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•aiM. -r- m»^, r :=; Leader' Classified Advertisements. APARIViim vs. SITUATIONS VACANT OR WANTED; TO BE LET, LOST AND FOUND. One Three Biz Insertion. laMrtioae. lAeertione 5u Words— 1 a t i 0 il) Word* 1 6 I 0 4 A t10 Word. ? < < # & 0 rOtt SALE, rniVATi ANNOUNCEMENTS, j One Three Six Insertion. Insertion*. Ineertieiw m Wn:r8." 1 4 < ÍI i k Word@. 11 8 W < 46 Word& < 6 6 6 6 SlRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMOftlAM, AND MARRIAGES. ntte fiirea Sis ia«*rtioJj. lncertione. ItkscKioiiis fci Worde. 1 b 6 W orlh. j 9 I 0 46 Worde. J 8 ? 0 l* « EDUCATIONAL. OIMS Thfeo Six tu«ert,wo Insertions iueertioue g) wonte. 2 0 3 ÎI ? Wore! X h- 0 S 6 40 WOrd, .3 <3 5 Ó 6 MON6V.—6<1. per line, t W'- = L e a 6 U blTUATWNS VACANT. WOMEN AND GIRLS. _J '?<t?.??I?.i'. 'E 'tt? '? y?c'?jU* Sh«r?. V t na?d i?dy C?:k at. dnee: !Zmd cta?e: Box u o. Leaner MAVitu Y* V iU uf at vn fei^erjeacftd I'&ckftie Y &iw *Aaiiir«r«te. J.¡í, tz,(t 1WAV4-M fcemesisi Servants. .T?? ?S'?'&Si"'?'y _tC.K6tOM?KiI. ill,  "J S6o<4 u??ttt.t! !&AM at <?n<? -AppfY i., ?'t'oe?f!tem. ?, f»aw>fi-cmeeai, R ?<n.?_?.?_ ?.?.?!A'? :i '1' ;¡:ook:-l;:ihõUrn1.Ïid:- ioü\: Y? in?iCi. aKM n¡t-ehe¡¡ro:ud, ?i Babt'kn (?'Mt.t-?i&? ,e.opHHtJ hou?: aood wax?.- ?u??. t. ?/o t-hfJtl. byhooabe Hill. taHi. ?_ 190A12.23 Å'?:;iD,-Ø;.¡;'¡;J-;J¡tï;ci:e1!' t ?t'ai aam.-APUiy ?'e Harold Wii- haoM. D?ton viia Höreeinön. t39A?)?7 _4 -4- -o. M t; H A0 YOUTHS. TWo" gowiW&sos Rt'Oiirere antcc^. 1. A..y t¡. ?Arcrcit. aid ?o.. L4 Hoyal ^xehstrg*. Swaln^a. 194Al?:j imlne^iateiy, a Re 11 'lurit?t W lor o-Mitt 'i.hp.aM' ?'?ii?.—A?.iy. t.Mtu't. M' ''xpCt?ea?. and wa?e& ex- nec?u JL??'?_ «» a. iufeadet Otfic* *hjjijs'i £ ii>, hME'MifEcefl Mo&or Mccha?ne.— f ?rp?'. s?attKx age, Mp?nM'?. acd T?M€.r,?s. W V, ?e?a.ti ?..hMheMtree.- ?&]B?S.  _???. 01Z-.H X NTÊD 'bŸ" tk-¡(.arng-ih -N;l C? tv j!?v ?oritai? ? d?se CM? Ha?lM;e <?nt}'?tot. AppiH-aJt? W '?tt. their te?ie to tlie Secretary- icra Da vies, a. Cytacre. :All 1V*i|V T "I 56 Joiners znd 50 Bri&UayCi: vY .e? no?n? (',}¡em.hH fuHtl3.r- ticft«4r= apt)lv J Lame and Wood- Stfftt. Pert Ta'bct, (:1-1 ^ITlEiil/ESS TBI.KGRAPH\T'to \T -itveral of our fett»dente having ;iuet cjuaiififod a-ci securert Ferrtisneat l\.sition» at per enuuei, we have now room for a y<.?' ?t't'?hw to 'XuuiMeacc J?nu&Ty 5th F?? &a.t:'u;at?. S-P??y ?:re!Mt. Tra.imT!? €«Uert^ Ltd. St. Mnr'.rtrN't Cardiff, ^ud <,&3t.?-?Yt?t_???<?_ n■ i ti>. mort-aifbly <ex!)fr?n<-<'<i bor;: H CfRT". lp!t 'App¡y. -tat4ng age, e.. p«:?B'< eTK ? R?t No OL*ad«f T O^- ..tV!)- >• 'I 'it'lL ''fC, FQH SA?E. i?0F ALE. a ?rsa au&ntity of ?ew and j Rale 4L;l varirltif, we., ght,, ??a Mit?if msetBe" W1t" &?.f xe<?<HCt':(?j fr,r »8me. Kor pricf attd inrthet partiou- 1" B.n:.l, to UoittM* and j ? t<:it<.«?Ti:-f-?'a.ce l'«lephoBe N Mt Oen- j Tt*i. l>ic.*ra««: t)irgvt Swansea. L J ?'?'! "r)'Rnn Kr.^h Hary fOr H»i« Ij?r? I X Q<j*f;tit!o« fcr EarJy '?ii'?ry.-KD? ..n;? f?<- fH? 1n{'k Jy>ads <mly ? 0 j •Jsa^ Th.??srf! f>. r<?a'd?:s-? čtT;4û:ë'kf 1 »!<■* Uarr?e*s. slso ?s-Hi Trap, cueincit Tv?? ..¡Jt!Ù. MtKt<tra.p?:et'HMP?!' j ?fiT- :?ct.h?; 4food tnndftMjt- Ual' j a-?'R<—r'<;< '.?-?arda?is-?'' <?sc-j "j C? .XTF £ f ^rcproof ■, 30 to *8 3reb?c. hif'b, s f?r rl¿: also Mftaau Cagroa* Windn's- ?H?!K<'<??'n?. H-?r&uli<. PME.MS.—?rt ?? t?ap! 8Q!'l"'Q. _?._ C1.¡ SJUJX jp'U.ji' Ot», Sa» Benrh Trtfrk j '? tl"h:c xx? «-tea ?Mm Wagon fnt H??'