7 OR ALE. two well-built Houses at Ed. ward-street, Alltwcn Pontardawe now in tbe occupation of Griffith Jenkin. and llenry Joh I Tla<)jnas.-AU;)Iv Richard Wil. J;a,,m. 1) Yuisydarren-ro.i,'l, Ystalyfera 128A11-0 ()¡tSALE 2 Rouq situated at Portia. Fte-raci,, weii bm?:ionff lease; to?' ground rent.-Apply 17. Pinewood-road, Up- lands 154A10-6 IT^Oll SAI<E two Houses at Mysydd t i X Lxndore. moderate ground rent: long years oi lease unexoired —Reply Tawe Leader Office .28A11-6 ii ow to Purchae-e a House without cap- U ital through Landlord." Repayment is the interest.—Apply. Seller." Leader "t | .ike, Swansea. TC ('I.'Oitt.'E'S-TERRACE.-For Sale Free. i O hold House, No W, eitrht rooms, bath- com including five bedrooms: price £ Bf!0.— tvrite Freehold, Leader Office. 134AII-10 E,ER-I.,N RE. -For Sale, early TT posfceiiaioii, Attract.i''e Detached Vill,-t I Re?idoTje (Freehold): soui.'i aspect; best re. j Sciential position .inclndinn exceptionally J I Wei; preserved Sul.«tahtia) Furnitu re f (valued at, £ 600! • nine rooms and offi vs j f Greenhouse and well-stocke.j Fruit Garden Modern drainage.—Write Box G 17 Leader j Cifice. Swansea. 131AH-7 1 A/ WEEKLY will  Purcha?e ?450 House 'T/ anv district: pos^i-ssio'. by arrange |ni £ ut;—' Landlord," Leader. Swansea. T.C J. Pugh W'H:ams' Announcements. T>LASMARL.—Three Four-Roomed Houses X for Sale; poll-stoned fronts. Y-STR"\n-GŸL"Ù8:TWO ModernWeH- ? J- Built Hori?es for Sale. J PORTHCAWL. Frebold modern Six. JL Roomed House with large Garden for aile with Vacant Possession. IfEA TH-=DeiraJJl;- Holzr-? or S?le in ? Windsor-road tnd London-road. _0 LY:S.EATH —Three recently erected J ¡'IOUSf'8 for Sale ot Cwmgwrach. fl'HO:ü.S-STREEn, —Commodious premises X for Sale suitable for a Lodging House HOUSES for Sale in various parts of I Swansea and Suburbs. WANTED to Purchase in or near Swan- TV sea, Business Premises; also Good S Blocks of Houses "I TORTGAGES arranged Sales conducted'l | | lVX and Rents Collected. Prompt Atten- j tion. Roonab] terms Fo R further particulars, apply to J ,.£' Pu_~b Williams. Auctjonr. Valuer, and Estate Agent. 12. College-street, Swnn- sea. Cll-7 APARTMENTS AND LODGINGS TO LET AND WANTED. PROFESSIONAL Gentleman (in town all Jr day) requires Bedroot.) and Sitting i room, wi'.n Board (except dinner). in good residential neighbourhood: —Reply, in ihe j first instance, giving terms, to Profcs. burial." Daib- Leader. Cll.10  VV A??t ED. two Bedrooms and one uiYit.c V Room nnfunusaetd. by Marrx'd ¡ Couple viit?i two little drh, Write' D:& chaTK?d Soldier." Daily Leader 1.?3A! 1-11 ? \V\\ f, A;&Ti £ L>, on Ground Floor, with co?,- I T.T veniencts on came le?el). Bed Sitting Room or Bedroom, and would live through j with respectable family fot partially in- j valided sin??e woman, with attni¡ønce- State terms, to Rooms. c/o Edwards. News- j agent, Bernard-street. Swansea. I?ZA? 5 I 't?,"A?YED. by Hespœwb1.. Couple. Un- T V furnisbed Apartments in eath or Swansea, or District-—Apply. F.P., Cam- j I bria Daily Leader." Neat? CV. -8 | 11 • AM i'.U Two Unfurnished Rooms or t% S!mH House.