Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



•- -rr=: PBB——M—— M. i !1 M .1" 1 'I-.J J '■1 ..T.- GEORGE'S PILLS. I j jr AND GRAVEL PILLS. | Mwy gwerthtawr ynt I ml ?ar auf cooth—afb?dasaMt %wyd," fg IMKMASaSKUftStfUUCStSftStS t 'Arwyddion Cyffiedin Piles a'r Gre?el. I TO EN YN Y CEFN< Y LLWYNAU A'R CO?DO:(?, C?t?PR POBTH, PWFR ATAMAB? ? B?BHREN YN 9je! ?Q?F?OUS A PHOENU8, GWAEW, OWYNT, C?L!C, Y CYLLA YN CHWF=D, RHWYaEBP, B?FY? gs TRAUL, SURNI YN YR YSW?,MM OWBO ?NN?M??TH, TI?M?AD ?A?WATB? A CHYSQLY JJ I— YN Y QBNAU, SXLmuSNESa. ? SBNBRO, NyCtIDM DWP¥Q ANA?L. &c. s re es' 0 rg J ? llE& CRAVl ? f I PILLS. I N ? S F?! tL.)! L.C? ??$ I  ,t ? ? '? 17, !?.ETH ALYM u ? tC ?  QmoM's pm !S <g '?' &BNDaNL '2!  BNsfer 17«g, 1J1S. 5 ?}! 'A, NWYE suj- Sha?i7?" 1$l3. ?'; Yn y dyd?u ?. pan y c?? fluw o dysSio??hsu i w?h?m? fI, &Amid oddiar TO t? ?' g& w? W" br<x6M p?cmol, am itaa ddwag ?yo?M &r ??i?m, y dyiwndH?n MfcMh JffiTwdlflSrm i i'oh pZ e* 1te gwk ^»hfcw al y NUBI A GRAVM. Dro ? ?1 ? y bwriad? y?if??i??h?? g h. Gwm am elM Pa?amt ?'s d?Ms dd? ml:M ar h??m. a &Ymeradwyais h-? i ddvsimm 0 b?M Jan R wi omryw ayohau i ?aiil M m?wya? Bymud 1 m? pmwf amynf, a 'iywedd yn d&HmWni na w»ki« h?D m_hu & rhm uwhad e?o?i, pm «*^iu y .t hrs? te? arm?. ? vehwwl*gw, MWW gydrrybo&l M h? S g y, f?M?im?h oareu M y f?rdm? h?d?y? ? y PILES a'r ?RAVBL? aM wyf b?h h?b ?SN? iy? g 55 V § Mwch ddofny"o'r Sly?h? bzn M y m??MMh; perod wjt i wymbu mnrhy? cm i dyafco i weah m?w S S eidi Wwlau. ?g yw i mi d?wey? ? y?gT?Bmy hym g??f yn honcJ o hcmd ? hun, b»b f? nghymal mown |» mirhyw teid gwa mb. m ?r m&? ? E?i ? ysgri?nu ?ooh. QrnJbyTfwyd & i y%m&mm ga.n 11u mawr o;M ^/i^wgsaifcmu i n&^f d?w?h ? ? PiJ a'r&W ?ddaw&h o d? ? s?w pWT8<moI ??oion H?d- ?X ? ? Mat ys?w?h ? 11?G yD o?m?. g? mm gl ?yf am ddc!?! ty MWIW ym græno. 8 ■ ?????wM&Mh?nS?M?? te S onffk" WY]DEB. S I ? mm ?ta?taotk we?Ma? bw Fw eb? I mam Tri 11f81. IN8 r. 'heet S SB 1-??MM?BP?8NM!S????N?(?MWM?. M t?.a?4?M??<B????3b(?A? M. !mm S.-Ibmp )? M ?r äœ Pa? (I&M goob). Gwarok y VEUem nydole" km ns m"b man R mnm N??iM U. 34. ? ?. ?f Ma. Oydn'r hit an 113. 