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s AMUSEMENTS, | 6.30. TO-NIGHT. 8.30. 'PtioQe; CentraJ b2.. TOM WATEPS and EDDVE MORRI$, In Comedy Irish Classic, Father & Son. FREDERICK SYLVESTER & Co The Neatest of the Neat. HYLDA NELSON TRIO Presents 'Gems of Melody,' featuring Rita Neve (Pianist) & Spivakowsky ('Cellist) LATEST NEWS PICTURES. CARA MAGDA, The Lady Trapezist. BILLY O'CONNOR, A Pack of Humour. GEORGE MORTON, The Black Dot." YAMAMOTO & Miss KOYOSHI The World-Famous Japanese Equilibrists. ELYSIUM I Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Grand Ideal Picture Play, MY LITTLE BOY, Starring Ella Hall, ZGe Rae, and I Emory Johnson, in Five Parts. HOUDINI (the Final Episode of this Thrilling Serial. SOCIETY FOR SALE, a Thrilling Triangle in Five Parts HER TORPEDOED LOVE, Triangle Keystone. Topical Budget & usual Full Programme. ROYAL Theatre. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. CONSTANCE TALMADGE in MRS. JEFFINGWELL'S BOOTS. The Exploits of a German Submarine, U35. By Special Request. Two Reel Capitol Comedy, His New Breakfast Food. Episode 12- THE SILENT MYSTERY. ON HORROR'S HEAD." Two Reels. PATHE'S GAZETTE. CARLTON. TO-DAY! THE NARROW PATH, A Gold Roaster Play, featuring Fannie Ward. THE LIGHTNING RAIDER, > Episode 6. ALL FOR GOLD, a Thrilling Drama. r Coming Shortly.—DADDY LONGINGS. PICTURE HOUSE TO-DAY Pauline Frederick in THE PEACE OF ROARING RIVER. A Stoll-Gold^yn Stai Picture. THINGS THEY PLAY L Tfrom the Celebrated O'llenry Stories). PLAY STRAIGHT OR FIGHT, An Absorbing Drama. f IROYALI I THEATRE. 'J J THE HOME OF MUSIC. ] u J Mon., Tites. & Wed. plim, An adaption of the gripping Play by Monkton Hofre. Featuring Norma Talmadge. JACKIE SAUNDERS h ■" IN 1? A 1?? '??'TV? BABS THE  FIXER. Episode 7—THE LIGHTNING RAIDER. The Betrayal of Maggie, Two Reel Comedy. ¡ notices. COUNTY SCHOOL, GOWERTON. ARE-UNION of OLD STUDENTS will be held on DECEMBER 31st (New Year's Evp.), at 5 p.m. Fuller particulars and Tickets from I the flon. Secretary, W. T- Morgan, Glas- fryn, Gowerton. (P.P.) SPORTING NEWS." THE PAPER for All Scortsmen A rtl u S E S. GRAND Theatre SWANSEA. MONDAY, DECEMBER 22nd, t91, I Eleven Nights at 7.30. MATINEES- Saturday, December 27th, at 2.30, and Saturday, January 3rd, at 2.30. I CHRISTMAS ATTRACTION! I First Visit of J. A E. MALCNE'S CO. in a New Musical Comedy, IOH JOY! From the Apollo Theatre. Monday, Jan. 5th, 1920, for Six Nights and Matinee, Return Visit of Walter Howard's Greatest Drama, SEVEN DAYS' LEAVE. I W.. ■ ■ ■« -I- II r » <7? '—  7 N ow carrying FULL SUPPLIES of GENUINE FORD j SPARE PARTS. ) Call Phone or Write wmm & COLIIAITED. 37.WlfD STREET SWANSEA I i Atmm&rsra MAKERS AND PMntSTOCM? 1 SUNDAY SERVICES. Preachers in Swansea To-morrow. BAPTIST. Mount Calvary, Siii nselton.