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Till TO-N I GHT. J.30. 'I'inme: Central E-\ HARRY DAY art NEW Ml'SK'AL KBYTE, FUNBEAMS' IN TEN SCENES, Cast includes— Direct from the Comedy and Prince of Walt's Theatres, London, W. GILBERT CHILDS, fYlargût Tcmlins, J. S. Durant, MADGE MERLE, KETTY EaVlSGN, The Royal Naval Quartette, Gocrge Spry, Ruby Duval. EDGAR COKE, A CHORUS OF GIRLS, •Interpolations by, & Augmented Orchestra tlio (iire(..tit)n of Ed. Humphrys. ELYSI U jy| Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. The Great Fight, DRISCOLL v. LEDOUX Times ot S hiwmg: li, Mabel Normand in a Hat/ling Snit. Roiujinee, THE VENUS MODEL. Eddie Pelo iii THE CIRCUS KING. Episode 1: "Flames." ONE SHOT ROSS, a Thrilling Triangle Drama, featuring Roy Stewart. PAINLESS LOVE (L.Ko Comedy). A GAME GAMBLER (Triangle Keystone) THEATRE I ROYAL rlv,a B ?? Saaa THE HOME OF MUSIC ThiirFri. & Sat. MARION DAVIES, The Prettiest Girl on tbo Screen, and America's Famous Vaudeville Artiste, in a Beautiful Picture, adapted from the Novel by KATHARINE IlA nL4D ^AYLOK GEGIUA OF THE B?s?SaiS?BB)!!B=!B? ? M?? B a Na&a BRYANT WASHBURN I N a A m A ft' i THE uc H uti T OfI THE HANCHua-, j Five Keel Gold Ilooster Play. Winkle Tricksters and Trickery. Comedy. § Episode 5, THE SILENT MYSTERY, "The Eye of the World," Monday Next, Sessue Hayakawa in "Bonds of Honour."  Cast i-K CINEMA. ? 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.30. RUGGLES OF RED CAP, fi Art Comedy Drama, from the Novel by II. L. Wilson, featuring Taylor Holmes. Shlmilli; d :{, i; ;inJ !) o'clock. WANTED A MOTHER, the Story of a Little Girl's Effort as a Matrimonial Agent, and the Result, featuring Madge Evans, ..Also Select ion of Comedy & Topical Films Full Orchestra Afternoon and Evening. CARLTONr; 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.30. THE KEEPER OF THE DOOR, Ethel M. Deil's famous Story, featuring Peggy Carlisle and Basil Gill. WHOSE LITTLE WIFE ARE YOU? A I wo Reel Walker Comedy. NOT GUILTY, a Comedy Drama, Kenilm Foss in II is ( )wn Plav. MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE, Foreign Deer, Interest. Pathe's Gazette. PICTURE HOUSE t 2.30. TO DAY. 10.30. Pauline Frederick in OUT OF THE SHADOWS. TEMPERED STEEL, featuring Olga Petrova, a Story ot Theatrical Life. FIGHT FOR MILLIONS. Episode 10: The Secret Tunnel. MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE, Pathe's Gazette. 1 Now carrying I FULL SUPPLIES ) of GENUINE FORD SPARE PARTS. Call, 'Phone or Write I HUTCHINS &€O?UM)TEO. lHUTCHINS ACraOKISEE 1.- DEALERS AND PARTS STOCKIST* T .rJ tJ. v^yANTED. PREMISES suitable for CONVERSION into SOCIAL CLUB. or Purchase. Apply S. RUBENSTEIN, 21, Gower Street. I'I/H.J f! MEN '.I¡ GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. MONDAY, 3rd NOVEMBER, UU9, Six Nights at 7-30, MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.38 p.m. MACDONALD & YOUNG present AN (Ul-w A I A Spectacular Musical Play, l'rom Drury Lone Theatre, London. NEXT WEEK- Return Visit of the Great Silent Service Play: THE LUCK OF THE NAVY. I GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. NEXT