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I DENBIGHSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. I I (Concluded from our last.) I I FRIDAY. I The Court opened at 10 o'clock a.m. for the trial of prisoners. Magistrates on the Bench :rhomas Hughes, Esq., chairman; James Maurice, Eeq., Purcell Williams, Esq., Pentre Mawr and R. 0. Moulesdale. Esq., Llan. rwst. c,ounsel present:- Messrs. Swetenbam, Ralph, Traf- ford, Ignatius Williams, and Hilton. The following gentlemen formed THE GRAND JURY. I Mr. Frederick W. Smith, Castle-street, Kuthtn, foreman Thomas Edward.. draper, Ruthin W. Green, sen.. Lion Hotel, do David Griffiths, Cilygroeslwyd Hugh Jon s, Garthgynan Wm. Jones, Wern Fawr R. G. Joyce, Ruthin Richard Lloyd, Plas-yn-llan David Parry I'.nrhewl John Roberts, Plaseinion Thomas Roberts, Waterloo Inn Richard Roberts, Cross Keys Thomas Symond, Hendre Robert Williams Llangynhafal Joseph Maude, Ruthin The CHAIRMAN, in addressing the Grand Jury, said- The calendar of prisoners before me presents but a very few cases of crime. There are but four which you will have to consider, and they are of the ordinary descrip- tion. I am also happy co observe that the prisoners in gaol for trial at the Assizes are but very few-fewer in fact than the cases you have to consider to-day. There are onl" v three cases, I believe, to be tried at the Assizes, and we have four here. One person, a servant in the employ of a fanner in the neighbourhood of Wrexham, is charged with having embezzled some money which hitmaater entrusted to him. It appears his master was in the habit of giving him money to pay for stock which he had purchased, and on this occasion gave him jE6 or jf7 but the servant, unfortunately, forfeited his mas- ter's confidence by absconding with the money. He was apprehended at some distance from home, and some of the money found in his possession. The case is easily disposed of. A person is also charged with housebreak- ing at a cottage, near Denbigh, and stealing therefrom some wearing apparel; he was seen coming from the cottage with some of the articles on his person. Then, there is a woman charged with robbery from the person of a man in whose company she had been during some part of the day the case is clearly brought home to her by the evidence of the constable and by her own confession; there is no point whatever arising in it call- ing for any observations of mine. The last case is that of stealing a gold breast-pin from a publican in Wrex- ham; it is a very short one, and really does not require any comment from me. The only observation that ap- pears to me to arise from the calendar is, that all these crimes have been caused by drunkenness—at least, out of four cases, three of them have been committed under the influence of drink. Of course, drunkenness is no excuse or paliation of crime, but it rather aggravates it. I merely mention to you this fact to point out the la- mentable prevalence of drunkenness in the country. I am afraid persons in Wrexbam have obtained an unen- viable notoriety for that evil. Let us hope that the edweational and religious systems may raise the habits and disposition of the people beyond the vice of drunk- enness. Now, gentlemen, please retire to your room, and return your bills as soon as possible, so that we may pro- ceed with the business of the Court. I DIVERSION OF ROAD. Mr. Swetenham made an application to the Court to confirm the order of Justices for diverting the footpath at Dolddwr, in the parishes of Ruthin and Llanfwrog. No notice of appeal had been given. The application was granted. APPEAL. I Mr. Swetenham also applied to be allowed to enter a respite to appeal against the poor rate granted by the overseers of the pour of Eglwysfach against the London and North Western Railway Company, on the 12th of April, 1864. The rate having been made so recently, there would be no time to appeal at these Sessions; but it was arranged by both parties to defe.' the case till a future Sessions. The Court granted the application. BTEALING MONEY. I Mary Ann Fowler pleaded not guilty to a charge