- Pi-ese her at I 11 a.m and (3.30 p.m.: Rev. L T, Harry (I'astfor).—Mon'$Bible Class 2.45, conducted by the Pastor. All Men Cordially Invited. Mount Pleasant Chapel, Swan«At»—1) 8.10 Rev. Melville Evans; Evening at 6.30, Rev H. C. Mander-Aberdyherthi St. Branch (ioepol WINlon Servico at 6.311 p.m. St. Heleifs Church, 13prinlt Terraos.- Pre&chers-Morning at 11 r Rev. H. C. Mander; E-,eiing At 6.30: Rev. Melville Evans (Pastor). School at 2.45. Pantygwydr Churetf.—11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m., Preacher: Rev. J. C. Harris, oi I Newport, Mon. Momortal Church, Walter-road.-ii ..m., anJ R30 p.m Preacher; Rev F C. White. B.D. Sunday School at <4t Mount Zion.-Il a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. R. G. James, Swansea Sunday School at 2.45. Tabernacle Chapel.-Il a.m and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev R J Willoughby 2.15. Sunday Sehool and Bible Cla«*es Sketty Church, Carinjlaa-road.—11 a.m. iiqii fi-3,i P-tiat, Rev lvor R. Jaiiies (PMtor). Sunday School at J.45 CONGREGATIONAL. Manselton English Church, ManMlton- roauL-Uorlllng t II. EVMInI at tL81 Preacher; Rev John Adams (Pastor) Sunday School and Bihl. Classm %.)\9 Carmarthen Road Church.—11 a.m and 6.30 p.m -Preacher: Rev J. Phillilis (Pastor) Sunday School at 2.30 p.m St. Helen's Road Church.—11 a.m and $.M p.m. Preachtr, Rev. T!t<? I Erans (P&etor)., I ( I CALVINISTIC METHODIST. [Alexandra Road Chapel.-Mcrning at 11: Rev. Pedr Williams; Evening at ¡ 6.30: Rev. J. H. Owen. i Argyle Cha;jel. -Services at U and 638 rear her: Rev. A. Wynn.9 Thomas (Pastor). CHRISTADELPHIAN. Christadelphian Meeting Room, St. Helen's road ii.30 p.m. Subject: i "Things Concerning the Kingdom of God," by Mr. T. A. Palmer. PRESBYTERIAN. St. Andrew's Church, St flpln".road.- 11 a. ni and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev | R. Greenshields. M.A, B.F) (Pastor) THE FORWARD MOVEMENT. Central Hall, Orduud-8treet.-t1 a.m. and fi.SO p m.. Rev W Watkin William# J (Pastor). Sunday School at 2.48 WELSH CALVINISTIC METHODIST. Trinity M.C., Reol y Pare.- Pr(,.getli ir gan y Parch. Wm. Da vies, B.A., | Crwys-road, Clydach, am 11 a 130. t WELSH BAPTISTS. Capel Gomer.—11 sk.m. and 6.30 p.m Preacher: Rev R S Rogers. BA (Pantor) Sunday School at 2.45 Capcl Seion, Treforis.—Pregethwr Parch I T. J. Hughes (Gwelmdog) am lleg a 6. j Vsgol am 2. | 6ethe<da, Ahertaw?.—??dfaoa 11 & '.8' Pre.thwr: Parch D Price (OwetD. I IdoC). Yagol Sul 2.30. WELSH CONGREGATIONAL. I Capet Henrietta.-Oedfaon 11 a 6.30 Pra- i I gethwr: parch. I). Etirof Woltin, i M.A., B.D. (Gweinidog).—Yagolion yn y Capel a'r tTpfanda, 2.45. I Bethel, Seeti.—Yfory, am 10.30 a 6 o'r I gloch. Parch. J. T. Gregory (Gweini- dog). Ysgolion am 2.30. I Y Tabernacl, ri-ef(iria.-A.