—Write. Box M 17. "Cara bria Dai'y Leader;' Swansea, I32AH-5 WANTEl«. by JamiarV'tSt 2 TJnfur:ri'h' r ho,ms with homely people by young couple, n,) children: central posit jon- J.T.r." Daily Leader. 12SA11-6 HOUSES WANTED. \\lANTTir to Rent 6 to 8 room DwpHi'? V? Furnished or Unfumsh&d: !wet re?i. riential section—Address or telephone a mericaji Consulate Swansea 134A11-10 BUSINESSES WANTED. WANTED. Fisb and Chit) Business in or Vv around Swansea: goo i price for go in 5, Daily Leader. 128A 11-6 <i^SIN £ SSES FOR UG¡->vAi. C^ONV EC1 ION ERV and Cafe Business for J ?)e' good trade. especially summer! tuuc: cheap to quick buyer- plenty of looln ior 10 to iO boarders: urice Stock Fitttings fixtures £ 600.—Write "Shop," Leader Office Sviansea. 132A11-5 L'OR SALE a Posting Business,an(i Un.ier. taHir.g good going eouceuj in. a.prrtaiKv Sotith^ Wales; -would take Partner with £ 500 as Workinu Manager to take charge Can ha\e all particulars.- V^'rite Box S 16. Leader Office. Swansea. 123A11 12 PREMISES TO LET & WANTEiu OFFICES.—Suite of Two or Three Wanted 0. -AddreEs, WiUiatn Calway, Swatwea 132A11-5 A.NTED.—A Stable and Shed for Stores V V any lo-cality.-Box No. K 17. "Leader" Office, Swansea. 131A11-5 83ggM^g=g 'I ■' -« I, FOR SALE. B iltKel'S Bacon slicing Machine, nearly I j.) new; also BaRer tI Large Table unit trough iTongesi. -Offers: Pass'oiore, urocers, High-street, Aberavon. 134A11-10 I (Milp Cart for Sale: L-ro,i eozid,tioi).-j j Windsor-terrace Gorseiuon. 134A1-1-6 FURSMI l UtrJld. BiVRGAINS.—A large Second-hand Walnut Sidel oftrd and a goxl Office Writing Desk for Sale.—Hill's, Furnishers, Mowc." street Swansea. 128A11-6 L^UKN 1'1 liRE —Best Prices given by me, X for Secori(I-tarid Flirniture and A nti(lt,e Furniture of any d"escrii,tion Drop me a postcard or call. —Wm J>,mes, 8, Fabian- stieet St Thomas CT.C j H'" Alliffiil- Range of Bedroom* S'?t?. -H Dinim* an? Dra-vinc ,,Vit": ca^h or easy terms.—Hill's. Gower-street Swanpri 14. Windsor-road. Neath. 133A11.10 I BUY. Furniture New or Second-hand.— JL Sorkin. 219. Uigh-etreet, Swansea. 123A11-8 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. ] MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. 1 A-RTH' ICIAL TEETH.Platinum.Goid. Sil-I A ver. Bought: any oon4ition utmost ^alne given Post pal eelS J Chernick 34 Exch&n^f-street, Cluethain. Manchester. 122A11-5 CAST-OFF Clothing of Every Descr> ] Bought Parcels sent cash -I' offer, j by return Attends Swansea. Mond.,tvs- Griffith*. Woodbmo." Ferryside. 132A11-8 ] P1ANO:=wanted a Second-hand Piano, in! 1? anv condition State the price for ready cash.—Bo\ P If., Leader Office l?2All-5 I T REE,; Wanted over Pitwood s ize.Ien- i i nings. Ltd. Woodworkers. Pennywell road. Bi"'s*<»l Branch at Porthcawl 8TC. j WANTFT' Gent's Semn?l-hand Bicy h  must be reasonable.—Write 'Bicycle:' Daily Leader. Swansea. 132A11-5 .V.V A.MblJ, Axle for Traction Truck; Fowler 3-speed Flywheel; Stanchions. Girders, Iron Roofing Principals.—Full details to C Jennings and Co.. Ltd., Bris- Cil-7 ■ W/ANTED, a Chip Pota.toe Cart in Gocd j f Ond:ti.on Write. Pot toe leader,' Swansea. 138A11-36 ITTANTT ? to Purchase a Piano suit" f V' for a beginner: Wi\] giv(. £21) to £3û Apply, bv letter to 1rB Jones, 11). Y^goll- etreet. Sf. Thomas. 