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BANGOR PUBLIC NEWS ROOM, Open from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m., AT J. K. DOUGLAS'S. "NORTH WALES CHRONICLE" OFFICE. HIGH-STREET. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: One Guinea -er anDUNt, which will entitle a subscriber to that amount to enter the Room at tmytim within the hours specified above. Htdf-a.-Guinea per annum, which will give a bubseriber to that amount the <tt<fft' to the Room from 9 a.m.. until K o'clock in the evening. NON SUBSCRIBERS will be admitted from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., on payment of TWOPENCE; and from 4 p.m. UDtil 9 p.m., on payment of ONE PENNY. THE APOTHECARIES HALL, BANGOR. R. HUGHES, FAMILY AND DISPENSING CHEMIST, THE APOTHECARIES' HALL, MARKET PLACE, BANGOR, TN announcing the Opening of his Establishment, begs respectfully to state that his t STOCK OF DRUGS is pure, fresh, and carefully selected, and his CHEMICALS and PHARMACEU- TICAL FREPU<VnON8 are obtained from the nrst Laboratories in England. He hopes his knowledge of the business gained by many years' experience in England, Wales, and DubUn, combined with unremitting pcrMtta! at. twItion, will ment confidence and aprovaJ. ??'?"?HY?? ?S' ?AMILY RECIPES ACCURATELY DISPENSED. All Prescriptions dispensed at this Establishment are numbered and registered in a book of reference, and the number marked on the label and prescription, which will prevent any delay in case of sudden illness. A Choice Assortment of English and toreign Perfumery. HUGHES' CELEBRATED MONA BOUQUET.—This delightful and agreeable Perfume possesses a peculiar fragrance, and is greatly admired for its richness and durability.—In Bottles. Is., 2s. 6d., and 5s. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. MR. SCO TT (FROM DUBLIN), MARKET STREET, CARNARVON, ?T?'/JrL R. SCOTT, the Resident Dentil, supplies Artincial Teeth without ?vinganypain to If the wc.trcr (he does act extritct old stumps), and at the same time rendering the new Teeth ?sef y in mastica- ?te'' ??' ?i'? c?mposed of a silicious substance, with a dne enamel upon them, admitting of every variety of Shade and colour, pnabhs him to match any Teeth that may remain in the mouth, so as to chaUen.e detection. AU medical gentlemen who have inspected Mr. Scott's Teeth proMm.ce them to be the most cleanly and whole- some to wear. Unsightly wires and ligatures are avoided. All the most recentHnprovements of the London and Faris Schools of Dentistry are introduced into Mr. Scott's laboratory, stnctly adhering to Mr. Brophys standard rule of using no inferior materials, the workmanship being under his own specie supervisMO. He will warrant all Commands entrusted ° care. ?' S?' ?co? be? ?ave to ?k Ms numerous patients for their liberal patronage, and hopes, by strict attention to aU orders committed to his care, to merit a continuance of the same. CHARGES TO SUIT THE MOST ECONOMICAL-ADVICE GRATIS. Mr. Scott may be consulted gratis, once a month, at the following places First 310,,(I(ty in every nwiith.-BODORGAN ARMS. Bethel Post Office, Anglesey. First )Vcdnfs(lay ÍlI every Ifoittlt.-LLANRNVST, at Mr. Pnchard's, Confectioner, Denbigh Street, from 10 tw 12 a.m. ?? tFe?.tMf??; in <w<'? .Vox?.-EANGOR. Albert Hotel, High Street, from 5 til! 9 p. m. Private Rooms for consultation at all the Hotels. Mark the address: -MARKET STREET, CARNARVON. PIANOFORTES ON SALE OR FOR HIRE ALL NEW MUSIC AT HALT PRICE. EVERY ARTICLE IN THE MUSIC TRADE UPON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. JOHN KENMUIR DOUGLAS, MUSICAL REPOSITORY, "NORTH WALES CHRONICLE" OFFICE, CAXTON HOUSE, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, T?EGS to announce that he has constuntty on band for &ne or Hire well-tnned Pianofortes Bby approved makers. ?t???o arrangements for a re?r supply of all the New ?Fopu!a.,Mu.c immediate of lta publication, to be soh! at li?kl PRICE. ? ???"'i-lXv ?de? to?yi?usic over in private rooms attached to the Shop. Parties resident in th. ??4 h v? th? Music by ? of Post. If the price is known, it is advisable to enclose with the order, the requisite amount of POgtag st,amp, with one stamp extra   piece as postage. ? S ??????? WALNUT ? ?'???O? and very nne toned, full com ???.?S????? Rosewoofl Case,  the extri compass o Also, on Rale a new brilliant toned COTTAGE PIANO, m beautiful Roscwood. Case,.wJth the extra compass 0 _ves. It is exqui"itlv finished with Ivorfronts, and CollarJs Sharps. Lowest pnce R25 for Cash down. MAGASIN DE lVIUSIQUE UPPER BANGOR. MR II HULSE, PROFESSOR OF MUSIC AND DANCING FIRST CLASS PIANO FORTES By thc bCdt London Makers fROM TWENTY FIVE GUINEAS. MPROVED PATENT HARMONIUMS, FROM FIVE GUINEAS. SECOND HAND INSTRUMENTS TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. HABrS, PIANO FORTES AND HARMONIUMS, ON SALE. OR HIRE. