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Family Notices

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CARNARVON. SWIMMING MATCH.—A very exciting swimming match took place on Wednesday last, in this town, between the following gentlemen :—Messrs. R. R. Williams, Richard Rowlands, Robert Roberts, and H. Jones. Mr. Hemmings, the C. R. C. trainer, was selected as umpire, the course beiug acros, the Menai Straits Mr. It. lit. Williams was declared the winner, the time oc- cupied from shore to shore being 18 minutes. The three other competitors were close together, and not more than twenty yards behind the winner. There being a heavy sea on at the time increased the excite- ment of the match. BOROUGH PUTTV SESSIONS (at the new Shire Hall), Monday, August S,-Befo, Llewelyn Turner, Esq., mayor; Tlinmas Turner, Es(l. and Owen .Ione, Esq. Drankcaaesf.—Jane Kale, an old offender, was charged with the above offence, and appeared in court with a black eye. P.C. IC) deposed to seeing her making arow oii U ednes- day week night, and when he requested her to go home to her husband she refused, and said she would sooner go to the lock-up, as her husband had been beating her. The accused, a good looking young woman, is constantly gcttiug into trouble by her abandoned conduct. She pleaded guilty, and was sent to gaol for 7 days, with a reprimand. Mary Jones, who stated she lived at Bangor, pleaded guilty to a like offence. P.C. 16 said that about half-past 11 o'clock on Wed- nesday night he was told by a party that the accused was drunk near the Royal Hotel, and although told to go away she refused. When he attempted to remove her she pulled out a knife; he then rushed upon her, and in the struggle she bit him fearfully. She was so violent that they had to carry her on a stretcher. The Inspector said she had recently come out of gaol, and since then she had been the greatest nuisance in the town, walking on the promenade in the day time, and accosting gentlemen she min;ht meet. The Mayor said he always took into consideration the plea of guilty, but her case was diSerent to the other woman. Committed for 1 mouth's imprisonment, with hard labour. Both women treated the court with great levity by laughing and making signs to the by-standers, until they left for gaol. James Moon was charged with a like offence, to which he pleaded guilty. He stated he was a discharged sol- dier, having served 10 years in India. He got hie dis- charge in 1861 from the 37th regiment. He had had the sun stroke, and when he got a glass of beer he did not know what he did. PS. Davies said that about 12 o'clock on Saturday night he heard a woman screaming in the Three Crown public-house, Bangor-street, who told him he was kick- ing her. As he refused to go out he locked him up; he was drunk. The mau pleaded hard to be let off on account of his wife and children. Committed for 7 days. Indecent assault on a young .'Ii"¡.-John Jones was brought up on remand for the above offence, the young girl being his step daughter. The prisoner resides in a court out of Penrallt. The evidence given appearing to the bench conclusive, he was committed, and at Mr. Powell's request, who de- fended the prisoner, to the Assizes. Bail was given for his surrender in two sureties of JE20 each, and himself in £ 40. Wholesale plundering of body linen.-Jane Griffith, lvmanded from last week for stealing clothes, the pro- perty of Grace Jones, was further charged and commit- ted on six charges for stealing body linen, &c., from Twthill, and other places on the outskirts of the town, while hanging out to dry. Second case.—Ann Jones, Snowdon-street, swore to a print gown as being her property, she having left it out to dry 5 weeks since on a gate behind the new houses on the Pwllheli road. P.S. Davies produced the frock which he found in the house of the prisoner's mother. The prisoner told him the gown was hers, and that she bought the materials off Mr. E. Owen, Bridge-street, and had it made into a dress. She said she had it for months in pledge at Liverpool. In defence, the prisoner admitted having told an un- truth about it. She did not know it was stolen; she bought it and paid for it. Committed. Third case.—Hannah Jones identified two shifts which she hung out to dry at Alalas, near the station, which were the property of Rt. Williams' wife. Emma Jones, server in Mr. Hamer's pawnshop, said prisoner pawned one of the shifts for 6d. on the 30th of June last. P.S. Davies proved finding the articles, one at the house of the prisoner's mother, the other at Mr. Hamer's. Prisoner, in defence, denied stealing them, but she had paid for them. Fourth case.—Elizabeth Williams, Bangor-street, iden- tifle(I an apron and shirt which she hung out to dry near the station. The apron was hers, and the shirt her brother's. Inspector Davies deposed finding the apron at the mother's house, and the shirt at Mr. Hamer's. Emma Jones proved the prisoner pawning the shirt on the 26tli ult. Prisoner was asked here if she would be tried sum- marily, but she preferred going to the Quarter Sessions. Fifth case.—Mary Lloyd identified a gown and hand- kerchief. She knew the former by a stain on the sleeve, and knew the handkerchief by the initials on it, part of which had been removed and part remained. Catherine Evans swore to them. P. C. Stephen proved finding the dress hid in a bush on the Pont Seiont road, and afterwards found it upon the prisoner. He knew it as he had extmined it when found in the bush. Committed. Sixth case.—P C. Stephen produced a child's frock, the property of Jane Hughes, found with the above. Jane Hughes swearing to the frock, the prisoner was committed on this the sixth charge.. For the defence, the accused said one Catherine Ro- berts sold them all to her, and that she paid for them, The police have still a number of articles found in her possession, or pawned by her, which they have great reason to believe are stolen. Anyone having lost any- thing while hanging out to dry, may obtain information by calling upon the police.










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