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AMUSEMENT S. $.30. TO-N I GHT. J.30. 'Phone: Central C2. ROXY LA ROCCA, l'he Wizzard of the Harp. DALY and HEALY, Two Kernels from the "Nut Army, in a Comedy of Errors. BILLY WELLS and the ECLAIR TWINS, Novell Eccentric Dancers. GWYN THOMAS, The Marvellous Welsb Boy V"coalis1:. Winner ot' over J00 Prises. LATEST NEWS PICTURES. CHAS, NORTON, In Imitations of Poptilax C-medians. HECTOR and LOLLETTA, Entertainers .Patteror*, Comedians, on iheir Unsupported Ladder. GEERT BROS. The Famous 4t EtY»Tu|y| = Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Edna Goodrich in HER SECOND HUS- BAND, ap Ideal Production. HOUDINI, Another Chapter of Daring Feats by this World-renowned Artist. THE LOVE BROKER, a Triangle Pro- duction, featuring Alma Rubens. CACTUS NELL, a lioaring Triangle Key- stone Topical Budget & usual Full Programme. RO- AL Theatre. —~ Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Mrs, Charlie Cheptin in ber Latest Pro- duction, BORROWED CLOTHES. Ethel Clayton in THE MYSTERY GIRL. Winkle in KICKING TH1; GERMS OF GERMANY. Episode 11. THE SILENT MYSTERY, Yellow Shadows,"2??'?. .?A?r'EE?-? ;A CINEMA. 2.38. T 0 D A Y 10.30. OLD LOVES FOR NEW, a fetory of t Luxury and Hardship, featuring • Margery Wilson. .Taylor Holmes in THE SMALL TOWN l* GUY, Five Act Comedy-Drama. FRAUDS AND FRENZIES, Two Keel Big V. Comedy. Also Interest and Topical Films. CARLTON. 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.30. Bessie Barriscale III ALL OF A SUDDEN NORMA. <V>medv Dramp of "Komance Mystery. Owen Moore and Hedda Nova, in THE 1CRIMSON GARDENIA, Rex Beach Storv LIGHTNING RAIDER SERIAL. ".tjf. Pearl White. Episode S. MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE. Pathe's Gazette. PICTUREHOUSE 1. 30. T 0 D A Y 10.30. -Wallace Reid in TOO MANY FAILLIONS lA Story Full of Thrills with many Dra- Touches i a Unusual Ending, THE BELLS, with Frank' Keenan. THE MARQUISS OF MISS SALLY í AD O'llC'n:-v tM.v). MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE. ¡ Pathe's Gazette. J.M.C.A. Public Cinema *• (Entrance—Page Street). THE HOME OF COMFORT. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Eleanor Woodruff in JAFFERY, 'be film that everybody should see. Charlie Chaplin in DOUGH AND DYNAMITE. Mary Pickford in ?no of her !?'est Triuntjflis. Also Topical and Interest Pictures. I Commencing 7 p.m. Saturdays C.M p.m. CHARITY & CARNIVAL BALL. NATIONAL SOCIETY for the PREVEN. TION of CRUELTY to CHILDREN. The alme Ball will be held at the I ALBERT HALL, II SWANSEA, on | FRIDAY, JAN. 2nd, 1929. At 7.30 p.m. FANCY DRESS OPTIONAL, Tickets.—Ladies, 12s, fd., Gentlemen, 15s. 6d.; Spectators. 3s. (including Tax). Patrons.—His Worship the Mayor, the Mayoress, the Right Her!. Sir Alfred Mond. Bmrt., M.P.. f,ad v Mond, Aid. Dd. Matthews, M.P., the Hon .Eluinc Jenkins, Mn. Morgan B. Williau" Admiral A?rn<)M 'Monea?. C. B.. M.V .O.. Ht.)d E. Thomas. Es<?.. C. C. Vivian, Esq. Dr. Ed?r R,?id, Mr. W F. BroOk, W. T :y?rr. Esq.. Cha-r?a E. Cleoves. Esq., Arthur Aiiclrows, Esq., Col. L. 1.. Morgan. A* there are only a Limited Xumber of Tickets. application with remittance should be made on or before the 24th of December to either of the Hon. Sees., W. B. n. LADD, SI, Walter-road, ..Swansea, of S. M. COOK. The Bungalotf," Skctty. W. N. F.D. & D.S. & S. (SWANSEA BRANCH). THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Will be held on I Sunday Afternoon Next! At 2.30 p.m. BttSM5<S3S :— ELECTION OP OFFICERS FOR ENSUING YEAR. AH Members are requested to dtencl- both Men and Wonain. If Meinb*rs hare Dot received notice by j post.- please accept notice as official. 