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GREATER SWANSEA. I ——— ——- Case for Inclusion of Outlying Parishes. C l' d'' t th I Swansea Council's depositions to the Ministry of Health of its representations for the inclusion of thfe parishes of Coed- ffrane and portions of Duffryn-Clyda ,h and Blaenhondd-au within hhe borough permits of some outline of the proposals. Some details of the scheme, which was naturally kept private during the early stapes, have, however, become familiar during the week in consequence of state- ments at meetings of the Parish Councils of those parishes. INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES. I Huge works projected by the National Oil Rufineries and Baldwin's, Ltd., are, of course, responsible for the desire for yet more territory, it being conidere.d indis- putable that since they would be impos- sible but, for Swansea Docks, the advan- tages of t1:HJS,i new industries should ac- crue to Swansea. The parishes in ques- tion are in the rural district of Neath, and the principal interest in the position arises from the fact that Neath Borough is understood to be also applying for the same area. Swansea, however, seems to be first in the field. The next step will probably he a local enquiry, any order made by which would have to bo con- firmed by Paflia^ enf Swansea authori- ties are optimistic of their claim being considered reasonable. SWANSEA'$ CASE. Apart from the financial benefit that will ultimately accrue to whatever authority controls the arM, it is argued that it i^ the Swansea population that will he mainly concerned in the develop- ments in the area in question. Reasons given in the i-ep resputat ions, in addition to the industrial one, are that by the in- 1 elusion a natural boundary will be secured; that only a big governing body such as Swansea can keep ^aee with the iaany requirements of such a new indus- trial district in the matter of housing, sewerage, r-oads and water: and that Swansea is the natural centr* for thifc I arEla. The ne-v scheme oontempjetes the addi- tion to Swansea's area of; 2i, 192 -acres another 5,466 acres, and 12,8% to the t?i?'!?tiurt of 167,000. Swansea's rates al' 'l! II"' I<; !H. h\ t he i.. Ox.'?' of Cop'?rauc Ij. 1Hrl J

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