? W"? B'is R 5.' ] ty(» "!$3Aj -¡" •"VT^, 6r?if"?yo«wrjti>r tonditioni, I ard ^arid for ?t?. Úff'b v.a'tr?. • A^t.'fy Anmxtftl. Auctiftn?r. fiwSri- j <1!f! —— MOTCR CARS, CYCLES, &C. A Lit ION vJha^'is for >Hua«>.djat« deiivtij-v rsHMjid!: ifl ewl. c8 ewt.. 20; t*t ajfi jOb*rabaftt; enar.sit. «aa d«jUv*ir !1!tóJk. C*ab. or K* i avm*r>tt.- ii. h. Jonet. Ltd.. nftrt S.vsraea Tu "vrkv," f-OTtD Van. Ult model lor Sale; tie-, Ji liver.v tkig or bmt offer.— fv rite Bo J s, trader Olliee. IMAISMO fcftKeltl ComhiRatioa; eseelient eon- U tilt ion; eiectnr} lisht; for .nanwdiale ..1t; X Ray Depaitwsnt. i ea«toiv>_ Hos|^taJ. Htnth ISOAJ^fi ] (11; Sj&zttt fTord in t€t-cls«« condition. t>riVKt«iiy iw»"p»i. J91S e h.p. Knfl«?ls «. omqiwatiQii. «Sacfe.0Uitt Hide-tur, in per. tt'ct eoOriitjoK; eliasb &1I:'i'wne-re.-1> (,¡(H'e l(, X;vzm Bsfttii, }.la.fJl"ii:v .19.A 1?.27 Ivor"L. Rahert* Motor Cyele Specialist, Announcements. BOOK To-dfty ? ensure DeinoriGS:—?20 1? } ?dt!? cf Mu-M? C.d: A .18., DouK. i? H.?.A.. r-?tid. Triumph. Sunb?th. f!?d[?. Sorwn Le'fi, Imoerial. flaricy ija viA1;dh B A. etc _?. D'"liijvfkj fratu Stock: i?vM s-Ht-?n 1? HRh??MSht JSM? Rt?y?apE b.D cotRbinatiOB £1: ?kl<y ViihffT ?-tro?e. '?peed. S? h?. ?? Fil'H cheque ?cut'? 'fi?A Cent. ?<ECO?D,HA'XB'' ?tor Cycle? for Sale— ? :tJ4 KT:ft<tt? & h.o CcrnMcanoB cuc'pe r«oeti:.l? Bvtrbaui«d by maker*; t'fiair.s t?Ha tHti ?6: ? h o. B S.A. Combin&tion, ?tfp!<5t? ?9? im.i t?ady* Model ?i?scr i?'bt'n??bT. Wbat offe MOTOE CAE^-—Afcntfor Stai'e Aueiins 11 ?.N. s, and Mor?K EuBftbouM; ?/ toll De?nif. with body; dehver.v th}? days; cr OOAy trrtJ!>, f vSljG_LAS rVjT Cwnbination for deliverv XJ* January. hrøt, eoaiR, iirst served. I it) 1.It Mt.¡.¡t or jlkM premiums. All prices rr-9 delivery ex irork?. Wh ). net- Ki-r e^our Boy "or G'vl eome- < \T thirit Afe^sibie and useful an a Christ- wv present-1' have a sr^od selection of Oyelee jrwa £ m ifte MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. ti Or)FBBY anri Co. tAd.—Sp^ial Bsr^aine IT in Sc:j* il-hand Pianoe and Oriants: pncA fi'om i6 cms. New Pilitibe by all Ms* H-drtivg ns.-iMi's (Hltrd and Col- )!<< w'jtioii a!'ld VVitton. ;Sarnje« and Co.. Britiiwnead craaier. etc.. Priees from ix) Sfids Terms *rrat>*«d if denred W ijtft for free Hit or call and make a OèT" seJeetion.—(lodfre? and jfeten't-rvud.. Svuftv* IS9AW-27 Vitaii'kKY a«dCo. lAd Pianoforte Manu u ttow Kf-Op«.Ji«sd their i ufJne aiisi KepKivink Departmeht. Pianos tt "it Orb" tfeoronshly Renovated and ije- •p4i"«i ei*en. Etpert tuners ,,}(Iii ail warts ef Wales. Pianola and I'lRtfir "T" a BtiP«ialit.y.—Oo<1fr»y atid fjo. 8t Relen'A-reni. swab" 189Alt-27 TTWm^t re»<airB Fm th» SflSST^T Cbr'^wa*; 14I't us sfupply your ri"dt ??th the bwt 7*1 a* preeurabie Ho»e will be ep1et. MU!j08 this <3«w»r^stre»t. B-wan- .}"A! "T)1AKoAa spieii.lkl towed tlprithtj Piaiio » for 32 ParkMtreefc jS«raa*ea. 191 A3 8-34 Thoiwp»8n and Shatkell's Announcements ,jJiCHO Or.u Mt? <<< Mttie. < 6top». V 2 ?cce ?we?: Ten- 8M toM. ?28.— ')T<??BM!t. Aad Mt?c?eU. W., 39. CaAle? <?.r<'?t. S.. & T?j?OFORT?????Ai?on? IUD Mm- -? ?z?f.. iT?Tt t?y?; 50 allivem CMtL cr m«v terrae.—Th<Hppao'n end Shackell, Î-td. 19. ^-street. Swansea. x Paris, Tfarraonjum; 12 stops, .1.>. < geif of d!; Urge powerful inetru. teent,suitable for of wcrship. £ 36 — T>iomj>soii and Sfeaokell, Ltd. i5, Cattle- .4aa" ftweJUMOb. ■ i HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. HEEBOIiD Sboo  to? <-)f'H?h-8tre?t7 f? t Bal«.