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tq T S. AMUS?MEMTS. 6.30. TO-NIGHT. 3 0. T.hi'f!e: Centra.' S'J. XORAM and Jerry," | !i: { l. I 'J' ta Vtntrito.4U)al SctiLa. j SAMMY SHIELDS, Scottish Comedian. Football HntitUaiasf. The Three Sisters O'HARA, I .he Groat Type Entertainers, in Melody, i Comedy and Ilarmony. HARRY HEMSLEY, Mirnie of Children. I LATEST NEWS-PICTDRtS. • JACK CRAIG, Comedian. j THE- VIOLAS, ¡ "'file Wltite in a Exhibition Ot Metital Telegraphy. LES LATOUR, Equilibrists. Y SNt Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I Edna Goodrich in WHO LOVED HIM THE BEST? HOUDiNI in another Thrilling Chapter. Derothy Gish in GRETCHEN THE GREENHORN, in Five farts. ORIENTAL LOVE (Triangle Keystone). The Greatest Ring Contest of Modern Times. BECKETT v. CARPENTIER. of Showing—3. t., ard f4. Topical Budget k visual Full Programme. ROYAL Theatre. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Marion Oávies in THE BURDEN OF PROOF. I Charles Ray in STRING BEANS (Para- mount Photoplay in Five Rcvisi. Episode 10. THE SI LEN T MYSTERY, Two Koels. Capitol Comodr. THE NEW BREAK- FAST FOOD. CASTLE CINEMA. m*m 2 3a. T 0 0 A Y 10.33. BROWN OF HAVARO, a porting I Braina Full of Excising Episodes and I T^n*« Situations, featuring Tom Moore j and Hazel Oaiy. ) Edith Roberts in BEANS, a Delightful Comed.v-Dr £ !ua in Five Part- IMPROPKGANDA, Two Koel Flagg Comedy. Weekly Pictorial "inti Pathe Gazette. CARLTON. 2.30. TO-PAY, 10.20. I Lina Cavalieri in THE TWO BRiDES, trx-tudin?avpry?hongCast. Billie Rhodes in HOOP-LA, a Com?dy- Drama of Circus Life that Rul appeal to all audiences. THE LIGHTNING RAIDER, tpatming Pearl White. Episode i. Pathe's Gazette. PICTURE HOUSE .tCTUTEo A vOeEI Owing 10 the Enormous .Success. THE ELDER MISS EfLOSSOM has been re- tained tor another 11 tree Mae Marsh in MONEY MAD. The Girl of it Thousand ]• aces. CYNTHIANA, PET-NAMED ORIGINAL SIN, a WoHvillc Story by Alfred Henry Lewis Pathe's Gazette. Y.M.C.A. Public Cinema (Eiji rdoce-ilag, Str-r-et). THE HOME OF COMFORT. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. j ELUSIVE ISABEL (featuring Florence Laurence), 5 Reel* of Gripping Drama, ) CHASED BY BLOODHOUNDS (Comedy) I GYPSY JOE (2 Keels of Side-Splitting Comedy). SKYLARKING ON SKIS (Interest. Film) 'i -I.U..1 I .1 PUBLIC NOTICES. VETCHFIELDr SATURDAY. 13th DECEMBER, WESTERN LEAGUE. BRISTOL ROVERS V SWANSEA TOWN JOCK OFF 2.(J P.M. j ADMISSION (including Tax).—BOYS, M. i FIELD, 8d.; STAND, 1s. fxtrn. ST. HELENS GROUNDj SATURDAY, 13th DECEMBER. I ROYAL AIR-FORCE I v. SWANSEA. Kick Off at 2.45 p.m. ADMISSION-FIELD, 1: GRAM) STAND, is. Extra (inclusive of Tax). EBENEZER, Swansel. Sunday Evening Next, at 8.1,0. GRl\NO ORGAN Mrs. ARTHUR M. JAMES j t" larhrv "), assisted hy Soprano Mis SARAH REE8. i Ban^ne Mr. fERRY WILLIAMS. And the EBENEZER CHOIR. Chairman— G. P. COOK OAVIES, Esq. COLLECTION. CLYNE GOLF CLUB. A PUBLIC MEETING will be held at the. BAJJL ROOM, METROf!OLE HOTEL, at 3 p.m. MONDAY, Doc. 15th. I'-UMUfSs — Report. II.