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"Leader" Classified Advertisements., h. APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT OR: WANTED, TO BE LET, LOST AND FOUND j One Three Six insertion. Insertions Insertions j at Words.. I 0 2 0 3 0 30 Words. 1 6 3 0 4 0 j 40 Words. 2 0 4 0 6 0 roil SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCE ME NT a | Oue Three Six I IDBertlon Insertions Ifl8ertl0 | .M Words. 1 6 2 6 3 6 j ?0 WordH. 2 0 ? 0 4 6 40 Words. 2 6 3 6 5 6 ¡ BIRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAM, ANU MAHRiACES. Out: 1'111 ee Six insertion. insertions insertions ,t ? Words.. 1 6 J 6 6 0 30 Words.. 2 0 6 0 8 0 40 Words., 3 9 7 0 12 0 EDUCATIONAL. One Three Sia I insertion Insertions insertions 20 Wor,4 2 0 5 0 4 6 I 40 Wui it 2 b 4 0 5 6 <0 Worth-, 3 0 5 & 7 6 I MONEY.—6d per !me MlSC £ LLAtt £ OUS toll UATiOM-w VACANT. Vk, ANTED, an Urgan?t for ').??ter-rca.i V. Cuiigre^a^iOiiai cau*„.a, owiuiafcu..— j Apvly, t:ali,i a efpe. itiii-v. j to j?r. Tnomas Jones, U, ujMuius-ur ett-eii t. > Swansea.. WOMEN AtiU GiRLS. j (^APABLii Ueneiai Wanted; wiiimg t?! ? assist m ?u.?m?-M.—?.?t'ty, ??t.? w Arms. ju.Oi.ri&ton. i^All 1j -tieip for 4 to 5 nou±o V tiany.—-uio J. Murray-atewart. 1, Nci^on-pia^e, Swansea. I4<ll-li G(J(,)I) uiri WanteC., Iti-iio; good uoaie.- f Jirs. i>avies, lo, fauvj«i'u. r?ad, &?t).nB<.a. lslAll-1? fk <AiM>iviJ;!3-Cii3. — v» Kq.irieDcd Cu", ft'AliA??t?-?i?.—t'a.Bt?d. Expt:rieac&d Cu?? Co., 48a, Wat-eriOu-i-treet, i bv. au&ta. UlAil-l. "IV'ANTED a Housekeeper, iged about 44? ? T years, to U\e ni?uurs.—Apply Mr. Jouu dones. Cla."tj Eaiui. iiy uyuuit>ai;a. Llanoieiajn. Cll-Io t/t A.Vi ED, at once. Strong Woman for » f tils in uiuaai. commencing wages i5s.—Apply. between 30 an<i l or after b t).m. to ilatiou. Swansea (ieuterai Hospital. Cli-13 for Gowerton district, clean, I T f ti'ijLit.vortny Uiri or tt'omau to assist I with liouefcwork; a few iioura daily.— vv rite | ■•Housework,' Leader Oiuce, Swansea. I 14^11-17 TJTAX-lElt, Cook-general; 4 in f f Apply..sirs. v'aus., Thornmu." n, Up»andtvterrace, Swansea. 142A1M8 l?l,, r.u, a uooo ;i owan e very T ue&day for waÚ1Hlg and hcu-.ewark.—App??. Mrs. Vaux, 'lii-or.iliUi,' 9, Uplsnas-tci-i-utiv. Swansea. 142AII -3 V A?i?i'. a GooÜ ueneial: =m?m hl.wH. VV —Apply, Mrs. Javies, Cra:gafo?), C?aj- '1 ,A '1 bD. T?i.oree?, tauroughly cxperi- ¡ e't?cd; Uccd W&ge?; Lmpluyment Guaranteed all the t ca. Hoi;r.d.—Apply, Snipper and uoldman, 9. <irove-p*ace. 2 142 A1 12 TEAMED at Once, Experienced uenerai; fV Good Wag«s, Liberal Outings.—App.y, tC6, King Edward's road. 142A11-12 "TTl^AMTED, a Young Woman ab-out 13 I V? ymrb cf age, as Assistant to the NCWG itIIa Stationary lraae.-Wrlte, N," Daily Leader" Office,Swansea. 14A11-15 | TVTSV TAN^ED expcric!!c?d Cock. Hcnsemaid W ke?. Three in family. Good waeos- ApuLv. civ ins; references Mrs. Hewlett Wcrnoleu. Ammanford TV"SV AMEnTgood iJeneral, aMe to do pla;n co?kiEK: w?es 503. month.—Au??i Box 8.18. Lender Office. 141A1A4 i MEN AND YOUTHS. BAKER,-Wazited. a. gvod bread Baiid JD Appiy Ualer, Oiydach. 14SJA11-13 BiiiCukiAi'tiiS and ??rpeuters Waud, .t) Apply, ,aciierina, Contractor, Wern- ddu Coinery, near NeaLh. CH-73 FURNlSHirjTj Trade.—Wanted, a good -ill. rou"d Men for the Swansea Bi,iinch.- liill's. Gowei-street Swansea 126A11-15 UBGEMTLV WANTED -50J Students U> ] D Uualify for Ex int. ins Va^ Thip4 is a splendid opportunity to. a Yotilh be. tween the agf of 17 and '44 to secure a per mane lit lucrative berto for lile Unem Bloyed Uemoboli«ed Servicj "ien witn a knowiedsre ol Wuelees of the above .•«». ebould write or call at once.- vVirtlees Traininu College, Lid &t ilary-street Car ditt. or Oastle-strcet. '\T(?ANThD. for 4-mill Tinplate W? f Waxes Clerk accustomed to makiuK out yieids. etc.—Apply, orating age experi- ence. and salary, to Box A It Ivcader. Swansea. 142A 11-17 Vf ANTED. Youn. ManT alx)ut 18. at V*. once, to Deliver ÜJk. etc., reference wan Led. 2. Kyle-etreet. Swansea. 142A11-17 "ivrA^JL'LD lmmeaiate'.y competent Store- W keeper for Shiprepairing Works; state age. experience, and salary required, to Box T 18, Leader 0&<:?. Swaneea. Cil-iz VV ANTED, Smart Ecsoectable Man an Attendant; Preference given to Dis- charged or Disabled Soldier.—Apply, Man- aged, Castle Cinema, Swansea. 141A11-12 W A.NTED. a Lad to help in Garden and' i' do Odd Jobs.-Apply, Pratt. Sketty Isha, Blackpil1. 139A11,14 WJ ANTED, Chief Engineer for Steei VT Works, Bar lGlliIJg Mill, Sheet and Tinplate Works.