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■!>> AMUSE i w. 8,30. TO-NIGHT. 8.30. 'I'ftnne; OttMl ri (No Performance on Christmas Day.) I TOM WATERS and EDDIE MORRIS, 1* Comedy Irish Classic, Father & Sen.' FREDERICK SYLVESTER & Co. Tin; Neatest: uf the Xcat. HYLDA NELSON TRIO $Presents 'Gems oi' Melody,* featuring Rita 1 Neve (Pianist) & SpivaktiWSky {/Cellist). 5 LATEST NEWS PICTURES. CARA MAGDA, The Lady Trapezist. BILLY O'CONNOR, g A Pack of Humour. GEORGE MORTON, „ "The Black Dot." 1. YAMAMOTO & Mies KOYOSHI. v The World- famous JsipHno* Equilibrists. E1-r = "M Monday, Tuesday, and Weancscay: An Ideal Super Drama in Six Parts, A GRAIN OF DUST, featuring Lilian Walker. ELMO THE MIGHTY, in Episode. 5. MIGHT AND THE MAN, a Thffiimg Triangle Drama in Five Parts. HIS HIDDEN SHAME, a Triangle Keystone Coibedy. Topical Budget &. lIs\Jal FIlH Programme. ROYAL Theatre. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Belle Bennett m THE FUEL OF LIFE, Five Reel Triangle Drama. < Dorothy Gish in THE HOPE CHEST. I::pi;odp Ii. Pearl White in THE LIGHTNING RAIDER, A DOG CATCHER'S LOVE, Two Iieel Comedy. Thut. Next.-CONSTANCt TALMAfiGE Castle CINEMA. 2,30. TO-DAY. 10.30. AT THE HOUSE OPPOSITE, a Seven Keel Mystery Drama featuring Leah Baird iii(I James Morriton, HER FATHER'S KEEPER, Five Part Triangle Dfamu, featuring I rene Howley. Also Selection of Up-r<Mlato Comedy t.nd Topical Films. Full Orchestra Afternoon and Evening. CARLTON. 2.30. TO-DAY. 10.30. DON'T CHANGE YOUR HUSBAND, Featuring All-Star Cas'. Jl. Great lJkunest.ii- Drama, splendidly put. on in every aspect and dftnil. Taylor Holmes in A PAIR OF SIXES, Six Act Comedy Drama by Ed. HELLO, TROUBLE,'a Rattling Two Po. 1'1 Comedy. MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE. v: Pathe's Gazette, f\ pictOre house 2.30. TO DAY. 10.30. W m. fox present-, George Walsh iuj NEVER SAY QUITS, Fortune Favours Never-.say-Quitter. "Gladys Leslie in A NYMPH OF THE .FOOTHILLS, from the original scenario by Rex Taylor. MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE. Travel and Interest. Pathe's Gazette. Y.M.C.A. Public Cinema Street). HiE HOME OF COMFORT. Monday, tuesday, and Wednesday. KING LfcAR (tine of .-Jiakespeaie's Great. Works), featuring F. Warde. Sidney Drew in DIPLOMATIC HENRY. Fatty Arbucjvle • in A FARMYARD ROMEO. Also Topical anu Interest Pictures. Each Evening at 7 p.m. Boxing Day and Saturday.—Continuous Performance, commencing at PUftLlC NOTICES. CHARITY & CARNIVAL BALL. NATIONAL SOCIETY for the PREVEN. TION of CRUELTY to CHILDREN. 4 The above Ball will be held at the ALBERT HALL, SWANSEA, on FRIDAY, JAN. 2nd, 1920. At 7.30 p.m. FANCY DRESS OPTIONAL. Tickets.—Ladies, 1::5. 6d.; Gentlemen, lZJs. lid.; Spectators, 3ti. (including Tax). P&trofis.