—Astley muel, Auctioa?er. Swan- ^HEEHOLD.-OTQe Dwelling-house, eitv I; ateU at Traboeth. containinB 7 rooms, bath (h and c.); iarg« garden.—Apply b, ?aTi68:row. Trebootfcu 1WA12-2? fpWO E £ »SIBEJS'€BS Mr Sale, with ?'a???t WO f<hsale, with YacAjrt ley Au,?t:oneer Swans(-& \rfittY Fine Freehold Residence, with t Vacant Poeee««jo! exceptional bar- gain: worth £ W*; tirst offer £ 500 accept t-u: I central aituation.—Aetley Sa-rauel, Auc- tioneer. SwtLlliIea. -d "ITfJTH VacantPossession. — Freehold i t t, House and Shoe for Sale at Treboeth —Apply 142, Bryngeliy-tcrrace. Treboeth 192A12-50 Mr. Joseph Harrii' Announcements. ROsSKJillJj-TURRAte. — Freehold House JH) for Kate at » low figure. JONLS'g.TEKKAOE (jufrt. off Alex IT !?ad).?-Fo?'' Hou for Sale, cheap. BKNTILMjL-PLACK, ?t Tho&tas.—?&iT- ? built Houea for Saie; will 6bDrtiy be- wine Ta.cant. 'H?ENT-STREET.—?ven H.M? for V ''?!< wiil ?Ii 6€?u'aLtp!y.ji n€ee5&?ry. '?7 ATKJN'-?TREET." — Two weU-built .'1 Howes for Sale- cheap to quick hnyct. T??E?rr STREY"i', Jandore.'Two Sub. -D ct&.nti?l UoMces for S&!e. cheap? C'1WM LEV'MI?EOADr??or??ou? Ijx. ?' cellent Houses for Sale at a low figur6, f'^ANfERBUi^ROAD. Bmimill.-• Wc? ?-? built liou? for Sale: cheap to quick I ?buye! E-q ERR A?CE., Excellent ç1ltJ:_iIir;: ¡ ?' fnr wi.,l make &ptendid invpMmpnt | TAN'JYFM'jACH-'ROAD?—Three Uous? -i ? with M'Hcd stone fronts, for Sale at a low Dricc to quick buyer. }. AT1/l' 1 ELD KOA D "(foot ¿¡-Moun I Pleasant).—Freehold House for ale, every modern coiivenienec; in excellent, ortler: price low. j I^URTHER Particulum of the foregoing I JL. Properties, ad well as a h timber of others hi rarious parte < f the town, oan he 011,1 from Joseph Harris Auctioneer, Eetate I AeIJt a,iid Valitur. 1. Oeoxce-HtreOt, Swar# sea. Tel No. 469 Dockfe. APARTMENTS AND LODGINGS j TO LET AND WANTED. j (Budroo-,n and feittine-i'oon: | A or share Sitting-ioom) Reciixired for ()un.1\ f'reftchmaa; English.—Reply' Frenchman, c/o Cleeves and Co Yor.? Chambers. Swa^ea. J 1'93A'2-2? T;ACHEIj<)R AparYments Wanted immedi- atdy- after Cnristmas. in or n?ar i ?waTMf?.—Termq and partionitrg to Box! Lf?a(it-r Ofdte. 194Al2,29 \_TARB 1 ED~~donpSr reouire Furnished j -"?- Apartments <nd of January; Uplands d?trict.—?nte Box K 6. Leader Office. 191A1JJ-27 1 T ANTED. immediately, T-o or Thre^ | w pc?(j Grouted r{x)r Rooms, prcferaMv ucfurru?hed. Waitera-roa?) or Uplands dis-! triet.—Write Box M 6 Leader Office. 186A12-29 | "\roiJNG Woman wishes Aecommodation X with nice elderly cwple after Xmas: would do ligut housework.—Write "D L "I l. HOUSE PURCHASING j BUY your Houee with the Rent. Imme- j' riiafce Advances, and Houees fcundr anv 8C,OüO purchased this way.—Write (1,- Evans, Skett.v. 191A12-33 TENANCY or 0-wrarsliip.-40, I have already Purchased through otr wiey By stem.—For free > booklet write Box V" S, Leader Office. 1S9A12-27 i A £ ? "«TEEKLY~will Purchase £ 460~IIoae« i :inv..i¡;trJ,.t; ¡)tlii.g¡;jo'¡ by arrange II r.ient. Land lord." leader. Swansea. T U HOUSES WANTED. I,; AV A-N"LEL) at onec, eartail Furnwhed ( » House Flat, Pan House, or Roomci. rait&ble for small family; not less uhan 2 Bed and 1 ISJttmg-ronm; in or near S?an- bM.. —Wnt?. Box ?6. Ijeader" Office, j RWalJa' C?2-2J j .r- IVE STOCK, &c. I^XPECflNG FKITS from ?<='edittV'?aMc' vri?VZvit addica Knrswood Poultry SJ?a (containing er<)und ineect^? is ?ko excectins Rcod teoutt? jh honse j bni?uif: eI;l1g bricks without m mt;e I Karswood hpieè ensures ouoeess. Packet> 2W., 7$<\ IN 3d.