—Apply, stating age, ex- perience. Qualifications, Upper Forest and Worcester Steel and Tinplate Worke, Limited Morriston, Glamorganshire. Cll-IZ Clerks Wanted Immediately. GOOD PAY. GOOD FOOD. GOOD CLOTHES HORSE Transport and Supply Branch. JH Army Service Corps has a num- ber of Vacancies for Clerks for one yeat. Age between 18 and 45 years. Any Category and no physical standard of height. For Conditions of Pay. etc., apply to the nearest Recruiting 03ice. or to the C.R.S.O New Scotland Yard S W. Cll-12 MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS WANTED. CAPABLE Housekeeper, with excellent references, requires Position until Summer: interview.—Write Box A b. Daily leader Swansea. 142A11-18 EAiRblifaSSlNG.—Improver Wants Situa- -ALt tion in Geni's Saloon.-Write. Box 10, Leader Odice, Swansea. 142A1M3 JOINER, Thoroughly Eiffcient, wants Job; Bench preferred, or repairs; would take work, or control.-W.18, "Leatier Office, Swansea. 141A1115 "1X7ANT ED.—Situation a8 Housekeeper or General Servaiit.-Apply, A 18, "Leader" Office. Swansea. 141A31-17 MlbCtUAftcfUUb WANTS. ANY Quantity kins Bought EI J.jL Sdarket Prices; receive attention; Bags provided and collected.- W. E. Harrison, 1130 iligh-street, Swansea. (Late Morgan Bros., Jockey-street.) 143A11-13 G OOD Second-hand Praia. Wanted at \y ouoo,-Write. X18, "Cambria Daily iaeader." bwibeti, 142All-li. IyTif J^trnittue- JSiew and Seeond-hfand.— Jt. Berkin 219 High-street. Swansea. 142 AIM 5 PLANO Wanted for Institution; Pi.ce aJU. i. Maker muot be stated, and not to be more than £ 40.—Write, Secretary," Cam- Sria fV-iiiy Leader. Swan ea. 142A 11 15 TREES Wanted over Pit wood .i;m. 1 nh)K? 1,*fl ilen-.ivwt-11 ptoa. BT,1 Rirl{'h "I Porthcaw! 8TC WANTED a really rood Gramophone— t f His Master's Voice" ir 'Oolumbia" -or Rood American Machine.-Write 'Col- tnpbia." Leader Office. 142A11-1? W- .1"ED:Chíp Potatoo f?rt in Coed Oordition WT)te, "P??? ?!?&der.' Swltns&a., 15BA1146 .■■■ PERSOM?C IN UnJt Bert'a" ToOM Shop there is Jt. "Star,dim- Room Only Uncle Bert and bia Sen thank you foi your help, You are: rtouist "Yon: Bit" no we did ours Tbanksl ftwaosea. Thanks 11 HOUSES AND SHOPS POR I SALE AND TO LET. ) MiiA-N rOiiD, Winii-Btreet. I'or Sale, six- A room Hous«; low ground rent; extra large garden.—Apply.Farmmter,Auctioneer, I N&ath. j BUY your, House with the Rent; 40,000 -D lJurchase. this way. Immedi ate Advanctb. W ritef for particular tot Lxilbert Evane, Sketty. 141A11-17 OR SALE fty Private Treaty Houses in j Westbury-street; convenient situation. —Edward Roberts and Son. Auctioneers, IJ^nfair Builfi ings,_ Swaneea CII-14 F OR Sale, Sendidly Built House, wit I — Stable and Coach-houee or Garage; "Lod Feddsg." Armine-road. Fforestfach Lease, 1.CC0 years from September 2Sth. lyOfi: Ground Rent. £ Z 17s. 6d.; let on Quarterly Tenancy of £50 per annum, Tennant paying Rates and Taxes.—Apply, Reginald Rowe, I Hillside, Morriston. I HOUSES Purchased on eASY terms; Any n district; you uiL. benent by haviiig the lowest repayment in House Purchase.— VVi'jte, Ownership," "Daily Leader" Uilice, Swansea. VACANT POSSESSION iiven of 23. Brunsw ?k-tt reel, -ga!e at Hotel Oamctran. November 14t&. Auctioneere: Ed ward iiwocrts and Son, S.vansea. Cll-14 "fXTAM^,ED, Tennants All classes to join V Old Established House Purchase Sys- cem Advantages urJdue and unpara- j ilelel.—AJODIV Rent." Leader'" Neath. Cll-14  WEEKLY will PUTchaee £ 450 Hume "4i". /f»\ > ?'v district: p()'ssio'¡ by arrange ricnt.—' l^imllord." Leader. Swansea. T.C. 1 Lriflojsrs. X filewitt Jenkins and Sons' | Anrtoufrjements. \f ACANT POSSESSION.—Modern Freehold Semi..ictic tied Villa in Eversley-road Sketty fol- Sale. ST. AI/BAN'S RO^I>. Brynmill.—Good Leasehold House for Sale; 2 reception 00ms. k t«hten, etc.. 6 beti roomsreason- able price. BRYN-ROfcD.-Two Leasehold Houses or ) 830:e act moderate figure. i KETTY .-Leasehold Semidetached House O at very reasonable price* 3 recption rooms 4 bedrooms box-room.. bath-room, eto. N, BATH-ROAD, LANDORET-Vacant P! Xs and Dwelling-house on rram Route for Sale. S-i'IŒXD.-For S,Ie, Frecholti Premi-scp. ks affording excellent Site for Wareho,ee. etc. Gi \VYDIt-CRKSCENT and BEYNYMORl T CRESCENT.—Several good Lca?hotd DtTellm?-housea for Safe, ? 1 t-i FOR Further Particular" a.nd OrderB to JL Vitw apply Messra. J Blewitt Jenkirs q,nd 1(JI1.g. Eetate Ae-ents Surveyorte ct. 4. Ilollcno street, Swansea,. C1.17 APAFf TiVJEW i S AND LODGfNtiv Tdi LET AND WANTED. TTSfANTED, Two Furnished Rooms by Mar- V ri&d Couple, in Swansea; no chil drcn.-Revly, "Sett," "Leader" Ofiice. Swaneea. 142A11-13 HOUSES WANTED. I < A?'i RB to Purchase. House in Waltere 'f road, Swansea. AIso.toRl1t. Six Houses in a Kcspectable District.