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*j C Leader Uassmed Advertisements. APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT OF3 i WANTED, TO BE LET, LOST AND FOUND One Three Six insertion. Insertions. Insertions 4IU Worde. 1 0 2 ft 3 0 30 Words. 1 6 3 0 4 0 40 Word. 2 0 4 0 5 0 fOR SALE, TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions, insertions 20 Words. 1 6 2 6 3 6 MWords. 2 6 3 0 4 6 4-3 Wordd.. 2 6 3 6 6 6 BIRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAM, AND MARRIACES. Out Three Six Insertion. Insertions Insertiort6 20 Words.. 1 6 3 6 6 0 33 Words.. 2 0 5 0 8 0 43 Words.. 3 0 7 0 12 0 EDUCATIONAL. One I'hree Six 'I liisertiOn Insertions. Insertions ft Words.. 2 ff 3 0 4 6 30 Worde. 2 6 4 0 56 40 Words.. 3 0 5 6 7 6 I •ffCNEY.—6d. per line. L. I miscellaneous SITUATIONS II VACANT. VVTANTED, Van Man or Woman for Bread j ii Delivery; one used to trade prefened: references.—Jefford O:tford,-trect Bakery. SwanMa. J50A1J-Z2 "wan:; 0 MEN AND G I R LA.lJ-" I Domestic Servants. T^XPERIENOED General wanted; refer- .4.1 ences required.—Airtj Horrockc, Sau^'ii- j ten Coity-roafl. Bridgend. 154All-k.6 C(,Oii-lic-Deral wlnte(i foi I E small fimi.y .-AI)ply. with reference, to I 3Irs. Danieis. 139. Bryn-road. Sivat-seti. I 154A11-26 G ENERAL able to cook. "anted at once. I y Williams, 5 Gwydr-terrace, Uplands, y-.vansea. 16ZAU-25 ~VXf ANTED. Experienced General Ser-,u TT —Apoiy evening, with references. Mrs Dickie. 16, Richmond-road, Swansea 156A11-27 \\I ANTED, Sn?nK Girl for Housework.— T » Apply Mrs. Hal] Tobacconist, civjposite I Hospital Swansea. 162A11-24 ANTED a eood General Servant:— Apply Ev?n.?. CUf?n House. Gowe* Toad. 8ketiy, &.8.0. '52AI'-24 T ANTED,- immediately. experienced 1 General: reference reauired.—Apply Jir« Davies, 15 St. Helen'e-road Swansea I 152AI1-25 W/ ANTED, for Windsor Caetle Cafe, T* Neath, General; to assist in Bar "tfhen required.—Apply Windsor Castle, Neath. "VvAJVlED Immediately. General Servant t to assist in Bar Evenings; small f.tmily.-Appiy, Blrchgrove Inn, Llinsiia- kt. 150 A11 22 Millinery and Tailoring. \\7* ANTED. an Experienced Dressmaker; f » must bs capable of Cutting and Tak ingo Char ere of Workroom.-Mathews. Davies rind Co. Aberdeen House. 152AM-24 Miscellaneous. HOUSEKEEPER. Wanted by Widowei h Working Man; 35 to 45; Good Home Offered to suitable person; Widow not objected to.-h. E. Phillip. Llandiio-road, 15.3A11-2" STOCKING "Knitter?andApprentice I wanted; no time to sene. we pay fo? all vou make.—Apply Price and Son, Queen street Neath. Cll-26 MEN AND YOUTHS. D RA (ftHl'b.M EN-='W-ä'ntkd for Service te -L? latins to Graves L?eLi6tration in FranCè and Flanders, for one year or loss as duty reauires. a number of Draughtsmen capable Of drawing simple plana of cemeteries.—For fun particulars apply to the nárei;t' Re. cruiting OBce or Central Recruiting Depot Great Scotland Yard. London Cll-26 MOTOR CYCLISTS. ae ? years and up- II wards. wanted as Despatch Riders for Service relating to Graven .tesriotration in France and Fianders. for one year or less, as duty re(i Ltit-e,s.-For full particulars aTHJJV to the nearest Recruiting Office or Central Kccruitine Depot. Great Scotland Yard, Lon- don. Cll-26 MOTOR TRANSPORT DRIVERS urgent l." wanted for one year or less, as dutv requires for Service Overseas. Mir-t be trained men, ago 10ft yeare and ivwards. For further particulars aoply tc nearest Re. cruitinsr- Offic-e,- or Central Recrftrtihg Depot. Great Scotland Yard London. C11.26 T^TAV v'iiiS Wanted at Messrs. Gilbertscn s ii Steelworks, Pontardawe.—T. Walker Contractor. j 152A 12-1 PLUMEER-, good all-round man.