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS of all descriptions, AND EVERY ARTICLE IN THE TRADE Supptied on the shorten notice, and at the lowest possible pliee. PIANO FORTES TUNED SINGLY, OR BY THE YEAR. MILITARY AND QUADRILLE BANDS PROVIDED FOR FETES, BALLS, &e.I ACABD. I MB} E. WILLIAMS GEE, DENBIGH, I AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER. [ BENJAMIN SHIRLEY, CfUXA MANUFACTURER. HIGHSTRET, BANGOR; AKD PRINCE OF WALES'S WORKS, LONGTON, STAFFORDSHIRE. JT?\TEW Pattern Dinner Ware. ItmnerSptt, 03Pees, t-2 ?. M.? Te. Setts. 33 r"-c? from ?-T'T??'????????' :h Gd. up' wards; ditto Tumblers, from 5s. upw>\J'(h ditto \ine ? ?? ??, ? ?tern, f.? 68 upwards, ?B?T?? Ms ?.n manuf.cto?-, .3 ?Me t. m?ch br?u ?c.?ud which he ia prcp.rcd to do at very Moderate prices. CONSULTATION FREE. TEETHI. APPOINTMENTS FOR 1864. In consequence of increased pr.tctice, Messrs. GABRIEL wiU attend .tt BANGOR, every FMDAY. at Mt. Doug?, C"ton House, High Street. ???TRY,"???, at Mr. Greens, C.ut.n House, Ttte Cross.. WREXHAM. every THMSOAT, 5, Ilope-street. SHREWSBURY, every SATUKDAt, 48, Htgh-atie,et. ??-??. 'G ???ENTION MESSRS. uA%NRlEVS INV6TION OSTEO EIDON PATENT MILRCH, let. 1882, No. 66C. GABRIEL'S SELF-ADHESIVE TEETH ?T aDd Soft Gu.?, without spriDg? or palates, are war- ded to .ucceed oven when aU MgMy-Iauded ??? t?e failed. Purest materMa and ?t-c? woAmaD- Sup warranted, and Mipptied at half the uaua! cost by ?FCABR? ?THEOLD ESTABDSH?D S??MTtS?? STREET, 134, DUKE STKEET?ERPOO? ? NEW8TREET, 927 7, HARFY STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE AND TTART ???ATE HtLL, LONDON, gratis. For an explanation of their vnrious ??m)?o nserati? For an explanation of their van.oM ?S???? on the Teeth. Post froe on ap. li"ta ), Sets from 4 to 7 and 10 to 15 guineas. Best lD ?S?t???? proportiouateiy mod, M&te. MR. JOHN BERRIE, SILK, VELVET. WOOLLEN, AND COTTON DYER, AND FRENCH CLEANER, 13 OLDHAM STREET, MANCHESTER, TTAS appointed R. E. ROBERTS, Dmper n_ and Silk Mercer, &c., Victoria House, Bangor, and J. Koberts and Co.. Drapers, Port Dinorwic, Agents for the above well known estaHishment, Mid any orders en- trusted to their care will have prompt attention. MR. E. W. THOMAS, Organist of St. A 't?t's Cltui-ch, and Teacher of the Piano /o?-<c, Organ, and Harmonium, PLAS LLWYD TERRACE, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. DUPILS attended in liangor and Neighbour- _L hood.—Terms, One Guinea per Quarter. Sllt J. MURRA Y'S PUKE FLUID MAGNESIA ? is recommended by Physicians since 1807, for Bile. Acidities and litdtrflestioa-Tiiey also order his CorM Ctttnphor (3 grs. per oz. ) as the hest l'est01'ative for <)'M<. ne)-res, or Slow fet-ers-flis Ecmol! SY¡'l!p. mixed with either Fluid forms a 6)'M Ape,.i""t for any age-bottles Is and 2s. 6d. To guani against false hqutds, P(ttentees; labels are subscribed ".S't'r J. Mu?-?vy, Physician to the Lord Lieut." COR.NS and BU.ilONS.k gelitleman, many ?J years tormented with Corns, wiU be happy toward others the information by which he obtained their com- tttete rcmova.! in short period, without pain or Miv in. convenience. Forward address on a stamped ecveiope. to W. GoodaU, Esq., Epson), Surrey. PORTMADOC COMMERCIAL HOTEL. rpt HOMAS DAVIES, begs respectfutly to an- "nouuce to Commercial anrlother gentlemen, that he hM succeeded Mrs. Jones, as the Proprietor of tins weU- known EittaNishment; and hopes by superior aeeomoda tion, and careful attention to their comfort, to merit and receive the increased support of CommerctiJ men, and the PubUc in genera). Posting in all its Branches. Commercial Hotel, Portmadoc, May Uth. 1864. LIVERPOOL. ? NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. THE ONLY CONSERVATIVE DAILY NEWSPAPER IN LANCASHmE. npHE DAILY COURIER, PRICE ONE PENNY Containing Eight Pages, is aBrst-ciass medium for al clfMses of Advertixers. The Circulation of the DAILY CoURtEB has been more than doubled within the last few months, and is stiU inereaaiug. Publishing Omces, 60, Caatle-street, Liverpoo, l, where orders are received. Maho by Mr. J. K DougtM,C-?.e!t Omee, Bangor, and by any of the London and Frovmctat AdvertiMsg Ageuta. TO PROPRIETORS OF QUUMIRS. TOHN OWEN, Iron and Brass Founder, t? MENAI FOUNDRY, HANGOR. bega to announce to Quarry Proprietoi-s that he continues to manufacture Quarry waggons, &c., ant! that he is now in a position to supply every description of Quarry Machinery. Incline Drums, Bolters and Waggon Wheels (case hardened) and castings of every description. A)so Sawing and Planing Ilficliines for slate and marble slabs upon an improved principle Water Wheels, Steam Engines. &c.. on the most modern principle and is also appointed manufacturer of Mr. E. J. J. Dixon's patent axles and waggons, by the use of which there is a saving of 75 per cent. in oil. N.B.