1 c,  <?n<<d.) W. ?. l?ANCIS. G?n. &ec. Adatitt&&?« by C<mtribntM& C?ds? a j IfUUSEtMENTS. GRAND Theatre j SWANSEA. j MONDAY, 151 h DECEMBER, 1919, j Six Nights at 7.30, MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. THE SWANSEA AMATEUR OPERATIC SOCIETY I Will perform the Gilbert and Sullivan  Original Opera. ? THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD, C41 THE MERRYMAN AND HIS MAID. NEXT WEEK- I'irst. Visit of J. A. E. Malone's Co. in a New Musical Comedy, OH, JOY!" from the A polio Theatre. GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. MONDAY, DECEMBER 22nd, For Eleven Nights, ard Three Matinees—Boxing Day t cc. 26th), Saturday, Dec. 27th, j I and Saturday, Jan. 3rd. Christmas Attraction! FIRST VISIT OF t J. A. E. MALONE'S CO. IX A New Musical Comedy, lou, From the APOLLO THEATRE. Box Office 'Mr. W, J^Casey) Open at I the Theatre Daily from 10 till 5. I PUBLIC NOTICES. ST. HELEN'S GROUND —- SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20th. NEWPORT V. SWANSEA. < JS^VOf! at ADMISSION—FIELD, Is.; GRAND STAND, 2s. Extra (inclusive of Tax). Tickets can be obtained at Boxes on route to the Field. i. Member a', E^tsaacor-Mumbfes Road (under Stand). ?.?—.  '*SO? I NEATH UNION, I I < TO TRADESMAN. The Guardians o& -the X'oor of the Neath Union* invito Ti.NDEKS tor the supplying of the following Goods to the Undermentioned Institutions: — LLETTY\ K? )D, Pro v isions, C!oth- ing, Chemist's Sundries, Stationery, Dupery, .Meat, Cditins, Ironmnn- g(?ry, Bread, Straw, and Pcbtc('s.'. HOlES. — Provision*, • Clothing. Moat, Iromr.ongery, Chemist s Sundries, Bread, Boots (samples to lie of good quality and to be delivered at LlettynecM for the inspection of the Committee). The Tenders t.o be in force ior the three months ending 31st March. 1920. Form of Tender (in which alone will Tenders be considered) may be had on application to me. Sealed Tenders mtist reach me On or before 12 noon on Monday, the 29th day of December, 1919. The Guardians do not bind themselves to accept; any Tender in its entirety or any portion of such Tender. By Order. EDWARD POWELL, Clerk. Uuion Offices, Neath, 13th December, 1 DID. I W.N.F.D. & D. S. & S. (SWANSEA BRANCH). Gen. See.: W. L-1. EPANCIS. I Sami-Nationai Eisteddfod I Will be held at the I ALBERT H A L L on I SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 1920. I Choir Secretaries are respectfully re- quested to Book this Date. Joint Sees.: Mrs. Jarvis .Tdn*s, t. Helen VToad, Swansea; Capt. Aubrey Williams, 31, Pisher-sfr^ct, Swansea; ilr. S. G. Johns, Stockwell Ifouse, Swansoa. SWAf^SEA HARBOUR TRUST. I CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS, 191t. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the HARBOUR OF PICES will b6 CLOSED on THURSDAY, Df<pm!?r 25th (Christmas Dav), FRIDAY, the 26th. and SATURDAY, the 27th (BANK HOLIDAYS' P. W. PHILLIPS, .General Manager. Harbonr Officii, Swansea, I' Dccpm!>er, Ifl1! A I cAK ¡ Now carrjing FULL SUPPLIES of i GENUINE FORD SPARE PARTS. j Call, 'Phone or Write [ HUOTNS .1 & CO,LIKltEO, S7.WND STREET SWANSEA I 1 i i IATTH0238S* I { DEALM AMO I PAM SMCOM I PUBLIC NIDTICIRS. J. S. ARNOLD, STOCK AND SHARE BROKER, I Bank Buildings, Cattle Square, Swansea. '161. "Jaruld." swaoseu. 'Phúoe 184 CéDt. VESlEKX COUJSTlEfi SHIPPING. A tfood opportunity is now afforded tt invwtinu: in It feound ShjoDiu^ l emptily. 12b roer cent, diridciiti free of income Ta*, is being-v*:d for the current year, and it is expected this dividend will be main. tained. besides placing fa HIe aniourtts an. ?r;t!)y t? re«crre. ITœ1ectn"M a&d Ap- plication forms may h:' ?bt?ined at my <?ce. and early application M advi«cfl. 1 HAVE SldiLbR-S OF— 2-50 ilond .Nickel 7 r; Pref. Shares at 19b. -00 C-on».