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CARNARVONSHIRE AND ANGLESEY HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. The Annual Show of this useful Society took place on Thursday last, in the Penrllyn Hat), Bangor. Horticultural shows, like agricultural meetings, are of recent growth, and were almost unknown a quarter of a century ago. The object of the agricultural meetings M intended for the benefit of the farmer and the tillers of the ground generally whilst the objt-et of Hortienl- ture M mainly to encourage and incite to good gardemng amongst the labouring population. A man who love;) nowers and cultivates his garden in a manner to gain a prize, is sure to be a steady man, and a good and useful. member of society wlubt, as a rule, the very contrary maybe predicated of the man who has no taste that way. Dr. Watts took this for granted, when ho described the lazy and dissipated man in his lines on the Sluggard :— I passed bv his garden and saw the wild briar, Thethotu and the thistle grow broarder and higher. We we glad to 6od thpt this matter ))M been taken up very warmly by the gentry in all parts ofthe country; M that there is scarcely a towu of any size or unpor tmce in th(- kingdom, but what has its yearly Show of lowers fruits, and vegetables. In this district, the pnu <;ipal supporter of the Society are Cot Pennant and_ Sir Richard Butkelcy, who are also warm patrons of all acricultural iuiprovements. This does the.u great ho- tiour, and is most c'-edititbie to the high position they occupy, in the two neighbouring counties. The Show this year was held in the Penrhyn Hall, which in our opinion is a much too circumscribed area for the purpose, and it was pretty generally admitted to be so. Notwithstanding that there was a grea. fail- ing off in the Sowers exhibited by the geuh'y of the neighbourhood, and which necessarily take up a good deal of root.), the Hall was quite full in ev.'ry part, so that hat! more been sent, there would have been no <tpace for them. No doubt a more fitting place will be found for next year's exhibition. With tha exce['tion of the plants and (towers, the collections, in both divisions, fruit and vegetable, was of a very superior character, and on the congers' side, showed a very decided and marked improvement. Amongst the fruit, thf grapes, melons, and wall fruit, could scarcely beaurpaaaed; and amongst the vegeta. Met), the excdleut quahty and fixa of the potatoes tvere tite themù and the admiration of everyone who yiaited the Hall. In fact. niching has beeu aeen like it in Banger, since the Might nrst made ita appearance in m6. We may add, thtt in point ot generat exceUcnce the cottager.' productioua were not a wit inferior to those of the innateuM and the market gardenerd. and particularly thoao brought from the mode! vittage of .HMtdegai, which haa long been famous for its fruit and vefetabtee. On the centre tabte, there was a splenii,1, though a comparative small c<d)ecti.)n of rare hot-house and other towers, chiefly exhibited by Co). Pennant, Lady WU- toughby do UrukM, and \tis9 Xoberts, George Hotel. Mr. Robert Daviea Bodtondeb, had a ap)endid selection of British ferm, about 101) varieties, aud which took the &rst prize. Co). Pennant had also a smaU collection of eMtio ferua, sone of which were very beautiful speet- :nena. Amongst the more rare of the hothouae noweri) ex- hibited, were the foUowing:—A tine Bpeei'neuof the UrMCBBe Ft-na Gmudis," from Penrhyn Castle a "CiMua Dacota," from the George Hote); specimens of the Aloc36sizt M0talica and Cotens Ver.'