40. .? iS j A g EaDgggggyasce epelychwyb S IE D£ORBE. i i i? J. E. George, /?.R.?.S., Hirwain, Aberdare. ?? *'?t«)  .nnWWtld.StJ.rI:nJI"lrII)lWI),ftlJI'tlnWtl.WSltl'I.. fpatenth and all rights reserved in all countries.) Two Tablespoonsful of N.P.S." VINEGAR And Water will roall a Pint of Beautiful MALTED TIN EGAR ata cost of 2d only. It is Silly to pay more. 4 Kinds—(1^ Table or Household, (2) Sauce, a Real Good %nee in itself. (3) Pickling, Ready Spiced. (4) Salad, Sweetened with Saccharin. All Water White, or Pale Straw, Amber Brown and Dark Colors. For all Purposes, Hem*, Hotel, Institutional, Marm- fecturing, Army and Nary, Shipping, Expert, Fryera, Peas, Oysters, etc. AllonePzice. 1fO TROUBLE.-Make Vinegar as yon want it. Always Fresh. Not a Srrifotitate. Absolutely Pure. Treble Distilled. Malted after Distilatioa, praserTing the Digestive and Nutritious properties of the Malt, which no other Vinegars do. No PteserratiTes. Will Keep. Prices per Bottl. :-9d., 10id., li-, 1/2, W,W 2/ 2/6, 3/4, 4/4 ifl, 13/2, 26^- k RJ- The larger tke Size the Cheaper. From all UhemistM, Growen, Oil and Colour Man, *tc., or the ff$»i«e od mp direct, Post Paid (inakes li to 3 gaUena). A&k or send for—and see you get it. THAD. DISCOUNTFor 12 £5 £ 19 £ 2$ Y,50 P,100 worth. 319 4f- 4$5 4^fr 4/9 5I in the £ In Balk Cbia»tities «f 2 5 10 23 50 100 gwllotis (One Galloa makes TrmU Pric" '24: 23/6 23/- 22/6 22/- 21/- p*re»ll. IS to 30 gallem.) iamplo Half-gallon for 13/- delivered (makes 71 to 15 gallons). All iklivary, Bottlfes, Casks, Packages, Cases, Insurance, Show and Handbills, Direciioas Free yg yxeo Samples. No Delay. DeliTered quickest way. Always Cash wiik order. (Deduct' 3d. ia the A.) 4.4 T 8 Marehamfe* and Agents are allowed a further Discount of ?Iber&ent. from all above iket Wholesale Prices. Onto Wtiern in the World -N.KS. VINBGAB Co. ^Rtgd-), M- cmttd Tiuegctr Makers, BOSTON, Eng.. 9 Bamkers N. P. & U. Bank England, Beaton (Cross P.O., Cheques, etc Telegrax»e: "AYIN," Boston • No? T??oXe???e Cash BM?? JL?eM'? ?MmM in ?&11 Dis?icts ?ere Mtt pepresented. High? Re mune?tive; Q?e? important liMs irSero iwi ?B?? ?AVB&?BOSm? ?. m «««<». I. I I I ■■ ■ ■■ ■ Baptismal Trousers and Gowns. SOUO fOR UPWAa188 OP 40 4SAatS 1 gmgBffl (vnStmmi @tt^eratee dfteebsd, and gtssnua- imi w»i«|w»of)— £ 2 168. iif—MII mtsmm-m is. a.aa mud &mom"" ft,& Order. P»MM mm mmmrnnrnLt. Nwm '%PAR A*"Vgbwp- I Mrs. R. WKiitep clones, Kingston Vlilaj Wrexham. imiii— q —— r, INDIVIDUAL Communion Cups Write for List of Patent Ideal' Oatlfca and Samples on appro., to the Makers,—TO WNSHENDS, lIlA, BIRMINGHAM 0. S. Morgan, L.R.A.M. (WANTDD NODDFA, PONTYCYMlfER) Organ Recitalist, B eirn iad. eyteirier,- SCHOOL OF MUSiC ymm OPPOSITE THE BRITISH MUSEUM. THACKERAY HOTEL Great Russell Street, London W.C.I. NEAR