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PURE AERATED WATERS ELLIS'S, RUTHIN, SODA WATER. ELLIS'S. RUTHIN, POTASS WATER. ELLIS'S, RUTHIN, SELTZER WATER. ELLIS'S, RUTHIN, LEMONADE. ELLIS'S LITHIA AND POTASS WATER, AN EXCELLENT INTERNAL REMEDY FOR GOUT. The Public are particulary requested to observe that every Cork is branded R. Ellis and Son, Ruthin," with- out which none is genuine. Sold by 1Thomas Williams, Chemist; Thomas and Co., Mostyn Street; D. O. Williams, ditto Robert Hughes, Confectioner Hayn, Wine Merchant; Chantrey, Wine; Merchant; E J. Watkins, Grocer John Owen, Grocer R. Owen, Overton House David Lloyd, Vernon Vaults; I Mrs. Sharp, Vaults and at all the Hotels. May be obtained from all respectable Chemist, Con- ectioners, and Hotel-keepers; and wholesale only, from R. ELLIS & Sox, Ruthin, North Wales. THE LLANDUDNO PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. Established February, 8th, 1865, according to Statute 6 any 7 William 4th, cap. 32. SHARES, B10 EACH; HALF SHARES, £5 EACH. MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION 5S. PER SHARE 2s. 6D. PER HALF SHARE ENTRANCE FEE, Is. PER SHARE. TRUSTEES: WM. FLOYD CHAPMAN, Esq., Llandudno. WM. PRICHARD, Esq., Llandudno. EDWARD MOORE, Esq., Llandudno. JAMES NICOL, Esq-, M.D., Llandudno. HENRY MIDDLETOX, Esq., Llandudno. TREASURER: Mr. JOSEPH BENJAMIN EVANS. COMMITTEE. Mr Thomas Parry Mr E. J. Watkins Thomas Atkinson Evan Hughes Thomas Roberts Benjamin R. Dames Leonard Raw Robert Hughes John Reeves Owen Griffiths Robert Price SOLICITORS: Messrs. REECE & FARRANT, Llandudno. SURVEYORS. Mr. THOMAS ATKINSON. Mr. LEONARD ROW. BANKERS. The National and Provincial Bank of England, Conway. SECRETARY. Mr. WM. WILLIAMS (Crenddynfab), 9, Mostyn Crescent, Llandudno. The Monthly Meetings will be held on the second Monday in each month, from 7 to 9 o'clock p.m., at the Office of the Solicitors, of whom. and from the Secretary, Shares may be taken and all information obtained. WM. WILLIAMS (Creuddynfab), Secretary, Llandudno. WANTED TO RENT, UNFURNISHED, A SMALL RESIDENCE in Llandudno; I yearly tenancy. Kent moderate possession in April, Address, full particulars, C. C. No.4, St. George's Crescent, Llandudno. NOTICE. MR. STIVENS, L.D.S.. R.C.S, Dental Sur- 1 tl geon, 14. Abbev Square, Chester, will be pre- vented visiting Llandudno Weekly, but may be consul- ted every Fortnight after SEPTEMBER, at Mr. Thos. Wil- iams, Chemist. WANTED, a House and Garden for a VW Private Family in the neighbourhood of Llan- duilijo-reilt not to exceed £ 40 per annum. Addiess, Mrs. Hall, Beach House, Llandudno. THE SPRING MEDICINE. CONCENTRATED COMPOUND DECOCTION OF SARSAPARILLA, WITH FLUID EXTRACT OF DANDELION. THIS preparation. being a judicious com- bination of the concentrated decoction, with a fluid extract of Taraxacum (juice of the fresh pre- pared with great care atT. W.'s Establishment, Church Walks, is an agreeable substitute for Grey Powder or Blue Pill, and having no tendency, like such inedicmes, to weaken the constitution. No extra precaution is re- quired whilst taking ii. PREPARED BY THOMAS WILLIAMS, Chemist, Church Walks, Llmdadno. THOMAS WILLIAMS, FAMILV GROCER, AND ITALIAN WAREHOUSEMAN, PROPRIETOR OF THE MUCH ADMIRED LLANDUDNO SAUCE, GENUINE TEA, COFFEE, COCOA, RAW, AND REFINED SUGARS, AND EVERY DESCRIPTION OF GROCERIES, DESSERT, WESTPHALIA HAMS, PHILLIPPE AND PANAIJD'S SARDINES, &c.; AGENT for Ellis's and Schweppes'Soda and Potass Wateri, Brighton, and .other Seltzer Water, Champagne, Lemonade. and Ginger Beer; Gillon's Essence of Beef, for the immediate production of Beef Tea Crosse & Black- weU-. Potted Meats, Portable Soup"s, Pickles, &c., &c. Lea ancl Perrin's ?rce.tershire Sauce Fortnum & Mason's ?hocoMe &c. • Epp's and others'Homeopathic Cocoa; Hormman's Pure Tea, the leaf not 'coloured; Maebnzie anQ?i&m?'