<ha\vn'e)ti; also a nugniSueut AHtophita Austratis, and Latauia Borbon- ic*. from Penrhyu C",tle, There was also a m-ignifi- ceatahow of ¡"uchia" in fuU bbom. The show of Ihhli, was unusl\lLlly good; but those exhibited by Mr. Witson Dandegai, diatanced all com- petttors, and he carried off the two nrat prizes. He )md likeWMe the first prize for a set of Verbenas. Messrs Dicksnn and Sons, Newton Nurseries, MM Chester, exhibited a number of (towers, which are now becoming quite fashionable, namely, the Hybrids of "Obdiolus, Oaudaveuait," which were generally ad- mired. They were a most briUiant, autumna), hardy lower, and threaten in time to displace the long esta- Miahed favourites, the Dahlias and the Hollyhocks. We have stated, the grapes were superb and there were two bunches (not for competition) sent by the Hon. W. 0. Stanky, !P., of enormous size, which attracted much attention. There were some fine bunches from Penrhyn Castle, but as the colour was not Brst- rote, they did not obtain the first prize. Of course the uamea of the successful competitors will be given ba- low. The cases of mixed vegetables were unusually good, thoee from Penrhyn Cattle and the George Hotel being perfect in their way. as was also a case betonging to Mr. Roberta, of Llaadegai. The competition in this department was very close, and indeed we should think the Judges had great dimculty in deciding to which the superior exceltence belonged. Upon the platform, in front, were several floral de- TMee of considerable merit and uniqueness. There was a fMoy rural cottage, composed of dahlias and other towers by Mr. Robert Davies, of Handegai; whilst Mr. Roberts, Clerk of the Works, exhibited a really beauti- hd bird cage, contpoited chie&y of &owers, which was the production of his gardener, Mr. John Thomas. Between thewe two works of ftoral art, there was another even More fanciful still, namely, a Welsh goat, made of daMiM, Ac., a kind of grass forming the tail and beard, two cactus leaves representing the horns, aud two laurel tetves the ears. This was the work of Mr. Millingtoa, tf Port Dinorwie, and was the source of much admiring merriment during the day. The Hall was opened for visitors at one o'clock in the tftemoon, and closed at 6ve o'clock. Amongst the company we noticed :—Lord Bishop of BfmgM and Mrs. Campbell; Lady Willoughby de Broke Ltdy Sarah Hay WUUiams; Hon. W. and Mrs Fiti!