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mil BBIDGR BANGOR, BHAXTAMiJUB, LIAX DUIXNO, AND LIVBRPOOL. SUMMER SAILINGS, ???/?N and after WEDNESDAY, j?Nae?? June 1st, the City of Dublin Com- pu/i Steamer% PRINCE OF WALE? and PRINCE ARTHUR are i..t..d? to Ply daily LS?y* excepted.] at the above Station uunug the SUNIMFR SEASON, aging at LLANDUDNO, weather permitting. 19 FROM MENA1 BRIDGE, at Is a. in, PROM PRINCE'S LANDING STAGE, LIVERPOOL •••••■ U Lm. Goods for Carnarvon and the above places will be re- tired at the Clarence Dock. A COACH for Amlwch, leaves on the arrival of the Steamer from Liverpool, and returns in the Morning » time for the Sailings for Liverpool. Farther particulars on application to Mr. J. K. Rountb- Vlllte, 20, Water Street, Liverpool; Messrs. B. W. ttnothy and Son, Menai Bridge ;or to Mr. John Thomaa, Bangor Street, Caruarvon. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CAVMTPOOL AND CANADA AND THE UNITBD STATES OF AMERICA, Tid QUEBEC and the GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY. fXfttder Contract with Her Majesty's Prcmnctal 0- ment for tlte Contttyance of the Atails. ) H64—SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS-186.. IIu MOSTREAL OCEAN STEAM-SHIP COMPANY'S fint-cl- powerful Screw Steamers — PERUVIAN Capt. W. BALLATTTN*. HTliERNIAN J. E. DDTTOS. .Sn NOVA SCOTIAN.. „ J. GRAHAM. T. AITON. WORTHAMERICAN,, WIRLIL BELGIAN BRowil. DAMASCUS. Kus. litoRAVIAN New Ship.. ST, D IVID .New Ship. Are intended to Sail from LIVERPOOL TO QUEBEC AND MONTREAL, EVERY THURSDAY. (W1iug at MOVILLE, LOUGH FOYLE, on FRIDAY, tt embark Passengers and Her Majesty's Mails. And from QUEBEC to LIVERPOOL every SATURDAY. Calling at MOVILLE to land Mails and Passengers. Rate of Freight to Quebec and Montreal 55s. per Ton, Measurement, and 5 per Cent. Primage. Weight subject "agreement. Mrtw, Money to QUEBEC EIGHTEEN GUINEAS and FIFTEEN GUINEAS, including Provi- simm, but not Wines or Liquors, which can be obtained board. Steerage Passage Money to QUEBEC, SEVEN GUIN- EAS, including a plentiful supply of Cooked Provisions. By arrangements made with the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada. HilI. of Lading and Passage Tickets ■mil be granted in Liverpool for the conveyance of Goods and Passengers, at very moderate through ratee, to all the Principal Towns in Canada. Baggage taken from the Ocean Steamship* to th, e Rail- tsav Oars Free of Expense. For Freight or Passage apply, in Glasgow, to JAMBS ad ALEXANDKR ALLAN, 70. Great Clyde-street; in Lon- dao, to MONTGomFRiE and GKKKNHORNB, 17, Gracechurch- atreet, or to AILAN BROTHERS and CO., Weaver-buildings, Brunswick-street, LiverpooL AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, AND BRITISH COLUMBIA. or Passengers holding Victoria Passage Warrants or Bounty Tickets, will please make immediate application to the undersigned. rpHE "WHITE STAR" LINE of BRT:rISH AUSTRALIA.:r-. and NEW ????.ZKALA?D EX-ROYAL MAIL CLIP- -B  pERS, sail on the 15th and 20th of each Month. leading and forwarding Passeugers to every port of Aus- traJilL, Tusmania, or New Zealand. Theline is composed of the followingcelebrated clipper! BOYAL STANDARD(s.s.) CHARIOT OF FAME. pers MORNING LIGHT. QUEENof the NORTH. -opn JACKET. SHALBIAR. ?n?TAR: GLEN DEVON. BLUE JACKET. ELECTRIC. TO^RNADO ULCOATS. ??An): GOLDEN SUNSET. And many others well-known in the trade. FROM LIVERPOOL TO MELBOURNE. Tons Tons To Reg. Bur. Sail. -Km JAcnT Melbourne.2000.4000.Sept. 20. SHALIMAR Mdbourae..lIW.W. 20. ROYAL STANDARIJ"BCrew.tcamer.2ÙI7..AOOO. Nov, 20. LONDON TO NEW ZEALAND. LTMIIIM "Canterbury .Sept. 30. The celebrated Ex-Royal Mail Clipper RED JACKET will be despatched from Liverpool