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..I Every Picture tells a Story." Ile r o t ac it c dc i How can a, man put his back into his work if bending and aCVing mean continual pain? He must slow down. Ths: dull throb and those violent pains in the back are caused I' by uro prisons left in the blood by weak kidneys, and the man in s plight has need to stop and tlunk. Neglect may lead to: K i (n e y and Bladder Inflammation, 1 Reial-dropsy, Gravel, Rheumatism, Stlie- formations and Urine-stoppage. i though Doan's Backache Kidney Pills—being solely for kicky and bladder trouble-orelieve these kidney symptoms, thtyistt man wilL try to prevent them by resting the weakened i ki (Sb Y. S when backache begins. This is not a difficult matter. I ve nearer the Simple Life. Stop the bad habits that poiso- n tlood and cause the kidney weakness. Give up over-eating, 1 11 hours, hard smoking, and avoid drinking beer or spirits. § )oan's Pills should be used when kidney medicine is needed, I 1 plain practical commonsense is Nature's first requirement. I  Lum b ago i 19 Years « tfii ured99 I says Mr. C. Blooinficid, 177, Convamore Road, Gi iinsby. | "I have been free from lumbago, backache and kidney I l? weakness for fully nineteen years, and am in excellent health | I at this date—(81st October, 1919)-thanks solely to Doan's | j Backache Kidney Pills. (Signed) Chas. Bloomneld. -1I Laid Up f: W e;ed) :OO:e I On 10th March, 1900, Mr. Bloomfield said: For several I years I had painful bouts of I lumbago, backache and kidney complaint. I never had rest from the torment, and was laid up on occasions for weeks at a time—-unable to turn in bed, and helpless every way. The dread of these sudden lumbago pains upset my nerves and kept me from sleep. I had frequent attacks of headache and dizziness,. too, and my eight got alarmingly dimmed. Kidney disorder was also made plain by the urine, which scalded and cat a sediment. No relief came my way I till I tried Doan's Backache I Kidney Pills, but then a great 8 change was apparent. Every I c h anr,o ivas ap- day 1 got better. The kidneys I and bladder were plainly I helped. I felt the headaches 1 and dizziness passing off, the I pains left my back, and my 8 muscles lost their stiffness. 8 One month's treatment-five R boxes of Doan's Pills—rid me of the backache and lumbago and of every single sign of kidney weakness. (Signed) Chas. Bloomfield." No Increase Of Price In Twenty Years Although prices are rising in all directions, the price of Doan's Backache Kidney Pills remains at 2/9, unchanged in twenty years. Another reason for public confidence is that the makers of this special kidney medicine frankly publish the rules for keeping well without medicine. Every town gives local proof, CIA isi;s Backache I[Q%.oad tILPy Pills. I ?K <<a?<. or$:9 a box vostfve* from Foster-McClellan Co., 8 wene Sf-.O-c/o?St.. L<m. W.l '?-??':?'????'?'l'i'?'??-?*?'??  ?. ?.. '?"?  'l ".L? .?? ''?