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A m u s c N,7:D. AMUSE S T i 6.30. TO-NIGHT. ^.30. Central. S2. t HARRY DAY pre>onts an ENTIRELY NEW MUSICAL KEVTE, FUNBEAMS' IN TEN SCENES, '$f. Cast includes—. ihriid from tuc Comedy and Prince of Wa l es '1 heatres, London, W. Gilbert childs, Margot Tcrrdins, J. S. Durant, MADGE MERLE, KITTY EMSON, The Royal Naval Quartette, Gccrge Spry. Ruby Duval, EDGAR COKE, A CHORUS OF GIRLS, Ipotations hy, & Augmented Orchestra under the direction o; Ed. liuniphrys. IL Y S I u thursday, Friday, Saturcay. Kiddies in I SWAl THE SPY. Tic DRISOLL-LEDOUX CONTEST, j fight in which. Age Succumbs to Youth HOUDINi, the M.n<-t<r Mystery Serial. I' Episode 7. CASTE, the Cele!ied English Play, I 1(;:1 !Iring S!¡" John Hare. Maggie's Fats'.) Stop t.Truuigle Keystone) [ Topical Budget, <t(..<'c. I ROY AL TKeatreT i Thursday, Friday and Saturday. r: Marion Davies in CECILIA OF THE ■ ROSES. Brynt Wrshburn in THE GHOST OF RANCHO. '= l'f.'l Gold Play. I WINKLE TRICKSTERS & TRICKERY t CV;11> 'l v ), i Kpi, S: THE SILENT MYSTERY, T'he Eyp, cf the World." Monday Nixt.-Sessto Kayakawa in j Bonds of Honour."  CASTLE C<?EMA. ??J?EML?t 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.30. THE REAPERS, a Kealisi ie Drama of To-day, featuring John Mason and Clara Whipple. Margery Wilson in WITHDUT HONOUR a Thnlling Five Pari Triangle .Drama. JERRY TAKES GAS. WAR AND MATRIMONY. Weekly Pictorial and Pathc Gazetts. Orchestra Afternoon and Evening. €ARLTO¥r 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.30. Gcrr.Idine Farrar ilt TEMPTATION, an Arte;-ii'i'l. Picture. Rex Beach's Sermon f;ias»i<- oi' (he Great South Wesf. HEART OF THE SUNSET, a Absorbing and Thrilling Hlury. The <*rc-nt Serial, HANDS UP. Kpisodc 12: "The Silver Book." MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE, Pathe's Gazette. picture "Tiguse 2.30. TO DAY. 10.30. THE KEEPER OF THE DOOR, Ethel ¡ M, Dell's Famous Story, featuring Peggy Carlisle and Basil Glii THE RUOIAYAT OF A SCOTCH HIGH BALL, a Lii'r; Story by tli<* World- Fa ni< ms Writer. O'llenry. NOT GUILTY, a <'omedy Drama, foa- turinv Kentlm Foss. MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE, Tree Animals, Intsrest. Pathe's Gazette. Y.M.C. A. CINEMA ■ fiji^runoe—CAGE STREET. Opening Night, Nov. 10 First-Ciass Programme of Pictures, 'lit ("'fI",j,:in:; of Drama, Comedy, Interest, Topical, etc. PRICES ok admission =—od., oa.. No., S',): y- PUBLIC NOTICES. Rhyddhtgs Park C.M. Young People's Society. A LECTURE (In connection with he nlwvo), will bo given in the SCHOOLROOM on Friday, November 7th, 1919, Uv W. H. JONES, Esq. (Swansea's Official Uistorian). Sttbjcct: "OLD SWANSEA. Illustrated with Linielight Views. Commence at 7.30 p.m. Silver Collection. County Borough cf Swansea. BOROUGH ARCHITECT'S DEPART- MENT. QUANTITY SURVEYING ASSISTANTS The Hon sing Committee invite Appli- cations for the Appointments of TEM- PORARY ASSISTANT QUANTITY SCKVKYORS. Ca validates must be thoroughly com* pctent in measuring and preparing bills, etc. < London Systetri). Applications. stating age, qualifications, experience and salary required, together with copies of three recent testimonials, should be delivered to the undersigned WITHOUT DELAY. State how soon candidates can start tk, if appointed. t mvafe.sing will disqualify. m (Si^inHi) RSEST E. MORGAN, A.R.I.B.A., i Borough Architect. 3V Prospect-place, Swansea. Swansea and District Band of Hope and Total Abstinence Union, Adult Ssctian, Gospel Temperance Mission. SKETTY MEETING. TJB Meeting advertised as being held at Wesley Schoolroom; SKETTY, has been unavoidably CANCELLER. Francis* Secretary. t\MUSEMc.r4 its. GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. I MU.N'DA Y, 3rd NOVEMBER, 1913, I Six Nights at 7.30, *-irtYSNfE on SATUHOAY at 2.30 p.m. MACDONALD &. YOUNG present I SHANGHAI U 1. A Spectacular Musical Play, From Drury Lane Theatre, London. NEXT WEEK- Return Visit -of the Great Silent I Service Play: THE LUCK OF THE NAVY. ??