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..ri .i si AMUSEMENTS. J.30. TO-NIGHT. J.30. 'Phone: Central 92. VICTORIA MONKS, John Bull's Girl. Jft MAG I NI, The English Violin Wizard. LATEST NEWS PICTURES. i ■ DAN HARLOW, Comedian & Mimic, in an "Up-to-date Skit, 'The Mimetic Waiter' 'l'\ Abe MILLER & Michael CANNING in Comedy Creation, 'Something Turns Up' The Famous MONZOS, Clever Novelty Pot-Pourri. BEN ALBERT, the Dry Old Stick. Atoms of Amazing Ability, TWO CURES, &"• The Original Coster Kids. lOt 'C.' NEXT WEEK.- j,. n ■ Albert de Courville's New Production, ru'" "TIP TOP. r "ELY^M Thursday, Friday, Saturday. "The Lee Kiddiu in TWO WILD IRISH ROSES. ""iHOUOINI, the. NVorIO-Roitowned Hand- > cuff King. Wrn. Fox presents Madeline Traverse in THE DANGER ZONE. VILLA OF THE MOVIES (Triangle y Keystone). Topicaf Budget & usual Fall Programme. ROYAL Theatre. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. THF STRONGER VOW, Most. Powerful of all GERALDINE FARRAR'S Screen Achievements. A MASTER OF MJSi tsz.r.j  ?.?.? Re*l Capitol C?m?dy. L?diso& ?: THE SILENT MYSTERY. Lure of Egypt's Night." Two Reel Pathe Comedy Drama, FORTUNE OF CORINNE. CASTLE CINEMA. 2.39. TO-DAY. 11.30. VENGEANCE, the Great Anglo Indian Photoplay featuring Montagu Love arid Barbara Castleton. J. Barney Sherry in REAL FOLKS, the Story which won a 1,000 Dollar Prize in cv a Great Scenario Contest. Also Selection of Comedy, Interest, and Topical Subjects. CARLTON. 2.39, TODAY. 10.30. • -Douolas Fairbanks in ARIZONA, a Great Star plus a Groat Play. Madge Kennedy in FRIEND HUSBAND, A Goldwyn Comply Drama. The Great Serial, HANDS UP, "The Last Warning." 1 MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE The .World's Read, Scenic. \of "j: Pathe's Gazette. PI CT U RE HOUSE 2.30, TO DAY. 10.30. Pauline Frederick in ONE WEEK OF LIFE. Norma Talmadge in THE SAFETY CURTAIN. THE BUYER FROM CACTUS CITY, An O'Henry Story. MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE. The World's Road, Scenic. Paths's Gazette. r',Y.M.C.A. CINEMA THE HOME OF COMFORT. | THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, Showing •;X SILAS MARNER, From the Novel by George Elliot. WESTERN ROMANCE. 4 A WESTERN RO ) DANCE, I" < *— ¡w; :¡. A PROFESSIONAL I SCAPEGOAT. —— X A COORIAL ON THE ORINOCO, if" iii O?M Open at 7. C?m?ea at 7.30. 000,.8 Open at i. ('önllnnee at 7.30. LJJL.J' i ;m LUJUJittU-JXW (C PUBLIC NOTICES.. CLYNE GOLF LINKS. All those interested should kttend a ^MEETING at the BALL ROOM, METKOPOLE, at 5 p.m. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17th. W. T. FARR. Chairman. irST. HELEN'S GROUND -■*• y SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15th. Iystalyfera ¡; V. I SWANSEA II. KICK OFF 3.15 p.m. t ADMISSION.