—Most promt attention paid to all orders. JONES'S DISINFECTING LIQUID: A MOST Powerful Deodorant for Dismfect- J? ing Sick Rooms, Sewers, Waste Pipes, Fetid Breath, and for decomposing all animal emuvia, &c. &c., being the result of a great number of experiments per- formed by an eminent surgeon. Prepared (only) by E. Jones. Dispensing Chemist. CON- WAY, and sold in a concentrated state, in a small flat bottle, so as to be more conveniently carried about. Price Is. per Bottle. PURE AERATED WATERS. ELLIS'S. RUTHIN, SODA WATER. ELLIS'S. RUTHIN, POTASS WATER. ELLIS'S, RUTHIN. SELTZER WATER. ELUS'S, RUTHIN. LEMONADE. ELLIS'S LITHIA & POTASS WATER, AN EXCELMXT INTERNAL HEMEDY FOR GoUT. The Public are partic'ilarly requested to observe that 4m)ei-y Cork is branded R. Ellis and Son. Ruthia." with- out which none is genuine. May 1'e obtained from all respectable Chemists, Con- fectioners, and Hotel-keepers and Wholesale only, from R. ELLIS AND SON, Ruthin, North Wales. '? A MR. C. MAUGHAM, SCMEON DEXTMT. 14, NORTIIGATE ST., CARNARVON. IMVJL R. C. MAMHAM begs to acknowledge ll1 with thanks the liberal support which he has re- ceived from his friends and the public of Carnarvon aud adjacent Towns, and trusts by strict attention, combined with moderate charges, to merit a continuance of their favor Mr. C. M. may be consulted daily, from 10 a.m. at the above address. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THE SPORTING PUBLIC. rrHE aexc Great Monster Draw will take JL place on the GREAT DONCASTER: SR LEDGER, to be conducted the same as last year, by 5,000 shares, at Hs. each share; and two stamped directed envelope;, for tickets Drawing will take place on Monday. September 12th, 1864, and each shareholder to receive his result ticket before the race. First Prize. EaOO Second 300 Third 150 Fourth 75 And JE225 amongst starters and non-starters; the first four prizes will be paid loss 5 per cent. for expences on Monday, September 19th, the rest in full immediately after the draw. Prizes not claimed within three months will be forfeited. All applications for shares to be made by letter only to the Secretary, Mr. John Jttward, 18, Little New-street, Farrington Market. London, E C. P.O. orders payable at Fleet-street. London.—Stamps taken as cash. CONWAY-NORTH WALES. Edwarde P)'e/:<a! Tooth Paste, highly esteemed /o)' beautifying the yee<A ct 6'tfttM. rpHtS much approved preparation restores ) and preserves to the enamel its original pearl white- ness andispartieularlytecommendedtothosewhosutfers from teeth ache and tender gums, which are apt to Meed. removing all unpleasant odours from the mouth, and im- pattin" to the breath a most delicate fragrance. .EM?cfM'tb' -tM)' IftuA for cleaning the Hair from Dan- drif, &c. This preparation is highly recommended for nourishing and promoting the growth of the Hair Edwardi Acidulated, Kali for making Sabne D_raught and Lemonade. Besides forming an agreeable and efBca- cacious S.tline Draught, allaying febrile heat. thirst, nausea, vomiting, &c., this concrete claims a precedence over Lemons in being at all times access.Ue without the symptoms commonly attended on the use of them. Prepared and sold only by J. EDWARDS, (late P. Webs- ter), Dispensing and Family Chemist, opposite Castle Hotel, High-street, Conway Old cst<!úlÜJhed Depotjor <?<K!<!Ke D,'ugs, ea?,efully dispensed. VALITA-BLE REMEDIES FOR THE AFFLICTED. 'r\B. Hoberts's celebrated Ointment, called 7 the POOR MAN'S FRIEND, is confidently re- commended to the Public as an unfailing Remedy for wounds of every description. A certain cure for ulcerated Sore Legs. if of 20 years' standing, Cuts, Burns. Scalds, Bruises, Chilblains. Scorbutic Eruptions, and Pimples on the Face; sore and innamed Eyes, sore Heads, sore Breasts, Piles, Fistula, Cancerous Humours, &c. Sold in PPootts s aat t Iis s. ?.??9d.' Us., and 22s. each. Also his Pots at 18. 1' 2s. Orl" lIs" and 2Zs. each. Also his connrmed by 60 years' experience to be, without excep- ? of the best alterative mod cmes ever com pounded for purifying the blood and aiding Nature in aH_ her operations hence they are used in, Scrofula, Soorbu ?Complaints: Glandular Swellings, particularly those of the Npfk &c They form a mild and superior Family Aperient, that may be taken at all times, without con- Unemeut or change of diet Sold in boxes at Is. Id., 2s. 9d.. 4s. 6d., 11s.. and 22s. each Sold Wholesale by the Proprietors, Beach and Bamicott. Bridport; and Retail by all respectable Medi- cine Vendors in the United Kingdom, the Co onies, &c. Obgerve-No Aledicines s,)Itl under the above names can possibly be genuine, unless "Beach and BamicoM, ? Dr. Rebels, Bridport." is engraved on the Govern- ment Stamp amxed to each package. BUCHAN-S SUOAE-COATM SARS.U'ARILLA PILLS. -tT Is ? well known fact that SM?pariUa. is the greale't purifier of blood in tho world, )IP?EP yOU R ? ? ????r??.? ?? ?R M?ThMo Pi)), ?tn? at.the Toot of each <h.e?. the) are ??a? where Mercury hs been emp\oyed-and are 10T the care oj e"CTV aUmcnt incIdental to Mdn, \Voman. and Child, such as all ii ?ptiotis un the Sk'. Indigestion, Bm"m, Liver and Stomach Complaints. General %V,e??kne-6, Gout, Hhen. matis:n LumbtiO'o. Pains in the Limbs, n eadaches, Sore Throats. and e\rv cotilplaint caused by irregularities of the bowel,. ob- structed .pert'piraÜo1J, and deteriorated and unheahhy blood. Patent ?tedi?ine "'a.rchouse, 19, Berner- Stret, Oxford Street, gSSEMSESS Stre et ,?"tl from al I ChemÏ:;ts. Sold in bottles, Is lid 2 9d 46 6d, and U,. _————————-———'——- rU< HE SILENT FRIEND ON MARRIAGE, JL a Medical Work, a Guide to those who have imperil- led the POWVf of manhood indiscretions; treatg un syphiiiis Secondary S)"Inptiims. onorrœ &-c., cont&lUlI:! R Pl'eBcritíun k.nown as the Prevenll\e LotJoH, to avoid conlaUHOa, tion; 190 p?M. "th 50 ??""