-Ai)pll- JT statins: age. watres and experience, to Brc,- GorseiiiorA. Bennett Bros. Gorseinon 154A11-26 (1 HUE"TLY WANTED -50.1 S tnd e r 11 s to Qualify for Existing Vacant-lea Thif" is a splendid opportunity for a Youth be- tween the age of 17 and 24 to secure a per manent lucrative berto rOT lift, Utiem pIo Y L-fl Demobolised Srrvico men with a knotfledsre of Wireless of the above should write or call af ci)ce.- Wireless Traimnir College. Ltd St Marv-street Car dttf. or Castle-street. Swansea W ANTED. a (iiilifled Firt-t Aid LNight T f Attendant for Ambulance Room at Works in Llanelly; an ex-R.A.M.C. man pre- ferred.—Apply stating ace. aualificatioris, and salary required, to Bot C 2, Cambria Daily Leader Swansea. CU-27 W ANTEI). for Job near Reeolven. two » t good Bricklayers: good wages to poofi D;en.— Wat&on and Horrocks. Ltd., Bride- end 154A11-25 ri^r.-SXTED Immediately, Bricklayers or » v sons.—Apply, Williams Bros.. CO!I. tr* P-iiitardaAve. "D a Gardener at Mumbles; good references.—APDly, stating experience and wages required Box L 1. Leader Olrice 153Ai 1.25 Y. OUTH wanted ab^iut 17. as Porter.—Drinn anrl Co., Hattera High-street. 155AJl-2? W,?-NTED. thoroughly experienced 8bo. IV hand Typist —Apply, stating &ge. ex- perience, etc.. to Box No 0 1. Leader" Office, Swansea. :TC\ OFFICE AND ERRAND BOYS. GROCERY.—Strong Lad wanted, about 18 to help in stores and drive out; one used to horses preferred.—Jones Boro S,W-res. Neath. 150A11-24 OFFICE Boy wanted for Auctioneer arid Estate Agent'6 Office.—Apply stating ge and salary required, to "Estate: Leader Office. Swansea. CI 1-22 VACANCY for Articled Pupil in a b- Surveyor's and Auctioneer's Office. Opportunity for all-round prac.i :al experi- ence under a fully-qualified principal Give particulars to Valuer," C/o Daily Leader. 156AM-27 WANTED, for Clyne ValleY Nu.s 'V Smart Lad accustomed to drive pony. —Andy Parsons, 6 Oxford-street; or Fpre- roan. Clyne Valley Nurseries. 156A11-24 T??AKT'ED. good strong Lad to look after W%ilem and Kitchen Fires; also Sctil- IeH" Maid.—Apply Hotel Cameron, Swansea :54A11-22 f?ANTED. a Respectable Lad aye about 16 for Offlc6 Work—Write Box N 1. Leader Office. 153AII-26 MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS WANTED. ALADT Clerk. TyrMt and?horthand. re- j ?- Quired for three months' work in Swan. 66a must be efficient.-Apply. by letter. etating experience to Essery and Co.. East Burrows, Swansea. D-fS<HARGED Soldier Seeks P'?tion a? -L? out-door Foreman or similar !ight em- ployment; flret-eiass discharge and refer- ence.—" W. Y. 49 Oakland-road. Mumbles. 153A11-24 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, A PIANO.Wanted; an old-fashioned one jA not objected to if good tone.—Box K1. "Laader" Cffice. Swansea. 153All. IBTJY Furni £ ur6. New and Second-hand — -L Scrkih. 219 High-e-troet. Swansea. 150A11-27 It E F, ?-7, itntea jver i nings. Ltd. Woodworkers, ?cnnywe!} road. Bristol Branch at Porthcawl. STC. T^STANTED, Piano. in good condition. ?: Iab,e for learner.—Rep?y. with ¡owen prioo, to "Uuoiie." DaiiF* Xieadtr Office. MZAnM MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. O.N CERT Flute.—For Sale.SoHd?SUver ?' Bohem Flute, bv Rudail Cmte: as new. £ 18; must clear—22 Gower-street Swansea- 155All-2? OR SALE, American Organ; eleven stops: J perfect.—Apply Edwin Hall, Tobaceon- iat. opposite Hospital twansea. 152A11-24 -II ,IOR SALE, Piano iron frame, overstrung• X in perfect condition; can be seen any I. evening between 3 and 8 p.m.—7, Jones-ter- race, Old Babell, near Mile- End. 1S0A11-22 GRAMOPHONE, maenit at inlaid horn- 'I less Cabinet, etandinx 4ft high; re- cently new: perfect tone and conditio1 throughout: quantity Records sacrifice £ 3 17s. 6d.: genuine bargain: mUM, >ell.03. St Helen s-road Swansea. G.ODFREY and Co Ltd.—Sneciai Bargains in Second-hand Piano^ and Organs? prices from 25gns New Pianos by all the leading makers, includine Collard end Col- iard. Wittor- and Witton Sames and Co.. B; insmead Crame- etc.. etc Prices from 5úe:n3 cash Terms arranged if desired Write for free list or (-all and make a per- senal selection.