130A1L-6 \V\V 7ANTEij a good Vertica' !koUer. iar?- e I ize M work 100-120 U? pressure.—Re. ?ly C?m.Dntfryti CoH:c:'ics.Ltd..22. S?t'? ? rwd PO"" T}_t C1.5 \V\V TANTED Foccer Fixtuies tpam? ag? t W19.-rkel)lv Boys Welfare S(i?ir. vifor. Richard Thomas airl Co. Llanelly l>.2Al*5 ) MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. AB\ Gr?nd Piano, e?ua' to n?w. 75 Ei ?. u ba;eain; 1 ron Frame Piano new 60 gits Cash or terms arranged —Dale, Forty. aud Co 20 King Edward-road. Swaaoea 132Ail-5 COLLARD and Collard, Grand PianQ; 85 j guineas, or nearest offer; owner leav- ing tiie town.—Torr, 119, Walters-road. bn ansea. 13?All8 i PUB Sale, two American Organs at X Rliyddjngs English Congregution-ai I Church. Swansea.—ior particulars apply to J: Jiees: 32, Long Oaks-avenue. 123A! 1-7 GODtlKEV and Co Ltd. —?Decia) RarKau?B I Gin Seco?id-haiid Piano, and Organs: pricee fr?m 25gns New Pianos by ah the leadiu^: makers, includine Collard and Col- lard, Wittor and Witton Semes and O:. I Biinsmead Crame- etc.. etc Prices from 50gn3 casn Terms arranged if desired I Write for free hst or -all and make a per- I sonal selection.— Godfrey and Co.. Ltd.. 22. St. Heh'n -?-road, 8wnasea. 131A11-7 A, (¡l)FRE ,irld-eo-Ltd Pianoforte Manu. \Jf tourers, have now Re (tpened their l'u.'iing an.) Repairing Department Pianos and Organs Thoroughly Renovated and Re. paired Estimates given Expert Tuners Visit all Pn rt.J of Wales Pianola and Player Pianos a Speciality — Godfrey and Co., Ltd., 22, St. Heien'slroad, Swansea. 131A11." G R;if0PHONES}L'r.ifi<:ent Inlaid Horn1e Cabinet. standing 4ft. hivh recently new. perfect tone and condition throughout, quantity Records: sacrif-e, £ 3 17s 6d.: genuine bargain; must sell.108 St Helen s-road, Swansea 132A11.8 PIANO to Sale :practicaHy new: full c?'?;. ? L pass: iron frame: maker Duck. Son ,tT?d l'?er: ?E60 0" near?t offer W 'jtp Box R 17. Leader Office. 134A11 SECOND HAND Pianos by Collard or (I ToY 0 lard. Spencer. Monington and Weston, tn,, Otf¡1 well-known nigkers n invited. Gramophones fro". £ 4 4s Ne« Double Side-! Records from Is each: large stock. Lis Free.-I). J Snell 21-23, High- sfrcet Arcade 133A11 10 j TTIOLINS Viblam! Cell ijil gaemest Br V S Id or Exchanged Good stock of Vio ] litis ar.l 'Cellos: also Bows—Sims 2 Wal. ters road Swansea. 109A10-6 | THOMPSON AND SHACKELt/S A >■ N OUN CEMENTS | CHICAGO Organ. 4 sets of reeds. 6 stops. 2 knee swells; very fine U)i-e; iC*M.- Thompson and Sbackell. Ltd., 39. C-a«>tIe- street. Swansea PIANOFORTE by Ralph Aliison, full com- I pass. ivorv keys: 50 guineas cash, t, may terms.—Thompson and Shackell. Ltrl ;)9. Swansea A LhXANDRA Paris. Harmonium; 12 stops. 1 4 sets of reeds; lirge powerful instru- ment, suitable for place of worship; £ 35- Thompson and Shackell. Ltd.. 3S. Castle- trept. Swansea NOTICES. A NATIONAL Cash Register will be in. eluded in the Mart Sale on Wednesday, stji inst.—John M. Leeder and Son. 46. Swansea I?ALLROO? DANCING.—Latest London ? I)anctj taught. including Tan?o Waltz. Private and Claeil Lessons.—Appi.