?-?.( ? post 12 staml,a, ? ??.-???S? Mthti t? o '?-? nerp Street Oxford Street, Londou, "r- CensultatlOns dad.r. U BF ERRY'S ¡in 8. Sundays till 1 o'clock. [ pÈÆ;r ;SS\?,u;, :er?o;' or':) ?,,th ]o?M of n?tur,.t power ..Kf '.1?. I'?.e ?'is?., ?or ?f.j,r the quantit\ 335. DERR?'S"COPAIBA AND CUBEB GLO- JL BITY,ES, the original preparation c(?inpo-ed of the ,er  es. ?r.????????? Cubebs, porfectly tateless, in ????'??????????' In sugar J n all caBes of Go not" hœa, Gleet 8;(:0, Q single u!<iI nm PlroN', the dBcacyof I l?is wonder \orkill remt,,]% 4s 6d and lIs p?,r IJr.ttle. ?, ?: ?';?.?f ?.??r. ???C?r'? above; orm.yb.h.dfr..n P?tMd H?..t. f9,Str..n' s.)Ki}er.t6t).Otf.'rdS)<tndW.. K???? ?.?P' c?""?t "?y 4,Yq;. WOMtSMSStHKE MMR I?S??S? ? DELICIOUS CONDIMENT has been the signal for the appearance of any SP. ???.xa??????? In B FLAVOR and destitute Of the DIGESTIVE S H PROPERTIES of thia S?AUCKE. ??'?""? W E ASK FOR LEA PM&?INS- ?SAUnCCKE, f) pttttMd only by ? LEA & PERRMS. WcrcMter. ? S?? 8e'<! Who)M? am for E'Pct''yJ)? ? Mg?,'C.M* BLAC?.n-.L?'. ? a t Mjg??M't tU MMehMtt M"t °'-?*'jB M MM j?ecomwnded by the Faculty, and nMMt'MMy e<M<tp)-ow by 001l1wÎ83curs, THE PRINCE OF WALES SAUCE FMPARTS tochops, steaks, cut- ?S& JL tet?, <Mh, game. hot and co!d meats, <?'?'?*" ? ? etc., etc., a most piquant and appetizing ??S?' .? retish. and is prnnounced by uH to be ? ? ? the most perfect condiment ever offered at??T??? to the puMic. It is a deUcate combma- tion of rich exotic spices and fruits. is perfectly whole- fiome, and a most agreeaMc stomachic. College of Chemistry, Duke-street, Livcrpoo). I have made a very careful Chemical and Mici'i.Mnpicat Ana!ysii, of the "rK!CE OF WALES S.U;CE." I can )ngh ty reenmtncnj it as being a very patataHe, piquant, and_ de!ieif)H'! condiment. :H)d perfectly free horn all matters that could in any way interfere, injuriously, with the aui- maleconomy. (Signed, SHERIDAN MUSPRATr, M.D., Frofesaor of Chcn.istry, etc.. etc. Sold in Bottles, Is. and 2s. each, by Grocers, CMImeD, and Druggists everywhere, andwhoteaa.Ie and for ExpoI" tion by Evans, Sons, and Co., Liverpool. EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS OF THE NEW NODE OF TREATMENT. FoBtfree for Six Stamp), open ends, or 14 in a Seated Eaveiope. rTHE MOST STARTLING TRUTHS are contained in the i LAST NEW BOOK on PREMATURE DECLINE and its tetdy remevai; the modern treatment of certain diequauncations; with ruies and numerous prescriptions for the speedy cure by tery timpte means ofnerveMness.debititv.aud all the more corn. men diseases and supposed incurabte maladies of the sexuaf tys- tem. ]nva]id9 wiii be astonished at its contents. By Dr. W. Jt! Boos. M.D.. &C., of the EcotedeMedecine, Paris; Graduate in Medicine, Sorcery and Midwifery By the present iaw,none but the reatPhyeiCt.M dare attach M.D. to his name, a< heavy penattits wouid thereby be incurred. ') he puNicthouid therefore guard against impostors whostyie themMtve. Dr. "Professor," M .R.A.S. F.R.A.8. M.A. &c., in order to mislead the unwary as to their true chttracter. None of these men really knoK more of the disease!' they profess to treat, than any person may, hy reading the above i, ork. From tony practical observation in the most famous fnttitu- ti<ns of this country and the continent, the Author has had somewhat unusual facititiesfor acquiring that uniform success, wt.ieh has hitherto charactefi:f'd his treatment, and he refers with pride to the numbttrs he has been instrumecta) in restoring tnheaithaudhappinessiwhitsttoattwhoneedsnchaldhe etfers every assurance of speedy rettoraUon. Persons at a dt.- tance ehoutd forward a detail of their case by [etter enciceing jEUe. for advice and medicines, which will be Mnt by return. )'t.ent. corresponded with tit) cured. Po.t-.Nce Orders to be made payaMe at the General Post Office, to DR, WALTER DE Roos, M 'n 25, Bedford Ptace, Mtoomebury Square. London. Hours for consultation 11 till 2, Sundays excepted. It is impor- tant to recollect the address, as to meet the wnh of patienM THB.E!<TB*NCB!SSTfttCT].y!'B!VAT:. THE MOST WONDEEFUI. MEDICINE m the W8BLD! /TURE !N FOtJH WEEKS.—THE Gt'TT?E VtT?:, or, (j VEGETABLE L!FE DROPS, Protected by Royal Let- ters Patent; Sanctioned by the Facuite de France, &c., hate in numbertest instances proved their superiority over every other ad\ettisedRemedyfortangour,tMsitude,depreMtonotsptnt5, eMittment, distate andincapMttv for society, study or buBineM. indigestion, pains and palpitation in the side, xiddinest, noise in the head. &c. This medieinf- Mrengthens the vitality ot the whote system, gives energy to the muscies, fpeed))y remotte nrrtousnem. reuorates the impaired )!0"etsothf)',and invigorates the most shattered constitution. Forskmeruptmns, tore throat, pains in the bone! and those diseases in which mer- cury sarsapariUa. &c., are too often employed, to the utter rum of health, its surprising et)icaey has onty to be tested. Before wastinffttuaHe time inseetttng aid from instrumentt, tteetricity, a¡'anim, with simitar absurdities profesjnr. to aside medicme!, by American and other impostors, suneretsmtt do well to make fair trial of a remedy, which concocted on scier,ti6c)mneip)es cannot fai). Price 4£1. 