—Godfrey and Co.. Ltd 22. St Hclen's-road. Swansea. 155AH-24 GODFREY ai:d Co Ltd Pianoforte M?nu taciurers. have now Re-Opened their Tuuing an.) Repairing Department Pianos And Organ* Thoroughly Renovated and Re- paired Estimates given Expert Tuners Visit all ParUs of Wales Pianola and Player liano? a Speciality -(iodfrey and Co.. Ltd 2St. Helen's-road Swansea. 153A11-24 H ARP.-For Sale. Selrastiar Errard single -M action Harp; good condition; room wanted.—22. Gower-3treet. Swansea 143 Ail 23 S-"1EGONDIIAD Pmnos by Collard md Col- ?3 lard. Spencer Monington, and Weston and other well-known makers Inspection invited. Gramophones from £4 4s A. e v. Doubied-Sided Records from 16. each; Largf stock. Lists Free.—D. J. Snell 21-23. Hie*. etreet Arcade. 150A11 -22 Thompson and Shackell's Announcements CHICAGO Organ, 4 sets of reeds, 8 rteps, | y 2 knee swells; ver-, fine tore. i'it.— Thompson and Shackell. Ltd.. 39. Castle jI street, Swansea I3IA.NOFOETE by Ralph Allison, full com- JT pass, ivorv keys; 50 guineas cash o i i easy terms.—Thompson end 8backell. Ltd 39, Castle-street. Swansea LEXaNDRA Paris, tiarmonium; 12 stops, '.i. 4 sets of reeds; large powerful iri^tru. ment, suitable for place of worship; £ 35.- I Thompson and Shaekell, Ltd., 39. Castle- street. Swansea. MOTOR CARS, CYCLES, &c. ARGYLE 12-16 h.D.. fitted with Pota Lir i ing Set; 3 detachable wheels; eaual to! new. Also Overhand iiodel 75, fitted with Touring Body Electric Lighting Set, ano; Se?f-?S'La?ter; perfect condition.—Fletcher's Garage. Swan?pa. 154A11-22 ALBION Chassis.—Delivery of 50 cwt. anfi 60 cwt. Chassis from Stock, subject tu being unsold; cash or easy terms.—R. E. Jones, Ltd., Motor Depot., Dillwyn-street, Swansea. TC FOR SÃCDTrv"Í.>aimier; I Fdrive: new solid back tyres, and pneu- matic front h res: good running order.— Liew J.mas Ynysmeudw 154A11-26I 170R.' SALE, 2 Ford Vans, i918. Ford 2- I- geater. 1917: also Overland 5-seater; I Zeriith carburetter, Bosch magneto Stepnev wiieel. and all accessories: all in perfoct, condition open any trial.—Alexandra Gar-I ,i,v. Swangea. 149A11-22 F ORD iwo-Seater with English buiit body. 1 painted green, upholstered leather, double windscreen, khaki hood. dicky seat. right-hand drive; been little used; can be seen by appointment. Price including spare wheel with complete tyre and all acces- sories, £ 355.—Apply, Box No. F18, cfo Leader Office. Swansea. TC H MOTORISTS.—For Acetylene Headlr IfJL Oil Side and Rear Lamps, Speaking lubes for Taxis, Roller Bearings, Wood- JTiine Foot Pumps and all Accessories.— Fletcher's Garage Swansea 154A11-22 QAXON Light Car, in excellent running C3 order and condition: 4 new tyres accty. lene headlights; enamelled prey- £ 21—An- Dott "Bros. Goreeir.on 154A11-26 T'IÙJ-foJÍowiD;;Cars are in Stock ready for J 1 DGlivery:— 15-20 Rover 4-cylinder Van for loads 10 to 15ewt: back tyreg rubberine filled; any trial -ir.(\ examination. Two-ton Lacre Chassis, fitted with en- dosed Cab: brand new 3-4 ton Daimler Chassis: thoroughly over hauled: new tyres all round: guaranteed as new. 11W have been appointed &.le Agents for the Albert Light Car. Orders now booked for Rotational De, liveries commencing February. Let us sen von particulars. Commercial Carrier Co.. Ltd.. 59-62 St Helen'sl-road Swansea. Phone: Central 77*" C.1-24 -t9l4 SINGER 3? h,D" ?otor Cy^le • 1 Qo1 l'Ax Boh mag Sturmey Arche- Three-speed gear; in exceUent condition I SM.—J Cole, Bridge House. Dunvant. 150A11-23 LIVE STOCK, I A ,,LTG('ESTION.-Trv- Thorley's Foo(i f xx your Horses one month, and note re- ¡OH. SALE, 12 Norwich Cock Canaries- -L sell by the dozen.