—lo Pass to Capital. III.-I(eAolution by Ladv Members. i 4Mus £ fri £ rrr$. GRAND Theatrel SWANSEA. MONDAY. Stli DECEMBER, 19!f>, Six Nights at 7.3ft, MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. j WALTER MF.LVILLE'S CO. presents ] tin; Entirely New Play, direct from th I Lv< eiim Theatre, London, THE FEMALE H u NEXT WEEK- i SWANSEA AMATEUR OPERATIC i SOCIETY in Gilbert, and Sullivan's Original Opera, THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD I PUBLIC NOTICES. I W.N.F.D. & DeS. & S. I (Swansea Branch). Extraordinary Special Branch Meeting I AT MOND BUILDINGS, i ON SATURDAY NEXT, Dso. 13 j At 7.30 p.m. AM Members are requested to attend I (both Jfell and Women). Speaker — Capt. W. H. WILLIAMS (President of Federation). (Signed) W. F. FRANCIS. 9 South Wales and Monmouthshire Colliery Officials Union. A PUBLIC MEETING in connection j with the a bow L n ion will be held at i the CORY HALL, CARDIFF, on SAT- URDAY, DECEMBER 13th, 1919, at1.Oi f'hairman, Councillor D, Lewis I (President.). < Speakersr John Ritson, Esq., Nor-I t-humbcrlamjl (President Collieiy Officials Association of Grent Britain); Thorras; Halstead, Esq., Lancashire (General Sec- retory Co?ipfy Cttticja!? A'?t?-iatton of Great Bri'ain): supp?rt?'i by the ?oith I \»ale» Eel:;Jti'e )lcl1hf'rs .wll (3enerall Secret ary. C?]):cry OHiciat&otftH Crad?a are h'"ar?)iy invii?t td ati^nd. Come in Crowds. j Ministry of Pensions Hospital. ¡ Pcnrhiewtyn, Neath. TENDERS. I TE:\UEHS wjjï';cc:('i\(:1 at the I j | above-named* l^o-pital, until 12 (¡'doc!, I noon on )N';¡;llê' 15t!i 1!)I?) for the supp.y of 11,1'?P,AD. FTS-4' I EGUS. MILK. VEGETABLES. POT A- T :8, and ?!I\R!:AL W ATEUS, dur- in the period of tiji-t.,e months cora- m0n;.in; 0n .January 1st, Full paiticuiars ma. bo obtained as to Form of Tender and Conditions of Con- tract, on ^npiifation to the Medical Superintendent. Ministry of Pensions. Hospital, Pc!U'hi.nviyH, No Tondor will be considered unless deiicored at the a )foi-c «ddref.s by 12 o'clock noon OR Doeorrvor ].>tb, i01!). under closed oovelone. and marked Tender outside. (Signed) NT HOWARD, Medical Superintendent December 9th. PHD. f 1 '■ »' M,\ f"—— gps—37 ?<?SB????? ""IV. CA' Now carrying FULL SUPPLIES I of GENUINE FORD j SPARE PARTS. j Call. Phone or Write .uui ■■raaycaaar HUTCH I NS 1& CQLIMITED, 37.WlfiD STREET SWANSEA  i f I AtTTHOBIBT* I DcALSRS AND I PAAi siccssri 1, | .-?.?_??.?,  i: HAS YOUR VICTORyl BOOKLET REACHED P I YOU YET n Jj i- '4' .»', i