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ftWUGSWSN rs. .I 6,30. TO-NIGHT. J.30. 'Phone; Central, ROXY LA ROCCA, The Wizr.ard of the Harp. DALY and HEALY, Two "Kernels" fr^hu the "Nut Annr, in a Comedy of Errors. BILLY WELLS and the ECLAIR TWINS. Novelty Eccentric Dancers. GWYN THOMAS, The Marvellous- Welsh Boy Vocalist. Winner of over 100 Prizes. LATEST NEWS PICTURES. CHAS. NORTON, In Imitations of Popului Coined ians. HECTOR and LOLLETTA, Entertainers ,Pattereis, Comedians, on their Unsupported Ladder. GEERT BROS. T)iB Famous- Equilibrists.  ??YsY'u? Monday, Tuesday, ar.d Wcdr.cs?sy. Mae Marsh in THE GLORIOUS ADVEN- TURE, a Goldwyn Product ion., ELMO THE MIGHTY. Episode 4-One j I utore Chapter of Thrills. j THE SAWDUST RING, a Triuglo Pro- duct ion, featuring Bessie Love. KING OF THE KITCHEN (L.K.O. Comedy). Topical Budget & usual Full Programme. Castle CINEMA. ii»n 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.30.. HOBBS IN A HURRY., Six Part J: lying Ifa. Super-product ion, featuring William Russell. .J. Warren Kerrigan in THREE X GORDON, an I nusual and Pleasing Photoplay in Fiv« Paris. "A.lso Selection or t~p-i.>-d<ite Comedy 1 and Topical. Films. GARLTOW, 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.30. I ■•A Samuclson Ail-British Production, CONVICT 99, by M. C. and H. Leighton. f Hedda Nova and J. Frank Glendon in tHE CHANGING WOMAN, a Vitagraph HLue Ribbon Feature in 5 Keels). HIDE AND SEEK DETECTIVE, Two Part, Cotfiedy (a Mack Sen net t). MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE. Pathe's Gazette. PI CT U FTE HOUSE 2.30. TO DAY. 10.30. Henry B. Walthall in AND A STILL *SMALL VOICE, a Strung Dramatic Story of a Gentleman who Sacrificed hi.s Hon- our and Career to Prott'ct the Woman I he Loves Charles Ray in THE GIRL DODGER, a Good Example of ("loan, Plight, and Natura Humour. A Mack Sennetr Comedv. HIDE AND I SEEK DETECTIVE. Gazette and Markets of the Universe. Y.M.C.A. Y. M. :?I ,tnema I THE HOME.OF COMFORT. Monday, (Uesday, and Wednesday. I THE CUSTOMARY TWO WEEKS, tex- turing Robert Ellis, 5 Peels of Splendid V faIl.Ih, I HIS MAJESTY THE BABY, featuring Gladys Hulette, 3 Keels of Grand Comedy Drama. BOULEVARD SPEEDHOUNDS, featur- ing Eddie Lyons. ) ANDY FALLS IN LOVE »(Scream ingly Funny Comedy). Next Thursday-JAFFERY, with Eleanor Woodruff in the leading part. AT THE | lEt yÀŠiUM.!1 Thur., Fri. & Sat. rKEKENTS EDNA GOODRICH in HER SECOND! HUSBAND, An IDEAL Production Of a Too Fond Wife and a Selfish Husband. [ HOUDINI, Another Chapter of D?ricg Feat5 by i tMs Wor?l-reMwued Artist. j| :r:] A Tfiang}e Production featuring the P Famous ALMA RUBENS. — CACTUS NELL, t A Roa.ring Triangle Keystono Coined y. Topical Budget and usual I j Full Programme. f I I I —-J r*—' ?T.. u.?«. «.? 71 Now carrying FULL SUPPLIES of GENUINE FORD SPARE PARTS. 