?Seb?tedEd?u? 'BIscuits; ditto's Scotch Short Bre?d and Orange Ginger Bre?d; Huntley atid Palmer's Reading Biscuits Keiller and Sons's Dundee Marmalade Price's Patent Composites, and other Can dies; the Favourite Pickle-the Orme's Head Samphire. THOMAS WILLIAMS, DISPENSING AND FAMILY CHEMIST CHURCH WALKS (OPPOSITE MOSTYN AND TUDNO STREETS), LLANDUDNO, ESTABLISHED 1854. WTT.T.T A MS'S CELEBRATED LLANDUDNO BOUQUET. GENUINE EAU DE COLOGNE. I Hair, Tooth, Nail Bruskes and Combs Pomades Pure Glycerine I SUPERIOR LAVENDER WATE Cold Cream Antiseptic Tooth Powder Oriental Tooth Paste n a O OILEU SILK., HA1 tlliNLr tArs, oic. ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL, KALYDOR AND ODONTO. GODFREY'S EXTRACT OF ELDER FLOWERS. RIMMKL'S TOILET VINEGAR. ODORIFEROUS TINCTURE OF MYRRH AND BORAX, An efficient Mouth Wash. CONCENTRATED COMPOUND DECOCTION OF SARSAPARILLA AND TARAXACUM, A most valuable Alterative. NEROLINE, unequalled i|n 1 its efTMtt in preserving the 8k'" from the action of the Sun, Wind, and Sar,d, and is indispensable ll^57r,i;v^ttr Sea u?hi, from the if'tation caused by the Chemical action of the Saline Vapour. Williams' Compound Rhubarb Pills. ) Correcting, ditto.  Antibilous, ditto. I Dinner, do. ) Williams' Cotied. Ess, of Ginger. Quinine Wine. Sweet Essence of Senna Diarrhoea Mixture. EFFERVESCENT CITRATE OF MAGNESIA, GENUINE SEIDLITZ POWDER, LEMON KALI, &c. Just Published, the 9th Thousand, LLANDUDNO, its History and Natural History,'or Williams's bes guide and Map of Llandudno and the Neighbourhood. OFFICE FOR LOST AND FOUND ARTICLES. WATERLOO HOUSE, MOSTYN-STREET, LLANDTJDNO. WINTER FASHIONS. AF. WILLIAMS begs to acquaint the inhabitants and visitors of Llandudno and neighbourhood that sue las just returned from London, where she selected the newest styles in VELVET AND STRAW BONNETS. New Shapes in VELVET and STRAW HATS, CAPS, HEAD DRESSES, RIBBONS, FLOWERS and FEATHERS. LADIES' OUT-PITTING. A large variety of New Goods in every description of Ladies' Underclothing, Dressing Gowns, Morning Dresses, Jupons, Quilted, and Lindsey Skirts. FASHIONABLE DRESS MATERIALS. Plain, Stripe, Check, and Chenie Camlets, and Roubaix Popleins, French Epingles, Wool Reps, and Merinoes, REAL WELSH LINSEYS, Linsey Robes and Siyis. DRESSMAKING In the Newest Parisian Styles. THE DEPARTMENT FOR MOURNING GOODS Is replete with every requisite for Mourning Attire. SHAWLS. In this Department are shown all the New Styles and Materials. THE FOLLOWING ARE THE MOST FASHIONABLE:— THE ELLORA, THE REVERSIBLE WOOL SHAWL, THE SNOWSTORM BORDER SHAWL. MANTLES AND JACKETS In the Newest Shapes and Materials, including the ASTRACAN CLOTH-Various Colours, MOUNT ST. BERNARD AND SNOWSTORM CLOTHS. Two New Shapes, the Dagmar" and Alexandra." LADIES' HOUSE JACKETS In Velvet, Cloth, and Merino. WELSH FLANNELS. FURS, HOSIERY, GLOVES, UMBRELLAS, TRIMMING, &c., &c. Every Article marked in Plain Figures, and the quality of each guaranteed. A. F. WILLIAMS, WATERLOO HOUSE, MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO, NEARLY OPPOSITE NORTH AND SOUTH PARADES. PEPNE. 'I MORSON'S PEPSINE WINE MORSON'S PEPSINE LOZENGES Are perfectly paiatable forms for administering this popu- lar remedy for weak digestion. MANUFACTURED BY T. MORSON AND SON, 31, 33 124, Southampton Row, Russell Square, London, W.C. Pepsine Wine in bottles at 3. 5s., and l. each. lozenget in bom at Is. 6d, 2t. Qd., and" (kfc. each. RHYL. CARTES DE VISITE. VISITORS to Rhyl are respectfully request- V ed before having their Photographs taken to ex- amine T, Brown's SPECIMENS on the West Parade, and at the Establishmant, 73, Wellington Road. No Photographs issued inferior to specimens exfcrtited. Cartes, 10s. the first dozen. „ 6s. the half dozen. "We hare never seen Photographs so Mr. Brown's."—Whitttoven Herald..