-n 11 4 C. f I Prpiptliwr: Paroh. J. J. Williams (Gweinidog). Ysgolion am t. Ebenezer.-Oerlfaon am 11 a 6.30. Pre- J gethwr: Parch. JauiesfEvaris, B.A. (Cymdeithas y Morwyr). Ysgol 2.30. ) WESLEYAN. Wesley Chapel, Collnge-*tree>t.—jyTornlng at 11: Rev. D. C. Griffiths; Evening at 6.30: Rev. W. L. Chamfngs, B.Sc., B.D. OTHER SERVICES. Albert Hall, Swansea (D V ) Services at 11 <i.m and K 3ft nm Preacher Rev. Seth Joshua (Cardiff). (Saspel Hall, Georg* Street.—(D.V.) a Gospel will b<» held at 6.30 p.m All arQ I, BROTHERHOODS, Sketty United Brotherhood and Sister- hood U riswtiinan) We«lev Chapel 3 p.m. Speaker Mr 6 D. Walker ¡ Subject, "A Young Man's Reflse^jon I on the Old Tear." Chairman, Mn I Herbert Simmons. All I Women Invired. j i First Church ef cV.rist, -Scientist I Mirador Crescent, Swansea. Pablit Services are held Rvery Stioday I at 11.30 a in ud (1,38 p.m- Suuduj clwol t p,m. Test laioBy SleetihRs firary Yyedaes^ay af 1 I v.m- I SUNDAY SERVICES. St. Paul's Congregational Church, ST. HELEN'S ROAD. To-morrow (Sunday), December 28th. Preacti ers.- Morn i ng at 11: Rev. J. H. OWEN. Evening at 6.30: Fsev. W. PEDR WILLIAMS The Shaftesbury Cinema St Helen's Huad. Yea are Heartily Invited to A Bright Gospei Service In the above Hall on SUNDAY EVENING. Doors Upen at 7.45. Commence at 815. Speaker: Mr. JOHN KNOX McEWEN (of Exeter), the Well-known Evungelist. Subject: The Testimony of Heinz, the Pittsburg Millionaire." Hymn Sheets Provided. No Collection. U Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price." Walter Road Congregation J Church. To-morrow (Sunday), December 28th. ¡ Preacher: Rev. GEO. McLUCKIE, B.A. Services at 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Visitors Welcomed. Primitive Methodist Church, I Pell Street. I To-morrow (Sunday), December 28th. ) Morning at 11 Preacher: Rev. W. H. TAYLOR (Gorseinon). Evening at 6.30: CAROL SERVICE by the CHOIR, i Soloists: Miss Hetty Davies and Miss Hilda Rowe. I Conductor—Mr. J. R. Davies. I Short Address by the Rev. W. H. Taylor. Come and Join Us. ¡ NOTICE, I A FREE BIBLE LECTURE I Will be given (D.V. at the PUBLIC HALL, Clydach, I TO-NIGHT (Saturday), DECEMBER 27th. Dcors Open at" 6.30. commence at 7 p.m. Subject: Zionism and After-War Problems. Speaker: Mr. J. C. LARBONT (of LonJan). Also at I MINOR HALL, CLYDACH. On Sunday Night, December 28, I A FREE BIBLE LECTURE at 6 p.m. I Subject: "THE NEW SONG." Speaker: Mr. J. C. LARBONT. I All Seats free. fto Collection, j SAILINGS. GUiiMKij LiNk. TO UNIIED SlATES SOUTHAMPTON AND CttKBBOURG TO NEW YUl?. Mauretani? £ at. Jan. 17 Maur:¿l-Åi'ióN"'1'O"išStRan. 