—Apply E Gulley. (j:, Western-street Swansea 154A11-24 Olt SALE, Rack and Quantity of Done -IL and Single Breeding* Cages; fitted com- Diete. Aiso Egg Drawers. Nest Pans Bath". etc. Seen by appointment.—Write Box R 1. Leader Office 156A11-21 T."Cm SALE. Black Leghorn March Pul?ta 1.£1 'Rhode islands, and others: al about to lay-' room wanted —Write Poultry, Leader ok;l?-eg. 154A1I?S 1ÖH. SALE, cheap. Bay Horse. al6f) B?' Horse. 15 h.h.: both good workers.—Ap- ply Wav.-ood 51. Vincent-street Swansea. l 150A11-24 f LpOR SALE. Pony, her Harness, and ? X Float.—Apply Dynevor Dairy. Llansnm. I et. JS150A11-22 POULTRY Keepers should writo to & Thorley, Ltd Caledonian-road, King's Cross London. N 1 who aro the maaufac turers of Ovum Thoriey's Poultry Spice for Thoriey's Poultry Keepers' Account RcOk Ecol. giving rs°fr,| Hints to Poultry Keep- er-j and F,E- R P,(,r(I Sent Fr(,q. LOST AMD FOUND, IOST, the 20th inqt.. Go!(; Locket anrl i Chain, between Elysium and Col- hourne-terrace; great value to owner: gift from her dead soldier brother; finder ra- watted.—4. Colboume-terrace 156A11-2J i STRAYED from Gwynfain Farm. Loughor, three 8he.) with swallow tail marl: en left ear and mark under right oar. Finder rewarded on informing Jenkins, Sea View. Penyrbeol. Gorseinon. 156A11-24 _/?O pffAED.-Lw» on Friday, the 14th inst. between the Mavals Black^ill. and Swansea High-street a Diamond and Pearl Droo Ear-i-inv.-liider will receive ] above reward on cmmunicatinr with Mr T. Ivor Jones 35-36, Wind-street, Swa!l, 154AI1-22 PERSONAL. IN Urele Bert's Toffee Shop there is "Slar.dirr Room OnTv" Uncle Bert and bis Son than!; yon fof your help You are r^olng 'YOJ1 Bit" as we did ours Tbanks" I Swansea Thanks!! ] FOR SALS. _I Misg This! Good Cooking or Eat- ing 'Apples, 23 the for 6s.. carriage i paid. package free. Cash with order.—H. Edwards Fruit Grower V-Iellijigtoi,, Sont j 146A11-26 "L'fOR SALE Pony Goferneas Car. and 2 Sets Harne-58 all III sPlendId ccndltJÖd. -or will Dispose of Governess Car, Harness. | etc., separately. Can be seen by appoint ment. No dealers.—Brad lord, Oxford- streeT. Swansea. J56A11-24 iT'OR DISPOSAL 2 Lancashire Boilers, Sit ï dia., 3Git. lorr,. complete with all fitt- ings: recently dismantled. Were working at 100 lbs per square incn These Boilers are ready for immediate 6ale and Tenders i arc invited for them f.o.r at South Wales i i Works. Boilers may be inspected by ar- r,-L-q,p.-cinC-Dt.-Pel) y to Box H 7.. Cambria Daily Leader. Swansea. Cll-24 OR L-ALE. a large Quantity of New and L Second-hand Rails of various weights I and sections, together with all accessories for same. For rr.ce and further particu- j lars apply to Messrs. Holmes and Howell. 2. j GIouG&?ter-Dla?ce: telephone number, 831 Cen- i tral: telegrams, Direct Swansea." Cll-26 l'OR SALE, a number of Gents' Overcoats, j JL Frock Ceats, Suits. Boys Eaton Coat^ j Ladies' Dresses etc.-Apply, by letter to S4 Bryn-road Swansea. Cll-25 i '1'OI SALE good. fast Jenny Donkey and j liarnees; lot complete C5 -Write Edwin Thomas. Hill Bank. Bryncoch near Neath. 153A11-26 j/OR SALE, Dairyman's Turn-out: £ 60 t>;t L lot.—Apply J. 11. Jones Windsor Dairy, 50. Edward-road. Swansea. 156All-2i i X J.Uxi SALE. New Cider, 18. Id. per gal. in s purchaser's casks; f.o.r.; caah with order.—Jiiiis. Tyrbryn, Talgarth. Breccri- shire. 153All-25 OR SALE Copper Geyser; perfect con- J dition— Apply Edwin Hall. Tobacconist ocpositejiospital, Swansea. J52A11-24 Magniilcent Black Set" i X Sh-oulder Wrap. and lovely Pillow Mntf: cost £ 14 14s. late last season; not worn; ac, i cept £ 4 15s., bargain.-108 St. Helen's-road, 5 wansea. QAFES (fire resisting). 20in to 48in hizh O for Sale; also pair 8* Wind ing Engines Steam Wagons Pumos.-Pirt. 47a, Stranfi, I Sw [Y1 =a. C 12-3 '0 JAM MAKERS—Jam Apples Il\L;.ed A Sweets and Scours!. £ 5 per ton in buy- I ers* bags, F.O.R. Ca?h with ord?r.