- Cambrianfi at 24s. I 300 Baldwins St M-. 2(0) DUJI01) Americaji Trust at lis. 6d pre- I mium. 290 Maritime Shipping and TradiDC Co at ZOB.. 50 Eiiulifth Crown Spelter? at 39s '00 Blaenavou Otd at 19s. 4;d. I HAVF: OF 150 B. K. J on pa l'refofpnce at 19c. ^1. FOR THE FUND. I MOND BUILDINGS, I Tuesday, Dec. 23rd, I 1919, at 8 p.m, I I Pianofoite Recital I LLEWELYN BEVAN. ?LLEWELYN BEVAN. E.Itwutii)Tlist Mlrs.. LESLIE J. DAVIES. Vocalist Mr. JOSIAH THOMAS. PROGRAMME. Mazurka, -No. 10 in B Flat ¡ i Yalse in C Sharp Min Chopin. j Sonata in C Sharp Min. ()p. 27, j ^'o. Beethoven. (&) Adagio S?teimto. (b) Allegrett (c) Presto Agit?«.. LLEWELYN BEVAN. I Selections Mrs. LESLIE J. DAVIES. j 1 Son?. Even Bravest Heart May Swell, Faust, j J0SIAH T H?M A S Nocturne No. ? in B Chopin. La plus que lento D% 'us:. i Norwcgu?n Bridal March Ciritg. LLEWELYN BEVAN, ) Mrs. LESLIE J. DAVIES. ¡ Song, (a) Come lot us sit and dream." (b) Invictus." JOSIAH THOMAS. Polonaise in A I' prelude No. K in B. Mia. Prelude No. 7 in A. Chopin. Prelude \o. 15 in D Plat 2nd Schergo in B Flat Min I LLEWELYN BEVAN. Silver Collection. Silver Collection. j PROCEEDS IN AID ut-' WIDOW'S' AND ORPHANS' FUND. Chairman-W, A. JENKINS, Esq. V FOR THE FUND.! ? I | i Momston s Chance j to Help. j DON'T FORGET Saturday's Concert AT AT Tabernacle Vestry, j First-class Programme provided by the Plasmarl Schoolboy Minstrels AND THE I Gwalia Male Voice Party I I Chair to bo tfiken at 7-30 by Councillor MORGAN E. REES. j Admission 2/- and 1/ Something must be done and is being done for Morris- ton's 70 Widows fyiid 150 Dependents, i i IN AID OF THE WIDOWS' AND ORPHANS' FUND. j A CAROL SERVICE On I Sunday, Dec. 21st, 1919, At 8, At WESLEY CHAPEL Carols, Anthems,$rc.. will be tung- by I' the Choir, th* direction of Mr. R. T. Hughes, A. R.C,O.. assisted by the l following: Miss E. PICKERING, Miss ELSIE t PHILLIPS, Mr. O. WILCOX. I-COUectJ1 in Aid of tbs albove Euud.- PUBLIC NOTICES. ] SESSION 1920. SWANSEA CORPORATION. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that i* MEETING of the ELECTORS of the Borough of Swansea will be held at the GUILDHALL. SWANSEA, ou TUES- DAY, the fith day of JANL ARY, *-20, at 7.30 o'clock in the afternoon to consider and if thought fit to approve of the pro- motion by tli6 Corpornl ion of a Bill in i the next Session of Parliament to auth- orise the Mayor Aldermen and Burgess?? of U. Borough of Swansea 1 o conAtruct street improvements and other works and to run motor omnibuses to consoli- date th £ loeal rates leviable in the Borough and to make better provision for thé health, local jfovernment, an. finance of the borough and for other purposes. The objects of the* Bill are briefly as follows, 1. To improve and widen the public highway leidinjr from Llangyfelach tt¡ Neath from the Borough bound- ary at. Penygors thrnupli Morris- ton and Lhiiisamlet to the horough, boundary ,J1 1<6nlas" 2. To extend the Marine Promenade i front Brynmill to Mnriibles Koac] Railway Bridge and to construct, a Jiathing Pool on the Foreshore near Swansea Bay Station; T-. lay a, watermain from the Star Inn. Llansamlet, to Loulas, and through Birchgrove aDd Glais to Clydach; 4. To provide and run Motor Omnibuses upon the roads within the borough and npon certain routes outside the Borough 5. To purchase laud s Or casements therein for the purposes of thpBUl; 6. To confer further powers upon the Corporation with regard to streets, buildings, sewers, drains, Slaughter- J houses and hackney carriages and other matters relating to the local government and health 01 