6d. and H. or four times the iatter at 33s.per bottte.through a)t Chemist".or dir- ect from 2J, Bedford i'tace, WHBBE THOtJSANDS OF TiiSTt. NLQMIAl-s MAY BH SEEM. TIHK THME DAY'S CURE.?KW FRKNOH REMEDY i THI'.BAfION;as uniform)y adopted in the French hospitals and by the notabitities of the French facutty, in a remaik.iMy <hort time, often two or three days on)}-, without the silghtcst discomfort, incoatenienee. or risk, romotes aii discharges from the mu.OM membrane, whether of the urinary or other organ3. ttcombinesaU the desiderata to be sought iki a ;ie,licine at the kind. and .urpaSMS everything hitherto em).ioyed. De\oid of all u,,ptMS..nt taste and smeti. In packets, 2s 9d,4s 6d. H, and .O, through all reepectabie medicine ve»IJOI', or sent direct from the establishment on receipt of stamps or postouiM order. The Us size contains three at 48 6d, and those at 33s.fourc!theU.. The stamp, to imitate which it fetony, bears the word her- ipion." .n wnite ietter., by order of Her Majesty's Hon. Coinnii, ioner.. who thereby secure tht proprietor against infringement throughout the United Kingdom and the colonies. PA18 I"! THE BACK, GRAVEL. LUMBAGO. GOUT, J[ IzHEUMk'J'ISIt DISEASE OF THf. K]UKEYS. CLAD. Ut''R xc THE CO)IPOUND RENAL PILLScorrectacidit. of the stomach, and indigestion, promote the f"nct.onsot the )Her a.,d kidneys, thereby preventing stone .nthebhdderand k ?ney!. with many other seriouadisMder. to whtch these .mpor- are subject. Usttessness. weaHness. pee?shnes., ? Mmpta.nts )ong supposed to be nMTOua, often ansesotety ron.M..{amioationofthe Mood with certain tmpurttiM which ?ahMebeinx carried on' by the kidneys: se.era) un?htiy c upt.ons of the skin and face atso arise from the same cmse. ad maybe M readily removed by these Pits. which in 19 cases n.,tof20<-ttrewith arapidityatmost marveHous, Is I d, 2, 9d, 4<6d Us and 33o par box, through all Chemists. THOUSAXDS OF TESTIMONIALS MAY BE .MX BY ANY MB. Sold by :-tiughes,<heu)ist. Banger; Robettt. Chem;st.f,on. lay- Gritfitli, chemist. High.street.Carnarton; awards, Chemist Denbigh ;Hughes, Chemist. Hotyhead; and Moore, Chemist Newtown; and at ieast one agent in almost every town; Gut should difficult) Qccur, enc}ose theamoun t by order <.r otherwise, to 25, Hediord P)ac<B)oomsbnrySQUare, London a, d they will bsent securely r'ackedperreturn. NOTICE AND C&UTION.-Dr. Ue Roos is the on)y)ega))y ouatiOedmedicaiman who thus advertises ht< medicine! and as there are injurious imitations of the above by se1f..styled Doc- tors stumCtergymen. Rupture Quacks and others, who copy his bootis. which they send for nothing, and forge testimotnate to pufi offthe.r utetees trash, or publish fictitious renews that really net'er appeared in the Juuinahthey name, suferer9:shouM guard against the recommendation of the spurious or other Mtic)M by dishonest vendors, who thereby obtain a larger profit. The genuine have the word. "WALTER DE Roos, LoNDOt)" nrinted m white !etter< on the Government Stamp, by orders Her Majesty's Hon. Commi<jioners, to itnitate Wtttch is fe)ony and tramporlation. )) ?0 YOU WAST HJXURtA?THAIR, WHiSKKRS U MOUSTACHtES.and EYKBROWSt-Of the numerous nrep'arations introduced .for the HA!B. none hate maintained uc celebrity a. MMtHH UEAt-'S CRINILENE, is guaranteed to produce Whiekers, MoustachNt.and Lyebrows in a few weeks and will be found eminently successful in nouneh- ing, curling, and beautifying the Hair, checking greyoe3 10 a1l its stages, strengthening "eak Hair.andpretentingttsfamng on' In the reproduction of Hair in baldness, from whatever ctiUtiO and whatever age, ONE TRIAL wit! prove its astonisliii,g power. !n the nursery it is indispensable, forming the basis of .1 heautifc) head of hair. Price Zs per bottle. large Bott es Mn- taining more thM four times the .matt ones.ts each. Sold by a)) Chenii,ts in the world, or sent post free, on receipt of 24 penny .tampa, byMistee UBAN and CoupEHE. Hatr Restorer)!, &e.. tiedfordHouse,Russell-square,London,W.C. FXTBACTS !'XOM LETTEKS;—"My hair was rapidly coming offlbut in a week after uting YI)UrCnlli\ene it ceased.I. H"'k- son, Eh'.on-street. Shemetd. In the short time of one fortnight t hMe got a beautiful moKstache."—H.Adams.WUsden. ] can now boast of a head of hair, which many cannot: I wMnntte baid on the crown of my head when I began using it.W.11, Every customer speaks highly of your Crinilene" —t. P. Jonee, Ch<-mist.5,Paradise-street,Liverpoo!. "HIKTS ON THE MANAGEMENT OF THE H,,A.],R„ Whiskers, &e., with Testimonials, List of Agents. &c.. seot post free for fcur penny stamps' IT?OW THYSELF) THBOJUGtXALGRArmoi.ooHl J\ MAR!E COUPELLE, continues her vivid, and usefu)dc)i- neations of tharaeter from the handwriting of individnats, in a s'vie peculiarly her own. Persons desirous of knowing thetro'tn characteristics, or those of any fhend, shoutd send a specimen o tvrititi, stating sex, age, or supposed age.