^ j iii-s. Geoffrey Lewis 3. George-street., Swa;i. I or at The Central School of Dancing 2?.. St. Helfcti's-road (Godfrey's), Swansea 128A U-7 CONTINUED Success; Madame FleHher M-B-P S.: test reading free; send. birth date and stamped -envelope.v-5. Arcade, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, UTAH-3 ARDEN illa' A.F.C. require Fixture! G4 1 in S?at?ea and LianeDv District: ag<? 14 to 18—Apply D. Evans. Garden Vilac? Gorseinon 134AII? i)ALUiSTRY and Ciairvoyancy.—Noted JL Indian Palmist; 30 years experience in America France London Australia. Fees from 5s. Corresp'ondenc«. invited.—Prof. Kismitt. PH.D., A.B. (11 a.m to 0 p.m.), 92.! Ocil-streo:. Manselton. 131A11-7 OAI^illSlRY and Clairvoyancy.—?on-d JL Indian Palmist 30 years' experience in America. France, London, Australia. Fees from Z3 6d. Correspondence invited.—Prof, ;isnlltt P.Ii.D.. A.B (11a.m. to 9 p.m.), y. Cecil street, Manselton. 131A11-7 jj uH.HY.-Ra if ton Lorry for Hire; Light i-A Haulage nn? description—Enquiries H. A. Leak. Z11, Oxford-street Telephone 431 Central. C24 11 rjpO Parties about Furnishing: They will no h e y will (10 X weil (before pnj-chasing) to call at Hill's 1 Gowei-stree\ Swansea. 132A11-8 T Y PEW Hoyai JL Standard Typewriter No 10. The final choice of all discriminating Writing Ma. chine Buyers Recent Government orders for over 7,000 Royals Facilities provided for inspecting all other makes of Type writerP 0;"ice Appliances Company. Sid oi. Pu•i. Uiing Swansea. CI 1-9 WANTED by Ten or TwëiÎc¡l1 Artitep Semf-Prnn"a engagements one. two or liree nicrhJU Xmas: outside district pre- ferred. Only first class offer* entertained who want' ns—WrtteBoTT)?. 134A11-1Q LIVE STOCK. &c. FOR SALE.-Good Pony; 7 Years Old; 13.3 JL Jenkins, Pen-y-Waun, Middle-road, Gendros. 132A118 L'OE im n?diate Sa!o. tw.i good Dorses.— JL Law is BroB., Pontardawe Cl?-6 GEESM. Large and Young Gloucestershire Poultry; lis. 6d. each; laying fowle. Ss 6d.; cockerels, 6s. 6d. Also Working Ferrets. -Neill, Pegler-street, Brynhyfryd. Swansfa. 134A31-10 i'/? each at five months old. for four! c#—v ) !ml1l storcDi bought at 5s eacb '■•as one beginner's record after utsire- Karowood Pii: Powders Yo l can do it too: Twelve for Is. Thomas. Chemist, Gorsein- on. and Old Bank Pharmacy. Llanelly 112Aill-6 | SMALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM. ———————————————— —————————————— ( .w.-— < m ■ ■■ '■ ————. ■ ■ Please publish the ahove advertisement times, for which 1 enclose .s. d. Name and Address: '1 desired, replies may be eent to Box Numbers at the "Cambria Daily | Leader Office. | thia form should be addressed to Advertisement Department, Cambria, Daily | g Leider," Swansea I J_b. l I n TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. -1 A FIN h Vauety of Boys' and Girls' An 1 A""al.' P?uture BUDke. Reward Books, Bibles iScolield and Teachers'), Fountain j Pens, Stytoh. Purst« and Wallets. May be; seen at Enoch's. 17. High-street, Arcade. Swansea Real Bargains in Bibies. 132-k.111-81 A Lr'RED I UNPENS, the expert Ladies' A and Gents' Cutter, has the most beau- tiful selection in Ladies' Costumes, Gents' Suits, and Overcoats; Perfection in Cut. Style, and Fit.—5, Cradock-street, Swansea. 