—F Ed > wards. Fruit Merchant WclUnRton. Som 146 A11-26  BY 12] Tubes for Sale- few other <JU? sizes as well; 810 x 90 Covers: Hur- -Ind Re-treading Works I 190 Oxford-street. Swansea. 154A11-22 THAOE AliS^SOUNCSi.Vi^MTS. AilMAN"j'OftD.—Shop I-nil of UL;t?fLil ?A U¡fb l>azzlm Display 01 Plated ??ds—Dc?'ert SpMjn?. Knives. Forks; Stain- ie? Lut?ery of aii kinds. Have you trip? | Gluit.J Harries'. Noted Furnishers and Ironmongers. C11-25 A LI-?VOOI, iz?ino ]?,iv7e-? Fine xX StocK to select from at Moderate iv.ces.— John Richards. Draper 2, Cradoik. street. Swansea. 150A11-2 A FINE Variety of Boys' and Girls' An- ?. nuals. Picture Books Reward Books Bibles (&non€d and Teachers'), Fountain t ens. StyJos Purses and Wallets for Sale at ??"s 17 H?h-?treet Arcade, Swansea 6 Real Bargains in Bible*. 150AJ1-22 T??y??S.—y?e are showing an" Elegant B Range of Ladies' Blouses in Cxepe-de- Jau Sdk? Natural Jans and Trico- line. etc. These are remarkable value,- John Richards. Draper, Cradook-etreet S'.van?ea. 154A11-22 !OU, SMOKE, DA?P and diM?e germ- ? z a menace to your nose and throat U"'ú r-ostronne" Nasal Specinc to eoothe th.' irr'tatJOl, and destra th." germs. A toacj of thi. fragrant specifi ■ makes yoj sfecure t. Of leading cliemi. everywhere h M (b post 16 51.). Sold by E Bevar ?eisnn.trcct. G T David. MaH$e!-strMt; 0 R ???.- St. Helen's-road, J T Dav)? Ltd (all branches); H L Havard. Brynv mor-roao^ G H. Kent 45 St. Helen's-road • l?? J. Kieft Robert-street 'Man c !ton. A D Matthewi.. Oxford-street: B?Ncedham. Neath road; Ogdens Cash Chemists. Ltd. Hi?h ".?'? "? R- Re £ s Fabian-street, kich I?t .bomM ard Port Tecnant E T.  ?eb?trec-t. E W. Richard CcH?treet- pE '^I rhif f.nia# hHi- gh-street: Wright and .3? E Th(.rit.- SWANSEA. W T Thoma^ (?rS('IItOn o M L, Bevan 99 Woodnejd-street; fr rt!?n''1 85 Woodncld-stre"?. MORRtSTOK TV r I ■  fPS- ? oton-place. FFOEEST' PACE. and all Chemists in NEATH. lUR Remodeled. By our Proee? we are \n .? ?.? ?? ??.' Furs '?? !'?e New t„ thù Latect Styles in Fur Coat- and Sets Ttnnens. 5 Cradock-street. Swansea. ■  ——— 154AH.26 r m l-a! Good Vale in Footwear." W Fo ""I()-I)i3. the ????'S Boot Stt>m -.?ing y EI(i?v-?-fd-road, Swanse?a. (T.C HOUSE Repairs. Pb8terin'; Tilein c and -t- Renovations of all kin? attended t? Advice given.—Bickford^ Sketty. 154AI1.27 ?"'???. BBOg. Joiners and Shop" Fitters JL? All Kinds of Alterations ?,,P,d Hourc Repairs: All Orders promptly attended to. Estimates free. Workshop: Castl'lafi< ?w_?nsea. _? 154A11-2? ]\/fESS.RS. Dale. Porty and Co.. Ltd pi(, jj Merchants. 20, King Edward's-road 'èw.ansen.. Write for Sale List of Pianos ar? RAINCOATS.—We are showing an eytcn- (Jruans. 152A11-2': sive .ar?e of S-nart Raincoats for H.? .id Girls. Prices modem!e at Johr. 5R,ic. haro,g. Bain-at Suechdist Crado?? street Swansea. 153A?1-24 IiAYOÃTS and CaDM for LadiM' Weav t We hold an exclusive r?n?e cf High- grade >v Raincoat5 and Capes fo? Ladies ^oc.€ a^e prices at John Richards Rainccnf- Sueripbs.. Cradock-street Swansea. 152A 11.24 QIDNEY Palmer's, the Noted Cafe for Lup. cacons and Teas: value and quality Large btock of Bride Cakes. Try our Minc< ^ies and Pasties -Palmer's Cafe (PPlHJSit I Empire) and Branches. 150A11-22 ï:.1Üif(Tf(f:- A ppfia noes. —Trusses. Sprays. 0 Enemas. Surgeons' Knhber Gloves nr.d ."t'bbei Goods of every description ',r(7ic; fu" Catalogue, sent post free,— Ln ?RM?.Surf?"' Co.. Ltrt Dcpt DV).? and 92. Worcester-street Bixmingam. T.C. fSAO Let you have a Nice Present for Siam X we invite you to call and inspect our Mtrafi.ive and Latest Shls of Ladies' Crepe-ds-Chme Blouses. et^—London C!otr.. n 7 Go. Bay-strect. Port Tcrimnt. 153AIl-I,f, rTNCLR RFPT'S F-il] Creaw Walnut ^n-i A mond Toffres are now on Sale at Ii, Oxford-street Shop. Pre-war Quality The First and the Best. 154AII-26 YOU ret Roliahip School BootTatN<»- -M T? Q SVoe Store Goat-street. Try a Pair this Mills. En"Msh and Ct., Ltd., Swansea, Specialitiet. OEHVANT GONE?