—Send full particulars, to Edgar Thomas, Aactioneer, Lamb and Flag, Aberavon. 137A11-12 JSIN £ SS £ S FOH DISPOSAL. FOR SALE a Posting Business and Under. talÜm: good troing concern in a prosper out., town in South Wales. or would take Partner with £ 500 as Workintt Manager to lake charge Can have all particulars.- Write Box S 16. Leader Office. Swansea. 123A11 12 OR SALE, Large Premises in SwanE-ea. j consisting of several extensive Sheds for works Bur-poses with Siding connection to Great Western Railway. Full particu- lars may be obtained on amplication to Box A 7. Daily iaeader, 6wansea. 142A 11-13 Pi?€MiS4:S TO LET ",&-WANTEL. ARAUE tS» Let ?br Private Oar off Hoe pital qua.rr. Apply, Parade," D} y I^adex," Swansea. 142A11-13 QK.EWEN.—anted, IBusiness Premises. O Premiges suitable for Conversion, or Land for Building on Main Roaxl — Write. A 17, I-eader Office, Sransea. 142A11 13 WVV f ANTED, Premises Suitable for Biiliard Hall or Ro(.tUs a!bone Sbc)j,s. must be central; good rent paid.-AI)ply, 12, Alex- andra-terrace, Brynmill. Swansea. 141AH-15 *&TANTED to Rent. Lock-un Shop tlrv VV lauds neighbourhood. — Apply "Prompt. Leader Office. 142A11-12 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. ASTOÜDlNGJfiano Bargains; 20. 25. 29. A 34, 39, 48, 59, 68 guineas, etc.; Cash only.-Exciian.c;e, 19 Park-street, Swansea. 136A11-13 XCHANGE your old Piano or Organ for J-J a Modern Upright sirand; New or Second-hand; full value allowed.—19, Parli street, Swansea. loSAll-lJ | GRAilOPHOS fc' -Magnificent Inlaid Horn- G ?88 Cabinet, "L Btandmg' 4it. B1gb. ? recently new; perfect, tone and condmu? throughout; quantity of records; sacnuce, f.3 17s. 6d.; genuine bargain; must seli — '08, St. Helen's road. Swaniiea. 141A11-15 ("1 RAMOPiiONE. Wondenul Wormge:u GXa(,h'nea. L4 l&s. and ?5 1&s.; E«?rdb. ?s.; Needles; Sound' Boxe8.-Excbange. 19, Park-street,  _?  A ?- ?  Park-street, Swansea. 138A11-13 ODKRKV and Co Ltd. -pecial Bartrains i in Second-hand Piano" and Organs: Hiuee from 35gns New Pianos by all the teadin, makers, jncludine Collard and Col- lard. Wittor and Witton Somes and Co.. B??tismead Crame" etc. etc Prices from 5ûg'n cash Terms arranged if desired Write for free list or call and make a per- .,c,r,al se'ect,ion.-Go(If rev and Co.. Ltd., 22. St Helen's-road, Swansea 140A11-14 GODFREY and C6 Ltd Pianoforte M?nu G thcturera. have now Re Opeaed their Tuitinti ano Repairing Depaitment Piallow and Organ* Thoroughly. Renovated and Re- paired Estimates given "Expert Tunerll Vrsit all ParUj of Wales Pianola and Player Pianos a Speciality -(Godfrey and Co.. Ltd 22. gt. Helen's-road. Swaneea. 140A11-14 JNSTRL MKNTS Second-hand.—We have a J Larsre and Varied Stock of Second-hand lrbtrumelts. fncludin4- Violins. 'Cellos Mandolines. Ban.ios Violas Double Basses. ] Clarionets, Flutee etc. Also Caser and Bow-a.-J', L Wooding Gower-street. P van sea the man who niu'erstands Intro ments; 45 years' practical experienoe 37 A 11.13 PIAOS made equal to new; my speciality. Repairs and Tuning; several .Good Second hand Pianos from 28 Gus. Hawkins. 22, Chapel-street, Mumbles. 25 yeai* God- frey end Co., Ltd., late Manager Swnnsea Branch. 142A11-? THOMPSON AND SHACK ELL'S AN Non- CEMENTS — (CHICAGO Orpan, 4 sets of reeds. 6 -topf. > 2 knee swells; verv fine tore. f,- Thomoson and Shackell. Ltd.. 39. Cattle street. Swansea PIANOFORTE by Ralph Allison, full com- rass, ivoiy keys; 50 suineas cash « 00-8Y terms.—Thompson and Shackell. Ltd 39. Ca.,ztle-c-t! -et t, Swansea j A I^EXANDRA Paris. Harmonium: 12 stops. 4 stts of reeds; lirge powerful In,-tru ment. suitable for place of worship: £ 35 — Thompson and Shackell. Ltd.. S9. Castle- street, Swansea. FOR SALE. ) AGATELLE TOble for Sale; good as new; -D will sell cheap; room required.—Apply, Danny Philiips, Station-road. Brynamman. 138A11-13 COVERED Buttons 5 different shapes and J 4 different sizes—Fra"k Milfoid, Woollen and Trimming Merchant, iSa,, Heathfield-street, Swansea. *42A11-18' CCLOAKROOM Lockers for 1.000 persons or J less; Factory Trucks. 75s. (worth £ 5); Sack Trucks, 21s Scales tPoeley), eign 1201b.; sample on appro, if returned within one week. Also, Timber. Plywood, Wood- work, all descriptions; aAl bargain price. C. Jennings and Co.. Ltd.. Bristol. Cll-13 1/Oii Sale. Kitchen Oiesser, vvaiarobe, Chairs, Tabits, Bedstead, and Reub, etc.Aaa,oiiey, 1. linage-street, Swansea. „ 106A11-12 F OltSALE. 3 Office Letter Presses, from [ IL)s. 6d. to Ws.-Apply, 64, Oxlora- ■iv.reet, btvaxitsea. 142A11-12 4. • u ivb.— ji.agiJi.ncem iilack feet; Large i Shouiaer Wrap, aliu Lovely tniow iiuff; cost .t.14 14s. iate iust se.w.