125A31-10 A MMANFORI). All Season's Reouire. xt inenis Assortment of Horse-chppine Machines; Cartridges—Eley's Kyiu-ch's, and Curtia an,i Harvey's: Bedroom Suites. Table I Litmus, Gds Mantles. Fenders and Irons, aiii Cutlery —Harries', Furnishero and Iron- a-onger.4 A LARM CLOCKS! Another Large Consjgr:- ?A ment iu,t arrived: bes make; 5 years gi.rrantee with each watch A. Joseph, Jewel. ler. 20 Heathfield-street (next to Bullin's). j „_ 129A11-7 CIIINA at any Price! Clearing-out Sale at Banfieltd's, Plot-ttatiti-street Don t de- laN- Entin: Stock mn"t be cleared, 164AII-10 j^OG, 8OKE, DAMP ann dieaoo germ-" -5- aro a menace to your nose und throat Uco "Nc?trolinc" Nasal SpeciNr to (KMthc thi irr tatioii and destro th; germs. A touch of thi-i fragraut spetili • makes yo-i secure Of leading chemis' everywhere 16 3d ib- post Is. 5d.). Sol.1 by E Bevati Kelson .trect, G T David. Mansel-street; D. R Davies. St. Helcn's-road J T. Danes Ltd. (aU branches?: H. L Havard, Bryny- D.or-ro?a- G H. Kent 45 St. Melene-road: E J. Kieft Robert-street. Manselt?n A D Matthews, Oxford-street: B Needham, Neatli road; Ogdens Cash ChcmisU-. Ltd. High- i street: J and D. Rees Fabian-street, St. IbomaK an] Port Tennant E. T. Rich Tiigh-street• E. W. Richartis College-Street; l E Thomas. High-street: Wright and Zon, Walter-road SWANSEA. W T Thomas. t Gorsetnon M. L. Bcvan 99 Woodfield-etreet• W. Isaa-: 85 Woodfidd-strenr, r,fORRIS'ION; W J. Davies M.P p. Picton-place. FFOREST* FACH- and all Chemists in NEATH. F L;P,S Remodelled; by our Process we are able to make Old Furs look like New; Alt the Latest Styles in Fur Coats and Sets. -Tennens, 5. Cradock-street, Swansea. 125A11-1C SIDNEY Palmer's well-known Cakea and L Pastries are made of best -ngredients I only. Wedding and Birthday Cakes ill stock and made to order Noted for Teas anr! Cc 1 Luncheons.—Palmer's Cafe, oppo- site Empire and Branches. l32Ar,-8 SURGICAL Appliances.—Trusses. SDray. l 0 Enemas. Surgeons' Rubber Gloves 'T'd Surgical Rubhei ÜO(1d of every description I Writj for Catalogue, sent ?(wt free.—Le Brassenr Surgical Co.. Ltd D V ) 90 and (n. Worcester-street Ri-?r:in-m. T.C. [T NCL.E BER'I"S Pul] Orpar WK'nut ard ?.. A¡'nor] ) TofTpe? are now or -??ile at his ixford-street Shop. Pre-war duality. Th» i First and the Best. 123AJl-f I' EDUCATIONAL. PEACE-AND PLENTY < I of lucrative posts for DE BEAR-TRAINED STUDENTS. All Commercial Subjects and Exams. New Students Commence any day. THE DE BEAR SCHOOLS, LTD. Castle Buildings, Swansea. Tel.: Central >87. POSTAL TUITION.—Learn Pitman's Short- I. hand and D'E Book-keeping quickly New easy method. Shorthand ifi lessons. lUe 6d.. Book-keeping 22s 6d.-Daniel Joncs F LPS., etc (the W'eli-knowu Coach), Neath, Cll-5 PRIVATE TUITION for London Matrio JL and all the Professional E'relim Ex. ams: Shorthand and boois keeping rapidly taught at Lishman's Coaching College, 40-41. Worcester-place (opposite Castle IJillemaJ Swansea TC SWANSEA Business College.-Specialh;e.d Training for Business. Public ExamiPa- I tionB. etc Day and Evening Tuition f r;OEL I itctus Fre.) Principal: E. V Ruddell 6.A. IZSAli-S MOTOR CARS. CYCLES. &C. 