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I Leader' Classified Advertisements. APARTMENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT OR WANTED, TO BE LET. LOST ANa FOUND. f"- One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions L Words. 1 0 2 0 3 0 m Worda. 1 6 3 8 4 0 40 Words. 2 0 4 0 6 0 £ 0R SALE, PRIV ATEANNOUHMEHT.. '?' One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions Words- 1 6 .— 2 It 3 b fc Words. 2 0 3 0 4 6 <0 Wordm 2 6 3 6 6 6 BIRTHS, DEATHS, IN MEMORIAM, AND é- MARRIAGES. One Three Six insertion. lusertious. Insertiou* jfti Words. 1 6 3 6 ( 9 ae Words. 2 0 6 0 8 0 <0 Words. 3 (J ? 0 12 0 EDUCATIONAL. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insvrtiu i4! Words. 2 0 3 0 4 ( 50 Words. 2 6 4 0 !> f: 40 Words. 3 0 6 6 ? 6 MONEY.—6<L per Sine. .m ■ UJ I ■ um MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS VACANT. V,T,FM,R1,C I/AMPS.—Atrents and Travel. 1'j iers calling upon Collieries, Mille. factories. Works, Cinemas, Electricians, I, I ronmonspere. Hotels Shoos etc., are offered a highly remunerative side-line-, as good but I <uipa»per than any lamp on the market j iiimiesions paid weeki- no ooltectinp of j accounts; no technical knowledge required. -Write. stating nature of lines alrearlv i carried. Box B 8. Cambria Daily Leader, Swansea,. ■ ) WOMEN AND GIRLS. I VV1 A?TEb. Experienced Typewriter Short- ? v ha?d Lady Clerk at once: good oMcc: I ttars salary and particulars—Write Box 6, Leader Office. !92A1230 j I WAITED, Young Ledy for Cash I must be smart at figures. Apply in [I own hand-writing to D. R. Emus, Watson's Stores, BryBymor-rcad. 196Al2-31 "T i DOWER (Welsh), total abstainer. three ? t ohiidren, youngest 6. requires Work- jJ1/Z Housekeeper. 30 to 36 years, with view to matrimony; references eS6ential.-W!"iW Box N 6. Leader Office. 195A1-3 VV ANTED at Once Erperienoed Packers ¡ &nd Sorters.-Apply. M?na.ger<?. S? a naaa. Baths and Laundry Co. 189A12-2S Domestic Servants. -('EEB.AL Maid Wanted: tw-» in family housemaid kept.—Apply Heath, Ulas- j^-yn. Soath Walk. I,arglaiid. m'ANTRl>, Cook Gcnra.l. two in fam?ly. t Another maid kept. Appiy morning I .-or evening, Maohen Lodge, Sketty (oppo- ?te 11 P-oplam). !95A!2.31 ???A?TED a ?od <fflneral.-ApplY IV f rellwon?),? MM I?YiM. Medioal HaIl. Clydach. 195A1-3 t?AffKD, General, with or without n". W fom, for one lady: email house; £ JO: f ue T>aid—Mrs. Pearoe. Za. Lvncombe Hill. Bath. MEN AND YOUTHS. k"Nlolt Clerk, with former office experi- J e:lce. and reference from laet employer. -Bsviui and Company, Ltd., Furnishers, 230, i).iford-street. Swan6Ca. 195A12-31 good Wagon Eepairers wanted.— i Apply E. Marcroft and Co., Z4 Boya-1 Ii U a i l-lxefaange. Swansea. 194A12-30 ~\Z~ Vl'ED. foreman Engineer for Dry S Docks and Ensrineerlnc Works—Ao- piy, bv letter only stating age, experience, a,ilt salary required, to Ocean Dry Docks Ltd.. Swansea. Cl-5 Smart and obliging Male Assistant for our Meiyn Branch VNe-nth;; age from 20 to Z3; used to pro- visions; tiprve through.—Apply, giving «opies of references, Ct-Opemtive Society, lv lton f errj^ Al lT.A -NTED, an exnerienced Traveller for t.he Wholesale Oroeery and Provision Tiuiic neichlKJurhood of Swansea; must. h'n ve firirt-i-iasg Ehenedrl,' •])ady Ijeader. 195.L-3 WANTED good Uuder-Gardener; jllldc Y man.