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For the Ladies. I I, I Latest in Boots & Shoes! Latest in Boots & S h oes I I Boots, with very soft swede uppers, are I being worn with short walking skirts. I These are so soft that they wrinkle about I the ankle, and in consequenco they are inclined to thicken the ankle. Another I novelty in footwear, and a very becoming lone, is the ankle strap ehoe. I I PRETTY DANCE SHOES. The girl who would look her best at a dance should be careful to choose pretty s hoes. Dance frocks are still very 6hort, and dancing is, of course, the one thing which does draw attention to the feet. Nowadays it is certainly a case of "Watch í your step," so the wise woman is careful to choose particularly pretty shoes in which to step. The tango or tango waltz is coming into fashion, and for this dance the tango boot is being especially revived. These boots are made with the upper of the hoot worn behind the ankle only, the front is open and laced across with many strappings. Tango shoes are those shoes 1 which arc also arranged with many strappings, either of the satin of which the shoes are made, or else ribbon. These strapped shoes are more popular than the boots, which are, perhaps, a little theatri- cal in appearance of ordinary wear. Dancing shoes made of brocade in ordi- nary Court shape are very fashionable. These often reveal very ingenious and dainty ideas in the form of rosettes and buckles. Ostrich feather tufts caught down with a paste buckle are quite charming on shoes which accompany a frock trimmed in like manner. Another fancy of the moment are dainty fan- sliaped petals made of ditferent coloured tulles, tight stretched, with wired edges trimmed with sequins, and held in place by a plain buckle. A piece of gold issue with frayed edges fixed on the shoe in the form of a thong is another novel idea; I while rather convendona) rosettes of tulle tho edges bound with a hand of tissue, is yet another popular notion. A SHOE RENOVATION IDEA. |( It is quite a good plan when dancing j C shoes of satin become worn through at the toes, as they have an unfortunate habit of doing, to give them a new lease of life 'II by covering the worn part by a design. worked in beads. This can be done at < home quite easily, and is a practical II idea at a time when beaded shoes are in I I fashion. I

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