'L"IOR &kLE Overland Car 5-seater. in Der- f eat running order —A?ji? Hm's i-urniaiiers. Gower-ctreet Swansea. j32AI1-» ULt Sale, herd ij-teeatt-r iouriug (iU; gooa X running order.—K. Hodgens, Adelaide- I street. _jl23All-<> I;OU SALE, a Metal Van Body; suit Com- l. niercial Travclier: ott a Ford; screen .nd cL'sliious as good as llC, Also several Kiectr.c Room inuicators suitable for large house or hotel, and a W heelbarrow — al. Alexandra ix>au, Swansea, 128All-b F OR k;Abi.. 13-seater Charabanc Body £ tc-novauttm cheap to immediate 11 urcliaser —The Commercial Carrier Ck) < Ltf 59. 60. 6, and 62. St. Helen's-road. Swan, sea. Cll-Ii l^OR SALE 3-wheeled 2-seater; O.I1 Ja" X engine, chain dn e; excellent oraer iust ovtri^auled.—Bassett West End. Worse ii.on 130AH-7 i L-ÖP. 8ALE. 2-sealer Ford Car. 1?4: ?od X Van 1?. EnHU?h body )n first-class condition —D<1 uones and Sons, Authorised Ford Dealers, The Garage, Ammanford  ?SS-?-" IUAII-T) A.E 0 ROAD TRANSi u- T EXHIBITION, ROYAL AGRICULTURAL HALL. LONDON, NOVEMBER 40th, 1919. SEE OJR EXHIBIT. 1\> T EW A.E.t VHAj U PPLHD DIRECT 1? BY US TO USERS ARE EXAMIND »• REE TWICE A YEt' FOR TWO VtAlif. We can give good deliverv to the follow: ing: 301 and 36 seater Charabancs, with taper streamline, bonnet, and dash. Also 32-fieater Saloon 4-ton Lorries wit': byd-auUf tipping gear Terms—Cash, or Deferred Payments. NOTK-AI1 A.E.C. Chaooi" now supplier by us have th-" improved type 50 h.p Tylor en Qint, fittel. Don't bviv krmv disposal A.E.C.. tut the new and naranteeJ Chassis from Thomas Wlrte and Co. Barry (Tel 321). the; Solo Soot i W:l! D'sttrihxiting Agelnto for ,k.F.C Commercial Vehicle* Cl] 20 PERSONAL. IN Undt Bert's" Toffee Shop there is 1. "Slat.dim Room Only Uncle Rert and his Boll thanU you for your help You are Hoiug ,Y(),I: Bit" as we dii ours Thanks!! ?watH-,ea Thanks!! Required Immediately MILLMEN FOR STAFFORDSHIRE SHEET MILLS. Rollers who can bring their own Sets will be given preference. APPLY- Rryngwyn Works, Gorseinon PUBLIC NOTICES. MUNICIPAL ELECTION. MORRISTON WARD. All persons having CLAIMS against Mr. J. EliYN ElJWAUDS in respect of the recent Election, are required to sent' particulars thereof forthwith to the un- dersigned, John Richards, 40, Morfydd- street, Morriston (Signed) JOHN RICHARDS. MUNICIPAL ELECTION. MORRISTON WARD. Mr. J. BRYN EDWARDS desires to express his sinMro thanks to those who worked so hard for him and to those who voted for him at the recent Election, and heg to state that he will do his utmost to deserve the confidence which has been placed in hits. SALES BY AUCTION. ] MORRISTON, LANDORE AND SWANSEA. I Exceptionally important Sale of Two Splendid Freehold and Free Double- Licensed Counter Trade Pubiic Houses with early Vacant Possession, and Two Dwelling-Houses, MESSRS. James and James, F.A.I. Are favoured with instructions Irom the various Owners to offer for SALE by I'UBLKJ ALCTION, at the tiOIEL CAMERON, HIGH-STREET, BW A. SEA, on ïBUHDAY, NOVEMBER ijillij HJlU (subject to such Conditions ot Sale as shall tiieu and there be produced) I the following FIRST-CLASS FREE DOUBLE-LICENSED FREEHOLD Pubfic Houses, viz.: Lot I.