—Apply M.r. Wilfrixl Thomas Eryldon." Caswell Hill Glam. 190A32-31 Tl7 ANTED, immediately, a Roll Turner Vv for 6-mill Tinpiate Works.—Apply, t^atinif age, experience, and wage* ex- pected to Box W 5. leader Office. .TED, Experienced Motor Mochaiuc— V V Apply. 8tt\>tiD a?e? experi itce?. and references, to W. Bevan. 10. Fiflher-street. (,a. C12:?1 ANTED by the Gamgoch No.1 C«ol T < liery Workmen a Hdtise Coal Haulr. -e Contractor. Applicants to ctate their terms to the Secretary, Tom Davies, 4, CymorH. 'oad F!OTestfach. 393A12-30 ???TXTED"50  Joiners And 50 Bricklayer? V t for Houeihg Scheme.—For fuB i)a?- bmla,rø apply J. La?S and Son, Wood- s' reel. Port TaIbot. Cl-1 ANTED. a Lad for Offioe WorkWrite < T G.7. Leader Office. Swansea. 195A1-3 '??IBE'LES.STELE?RAPHY?-Owir)? to 1 V &'veral of our Students btving .H?t f-fti.-ilified and secured Permanent Positions st £ 200 per annum. we have now room for p. Few Students to commence January 5th For particulaT8, apply Wireless Training Coilesre, Ltd., St. Mary-street. OardilT, and Oastle-street, Swansea. 1 \TaJnTKD, thoTougbty eypertenc?d Hhort- V hand TypMt.Appty. statmg age. ex- perience, etc., to Box No, 01, Leader" Ofti.'ie, Swansea^ iTC) YOUNG Man Wanted as Attendant.—A 1 ply Manager, Castle Cinema, Swansea 195Al2-31 FOR SALE. I" pCB. SALE, f?nrWhiteWy<Midottc F Cookerels; will make inzwive birds; 5". ea?h"? C&rMji-t-e"aoe. ?wan?ea. 195A12-30 XljE Pony. 14 hands: well need to roada; !-) alao Harper; a!eo Balli Trap, cushion tyres, cushions, set 3 lamps; cell separ- ately or toget-her" irood condition; har- izaine.-I,ewis. Pontardulaif;-road, C,,O"se- inon. 191A12-30 iAFES (Fireproof), 20 to 48 inchee Ilig b, S for Sale; aloo Steam W a pons, Winding "ligiiim Pnnips, Hydraulic Presees.-Birt 47a, Strand. Swansea. Cl-7 T, OST Brief Typewriter (eood condition), i- Prees, and Stand for Sale. Offers v, anted.—Asrtley Samuel. Auctioneer, Swan- tea. U— JIB MOTOR CARS, CYCLES, &C. A LBION Chassis for immediate delivery 1 tsubi vt untold): 50 cwt. 60 cwt.. WWe cwt. and 30-seater charabanc cha's?s. We 'n deliver from stock. Cash. Fxchange.ior >i3v Payments.—E. E. Jones. Ltd., Cardiff and Swfinfeea TC 1VTEW PORD Van. 1519 mod«i~fSr"Sa1e: de- J.\ livery this week; £ 230. or be £ t offsr.— M'rite Bo J 6, Leader Office. 190A12-30 H.p Enfiel-,t Combination; excellent con- I ) dition; electric light; for juimediftte ale: £ 100— Cranch X Hay Department. Pensions Hospital. Neath 190A12-30 Ivor L. Roberts', Motor Cycle Specialist, Announcements. j BOOK To-day to ensure Deliveriei i—lWO I ) Models ef Motor Cycles; A.J.8.. DoUtC- law. B.fe A.. Entieid. TnumOh. Sunbeam, I B. b A., Enticid. iludce, Norton Levis. liaperial. Harlsy Liavidsou^ Alion B.A.T. etc D' ELI VERY from Stock; Levis tetroke light-weight. £ 50; Ruby Jap 8 hp <jombiuation £ 153; Saltley Villiers U-troke. •i-speed. 2i h.p.. £ 63. First cheque secures. Ceut. CJ ECOND-HAND Motor Cycleo for Sale- O J914 Enfield, 6 h.D Combination eUttlDe recently overhauled by maker* new chains and tyres: 1-95; 41 h.D. BS.A. Combination, complete £97 10t: Lady's Model Sinser lightweight. What offers OlOR~CAKS!—Aprent for Stars. Austins G.N.'a, and Morgan .Runabouts; 3/4 ton Dennis, with body; deliTery thiee. days: casb or aa?y terms DOUGLAsTXp. Combination í&dehvei'T JL/ January. 'i'5t coma. first oerved. I d? ?ot accept or 'ask premium8, All prices nnoted 31? delivery ex works. ?_? ?"' 