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I .t 1nnt fro", CJerirstm m. HERE IS PURSERS' WHERE THE GOOD GIFTS ARE!. You made up your mind to buy Good and Useful Gifts thif Christmas and, when you buy them at Purser's, they need not rn: expensive. What is more, you can depend on Pursers' for ali your presents,—whether it is the large gift at a smail price" 01 the smaller, costlier gift you will choose it with ease from Pursers great display. Look carefully through these few exaniples:- Exquisiie Dhreond Cluster King, 1:7 73. g'n: Solid Gold Diamond r'nd Ruby cr SappMie Ring, S3 59. iS-ct. S 'lid Gold, Lady's Signet, 25;. J-el. Solid Gold, 12/6 ta-ct. Gdct richly carved. 274i Solid Gold, 15/- ? Pretty Solid Gold Biooch, 10AJ. 18-ct. Solli Go]4 Dio-ch, from iS-ct. S0ii<i G<11d Many hlU1d& c< other dMip15 <t0fn 7i6 ? K Signet, 23 33. 7/6 to £5. 11d t-c1. Gold, 21/- Srlid Geld Link- Silver Plated Shell Buusr Dhh, in case, 10/- ?iolia Gold B,,ir d Lr tiaac6o&atly c Solid Silver Hall ^larked Ci;paret^ /'???f?? Sc)M Si!ver HaU Alarmed Ci,rett C?e, also Plain o; Engraved designs, 30/. s; ?'?.??? F '? ?'?' ? E?Ttved designs, 30/.   Sc?id GoM Vt -klots, ?"d Gold Expa?dtng W?teh Bracelet^ !tted ac?t?jns to we?ht. with 15 Jewel LEVER movement, and beutiluUy f5/- 50/- finished, !7 JOb. YOU mint see the Special Display of Silver and Silver Plated Goods. SEE THE WINDOWS TO DAY j? ?,?TL ?OMf /etP)"?? ecr jo?in u U c?_ e. trt- e6&. 00J2 ra CHRISTMAS WEDDINGS & ENGAGE. MENTS.- See the great Ring Display. 263 OXFORD STREET. SWANSEA (?-S?) -Jt' f-J:c, ::< :{;, ::F. "i:_ -:).Ji;y è*{'K.t .:i1:> 'l >j;t GOLD MEDAL BAKERY,   Cent. IM LLAM8YFELACH ST. _??-????<6l  \1 D QUAlm SHOP, I By???-??'? 90. EATON ROAD. SPElO][.A.L SX3E<0'?Er I OF j C?STMM,WE89!? & BIRTHDAY CMES. I HIGH CLASS CHOCOLATES. I Our Cakes obtained Highest Awards at the I; recent London Exhibition. 66!-1¡ 5ECOANO SYS FOOTEALLS MECHANICAL TOYS FLASH LAMPS AEROPLANES BEST TRAIN SETS PRESENTS BARROWS » FOR TRUCKS BOYS ETC, DAN MORGAN, 218p Oxford Street Swansea. 1 — THE CHILDREN'S CAUSE IS SACRED. WILL YOU HELP IT ALONG? It I SPECIAL LINES FOtt CHRI&T'JLAS TKADE. jib. and 21b Morten's Plum Puddijirs I lib Crcsee acd Black well Sultana and Currant "uridines Tristclla Sh.;dded Suet. lib. and ilb. packets. Large Bottles Wines Ginter and Ginger Brandy. I Ccokins E«gs. j Pr:c?? ou ?pplicaticn, Wholesale.—W. THOXAS AXD CO. (Swane<&). Ltd.. Gl<?cc&. 1 ter Buildipos

Children's Corner. !