-All tJJat noted Freehold Pub- lic House, Brewhoilse, Stable and Pre- mises called and known as THE iulj). LAND IIUTEL, MORRISTON, situate on the Clydach Road about 200 yaros from the Cross and nearly opposite where the Morriston trams stop; in the occupa- tion of Mr. Thomas Evans as tenant at tviil (his lease having expired at Michael- mas). The Premises have a frontage ovfci all of 50 feet or thereabouts by a depth of 107ft. Gin. or thereabouts. The Accommodation is as follows:—On the Ground Floor: Entrance Hall, Smoke- room, Tap Room, Private Room, Store Room (formerly Kitchen). Kitchen, Cellar, Small Back Kitchen. On the First Floor: Club-room, 2 Bed- rooms and w.c. On the Second Floor: 3 Bedrooms. There is a large open Yard at the back and a Brewhouse, and a Two-stalled Stable at the far end with a large loft over both, witji an access thereto from the side lane direct. Lot 2.—All that excellent FREE- HOLD FREE DOUBLE-LICENSED eVHLIV HOUSE AND PREMISES called and known as THE STATION INN, LANDORE, in the County Borough of Swansea, immediately facing Landore Railway Station on the upper side, with Vacant Possession at Lady Day nest. The house is at present and has been for many years past in the oc- cupation of the owner, Mrs. Mathews, wh > has carried on thereat a very lucra- tive trade, probably the best in the locality. The Property extends from ona street to the other, with a frontage iof 34ft. 6in. or thereabouts to Station- road, and of 42ft. or thereabouts to Mysydd-street. The Accommodation is as follows:-On the Ground Floor: Bar, Sitting-room, Passage, Smoke-room, Tap Room, Kitchen, Back Do Small Store-room and Pantry. In the Btjse- Kient: A good Cellar. On the First Fk ir: Club Room and 4 Bedrooms There is a good-size Yard at the rear witii a 2-Stailed Stable and 2 w.c.'s thereon. The Club-room can be ex- tended or reduced as occasion requires by means of a moveable partition. There is one good Club, viz., The Foresters, meeting at the House. The House is situated in a position of monopoly, be- ing the nearest licensed house to the Landore Railway Station. Lot 3.-All that desirable FREE- HOLD DWELLING-HOUSE known as Nj 6, HEATHFIELD-ROAD, SWAN- SEA, containing 6 Rooms, Bath (h and c). Scullery (h and c), in the occupation ci Mrs. Morgan as yearlv tenant. Lot 4. —All that LEASEHOLD GAR- DEN CITY VILLA known as No. 9, THE PROMENALE, Garden City, con- taining 6 Rooms, Bath (h and c) WSIcTuHl- lery (h and o), and nice Garden, WITH VACANT POSSESSION ON COM- PLETION. Held for 99 years from ??4t'?! June, 1910. Ground Rent Ll 18s. Sale to Commence promptly at 3 p.m. For further particulars, with refer- i ence to all the Lots apply to the Auc- tioneers, 7, Goat-street, Swansea and I with reference to Lot 1 to Messrs. iStriek and 1 dlinghariJ, Solicitors, Fisher-street, Swansea; and Lot 2 to 4, to. Messrs. T. W. James and Co., Solici- tors, 24, Goat-street, Swansea. Messrs. Isaac Edwards & Co. (Mr. Isaac Edwards, F.A.I.) Have been instructed by the Directors of The Glamorgan Colliery Co., Ltd., The Naval Colliery Co., Ltd., The Cambrian Colliery Co., Ltd., and The Britannic Colliery Co., Ltd., to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at