—David R(>e>3 106 Wocidfteld- etrect, iv iorrision. 93A 1 J^NSLRL gtwd iittor by giving govrs One. | Karswocd PJgo Powder tnree tiruci: weekly before pigging Penny each.—'I. A. ] Jonfe*. Chemist, Pontardulaie. I PIGS are soofi ready for butcher when ¡ they get. Ka-rswood Pig Powders, ) twice wcesly. Pronaoto health, incroaee weight, prevent crop sickness. Twelve 1' i A?ncuttura) Aa&ocia,t!on. Ltd" 231, Nev- j road SKewn, 189Al3-?' ¡Yg-f;X ']:RT et!? from only 5 puliets \ŸÑ( ) ?-t? obtained by one user arat month i after trying Karswood Spice containing ?M?nd iJlS(ût' Packets Zt d" nd" 1/3.—Frcm T. A, JoneA. Chemst. PoHt&rdl?ais. 189 Al-2,7 4 SUUG&?TlON.-?Try Thoricy'? F<-wff<t jLjL your Hcrses one month, and note re- sults, I'-jÙTfïTRY-KepPN-;I)(;U¡d write to JOSCD;; JL Thorley, Ltd Caledonian-road, Kind's Cross London, N 1 who aiv the majufai; I tarers cf Ovum Thoriey's Poultry Spice for 'fhorlev's Poult.ry Keepers' Account Book £ oolv irivinsr nsofui Hints to Poultry Keep- (;n Q,flft E;lL: Record Card. Sent Free. BACKYARD Poultry Keepers.?-N, I  h?s boen inti?duccd wbich gives auch satisfactory results in egjr production as Oviun Thorley's Poultry bmew Sold by R. [ H. Thoronson and Son, Corn Merchants. Ftb- I bian-street. St Thomas Swanssea D HEN1).Ai:iL&tlÍ-nt'bàt' Ovum Thor- XJ' s Poultry Soico is. Because by its n? you cRu be sm-M of he"lthy oird? and ? p!Rntifn!.<-? sunDb'. Sold by W. E" Bar. n$otJ, ?l'" stores. 130 HJgli-street. 0_- 1JVÁt,ÏÏ1orlëY-ÏUltn;8vicë'iÏ'iD.1 0 crenr"e the number of eKg?. AM k,p' .irds in condition. Sold by A1118's St-ol'£'G'I¡ V?iRd.?treet. Neath. 1MPORTANT F<;7u ti7 Ovum, rnorley's Poultry Sp?f. 6houJd bp mh:w with all soft food. Sold by D. Jone6 Crown Storpt, GoreewÚI1 V "j»17'luCTHED Bird Laid 15 egg6 in 16 day. as the reeult cf using Ovum, .4 Poultry Spies. Sold by 1, B. Wil- uaxDs Hay and Corn Merchant Railway roe ■ J f5 a w &. GIVE Your Birds Ovum: th«y will citv yon eggs old by E Pars<m8 ard Co., Seed Merchants Swansea. -+- "6? EGGrS in One Week fronl It three XjLi year-old-hens" ia what an Ovum i,-e, when ordering further supplies Sold by W. Tyrynes Thomas, Old Bank S PhRrma?y LInncib'. and Alfesandra-road. jj i Gorse.inon. PCLLKTS Produce 273 egg? in i winte1" ? months after minlt Ovum. Thoriey's Poultry Spice." Sold by W Harding, Gro- ccr I.cndore. O PULLETS Laid 25 without inif«itvv m a, day. thanks to Ovum. Thorley's Poujtrr t'Pic.e.' Sold by Ivor IJ Jones I Chemist. Windsor-road. Neath. OVUM Thorfey'a Pcuitry Spice, will" ss- o siet your birde to lay wft£>11 all other means have fail0d. Md by Davics Bros" 48. High-street. GOrseinon. TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. A PfLK??—Buyfrom the G-o?e?.—l.dM A Boxes Choice Selected Otange Bifn- heims Orange Pippins, Pearinains. Russets 6d. per box 201b.: extra good Cooking, tte. 6d. box: cash wieo order; boxes trfct carriage paid.—Baseett. Woolaston Court Lydney. Glos. 164A12-26 CHRISTMAS PRESENTS—Boys' and Girls' U Annuals, Picture Books. Reward Books. Biblel (Scofleld Newberry, and Teachers'): FOlwtain Pen?. Styles. Purses, and Wallets; for Sale at Enoch's Hi?h- I etreel, "A-lcale Swan&ea. Real Bargniu<. in Bibles. 193A12-30 D- ON'l' mi?s this.—Good Cocking A?plM- 1.? ?t)?B. 6s; 561bs 1? 6d: in baga 6d each: 6d: in bags 6d each: carriage paid. Cash with order. Hundreds, of satisfied customers.—H. Edwards, Fruit Grower. Wellington. Sortt. 