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¡" AMUSEMENTS. j 6.30. TO-NSGHT. 8.30. 'Phone; Centra! Si. (No Performance on Christmas Day.) i I TOM WATERS and EDDIE MORRIS, In Comedy Irish Classic, Father & Son.' ) FREDERICK SYLVESTER & Co. The Nearest of the Neat. HYLDA NELSON TRIO Presents 'Gems of Melody,' featuring Rita i Neve t. Pianist) & Spivakowsky ('Ceilist). ¡ LATEST NEWS PICTURES. CARA MAGDA, I 4 The Lady Trapeziat. j BILLY O'CONNOR, A Pack of Humour. GEORGE MORTON, The Black Dot. YAMAMOTO & Miss KOYOSH L The World-Famous Japanese Equilibrists, IL Y s I ts Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesuay. An Ideal Super Drama 111 Six Parts, A GRAIN # DUST, featuring Lilian I Walker. ELMO THE MIGHTY, in Episode 5. MIGHT ANO THE MAN, a Tlirilling Triangle Drama in Five Parts. HIS HIOOEN SHAME, a Triangle Keystone Comedy. Topica) Budget & usual Full Programme CASTLE1 B CAEILE. 2.30. T 0.0 AY. ?.30, 'AT THE HOUSE OPPOSITE, a S?ven? 'Reel Mv<-?ry Drama, featuring Leah? v Baird .and James Morrison. HER FATHER'S KEEPER, Five Part Triangle Drama featuring Irene Howley. Also .etetiun, of U¡.H"date Comedy and Topical Films. full Orchestra Afternoon and Evening. PL R I. Y iu ;li 2.30. TODAY. 10.30. ■^DCWT CHANGE YOUR HUSBAND, vFeaturing all-Star Cast. j A'Great.v Domestic Drama, splendidly put v on in every aspect and detail. Taylor Holmes in A PAIR OF SIXES, <six Act Coiuedy Drama hy Ed. Peple. "'fTELLO, TROUBLE, a Rattling Two j i art Comedy. f T MARVELS OF THE UNIVERSE. 7 Patne's Gazette. I ? PICTURE HOUSE ,.2^0. TO DAY. 10.30. AVm. Fox presents George Waish in' "•N6VER SAY QUITS. Fortune Favours tLe N e ver-say-Quitter. Gladys Les!ie in A NYMPH OF THLj FOOTHILLS, from the original scenario by Pex Taylor. MARVELS OF fHE UNIVERSE. Travel and Interest. Psthe's Gazette. Y.M.C.A. Public Cinema Street). THE HOME,07 OOMFORT. Mori cay, i ucsday, and Wednesday. KING LEAR (one of Hiakcspeare's Great Works), featuring F. Warde. Sidney Drew in DIPLOMATIC HENRY. Fatty Arbuckle in A FARMYARD ROMEO, Also Topical and Interest Pictures. Each Evening at 7 p.m. Boxing Day and Saturday.—Continuous Performance, commencing at 2.30 p.m. AT THE jji ELYSIUM. r/?r.. F?. & Sat  Special Xmas Attraction. I Xmas Day 2-30 p.m. j Boxing Pay- 1-30 p.m. I' Gra.nd Ideal Picture Play, MY LITTLE m Starring ELLA HALL, ZOE RAE EMORY JOHNSON. A Charming Story in Five Parts. HOUDINI, The Pinal Episode of this Thrilling Serial. Society for Sale, A Thrilling Triangle in Five Parts. j Her Torpedoed Love, I Triangle Keyatone, Topical Budget and usual Full Programme. Swansea and West Wales Boot and Leather Trades' Association. 1 Ti. CHRiSTMAS HOLIDAYS. ^The PUBLIC are requested to note ">-e PUÐ1I(¡ r9Qu(>s!:E>d to "ote I that all SHOPS connected wIth the I Closed on Thursday, Friday, I and Saturday, of DECEMBER 25th, 26th, and 27th. <' -<1. DON'T FORGET Y MACHEN AWR I Tabernacle, Morriston, Christmas Night at 7.30. POPULAR PRICES. t PA m u s c GRAND Theatre I SWANSEA. ¡ MONDAY, DECEMBER 22nd, 1919, 1 Eleven Nights at 7.50, THREE MATI N EES- Boxing Day, December 26th, at 2.30, Saturday, December 27th, at 2.30, and Saturday, January 3rd, at 2.30. CHRTSTMAS ATTRACTION! First Visit of J. A E. MALONE'S CO. in a New Musical Ccmedy, I OH, JOY From the Apollo Theatre. j Monday, Jan. 5th, 1920, for Six Nights j and Matinee, Return Visit of Waiter Howard's Greatest Drama, SEVEN DAYS' LEAV-E. IROYALI i THEATRE | TI-IE HOME OF MUSIC I Thurs.,Î Fri. & S at. r I Ooostancs Talmadge ,1 LN i Mrs. Jaffingwell's Boots. j I The Exploits j of a German I; Sub marline, U 35. j j By Special Request. t Two Reel Capitol Comedy, I His New j l Breakfast Food. I Efisode 12, 1 THE SILENT MYSTERY, j II "ON HORROR'S HEAD." 1 § Two Reels. | j PATHE'S GAZETTE, j -E'S GAZETTE.