'IIY not gi%,4e rourB,ov<Tr *'v V thihk wnsil, and useful as (, br?14. t,_ ?-? Dresent? I have a trood Section of Iffigb-gra.(Ie Cycles from £ 10 10s -a B B B B* B B e !—— J —— L.. LIVE STOCiK, &C. NSPECTING E?«s froin fpedi!1 taMc ? enn) without addh)R Ka.?ood P<mltrv &Di<?e (containin? Rround in?c*ct«i r I, hkc cxppctin? Kood ?u?; m  1 buiMin-; from bric? without )-no i tar. Earswood :pke <mcceM pxekftg 2M,. 7?. la M.- D?i R.eea 106 V5 o<«lfie«, t street Morriston. lSoA12-^Y l t etreet -mo rrist-on. iL .■: HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. FOR SALE, 2 Freehold ijous" at I terrace, Plasmari, 5 miiltitc-6, walk from Baldwin's and Mannesmann Work?!; built in 1910; containing 6 rooms with b. a.nd c bath_and se-ullery. Price £ 1,100.—Apply A. V. Eii,% (alter 5 0 clod,) 0V Jersey street, Hafoci, Swansea-. 195A1-3 QIX-UCK")M House for Sale bath '"ftc. 'on 0 Constitution Hill (Anchorite House): possesion on completion.-—Marlew, Men. a>dd. IJandilo. aj-2 '7i/,l'l'Ii Vacant PotMes?ion?— Frechcid \tAv House and Shop for ?oJe at Treboeth Al)ply 142, Bryngeliy-terrace. Treboetb 192A32-33 Mr. Joseph Harris' Announcements. ■pOSEHILL-TERRACE. Freehold House Pt, for ?Sale at a low figure, JONES'S-XiCRRACE (juat off Alexandra- r(yad).-F(?ur HouM'6 for  Sale, cheap. T!D'EATHALL-PLACE7"'St" Thomas.-Wel? J? built House for Sale; will shortly be- come vacant. \T INCE N T-STI< E ET^-Se ven ^Hosi«» for Sale; will sell separately, if necessary. •WATKINTSTEEET. Tw o well-built » » Hotiqe4 for Sale; cheap to Quick w biiyer. BENN ETI^STREETi La^ore^Two Sub- stautial Houses for Sale, cheap. "CWM LEVEL-ROAD. Landore.—Four ET- cellent Houses for Sale at a low figure. pANTEBBURy.ROAl). B^omiil. Well- built House for Sale; cheap to oaick buyer. (1 f)LB7)^A len V-7 for Sale; will make splendid investment T LAKGYFEI?CH-ROAD.—TtirM H??B? .-J with polled stone fronts, for S&lè at a low price to tiuick buyer. I.IEAïllIFLELD.ROAD-¡fOOï-õf--Yount t I Pleasant).-Freehold House for Sale. every modern convenience; in excellent cer; price, low. "'LuR'Ñi'ËR-Partîct"ilitr$ of the foregoinir Properties, as well as a number of others in various part«i of the town, can tw Had from Joseph Harris Auctioneer, Lotate Agent and Valuer, j. G tor go-street, Swan- se-a. Tel No. 469 Docks. APARTMENTS AND LODGINGS TO LET AND WANTED. J B OARO Reeiden-ce available one or two -[) cents; every convenience; moderate terms asked: central.—Write P M. Daily Lea?er OS.ce 195A12-31 Si-tt-i:ii-g-Toom and J Bedroom immediateh' in rmi locality. —Reply, with terms, to Hwzhœ 62, Wind street, Swaixsea. 19512. i:tT A.TED; y youn married couple, Two Vv unfurnished RkKymo, Skewn or Liati- San-ilet. Write "Comfortable." "Daily Leader," Swansea. 195A12-31 TTrANTED, Boa.rd Residence for Business « Gentleman; central position pre- ferred, State terms, etc., to H7, "Cambria Daily Leader," Swansea..195A1-5 HOUSE PURCHASING. UY your Bouse-with the Rent. ImMel -D diate Advances, and Houses found any district. 40.000 purchased this way.-Write G. Evans, Sketty. 191A12-30 IT PAYS to exercise great cure over Bouse Purchasing. Some echenlee. are expensive; others are not The Ialidor, Permanent Building Society distributes all its profits among the members Borrowers participate. Where else can you earn money by borrowing it? Offices: 61, Wind- atreet, Swansea. CI-2 rpo LET.