THE BRITISH MUSEUM. KINGSLEY HOTEL Hart Street, Bloo*SLbury Sq., London,'W.O. I These well-appointediand commodious Temperance Hotels have kuer Lifts, B??ooms on every Floor, t?Mnges and Spcibus Dining. Drawing Waiting, Beadmg, BiWard and Smoking Booms. ?APfttict 5<tM?a?OM, .pM?OO/ Floors, r<?A<MMt, Night Portert. BEDROOM, BREAKFAST. AND ATYT D- A E, FROM 7s. 6d. PEE NIGHT PEB PERSON. Full Tariff and Testimonials on Application TeloIK!Rthic A owresus;- Thackeray Hotel—"Thackeray, Weateent, London." FJnplely Hotel-, I Bookcraft, Westcent, London. Telephones-T. Hotel. Museum 1230 (a lines). Of 1232\(2 limps). CUNARD LINE, TO UNITED STATES SOUTHAMPTON AND OHBRBOURG TO NEW YORK Mauretania.TueS. Dec. 13 SOUTHAMPTON to NEW YORK. t*Garonia.. Wed. Dee, 3 Royal George. Tues. Dec. 30. tVia Havre *Via Halifax. LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK. *Carmania W ed Dec 3 *Orduna Wed Dec 10 Anglo Chilean [Freight only) Sat Dee 13 *Via Halifax. LIVERPOOL TO BOSTON Anglo-Ghilean LFreight only]. Sat. De. 13 LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA. LONDON TO NEW YORK Port Chalmers (Freight only) Thurs. Dec. 4 S axonia Sat. Dee 6 ort Albany, Freight only Thurs. Dec. 11 Glensanda [Freight only] Wed. Dee. 17 *Via Halifax LONDON TO BOSTON Inkula (Freight only) ThursDtw l<5 LONDON TO PHILADKTSmf0 Tennonia (Freight only) Wed Dm 1 LONDON TO BALT Iii'ORE4. 9,1 Copenhagen, Freight only Sat TaI1 9A V'rg?ia [Freight only]. Sat Nor 29 BRISTOL TO BALTIMORE BRISTOL TO NEW YOR K. Copenhagen [Freight only] Sat. Des. 6 BRISTOL TO PHILADFLPHI A. Tellavia (Freight only).Sat. Dpp fi ROTTERDAM TO NEW YORK Vardulia (Freight only). t;at r>«« ANTWERP TO NEW YORK Navarin. ffreight only) Sat. De. 20 CUNARD LINE TO CANADA SOUTHAMPTON TO HALIFAX Royal George.. Tues. Dec. 30 *Via Havre. LIYERROOL TO HALIFAX CarMftBia Wed Dec 3 Orduna Wed Do@ It LONDON TO HALIFAX. ^x«m. a, f'aBsengers only g«f DM LØNDON TO PORTLAND, MD. Tcmcaia (Freight only) Sat. I)e. 13 Willaston [Freight only] Wed.&a. 7 BRISTOL TO PORTLAND, Mil. All Canadian Sailings connect with 8an- fKMiMt National Railways. Fer RatM of passage and further particu- IM«, apply Otmard Line LiTerpool; g( ?.h .pe?t.. Lendon, E.G. 2; 29.31. 'OodXSDM P?et, LoBdon, S.W.' 1; 65, BaM?'?n?'??' B?l; 1&, High Street, CardM 1J7 ^;W ?ir?t. Birmingham: MaFltme 'Ohamt? SMt?ampteN; 1 MilIbayRoad Ptyn?&. 9S, x ]a/ Street, Manchester: 24, CMS?,. Street, Bradfrd; or to Looal Agent?? • •. V':