&e., with Kuncnt uenn\ ttamps, andaddre-Md enve)ope,to MARIE COUPBLLE HedfMd Hou'e. Russet) Square. London, W.C.. when they wii; receive lengthened detail of the talents, tastes, virtues, facings, &c of the writer, with many other things previoustyunBuspected and catenated to guide in the every day affairs ofhfe. Ihe t'housat.ds who acknowiedge the value and accuracy of MtSsO. b -ketches establish t, he great utility of the science. '"the char. artcrsvusentwerewonderfuUytruthfu). MissHatt.Atheury. Co GAIN, ay. "twatmuch surprised at the cteverwaytnwhtch )0\1 de:) ibed my character."—Jane Bray, 105, LansdownePJace, Brtbbton "Jt is pronounced quite extraordinary.'—Chartes Hdiltûn. "Yen described my character eo truiy, that t could not hav<. done it better."—Louis Rivior. 4 K ACT OF GRATITUDE.—A Gentleman who had been long A suffetingfromavety deplorable state ef nervousness, tangour tab-'itude. low spirits, aimost cnnstant head-ache, dtmneM of wht threatened deafnes! ioss of memory and strength, in short ,,ill z(-st for enjoyment and everything that renders life pteasant, ins been matvettousiv restored oyverysimpie mMm.andasa MMbiic duty <ee)s it incumbent on him to impart the information toother simiiary affected, on receipt of a directed envelope bearing two stamps tdfiresaed B. B. Laurie, Esq., Montague Chambers, Montague Street, London, W.C. -TOR GRATUITOUS CIRCULATION.—A Physician many J yrars extensively engaged in the treatment of Debility and the < irious menta). nervous and muecutar affections resuitmg there- trcm—as )oss of memory, dimness of sight, thickne3s o{;heanng, g¡ddincs@. noises in the head,iangour and )aMitude.indigestion, .ins in theback, &c.,wiUsend theFRHEED)T)ONofhisiarge work O'O pages), on receipt of four penny stamps. The work enntaint Ms highly snecessfui and ontysafe treatment, with all the necttsarv prescriptions and direction:, by which sufferers obtkin a cuye at their aihnents. at the sniaUmtpMSiMe ex- pense. Address. Air, Lawes, Publiber, 34, Hand Court, Hot- bom,London. MEBtCAl. REVIEW.—"The shoats and quicksands against which thit tittte work is wett catcutated to guard the reader. render its carefui perusal especially worthy the attention of att young men" SKIN DISEASES, MTT, RHEUMATISM, LUMBAGO, SCIATICA, NEURALGIA, PARALYSE. GLANDULAR SWELLINGS. CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, &0. f1 )'HEIR6PEEDY FREVESTION AND CUREbymeanaao ,I <imp)e yet so certain, as to appear almost ineredible. A Pamphlet (ttC pages). <ent post free for 14 Stamps, by Johnson and C. Publii'her., 10, Brook Street, Hotbora, London, or by order through tU BookeeIIeM. OTmCTCBECFTHE URETHBA; itsnatute.ooMequences. 0 varieties and speedy cure, without the pain and nsksot tMer.tion. cutting or .thtr irratioaatmeast.res Pnce !?. or post free for 14 .tamp.. by John.on& Co., PuH.ieher. «. Brook Street, Hotborn; and by order through all BooksetfeM TTOTBL KEEPERS & OTHERS SHOULD FORWARD A jlrarifroftheirchargee.accompaniedby 12 postage stamps for .nsetti.n in the Fteaenre Seeker's Guide & HotO Directory, the second annuat pubtication of which is preparing for preMand will be retdv early in 1864. Addrest. Messrs John<on& Co.. M, Brook Street. E.G. Acopysentfreefor7<tampt. Price ts..or free by post for t4sta!nps. m) HE DIET OF INFANCY AND CHILDHOOD, a book for Mothers Md Narsee Co-iTXNTS -Diet of infancy-chiUren prematarety born- rules dttripf and after weaning—wet nursing-qnalifications and duties of. wet nurse-diet after eight months of Me-dry nurs- ing. or bringing up children by hand—the diEFereat tindt of nulk -beveragee-yuiom kuidtofhod-tutM for the nursing mether, &r. London Robert Htniwicke, 192, PieetaiUy, W. ?STitk <bt 'DUTLER'S, e'ttbliehed M yearn, ead refatt <? D recent hmta.MoM. It has a cle&Ming and rofre&hinar exoo!IenM. It is truly exeeUent." Exceedins-ly uaeM." Ptcred highly Mtixfactory.* Answered weU." Thus write those who have triod 'CUTLER'S ROSEMARY HAIR CLEANER, aw an exceUent prepaMtion for the Toilet and Nameiy, pos- Beemng in the highest degree the property of removing Kttrf and dMtdJiT from the head, acd by its invigorating qualities iMrMjamg the growth and 9treneth of the hiur. Sold in piMkets 6d each, makiBg <t Pint of Brit-rate Hait Wash. Wholesale by all established hornet, and retail by an MepectftMe chemieta; or of Mr. Butler, WYOOmbo, Bucks, by Mnding stamps and address. 7 Bank Buildings, Old Jewry, London, E.O. la the Chief Office of the ACCIDENTAL OEAIH INSURANCE MMFMY. J. W. OBAM, Secretary. ?' ST RE r ?? INDIGESTION O !t tM? ?''?h ?''Cly? M b?M?' ? ? ? ?.?M ? ? ?? ? 8oU eTerywheit. Bottttt tt. tM. 9d., Md ttt Use MAIZENA as a Diet." 1 5 t h Vide TuH TmEs, Selde¡¡¡01?"