- I ?en Xmas Day 1-4.fip.m _1,1 I Boxing Day 12-15 „ i SALES BY AUcIrION. To Hotel Proprietors, Restaurateurs, Houeholdeh and Others. VICTORIA' TEMPERANCE HOTEL, (Opposite L. and N.W Rly. Station), RUTLAND STREET. SWANSEA. Richard H. C. Roche Hag been instructed by the Owner, who is giving up business, to SELL by PUB- LIC AUCTION, on the Premises, on THURSDAY, JANUARY 8th, 1D20, the whole of the Furnishings, TRADE UTENSILS & OTHER EFFECTS of the above Hotel, comprising:—Large Partitioned Show Fitting with Plate Glass Mirrors at hack. 12 Marble-top Cafe Tables, 2 Massive Arch-shaped Mir- rors, Overmantel. I Carron Combus- tion Stove and Piping, Marble-top Coun- ter, Large Gus-Bouted Copjfer Hot Water Urn, by Martineau and Smith, 15 Benell Seats, Wood Partition, Plate Glass Shelves, Marble Slabs, Pair of Seates by, Parnall ano Sons 4 Brass Weights, Brass Hail Wire Counter Screen, 3 Panel Mir- rors, Oeeorated Wind iw partitions. Pair Il-Tier Steps, Pictures, Gas Brtckefs. Mirrors, Beutwood Chairs, 2 Smoke-room Tallies on Iron Stands, 3 Large Smoke- room Seats upholstered in Red Plush. I Poles and Rings, Curtains, Linoleums, Oildoths, Drass Stair Treads, HeaA Brass Handp.ul. Stair 0)hloths, Sta' .7. Rods, llat Stand, Pictures, Coco bond 1 other Mats, Double and Single Bedsteads, Wire Mattresses, Wool Overlays, Sets of Bedroom Waie, Washstands, Dressing Tables, Swing Mirrors, Cane-sented Chairs, Tow-I Rails, Wioke* Chair, Fen- tiers. Fire Irons, Sofa, Blinds and Rollers. Chests of Drawers, Large LIM 1 Ward- robn, Zinc Flour Bin, V' ood-en Store Cup- board, Kitchen Dresser, Kitchen Table, Large Iron Boiler, Saucepans. Sundry Meat Dishes, Cutlery, Wooden Vegetable I Bin, Sundry Chairs, Jardinieres, Vases, yuafllitv of Glass Tumblers, Sundry Glass Ware, Glass Spiti: Barrel, Oxo CiSftSv i Jugs, Cruets. Glass Water Boities, Quan- tity of Cups and Saucers, Dinner. Dessert ana Te4 Plates, Teapots, Glass Sandwich Diph, Glass Sweet Bottles, Glass Dishes, Silver Knives and Forks, Small Fancy Stove, Kitchen Utensils, and Half-Plate Camera; UPRIGHT PAINO by Londoh Maker; VALVE WASHER AND WRINGER by Bradford, Birmingham; and other Effects too numerous to r^r- ticularise. Sale to Commen ce Promptly at 11 a.m. Goods on View Day Prior to Sale from 10 to 5 p.m. Terms: Cash. Auctioneer's Offices: 12. Oxfwi-street, Swansea 1 I V. —37 Now carrying FULL SUPPLIES of 3 GENUINE FORD SPARE PARTS. Cafl Phone or Write HUTCH! NS ? CO?UMtTEO. B7.W<? STRm SWANSEA I AUTHCWSIZB DEAiERS AND MRTS STOW.0 PUlsLlO KOTiCES. i ALBERT HALL. QUINLAN SUBSCRIP- TION CONCERT. Concert Agents, Duck, Son & Pinker, Ltd. r 1st CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT, Wednesday, Jan. 21, 1920, at 7.30 EMINENT ARTISTES includa Leopold Godovvsky, The Worlds' Greatest Pianist. Renee Chemet, The Famous French Violinist. Clarence