of having at Wrexham, on the 10th of June, 1864, feloni- ously stolen from the person of James Ankers two sove- reigns and three half-crowns, his property. Mr. Swetenham prosecuted, and the prisoner was un- defended. The prosecutor, a witty old Irishman, had been treat- ing Mary Ann to a few glasses of ale on the day in ques- tion, and in the course of time "Jemmy Anky," as she called him, revealed to her the content* of his purse. Mary Ann kept this revelation in mind, and watched her opportunity to place the purse in her own pocket. Meanwhile, Jimmy became drowsy, and went to the first field," near Wrexham, to lay himself down. Mary Ann followed as soon as she thought Jimmy was fast asleep, and with the marked tenderness of a lady's hand, she succeeded in extracting the much coveted purse out of poor Jimmy's stronghold without disturbing his repose. Poor Mary Ann," however, was captured before she managed to spend all the money. She was apprehended at Gresford by P.C. Lawley, and 2 sovereigns were found in her possession. Verdict-Ouilty. Sentence-Four months imprisonment, with hard la, bour. EHBKZZLEMENT. I Terrence Finnigan, an Irish lad, pleaded guilty to hav- ing, on the 19th of March last, embezzled the sum of 16 16s., the monies of his employer, a farmer residing near Wrexham. Sentence-Six months' imprisonment, with hard la- bour.. STEALING A SCARF PIN. I Thomas Pugh, gas fitter (out on bail), was indicted for having, on the 2nd of April last, feloniously ■««» gold scarf pin, value 12s., the property of Gnmth Gnf "MS?jisr- m, Mr. Hilton prosecuted, and Mr. Swetenbam defenddl the prisoner. Griffith Griffiths deposed-I keep the Spirit Vatilts at Penybryn. Prisoner came into my Vaults on the night of the 2nd of April, 1864. I placed my scarf and pin on the counter, and went to enquire of my wife for a clean collar. By the time I returned to the Vaults, the prisoner and the pin also had di-ppeared. Croos-examined-I received 12a. for the pin from a man of the name of Hayes on behalf of prisoner, before he was tried before the magistrates. Mr. Hilton stated that the prisoner had received a quart of ale from Sergeant Parker, 23rd Fusilie-, at Wrexham, and delivered the pin to him as a guarantee that he would pay the value of the ale. SergeMt Parker ?. not in a fit state of health to appear before the Court,therefore, he proposed to put his depositions in evidence. '??lamb deposed having seen Sergeant Parker the previous night, and swore that he was confined to his bed, suffering from rheumatism, and was attended oy a medical adviser. m Mr. S^tTham objected ?eevidenceof<oRSa?T.i?nbh and maintained that the medical man should be present to give testimony as to I'arker's health. The Court over-ruled the objection, and the deposi. tions were allowed to be read. Mrs. Parry, landlady of the Blossoms Inn, Wrexham, deposed having received the pin from Sergeant Parker to deliver to the prisoner when he should call to reo deem it. ?' P?' Wm, Jones said he apprehended the prisoner in the Blossoms Inn, asleep on the settle. On the way to Bridewell he said he "had only taken the pin in a joke." ?" Mr. Swetenbam then asked if there was a case to go to the jury. The act was merely a drunken joke. The Chairman-I think it was a very curiou. joke. Mr. Swetenham then proceeded to address the jury on behalf of the prisoner, and dwelt especially on the good character hitherto borne by him. Was it like)1 he would of his own free will forfeit that character for the sake of a pin of tfre value of 128. ? The Chairman summed up, and the jury returned a verdict of-Not Guilty. HOUSEBREAKING. James Mc. Cartney, another son of the Emerald Isle, iJts charged with having feloniously entered the dwell- ing-house of Robert Lloyd, Green, near Denbigh, and stealing therefrom one coat, one waistcoat, and two me. morandum books, on the morning of the 15th of May last. Verdict-Guilty. Sentei)ce-Twelve months' impri- sonment, with hard labour,-to be kept in solitary confinement for one week in each of the last three months.









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