the Borough; 7. To fcbolish the Diftfriet. Fund and Gener: District Rate and to con- so^dat? into <>ne ra.. ¡Ill the rates leviable in the J30r,)1)gh; S. To establish a Superannuaiion Fund fop (Officers and Servauts of the Corporation with annual contribu- tions by the Corporation and such Officers and Servants; 9. To enable the Corporation to eslab-1 PUi Workmen's Compensation, i fidelity <Tiiaraniee. Education Accident, and Fire Insurance Funds and a Savinjcs and Housing Bank; 10. To borrow monies for the purposes ('.f iLe Bill and to rnako provision with regard- to the repayment of such monies and also with regard to outstanding loans, and to make further provision as to the ifnances of th .Bclwugh And 11. To charge the costs, charges and expenses in relation to the promo- tinn of Ule said Bill upon the Borough Fund and Borough Rate, of to pay the same out of monies to be borrowed under the provi- sions of the Bill. Th TIiJI aleo contains various clauses to carry out the purposes aforesaid wliieh are usr.clly inserted in Bills of the like kind. The Bill was dope, si ted in the House of Commons and in the House of Lords on the 17th December, 1919. Coynes of the Bill may be inspected a»d purchased at the Town Clerk's Office lic- tween the hours of 10 in the ioveno.m ami 5 in lh afternoon (Saturdays between 10 and 12.30 in the forenoon) Oil every week- day for fourteen days after the date hereof and extracts may bo made there- from free of charge. The revolution which will he submitted to the meeting is as follows;— » "j This Meeting, as representing the ( Electors of tho Borough of Swansea, dr», pursuant to tho provisions of the "Borough Funds Act 1R72 and TM3 approve ot the application by the 1 own Council in the next Session of "Parliament for an Act to authorise the Mayor, Aldermen and Burge?ses O: the Borough Of Swansea to con- struct street improvements and other "•works And to run motor omnibuses, to consolidate the loca rates leviable in the borough and to make better "provision for the health, local govern- nifrt and finance of tho borough and for other purposes." If th, said meeting request that reso- lutions in favour of the promotion of any part or parts, or clause or clause? of the said Bill be put separately but together covering the promotion of the whole Bill, resolutions to giye efTect to that reouest; will accordingly be submitted. Dated this 114tii day of December, 1919. ALEX. SINCLAIR, Mayor of the Borough. FOR THE FUND. I PANTYGWYDR BROTHERHOOD. The SWANSEA WIDOWS' and I ORPHANS' FUND. A GRANO MUSICAL SERVICE I Under the auspices of the above, will be given on SUNDAY AFTERNOON, I December 21st, at 2.45 p.m., at I PANTYGWYDR BAPTIST CHAPEL, ¡ When tho following Artistes have kindly II I cofisented to part:— I P,6praiio Miss AVERILL MORGAN. j Tenor Mr. 8. R. HOSKINS. Trombone Soloist Mr. I SAACJ ON ES (Of ti-it Swansea Police. Bond). AdcoPipftnist Mr. H. V. THOMPSON, ( Assisted by a Full Orchestra. I Chairman J. D. WILLIAMS, Esq. (Editor of Cambria Daily Leader I Silver Collection. Proceeds for tho above Fund. Invitation | ¡ Come in Cro,d!-=; v Im.itation to All. j NEATH BOROUGH EDUCATION COMMITTEE. WAKTlD a CAftETAJCER for ME.LYN I ) COTCXCiL SCHOOL. Wa £ es (including 3$. 6rl..r week ,together v.utS Coal. The Car-italcer will be roquired to- act as Cleaa^r of the BÚ:J$' &pd Infarts' Dejtartmeatj. Appli^- tions, with e6?ni?,s of tbré m-ent. ,ti. ?c?mia?, to be in th? hand? of the undr. i" signed on or before the ?7?)) December, JHI. Cm?'a?ing will ba cosnidftrcd a j disqualicliation. j L ARTHUR J .EVA?. Soi??r, ? Clerk' to tb? Crw— I


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