(H1; noi worn; aocept t4 1e:3.; oarga.n.—m-. Scott orD, 10?. Rt. Heieus-ro?ct, Swansea. 1^1 A11-15 ;ji ??j'j ?o AK&in! ?oa ti?vem Hea.rd JLi of u? for L?ue last 4 icars. ?e aa?e oeen forcunate enoujia to secure the iax,;i4kt6L sicca 01 woi-juug C-otiies in, inciua- mg ana Army Trouseru, 7s. lid.; Coats, Vs. 6d.; Waistcoats lè. oa.; V*orJuiitf sairte, -s. oa.; itrawex-b, Is. 6u.; Overcoats, 12s. &a.; Boots, 6.0.6\1.; bree-aes, 6s. lid.; ..I1U.CÄw.G-,ll£S, fó. 6d.; Sleeve waistcoats, os. 11a. special Siroag iitavy -aileci tiooth, suit rarmers, Coiue.ts, CLC. Write for prices, it wiii p.vy you to come and see our large totock. oar teaie is 011 -NOW. M only One i'iace iu Swanota. Make Sure and Come to tae lii^iit ftaop. ixiok out for Ac. 67.—The Army, A\avy, ind ifca^way Stores, a 1, Aiexanaru-roaq, Swansea. 142All-lo MU1S, aoout 2?ic. by l.Mt.. ?43 f.o.?7; 6? by 15ft,, E!4?); otaer 8j:¿ stocked Also factory CtensUs, 'i?moer. Woodwork of every and Co., Ltd., ftrietol. cii-is xivlL j A?i. Uarnesa, and Trolley ior Sale emplete; 6Uit coal merchants, farmers, hauliers.—W. J. John, Alexandr^- road. 1-39.11-13 road, Swallsea. MANviLE Rd'ers (steamed Beech), turned uJL and Bored; all sizes from 7s. M. to 30s. 9d. tacih Venetian Blinds; Turnery every description —C. Jennings end Co., Ltd., Bristol Gil 13 HAND Timber, Large Stocko O Held. Also new hoorings, shelvingt, i)calei all sizes: Doors stocked Newcastle. ljeice«ter. Portneawi, Bristol.—C. Jennines and Co., Ltd., Bristol. Cll-13 ?nn CASES G,,nn'i Canadian Eg& <J?? Arr?vins on Wednesdav. WhoJe- sale.—W. Thomas and Co. (Swanseai, j Gloucester Buildings Swaneea. 140A11-14 LIVE STOCK, Ac. IP OULTRY Keepers.-Havf, you tried the ) JL well-known Excel Laying l' Me-3.1 Noth- j ins finer in town; an e;jg-producer without I a doubt: 3d. per lb.—Htwrison Bros., 130. High-ctieet Swansea. 143A11-13 IJONY for Sale; good worker; free from f vice, and cheap; hnit hawker—Apply II 133. Port Tennant-road. St. Thomas Swan- sea 142A11-17 O pECiAL OFt'ER.—Fifty Tond of Poultry Is Corn, guaranteed free from dust and grit. screened by our own special jirocess: must be cleared to make room for 100 tons waiting shipment; 29s., delivery any dif: trict.-r-Harrison Bros., 130, High-street, Swan se-a. 143AI1-13 :-0 Lovely March Leghorn Rock Pallets: ?Y7 cannot be beaten if eggs are wanted during the winter. They are marked with rings bearing our name awl numbered; Customers can then prove for themselves the quality of our laying strains, 12<s. 6d eaCh. Also 100 April Pullets, 10s. 6d. each; 50 Laying Ducks, 8s. each. 30 Prince Hens near laying. 88. each. Carriage Paid 4 Birda.—Brown'a Poultry Farm, Wcclton. Lancashire.  l?9AII-13 I ?? VERY M??ive Heavy Goslings; March '?w Hatched, 15s. each- Carriage Paid on Four Birds.—Brown's Poultry Farm. Wool- ton. 139A11-13 EDUCATIONAL. THE OE BEAR SCHOOLS, LTD. (The Swansea Commercial School) For Modern Business Training; I For Wide and Practical Experience; For Healthy Conditions of Working; For Training that Assures Success; For the Hall Mark of Efficiency. Apply: The De Bear Schools, Ltd., Castle Buildings, Swansea, r&l,; Central 587. PRIVATE TUITION for London Matrio I- and all the Professional Prelim Ex- ams: Shorthand and Book-keeping rapidly taugnt at Lisbman's Coachtn? College, 40-41. ?'oruetter.u)a6e (opposite Castle Cij)ema? S M a n sea TC Y??A? TED. after ChristmM, by Experi- VV enced Governess, a good mormng engagement or private pupUs. Finishing or Otherwise. Thorough Engush. Frenoh, Latin. I Piano, Drawing. Painting.—Miss Bartlett, 2. Grosvenor-road. Sketty r 133A1113 AFiNt Variety of Boys' and Girls' An- nuals, Picture ttooise, Reward Boons, Bibles i&coaeid and Te^<^ieis'). t'ouutain t'ena. Siyios, i uises and wailets. May be seen at Enocn's, 17, nigii street. Arcade, awanaea. tveal Bargains in Bibles. 142All-lo -L'1:CHW1\'e ?iou<K)B and IALeat in Corsets at -CJ Keen Pricea; Go to Jiad?me Jarvw Jones, Ladies' Tailor and Dressmaker, 28, St. Helen s-road, Swansea. 142A1M6 SMOKE, DAMP and disease germ- X ara a mcnace to your nose utid throat Uso Ncs i-o.Line Nasal Specific to eootne thj irr tanoii and destro th-e germs. A touca of tiiii fragrant iOpeclti. makes you titcure Of ieadiug chemis,'j everywhere. Is 3d lb post Soi.l by E Bevan Nelson street, U. T David. Mansel-street; D. R Davies. St. llelen'e-road. J T. Davits I lAd. (ail branches); H. L Havard, Bryny- n:or-roaa: G H. Kent 45 Si. Ueleii s-road; B J. Kieft Robert-street. Manselton. A D Matthews, Oxford-street; B L';t.e(j bam. Neath road; Ogdens Cash Chemists, Ltd. High- btreet: J anu D. Rees Fabian-street, Sf, i?om? an? Port Tennant. E. T. Rich bt?h-?trect- E. W. Richards OoUege-?treet- l!: 0 Thomas High-street: Wright and Soc, VVaItcr-rmJ SWANSEA. W T Thomas Gorseinon M. L. Bevan 99 Woodafid street- W. Isaa • 85 Woodfield-stree; MORRISTON W J. Da,vi^ M.P.S. Picton-place, FFORKST* FACH, and all Chemists in NEATB. 