( 5th. Otilv Pri,!p )[l'd,,¡. )!pj);))-t)'d by the Jnry "Exeeedingly Excellent for Food." ANY ONE CAN USE THEM. A basin tfwa.terisaUtha.ti9 required to produce the most brilliant and faahionaMe colours on SiUm, WootIeM, Cottons, Ribbone, <tc. in ten minutes, by the use of JUDSON'S StMPLE DYES, MAGENTA I MAUVE VIOLET GREEN SCARLET BROWN ORANGE CRIMSON PINK & BLUE Pnc66J,ls6d,266d,Mid56pertx)ttte. F These Dres wiH also be found UMfut for imparting cotoBr to Feathers, Fibreft, Grasses, Seaweed, Ivory, Bone, Wood, Willow Shavings, Paper, also for tinting Photographs and for BJcuni. natme. May be had of aU chemists in the Onited Kingdom tad (Mcniea. Wholesale Depot, 19A, Colemm-atreet, London. NOTICE TO INVENTORS. OFFICE FOR PATENTS, 4, TRAFALGAR SQUARE, CHABING CROSS, LONDON. Drintcd instructions (gratis) as to the CUSf of J- )'ATHXTS for (.rent Britah? or foreign eo't?riM. A<)rice Hnd assist.tncR in <\ispo!'o\¡n¡, of or n,,)iLitig inventions Ur:tnch t-fTucs Md tMenciex in every ontinent..) stotr, nn<t in AnlPricu.. E.<t..b)ithe.) 30 yeart. Ml tutonn!tHon .it to eX}Jil,ft or exiting patent. at honie and Pt'I'MUS)j) or by letter to Messrs. PRINCE & Co., P&tent Omee, 4, Tl'aÜt!gar Sq., qhariniK_Cross, London, AV.0. 't: .f( "ø "i\' (,J 1'/ ?-?\?-? J n WMjKEWS Patent Ridded Eyed ?"? ?. .? Nc.,u)u? tor ra'i:d scwintr. There ? nothmg ?'!E?;.?'?-)ik< t'.cn. t..r.?Med. r?tt.htt.eoftheFeM. 'W ? ??10)"? ?' U;.cutop:cCrotrhctB. Sftmpteafo)- V!&-< ??']!,no6tfh'eof)tnY'??'er. 'W*t.EB,Queen's'orks,AIecster,&C,Greah.i.m-et. London. FiRSTMANUFACTURED 1742 OR MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED <&: TWENTY YEARS. e guarante the perfect pu *t of ? this Mustard. ? Sold m .??/ ??j?? ??V \??? The attentton of the public and of the medicat pro- fession is called to this facsimrle of a label ptaced on the top of all canisters of Keen's Genuine Muuard which can be purchased of most Family Grocers. KEEM,MB!NSON,BELLV)LLE & Co., LONDOM. NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE. The greatest and mo<t useM invention of the day, ASUAAMARELLA.-Mesara.JOHNGOStfELLMdCO., Three King-court, Lombard-street, London, Perfumers to Her Maiesty, rMpectfuUy oaer to the public this truly majreUoua nuid, which gradually restores the human hair to it': pristine hue-no matter at what age. The AgL L Amarella has none of the properties of dyes; it, on the contrary, is beneficial to the system, and when the hair is once restored, one application per month will keep it in perfect color. Price one guinea: i?rlf m 3nth will keep Testuaoniols from artistes of the highest order and from individuals of undoubted respectability may be inspected on application. Messrs. J. GOSNELL and Co. have been appointed Perfumers to H.R.H. the Princess of Wales. ? ?0?1 ?ttiMS $Kt<Mt. t?.??tJ? PMIECHOK FMM FIRE, tLi-N J H 3 L3BRYANT & M&.Y, FAtRP'ELD WORKS, LONDON. E. EMpectMly reonest ?scMERS md CONSUME of Ma&hes everywhere to observe, that "the PAlhN?i «W W-J!t?J Special Safety Match;" 'ttBt?t)?? <vhieh is not FOisoNous, con- t ??????????-j tarns no PHOSPHORUS, and /? ,g?.n?. LIGBTS ONLY ON THE BOX, ?!M)K?\ Is manu&etured ONM by them, and that LJM B B? ?thout their address and TRADE M? ?j?Ba? (AN ARK) NONE CM be genuine. SoM by Mr.W)t.<!HtFFrrH.b..nt;r.iudm.ty1oeobt:unedof most respect.tbte grocers, chemists, &c., in the Be]gh' bottrhoot).. Be very particu!.<r to 01'serve that every Package and every liox be;u'a our trade mark—an Ark. _????-??-? ? ??—f?-?. ? ?-*M<'? ? ? ? ??' ? ? ? ?'' y?. ? ? ?,; ? ;? J: ? ?y'? '????:/ ?' ? ? :.C:7t' ?' ?..? ? ?. ';?,; ;?<' ? ,)2!?;?-.? '? ;?.???<???? ,¡'" a ('\Œ!f,I. ?'? .?'?-?? n;t 7?'M!?'? '?'?'?' ?' II"if<¡ 1t"t.'h M.f'<Y f', '/1;# Statitmer8 <!)! in a'¡' p(tri, /.<. 1ÙI"jr; ¡In. Lncal A cnts, B.))ig..r—ROBERTS. High Street. Citrttitf—TREMAME. Chemi"t, Bute Street, EVAXS. Chemixt. High Street. Sw,n"ey-LADD, Grocer, HOLMES, Grocer. DENT, CHRONOMETER, WATCH & CLOCK MAKER To the Queen M(t the hte Prince Coaaort. and Maker of the Clock tor the HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT, TNVITES attention to the superior workmaR- i- ship and eleance of design of his extensive Stock of Watches and Drawing Room Oocke. Ladies' (Md Foreign Watehcf) 7 GuineM. Gent!emen'sditto 10 Ladies'or Gentlemen's Gold English ? Lever ditto — — 16 StrongSi!verLeverWatchei! 5 Gentiemen'sGoIdCompensa.tionBttt&nM' ditto. 40 Silver dittoditto 25 Marine Chronometer, 3. Guineaa. Gold and Silver Pocket Chronometera. ABtronomtcat, Turret, and Bracket Clocks of every deacnption. An elegant assortment of London-made Fine Gold Albert and GuMdChains,&c. DENT, 61 Strand. (iMtjoininRCoutte'e Bank); 34 and 35 Royal Exchange; and at the Clock and MMine ComptM ) FMtOty, Somerset VI'harf, Strand, Lenten. r?ENT'S TURRET CLOCKS.