for Melbourne, an the 41 White Star" Packet of the 20th September. This fa- mous Clipper h? made some of the fastest passages ever recorded, mcludmg From New York to Liverpool in 13 days. From Liverpool to Melbourne in 67 days. And from Melbourne to Liverpool in 68 days. She has made the round from Liverpool to Melbourne and back, including all delays on the voyage, in five months and ten days. and has carried over 6,000 passen- gera in safety. Her Saloons are extensive, and hand- aomely furnished with piano, library, &c, passengers in this class being supplied with bedding, linen, and every requisite. The accommodation for other classes cannot be surpassed. Passengers embark on the 20th Septem- ber. Saloon passengers at 10 a.m. of the 21st. For freight or passage, apply to H. T. WILSON & CHAMBERS, 21, Water-street, Liverpool, or WILSON, BILBROUGH & CO., 27. Leadenhall-street, Londo*. (')T tO PARRY and Co., Shipbuilders, agents. Bangor; John Jones, Steam Packet Company Agent, Carnarvon; T. Bell, Holywell; or to Robert Pritchard, Newry-street, Bolyhead. W.B—Willox's Australian and New Zealand Hand Books, sent post free for 2 stamps. "BLACK BALL" & "EAGLE" LINE OF British and Australian Ex-Royal Mail Packets LIVERPOOL FOR MELBOURNE, Ship Register. Burthen. Captain. Date. GREAT VICTORIA, s.s., 500 h. p., 3500 Price 5th Sept GOLDEN EMPIRE 1218 2500 GoodaU 5thOot. VANGUARD .1303 3000 ClIrwin 5th Nov. VANGUARD IV3 i?oo Middleton 5th Dec. BLANCHE MOORE .1837 4000 Middleton 5th Dec. GREAT BRITAIN, ss., 500 h. p. 3200 Gray 15th Dec. Persons who hold Passage Warrants or Bounty Mckets, will please make immediate application to the under- filled. LONDON FOR MELBOURNE. AGASUS 25th Sept. Assisted Pitssages and Free Grants of Land, LONDON TO AUCKLAND. N.Z. LIGHT BRIGADE 20th Sept. LONDON FOR SYDNEY. CINDKRELLA .lOth Sept, CITY OF SYDNEY .10th 0ct. FOR QUEENSLAND, (Free Grants of Land, value 30 Pounds.) ELIZABETH ANN BRIGHT (from Liverpool) 5th Sept. OOLDRN CITY (from London). 15th Sept. STEAM TO NEW YORK VIRGINIA s.s., 2000 tons, from Liverpool 13th Sept. Steam to Australia, from Liverpool, under 60 Dain. BLACK BALL AND EAGLB" LINE. LIVERPOOL TO MELBOURNE. The Magnificent Auxiliary Steam Clipper ..aL 'GREAT VICTORIA," 3,500 Tons and 500 Horse-power, j fflCTjf1"! JAMES PRICE, R.N.R., Commander Victoria Warraut Holders will be taken in this Ship without extra charge. It appointed to leave the River Mersey as the Packet for the 5TH SEPTEMBER. This magnificent auxiliary screw clipper is equipped with all the latest improvements in machinery, and fitted Specially for the Australian passenger trade, being rigged ttatirst-class clipper ship, irrespective of her steam power, on the same principle as the famous steam clipper Great Britain. Her accommodation fur all classes of passengers is unsurpassed by any ocean-going steamer afloat. For further particulars apply to JAMES BAINES & CO., Water-st., Liverpool; ØlBBS, BRIGHT & CO., North John-street; or T. M. MACKAY & CO., 1, LeadenhaU-ftreet, Ltadon. iC. '? el AGENTS. Mr. Edward Ellis, Garth Point, Bangor. Ofcpt. Tully, Dublin Packet Office, Holyhead. Mr. Wm. Edwards, Llangefni, Anglesey. Mr. T. Edwards, Quay, Couway. Mr. F. Watts, Abergele. RHYL. CARTES DE VISITE. VISITORS to Rhyl are respectfully requee- V ed before having their Photographs taken to ex- amine T. Brown's SPECIMENS on the Welt Parade, and St the Establishment 73, Wellington Road. No Fhotoraphs issued infeiior to specimens eMibtted. Cartes, 10s. the first dozen. 