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&'? - riNA?CmL NEWS.I >._._?_


& ? riNA?CmL NEWS. I >  ?_ I FOREIGN EXCHANGES. I Movements were, as a rule, not of great j importance. The Aew York exchange ue- olined slightly to 3.79J, and t'iia franc- depreciated, the- Paris cheque moving up to V.75. This latter change caused the Belgian exchange to advance to just o-( L- 40.00, but there was some improvement in the Italian lire at ami Swedish rates weakened. bllt GCfmHu marks rose to 185 and Finn murks to 127;. The Chilean exchange rose sharply to 12 7-1 Gel., but Rio w^s lower at 17 S-lôd. GOLD AND SILVER. I The Indian demand for gold showed no I abatement, but the price declined to 109s. 2d. per ounce. Silver for immediate delivery remained at 7Gid. per ounce, but I the forward quotation declined £ d. to 74td. owing to further sales i. urii the Con- I tinent. I PORT TALBOT RAILWAY AND DOCKd I COMPANY. I Warrants for the interest on deben- I ture stock ior the half-year ending December 31 will be posted on Wednes- I day. i. iii, ENGLISH CROWN SPELTER CO. I ) The statutory meeting of the English Crown Spelter Company was held on Mon- day at the ofifces, Port Tennaht, 3.1r. Hc¡:rinald Frallc;i; (chairmaIl) presiding The business was purely formal, the meet- ing standing adjourned to a date in Feb. ruary to be fixed, when the annual accounts will be presented. j NEW SWANSEA COMPANY. I j T. H. Henderson (Limited).-Privafi company. Capital JC50,00 in £1 shares. Objects: To carry on the business oi col- liery owners, coal, coke, fuel, and bye products merchants, shipowners, &c., and t:) enter into an agreement with T. ll, Henderson. The subscribers (each with one share) are: A. B. Livingston, Glas- ynys, Caswell ftill, Mumbles, coal ex- porter; E. P. Jones, 21, Finsbury-terrace, Swansea, coal exporter; R. B. Jones, 154, Queen's-road, Mumbles, coal exporter: and T. H. Henderson, Westbiook, West- oross, near Swansea, coal exporter. The iitat directors are: A. B. Livingston, E. P. Jones, H. B. Jones, T. H. Henderson, and E. Bucknell. Registered ofifce: Queen's-buildings, Swansea. PORT TALBOT COMPANY. I tort Talbo', Pure Ice and Cold Storage Com.pany (Limited).—Private company, j in 41 shares.- To carry j on business as in.dicated by the title. The first directors are: R. Hopkins, 71, Water- e: R. street, Aireravoa-; J. Cox, Pin- Ton, Port Talbot; L. Belli, 6, Plough-terracc, Port Talbot; A. E. A. Clark, Vivian Hotel, Aberavon; arid J. Tucker, 15, Courtland- terrace, Port Talbot. /Registered office: 14. Courtland-terrace, Port Talbot. 1, TINPLATE MARKET. I Th tuiplate market is unchanged and remains firm. I.C. 20 x 14, 112 sheets, J 50s. Gel. to 51 s. 6d. box net f.o.ii. "s-ia.n- sea. Unassorted tci-r-es, 28 x 20, 112 "0-91, t-15 per ton not f.o.b. Steel sheet tinplate bars, £17 to £ 17 10s. per ¡ ton net delivered. Hematite pig on, nominal box, net f.o.b. Swansea. Gal- nlllisecl sheets 24 gauge corrugated in bundles LONDON JOINT CITY AND MID. I LAND BANK, LIMITED. I Agreement With the Clydesdale r Bank Ratified. I Proposed New Issue of Shares. I I I An Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders of the London Joint City and Midland Bank, Limited, was held at the I Caimon-etreet Hotel. London. E.G., on Tuesday, December 30th, 1919, for the pur- pose cf (l) approving a. provisional agree- ment for ai fusion of interests between the Juondon Joint City and Midland Bank Limited end the Clydesdale Bank. Limited, I tnid i2) increasing the Capital of the Com- pany. The Right Ron. R. McKenna. (chair- man) presided. In moving the first resolution the, Chair- man referred to the great loss the Bank had suffered by the death of Sir Edwdrd llolden. He then went on to indicate the r.dvantages that would accrue from the arrangement between the London Joint City and Mid land Bank and the Clydes- dale Bank not only to the shareholders of those two institutions but to the generaJ trading community. Already holders cfc over 8S per ccrtt. of the capital of the Clydesdale Bank had given their assent to the fusion. The resolution Was seconded by Mt. W. Q. Brcdsbaw, deputy chairman, and wfl-3 carried unanimously. The second resolution, relating to the increase of in the capital of the London Joint City and Midland Bank to £ 45,203,0<X) by the creation of 1,500,000 new shares of S,3 10s. each was then submitted by "he chairman, who, in the course of his remarks, announced that in view of the great increase cf the bank's business the Board deemed it advisable further to ill- crease the Capital and lieGerve, In addition to the sharer, allotted to the Clydesdale I (shareholders, a further number of about 600,000 shares would be issued, and offered to the ehaivJiolriers of the London Joint City and Midland Bank on the register on March leVnext in the proportion of one new share for every eight then existing shares of both classes., The new shares would be offered at c5 pkr share, a price which in view 01 their present market value offered <% Substantial advantage to the shareholders of the Bank. Following the precedent of the Last issue of shares, fractional'certificates would not be issued, but arrangements wouid be made for the shares representing the aggregate of the fractions to be disposed of. The proceeds in fexees:, of £ 5 per chare would after payment of expenses be distributed pro rata amongst the shareholders who would otherwise have been entitled to the I fractions. This resolution wag seconded by Mr. A H. Goschen, deputy cli.adnj)an>xand was carried unanimously. f The proceedings terminated with a vote of thanks to the chairman for presiding.



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