10 Call, Phone or Write Bill! HIM—n—WPWt' HUICHINS — o & CO,LIMITED, U'nIOaISJ!:J1 i ?WMDST? MA-?ANO ¡ SWANSEA M?sroaosK J2 ] ",MUSEM£NTS. 1-' iGRAND Theatre ) SWANSEA. Sis. Nights at T.o'J, jvATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.33 p.m. I THE* SWANSEA AMATEUR 1 I OPERATIC SOCIETY j 1 Will perform the Giibcrt and Sullivan I Original Opei-,t, THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD, MAID. Or THE MERRYMAU AND HIS MAID. I NEXT WEEK- First. Visit -of J. A. Ji..Malone's Co. in a New Musical Comedy, "OH, JOY!" from the Apollo Theatre. I GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. MONDAY, DECEMBER 22nd, For Eleven Nights, I and Three Matinees—Boxing Day ¡ I (Dec. 26th), Saturday, Dcc. 27th, and Saturday, Jan. 3rd. j I Christmas Attraction! FIRST VISIT OF J. A. E. MALONE'S CO. IN A New Musical Comedy, j ou, iv Y Prom the APOLLO THEATRE. Box Office (Mr. W. J. Casey) Open at the Theatre Daily from 10 till 5. —— |m«jjiwiw<WBtaBa«M iii« if aimmiMI^BBB— | THEATRE || Till: HOME OF MUSIC|   Thurs., Fri. & Sat. I rlrsH;LIH; 1 In her Latest Production, } |BORRQWED| ií CLO ESIO I ETHEL CLAYTÖÑI The Mystery Girl I' II I WINKLE in ?!  W KicMng the Germg i of Germany. | Episode M, K1 THE SILENT f MYSTERY, j| | "YELLOW SHADOWS "-2Ree?s. Ii PUBLIC NOTiCES. I Gowerton Intermediate School. I An ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIP EX- AMINATION (conducted by the County Governing BnJy) will j¡(' lie. 1 ci at the above School on FRIDAY, the '!¡)th LIPY I of MARCH, 1920, at 10.30 a.m. Thirty Scholajwhip^ of the i-iil,,ie -f £ 1 each will ho awarded on the result of the Examination. Candidate's rnuSt be under the age of 13 years on the 1st July next. Forms of Application i. v 'o oiit iincd jfrom, and must lie returned not hterj thali the t>tb Felirnarv, 15120. JAMES H, {L.\ ,E. Clerk to Governors, j Ca.stle Builtlings, Llanelly, iltli DecemlK-r, 1919. THE SALVATION ARMY, Richardson Street, Swansea. I SPECIAL HOLINESS MEETING on THURSDAY, at: 7.M p.m.. r?nduorpd by I Brigadier LIONEL KINGSTON (General I 'Secretary for Wales). All are Welcome. I Gorseincn Soldiers" and Sailors' Fund, Reg. No. 47. CLOSING OF FUND. The small amount ten in hand in j connection with this oat on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23rd, .^t the INSTITUTE, (iOIiSElXOX, at 7 p.m., to the "WIDOWS and ORPHANS of Deceased Soldiers and Sailors (only). Apply in writing on or before Saturday Next, to Mr. W. R. EVANS, "Hillbro." Alexandra-rodd, j Gors?tnon. i ST. PAUL'S, SKETTY. ■ 1 A Bazaar & Xmas Tree wiil be held at I THE CHIMCH HALL, Oil I THURSDAY, DEC. 18th. 1919. To be Opened at 2.3U p. m. by REA"o 'fc t. rHN'GE, C. U., ?. V .O. COME AND BUY Y(?KXMAS PR?ENiS. AdmissioD, Is. Half-price after 7 o'clock. SALES BY AUCTION. COUNTY BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. Mr. Joseph Harris Has lwcu fatoured with instructions from the Owner, to ofu-r for SALE bv PUBLIC AUCTION, at. the DILEWYN AUCTION MART. NDS. 10 and 11. ST. HEUEN'S- I().\J). SWANSEA, on THURSDAY, lo .sue], | Condition?, of Sale as .shall then there be produced), the following Vain- allle Leasehold Properties, viz.; Lot 1.0. u, GRAHAM STREET, j | [lAl-OD, SU AN SEA, now let at n pre-war rental of 6s. 4(1. per ween. Lut'?.