- mfntnoe Dean of Banger and Mis Vincent; W. Masaey, Bn. OorMlyn Robert Davies, Eaq, Bodtondeb; H Prit- chtrd, Esq. and Mrs Pritchard, Treseawen; J V H Wil- M**M, Esq, and Mist WiUiams. Bank; Ven Archdeacon Wynne Jones and Mrs Wynne Jones Rev Jas Williams, U&ats, EJsoqn, es iki d 31r L' l 'L yf-irY-6"hO r-wy Rev D Evans md M.ias WilUami). Hanfairyughornwy Rev D Evaus Mft Mri) Evana; Rev John Price and Mrs Price Rev W Xergan and Mrs Morgan Rev W Williams and Mrs Wil- ttMM. Tyddya Mrs Roose Hughes and Miat Moulsdale ttn Thomas and Miss Thomas. Trevor G. C. Murdock, &q., and Mrs Mnrdock Mrs Owen, Rector). Mangefni; Mr* Luck, Danftirfcehan Mrs Clegg. Menai Bridge the tttMe* Frttneis, Brynderwen Miss Roberta, Ban;;or Fer- !? the Missess BiekneU, and party Mr and Mrs Hay- wood R M Mrimth. Eaq, and Mrs GriNth, N. P. Bank Mr and Mrs Richard Hughes. Menai Bridge; Mr and Mrs Pritchard, Tt<nycoed Mr? and the Misses Smith, 1'y'l aewydd Miss Tottou and Miss Barber Mr. Mrs, and the Misses Dougl? Mrs and Miss Lloyd. Port; Mrs Lloyd, jun.. and party; Miss Timothy, Mrs R Timothy, Mrs Daviea, Mr;, Rogerson Miss GrifBth, Miss J C Grif- <tth, Mits Davies. Miss Jones tUpper Bangor), MrsT Par- ry, Mrs Harrison, Miss HaH. Mrs CoIIivfr, Mrs and Misa Harrison (Chester). Miss Roberta (Tynytfridd). Mrs Fran- cis Williams. Mrs Stfuthwel), Mrs Joues (Port), Mrs Wil- tiMM (B)'ynte;; Terrace), &c. Mr. T, D. Morris, harpist, Bangor, was engaged for the occasion, who played a number of Welsh popular MM during the day in his usual excellent style. The Judges of the First Division were—Mr. Rudd, gardener to the Lord Bishop of Bangor, and Mr. PeOer, gardener to Sir R. Bulkeley, The Judges of the Second Division were-Mr. rritch- Md, Peurhos, Holyhead, and Mr. Roberta, Plaa Llanfair, Angteaey. The J udges appeared to take great pains in their ad- judioittions, and we heard of no complaints as to their decMtons. We may state that Mr. Lloyd, the Secretary, and Mr. Humphreys, the Manager, were most active throughout tte day, so that everythiug panxj on' with the greatest trder and propriety. Subjoined is a of the prime awarded :— Pia/Its. De<!ga of cut flowers—lat, Robert Davies; 2nd, G. Roberta, LLmdcgai; ord, Mr. MiUington. Eight Stove an<) Greenhouse plants—1st, Co). Pen- Mnt,; 2nd, Lady WiUoughby de Broke; 3rd, Miss Ro- betttt, Baxgor Ferry. Four Stove :md Ureonhouae pbnta—1st, Co). Peu- nMtt; 2 ad, Mi<)a Roberta, Baugor Ferry. Stt Heatha—No competition. Collection of Hitrdy FenM—lat, R. D .vies, Esq.; 2nd Cat. Pennant. Sit Fuchiu-14t, Cot. Pennant. Sn Gerauimu.< -No competltiou. SteTe or Crecnhome Climbers—No competition. 8mgte Spt'ehm'n (cf any p!ant)—lat. Col. Pennant 3e(t, Miaa Ro) erta, Hmgor Ferry. Ttree Orchids—No competition. Twelve cut D41ias (distinct varieties)—lat. Mr. Wit. t<M. Llandegai; !ttd, Rev. P. C. Ellis, HanMrfechan; !W), Cftpt. Bu)ke)ey, Bryn. Btght Erotic Ferns -tat, Cot. Pennant. Stt Variegated I'tanta—lst, Co). Pennmt. Collection of Hardy Annm)a—lat, Richard Luck, :I- HanMrfechan; 2nd, J. Spode, Esq., HMfM- Two variegated Ueraniuma— t}m Catceolariati— Feur Bahams-lst, J. Whittaker, Eaq., Qtynygarth 2oA Miss Robertff, Bangor Ferry. Tkree Coxcombs—1st, J. Whittaker, Esq., G!yn-y- gm* 2nd, Co). Pennant. Twetve HoUytiocka—lat, Rev. P. C. EKii;, Llaufair- look"; 2nd,J.Whitt)tker,Eaq.,GIynygarth; 3rd, Mr. WitjMn, HandegM. Twelve I{oae<, in pota— Twelve Cot Roses (itingle bloom)—lat Col. Pennant; <n<t, J. Spode, E&I., Hanfair Hatt; 3rd, Capt. Bulkeley, Brr*. Three Achimines—lat.LadyWiUoughbyde Broke; Snc), J. Whittaker, Esq. Skit Dah)iaa (diaunct varieties)—Ist, Mr. Wtboa, MtndegM; 2nd, R. Bueklaud, Mybunt; 3rd, Mrs. Wetdon, BeaumanB. Two Gloxinias—No competition. Six Cinerarias—No competition. Six Verbenas (single bloom)—iat, Mr. WHa<m, Utnde- gai; 2nd; Capt. Butkeley; 3rd, J. Whittaker, Esq., Glynygarth. Twelve Pansiea do.