—We have Vacuum Oar O pet Sweepers in Stock LEA K N'G 3 A«?k foiTour MmTe* the (iiiiclk cure. 1J)ABL(H1R FIRE.-The Prfncp? ?rat? at. 1 tachmcnt will gave vou usina brickp fm' fnel econ,)mv r_ AS —If vou use It do not ;õrKet the "I 'L? ply H reduced Asman'??-?n'?er" will hum rubbish aril cook and boll for 14 persons We do it Cnn and -?e riGLY firetd as-es cause discontent U and t?e our ArtiF:ti? Mantftp'ec?? j Mai kin ?anel?nd Kagle Fire Grates ??rRN your Ritcbep into a BrM):rnst' 4 roam by ?do'tinK the Twm Interior, which hs? hot water parlour fire and 'm aec-n oven combiped. I -1IL"" SMALL ADVERTISE MEPIT O^DER FORM. jj < I I C I I 11 Please publish the above advertizeinant timeo, for which 1 1 I enclose s. 1 Name and Address: I if desired, replie9 may be edit to Box Numbers at the "Cambrta Daily "1 I Lr 053ce. | thia form should be addressed to Adveriisement Department, II Catribrill Daily I Leader," Swansea j! _& 'r HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AMD TO LET. BONYSIAEN.-Foi- Sale 1 Leasehold i S ing-house; 933 years' lease—Apply J I 1 Owens Tyr Sam, Bonymae-n. Swansea. 152A11-26 F Olt SALE. Poiir-roomed Ilotiose in centre i of town; twelve years' lease unexpired. I Vacant po.?-e??on.—A?Iy T. R Marr?. Solicitor YorX-Gtrept. hwausea.156A??4 Ton. SALE. 3 HcusM—2324. 25 ii(?- i X street. PontardulaM. main street.— Apply Lake. 5, Fisher-street. Swansea. 156A11-24 i,OI1SAÙ:, two Con.modioua leasehold L' Houco8 situate near Dunvant Station a.nd easily adaptable for shops.—Apply Coif. Bridge House, Dunv,1.nt., 15311..11-25 1POR SALE, two Dwelling-houses. 30 and 3Z Whittington-etreet-.—Apply for particu- lars. Payne. 42 Crytbaa-road. Neath. CI 1-24 77^FORHSTFACH.—lor Sale. Two FrcehoH L DweHinp-houses: 4 rooms, 8Cul1ery: garden: back enrance; close to train and 'bus.—J. James Ravenswood, Fforestfaeh. 150A11-24 T?FORESlTFAC5I.—For Pqle. Leaseliold Sh- X and Premises: 4 bedrooms; side and back entrance; good position.—Apply J. Jamee. Ravenswood." Ffotestfach. 150A11-24 "571PORESTPACH. For Sale Dwellinr. JJ House; 4 rooms, scullery; long lea fC: good garden; built six years ago.—Apply J. James. Raverswood," Fforestfaeh. 150AII-24 "E OR Sale. Excellent House in Co?d?aG?on- 1 cresccnt, ,ket,y; Six Rooms and Bath. room: Garden Front and Back; Long Le<£e; Low Ground Rent. Price, £ 42,0.—Applv. Jen- kins. 6. Marsell street, Cockett. 150A11-22 SALE, 2 Houses sitiiated at Port X terrace; well built: long lease: low ground rent.—Apply 17, Pinewood-road Swansea. "50A11-22 -1"OR SALE, by Private Treaty. 23:Eur" t wick-street with vacant possession on completion.—A ppl y Edwa-d Roberts and Son. Llanfair Buildings Swansea. CI 1-22 John M. Leeder and Son's Announce- i menta. HE.ATIIFTELD, Swansea.-Well-built Free-' hold EeMdeBce for Sale.' with early possession. \\l ALT'EJi-ROAD.— W ell-arranged Lea-se- t'f hold Residence: 3 bedrooms, bath- rooia. w.c.. usual domestic accommodation; v/ellfcuilt back premioes (stable or garage); exe c, lieiit dr y-roora BRYNYMOR-CRESCKNT.—For Sale. Wfll- -D btriit Freehold Residence; 3 reception rooms 5 ttcdrooms, bath-room, kitchen, scul- lery. etc. \VriTIIIN five mil$ of Swansea oeeupyi; g V» a delm'htfuUy open position Freehold 'Resid1cè: outbuildings, and three act?s of ground. G RIPF]TRS-TERï-l.E. 8kett:FrehoJd vT Dwliing-houee for Rale: 2 sitting-rooivs. 4 bedrooinj, bath-room, usual domestic ac- commodation. I LLAN DRI NliOD WELLS.