—?o. 1,% GRAHAM STREET, l.Y, (,RAIIA.?t I-UREET, r(,rtal of Cs. ?. per w?Jk. Uehj for a terivi of 99 years from June 2Jth, 1875, and subject to a Gronnd Rent of £ i 13s. per annum for (lie two houses. Lot 3.—No. !o. GRAHAM STREET, j HAFOD, SWANSEA, adjou, inju the last ?t. and now b?t at a pre-war rental of 6s.4ti.pcrwc<'k. 1, 1, T, Lot l.—No. 17, GRAHAM STREET, ] j HAIOD, SWANSEA, now let at a pre- ;vi)i, rental of Hs, 4d .per week. Hold for j a term of 911 r?fs frum MacrIi ?)<h. 1973, j and subject to a Ground Hent of ?? j?s. i tel. per annum for the two houses. Lot S.-No. 75, SYMMONS STREET, just off Carmarthpti Road, now let at a | pre-war rental of Gs. 2d. p<-r week, Lot ti.-I). 7(1. SYMMONS STREET, j now let at a pre-war rental of 6s. 7lei. pp r :"J(' r\ Lot 7.—No. 77 SYMMONS STREET. now let at it pre-war rental of Gs. 2d. per week. IÆJt 8.-No. 78, SYMMOXS STREET, now let at a pre-war rental of (is. 2d. per week. ire bcld for a ter,. -a Lots 5, ? 7 and 8. are held for a term of 75 rears (loss ten days) from Septem- ber 2?th.JS7L.<,u)?<t to ?Ground Rent of ,t5 per annum tu respect of Lots 5 and 6, and t5 5s per annulp in respect of Lots 7 and 8. The Mines and Minerals are Reserved. f'lle Nfill" it),] .\Iinprals are Sale to commence promptly "^apply to C. For further particulars, ?pj)iy to C. H..Xew(-onUx',E?.,SoJi:it?r<t!,Wu)d- street, Swansea, or to Uhe Auctioneer, at Tel AT'CTION MART, and n, GOAT STREET. SWANSEA. SALE OF SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Carpets, Cork Lino. E, U. (kwds. Singer Sewing Machine, Ladi<*s' Cycles. l'iano, Polvphon, Remington Typewriter. T'a Serv ices, Electric Outside Lamps, Gey- ser, etc., etc. MESSRS. John F. Harvey and Sons Will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on FRIDAY NEXT, the 19th DECEMBER, 1919, Household Furniture, &c., The chief items comprise; 3-Piece Ches- a w tn, room Suites, Massive Light and Dark ulk Sideboards with bevellc mirrors, Ebon- ised China Cabinet. iVacticallv New Oak Est end ray DilJint Tahle by Ben Evans and Co., Ltd., A'aliogany Overmantel hy Bennett, Oak Dining-room Suite, Nenrly New Cork Lino and Linoleum, Nearly New Singer and other Sewing Machines, Singer Lady's Cycle, Marble Top Chdrùn. iere, I/oo Tables, Polvphon and 11 Tunes, Biass Fender and Irons, Sheriton Settee, Nearly New Perambulators, Child's High Cliairs, t t), I)ra%vers, Benches, Blinds and Rollers. W ater Colours, Oil Painting, Slope Copper Kettle, Clocks. V. tallds and Tables, Portmanteau, Concbfs and Easv Chairs. Overlays, Copper S!j?;ir Boiler, Brass Stair Rods. Fire < curd, ai.-d a L-ar^e Quantity of the usual Ci;l.i iry Utensils. Sale to commence at 11 a.m. promi't Terms—Cash. LLANGADOCK, at the CHúRCH HurSE STABLE YARD, at the Entrance to the Town. MESSRS | Wnl. & Walter James, F.Ä.I. j Have been favoured with instructions ) from Mr. Tudor Lewis, to offer by PLULiC AUC'liON, at the above Yard, ) on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18th, 1919. t'no following Valuable j Horses, Cobs, Ponies, Dairy j Cows, Timber Wagons, Tip Carts, Gambces, I Traps, Shaft and Leading Harness, and 80 Tons of Hay, viz.: 30 Heavy Draught >md Collibry Horses (iii a tit condition tor heavy work). 