* n ? T?.TT? ?T?t  GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. NEXT WEEK- PERCY HUTCHISON, in conjunction with ALFRED BUTT, presents ir~ 1 I rr- I i r 'i < I '• j! ?. [^ V; j i S t  ?.?. J I r.n e. I (/yAV^I .?  r? .?! J' „ ?'? ?? ?  Box OHiee (Mr. W. J. Casey) Open at the Theatrs Daily from 10 till 5. r .y-i. a i« H lji' SALES BY AUCTION. YSTRAD ISAF WACXAR- LWYDD, Near Goi^erton and Fi'orestfaoh. A Very Important and "Extensive Draft Sale of 1'- <if Cattle, 5 Horses, Implements, jiuy. and Crops. MESSRS. James and Jamss, F.A.I. Are favoured with instructions Mr. W. Davies, to SELL by AUCTION, on tlio Premises as above ,on WEDNES- DAY, NOVEMBER 12th, 1919, the whole of the followcg Live Stock, Crops, etc., viz.: 1-1 DAIRY COWS (; wit h Calves at their heels, due to Calve before (': mas, .and the- remainder before end of February). All young deep-milk ing Shorthorns. STORERS (i in-calf Heifers, two-year-old Bull, and Yearling \1(1.). 5 HORSES.-Bay Collier Mare, 14 h.h., 3 years old: Bay <1,1., 5 years old; Two- year-old Collier Gelding, do Shife do., Fine Hackney Gelding (5 years old), Cf'OPS.—Hay: About; 2-3 Tons of Primo Hay in hed. Corn: 4 Mows of Wheat, J do. of Oats. Hoots: 3 Acres cf Srilendid Swedes. IMPLEMENTS. HARNESS, etc. Luncheon at 12 Noon. Sale immedi- ately afterwards. erDis-Six Months' Credit over .£5, or the usual Discount for Cash. Auctioneers' Oilices: 7", Goat-street, Swansea. Tel. No., 172 Docks. COUNTY BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. AN OPPORTUNITY TO SECURE A COMMODIOUS RESIDENCE IN A ( < I\V I; XIENT SITUATION. WITH VACANT POSSESSION ON COM- PLETION. Edward Roberts and Son (R. G. Roberts. F.A.I.; E. T. Roberts, P.A.S.Ij Will OFFER for SALE bv PUBLIC AUCTION^ at the HOTEl, CAMERON. SWANSEA, on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER Hth, 1919, at 3 p.m. precisely (subject to Conditions of Sale to be then and there produced) the Valuable Leasehold Residence, situate and being 23, BRUNSWICK STREET, SWANSEA, Kitchen, Scullery and all UHial offices, 5 Bedrooms. Bathroom, and W.C., 2 Cellars, T.arge Garden at i-eiir, with a frontage to Catherine Street. Lease 99 years from 25th March, 1860. Ground Rent, C4 12s. Id. per annum. Further particulars from the Auction- eers at their Offices, Llanfair Buildings, St. Mary Street. Swansea; or from F. P. Wood, K-q., Solicitor, 17, York Street, Swansea. S W A N S E A. Highly Important Sale or a Most Valu- able and Central Premises, with Front- ages to Two Important: Thoroughfares. John M. Leeder and Son Are instructed to SELL by AUCTION at the. HOTEL METROPOLE, Swansea,, on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19th, 1919, at 3.0 p.m., the Valuable Block of Freehold Property, Comprising No. !), FISHES STREET, occupied as ofiices by the H. and S. B. Railway Co., and the Stone Mason's Yard immediately behind, having an ex- tensive frontage to Rutland-street. Particulais and Conditions of Salo may be obtained in due course from: Messrs. Strick and BfUingham, Solipitors. 29, Fisher-street, Swansea; or the Auc- tioneers, 46, Waterloo-street, Swansea. (318i) UPLANDS, SWANSEA. Sale of Well-appointed Freehold Resi- dence situate in one of the best parts of Swansea. MESSRS. I Oohn M. Leeder and Son Ari1C. t(;y AUCTION, at the HOTEL METROPOLE. SWANSEA, on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17th, 1919, at 3 p.m., the Valuable Freehold Residence, Known as WOODSTOCK," Situate in EATON GR.OVE, SWANSEA (3 minutes from Electric Ca,r Service). IMMEDIATE 'VACANT POSSESSION. Particulars of Salt) may be obtained from G. E. Taylor, Esq., Solicitor, St. Mary's Chambers, Swansea; or of the Auctioneers, 46, Waterloo-street, Swan- sea. 13203) • SALES BY AUCTION. ) HOTEL METROPOLE, SWANSEA. I WEDNESDAY, 12th NOVEMBER, 1919. Mr. Trevor E. WifSiams Has been instructed to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION .(Subject to such Conditions of Sa!c as shall then and there be pro- dviced), the following Well-Situated j Leasehold Properties, viz.: I/ot 1.—All that I-easehold Dwelling-j houfec known as RICHARDSON -1 STREET, SWANSEA. Tha House con- ttius 6 Rooms aftd Scullery, and is now h't to Mr. W. ?o?'elis at a weekfy re Tltal¡' of 10s. 9d. H?Id for a term of ?9 years (less the last 3 days) from the 25th day of December, 1872, at an annual Ground Itent of £3 Lot 2.—All that Leasehold Shop and Dwelling-house and- Cottage known as 39 and 39a. RICHARDSON-STREET, SWANSEA. No. 09 coutains Shop and Large Sitting-room and Scullery, and 3 Bedrooms with Outside Yard and Large Shed fitted with pair of large doors lead- ing into the street. The Premises arc now let to Mr. W. Bennett at a weekly rental of 12s. tid., Landlord paying rates and tstxes. and a Fish and Chip busiuess is now being carried on there. No. 39a contains 2 Booms and Scullery, and is now let on a weekly tenancy of is. 5d. Held for a term of 99 years (less the last 3 days) from the 25th December," 1872, at an annual Ground Rent of ,3 12s. lid. Let 3.—All that; Leasehold Dwelling house, known as I IS. WESTERN-STREET, I SWANSEA. Tlie House contains—Ground Floor: Rooms aud Class Covered Court, Outside w.p., and good Garden; First Floor: I Bedrooms. The House is now let to Air. H. Coopey at a weekly rental of 12s. Held for a term of 99 years from 29th. day of September, 1851, at an annual Ground Rent of £ 2. Lot 4.—All that Leasehold Dwelling- house known as 155, WESTERN-STREET. SWANSEA. The House contains 4 good Rooms and Wash-house, and is now let to Mr..Tones at a weekly rental of Ss. 4d. I Held for a term, of 99 years (less i days) I from t1w 27th September, 1848, at 'an annna! Gr<?)nd R?nt of t2. Lot 5.-All thoso L?.?hoid Dwelling- kn??wri M 9 and 10, GAM-STREET. "E, \0. 3 contains 2 Large^ Rooms and C?!!&r. and is W to Mrs. Jcn?ins at a W€<'Hy r?ntat of 5s. M., r?ndh'rd pa-ing 7-at?s and tax?s. No. 10 contains 1 good Rooms, and is Ift to Mr. Jones at a we?y rp??ta? of 8,. Landlord paying rMt?s an'T taxf?. Held I for a t°rm of 99 years (l,ss thR last daT? from the 29th SeptfrnVr. IFtS, at an ¡ annual Ground Rnt of £ 1. Sale to commence at 3.30 p.m. lor particulars and Conditions of Sale, Kpp!y to W. Arthur Davx?. Esq., Rut- land-street. Swansea; or to the Auction- eer. nt his Offices, 17, St. MsT^-street, Swansea, or Ravenshoe," Mumbles, Tel.: Docks 124. I T.LWYNON," LANGLAND ROAD, MUMBLES. ftfi. Arthur S. T. Lucas Has been instructed by E. W. Stewart. Esq., who is leaving the Mumbles, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above Residence, on MONDAY, thf 10th day of NOVEMBER. 1919, a Quantity of High Cl:iss and Valuable Household '<H Furnishing Appointments i Some of the PrinCipAl Tterns bsins; as fol- lows:-A Beautifully Carved 6ft. Solid Walnut Sideboard, a Fine Spanish Mahogany Sideboard, Mahogany Conch and Chairs, Occasional Tables and Chairs. a Fine Flint Lock Rifle, Engravings and other Pictures. Massive Solid Walnut j Suite, Maple Wood and other I of Drawers, Overmantel, Bedsteads an dot her Furniture and Effects, Mahog- any Hall Stand, Kitchen Effects, Rich- mond No. lfg) Gas Cooking Range, 6 Taps and Grill; American Stoves, and Outside Effects, including a very fine Poultry House and Runs for 200 head. Full detailed particulars appear on the Auction Tosters. Goods on View on Satur- day before the Sale from 10 a.m. up to 4.30 p.m. Sale to commence at 11.30 a.m. precisely. Terms—Cash. Positively No Reserve." For particulars apply to Arthur S. T. Lucas. 