1,D-N, EY PTLMEII.IS well known Cakea #nd Pastries are made of best ingredients only. Wedding and Birthday Cakes in Stock arol Made to Order. Noted for Teas jnd Mince Ples._Pelmer a Cafe. opposite Empire, and Branches. 142A11-15 Q AFES (Fire Resisting). 20 to 48 inches high, for Sale Also pair 83,in, Winding Engines; Steam Wagons; Pumps.—Birt. 47a Strand, Swaneea. Clil-is SURGICAL Api)liances —Trusses, Spray?. I Is Enemas, Surgeons' Rubber Gloves and i Sursrica! Rubbet (loodr- of every description Writj fov Catalogue, sent post free,-Lt> Br,is:Fcti-i- Siirzi,-al Co., Ltfl Dept f) V i, 90 nnd n Worcester-street Birmingam. T.C. u NCLF, BERT'S Full Cream VValntit 7m! A Imonfl Toffees are now on Sale at his Ovford-stTet Sbop. Pre-war qualitv The Piret and the Beet. 137A11-12 j SMALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM. ( 1— i F1 il i i- n. — < ■ ■ '4 Ml Please publish the abovo »dvertiseraent. .time#, for 1rbib I I Name and Address: '1 desired, replies may. be sent to Box Ilnabere at tb., Cambria, DaHy Leader Office. n a Tbie form should be addressed to AdrertiMtaent Department. "Qarohrfa Dally | I Leader," Swansea 4 1 1 MOTOR CARS, CYCLES, &c. ALBION Chassis.—Delivery of 50 cwt. and 60 cwt. Chassis irom Stock, subject to being unsold; cash or t-aay terms.—K. E. Jones, Ltd., Motor Depot., Dulwyn-street, Swansea. 11 c tWR SALE, Royal Enfield Motor Cycle; J- Combination.—Apply, Vansione, Post Office, Manselton. 142A33-38 VURl) 'lwo-Seater with Engiish bunt body, JC painted green, uphoisterea leather, double Windscreen, khaki hood, dicky seat, rignt-hand drive; been littie used; can be seen by appointiaent. Price including spare wheel witn complete tyre and aii acces- sories, Box 1\0. F18, clO Leade; Office. Swansea. TC 81 AüE. Daracq 5 Seater Touring; Zenith Carburetter, etc.; any trial. Also 1914 Ford Landauiette in Per-led Kunnmg Order; any trial.—Banweli-street Garage, Morriston^ 141 All-17 SINGER Light Car, 1915 Model: T'vo- [ Seater; Dynamo Lighting; Electric Horn, etc., in good condition, £ 325 or ? oSers.—George ?arin and Co., Olympic Garage, Oxford-stre-H, Swansea. l?)All-S j V OLSELEY Siddeiey 5-So^ter Touring; j ¥ f Electric Lighting; laid up during War; in Excellent Condition; any trial.— Sanroei, Swan Hotel, Morriston. 141 All-17 A.E C ROAD TRANSPORT EXHIBITION ROYAL. AURIC ULTLRAL HALL. LONDON. NO^EMBEU <ath, lyiy. SEE Oilt EXHIBIT. \T EW A.E.l CHASsiS SUPPLIED DlIWi L BY US TO USERS ARE EXALIINPD We can give good deliverv to the follow: ing; 5' ?(! 35 seater Charabancs, wit4 taper boanct. and dash. Also 32-Keatei Saioon tiuse. 4-ton Lorries wit: hydraulic tipping goar Terms—Cash, or Deferred Payments. NOTE.—All A.E.C. Chaseir now supplier; by us have the improved type 50 h.p Tylor en Cine fitt.e I. ,n't huy Al'mv di:"lJogal A.KC.. Lr.t the new and guarantee Chassis from Thomas White and Co Barry (Tel 323); the Sole Soot 1 Wal 8 Disctributing Agents foi-, A.E,O Commercial Vehicle* Cll 20 I Cemmercial Carrier Co., Ltd., Announce. ments. O-TON "Lacre" Lorry: Brand New; short j-j wheel oase; make excellent tipping wagon; in stock. S OLE A geiits for "Albert" Car: Stand 109 at Olympia; deliveriep. in rotari m. BOOK Your Orders Now for leavi'v «.f JD Char-a banes for January and Febru- -try; Let us quote you. SOLE South VVaics Agents for the "British I Four Wheel Drive" Lorry; Shall we give you a demonstration? immediate de- livery. Commercial Carrier Co., Ltd., 59-62. St. Helen's-road, Sw nsea. Central 776. 011-12, NOTICES. CONTINUED Success; Lilian FIetcher. > U.B 'P.S.; Test Reading Free; Sena Birth Late and stamped em' Arcade, Pontypridd. Ulam. 141A11-16 II you want a rea; good Watch. aek for one J' of my 15 year guarantee Timekeepers Full Jewciied Movements: excellent Time- piece each. Only at A. Jotepn, W. ten. maker and Jeweller. lleathfieid-street (next to Bullin^sj. 139.111.14 P_ALMISTRY and Clairvoyaney.—Noted j- iudian Palmist: 30 years experience in i\j-rerica Prance London Austrana. Fees from 8s. Correspondence invited.—Prof. Kifniitt. P 1.D,. A.B. (11 a.m to 0 p.m.). 92. Cecil stieet," Manse.ton. 141All-lo T6 Wholesale Grocers etc.—Offers invit d X for ?60 gros excellent u'?-tli?y Wash- boards. Sample to be seen and further particulars obtained from Edmunds and Co. Baltic Buildings. Swansea. Phone 8i)8 Central. 