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AMUSEMENTS. I 6.30. TO-NIGHT. J.30. 'PhUD. Central 82. HARRY DAY presents His Latest Musical Production, STUNTS SEVEN IN ALL. (A REAL SNAP). "With Entire Mis-en-Scene from Prince of W. aIs' Theatre. J.?ndfn. iraturing KITTY COLYER, Supported liv CHURCH and DAVEY, JOHN ROR*(E: & SIUNLY BRAY, HOWARD V. CROPTON, 1 HORACE PERCIVAL, FLORENCE WILLIAMS, HARRY GOULD, I A CHORUS OF GIRLS, AUGMENTED ORCHESTRA (under Hie I direction of Caffyn C. Baxter), JIMMIE LESLIE, From the Comedy Theatre, London. Next Week.—The Popular Comedian, HARRY TATE and Variety Company. ELYSI UMj Monday, Tutsday, and Wednesday. I William Fox present George Walsh in I'LL SAY SO. I Big New Serial, ELMO THE MIGHTY, featuring Elmo Li:lccln & Lucille Love. Eddie Polo in THE CIRCUS KING. Olive Thomas in MADCAP MADGE. A COWA R D'S cOU RAG E (Triangle Keystone). Topical Budget & usual Full Programme. ROYAL Theatre. oy ?csday, I THE CRIMSON GARDENIA, featuring Owen Moore and Hedda Nova THE EXPLOITS OF A GERMAN SUBMARINE U35. Ethel Clayton in WOMAN'S WEAPON. I CACTUS NELL i'l><. Heel Comedy). ■Episode 2, THE LIGHTNING RAIDER, 1 Starring Pearl White. Tidal Episode. HANDS UP, "The II Celestial Mcsertget."  CASTLEI CINEMA. f| TWO STAR FEATURES, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. June Elvidge || And All Star Caste in a Smart Set Society Drama. § IJ The Strong Way I A Strdv in Marriage. l The Girl of Timber Claims I Romance among Rugged MountRin? and Wild Forests— ligaturing Constance Talmadge. Also Selection of Up-to-date i Comedy & Topical Films. I FULL ORCHESTRA I Afternoon and Evening. CARLTON, I 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.20. J. Sluart Blackburn's Latest Triumph, THE COMMON CAUSE. Tells First Complete Story of Great Victory. Harry T. Morey with Betty Blythe in THE GREEN GOD. Saved from Forced Marriage to Man Wiio Stole Sacred Relic. KING OF THE KITCHEN (a Two Red Comedy). PaUles Gazette. .-e. PICTURE HOUSE 2.30. TO DAY. 10.30. Artcraft Picture, THE WHITE MAN, I featuring an All Star Cast. The famous viay tells of a man's self- sucriiice and its ultimate reward. It is at I onco ?rippm? and picturesque. Edith Storey in ) HE SILENT WOMAN, a Great Met ro Storv of Lore and Intrigue FIGHT FOR MILLIONS (the Great Serial). Episode 13; "The Engine of Terror. Pathe's Gazette. -h_ Y.M.C.A. CINEMA (Entrance—Pago .Street/. THE HOME OF COMFORT. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday HER AMATEUR ORPHAN, ?fanin??he I Henown?d Actress, Gladys Leslie. Mary Stewart in BOBBY'S FAIRY One Huge Scream) Capt. Jinks, Plumber (Reel of Clean Comedy).—Californian Ostrifjh Farm (Interest Film), Doors Open at 7. Commence at. 7.30. PUBLIC NOTICES. EXHIBITION OF British Battle Photographs IN COLOUR, I On Loan irom The Imperial War III Museum, London, NOW ON VIEW at the Deffett Francis Art GaSlary, j Alexandra Road, Swansea. I 13 a.m t,> 9 p.m. ADMISSION d. t. including Tax). Children under li, Half-price. ==-=: -=_=: :=: JUNIOR LIBERAL LEAGUE. MOND BUILDINGS. On Tuesday, Nov. 25th. at 8 p.m. Mr. W. L. DAVIES Will deliver an Address on j INDUSTRIAL UNREST: Causes and Remedies." Chairman -Mr. SID PHILLIPS. Xtw *■m!ii>J ly. AMUSEMENTS. GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. !\o():nA y, 24th NOVEMBER. 1?>19, I Six Nights at 7.30, MATINEE or. SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. Murray King & Charles Clark (by ar- rangement with Matheson l*arip) intro- duce thft New Romantic Coined v in t. vets I THE PURPLE I faASK. NEXT WEEK- THOMAS C. DAGNALL presents THE FREEDOM OF THE SEAS. -l.