—The attention JL/ of Public Bodies. Gentlemen, ?nd others ie respect- fully requested to the improvements made in the con- struction of Clocks, suitable fur Stahlea, Chtuches, and other large buildings, hv the late E. J. Dent, Md F. Dent, Clock and Citronometcr Makers to the Queen and the late Prince Consort, and Makers of the GREAT CLOCK FOR THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT, etc. Turret Clocks with Compensation Pendulum, adjusted for Vitiiations of temperatnio, to work the hands of Dial* of any size. from 1 to ;!00 feet diameter. DENT. <;1, .Strand, Hdjoining Coutts's Bank, and 34 and X5, Royal Exchange, London. TRY.TRY,TRY. ROCHE'S HERBAL EMBROCATION. An Effectual Cure for the Hooping Cough, HWtOUt liitetiial Jledicine. rJp_ HIS is the oii!v discovery affording a JL perfect CURE. without administering internal medicine, the difficulty and inconvenience of which, in all disorders particularly incident to children, are to well known to need any comment. Many thousands of':children are cured annuaKy by this remedy aod in most cases. one bottle will produce the desired effect. The Proprietor therefore earcestiy and conscientiously recommends it to Parents. GuardlMs, and aU those who have the care of children. For the protection of the Public, and to prevent tm- poMtioa. L. ROCHE" is signed on the Label outrnde each Bottle, and the name of the Wholesale Agent, Edwards. 67, St. Paul's, engraved on the Government Stamp. Price 4s. per Bottle. Sold by most respectable- Chemist and dealers in medicine. STAECU MANUFACTURERS J TO H.B.H. THE PRINCES OF WAZHT G LENFIELD pATENT STCH, USED IN THE ROYAL LAUNDRY. AND AWARDED THE PRIZg MEDAL FOR ITS SUPERIORITy Sold by all Grocers. Chandlers, Oilmen &o. WOTHERSP 'uN & CO.. GLAMOWAND LoNBoN. FIRE! BURGLARS! TIRE! .mf: t 'i''I" :1 .ï'\ ,õ1 23. CANNON STREET WEST (Late of Old Change, St. Pant's.) QECOND-IIA);D Wrought Iron Fire Prooi )0 SAFES, DEED BOXES, IRON DOORS. Strong ROOMS for the SECURITY OF BOOKS, DEEDS, PLATE, and other valuable property. The only housx in London where they can be obtained at half the man- ufacurerii prices. Sketches and prices may be had on ap- plication to C. H. Grimths. 18-inch Wrought Iron Firepront Boxes. 4(m. 23, Cannon Street West. London. PURCHASE DIRECT FROM THE MAKER, AXD SAVE THE DEALERS' PROFIT! F t R S T-C L A S S ENGLISH PATENT LEVER fj WATCHES. CAPPED and JEWELLED, with .'))! the Recent IM- PROVEMENTS, and Fini'-hfdin a Superior Manner, at ;E;3 ;5.<. EACH. NoM.—Tbeae WA,rcli ES are our OWN MAKr', and c.umot bt' stU'paMe<l. WRITTEN WARRAN t Y GIVEN for 10 YEARS. THE TIME of DAY AXD THE WOXDER OF THE DAY. S A Q U t S Excellent SILVER WATCHES JEWELLED, AT 2 Is. EACH. Also the celebrated S:). Alarum Clock may be had at the reduced price of Cs. (!d., warranted. OBSERVE THE ADDRESS- JOHN SAQUI, 40-J1A.VGIlESTEll,STREET.-40 LIVERPOOL. Second Watchmaker's Shop from Whitechapel. PUBLIC CAUTION.—Finding a Liverpool Shop- keeper has copied my advertisement from the Liverpool papers, with a view of taking a moat unfair advantage of toy business, Mr. Sa.)ui hcg to inform the Welth Pub- )ic, that he is the only, and the ori,inal maker of the ;t.'3 as. Od. Patent Lever Watch. These Watches btve obtained an established reputation for cheapness and quality, that defy competition, and have but to be tried to maintain their superiority over all tpmions imitattoM. All Mr. Saqui'a Levera have his own name, and addreea in full, engraved on each Watch. N. H.—Goods sent to all parts of the world, on receipt of Post Omce Orders. R U P T U R E S. By Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. WHITE'S MOC-MAIN LEVER IRUSS ,REliUlRlKH no stcct sprm? Miuid the body. is recommended by the following peeuhM- ties and advantages :-lst, facility or applicatton 2nd, perfect freedom from liability to chafe or exconate ;_?(!, it may be worn with equal comfort in any position of the body, by day or night 4th. it admits of every kind of exercise, without the slightest inconvenience to the wearer, and is perfectly concealed from observation. We do not hesitate to give to this invention onr un- qualined approbation, and we strenuously advise the UM of it to all those who stand in need of that protection, which they cannot so futly, nor with the same comfort, obtain from any apparatus or truss as from that which we have the highest satisfaction in thus recommending. CA?t)'r/t and State <?H?eKe.. Recommended by the following eminent Surgeons :— William Ferguson, Esq., F.R.S., Professor of Surgery m King's College, Surgeon to King's CoUege Hospital. &c. C. G. Guthrie, Esq., Surgeon to the Royal Westminster Ophalmie Hospital ;W. Bowman. Esq FR.& aut Surgeon to King's College Hospital; .Ga laway, E-,n.. Senior Assistant Surgeon to Guys TH? ospital. T. Mi?ard Curling. Esq.. F.R.S., Surgeon to the London Ho,ilAit,,tl W. J Fisher, Esq. Surgeons-Chief to the Metropolitan Police Force Aston Key, Esq., Surgeon to Prince Albert; Robert Listen. Esq., F.R.S. James Luke, Esq.. Surgeon to the London Truss Society Eramus W U- son, Esq., F.R.8., and many others, A descriptive circular may I). 1'adby post, Md j the Truss (which cannot fail to tit) can be fotwarded by poat on sending the circumference of the body two inches beiov the hips, to the manufacturer. Mr. WHITE, 2'28, Piecadily, London. Price of a Single Truss, 1C. 21s.. 2Gs. M., and 31s. M. Postage, Is. Double „ ,}ls.<id.,429..and52s.6d. Pt).It,lge, Is. 8d. Umbilical,, 42s., and ,')2>. Gd., Pottage, la. M nrders to be iMde payablp to JOHN WHITE. Post.omce. Piccaduty.