178A12-26 DENTISTS' Mechanics to the Profession. -L? Su?cia-Hste in "old crowa bar bridKe, and vulcanite work. Quick despatch. Write for Urlce list.—Thfc Minerva Laborai- tory 15 Charles-street Cardiff, -162A12-25 'IUR8-R¡;nodélled.=BY our process we u¡: able to make Old Fur" look like New all. the Latest Styles in Fur Coats and Sets —Ten Kens 5 CraUock-st-reet Swansea. ySAli- 17iOR.~lieal Good. Value in Footwear. W. r M. Taomas. the Uelianle Boot Stores, j King Edward-road. Swansea. iT^) GO to the Shop where you get most value when buying your XmaA Presents. Gold Brooches from 6s. 6d.: Gold Gem Rings from 12s. 6d.; Solid Gold Wrist Watches from -65 Also fine selection of other Jewel, lery at. A Joseph, Watchmaker and Jewel- ler (next to Heathfield-etreet. Sw&nsea. IN Everybody's Mouth! Mackay's Heitoi Tablets for Cheat. Throat, and Voice. I Unri?nUed. Of all Confectioners. 2d. our?ep ¡ Whoiess'e of M&cka? s. Mfg. Confectioners, Olrt Market. tl't. BrÜ;toJ.. IP IN YOUR [,,AITI-l t-o No-,t.-olina" ?,Ta-sal Specific for Nasal Catarrh. Hc&d I Colds, Influenza, Sore Throat and all in- .fectious disorders of the nostrils. Acts continuously day and lusht. Convenient. pleasant, cafe. and e?Mtive. Of Iead. ing Chemists everywhere is, 3d (by post Is. 6d,). 8otd fy E. B?vac. j Inel&on-street-, G. T. David, M?nset-strfet: D ) P. Davies. St. Helen's-road; J T. Dante's. i Ltd. (all branches); H, L Kavard, Bryny- I nior-road; G H. Kent 45 St, Helen's-road: (E J. Kieft Robert-street, hlansclton. A D 1 Matthews, Oxford-street; B Nt-cdbam, Neath road: Ogdens Gash Chemists. Ltd., Higu- btreet: J and D. P?ee6 F&bi&n-street. St. .Thomas, aa.: Port Teanant. E. T. Rich Hi&h-etrMt; E. W. Richaras CoUege-etre?- E Tbomas High-street: Wright and ?oc. ? &Iter-roaJ SWANSEA W T. Thomas, Gorseihon M. L. Bevan 99 Woodfield-street; W. 1?? 85 Woodf¡eld-strej, MORR1STON J'. Davier M.P.S. Picion-plsce, FFOREST i ?A???M?.I.L?enu?n! ??TM: SURGICAL Appliances.—russes, Spray?, UW¿lCAl.. ppíiantc¡;rrl1S!>e6, SlJra.y!>.1 9 Enemas. urgeon8' Rubber t?cres and RI,Rb?,l i7?od,? of every de&cription Wtit3 f,r O?ta-iog?p. s?t post free.— Le Brasscur Surgical t?.. Ltd fDept D V,), 90 II ?'i %licrcester-strept Birmiigim. T.C. J r]' RYS{dne,v Palmer's Minet. PrMT?nd i J Paetrica. Larce Assortment of Xmaa t Cahes. Sea our Windows for Brides' Cakes Kirthd?y oakea in Stock and Made to Order Palmer's Cafe, opposite Empil'?, and 1 Brancbæ. '92A1&.30 T-'ÏlY Gamage. Maned" Sa!oon To r Tjnn?? TB,W YEm T a,]Aforr-natons am! Pin Curl? Laan ios 0-6n Combings made to order, j Tirting a. !87?tl?-.23 UNCLE BERT'S Full Cream Walnut a? <J Almond Toffs aie now on Sale at his OfOrd-6t rfet Shop. Pre-War Quality. TLel j F:rst pn?l the !S8A!2-M T i Sr.FUI. Presents in Glass and Chinu Ui Ware: Toilet. Dinner, and Tea Ware: Vases, Plant Pots, in sreat variety and latest designs Best VaJue and lowest Pr;c :s. Special terms to shopfc.—Cold rick. 138 Hisrh-fitreet, Swansea, (above the Palace^ 1B9A12-27 ALE'.S i, Ar, SALE. 2..32. High-strset. /^J.IVE the Lady a smart Blanket Cbat, 55s ¡ Gworth 84e smart Komcoat or M'at?r  proof, 35s. 6(1.1 Styles that please the young and voiue that a-at itjijfeH_ Parents. GIVE the Young Man a roart, Overcoatl Penhale's Raincoat, sale price 70s, worth 90s.; newest shades: warm. fleeov, blanket cloth; Hasrlan style. Gl VË Fatb?r?,,ima.rt Raincoat, lined 'm chMk; ,?mart covert cloths in Fa.wn covert co&tmgts 906 sa.Ie price, worth ?2C6 j? Merry Xmas, (>o! GIVE the 199. lid.. | ?? or "men new style Ovcrooat 30s.. or a I Mnart Ruby Suit Mo.; smart JOMEY]B ex!.M. good quality, 10& 6d ("TiVE the Girl a. smart lined C?