6s. the half dozen. SrWo havq never fen Photographs so clew and life-like JIl. Browns,"— Whitduwtn Herald, COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, RUTHIN. HBAP MASTHB REV. THOMAS KIRK. K.A., St. John's College, Cambridge (Prieeman). Boys educated for Professional or Business life. Also a preparatory School for younger Boys. French is taught to all whose parents desire it without extra Appiy to the Rev. T. Kirk, Collegiate School, Rnthin. Apply to the Rev. T. Kirk, Collegiate School, Ruthiu. LLANBEDR-?DYPFRTN-CLWYD?EW CHURCH, NEAR RUTHIN, 1864 THE following Serviccs will be IteM on the L occasion of the CONSECRATION of the Church, Thursday, September 15th. Morning Prayer and Consecration of the New Church and Churchyard at 11 o'clock, Sermon by Right Rev. the LORD BISHOP OF ST. ASAPH. Holy Communion. Litany at 330 o'clock. Sermon by the Rev. T. MAIN- WARING B. BULKELEY OWEN, M.A., Incumbent of Welsh-Hampton, Salop. Evening Prayer at 7 o'clock. Sermon by the Rev. EDWARD JONES, M. A., Vicar of Nantglyn, (all Welsh). Friday, September 16th, Evening Prayer at 7 o clock. Harvest Home Sermon by the Rev. R. O. HUGHES, Incumbent of Prion, (all Welsh). Collections will be made at each Service to defray the Debt due for Bells, Books, and other Church Furniture. The Clergy are requested to meet the Bishop at the South Entrance Gate of the Churchyard, in Surplices, punctually at 11 o'clock. A Dinner will be provided at Half-past One o clock at the Griffin Inn, near the Church: Tickets 2s. each. to be had from the Landlord, Mr. Roberts. CARNARVON AND LLANBEBIS RAILWAY. CAPITAL Cllo,000 in 11,000 Shares of E10 each, With a PROVISIONAL GUARANTEE OF £4 PER CENT. Deposit on Application 10s. per Share, Cl on Allotment. Calls 22 per Share at intervals of not lest than Two Months-not more than PG to be called up in any One Year upon each Share, I This undertaking is supported by the undermentioned Noblemen and Gentlemen of the locality. The RT. HOT. LORD NBWBOROUGH, Glynllifon Park- MAJOR O. J. E. NANNKT, Gwynfryn. CAPTAIX R. G. DUFF. Vaynol. R. W. THOMAS, Esquire, Coed Helen. JOHN MILLINOTON, JUN.. Esquire, Bryntinon. LL. TuitN-Bit, ESQ., Mayor of Carnarvon. Directors. THOMAS TURh-Elt, ESQ., illas Brereton, Carnarvon. ALEXANDER BEATTIE, ESQ., 46, Porchester Terrace. Hyde Park, London, Chairman of the Northampton and Banbury Junction Railway Company. Pa d arn Llan- WALLACE WILLIAM CKAGG, ESQ., Glyn Padarn Llan- beris, CAPT. 8 OWE HENRY STRGNG, of Iffley near Oxford. SAMUEL LIPSCOMB SECKHAM, ESQ., of Carlton Lodge, Oxford, and Grays Inn, London. Bankers, The Union Bank of London. Messrs. Williams and Ca;, Carnarvon and Bangor. Engineer. Charles Rolfe, Esq., Llanberis. Consulting Engineer, Edwin Clarke, Esq., 24, Great George Street, Westmin- ster. Solicitors. Messrs. Gregory, Champion, and Eady, 18, Park Street and 12, Clements Inn. Westminster. Local Solicitor. E. G. Powell, Esq., Carnarvon. Local Secretary. Mr. R. J. Davids, Caruarvon. Temporary Offices. 18, Park Street, Westminster. THIS Railway will commence bya Junction _L with the authorized Carnarvonshire Railway on the South Side of the Harbour of Carnarvon and following the course of the River Seiont, terminate in Llanberis near the Victoria Hotel. There will also be a small Branch running alongside the Nantlle Tramway to the existing Quays at Carnarvon. The Act of Incorporation authorizes the working of the Line by the London and North Western Railway Company and its extension to that Company's Station at Carnarvon. The Railway is promoted by the Quarry Proprietors of Llanberis, to afford them a direct and independent colli- muaication between Llanberis and the Harbour of Car- narvon for the purposes of Slate Traffic, and at the same time to accommodate the large Passenger Traffic between those places. The Line will lead greatly to the improvement of the Harbour and the extension of