- PUBLIC NOTICES. TO CONTRACTORS. Fcntardawe Rural District Council J Housing Schemes. CONTRACTS FOR ROADS AND jI 8EWERS. TENDERS are invited for i iik-, Con- st met ion of In metalled Poads and Sewer? at Yst-alyfera and Trebanos and for Sowers at Clvdach, in iVmnection wjth the Councjr Housing Scheme/ ,¡ Ystal.rfera — 2i?3y<!«s. lin. approxi- mately of unmet:1Iled Koads and 8ewers. Trebanos—172yds. lin. a- proximately of unmetalled Roads and Sewer*. Civdach —Sowers only, for 8 Houses. Plans and Conditions of Contract may be seen, and Specifications, {foils of Quantities, and form of Tender may be obtained at the Office of the Architect, Mr. H. M(»s, A.R.I .B.A., Architect to the Council. I Sealed Tenders, endorsed 1 Ystalv- I fera," Trebanos," or Clydaeh, as tfie crisp may h, are to he delivered to tho I undersigned on or before i5 p.m., Wed- nesday. December HIi, 1919. The lowest or any Tender will not necCssarilr be aecerrted. WYNDlI AM LEWIft llerk to tpe Council. Council Offices. Pontardawe, Glam. 18th November, 1919. SWANSEA UNION. Tho Guardians invitf APPLICATIONS for the following APPOINTMENTS:— ATTENDANT ON MALE IMBECILES. From Single Men or Widowers (Welsh desirable) 23 to 45 years cf age, with pre- and knowledge of "First Aid to the Injured." Salary £ fih per annum, rising by £ ,i pfr annum to ESO and Emoluments which are valued tot per annum (U> bf revised^ for the purposes of the Poor Law Officers' Super* animation Act, 1896. ATTENDANT ON FEMALE IMBECILES From Single Women or Widens (with- out Children dependent), Welsh desir- able, 2-j to 33 years of age, with previous experience, and knowtpdgc c't First Aid to the Injured." Salary Cift per anlnnil, and Emoluments, which are valued at, £ 30 per annum, for the purposes of the Poor Law Officers' Superannuation Act, 1893. WARD SISTER. From N-tirsps, wlio haw obtained a Cer- tificate of Proficiency from a recognised Training School and have had Special Surgical Training." Salnry £50 per an- num, rising by t7 10s. per annum to £ 65 per annum, with Emoluments which are valued at £ 35 per annum for the purposes of the Puor Law Officers' Superannuation Act, -H98. Further particulars and Forms of Applieatioh to he obtained from the undersigned, by whom (with a statement ;)s to the "Special Surgical Training" in the ease of Ward Sister), same must be received not later than 3rd December, 1919. LLEWN-. -JE\KI.N-S, Clerk. Union Offices, Alexandra-road. a, 20th November, 1919. Amalgamated Managers and Fore- man's Association. A MEETING in connection with the above Association will be held at the INSTITUTE, GORSEINON. on WED- NESDAY EVENING NEXT, NOVEM- BER 28th, at 7 o'clock sharp. The General Secretary, Mr. ,T. G. LONG STAFF (Darlington), will address the Meeting. A hearty invitation is given to all rore- men. Come and hear what the future holds iu store for tho supervisor. ALBERT HALL, Swansea. TUESDAY, NOV. 25th, 1019, At S p.m., Popular Dramatic; Poetic, II and Humorous RECITAL (Under the auspices of the Swansea Y.M.C.A.) by Prof. Wm. MiLES, F.R.S.L. Chairman: Rev. Of-O. McLUCKlE, B.A. Course Tickets: 10s. 6d. Area (7 Lec- tures): 9 s. Side Area. and Is. eiicii. Doors open at 7.-10 p.m. SWANSEA GRAMMAR SCHOOL ROLL OF HONOUR. In order to complete the above, it is requested hat particulars (unless already supplied) of old Boys whr¡, have ••"alien or Served n/ the Great War, be sent to in;; at once. J. TREVOR OWEN, Headmaster. M J .U J L i J  J—— < L!' ?nmjL t t ) e_ M 1 1 "S < Now carrying FULL SUPPLIES I of GENUINE FORD SPARE PARTS I Call, 'Phone or Write I I HUTCHINS a CQ,LIMITM 1,vmC 3Tp.U:r SWANSEA bi I ATTTHOKtSCB j OSALERS ANO PARTS STOCJOST5 A





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