&ck Trench ? Ccat. 5'?.. or Waterproof Cap? Md I Hood. 12, 6d. 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Hish-strfect Swansea V32A12-3C IiREES Wanted over Pitwood Mize.f oil. A muss. Ltd. Woodworkers. Pennyn>IJ road. Bristol Branch ai Porf.hcawl STC. fX/'A?TED. Ford Tourhu! Bod? coinDlet?. ?V 1316-1?20 preferably, ?tate price and condition.—Write William Evans, Brynam lwer Mountain-road Brynamtyan. 193A12-27 lLt'rAyTED."BuySecond.aand ?Ucr H Skates; single pair or any ouartitv — Lloyd For?yth. Pier. Folkestone 391AI*-3C I -:= f' ""i-' I SMALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORRI. j I  ———?..?.—-=—-——.—- < —————-  I 11 t .———  ?————?—————  ii» —————.—————— .0. "»i ■' rm- 't, "'> I ,1 I, ,I- < t. 111 rtrrrrrii •». ,.r- n- r. fTTT^w.T^r, -7 W" L.If" t k. I nn mtmTrui'ir.».. »* f- -i" -minriitr. «-'■ urn t PIeaM publMh *a above 'd..rt.t;L.t;- lor ",bi<h I I Ic .a. t N" and, Addrose: ?f desired, replies may he sent tA Box Nsm^crs s.t the Cambria Dt? S? LovA or" Office. | Thifi form should be addrwssed tA C<iT»hria Daily I Le^Aer," Sw a nsea, 4 f- I PAGEFIELD COLLEGE i ST. HELEN'S ROAD, SWANSEA. I The Commercial University of Wales. ¡j I Expert Tuition in Commercial Subjects. I DEPARTMENTS: (Commercial ? Civil Service i Professional Preliminary I |  Preparatory I J Next Term Commences Monday, Dec. 29.1 Interviews Arranged. Phone; 165 Docks. 11 <" !——————?-<?-«t«- Local Centre for College of Preceptor's Examination, r PUBLIC NOTICES. i SESSION 1620. SWANSEA CORPORATION. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a MEETING of the ELECTORS of the Borough of Swansea "will be held at the GUILDHALL. SWANSEA, on TUES- DAY, the 6th day of JANUARY, 1920, at 7.30 o'clock in the afternoon to consider and if thought fit to approve of the pro- motion by the Corporation of a Bill in the next Session of Parliament to auth- orise the Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough oi Swansea to construct street improvements and other works and to run motor omnibuses to consoli- date the local rates leviable in the Borough and to make better provision for the health, local government, am finanoe of the borough and for other purposes. The objects of the Bill 4re briefly as follows:— 1. To improve and widen' the public highway leading from Llangyfelaeh to Neath from the Borough 0 d? ary at Penygors through L,-?rrnl, ton and Llansamlet to the borough. boundary at Lonlas; 2. To extend the Marine Promenade; from Brynmill to Mumbles Road Railway Brid-eand to construct a Bathing Pool on the Foreshore near Swansea Bay Station; 3. To lay a watevmain from the Star Inn, Llansamlet, to Lonlas, and i through Birchgrore and Glais to I Clydach; 4. To provide and run Motor Ompibuses upon the roads within the borou? and upon certain routes outside the I Borough; i 5. To purchase lands or easements therein for the purposes of the,, bill; 6. To oonfer further powers upon the Corporation with regard to streets, buildings, sewers, drains, slaughter- houses and backnej carriages and other matters relating to the local government and health of the Borough; 7. To abolish the District Fund and General District Rate md to con- solidate into one rate all the rates leviable in the Borough; S. To establish a Superannuation