—His Worship the May" or, the Mayoress, the Right Hon. Sir Alfred Mortd, fihrt.. M.P.. LaJv Mofid, Aid. Dd. Matthews, M.P., the Hon .Etainc Jenkins, Mrs. Morgan 13. Williams, Admiral Algernon W. Heneage, C.B., M. V .O., i Iitid E. Thomas, Esq., C. C. Vivian, Esq., Dr. Edgar Reul, Mr. W F. Brook, W. cr. Farr, Esq., Charles E. Cleeves. Esq., Arther Ar-drtws, Esq., Col. L. L. Morgan, As there are only a Limited Number of Tickets,; application with remittance should be made on or before the 24th of I December to either ut the Hon. Sees., W. B. n. LAD I), 61, Walter-road. Swansea, or S. M. COOl" The Bungalow," Sketfy. i' 1 I Now carry ing FULL SUPPLIES of GENUINE FORD SPARE PARTS. Call, 'Phone or Write 1 HUTCHINS A CCkvLIMITED, I t 1 SWANSEA I AimsoKxsms OEAlfftS ANO PAMSTOM "MUSLiM;¡ GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. MONDAY. DECEMBER 22nd, 3919, Eleven Nights at 7.30. r H R E E MATI N f: E S- B6J(íf1{j Day, December 23th, at 2,30, j [ Saturday, December 27th, at 2.30, and Saturday. January 3rd, at 2.30. CHRISTMAS ATTRACTION; First Visit of J. A E. MALONE'S CO. in* a New Musical Comedy, Fag | the .\pol1o Tl¡i'at1'+'. I Monday, Jan. 5th, 1920, for Six N' iglits arid Matinee, Return Visit of Waiter j Howard's Greatest, Drama, j SEVEN DAYS' LEAVE. -J' } PUSUO NOTICES.  VETCH FIELD. CHRISTMAS DAY at 2.30. SOUTHERN LEAGUE. BRISTOL ROVERS v. SWANSEA TOWN. ADMISSION (including Tax).—BOYS, 6d.; FIELD, Is., STAND, Is tid. Extra. BOXING DAY at 2.30. WESTERN LEACUE. I BATH CITY E.. i v. SWANSEA TOWN. ADMISSION I'inelucliiig Tax >K( >YS. 6d.; FIELD, 1- STANp, 1", Extra. SATURDAY, DEC. 27th, at 2.30. WESTERN LEAGUE I WELTON ROVERS v. I SWANSEA TOWN. ADMISSION (including Tax).—BOYS, STA ND, Extra. ST. HELEN'S GROUND CHRISTMAS DAY, WATS0N1ANS v, SWANSEA. ADMISSION.—FIELD. U.; GRAND STAND, Js. Extra. I BOXING DAY, NE ATH-. N E ATH ?.. V. SWANSEA. ADMISSION.—F1 F.f.I). 1s.; GRAND STAND, 2s. Extra. SATURDAY, DEC. 27th, ABERAVON v. A N 1E A A' D MIS^I ONT-i El D. T «.; 'GK A N"D STAND, 2s. Extra. KICK OFF EACH DAY AT 2.45 P.M. Members' Entrance Fnder Grand Stand. WEL-SH FOOTBALL UNION. Interna'tional Hughy Football Match. England v. W ales, at: Sw ansea, January 17th, 15)20. Grand Stand Seats, Reserved and Numbered, (is. each; Seats Inside Ropes, Reserved but not 1u4htr.:t- 4s. eacli. Ptices al'e itr?Tiiki've of Tax. Tickets may obtained' from Walter I E. Rees, Secretary Welsh Football Union, ¡ Neath. Swansea Rural District Council. HOUSING. First Instalment (206 Houses). The a)x'\? Cornell invites TENDERS for the JJR!:CTlf)\ of t1w \hoJe of any of the following Groups of Houses:—• (1) SO Ho|i>$s in Jhinfwjn and Glynhir Roads, Pontardubus. (2) 51 House's in l'T'an»pton and Alexan- dra Roads, Gorseinon. (3) 18 Houses in Mount St reet, and Man- sel Street Gowerton. (4) 48 Houses in Culfor Road and Glebe R-ead. Luu:J hr.r OJ) 12 Houses m Gorseuiuii Road, Pen- llergaer. (6) 14 Houses in New Road, Grovesend. Persons desiring to Tender may inspect the drawings at: the office of Mr. J. Teifioli J. Williams, M.S.A. (the Council's Housing Architect), ,1, Tfuliple Buildings, CoiHt-street; Swansea. Tenders must be oil t))f official form which will be supplied with the copies Of the Bills of Quantities, and other necessary documents upon payment sf £ 2 2s. for each contract to the undersigned. This sum will be returned upon iee I,t of a. IxmA fide 'Tender which trt si b- sCfjupntly withdrawn. Sealed Tenders endorsed ic j.smg Sf henie N<> iriitt be delivered at mv office not lattli- than Noon on Monday, the 19th day of January, 1020. The Contractor will be required to pay the usual wages paid tor similar work, and to observe hours of labour not less favourable than those commonly recog- nised by Employers' and Trade Union Societies in the different trades m this District. The Council does not bind itself to hC- cept the lowest or any Tender, and the provisional acceptance of a Tender hy the Council will be subject to tI, ap- proval of the Ministry of Health.