—FIELD, 4d.; GRAND /STAND, 4d. Extra; BOYS, 2d. (inclose of Tax). TA GRAND DANCE Will be held at the HOTEL METROPOLE. On FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14th, 1919. Mr. Geo. Cross & Mr. Syd Gates. I" )Sf., Mr. G'tt?rt Jon?N. DarRmg from 6.30 ?!i) 11 p.m. Ikkets — — l. 6d. each. DON'T FORGET THE SELECT DANCE (Under the auspices ef D.S. and S. Fed.) at MOND BUILDINGS, on Saturday Next, Nov. 15th, Commencing st 6.30 p.m. *,». A<3loifcttei» — — Is. Od. tQa. tt gATTAUON, THE ^7"ELSH r- SWANSEA LXD DISTRICT A RE-UNION Or OFFICERS AND MEN rf tbe Above Battalion will be Beld Shortly. A3 those desirous of attending tfieise Bmamnicate with  T. 0. W'BlTE. CUpt., l?h WeMt jEep?ea? t ?OMa??? ifcth Wei»jj Eefix—aent, AMUSEMENTS. I QRAND Theatre SWANSEA. Ii MONDAY, 10th NOYEMBEfi, 1919, Six Nights at 7.30, MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. II PERCY HUTCHISON, in Conjunction with ALFRED BUTT, prescfits j A NEW PLAY of ?A\ AL INTEREST, A £w PLAY of A AI, C\TER ST, THE LUCK OF j THE NAVY NEXT WEEK- Ii Return after many Years of LOUIS j CALVERT and his Entire London Ccm- pany, in the Big Domestic Play, DADDALUMS. GR AN DT heatre FOR SIX NIGHTS, commencing MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17th, at 7.30, and MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30. Return Visit after many years of the Swansea Favourite, LOUIS CALVERT In the Great Success. mactèta/tLm 1 "im joftt as easy to (pvc rich Gliq » poor CN\8: peea=aeae*a<t«?)tt'm sr"?.!)! .<!<?m.-t< A play full oi tine s-ituations and gripping incidents, with humorous and j human moments."—" Sunday Times." PUBLIC NOTICES. KEEP THESE DATES CLEAR. I Thursday, Dec. IIth, I Friday, Dec. 12th, Saturday, Dec. 13th. THEY ARE THE DATES FIXED FOR THE BIGGEST EVENT OF THE WINTER, THE Whist Drive and Dance AT THE Hotel Metropole. The Ladies' Committee of the Widows' and Orphans' Fund (and Children's Summer IH ). k' t Home ) is making the arrange- f ments. <f ——— I They are securing Good Prizes, and it will be the WHIST D'RIVE OF THE- SEASON. I Thursday and Saturday—9.30 i p.m. to 12 p.m., I DANCING. Tickets will be offered you I presently. I I EBENEZER, Gorseinon. Grand CONCERT Grand NCERT I Saturday Evening Next NOVEMBER 15th, by the Famous WELSH CONCERT PARTY Soprano Madam LAURA EVANS-WILLIAMS. Contralto Madam WINIFRED I.EWIS. Tenor Mr. DAVID ELLIS. Baritone Mr. IVOR FOSTER. 'Oallist .Mr. PU RCELL JONES. Pianist Mr. IDRIS LEWIS. Reserved Seats-4s. and 3D.; Unreserved 1e. 6d. (inclusive). Plan may be seen and Seats Booked at Mr. Jno. Ivor W illiajus. Draper, 66, High- street. Q(?r$eifios, PUBLle NOTICES. J. S. ARNOLD, STOCK AND SHARE BROKER, Bank Buildings, Castle Square, Swansea. Tfcl. "Jarold," Swansea. 