6, Rutland Street, Swansea, and Mumbles; Eitbd. 1885; Tel., Central 230. 4el., (?#,iitrll 2:"(). SWANSEA. SALE OF FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSES, In Good Letting Locality. John M. Leeder and Son Have been instructed to offer for £ ALE by AUCTION, at the HOTEL METRO- POLE, SWANSEA, on MONDAY, NOV. 17tli. 1919, at 3.0 p.m. (subject, to such Conditions as will then and there be prcxluc<tl), the Freehold Dwelling-houses Known as Nos. 61 and 62, TRAFALGAR TERRACE, OYSTERMOUTH ROAD. Let on weekly tenancies at a gross rent of £i8 ICS. per annum, Landlord paying rates and taxes. Tlie Property, which has a total front- age of 26ft. to Oystermouth-road; widen- ing out to 80ft., a 9ft. side entrance from Burrows-road, covering a total area, of 387 square yards, forms an excellent site for a motor garage or ot^er business premises. Further particulars may lie obtained of Messrs. Meager and Morris, Solicitors. 15, Castle-street, Swa uses: or of the Auction- eers ?, Waterloo-stre?r. Swanspa UM-i—1—"j—Li o i j .— lime PUBLIC NOTICES. J. S. ARNOLD, STOCK AND SHARE BROKER, Bank Buildings, Castle Square, Swansea. i Tel. "Jarold." Swansea. 'Phone 184 Cent. ZM Baldwins Ordjnary at 3Ss. 200 Cons. Cambrians at 24s. 3d. 150 Ma-indy SR at S2g. 100 Vickers -New Ordinary at J4, 200 English Crown Spelters at 40s. 9d. 1200 Mond Nickel 7 per cent, Prefs. at 20s. 50 Mond Nickel Ordinary at 6is. 6d. 50 Godfrey Phillips 6 per cent. Prefs., free of tax at 20s. 6d. 200 Singapore Para Rubbers at 4s. 6d. 6 Rhondda and SwanseaBay Prefs at £ 8 5s. VICTORY DANCE In Commemoration of the Signing of the Armistice, Nov. 11th, ills. I LEWIS BROS.' RINK, PONTARDAWE. A DANCE Will be held at the above Hall on Tuesday Evening Next, NOVEMBER 11th. DANCING-4. to 12 p.m. PRICES AS USUAL. The Largest and Most Luxurious Dancing Hall in South Wales. Dancing Surface—135 Feet x 65 Feet. Music by Trained Orchestra and ¡ Orchestriam, t While food is scarce BUY YOUR LUNCH I AT THE CHEMIST'S j SANATOGEN!( (2 teaspoonsful made with water) 2id* j Sanatogen Chocolate (?) M. Sanatogen C hocolate PKI,.),.Dd. Whether as a routine luiicli or as an emergency meal to eke out your rations—you will find this an ideal phy- siological diet-all food and i no waste-and easily digested j by the feeblest stomach. | Nothing else offers you such high food-power and energy-value—in such small i bulk and at such low cost, Try it to-day From Sanatogen itself you get the purest concentrated milk- protein Nature's body-build- ing food-perfectly combined with nerve-strengthening phos- phorus, so that both are fully assimilated. And chocolate when scien- tifically prepared and reinforced with Sanatogen provides. ad- ditional protein, with fat and carbohydrates, in the most j relishable form. It is completely oxidised in the body-checks j nitrogenous wastage— counter- acts muscular fatigue — and keeps up the bodily temperature in cold weather. Particularly valuable for children, too, wh o need more sugar than adults and are therefore hard hit by rationing. Your chemist sells Sanatogen, from j 2/3 to 10/9 per tin. and Sanatogen Chocolate at 1/6 l per packet. But stocks are limited and cannot be quickly replenished under present conditions, so get a supply now, while I both products ar. still obtainable. t I GENATOSAN, LTD. (Makers of Formamint, Genasprin, etc.) ) 12, Cbenies Street, London, W.C. 1 (Chairman: The Vwcountess Rhondda) c>»\ Now carrying FULL SUPPLIES of GENUINE FORD SPARE PARTS. Call, 'Phone or Write HU!CH)NS & CO"IMITED'¡ 37.WM STREET SWANSEA I  __? ? ??— AUTHORISED OCAliRg AND MTO STOCKIST* I Sun Rises 7.17, Sun Sets 4.40. I Lighting-up Time, 5.10. High Water, 4.0 a.m., 4.25 p.m. I King's Dock. 38ft. 5ln. a.m., 39ft. 6in. p.m. I To-morrow, 4.53 a.m., 5.17 p.m.




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