times and places as appear below, Over 950 Tons of Steel and Iron Colliery Scrap, etc., Consisting of Old Wire Rope, Mixed Smithy Scrap, a number of Wood and Iron Colliery Trains and Dandies, Six Permanent Way Wooden Wagons, Defec- tive Copper Cable, Defective 'Cast Iron Piping, Disused Steam Engine, Winding Drum, Spur and Driving Wheels, Pulleys and Bedblocks, Detective Tram Plates and Wheels, Defective Steel Rail, Sleepers, Bart, Angles, and Arching Girders, Old Galloway Tubes, Disused Lancashire and Vertical Boilers and Tanks, Disused Coal Crusher, House Coal Screen, etc. The Sales will take place aS follows:— TUESDAY, 4th NOVEMBER, 1919, at 12 noon at Glamorgan Companys Pit Top, Tonypandy. 2.30 p.m. at Naval Colliery Company's Pit Top, thence to Adare Level, Nant- gwyn Pit, Penygraig House Coal and Ely Pit. WEDNESDAY, 5th NOVEMBER. 1919. 12 noon, Cambrian Colliery Company's Pit Top, Clydach Vale. 3 p.m., Britannic Colliery Company's Pit Tops, Gilfach Goch. A Ticket Lunch for Prospective Buyers will be provided each day at 1.30 p.m. On Wednesday, a Motor Charabanc will leave Tonypandy at 11.44) a.m. for Clydaeh Vale, will leave Clydach Vale after lunch for Gilfach Goch. returning after the sale to Tonypandy Station. Buyers desiring to i avhil themselves of the Motor and Lunch arrangements are i-sked to comniunicate with the Auctioneers before hand so that due provision can be made. The Stocks cat be inspected before days of Sale by arrangt-ment. For particulars and catalogue. f-PPly to the Auctioneers, Bank Chambers, Merthyr Tydfil. Telephone: 33 Merthyt. PEVERELL, RICHMOND ROAD. SWANSEA. Important Sale of well-made Bedrdom Suites in various woods, Bedding, Antf Piano, Two Valuable French Commode. full sized Billiard Table. Carved Oak Appointments of the Dining Room and Hall, Engravings and Etchings, Cabi- nets, Bureaii, Bookcases, Gramophone. Divan Chairs, Chesterfields, Cane and other Chairs, Eastern Axminster and other Carpets and Rugs. Kitchen and Outdoor Effects. messps" John M. Leeder and ^on Having disposed of the residence, are in- structed by Mr. Trevor J. Matthews to SELL bv AUCTION, on the premises,'on THURSDAY, the 13th day of NOVEM- BER, and following day if necessary, at 11 a.m., the Valuable Furnishings of the BEDCHAMBERS, LANDING and HALL, DIXING and DRAWING ROOMS, LIBRARY, BILLIARD ROOM, KIT- CHEN, etc., the whole of which have been chosen with taste and discrimination. View on production of-Catalogue on the day prior to Sale. Catalogues, Is. each, of the Auctioneers, 16, Waterloo Street. Swansea- □noaaawaMBnBamaMBaBHMMHVi It's a Mother's Duty T& Safeguard her Health. Mrs. Cuara E. Slater Visits SWANSEA on FRIDAY Next, Nov. 7th, at the CENTRAL IT" n Orchard Street. Hours 1 to 4. < Also Visits Merthyr, Tues., Nov. 4th, Angel Buildings; Newport, Wed., Nov. 5th, Park Hall; Cardiff, Thur., Nov. 6th, Cory Hall; Abergavenny, Mon., Nov. loth, Gold Lion Hotel. Rupturee, Women's In- ternal Weaknesses, Mis- "Í" placements, etc.. cured fr and relieved without a JL— ■ aeration or Internal fl Instruments. Special- B -nytf treatment for Floating1 Kidney and Varicose  Vej-ns.