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AMUSEMENTS. t .!t 6.30. TO-NIGHT. J. 30. Th-oue; Ceutra' 5)2. I MOSS EMPIRES, LIMITED, Present ALBERT DE COURViLES NEW PRODUCTION, TIP ¡' TUBBY EDLIN, PERCY YORKE, j IAN LLOYD MACKENZIE, Lily Edwards, Mabel Marks, J. K. ALLEN, MARTIN DAWSON, Max fJlayne and Harper, And A SUPER BEAUTY CHORUS. ELYSIUM Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Edtia Goodriick in THE DRESSMAKER'S MODEL. HOUDINI. the World-Kenowned lland- cnif King, and Jack Boaker. TEDDY AND THE THROTTLE i/l'riaugle Keystouc). 1. Texas Guinau us tho Tigress iu THE GUN WOMAN Ia Thrilling Western Drama). Topical Bud:get & usual Full, Programme.  CASTLE CINEMA. ?.?"  2.30. T 0-0 A Y 10.30. Franos Bushman and Beverley Bayne in THE VOICE OF CONSCIENCE, Metro Milkier Production. j UNEASY MONEY, the '.Strand Magazine' Story by P. n., featuring Taylor Holmes. Mutt & Jeff-Subbing for Tom Mix. I His Busy Day. w Weekly Pictorial and Pathe Gazette. CARLTON. 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.30. LITTLE WOMEN, featuring an All Star Cast. A Paramount. Picture. Pauline Frederick in The FEAR WOMAN (Don't; Mi»s tins Societv Dram;.). HANDS UP. Eris< d' H: The Oracle's Decree." Don't Miss the Great Serial of Adventure, f THE LIGHTNING RAIDER, Episodo 1. featuring Pearl White. Don't Miss the MAYOR'S PROCESSION PICTURE HOUSE 2.M. TODAY. 10.30. S<? Ethel Clayton in THE MYSTERY GIRL, trom George Barr McCuf clieon's Book, Green iancy." WIES OF MEN, featuring Fbrcnce Rcec, supporh-d by Powerful Company. THE GIRL AND THE GRAFT, An O'ilerirv Story. Pathc's Gazette. Don't Miss the MAYOR'S PROCESSION Y.M.C.A. CINEMA I ( Lntrancc-—Page St reef >. THE HOME OF COMFORT. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Moot Fascinating Comedy Drama, THE APPLE TREE GIRL (Five Keels). Also Topical, Interest, and Comedy Pictures. AT THE | ELYSRJM. j MonTues. & IVeq. WILLIAM FOX. present* GEORGE .WALSH iN I'll SAY so, ? < B S !L!a L a?iM&tw )! a?NaUas A Characteristic George Walsh Comedy Drama, id which are many Stirling Situations. „ EDDIE POLO <n ■z The CIRCUS KING. Another Chapter of Thrills. OLIVE THOMAS in II' MADCAP MADGE | A Charming Story of a Wilful School I girl who is the Chagrin of her Matchmaking Mamma. A Coward's Courage, Triangle Keystone. Topical Budget and usual j Full Programme. I -M = PUBLIC NOTICES. NEUADDGYHOEDDU3 TUMBLE. CYSTADLEUAETH CHWAREU DRAMA I Yn y lie uehod, Chwefror 2ail hyd y 7fed, 1920 lihaitj i Enwau y Cyst-adleuwyr fod yn 11a w vr Y-gritennydd erbyn. Rhagfvr Ged, 1919. C,Yt'yngiry Gvstadleiiseth i Gwmniau Dramodol o fewn 20 milltir i Tumble. Manylion pellach oddiwrth yr Ysgrifen- yddion— Mr. LUTHER LEWIS, 2, Railwnv Place, Tumhle; I' Mr. E. R. H. I.EWIS. Gorelea, TumhJ. ^MUSEMCWrS. GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. MONDAY, 171 h NOV FM fJFK, 1919, Sis Nights at 730, MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. Important Engagement of t lie Celebrated London Actor, LOUIS CALVERT And Full London Company, in t h Great Sucecss, 'DADDAlUMS" NEXT WEEK- Murray King & Chas. Clark's Compy. in THE PURPLE MASK." GRAND Theatre NEXT WEEK. NEXT WEEK. NEXT WEEK. Murray King & Charles Clark uf Romance Tame) present THE PURPLE MASK. THE PURPLE MASK. THE PURPLE MASK. j (By arrangement initli Matheson Lang). An adaption of the Great Parisian Success Lo Chevalier au Mosque," trom the I Lyric, Princess & Scaia Theatre, London. HAYOEN COFFIN us "ARMAXD." THE PURPLE MASK. THE PURPLE MAK. THE PURPLE MASK. Next Week. Box Office Plan Next Week. Next Week. now open. Next Week, ROYALl THEATRE THE HOME OF MUSIC* Mon., Tries. & Wed. The Crimson Gardenia Featuring OWEN MOORE and J HEDDA NOVA. The Finest Rex Beach Picture Ever Screened. ETHEL CLAYTON in Woman's Weapon CACTUS NELL, Two-Keel Couiecy Episode 2—THE L "Ightning Raider Starring, PEARL WHITE. FINAL EPISODE, HANDS UP | The Celestial Messenger." PUBLIC NOTICES. EXHIBITION OF British Battle Photographs FN COLOUR. On Loan from The Imperial War Museum, London, NOW ON VIEW at the Deffett Francis Art Gallery, Alexandra Road, Swansea. 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. ADMISSION 8d. (including Tax). Children under 11. Malf-priee. RID IN G SCHOOL. Pert Talbct. •2nd ANNl'AL (IRANI) I CHAIR E;STEDDFOD V. i),. at the above School on Saturday, Dcccmber 13th, 1919. lndcI tile auspices of the Port Talbot Steelworks' Employes. 1) 1- Aneurin K.Il.C.O., A.R.C.M., Garnant, u::d J. Ctpments, Esq., Swansea. Litcra- Rev. W. Evans, B.A. (Wil Ifan), (>rditF. Hale roice, -Martyrs of the Arena (De Rille), Min. Voices, 60-1:30. I Children's Choir, Autumn Days (E. T. Davies), Min. Voices, 40-Ist, L7; 2nd, t3. Champion Solo, Female (Open)— £ 4 4s. Champion Solo, Male, (Open)— £ 4 4s. S., C., T. and B. Solos— £ 1 Is. each. Duet, Tenor and Baritone— £ 2 2s. Novice Solos—10s. 6d. each. Boys' Champion Solo-lOs. Od. Girls' Champion Solo—10s. Gd. Children's Pianoforte Solo—10s. (3d. Children's Violin Solo-lOs. 6d Children' s; Recitation—10s. 6d. Adult Rc'eitation-t- £ l Is. Essav Li I Poem, Hodd" (Peace) — Handsoma Chair. I d. from R „ ('w ma von. Glam.