—These are magic words, seldom J seen. To make sure of a, House, you must bur one. Let the Landore Permanent Buildinc Society show you how: it is the largest, in West- Wales. 61. Wind-street, Swansea. TENANCY or Ownership.—40,000 peaple i- have already Purchased throtifrh our easy system.—For free booklet, write Box V.3. Leader Office. 195A1-3 r rHF, LANDORE PERMANENT BUILDING Society will show you how your Uouse be Purchased on the l'Ast terms ever offered in this country. Start the new year well by sending for the new prospectus. Offices: 61, Wind-street Swansea. Cl-2 ????ED?b"PURCJtASE"? Swa,n? t t Mumbles^ Gowerton. !jou?hor. or Gower, a SEMI-DETACHED VILLA of 3 or 4 bedrooms bath-room. 2 reception roome, etc. Prioe up to £ 1,000: possession.—David Robert-lf and Son, 61. Wind-street Swansea. C12-M A w p'' p r,y will YJ'Urcbase le450 flou so I-/ /fO i WEEKLY will Purchase £ 450 Bouse .) any district: Doss^esion hy arranRe ricnt..—' Landlord." leader. Swansea. T o. BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL. TO Billiard Hall Proprietors.—Centre of Abertillery Mon., South Wales. To be Ijet at once oil Lease. Building cOlltainin- One Ijarge Room that will hold 7 tables; One Smaller Room that will hold 3 or 4 tables: Living Accommodation for Manage? and Refreshment Boom. Possession of these can be given at once. Plans are also prepa-red for another storey over the large room to hold 7 more tables if required,— Apply in first instance, to Marsden P. O Box 7. Wig-an.. n LOST AND FOUND, IOST, Friday, bottom Dart (reservoir) of ii Braes Motor Lamp. Reward.—Dr. E. Morgan. Sketty. 195A12-31 LOST, between High-street, Sketty. and -U Mumbles, ou Saturday Aiternoop. new Biack Fur Glove. Finder will ne rewarded on returning same to Mackworth Hotel. 195A12-31 IOST, December 23rd, a Bear Fur Necklet. A A handsome Reward to finder on re- turning same to Mrs. Way LIwyn-yr-eos. M id die-road, Cwmbwrla. 95!3 UTiLI anyone who found a Gentleman's V V. Motoring Cap between Page-street and Uplands Poet Office be cwn enough to return it to the Uplands Police Station? i 64 A12-30 20/ REWA RD.-Lost, Amber Bead Necklace Saturday la,st., ,St. I Helew's-road or Oxford-street.—Apply Hae- quencourt, 66, St. ilelen's-road. 195A12-31 PERSONAL. IN U nclt; Bert's" Toffee. Shop there is j. "Standini'. Homo Only." Uncle Bert and his Soil thanl, yoo for your help Yon are dolus "Yon: Bit" as we did Thanks 1 Swaneea Thariksli FURNITURE If nRK tTT) B.E.—Be? Pric? given by mo JL for Second-hand ?urnhu?a?nd AntiQue Furniture of any description Drop me a post-card or call.—Wm. Jamee. 8. Fabian. street St Thorna-a m CT.O MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Thompson and Shackell's Announcements CHICAGO Organ, 4 set? of reeds, 8 rtope, Z knee &wel!s; very fine tore,  Thompson ?nd ShackeH. Ltd., 39. CMUe- street, Swansea p IA,N'OFOU.TE by Ralph Allisou, full com- J. pass, ivorv keys; 50 LLiitiea6 cash, oi easy terms.—Thompson and Shackell. Ltd.. 39,, Swansea "Á LE?ASDRA Paris. Harmonium: ?2?ops. ?'L 4 sets of reeda: large powerful i06t"U. I tnent, suitaMe for place of worship; £.