—tat, Capt Bulkeley 2nd, Mrw Weldon. Six Carnations tingle bloom)—tat, Mra. Weldon, Beaumaris; 2nd. H. A. Williams, Esq., TrecaateU; 3rd, J. Whittaker, Esq. Twelve China Asters—1st, Rev. P. C. Ellia, LIanfair- jechan; 2nd, Mrs. Weldon, Beaumaris; 3rd, J. tVhit- taker, Esq. Six Cut Phloxes—1st, Lady Willoughby de Broke; 2nd. Col. Pennant 3rd, Capt Bulkeley, Bryn. Six Varieties of Double Stocks—1st, J. Whittaker, Esq.; 2nd, J. Buckland, Talybont. Pruit and Vegetables. CoCectioH of Fruit—1st, Col. Pennant; 2nd, Lady Willoughby de Brooke; 3rd, J. Whittaker, Esq. Collection of Vegetables—tat, Co). Pennant; 2nd, Mm Roberts, Bangur Ferry; 3rd, Air. Roberts, Uan- degai. Collection of Fruit without Pines and Grapes—1st, R. Davies, Esq Benarth 2nd, Co!. Pennant. Two Vines, in put. or boxes, with ripe fruit—1st, R. Davies, Esq., Bodlondeb. Pine—Kocompetition. Providence Piiie-No competition. 'I\vo Bunches of White Grapes—1st, R. Davies, Esq., Bod)ondeb; 2t)d. J. Whittaker, Esq.; 3rd, Co). Pen- nant. Two bunches of Black Grapes—tat, J. Whittaker, Esq; 2nd, Lord C. Po,get; 3rd, Col. Pennant. Green-fished Melon—1st, t.ady \ViHoughby de Brooke; 2nd, Col. Pennant; 3rd, .Mr. Bicknell Scarlet neshed Melon—1ft, Mr. Bieknell; 2nd, R. Davies, Esq. Benitrth; 3rd, Miss Roberts, Bangor Ferry. Dish of Seven Peaches—1st, J. Whittaker, Esq; 2nd, .\)rs.\Veldon;3rd,Mr.Buek)and. Dish of Seven Necbrinei-l"t, Lady Wiltoughby de Broke '2nd,J. Whittaker, Esq. 3rd, H. A. Williams, Trec""teli. Dish of Seven Hed or Pnrpie Plums—1st, R. Davies, Eaq.,Benarth; 2nd,Col. Pennant. OJ.h of Seven Green Gage Plums—1st, R. Davies, Esq.. Henarth; 2nd, Lady Wtllougitby de Brouke 3rd, Mr. W.Francis. ULsh of Seven Magnutn Bonum Plums—1st, Mr. Bicknell; 2nd, H. Davies, Benarth; 3rd, Mr.Evan Hugltes, Conway. Diah of Seven Apricots—1st, Mr. Evan Hughes, Con- wag; 2nd, Mr. Bickneli; 3rd, John Whittaker, Usq. Dish of Seven Figs—1st, Col. Peanant; 2nd, R. Da- vies, Kaq., Benarth. Diah of Seven Culinary Apples—1st, Mr. Buckland; 2nd, Col. Penuaut; 3rd, J. Whittaker, Esq. Dish of Hcven Desiort Apples-Ist, Mr.BueMaad; 2nd, .). Millington, Esq.; 3rd, J. Whittaker, Esq. Dish or Seven Pears l:,t, Mr.Francis;2nd,J.Mil- lingtou, Esq.; 3rd. Miss Roberts, Rangor Ferry. Dish of Cherries—1st, Lady Willoughby de Broke 2nd, Co). Pennant; 3rd, Richard Davies, Esq., Be- cavth Dish of Strawberries-Ist, R. Davies, Esq., Benarth; 2nd, Mr.r!uekland. Seven Kidney Potatoes—1st, Mr. Bicknell; 2nd, J. Whittaker, Esq.; 3rd, Mr. Dew. Seven round Potatoes—1st. Rev. P. C. KUis 2nd, Mr.OwenJoues, Garden-street; 3rd, Mr. George Gill- son, Gorddinog. Britee of Cueumbora—lst, John Whittakor, Esq.; 2ud, Mr. William Dew; 3rd, Miss Roberts, Bangor Ferry. Dish of PeM—lst, Mr. Humphreys, seedsman 2nd, Mrs. Price, Brynmor 3rd, Mr. Robert DavitM, Llau- degai two Caulinowero—lst, Mr. W. Dew; 2nd, Miss EUis, Tanrallt; 3rd, Mr. BiekneU. Dish of Freuch Beana—lat, Robert Davies, Esq., Be- narth. Dish of Scarlet Runners-Ist, Miss Ellis, jTanraIlt; 2nd, Mr. Simpson. Two