142A11-13 rI"'C Whoi-' it May Coiicari, -Electric Weid- X ins Taught at a p:ejTiiurn; everything found.—Writ#? Box H 18 Lekder Office. 137A 11-12 LOST AND FOUND. IOST from a field at Gorse-road, Cwm- J bwrla. Thoroughbred Horse about 15.3 hands high, all dark poiuts,-Return to 11, Lewis, Piggeries, Cwmbwrla. 141A11-13 LOST. on-Saturday night, between Cri- 1 J terion and Singleton terrace, Pocket Wallet, containing Money and Valuable Papers; finder can keep money if papery are veturnetj.—37, Singleton-terrace, Swansea. 141.\11.12 XTS? ILL the Person who found Gold Albert "f and Two Watches at Miers street on. Saturday night return same to 48, Juker- nifln-street, St. Thomas, will be suitably re- warded. 144A13-37 FUKWITURE. j JL'URM'niRE.-Sef.tPt?? given by me j F for Secondrhand furniture and Antioue FUDitUf( of any •de^erii.tion Drop me a rost<'ard or caU.—Wm. J enwa, 8. abian- ?trcet. ?t Thomas CT.C TE Part with Regret with Summer, but VV Autumn is not without its special pleasures. The day's woA done, the door pleasures. blinds drawn, the gas lit, the fire shut, the bright (with scuttle, let's hope, full of coal. ,and. perhaps, a bit of wind in the chimney at Intervals), the pipe drawing well. the oompany congenial and the wherewithal ot a modest supper in the pantry—why, then. Home is Home, and there's no plaee like it. Whatever adds to the comfort of the Home is worth while, and in that Category our Immense Stock of Household Furniture cf Every Description is the Sure Basis of Com fort; and the right place to buy is from the Ma.nnfadt1er8 for CMh or Easy Terms -HiUs. FurnishNB. Gower-street, wlrse Also 14, Windsor-road, Neath. 133A11-13 j 1 I MONEY. ELAW 12 London-road, Neath Make# F Oah Advances front C5 and u?wnds -irricti;r Private Establisheo U76. TC I?" you wt?h to keen your aS'a]rs private, i. do n, t appiv to strangers, for no fitrangt* will lend you i.ionev without inak ins inouiries For a Strict!? Private to" J}Dly to Albert E. U?sh. 6. Uplanda-crepcent ??a.ndpa. Cll-L j TF yo 1 are in temuoru-v Financial )> cultlf;08 don't worry Consult M Fonei, j V. GaHton-terrace Swanse-v, and you wil* not be aorry lr,6A11-33 IF yoa require a (joan. apply to f,(I t Thomas Church-stree (opposite St Gary's Chnrch), Swansea Private and Cot fidential. MONEY to Lend to Respectable House- IVi. h('1td:I' P'Î\fp and COI1f¡({(,J1tial I Ivor D Tbotnaw. h Nwanwea < ADVANCES, £ 15 TO £ 5,000 Oa written promise to repny or any eeeurftT Principal ren-ains or can b" repnid by '.5 or 24 monthly instalments, no charge of any kind unless business done; promptness and I privacy; avoid exposing your requirements locallY-Write o',Ae,,t Company existing: E. LAWRENCE, LTD., Don Chambers, Wine-street, Bristol. PUBLIC NOTICES. For Immediate Sale, As she now lies in damaged condition at the NORTH DOCK, SWANSEA, PORTUGUESE FOUR MASTED SCHOONER, "Rio Mon Digo." Gross Registered Tonnage, 733 Tons. I The Highest or any Tender not ner.< < sarily accepted. Tenders to be sect to Hessr. CLARK A LUTF, Consulting Engineers and Surveyors, Cresswell Buildings, Swinsea. I SALES BY AUCTION. SKETTY. IN THE COUNTY BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. One of the most Desirable Residences in the District, standing on high ground with a Direct Southern Aspect, enjoy- ing Magnificent Views of the Bay and Bristol Channel, and is situate less than 2 miles from the Town; about 5 niiuntes' I walk from the Sketty Tram Terminus. Vacant Possession will be given on Completion. J, Barron Pascoe, F.S.I., F.A.I., lias been instructed to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL METROPOLE, on TUESDAY, 18th NOVEMBER, 1919, at 3.30 p.m. prompt, the Exceedingly Choice -and Valuable Freehold Residence and Grounds, Situate and known as PEN YRHEOL," SKETTY, together with the substantially-erected Coach House, Stables and Greenhouses. Also lie SIX FREEHOLD COTTAGES, known as Nos. 1 to 6, PEN YRHEOL COTTAGES, SKETTY, Producing a Gross Annua! Income of £78. These Properties will be offered in sep- ZIL-itte lot i. Printed particulars may be obtained of W. Arthur Davies, Esq., Solicitor, 6, Rutland-street, Swansea, and Orders to View of J. Barron Pascoe, F.S.I., 7, Gower-street, Swansea. WALNUT TREE HOTEL, ABERAVON. LONG LEASEHOLD CORNER BUSI. NESS PREMISES, BuuT MAKING and IMPAIRING FACTORY. Going Concern. Repairs over £.10 Weekly Owner Going Abrood, VACANT POSSESSION ARRANGED. Mr. Richard Morgan Will SELL on THURSDAY, NOVEM- BER loth, 1919, at 7 p.m., the above well-known Business, Known as 1, CltOWN STIfEET and OAK WOOD ROAD, NORT TALBOT, Comprising 5 Bedrooms, Dining-room, Parlour, Kitchen, D.F. Shop, Bath (hot and cold), w.c., Machinery, B.U. 3A Fin- isher, 31 li.p. Crossley Gas Engine, Stan- riard Press and Knives, 2 Singer's Patch- ing Machines, Roller, Skiver. j Can be Viewed in full working order. I 99 years' lease from June 24th, 1902. I Giound Rent, £ 1 15s. I For further part iciiiars, apply to Auc- tioneer, Globe Chambers .Aberavon. In the Delightful VALE OF TOWY, CARMARTHENSHIRE. I THE DOLGAKREG ESTATE, in the Parishes of LLANWRDA, LLAN- I GADOCK, MiDDFAl, and LLANDIN- GAT WITHOUT. 