'Phone 134 Cent. COMRADES OF THE GREAT WAR. (SWANSEA BRANCH). COMRADES, ATTENTION! MAYORS CHURCH PARADE. FALL IN! at Headquarters, College Street, at 10 a.rb.  sh&fp to accompany yom' Commandant, ¡ The Mayor (Ald. A. Sinclair) to Divine Service at St. Mary's Church, on Sunday, 16th ihst. T. M. Rees, Gen. Sec. DISMISS! W.N.F.D. & D.S. & S. (Swansea Branch). MAYOR'S SUNDAY. FALL IN AT MOND BUILDINGS AT 10 A.M. SHARP. Federation Band in Uniform will Head Parade W. F. FRANCIS, Gen. Sec. UNITED SERVICE BRIGADE. MEMBERS ARE EARNESTLY fthOlESTED TO ACCOMPANY THfc MAYOR. ALD. A. SINCLAIR (Vice-Prosidei)t of U.S.B.), to DIYIXE SERVICE atST. Nl ARY'IS CHI RCH on SUNDAY, 16th inst. Muster at Headquarters, Wind Street, 10.10 a.m. sharp. CHAS. MAGGS, Commandant. TREBOETH PUBLIC HALL. To-morrow (Saturday), 15th inst., at 7.30 p.m. An Address by Miss M. MORGAN, M.A. (vStransefl, Training College). Subject: "Tro trwy Gymru yn y Canoloesoedd." Admission rrto. Preliminary. Capel-y-Cwm, Llansamlet. Grand Competitive Concert MUSIC LOVERS BOOK THIS DATE. MARCH 6th, 1920. Official Programmes R^adv Sb<?t!y. 1 SALES BY AUCTION. KING'S HEAD, LLANGENNITU, GOWER. MONDAY, 17fit NOVEMBER, 1910. MESSRS. Beynon, Holland & Pascoe Have been instructed by Mr. George Roberts, to SELL by PVlUC AUCTION at the above address and date, the VaJllo able Live Stock, IMPLEMENTS, AND HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Comprising 21 Live Stoelj, Implements, and Household Furniture; P. and M. Motor Bicycle and Side-Car and Timber- built. Shed in sections suitahIe for Garage 30ft. by 18ft. Teriiia-Thret Months' Credit on Stock Only. Pale to commence at 12.30 noon prompt. "1H rangttt\rd Motor will teave Brewery Tap," Phmoutli-street, for the Sale, at 9.4-5 dim. finvmpt. Full particulars on poster. Auctiotieers' Offi(,es: Ptj Grèên, Reynoldston, and 7, Gower-street Swan- sea. GOWER AUCTION MART. 1 Gowerton. TUESDAY NEXT, NOV. 18th, 1919. FAT CATTLE and SHEEP will be Sold and Allocated in accordance with ti-Io Live Stock Regulation#. Store Stoc hy Auction as usual. 15 Cows and Calves, 150 Pigs. All Fat Stock to be at the Mart by 10 a. in. Sale to comtaWite prompt It at 11 a.ra. Messrs. JAMES I 'AMES, F.A.I., Auctioneers. 7, Goat-street, S-transea. Telephone: 172 Docks. I GOWER AUCTION MART. Gowerton. TUESDAY NEXT, NOV. 18th, 1919. To be Sold at the Åbo," Mart to defray Expenses (unless previouslv claimed), 8 PONIES. Whit? Pony (aged). Black YM.r!ing Filly, Black P?ny (a?), Black S'\1ker, and Two Brown Pofties, found Trespass- ing on Broadwav Fa-Tpi. Gower. Messrs. JAMES & 'JAMES. F.A.I., -(vers. Now carrying FULL SUPPLIES of GENUINE FORD I SPARE PARTS. Call, 'Phone or Write I r. I HUMS & CO,LIMITEO, 37.WK4D STfttCT SWANSEA T ACTEFOBIBEB DUUMS AND WW* STDCWSB —, J 9!5e Special Articles on the Coming Football Prospects. Photos and, Reports of Local Games. 211 I the Results. SEE SPORTING NAWS-V Sun Rites 1.12. au" Sets 4.27. Lighting-up Time, 4.57. High Wafer, 19.32 a.m., me p.m. King's Dock, 34ft. 6in. i.m., 33ft. Tin. p.m. To-morrow, 11.34 a.m.