the Quays. It presents no Engineering difficulties, and is supported by all the principal Land Owners—Lord Newborough has generous- ly given the land belonging to him which will be required for the works. The Traffic on the Line will be very considerable be- sides a number of valuable Quarries now raising slates (the Traffic in which will, it is belived, alone pay a fair dividend on the Capital), there is a great population in the neighbourhood of Llanberis requiring Railway com- munication with the Market Town of Carnarvon. Dur- ing a portion of the year, also, there are great nnmber of Tourists, who visit Snowdon and the Lakes, to whom this Lway will be a great convenience. These sources of Traffic are so well-known to the General Public in Carnar- vonshire that any detailed statistics are quite unneces- sary. It will be sufficient to mention that one of the Directors alone pays at the present time nearly £2,000 perannumn for the conveyance of slate fee., between Llanberis and Carnarvon. The Directors, therefore, tak- ing into consideration the low cost at which this Line can be constructed entertain the opinion that it cannot fail to be highly profitable to the Shareholders, and, that it will become one of the most paying Lines in North Wales. The Directors are desirous of securing the early con- struction of the Railway, and in order to attain this ob. ject have made arrangements with responsible contractors to undertake the works. They have also arranged with them to guarantee a Dividend at the rate of R4 per Cent per Annum during the construction of the Line upon all payments made in respect of Shares which shall have been subscribed for by the 15th day of August next, pro- vided One-Third of the Capital shall be subscribed for by that day. This arrangement will be found highly advan- tageous to the Shareholders. No liability is incurred by the Shareholders beyond the amount actually subscribed for. Application for pro- BpectustB may be made to the Secretary, Solicitors, or Bankers, and for.Sharesin the form hereto annexed. Form of pplication for Shares and Banker's receipt. To the Directors of the Carnarvon and Llanberis Railway. Gentlemen.—Having paid to your Bankers the sum of C I am desirous of subscribing for Shares in this undertaking and hereby agree to accept such Shares and to Sign the Subscribers Agreement when required; I am, Gentlemen, Your Obedient Servant Name in full. Profession or Trade. Residence Date Received the day of 1864, on Account of the Directors of ths Carnarvon and Llanberis Railway from Mr, the Sum of being the Deposit made in accordance with the terms of the Prospectus on an Application for an Allotment of .Shares in this undertaking Bankers. THE ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE CORPORATION. For Fire, Life, and Marine Assurance, and for Annuities, Established A.D. 1720 by Charter of King George the First, and confirmed by Special Acts of Parliament. Chief Office in the Royal Exchange, London, Branch, 29, Pall Mal PERSONS assured with this Corporation t incur no liabilities of Partnership. Payment of their claims is secured by a large invested Capital Stock. They enjoy the advantages of modem practice, with the stability of an office which has been tested by the ex- perience of nearly a Century and a half. Tables o the premiums and of the Bonus in the Life Department, may be obtained at the Offices of the Cor- poration, or from its Agents in the principal towns of the United Kingdom. JOHN A. HIGHAM, Actuaiy and Secretary. Agent at Carnarvon John Morgans, Esq. Bangor J. V. H. Williams, Esq. „ Pwllheli ,Mr, David Davies. Steam to Australia fromLiverpool under 60 days ,,BLACK BALL" AND "EAGLE" LINE. The