* EDWARD HARRIS, Clerk to the Council. Council Offices, Alexandra-road. Swansea, 19th Decern Tier, 1010. County Borough cf Swansea. OXFORD ST. MARKET. NOTICE. The CHRISTMAS MARKET will he, held -in TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23rd and 24th. The Market will be Open on Tuesday until 9 p.m., and Wednesday until 10 p.m. The Market will be Closed on Friday, December 26th, and be Open on Saturday, December 27th. from S a.fu to 4 p.m. JOHN W. DA VIES, Manager. Market Offices, bee. 19th, 1919. THE CHILDREN'S CAUSE IS SACRED. WILL YOU HELP IT ALONG? PUBLIC NOTICES. | FOR THE FUND. < | MOND BUILDINGS, T 0 8 N I G iI T | (Tuesday, December 23. d), j 1913, at 8 p.m. Pianoforte Recital By LLEWELYN BEVAN. COME AND HEAR THE PLAYER WHO BECAME FAMOUS AMONG THE SOLDIERS IN FRANCE. Elocutionist.Mrs, LESLIE J. DAVITS. Vocalist Mr. JOSlAH THOMAS. | PROGRAMME. Maxurka, :\0. If) in B Flat Vaise in C Sharp Min Cbopin. Sonata in C Shitrp Mih. Op. 27, .\0. 2 Beethoven. (a) Adagio Sostouuto, (b) Allegretto, (e) Presto Agitato, LLEWELYN DEVAN. Selections Mrs. LESLIE J. DAVIES. Song. Even Bravest Heart Sii-ell JOSIAH THOMAS. Nocturne No. 9 in B cilOI)ill. La plus qlle lentc Debuisy. Norwegian Bridal March .Gri{>g. LLEWELYN BEVAN. Selections Mrs. LESLIE J. DAVIES. ong, (a) "Come let us sit and dieara." I (b) iuvictus. JOSIAH THOMAS. I'olonaise in A Prelude No. ii in H. Min Prelude 7 in A Chopin. Prelude No. 1o in D Flat 2nd Schergo it, 1-11 Flat Min LLEWELYN BEVAN. ADMISSION FREE. Silver Collection. Silver Collection. PROCEEDS IN AID Of WIDOWS' AND ORPHANS' FUND. TO-NIGHT at 8. A. JENKINS, Esq. I LLEWELYN BEVAN IS ONE OF OUR I GREATEST WELSH PLAYERS. COME AND HELP THE FUND AND HAVE A GREAT EVENING. a The, Widows' and Orphans' and I Chilrens' Summer Home Pund. Rhyddings C.M. Church SWANSEA. SUNDAY EVENING CHILDREN'S SERVICES. A CANTATA I Entitled— A Happy ?w Year al l (Under the auspices of above), will be rendered by the CHOIR NEW YEAR'S NIGHT, JANUARY 1st, 1920, At 7 p.m. Also a ftliscellaneous Programme By Local Artistes. Mrs. LESLIE DAVIES, Miss BRENDA JEFFORD, Mr. J. G. MORGAN. SILVER COLLECTION IN AID OF I ABOVE FUND. COME IN c R 0 w 0 s ) DON'T FORGET "V MACHEN MAWR I" Tabernacle, Morriston, Christmas Night at 7.30. POPULAR PRICES, I .???? ?? Kr?schen b a b i t— ward oH rheumatism every wh& t it is HLc :o feel ?ood and fit aH the time. j Every mornin g ? Of all Chemists 1/6 per bottle. AH British j morning and !eaia PUBLIC NOTICES. G END fi OS Council Schools, FFORESTFACH. A Grand Performance of DICKENS' "CHRISTMAS CAROL" Will bo given in Aid of the Widows' and Wednesday Evening, Dec. 24. ADMISSION — SIXPENCE. Doors JLJpen at j Comrhence at GHELUVELDT., OCTOBER 31st. 1914. 2nd Battalicn The Welch Regiment i H is psnpused to lireet a Meiriotial t:o tho officers, W.O.'s, N.C.O.'s and Men ot<!?-?ndJ;a!ta?onTh<. N17 (,I(-IlI nwnt who loll during t !?