Whitehill, America's Foremost BSritone. Astra Desmond, CaroSine Hatchard, Harold Craxton, Accompantst. Plan will shortly be available at DUCK, SON & PINKER, Ltd., Oxford-street, Swansea. Tel., C. 716. ALBERT HALL. Monday, Feb. 2, 1920. SPECIAL  CONCERT BY THE FAMOUS BEECHAM i SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA I ■ 1 Further particulars will be announced later by DUCK, SON & PINKER, Ltd., Concert Agents, 251. OXFORD STREET, SWANSEA. Tel.. 716 Central. VETCH FIELD. CHRISTMAS DAY at 2.30. SOUTHERN LEAGUE. BRISTOL ROVERS v. SWANSEA TOWN. [ADMISSION (including Tax).—BOYS, ?' D. Is (;d. Ext:ra. 6d.; FIELD, is-i STAND, 18 6d. Extra. BOXING DAY at 2.30. WESTERN LEAGUE. BATH CITY v. SWANSEA TOWN. ADMISSION (including Tax).—BUYS, Cd.; FIELD, Is.; STAND, Is. Extra. SATURDAY, DEC. 27th, at 2.30. WESTERN LEAGUE. WELTON ROVERS v. SWANSEA TOWN. ADMISSION (including Tax).—BOY'S. 4d.; FIELD. 8d.; STAND, Is. Extra. ST. HELEN'S GROUND CHRISTMAS DAY, I WATSONIANS V. SWANSEA. ADMTSSION.-FIELD, is.; GRAND STAND, Is. Extra. BOXING DAY, N EA T H V. SWANSEA. ADMISSION.—FIELD, Is.; GRAND STAND, 2s. Extra. • SATURDAY, DEC. 27th, ABERAVON v. SWANSEA. ADMIssrON.-FIELD. Is; GRAND STAND, 2s. Extra. KICK OFF EACH DAY AT 2.45 P.M. Members' Entrance Under Grand Stand. PEACE-AND PLENTY of lucrative posts for DE BEAR-TRAINED STUDENtS. All Commercial Subjects and Exams. New Students Commence any day. THE DE BEAR SCHOOLS., LTD. Castle Buildings, Swansea. Tèl.: Central 587. PUBLIC NOTICES. I I The Widows' and Orphans' and I I Chnrens' Summer Home Fund. ¡ i i I | Rhyddmgs C.M. Church j I SWANSEA, | | | SUNDAY EVENING CHILDRtN'S j SERVICES. A CANTATA A CAN1A 11A Entit1ed- A Happy Nbw Year A Ip-ad (Under the auspices of above), will be rendered by the CHOIR I NEW YEAR'S NIGHT, i JANUARY 1st, 1920, At 7 p.m. » Also a ( I, Miscellaneous Programnie « By Local Artistes. M rs. LESLIE DAVIE5, Miss BRENDA JEFFORD. Mr. J. G. MORGAN. SILVER COLLECTION IN AID OF ABOVE FUND. COME IN C R 0 W 0 S I GENDROS Council Schools, FFORESTFACH. A Grand Performance of DICKENS' "CHRISTMAS CAROL" ?i?Ki? i IViAtj ?AKUL Ii Will be given in Aid of the Widows' and Orphans' Fund, on j To-night, (Wednesday) ADMISSION SIXPENCE. I Doors Open at 6.30. Commence at 7 o'clock. G HELM VELDT. 10 H!E!9DT.1 2nd Battalion The Welch Regiment I It is proposed to Erect & Memorial to the Officers, W.O.'s, N.C.O.'s and Men of the 2nd Battalion The Welch Keifi- I ment who fell dining the Great, War. It has In decided that the most buit- able site for the Erection of tuch a Memorial is at Gil ELU VELDT, in BELUiLM, where, on the 31st. October, 1914, the Battalion bore the biunt of the grqpt German attack on YPRB\ ,n.1 vias practically annihilated. The casualties in this battlo amounted to some seven- teen oincera nnd nearly 600 other ranks killed and wounded. It is hoped to raise a -um of at least ,5{m. towards which figure subscriptions within the Battalion from Officers, W.O.'s, N.C.O.'s and Men now serving amount to over £150. It is felt that many of those who have been in any way connected with the Battalion will wi"" to subscribe. Subscriptions should be sent to THE HON. SECRETARY, MEMORIAL FUND, 2nd BATT. THE WELCH REGIMENT, PEMBROKE DOCK.

I Swansea Rural District Council.…

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