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TALHAIARN ANNUITY FUND. The London Committee of the above fund met at the London Tavern, on Thursday, the 23rd ultimo, Howell Morgan, Esq., High Sheriff of Merioneth, in the chair. After the preliminary business of the evening, the Chairman called upon the Treasurer for a statement of the amount of the fund. William Jones, Esq. (Gwrgant), read a statement pre- pared by the honorary secretary, from which it appeared that the amount of X375 2s. 6d. was promised, and partly paid, subject to deductions for incidental expenses. This sum, when the subject was duly considered, was but nmall; and he had anticipated greater success in- deed, he would not give in until they had collected £500. His first letter was written on the 23rd of Octo- ber last year, and he could never forget the noble res- ponse which followed. In running his eye down the list, he felt proud of his country, and its nobility, foe the appreciation of a National Poet, and an excellent man pjrvaded the country from the highest to the low- est. What he wanted to see now were the contributions of the bulk—the mass; where was Liverpool ? where Manchester ? where Birmingham ? where every large town in the kingdom, where W elshmeu resided, and loved a national, loyal, and patriotic poet—for Talhaiaru was eminently so. An earnest appeal to the country, he had no doubt, would speedily accomplish all they wished, and Talhaiarn mignt soon rejoice in the posses- sion of a substantial token of the love and affection of his countrymen, including the noblest and the best of them. (Cheert.) For his own part, he regretted his pro- fessional engagements were such that he could not de- vote much time to the work and he knew that his friend Cadvan had his hands full in his responsible posi- tion. Considering all these things, they had done tolera- bly well; but he trusted the committee would go with him for £ 500, and no surrender. (Cheers.) Brinley Richards, Esq., congratulated the committee upon the result of their labours, and heartily endorsed the Treasurer's suggestion of holding on for £ 500. They must not take less. There was plenty of ground to work in. Only 150 subscribers he was surprised. Better open a shilling subscription than .give iu now. Griffith Jarrett, Esq., said he was quite ready to take any portion of the labours, rather than anything less than jEoOO be realized; for he felt every confidence that it could be accomplished, and that I very shortly. Thomas Hamer, Esq., would invite the co-operation of country friends, and form local committees in the chief towns through the country. He felt confident the people only wanted an opportunity to record their love for Talhaiarn. Mr. Hugh Williams [Cadvan] felt much gratified at the unanimity of the committee, and was confident the views of their excellent treasurer would be carried out in their integrity. 1500 was not a large sum. The 150 had done nobly; let 1,500 give only a shilling each, and I the work was done. He would suggest an immediate appeal to the country, and a request that all sub- scriptions be paid in; so that, before next October, they might congratulate themselves upon having accomplished a good year's work. The Chairman, in conclusion, expressed the gratifica- tion he had experienced at that meeting. Although not a resident in London, they had honoured him by placing him in the chair, and he confessed that his heart was in the work as deep as any of theirs. He had no doubt they would soon have to meet at the ''Presenta- tion." [Cheers.] A vote of thanks to the Chairman concluded the j proceedings.

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