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""¡. AN AUTUMN SUNDAY. T wouldn't for a moment disparage the delights of a Sunday spent in the home circle, but- It is good to get a breath of the countryside these bright autumnal days, isn't it? No need to worry if there is a little mud on the roads. Those sturdy Dunlop type Magnum tyres may be relied upon under any conditions to land you safely home for that early tea in the cheerful firelight. ø ADIESf LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL HAIR. w Danderine" makes hair thick, glossy and wavy. < .Removes all dandruff, stops itching scalp and falling hair. I to be possessed of a head of heavy, leautifnl hair; soft, lustrous fluffy, wavy and free from dandruff is merely a matter of using a little Danderine. It is eaey and inexpensive to have nice, ooft hair and lots of it. Just get a shil- ling bottle of Knowlton'6 Danderine now -apply; a little as directed, and within ten minutes there will be an appearance of abundance, freshness, fluffineas, and an incomparable gloss and lustre,and try as yoa will you cannot find a trace of "dandruff or falling bair; but your real surprise will be after about two weeks' use, when you will see new hair-fine and downy at first-yes-but really new hair- sprouting out all over your scalp. Dan- derine is, we believe, the only sure hair grower, destroyer of dandruff and cure for itchy scalp, and it never fails to stop fal- ling hair at once. All chemises tiell and recommend Danderine, Is. 3d. and 2s. 6d. a bottle. If you want to prove how pretty and eoft your hair really is, to moisten a » cloth with a little Danderine and caro- rutly draw it through your JHtir-taking ()e small strand at a time. Your hair will be eoft, glossy and beautiful in just a few momente-a delightful surprise awaits everyone who tries this. I I VISITS j NOW I | CLOSING V\ ■ V CONSULT ME ON FRIDAY. My appliances have brought relief and happiness to thousands of suffering » women. I can help you to be well. I Ruptures, Women's Intornal Weaknesses, r Misplacements, etc., cured and relieved without operations or Internal Instruments. Special treatment for Floating Kidney and Varicose Veins. I Mrs. CLARA E. SLATER Visits SWANSEA on FRIDAY NEXT, Nov. 14, at the CENTRAL HALL, Orchard Street. Hours: 1 to 4. .Also Visits Newport, Wednesday, Nov. 12th, Park Hall. Cardiff, Thursday, Nov. 13th, Cory l Hull. Carmarthen, Saturday, Nov. 15th.-Soe I local papers. Aberdare, Monday, Nov. 17th, Blacki Lion Borel. I Merthyr, Tuesday, Nov. 18th, Angel I Build iigs. ALL ADVICE FREE. iWrite, enclosing 2d. stamps for p-tage, for New Illustrated Booklet, WHY I INTERNAL INSTRUMENTS SHOTJLI) ¡ NOT BE WORN," to Mrs. Clara E. Slater, Dept. r31. Cromwell House, High I Rdhcrn. London, W.C.I. I ?. Illustration depicts II my P?nown?t Rup- ture Belt. Note how! evenly the weight and pressure is distributed.








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