—Freehold De- J-J tached Residence for Sale; possession 1 March 25th 1920 6 reception 19 bedroorrs. bath-room 4 lavatories-eminently suitable for boarding house of nursing ne UVBLES. -For Detached Freehold Residence, Langland-road: hall, 3 re- ceptiOn, 7 bedrooms, ba^h-room, w.c., u$u&] JONES-TERRACE Swansea—Several 4- roomed Houses for Leasehold; well let: low figure; may be purchased separ- pteiy if dcsirea. mav be Dtircha-qed sei)ar- r2 *REBOETir. For Sa?e 4?r€eho:d Hou?? X Bryns;f;-terrace, Treboeth; well let: moderate price. T EASE of Building lite. in ceu?ra.: !?. 1-i tion. for Sale: suitable for gar&ge ot I atoreo. I LEASE of well-built Building on rhp Strand; 10 bedroom?, large store-roori* 2 kitcnena. large 20ft.); guitaole for lodging-house or stores for lf)dc n_-hotise )r s t FEESHOLD Dwelling-house for Sale m Glanmor-crescent, Uplands. SUITE cf OMoes to Let Temple-st!??'; Swansea. LANGLAND BAY <)vef-ing the C?a! neT; glorious outloolt: most comfort, ably arrs9ged: Detached House all con- veniences: freehold: for Sale. with posses- sion—Apply John M. Leeder and Son, Swan- sea. C11-24 L'OR further Particulars of the above, ap J? oly to John M Leeder and Son. 46. atcr loo-street Swansea. APARTMENTS AND LODGINGS TO LET AND WAITED. APARTMENTS Wanted —Bed and Sitting- jdL room wanted. near town- married couple, no children.—Reply Box 0 1 Leader Office. 155A11.22 GENTLEMAN reaun'M Two Furnished GR(,oryio. with Board, in residential nart of town: perm?nent.—Write S IJ. D Lloyd's Register of Shipping. Swansea. 354A11 -22 TWO Or Thrpe Roóm (uT'fmni6hed) '-c Toui?M by Workman: no children: Civ- ?ach. Glais, Ynyptawe or district—Write ?ox H 1. Leader Omce. 152AJ1-M HOU32S WANTED. WANTED, moderate-sized House: We<:t VT End district; immediate possession- rent or purchase.—1. Wind-street Swansea 133 All-25 WANTED, by June. 19M. to Rent or Pur- wa Six-roomed House Cen trally situated in ni?e locality; Must be in >ood Repair and Ready for Occupation by Married Couple.—Write, fullest particulars, A II." "Leader Office. S wansea. (STD> Given for Possession of a 5 or 6-room c v tfctise; any part of Swansea or Mumbles.—W rite. Mantle. "Cambria, Dailv Leader," Swansea. I50A11-22 PREMISES TO LET & WANTED Fi'iC&S Required, cenrai part of Swan- sca; will pay Good Rent.—Solicitor, 0 lliaa.; Pav Good- -It -f Siva, W AN7ED to Rent Premises 6nitabIe~of .adaptabl,e for a Ladip?' Privat e J ???E??He? lens or Uplands dfctrict.— Addreo2 Scholastic." office of this pp-per 163AI 1-24 II — HOUSE PURCHAQIfsie, MOUSES Purchased onœsy terms; Any JUL district; you will benelit by having the lowest repayment in House Purchase.— Write, "Ownership," "Daily Leader" Office. Swansea. THF L'lndo Permanent Building Society JL heips those who help themselves. Only thoso who are able to save can succeed. BG. san With small amounts and participate in the profits of the Society. Call at 61, Wind- street Swansea, and be shown how C11-22 TXrHY not Buy your House with the Reti-, i v Write now and let me, help you to save, money. Immediate Advances, and Houses found any districtt. Write now for particulars.—.Gilbert. Evans, Sketty 7 H Y Pay Rent? 40.GC0 Houses alrea.dv VV Purchased through our system. For Prospectus and Balance-sheet write Eor D l, Leader Office. 148AII-22 ? /? WEEKLY will Purchase ?50 Ho?e "-1- n any district: pot?t?io'i by arrange fiient.—' Landlord." Leader. Swansea, T C FLTFINITURE. (."{J EN IT() RE.-Best Prices given by me I for Second-hand Furniture and Antiuue Pu-niture of any description Drop me a I postcard or calf.—Wm. Jarnee. 8, Fabian- street St Thomas) CT 0 "O/E Part with Regret with Summer, but ft Autumn is not Without its special pleasures. The day's wok done, the door pleasures. blinds drawn, the gas lit, the fire bright (with scuttle, let's hope, full of coal, and. perhaps, a bit of wind in the chimney at intervals), the pipe drawing welh the company congenial and the wherewithal of a modest supper in' the pantry—why» then, Home is IIome, and there's no place like it. Whatever addii to the comfort of the Home is worth while, and in that Category our Immense Stock of Household Furniture cf Every Description is the Sure Basis of Com fort: and the right place to buy is from the Manufacturers for Cash ot EliY Terms -flills Fnrmshers. Gower-street, Swanse1 Also 14. Windsor-road, Neath. 