- Thompson and Shackell, Ltd.. 39. Castle- street. Swansea. .1 I TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS. C. II RIS'llllf A8 PREc;SENTS-BoY6' a.nd Girl" XJ Annuals, Picture Books, Reward Honks. Bibles (Scofield Newberry, and I Teachers'): Fountain Pens. Stylos, Purees, and Walleta; for Sale at Enoch's High- street Arcade Swaneea. Real Bargain* in B 4 W2A1240 L"*OR Real Good Value iit footwear. W 1. M Thomas, the Reliable Boot Stores. King Edward-road. Swansea. T C." TN Everybody's Month! MaokayHerbal X for Cheat. Throat. and Voice. Unri_vI alled. Of all Confectioners 2d ounce, vv holesalo of Mackay's, Mfg. Confectioners, Old Market-street, Bristol. SURGICAL Appliances—'Whirling Sprayt Enemas, Elastic Hosiery, Rufober Bandages: Surgical Rubber Goods of everv dOTcription Illustrated Catalogue post free Deaiim. Botanical Dispensary Swansea 189A3-27 JJURGICAL Appliances.—'frusswi. Sprays. G Enemas, Surgeons' Rubber illoves .4ad Suriricat RMbbei (;oc)d- of every description Writ" for Catalogue, sent poet free— Le Brasaeilr SureicaI Co.. Ltd fDept n V.). 90 and n. worcF-ter-fitreet Birmingam. r.C. Sidney Palmer's Mince Pie* slnd M- Pastries. IAl1"e Aesortment of Xmas Cake«. See our Windows for Brides' Cakes. Birthday Cakes in Stock and Made to Order. Palmers Cafe. onposite Empire and B r a n c npiiY Sidney Palmer's Vince Pies an-C, X Pastries. Larcre Assortment of Xmaa oakes. Bee our Windows for Brides' CnkeS Birthday Oaken in Stoek and Made to Order Pa Imor's Cafe. opposite Empire, n nd branches. 192A12-30 MMmtD— — ———— j —— L L t MONEY. IF you require a Loan. apply to Georc- Ihomas Chii rell -strop (opposite + Mary s Church). Swansea Private and Cor 11/TONEY to Lend to Refcpectable House- I H ho-dera: Pnvnte and Confidential.— Ivor D. Thomas. 5 Waterlóo-t Swansea. ) 0.1 written promise to repns or any eeourit* Principal remains or can b" repaid by 16 or M :nonthly instalments; no charge of any kind unless busineflig done-, promptness and privacy; avoid exposing your requirements locally, write oldest Company exiating- E. LAWRENCE, LTD.. Don Chambers, Wine-Streat, Bristol. NOTICES. "17 DWIN JENKINS 27. Cradockotreet. is J J now prepared to accent a111 kinde of I Roods for Electro-Plating and is certain that customers will find all work satisfac- torily carried out. 196A1-3  I?OOTBALL-?wM-s v. L?ton?A "W?h L Riven free for the CoiTect Scores at _HL s,t!me and FuIl.time, Send forpfMta to Mwm HaU. cppoeite Swansea H06pitaJ. "his Competition in held every Saturday 01-3 OTICF.-I win Hall's Price for Shavine: 1. is Threepence: for Haircutting Six- penM from this date. Note Addreee- 74, Sit. Helen a-road. SwaTXM. ci4 NEW PROSPECTUS of the Landore Per- mansnt, Building Society is now ready, it yon v.yisli t.f) a.Te income tax invest your money in the f.oeie.ty. Jt w as safe as a bank, and pays interest half-yearly, free of I Cl-2 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, CIRCULAR Saw Bench and Mortar wanted.-Particula-ro to Box X 5, Cam. bria Daily Leader. C12-31 I^OUR-TON Lorry returning from Swansea one day weekly wants I^oad, or would collect in parte. Haulage Contracting of every description. Furniture Removed Cardiff Transport, Ltd 63. Merchants' Ex change. Cardiff. 189A12-31 BUY Furniture, New and Second-hand.- Serkiu, 219 High-street, Swansea. 196A1-3 rT'' 1?-A VELLING Trunk wanted ot once. '1 State prMe, 44. Garlton-terrace, Swan- 196A12-31 ;I'RE.fiJS Wltnt over Pitwood f!Ï!:e.Jen. nin. Ltd. Woodworkers. Penuywell- rOM. BriFto} Branch &I PorthcawL STO. "t"T ANTED, Buy Second-hand Roller W ? Skates; single pair or auy qulntity.