Fund for Officers and Servants of the Corporation with annual contribu- tions by the Corporation and such Officers and Servants; 9. To enable the Corporation to estab- lish Workmen's Compensation, j Fidelity Guarantee, Education Accident, and Fire Insurance Fands and a Savings and Housing Bank; 10. To borrow monies for the purposes of the Bill and to make provision with regard to the repayment of such monies and felso with regard. to outstanding loans, and to make further provision as to the finances of the Borough-; 11. To charge the costs, charges and expenses in relation to the promo- 1 tion of the said Bill upon the Borough Fund and Borough Kate, or to pay tho same out of monies to' be borrowed under the provi- sions of the Bill. The Bill also contains various clauses to carry out the purposes aforesaid which are usually inserted in Bills of the like" kind. Bill was deposited in the House of Commons and in the House of Lords on tha 17th December, 1919. I Copies of the Bill may be inspected and purchased at the Town Clerk's Office be- tween the hours of 10 in the forenoon and 5 in the afternoon (Saturdays between 10 and 12.30 m "the forenoon) on every week- day for fourteen days after the date hereof and extracts may be made there- from free of charge. The resolution which will be submitted to the-meeting is as follows:- This Meeting, as representing the Electors of the Borough of Swansea, do, pursuant to the provisions of the Borough Funds Act 1872 and ?IM3 sipprovo of the application by the Town Council in the next Session of Parliament for an Act to authorise H the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough, of Swansea to con- struct street. improvements and other j  works and to rus motor cnmibusee. | to consolidate the local rates Ievwble U in the borough and to make better provision for the health, local gorern- mcnt end finance of the borough and l for other purpose." I If the said meeting request that re so- j  !utions in favour of the promotion of any j part or parts, or clause or clauses of the j said Bill be put separately but together j I covering "the promotion of the whole I Bill, resolutions to give effect to that request will accordingly be submitted. I Dated this 19th day of December, 1919. ALEX. SINCLAIR, Mayor of the Borough. kla. ————— I —— GHELUVELDT. I I OCTOBER 31st, 1914. 12nd Battalion The Welch Regiment j [ It is proposed to Erect & Memorial to the Officers, W.O. s, N.C.O. 's and Afoii of the 2nd Battalion The Welch Kegv ment who fell during the Great War. It has been decided that the most suit- able site for the Erection of tuch a Memorial is at GHELXj VELDT, in BELGIUM, where, on the 311;t October, 1914) the Battalion bore the brunt of the greafc German attack on YPRES ..nd "Hf" I practically annihilated. Tho e&suaifh>s I in this battle amounted to some seven- teen onicers and nearly 600 otber r&uka killed a?d wounded. It is hoped to raise a sum of at least £ 500, towards which figure subscriptions within the Batttilion Officers, I W,O:< i\ .C,O:s and Men now serving; ¡ amount to over I It is felt that many of those who bate been in any way connected with the I I Battalion will wi-b to subscribe. I Subscriptions should be sent to I ? THE HO?. SECRETARY, MEMOEilL f:U:'om J I 2nd EATT. THE WELCH REGIMENT, }, BATI". I'RL RE(il-NIE-NT, ( TEL., GEN. st4. UTa. 