WEEK- PERCY HUTCHISON, In conjunction with ALFRED BUTT, l'reseu Is A NEW PLAY OF NAVAL INTEREST, THE LUCK OF THE NAVY. Cast includes— RICHARD SCOTT, MILDRED COTTELL, in the part of Mrs. GORDON PEEL (as played by her at the Garrick and New Theatres, London). JACKSON WILCOX, ESTELLE CLEVERLY. Box OHk-e (Mr. W. J. Casey) Open at the Theatre Daily from 10 till 5, ø- -r- AT THE j ELYSIUM. J Tlitirs., P"ri. & Sat. T H WILLIAM TOX presents IES THE LEE KIDDIES IN I SWAT THE SPY A Comedy Drama in which the Mar- vellous Histrionic Powers of the Celebrated Leo K d iea arc seen to advantage. S „ 1 THE Driscoll Ledoux j Contest? j A Remarkable Fight in whkh A?e 11:, to Youth. 1 I HOUDINlj The Master Mystery ScriaL Episode 7 CASTE The Celebrated English Day in which the world-renowned British Actor, SIR JOHN HARE, is featured. Maggie's False Step I Triangle Keystone. TOPICAL BUDGET, Etc., Etc. MOWN" PUBLIC NOTICES. Glamorgan Ccunty Council. AGRICULTURAL COMMITTEE. To Farmers, Stock Owners, Dairymen, and others interested in Cattle. Tlii, iiiiiiittee have arranged for a LECTURE on the subject of EPIZOOTIC ABORTION IN CATTLE and the use of the Vaccine supplied free by the Board of Agriculture, to be given by Mr. R. W. HALL, M.R.C.V (County Veterinary Surgeon), at the COUNCIL CHAMBER of the GWYN HALL, NEATH, on NOVEMBER 5th, at 7 p.m. The Chair will be taken by the Mayor of Neath (Councillor John Rees, J.P.). All persons interested arc invited to attend. ADMISSION FREE. Glamorgan County Hall, Cardie', October 31st, 1919. October :3tst, 191!). THE COAL MINES ACT, 1911. COLLIERY FIREMEN'S EXAMIN- ATION. The Swansea Local Education Auth- ority will hold an EXAMINATION, at the COLLIERY RESCUE STATION, STRAND, SWANSEA, on SATURDAY, the 15tlt NOVEMBER, 1919, commencing at 12 noon, for Colliery Firemen's, Exam- iner's, or Deputies' Certificates; also tor persons holding Cert ificates who desire re-examination within 5 years of the dates of their Certificates, as required under the provisions of the above Act. Examination fee tor Firemen's Certificate 7s. 6d. Examination fee for Shotman's I Certificate 58. Od. Re-examination fee, within or after 5 years 5s. Od. Apphcations, accompanied by the fee: should reach the undernamed, at the E(!uc?tton Office, ?w?nbea, on or t?fore the I2th November, 1919. the 12th :oH>mbeI'1919. I Director of Education. CAMERON .HOTEL, High Street. A GRAND DANCE Will Imj held at the above place on THURSDAY NEXT, NOV. 6th, 1919. Dancing frum 7 to 11. Pianist, Dennis Williams. Admission 1,6 PUBLH: NOTICES. Representation cf the People Act. 1918. TO PRINTERS. TENDERS are invited tor PRINTING the LISTS of ELECTORS, etc., and iiii(It,r the above-named Act for the Parliamentary Dorough of Swansea. Copies ot the Conditions of Contract and Form of Tender and Specimen Pages of t he Register/ etc., can he obtained on application to the undersigned. Tender must ))1 I))' me not tat?r than Friday, the 7th dav of ?ovcm- ber, 1919. The Contract: or Contracts will lie en- tered iuto with 1I.-M. Stationery 0ffice. 