Red Cabbages—1st, MiesEllis, Tanr.IIt; 2nd, Mr. W. Dew 3rd, Mr. G. Roberta, LIandegai. Three Lettuces—1st, M,r. Humphreys s ed,mau; Snd, Mr. G. Roberts, Llandegai; 3rd,' J. Whittaker E Twelve Onions—1st, Mr. W. D&w; 2ad, Rei. P. C. Ellis.; 3rd, J. Whittaker, Esq. Six Carrots—1st, R. Davies, Esq., Benarth 2nd, Rev. P. C. EUu; 3rd, Mr. J. WitHams, carrier. Division 2UD. (For Cottagers onfy.J Collection of Vegetables—1st, W. Furber, Penchwin- tan; 2nd, James Thomas. Device in Cut-Flowera—1st, Robert Davies, LIan- degai. Dish of Six Dessert Apples—1st, Evans, Talybont; 2nd, Thomas Buckland, Llysygwynt; 3rd, Hugh Buck- land. LIandegai. DiA of Six Kitchen Apples—1st, Henry Edwards, 1, Ambrose-street.; 2ud, John Simon, Llandegai; 3rd, H. Buckland. Llandegai. Dish of Six Peara-lst, J. Williams, Tregarth 2nd, H. Thomas, Groeslon, Glasinfryn; 3rd, John Jones, Bryntirion. Dish of Twelve Plums—1st, Robert Hughes, Coch- willan; 2nd, Hugh Buokland, LIandegai; 3rd, John Simon. Seven Kidney Potatoes—1st, Mathiaa Williams, LIan- degai 2nd, John Jonea, LIandegai; 3rd, Hugh Buck- Iand, LIaudegai. Seven round Pot&toM—lst, Owen Jones, Gardon- atreet; 2nd, Thomas Jones, Llydi-,trty.-wenin 3rd, John Williams, Hwynceinaeh. Dish of not under Thirty French Beans—1st, Wm. Furber, Peayehwintan Robert Grimth, Caesieri; 3rd, 0. 0. Davies, Llandegai. Dish of not under Thirty Scarlet Runners—1st, Robt. Davies, LIandegai; 2nd, John Bryau; 3rd, Owen Jone*, Garden-street. Three Cauliflowers—1st, Hugh Furber, Penyehwin- tan; 2nd, 0. Jones, Garden-street; 3rd, Rd. Hughes, LUugoed. Two Red Cabbages—1st, Thomas Shaw, Taiybont; 2nd, Robert Owen, ditto; 3rd, Robert Davies, Hande- gai. Two White Cabbages—lat, Robert WilHams, Hwyn- non Cottage; 2nd, Wm. Furber, Penychwintan.Srd, James Williams, Llandegai. Two Sticks of Celery—1st. Robert Davies, LIande- gai 2nd, KIlis Wililiams, Pentwmpath 3rd, Robert Williams, ditto. Two Lettuces—1st, Robert Davies, LIandegai; 2nd, Robert Williams, LIwynnon Cottage; 3rd, J. Jones, Penrlios. SixOnions—1st, Robert Davies, Ll,,tii(legiti; 2110, Richard Williams, Hirael; 3rd, John Jones. Pen- croes. Six Carrots—1st, Thomas Jones, LIydiartgwynin 2nd, John Evans, Pendre, Bangor; 3rd, Robt Williams, LIwynnon. Six Turnips—1st, Robert Davies, LIandegai; 2nd, John Williams, Hwynceinach; 3rd, Ellen CrifBth, LIandegai. Six Leeks—1st, Wm. Furber, Penchwintan 2nd, Ellis Willams, Pentwmpath; 3rd, Thomas Jones, Llydiartygwenin. Six Parsnips—1st Owen Jones, Garden-street; 2nd John Evana, High-street; 3rd, Hugh Buckland, Llati- degti. Collection of Pot Herbs—1st, Rt. Davies, LIandegai; 2nd, Hugh Buckland, ditto. Single Fuchiaa—1st, Robert, Davies, Llandegai; 2nd, James Thomas, ditto; 3rd, R. Williams, L lynnon Cot- tage. Three Fuchias—Ist, Robert Davies, LIandegai' 2nd, Robert Williams, Llwynnon Cottage; 3rd, Henry Jones, LIandegai. Three Geraniums—1st, R. Davies, Llandegai; 2nd, R. Williams, LIwynnon Cottage; 3rd, R. Williams, Llandsgai. Single Geraniums—Ist, Robert, LIwynnon; 2nd, H. Williams, Dandegai; 3rd, R. Williams, ditto. I Three Hollyhocks—1st, R. Davies, LIandegai; 2nd, John Jones, PeuypMc; 3rd, John Owens, Pant.









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