Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

13 erthygl ar y dudalen hon


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Family Notices

Hysbysiadau Teulu

tl V,]:irt!is Marrimit.t, and lkaiha shonhl b' th? H'M/o' nn <i< „t the or traiisnat-cU to u* 1lr¡,w,ll(1¡U !((I'I'"liftl AI/'I((i ?"?:: i.?.? t'.??..?.< of ..?h,J , n.?"i'??cinr!?asA.)?r!i<enM.ts?thcuH.f."m).)t'. (, ( k I t,? ,Ililiillg rt- III party tntlij)g h-\1 ,?.?,.t.?th.UK.?pr?n..htniusth.m..).rt. u..t!ffWiHn"t.u'r'?r. ?ninrct'u?Vt'nn'nttt?.i.'st'ndt'r.p.?' Iie nt may 1-C made in BPI I'-siase staiupi. Obituary iintm, will be inserte.l t'rri us h-reti.f»re. HtKTHS. On the lltli of September, at Arliieo.on, WRipukurau. New tin tin- l. tb inst, the wife of Mr. John Williams, Prince of Wales Hotel, of this city, of a daiitflitir. 11 All IMAGES. 'the intli inst.atSt Hatolph Church, London, Mr 1 cwj ??;.<nc)).t..H"yt'r"o?L'.?'?ufthct?. \).H.)w"?'-H)kM. 'W?'?"?.?x. O,,o„. letliinst at the C:\lvinistie Methntlist Ch:pe1, \Yrex sviniuonil, Mr. Edward Foiilkis, Chemist No Car, i Ii rifI ttt n,, /r^si^lXhJoiies, of lilaiulegla. ,S„ Cards,- oil til??, 1:?tli ?tt ?t [lilar)*s I,y tile I:t'v. Lewis I.ewis. it?ettir, William stenl.ousc, L-. :ilItl (('bilIent l::I,(!m" atiH' InfaHtry, 5I'ClIn\! "on of 1,i)l,c,,rt S;pYlSXS.5,toM;, eldest dauKhu, () f the .H'v ,Iohn UOIKTIS, i'ydweilioK, in th couuiy of carnar. vmi, N. Ca¡d -u On the 10th inst.. by drowning. Mr. Henry Varry. of llirael 1::IJ¡!or., (If thl sclwoJlcr" \!ary GfilCC" on the lltli inst at l.on-y popty, ISangnr. aged «> years Mr. (oitliili Kvans. (111 tt?,- :;I%t tilt ,it Iii, resi,len,e, I"tTiAll ?ir hu..h):o?t?.K?'in?r,K.&nd?!e?m?Yorforth?,c.'[d of lrade, in the (¡7th year of his age. <?nt!!ei<ti)?!th??fe'.fMr.t.riliithJt.ncs,Tn?n. (III tile 7111 ,it fit,- )i(?use. ,f her I)r,,tli,r, at Hannah, the 1 st «irv ving daughter ol the late Mr. \N illiam llout-il, of l>latibryninair. ?nth?thin..t.ap?.?.?'M'f; Road. WrMtmm, Ann Kid.)?(.(,mLtur. (1:1 tile tltli inst :,f?(,r :I l?rief ..ITT. N?-iili,,tiii 0 veil. ati(i late Loiijmcrcial Age t to ',Nlt,.srs. i'otie' lo. Co Viauelieiter. On Catherine, the beloved wae of Mr James Cooke, Dal.irn newydd Inn, aberso.-li On tlie loth inst at 'I'anvbwlch. Llaadeeai, of consnriiiition aei'l ai years, Ellen, the wife of Mr. John KoberW, giiavryinan On the 10th inst, aged til, at the Ktil House, Jlerrieiv, Mis AIL:¡ l?re(zv. ?nth?l?th)''d7\S?r:th. the braved wife of Mr. u-h .Innc, Harhour .\Iatr, Beaumaris- VCi't.)"tl was¡":ll.tly ¡ Move i oil account of ))er<?rit.dde?u?!.a::d?mnt).kd??'<- iU.)nby!,i?'?-s?.?;po'jr, 'k irtle fli,?11(i. 0 11 the l?,tli at kl)er, '12 Ilivi,l. son (-f fr. IN f:ii iii?,r ?fN't?<) WJ-'¡ the tJdr\l oi \11'. I t..n.?h'<;[?..Vt! die.t?.thinth??.-ttwu months


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