Magnificent Auxiliary Steam Clipper ,g??. GREAT VICTORIA," ?SBES? 3,500 Tons, and 500 Horse-power, ailfiiiiSl JAMES PRICE, R.N.R., Commander, Victoria Warraxt Holders will be taken in this Ship without extra charge. Is appointed to leave the river Mersey as the Packet for THE 5TH SEPTEMBER. This magnificent auxiliary screw clipper is equipped v-ith all the latest improvements in machinery, and fitted specially for the Australian passenger trade, being rigged as a first-class clipper ship, irrespective of her steam pow- er, on the same principle as the famous steam clipper Great Britain. Her accommodation for all classes of pas- sengers is unsurpassed by any ocean-going steamer afloat For further particulars apply to James Balnea and Co., Water Street, Liverpool; Gibbt. Bright, and Co., North John Street; or T, Jl M»ek»ran4Co., 1, Lagdenhall.Street,London, E.C, STRAIK from LIVERPOOL or &"<J2BNST0WI TO NEW YORX -t. A rpHE HVEM'<)OL. NEW YORK Aj&XXV | AND PHILADELPHIA STEAM- I'?SHIP CO)IPA,QY intend de!)patchi? J&SSHHfiti their Full-Powjred Clyde-builtlron Screw <ft»am Ships, Carrying the United States Mails, PROM LIVERPOOL FOB NEW YORK. CITY OF LONDON Wednesday, 7th Sept. CITY OF BALTIMORE Wednesday, 14th Sept. CITY OF LIMERICK.Saturday; 17th Sept. And every Wednesday, and every alternate Saturday. Cabin Passage by the Mail Steamers sailing every Wed- nesday, 15, 17, aid 21 Guineas, according to the aocom- modation. "?n Passage by the Saturday's Steamers, 13 Guinea* Forward Passage 5 Guineas, including all Provisions gooked. Passengers for C ANADA, the UNITED STATES, and BRITISH COLUMBIA, booked through on very advea. kgeou. terms. ttgeout termt. WILLIAM INMAN, Fer furlher particnl"rB apply to 22, Water-street, LiverpooL I Mr. ED. lLlie, jun., Shipbuilder, Bangor. ) Mr. A. F. WATTS. Abergele. BANKRUNCY ACT, 1861. OWEN OWENS' ASSIGNMENT. IN the matter of the Trust Deed for the benefit of the Creditors of Owen Owens, of Melin Adda, Amlwch, in the County of Anglesey, Merchant, hereinafter called the Debtor. All Persons having any Claim against the Estate of the said Debtor are required forthwith to send in the particu- lars thereof, duly verified to me the Undersigned, on be- half of the Assignees and Trustees Acting under the said Trust Deed, preparatory to declaring a Dividend in de. fault, whereof the said Trustees will proceed to distribute the assets of the said Estate without reference to any such Claim. B. ROOSE, Solicitor for the Estate. Amlwch, August 25th, 1864. ABERDOVEY REGATTA Monday, September 12th, 1864. PRESIDENT: The Right Honourable EARL VANB, Commodore of the Royal Western Yacht Club of England. VIOE-PBESIDINTS Capt. Pryce, Cyffronydd. Capt. Johns, Rhiewport; Thomas Savin, Esq., Plasffynon (with power to add to their number). Upwards of £100 will be given in prizes for Yachting, Sailing and Rowing Matches, &c., &c., full particulars of which may be had of Mr. DONALD M ILOKAT, Hon. Sea, Aberdovey. • Cheap Trips will run on the Cambrian and Welsh Coas lines on the day of the Regatta. RUTHIN VOLUNTEER BALL. A BALL will take place in the County f Hall, in Ruthin, on the 7th day of SEPTEMBER IMXT, under the patronage of the following Ladies :— The Honorable Mrs. ROW- Mrs. LL. ADAMS. LEY. Mrll. COLTART. The Honorable Mrs. HEA-Mrs. HERCULES ROW TON. LEY. The Honorable Mrs. TOT-Mrs. WALKER. TENHAM. Mrs. TAYLEUR. Mrs. NAYLOR, of Hooten.,Mrs. BIRCH. Mrs. TOWNSHENDMAIN-'Mrs. ELKINGTON. WARING. iMiss THELWALL. Miss WEST. I Mrs. BANCROFT. Dancing to commence at 9 o'Clock. Tickets Gentlemen, 10s. Ladies, 7s. 6d. Volunteers in Uniforn, 5s. To be had of Miss Jones, Stationer, Ruthin.






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