1 MESSRS. Wm. & WaSter dames, F.A. I. J Are favoured with instructions from Mrs. Betty to offer for SALE by AUC- TION, at the TOWN HALL, LLANDOV- BUY. on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19th, 1919, the above rreahoSd Residential Agricul- tural and Sporting estate, comprising 910 ACRES, including the CHARMING MANSION HOUSE, TREE-STUDDED PARK, WALLED-IN GARDENS, HOME FARM, I' etc., and THREE LODGES. The 1J CHOICE FAKMS erf CWMCO WDDU, G LA M O W 1, TYLE- HOWELL CNWC, NEUADDFACil, TiRALLEN, DoLCARREG LODGE, HENBLAS, CYNULL ISAF, CAI, ¡ LLIAN. CAE SiENCYN, WEliNFRENA and TIDI)YN, Several Accommodation Fields, TWO FREEHOLD HOTELS, viz., "THE ROYAL OAK" and THE VALE OF TOWY," and practically the whole of the VIL- LAGE OF LLANWRDA. The Property is delightfully situated in the far-famed Towy Valley; inter- sected by the fine Salmon and Trout River Towy for about one mile on both banks, and the two parallel main roads in tho Valley border the Property the whole way. The Mansion House and 550 ACRES of LAND, comprising the HOME FARM and 7 other FARMS, etc,. would make a delightful small-sized Residential and Sporting Property, including exceptional Fishing, and may be o ffcred in one Lot, or the area could be increased to nearly 900 Acres. Sale at Twelve Noon Promptly., Full detailed particulars are in ootirse of preparation, and may b" h?d on and ?fter November 1st from the Auctioneers, 7, Goat-street, Swansea, and Frondeg, Llangtldock; or from D. T. M. Jones, Esq., Solicitor, flandoverv. AUCTION MART, 3, 4 and 5, GOAT STREET, SWANSEA. 1 MESSRS. I John F. Harvey and Sons Will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on FRIDAY NEXT, lith NOVEMBER, 1919, Superior Household Furniture Comprising Massive 5ft. Carved Oak Side- board with bevelled mirror back, Carved Oak Dining Table. Ebonised China Cab- inet, Piano by Bord, Oak H&ll Stand, All- Brass Bedstead, Queen Ann Chairs, Carved Walnut and Oak Bedroom and Dining Suites, Oak Combination Bed- steads, Plush Drawing-room Suite, Inlaid Mahogany Chest of Drawers, Wire Spring Mattressfs, Dressers, Walnut Overmantels, Invalid Chair and Carriage, Gent.'s' Cycle, Carpets and Skin Hugs, Brass Fender and Irons .Swing Glasses, Croquet Set, Knitting Machines, Carpet Sweeper, Model Ship in Glass Case, Child's Cot, Billiard Table Shades, Brhss Blowers, Oil Painting, Pictures, etc., and an Assortment of the usual Kitchen Utensils. Sale to commence at 11 a.m. prompt. PEVERELL, RICHMOND ROAD. SWANSEA. Important Sale of well-made Bedroom Suites in various woods. Bedding, Ante Piano, Two Valuable French Commotio full sized Billiard Table, Carved Oat Appointments of the Dining Room and Hall, Engravings and Etching?, Cabi- nets, Bureau, Bookcases, Gramophone, Divan Chairs, Chesterfields, Cane and other Chairs, Eastern Axniinster and other Carpets and Rugs. Kitchen and Outdoor Effects. MESSRS John M. Leeder and on Having disposed of the. residence, are in- structed by Mr. Trevor J. Matthews to SELL by AUCTION, on the premises, on THURSDAY, the 13th day of NCVEl. BER, and' following day if necessary, at 11 a.m., the Valuable FUrnishings of the BEDCHAMBERS, LANDING and HALL, DINING and DRAWING ROOMS. I LIBRARY, BILLIARD ROOM, KIT- CHEN, etc., the whole of which have been chosen with taste and discrimination. View on production of Catalogue on the day prior to Sale. Catalogues, ls. each, of the Auctioneers, 46, Waterloo Street, Swansea. SALES BY AUCTION. SWANSEA. Davici Roberts and Son Will offer for SALE by AUCTION at the HOTEL CAMERON, Swansea, on MONDAY, 24th NOVEMBER, 1919, at 3 p.m., tho Leasehold Shop & Dtvelling- ai^yses? Lot i.-Tho SHOP and PREMISES, 33, KING EDWARD ROAD. Lot 2.—33, WESTERN STREET, Lot 3.-28, FABIAN STREET. Lot 4.-21, BALACLAVA STREET. Lot 5—11, SEBASTOPOL STREET. Lot 6.-7, SEVASTOPOL. STREET. Lot 7.-170, PORT TENNANT ROAD. Lot. 8.