'II TEL., GEN. 314. ESTB. 1«6fc j Th@ Cheaper Moua@ tM Watc? | FOR J' PI AMOS, PLAYER PIANOS, ORGAKS, GRAMOPHONES, RECORDS, AND MU?? Planes from 9/- Monthly. Organs from 8/- Monthly* ROLLS cf SOILED MYSIC, SONGS, PIANOFORTE PIUM 5/- WORTH FCR 1/6 POST FREE. ■ | GODFREY & Co., Limit" ) 22, ST. HELEN'S ROAD, SWANSEA. ( PIANOS. r""v"' PIANOS,' t-1 j PIÄNOS." PIANO::1< II"; No Firm dofnv a Hire BM?M bftm a b~ r"uutwn thM | THOMPSON & SHACKELL iTo:" 1 Sole Agents fer Estey Organs and 8rJnlmead and Broadwood Pfqw 11 39, CASTLE STREET, SWANSEA, j And at Cardiff, Newport, Merthyr, Pcnt.ridd, LlantUy, BHdmnd. 8Iq. J1 j Ebbw Vale, Bristol, .tc., otil .¡ FOR FAIR DEALING. BEST TERMlJ AND ØOOJ) XJOIOB* ii I LARGEST STOCK IN WALES TO SELECT FROM. | 1 T — t, DEFECTIVE vision f I AEEVS CAREFUL, T"-e ot dVW AMD QUALIFIES «R^SSgajff/ 4WALIFIED OPTlCfAI TREAThlENT. IN SWANSEA, d. SCOTT and Son, 12. VICTORIA ARCADE. Swansaa Christmas Holidays EN. EViNS & Co's' PREMISES WILL BE CLOSED FROM Wednesday Evening, Dec. 24th, UNTIL Monday Morning, D.-Ic.i 29th. Funeral Furnishing Orders f m ay be sent Dy WIRE or 'PHONE AT ANY HOUR. Telegrams: EVANS, SWANSEA. Telephone: 1015. CENTRAL. Or seat to I 14, The Promenade ) Telephone 1545 CENTRAL. ) BEN. EVANS & Co., Ltd., SWANSEA. BEN EVANS | & CO. LT? Telephone 1015 &e$?3ii>s Evans SWAKSW FUNERALS cAppiEr) ouT IN ANY PRW ot CùlJNTQY. CREMATIONS ARRANGED i URDERS 8V PHONE. RECEIVED AT ANY HOUR OF THE DAY QR NIGHt- ALL ARRANGEMENTS AT CF.MCTERlES' PERSONALLY SEEN TO BY EXPCFUGNCEO ASSISTANTS SmMSEA WMSEA I ■ UJ-j-i. LMl'l-UH U3U fl- LOST AND FOUND, -I IOST, on Friday evcninK last, between IJ Brynhyi!?d and }li;:h,strHt. a Gold Cftmeo Brooch.—Finder regarded on return, ine earns to A. Jenkins. PeriiXn, Bryniiy- fryd, 193 A12-29 LO&T. a Light Brown In?h Terrier Finder rewarded on returning same to (J willy, Shop Hen(!y, Potttardniais. De- ta.iner nroe^uted. 19ÂJ*"27 I O&T on Wednt?ja? Night, Decem" I J 17th, Opal and f?r? Pendant, with I (ToM Chain attahed. betw?Mt Unitarian 'Ohnrch. Ciom:tit,nt'ion., ?nd Bhondda- I treet. Kindly l'etura to '75, Bhondda- gtreet Reward. n 4"W"r: ? FURP6?TUR? t?fE?Tfuc?'-?Be?tPricf? ciTcn bv'm JL fo!'t?'f?)(<-han? ?urritur?and Antigue IiF rii-nitzirc- rf Amr <!e«criation Drop me a ro=tcar»l ?-r ??H.-?'m. J?mpa. ? F?ST). *Ueet Si. Thomas. CT.O, SALES BY AUCTION. HIGH PENNARD, GOWER. J An Additional Outlying Portion of THE KILYEOUGH ESTATE, comprising an area of iljli 762 ACRES OR THEREABOUTS. MESSRS. I James and James, F.A.I. Are favoured with instructions from Lieut.-Commander Lyone. D.S.O., to ii OFFER for SALE, at the HOTEL I CAMERON. SWANSEA, on WEn?E.? | DAY, JANUARY 21?, 1920. th? M!ow. # ing Valuable. F?eehotd Farms and ChMca J Building Sites, f (being portions of the above &tat.e)< riz ffl| HIGHWAY," ? GREEN I?NE/* | ?"GIZE,AT SODTHGATE." LITTLE | BOUTHGATE." HAEU" "HUNTS," | ?WIPEGATE," "BMH PENNARD I SUNDRY SIALL HOLDINGS. MARKET GARDEN FIELDS, COTTAGES AND GARDENS, and 36 of the CHOICEST 1 BUILDING SITES In G<w?, bontMu? 1 the PENNARD GOLF LINKS and ?cin? I the "a ;| Det&iled particulars ADd PIau Me ia ? eour<? of preparation, and may be had from the Auctioneers, 7. Goat-street, j Swansea; Mr. T. E. Jenkins, .tat  Agent, Kilvrough Estate CiSce. ParkmiU. jJi M from MMSTS.NiGlMlaoH, P?tter?? Q i Freeland. solicitors. Queen. Aaa" <6k? 'i Westminster. ■! PERSONAL.  Toffoo Sbm? tbali4 I IN Oncie' Bert's" Toffee Shop there 1« :j ,aid,n?., ?oo!0 Only. Uncle Ben M? 6 hia &11 thank you for Yonr help. YO% are do?nx "YO'1 lit M we di4 curs Tbai)ksl t J .qwnnsm