- Lloyd Forsyth Pier Folkestone 191A12-30 SAILINGS. CUNARD LINE. TO UNITED STATES. SOUTHAMPTON AND CHERBOURG To NEW YORK. Mauretania .Ba.t. Jan. 17 SOUTHAMPTON TO NEW YORK. "R{)ya.l George Wed. Jan. 7 Via. Halifax. LIVERPOOL TO 7Ak;W YORK. tStephen Early Jan. Virgilia (Freight only). Wed Jan. 21 Imperator 4. Eftrly Feb. iCabin Passengers Men only. *Via italifax. LIVERPOOL TO BOSTON. Vardulia (Freight ortly) Tues. Feb. 10 LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA. A Steamer LONDON TO NbW YORK. Vestalia (Freight onty). Wed. Dec. 31 Valdura (Freight only), Sat Jan. 3 Kerman (Freight only) .Wed Jan. 7 t'Vaiaoia (Freight only) Sat. Jan. 17 *Saxonia Thurs. Jan. j5 Citipana (Freight only) Wed. Jan. 21 t Vía. Havre. "Via Halifax, LONDON TO BOSTON. Inkula. (Freight only) Jan. 17 LONDON TO PHILADELPHIA Verbania. (Freight only).Sat. Jan. 3 LONDON TO BALTIMORE. Copenhagen (Freight only) Sat. Jan. 31 BRISTOL TO NEW YORK. Vestalia (Freight only)..v..Sailing date later BRISTOL TO BALTIMORE. Doonholm (Freight only).Sat Jan. 31 BRISTOL TO PHILADELPHIA. Doonholm Freight only) Sat Jan. 31 ROTTERDAM TO NEW YORK Valacia (Freight only).Sat. Jan. 10 ANTW ERP TO NEW YORK. Navarino (Freight only).Sat. Jan. 3 Chipana (Freight only) .Tues. Ja.n. 27 CUNARD LINE TO CANADA. SOUTHAMPTON TO HALIFAX Royal George .Wed. Jan. 7 LIVERPOOL TO HALIFAX. CL, rmaitin Wed. Jan. 7 LONDON TO HALIFAX. Saxonia (Paoscii gerg only) Thnrs, Jan 15 tValacia (Freight only) Sat. Jan. 17 t Via Havre. LONDON TO PORTLAND Me. Willaston (Freight only).Thuro Jan. 15 Volurnnia (Freight only) Wed. Jan 28 All Canadian sailings connect with Cana- dian National Railways. For Rates of Passage and Further Par- ticulars apply Cunard Line. Liverpool: 51 Biehopseate London E.C 2: 29-31, Cock- snur-street. London. S.W. 1: 98 Mosley- etreet. Manche6ter: 2. Charlee.strcet Brad fo'd: 65 Baldwin?treet. Bristo!: 19a. High- ? strpct Cardiff; 117 New-street, Birming- bam. Maritime Chambers SouthBmptoB: 1. Millbay-road, Ph-moutb: or to Local Agents. 1- A POSTCARD ONLY; an instructive tittle Book of uufu! knowledge 'free): write for sa,vee much medi- one A little knowledge savef much me(h- cirie.-Address The Publishers. P.O. Box 94. UrFtdfotd. T.C. | in i H—— I j j SMALL ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM.    ? ¡. j 1- A ¡ I _?_ I I í I M-irrw,«, ^aapt,, .-—-— I Please publish the above advertisement times, for which I enclose .s ..d. Name and Addres6: If desired, replies may be tent to Box Nambtn at the ,Cambris Daily Leader" Office. This form should be addressed to Advertisement Departm eut. Oambwia Daily I Leader," Swansea. j L L j L I ¡. C'. -=..t JMHKWBMMMaBBaaaMBMBlMMaMBCBMIIIWWllllllili'l- < illlB ■■'■MB——EB—BBaagTOBnga——g—KBMa———g— AT THE MOTEO HOUSE FOR LEATHER GOODS ?WAMSE? S?DDLE?V CO. y I NEW YEAR GIFTS of Solid Leather Goods. I A large selection of Solid Fancy Leather Goods suitable for New Year Present: ■ I bolid Leather Suit and Attache Cases. Week-end Cases j Bags-Brief. Kit and Portmanteaux. Dress Baskets. Cabin and OverlanC; Trunks. > Blouse Case. Box and Parcel Straps. School Bags. Ladies' Hand Bags & Purse? I Gent's Pocket Wallets. Purses. Safety Razors & Razor Strops Leather Watch Guards. Wrist Straps, etc. I Braces, Belts, Leggings, Gloves, Woollen and Waterproof Rugs. I I £ SWANSEA SADDLERY CO. I Alexandra Road and High Street Arcade, Swansea

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