11. LANG COATH, v Registration Officer for the Parliamentary Borough of.Swansea. The Guildhall, Swansea, 3rd November. 1919. Representation of th3 People's Act, 1918. TO PRINTERS. TENDERS are invited for PRINTING the LISTS of ELECTORS, LISTS ot CLAIMS and OBJECTIONS, and REGIS- TEH of ELECTORS under the above- j n.unpd Ad for the Parliamentary Cunuty ot Glamorgan. Copy of the Condifions and COllt rae-t I and Form of Tender and Spef.-iuieiis of the Lists can be obtained on application I to th*' underpinned. Tenders must be received by ine not tafer than the 13th November. 1919, marked on the outside Tenders for Printing." The Contract or Contracts will he en- tered into with H.M. Stationery Office. T. MANSEL FKANKLEN, Registration Officer for the Parliament- ary County of Glamorgan. Glamorgan County Had, Cardiff, 4th November, 1919. Rhyddings Park C.M. Young People's Society. A LECTURE (In connection with the above), will be given in the SCHOOLROOM on Friday, November 7th, 1919, By W. H. JONES, Esq. Subject: "OLD SWANSEA. Illustrated with Limelight Views. Commence at 7.30 p.m. Silver Collection. Cambrian Archaeological Association Members of the Association in SWan- sea and the neighbourhood are invited to attend a I'RELINIMARY MEETING to l make arrangements for the ANN UAL MEETINGS (which are to he held in Swansea) Next Year, at the ROYAL INSTITUTION, on FRIDAY NEXT, NOV. 7th, at h p.m. Col. W. LI. Morgan will pre-.ide.andCapt. Henry Lewis, South Wales Secretary, will attend. L. J. ROBERTS, Hon. Secretary for Gh.morgan. 2, Gwydir Gardens, Swansea. THE SALVATION ARMY, The UNITED HOLINESS MEETING THURSDAY NIGHT, 7.30, in the CITA- DEL, Richardson Street, Swansea, eon- ducted by the Divisional St'ff. Speaker, Mrs. Adjutant King. All Are Welcome. Swnasea Field Naturalists' Society. A LECTURE will be given at 7 p.m. TO-MORROW (THURSDAY), in the ROYAL INSTITUTION ("Museum"), by Mr. W. G. WILLIAMS, HENRI BERGSON: A Theory of Evolution." Admission — Free. FIREWORKS. Guy Fawke's Celebrations, Wednesday, Nov. 5th. i CALL AT CaAWCOCRS 21 6, Oxford Street, Swansea. Wholesale and Retail. SAILINGS. C.P.O.S. to CANADA UNITED STATES & the ORIENT HVERPOL TO QUEBEC. Errpre" of France .Xov, 14 LIVERPOOL TO MOSTUEAL. Scandinavian .1'4°'' 1 LIVERPOOL TO OT. JOHN, N.B- MctuKama .Oy, 19 Minnodosa Df:c 1 ULASUOW TO ST JOHN. N.B Ili,el,oi i?iii Nov. Preiorian Nov. 'I'f- .I. 29 LONDON TO MONTREAL Tunisian Nov. 5 Bh)ST<)r,TdM'' jO* -NB "ALoMQyntli Nov 15 'Sardiniae Dec. 6 ANTWERP TO MONTREAL. L SL'otian Ko?' 1? SOUTHAMPTON' T'J MONTREAL Scotian Ncn 12 '"Freight only 01TICKET Tnn: ACROSS THE PACIFIC. Vancouver to Japan 10 days. to China 14 days. For Freijrht or Pa«?a?e apply tot:—Royal Tjiver Fuilrling1, Liverpool (Tel P690 Ba-n'o: 14 Cock#nrr-street, Londt-on S.W.I. (Tel. 833? Cerrartii 103, Learlenhall-streot. J/Oniion. EC.3 (Tsl 4707 Avenue): 25 Both\yell-STreet. (Jlaiitrow (Tel 6601 Centra); 88. Commercial- ly reef, Dundee fTeh 36 Donde"'): 18 ?t An- J!!1i'tjne' Parade, Bristol (Tel. 18361: SQ. '?te?trpet. I.ondonderry OR L<DCAL G E N CANADIAN PACIFIC OCEAN SERVICES



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