4 Hackneys and Cobs ti Strong Pomes (handled). 2 Shorthorn Cows. in lull profit. IMPLEMENTS. 7 Timber Wagons in good condition, 6 Tip Carts tlo., 6 Strong and Useful Gam- I boes. HARNESS. i Several Full Sets of Shaft and Leading Harness, Collars, Head do..Iii idles, Gainbo Ropes, Sundry Timber and other Chains. Also About 80 TONS of the best HAY (35 Tons being last year's Hay). Sale to commence at lZ oon. Tonus—Cash. Auctioneers' Offices. Llangadock, Llan- dovery and Llandilo. I THE NEW SALE ROOM, No. 7, GOAT STREET. SWANSEA. I Important. Clear-Out Sale of a Ijtfrge Quantify of Household Furniture and I Effects ,including a Rull-Sized Billiard Table. MESSRS. James ar;d James, F.A.I. Are favoured with instructions from the various owners toSELL by P U 13 1,1 ACTION, on the premises as above, on MONDAY, DECEMBER 22nd, 1919, the whole of t ); foregoing Furniture and Effects, Including a number of Mattresses, Fea- ther Beds, Ornaments, Loo Tables, and a First-Class FULL-SIZED BILiJARD TABLE by THURSTON & CO., LON- DON. The principal items consisting of ;-8 Bedsteads, 5 Feather Beds, 20 Chairs, l Dozen Fenders, 2 Loo Tables (I .Mahogany ) Overmantel, 3 Hall Stands, 2 Couches, 4 Tables, 4 Doz-^p Clocks, 2 Dressing Tallies and Wa^hstands, Corner Cupboard, Chests of Drawers, Gent.'s Bicycle, and a quantity of Books and other Oddments too numerous to particularise. Goods on View Morning of Sale. Sale to commence promptly at 11 o'clock a.m. Terms-Casb. Auctioneers' Offices, 7 Goat-street, Swansea JAZZING JAZZING. WITH JAZZ BAND. Commencing: WEDNESDAY DEC 17th. At tbri LYSIC HALL. Oxford-street All London's Lat(At and Popular Lime. lisrht D-ancpf. with Jazz Band. Dancing: 6.45 lun, till 10.30 D-m. nightly. Admission—Is. 6<1 M.C.: Mr..r IT KEOAN T I> llaeter of the followinz- ioiiciori Tap*. Sixnole Saunter. Imperial Saur/ter, Victory Dip, Jazz Twinkle, Roeetta. Tango Waltz, Fox Trots and Oae Sfcepa. I SALES BY AUCTION. j COTTAGE PROPERTY FOR INVEST-j ME NT. j fair. Henry F. Hood, F.AJ. j Is favoured with instructions to offer by I PUBLIC AUCTION, the following 1'ItO- l'E;:T.M-:?t&r?ru)nrt?.dc;- No. U, PxCJ ON-TERRACE, MOUNT PliEASANi\ SWANSEA, now let at a I weekly rental of ll!s. 6d., inciuding rates. ] i'lcid for 99 years froin 1852. at an appor- tioned Ground Ke.nt of £ 1 10s. 2d. I HAFOD, SWANSEA, let at weekly rentals uf each, including rates. Held, with other property, lor a term of 99 years from 21th June, 1857, and will bo Sold at an api«>rt ioned Ground Rent of 25s. per House, No*. SI and Sla, PENTREGUINEA- liOAD (adjoining Fuel inn), ST. 111 Oil AS, SWANSEA, let at weekly reBIds of fl\ and lis. Gd. per week respectively, including rates. Held for a term of 99 years from March 25*!i, 1815, at a Ground Rent of 2. The Mines and Minerals of all the Lots I are Reserved. The abo"e will he offered at the HO TEL j CA?tERf?. HIGH-STREET. SWANSEA, on