-171, PORT TENNANT ROAD. For details seo Posters. Further particulars and Conditions of Sale. may be obtained at the Offices of W. Cr. Christians, Esq., Solicitor, 20, Fisher- street, or of the Auctioneers, 61, Wind- street, Swansca. UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR INVESTORS. Sale at Low Upset Price to Close Estate. David Roberts and Son Will offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the HOTEL CAMERON, SWANSEA, on MONDAY, 21th NOVEMBER, 1919, at 3 i p.m., the Leasehold Dwelling-houses: Nos. 21 to 28, LYNN STREET, 112 to 47, and 54 to 57, FERN STREET, CWMBWRLA. All the Lots will be Sold by way of Lease to be granted for a term of 500 years from 29th September, 1819, at the annual Ground Rent of £3 each. For detailed information see Posters. Further particulars and Conditions of Sale may be obtained and Form of Leasa may be inspected at the Olxie-es of Mess.s. Frank Thomas, and Andrews, Solicitors, Llanfair Buildings, or of the Auctioneers, (iI, Wind-street, Swansea. WITH VACANT POSSESSION. David Roberts and Son Will offer for SALE by A DC- TION, at the HOTEL CAMERON, SWANSEA, on THURSDAY, NOVEM- BER 13th, 1919, at 3.30 in the Afternoon, the Leasehjld Residence, 115, WALTER'S TERRACE, WALTER ROAD, SWANSEA (near Tenby Hotel). Conveniently situated on Sketty—Docks and Sketty—High-street Tram Routes, and will be Sold with Vacant Psesioll on Completion. Further particulars and Conditions of I Sale may be obtained of Mr. A. J. Pun- l tan, Solicitor, 12, Fisher-street; or of the Auctioneers, 61, Wind-street, Swansea. Tel., 676 Central. COUNTY BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. AN OPPORTUNITY TO SECURE A COMMODIOUS RESIDENCE IN A CONVENIENT SITUATION, WJTIl VACANT POSSESSION ON COM- PLETION. Edward Roberts and Son (R. G. Roberts, F.A.I.; E>T. Roberts, P.A.S.I.) Will OFFER for SALE fcy PUBUC, AUCTION, at the HOTEL CAMERON. SWANSEA, on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14th. 1919, at 3 p.m. precisely (subject to Conditions of Sale to be then and there produced) the Valuable LEASEHOLD RESIDENCE, situate and being 23, Brunswick St., Swansea, Containing 8 Rooms and all usual Offices. Lease S9 years from 25th March, ISSa. Ground Rent, £ A 12s. Id. per annum. Further particulars from the Auction- I eers at their Offices, Llanfair Buildings, St. Marv Street, Swansea; or from F. P. I Wood, Esq., Solicitor, 17, York StreeA, Swansea. jjf i.m a SAILINGS. C.P.O.S. to CANADA UNITED STATES & the ORIENT LIVERPOL TO QUEBEC. Excpreu., of France .Nov, V LIVERPOOL TO MONTREAL. LIVERPOOL TO eP, JOHN, N.B. Met?R?a? Nov..19 Minnedosa D e c 1 GLASGOW TO ST. JOHN, N.B. Pretor iall ,N ov, 22 Sicina Nov. 29 1 LONDON TO MONTREAL BRISTOL TO ET JOHN. N.B mouth Nov 15 :Šm:. 1¡ ANTWERP TO MONTP»ML. SOUTHAMPTON T") MONTREAL. Freight only QUICKEST TIME ACROSS THE PACIFIC. \anconver to Japan 10 days, to China 14 days. For Freight, or Pat^-asre apply tot I-Royal Liver Building, Liverpool (Tel P690 Bank): 14 C"oclc*;Dr -r-strect. Tonitoti S.W.I. (Tel. 83.32 Gc-rrarr!). 103. Leadenhal.ntreet, London. Avenue) 25 BothweU-street Glassrott (Tel 6601 Centra-): 88. Commercial- street, Dundee (Tel. 36 Dnndee); 18 '"t Au. ?nstine's Parade, Bri'?ai (Tel. 1336?- ?n 'foyle-^reet. Lond?ndprry OB LOCAL E ?; I' CANADIAN PACIFIC OCEAN SERVICES. THE Resumption of the SAILINGS of A Messrs. M. Langlands and £ 5ons' Steamers, from SWANSEA to HULL, NEWCASTLE, and MIDDLESBRO', with intermediate CEills at PLYMOUTH, PORTSMOUTH, and SOUTHAMPTON (when sufficient inducement offers) IS announced. For further particulars, please apply to c- F. H. TUCKER & CO., SWANSEA. November 6th, 1919. PUBLIC NOTICES. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the PARTNERSHIP heretofore subsist. ing between us the undersigned, carrying on Business as GARDINER BROTHERS at the STAR STEAM LAUNDRY, MOR- RISTON, has been DISSOLVED by MUTUAL CONSENT as from the 31st day of October, 1919, All Debts due to and owing by the said late Firm will be received and paid by the said JOHN GILMORE GARDINER, by whom the business will in future b< carried on at Morriston aforesaid. Dated this 1st day of. November. 1919. EDWARD WILLIAM GARDINER. Witness to the Signature of Edward William Gardiner, J. Evan Rowlands. Solicitor, Swansea. JOHN GILMORE GARDINER. Witness to the Signature of John Gilmore Gardiner, Ernest G. Owen, Solicitor, Swansea. Deffett Francis Art Gallery, AicxandraRosd, Swansea. Exhibition of British Official War photographs in Colour On Loan from The Imperial War Museum, London, OPEN DAILY 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., from Monday, 17th November, to Saturday, 6th December, 1919. ADMISSION EIGHTPEXCE. The Deffett Francis Art Gallery wiff be Closed for the Week Ending 15th November.