147A11-25 ?__ ?. /'L? !"?. !'L!JLL- MONEY. ELAW 12 London-road, Vieath Makes Cash Advance;, from C5 and upwards Sfrictl i Private Established 1S.76 TC IF YOU are in Temporary Financial Diffi- culties, don't worry, consult M Foncr, 9. O-rlton-te rrce Swansea, and you will not be sorry..1^8All 28 If yo.t recuire a Ijoan. apply to Hfo Th(,mtp Church-stree 'opposite St Mary's Church). Swansea, Private and Oo-r fidential. to Lend to Resppctable House- hi ho'ders; Priv^e and Confidential Ivor D Thomas. 6. Wnterloo-st.. jSwaneea ADVANCES, £15 TO S:5,000 Oil written promise to repiy or any security Principal remains or can b" repaid by .5 or 24 moiithty instalments; no charge of any kind unless business done; promptness and privacy; avoid exposing your requirements locally.—Write oldest Company existing: E. LAWRENCE, LTD.. j Don Chambers, Wino-street, Bristol, j -o-. J I LOANS FROM £15 TO £ 5,' 000 i | On Vi.uvi promise to repay at a mutually agreed interest. If on furniture, live 1 or dead stock (without removal), or any form of security, charges are as follows: j .0, repayable by 12 monthly instalmnts X.7 6 ?0 0 £ 60, repayable by 12 monthly instalments JL?5 0 ( I Ifro-rata for lar??et or ama?er sums. Advances can be spread 0 .er a period of i two or three y.?rg by an'"ngeni.?nt at interview. In all cs:¡ representative I brings cash with him to save delay. Jf you apply eL?cwhct'e-? J jj DON'T pay preliminary fe?s or rail f?res under promise that ca?h will be | advanced ?atcr. I J I DON'T go to Agents Th y require commi-sion and you pay it. |j DD?'T ?av !ar?e instalmejits. or a big balance after a, few mOIlLh You may j lad to do so, and have to pay renewal interest on money you dou't s&t. DON'T make a hdy agreement. You may repent bter. DON'T expect this advertisement to appear daily. It won't. jj | Deal with oldot Advance Company exi-?tirg: F. L "A" IV RE N C | MM CHA?BER?, j t WSNE STREET, B?tSTOL. j || Telephone: 1791 Bristol. Telegrams: "Approved, Bristol. J 'l"t.:lephone: 1791 Er:stol. Tdegrams: "Approwcd," Bristo -r ■: | EStbIC591 I 'Th@ ?h.-??paat H???@ !? Wales • °r i I | PIANOS, PLAYER P!A?CS, ORGANS, I | G?A?OPHOMES, RECORDS, AND MUSIC. ? P?os ?@m 9/- ?an-?!y. O?gaNS f?o? 6/- Mo?thfy. J. fc ROLLS of SOILED MUSIC, SONGS, PIANOFORTE PIECES or STUDIES. |Jj I 5/- WORTH FOR 1/6 POST FREE. ? G?DFREV & <C?? Limited, || I 22, ST. HEL??'S ROAD, SWANSEA. i A LECTURE ON CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Will be delivered by Miss MARY G. EWING, C.S.B. Of CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, Member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass. On THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 27th, 1919, at 7.30 p.m., in the ALBERT HALL, SWANSEA. Under the auspices of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Swansea (A Branch of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Mass, U.S.A.) Free tc all. Doors open at 7.0 p. m. -N' o Collection. ALL ARE CORDIALLY INVITED. PIANOS PIANOS. < < No Firm doing a Hire Business bears a better reputation than | THOMPSON & SMELL, LTD. Sola Agents for Estey Organs and Brinsmead and Broadwood Player Pianos, 39, CASTLE STREET, SWANSEA, And at Cardiff, Newport, Merthyr, Pontypridd, Llanelly, Bridgend Bargoed, iI Ebbw Vale, Brlitol. etc., etc. FOR FAIR DEALING. BEST TERMS AND GOOD VALUE. LARGEST STOCK IN WALES TO SELECT FROM. DEFECTIVE VISION ANNED ?? QUCAADREPPtUECr?B???????\????? THE OLO?ST TREATMENT. ???Ls? Jr ? ??'?  ? "HALtFtED OPTtOAM TREATMENT. '? SWANSEA. J SCOTT and Son, 12, VICTORS A ARCADE, Swansea