- G'c'at. ?%ft'. It has )>ccii decided that the most Mut- aht?s'i?f<.rtht. Erection of ?'n'h a M e-morial is at G HE EL'VELDT, in BELGIUM, wliere, on i,i i;nt. the] great German attack on YPRES .ml v as pract iet^liv annihilated. The castiarL'S in I hiR I í',¡lttle amountN1 If) some seven- teen officers and nearly tjOO other ranks killed and wotmded. It is hoped to raise.a fjni of at least towards which figure subscriptions within the Battaiior front Officei?, W .U. 's, X.C.O. 's and now serving amount, to o It is felt that many of tli"se who have been in any way connected with the Battalion will wish to subscribe. Subscriptions should be sent to THE HON. SECRETARY. MEMORIAT/FGXD. j 2nd BAIT. THE W?LCH HEGIMEST" PEMBROKE DOCK. SWANSEA NAVAL BRICADE, The ANNUAL TREAT and ENTER-! TAINMtNT w Hi take place at the OLD SWANSEA CASTLE HEADQUARTERS XMAS EVE, 6.30 p.m. All Old M.embers are Cordially Invited. JOHN flODGENS. Commodore. SALES BY AUCTION. To Hotel .Proprietors, Restaurateurs, Householder, and Others. VICTORIA TEMPERANCE HOTEL, ^Opposite L. and N.W Itty, Station), RUTLAND S TREET, SWANSEA. Richard H. C. Roche Has been instructed by the Owner, who is giving tip business, to SEEL by P C H LIC ALCi'lON, on the Premises, on THURSDAY, JANUARY Sth, IH:W. thè whole of t he- Furnishings, TRADE UTENSILS & 01 HER EFFECTS Partitioned Show Fitting vtiih Plate Glass Mirrors at back, 12 Marble-top Cate Tables, 2 Massive Arch-shaped Mir- I-ors, I Carroti Combus- tion Stove and Piping, Marble-top Coun- ter, Lai-go Gus-HertCii Copper Hot Water Urn, by Martineau and Smith, lo Bench Seats, Wood Partition, Plate Glass Shelves, Marble Slabs, Fair of Scales by Pftrnail and Sons .1 Brass Weights, Brass Rail Wire Counter Screen, 3 Panel Mir- rors, Decorated W iud jw Partitions, Pair H-Tter Steps, Pictures, Gas Bracket Mirrors, Bentwood Chairs, 2 Smoke-room Tables 011 Iron Stands, 3 Large Smoke- room Seats t-pbolstered in Red Plush. Poles and Rings, Curtains, Linoleums, 4,)ilclcjtitb,, Brass Stair Treads, Heavy Brass Handrail, Slair Oilcloths, Sta r Rods, Hat Stand, l'id.nres, Coco and other Mats, Don file and Single Bedsteads, Wire Mattresses, Wool Overlays, Sets of Bedroom Ware, Was lust a i ids, g Tables, Swing M.rrors, Cane-seated Chairs, Rails, "Wicke** Chair, Fen- ders-, Fire Irons. Sola, Blinrls and Rollers, Chests øl Drawers, Large Linol Ward- robe, Zino Flour Bin, Wooden Store Cup- board. Kitchen Dreiser, Kitchen Table, Largo Iron Boiler, Saucepans, Sundry Meat Dishes, Cutlery, Wooden Vegetable Bin, Sundry Chairs, Jardinieres, Vases, Quantity of Glais "fnmblers, Sundry Glass Ware, Glas^> Spirit Barrel, Oxo Cups, Ju?s. Cruets, Gia?.? Water Bottles, Quan- tJty of ClpS and Sauccts, Di.nner, Dessort and Tea Plates. Teapots, Glass Sandwich Dish, Glass Sweet Bottles, Glass Dishes, Silver Knives and Porks. Small Fancy Stove, Kitchen Utensils, and Half-Plate Camera; UPRIGHT l'AINO by London Maker; VALVE WASHEH AND WlvINGEE. by Bradford, Birmingham; and other Effects too numerous to par- ticularise. Sale to Commence Promptly at 11 a.m. Goods on View Day Prior to Sale from Auctioneer's Offices: 12, O.vford-straet, Swansea. I


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