THURSDAY, DECEMBER Isth. 1919, at 3 o'clock pju. ^subject to Conditions which will then be produced). For lurthor particulars apply to Messrs. P. James and Co. for Picton-torrace, Mr. A. J. Puntan for Earl-street; or tori all the lots to the t.I:is Offices, Arcade Chambers, Goat-street, j Swansea. PUBLIC NOTICES. County Borough of Swansea. LUNACY ACT, 1890. MENTAL DEFICIENCY ACT, 1913. The following Justices have been ap- pointed to act as Visitors of Licensed in-itlilii the Oourtv Borough of II Swansea and otherwise for the purpose of the above Ants. viz. :— Richard Martin, Tfj.. Glan:: or-ter- race, Swansea, Works Manager. J. A. Rowlings, Esq., Bryn Sketty, Ginm., Registered Medical Practitioner. T. P. Cook, Esq., Mirador, Swansea, Shipping and Colliery A^cnt. n, Nelson Jodcs, St. Holefi' road, Swansea, Registered .Medical Practitioner. K G. Frotlieroe, Esq., Bnn-road, Sw,msea, Tailor, etc. Sxi-?- -,ii I or, II -street, i Swansea. Draper, eve. In addition the iolluwing Woinca have been appointed as Visitors of such Licensed Premises and also Visitors of Institutions for Defectives tinder the Mental Pef'cieney Act, 1918. viz. — Mrs. Richard Martin, Glr.nmor-lfcr- race. Swansea. Mr4. Adelaide Pcrkins. Brynmawr. S;:dty, Glam. Dr. Mary Riteiiings, St. Flelen's-road, Swansea. Dr. Edith Evans, l i, Pidon-place, I I Swansea. H. LANG COATH. Clerk of the Peace. The GuiklhaJI, Swimsen. D?pmhcr.M.'l?'. l :=: an d hope f u", I To snrcct':d in lif good spirits and höpdui ISUCCESS iN LIFE thoughts arc required. The man who is de- apundcnt or IrrJtb! lways faiE. ??N9? I Lo%k*Its and irrifaLdity o? ,?????? Itmp("r are offcn mused by? ????.?.?? ¡a dllil, Iner, A nTlC'ri  up vour Il' llcl-TER [with Carter'* Littlo rajw y «. [I Liver PHis and start ???  r I ø -rL! l'hOJ'' withabnght U |rO j ?h?er?ifacc. e,, j !?'our healtli aid Pi LLS  nc,;s  huslness wi,l bene 'fit. No pam, no ?-——-?.——. discoir-tort' Thousand! recammwr\ them. Gocd for old and young-pilrely vegetable. Small Pill-,Small Date-Small Prtot. GENUINE must m > bear signature | NOW YOUH VICTORY BOOKLET HAS SAFELY ARRI'VED ACT ON IT I ARRIVED early SAILINGS. C.P.O.S. to CANADA UNITED STATES A the ORiENT LIVERPOOL TO tT. JOHN. X.B. Scandinavian i)cc. 11 Mctfi^araa Use 27 Empress of Fra nce .Jall .) ULA.-iGOW TO ST JOll, N.B Pretorian L»«c. 30 Sicilian .tar. 17 LONDON TO feT JOHN* N.B. ?Gr?m?ian. Ja ii. 6 +8:i:l{Jl '1;, 1 BRISTOL TO ST JOHN. N.B A ?N Tup TO ST. JOH. N B ScotMTt. Dec. 18 S;ÕU.II .ÙÏi;TÖ'' TO ST. JOHN. è., J8 8oofi:lT) .n. 20 fVia H?vre. ?Frci?ht onry. QrTCKF.ST TIME ACKOSS THE PACIFIC. Vancouver tp Japan 10 days, to China 14 (I vs For T>a*-enpt* or Fifi^ht nnply to:- LIVElt'OOL.—Pier Head fTel. tjljtj('l Bankl 3. (8,W (ierrard); 103. IieadonhaJLstreet E.C. 3 J707 Aveiiiie). BRISTOL.—18, St. Ansynstine's Parade Tel. 18iW. GLASGOW.—25. Bothwell street (Tel. 5601 fcntral). Conimercial-strect (Tel. 33 riundee), LONDONDERRY.—50. Fovie-f-.trpet. OR jfLOC'AL CANADIAN PACIFIC OCEAN SERVICES. I i


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