111 'BoyaJ Ueorge  Wed. Jan. 7 j "Via Halifax. LIVERPOOL fu lH" YORK. tStepheo Early Jan. Carmania Wed. Jan 7 I Viisilia (Freight only) Wed Jan ZI Imperato: JSarJy Feb TCabin t'aseengere Men ottly. MVja Halifax UVfciltpooL TO b»>STOJS Vardnlia (Freiffht oniy), Tucs. Feb. 10 LIVKRi'OOL TO PlilLADKiiFULA. A Steamer 14ONDON TO Nfc W YORK. Vestftlia (freight, oi)ly) W,,d. Dec. 31 Va-idura (freight only).Sat Jan. 31 Kerinan (Freiynt only).Wed Jan. 7 iValaeh (Freight only) Sat. Jan* 17 *Saidnis Thnrs. Jan. 16 Chip?n? (Freight on!y). ?pd Jån %I t Via Havre. Via Halifax. LONDON TO BOSTON. Inkula (Frei ht oiilt) IsLk" Jan. 17 tONI*,i TO Verbania (Freight only). Sat. Jan. 3 LONDOr4 TO BALTIMORE. Copenhagen (Freight only) Sat Jan 31 BRISTOL TO NEW fORK. Vestalia (Freight cleto later BRISTOL TO BALTiAioHfc Doonholm (Prvit onlr) gat. Jan. 31 Doonholrn I g10 P'tlll,A[)Et,ililiA. Doonholm Prei?ht on]y. 'w' ..Sat Jan 31 Rt >TTF.Ri)AM TO NEW VORK Valacia (Freight o»Iy) S«t. Jan. 10 ANTWERP TO NEYORK Navarlno ?Freight only) Sat. Jan. 31 Chipana, (Freight only) Tucs. Jan. 21 1 Chí¡)an& CUNARO LINE Ja.n,?:ll TO CANADA, ] SOUTHAMPTON TO HALIFAX I Royal Wred. Jan. 7 i RO¥8.1 LHE&POOL TO ttAL?Al. I O&rmania Wed. Jan. 7 LO N M ?N A* A X., flaxonla (Passengers only) Tburs. Jan 15 tValacia (Freight only) Sat. Jan. 17 + Via Havro. UlNnON TO PORTLAND Me. Willaston (Freight only) Thurs Jan. 15 Voltimnia (Freight only) ,Wed. Jan 28 AIJ Canadian eailinc. connect with Cana- I dian National Railways For Rates of Pawnee and Further Par- I ticulars apply Cunarrl Line, Liverpool; 61 IRIPEODUate L0ndon R.C 2; 29-Ji. Cook- 9T)ur-strf-et. London. 8.W 1: 98 Moeley etreet. Manchester: 2. Charles-street Brad ford: 65 Baldwin-Street. Bristol: 19a. Hich- street Cardiff; 117 New-Atreet, Birming- ham: Maritime Chambers Southampton; 1. Mill bay-road, Plymouth: or to Local Agents. WHITE STAR LINE. noy AL AND UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS Passenger and Freight Saftfngs- SOUTHAMPTON AND CHERBOURG TO NEW YORK LAPLAND (paeaengera rmly) Srn. Jan. 4 ADRJATJO Wed. Jan. 21 ADRIATIO .„■ Wed. Feb. 25 LIVKRPOTT TO NEW YORK CEDRIC Wed. Jan. 7 COURAGEOUS (Cargo only) Wei Jan.. BALTIC Wec. Jan 14 LIVERPOOL TO BOSTON. V7AUCONDA .Fri. Jan. 9 6ENOA AND NAPLES TO BOSTON AN:) NEW YORK rVin Gibrnltar. CANOfIO dates Iin-ttr WHIJfc STAR O I fsi I LINE TO CANADA. I LIVEiPOOL TO HALIFAX AND WET- LAND. Me e4P.A .About J&;L M UV?POOL TO PORTLAND. Me Direct). ttr OU3K{ CC&rKO ooty}.&q,t Jan. :0 20 1 ITITOL TO PoBI'LA4V? Me. mjl'c; TúRCOtA ?Cars'o cnlv? ?at Jan M ?RNISmiAN (Cargo ?) i I WedJam-M WELSHMAN (Careto fiat. Jan. 24 ( For further partfoohtra apolY toO White Star Lino, Liverpool Soui hainnton, Bri^to! • London: 1. Cockst>ur-st,«et.. R W, and St I Leadobia.U-6t,.oe i- Ot L-Omi Ajcent*. I Sun Rises 8.23, Sun Sets 4.9. Lighting-up Time, 4.39. High Water, 8.52 a.m., 9.19 p.m. King's Dock. 37ft. 5in a.m., 36It. Sin. p.m. To-morrow, 9.31 a.m., 9.59 p.m.