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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



 I GEORGE'S I PILE ANDGR L PILLS. ? 1" Mwy gw?rthtawr ynt I ml na> aur co??h—e?'bad?aant ]';¡YWYd.Ë t: IArwyddion Cyffredin Piles a'r C-TriL po EN YN Y CEFN, Y LLWYNAU A*R COLUODflON, PWFK POEWI, SWPR ATALIAD, ¥ BLED REN YN CYPFROUS A PHOENUS, GWAEW, GWYNT, COLIC. Y CTLLA YW. CHWYBPO, HHWYBEBDi BIPFYB (S TTRAU1, suaNI YN YR YSTUMoo, BWIO ANNEfMUflFTH, TBlfflkAD flARWAiPP A CHYSQLY gLrtfc- S ANNYAUNOL YN Y GENAU, BILIOUSNESS, ¥ 8ENEERO, NYCtiDOD, PIFfYQ ANADL, &c. rv I i ■ R C;eo rg es Pl LF- & GRAVEL I PILLS. | i S 17, IO.vTu Avemkb, to a j' V QUKSW'H PARK G £ S ? &?M? „ Rhagfrr 17eg, 1913. :t 3 ? '.MWTL 6YB,— Hb^gtp 17-0g, 1918. II g ?n yd3U hyn, pan y œir dU.liw o d^. iaefifom i ?&?NMMj .1eiIn1at Wdier ? hro ?: g? wn trw7 br<?ad p?s<m<? ;qW chœ Y&IyM? "? M httga? Y dyt??wym §y8?Mth SedjdI?n ?'nh?S. 2 S? gwu .?hf? al y PBL? .'r ?V?.J? ar ol Lm y bwruHka Ppih= &,Ch, ODd oed&is hyd 11 25 feyo. C?m am Glob Palswm ?'a droa <M? adyimM ar imgam, a ?, okymmadwyais h? i dd?iD&noboblc? S g r? &m?w fl.1:U i M?in er m?ya? "mnd i roi pmwf am?.. ?T?daf yD di?Ho?Tu na w?Iaia h f* M m?h? a rhoi ia?had eri<?d. pan roddu y oM br?? ?ara??. ? ????-?. CMdJ to gydwybod?I JjM S {?ddygiDmath o?u ? y f&Mh?d h?yw ? y PILES a'r r?AVm. M ?id wyf hJbfWi No 1^5R 1 y ty.. H Mlw«h ddofnyddior Uyibp kmi fel y m^nooEj parod wyf i wy?iM?&?M-hyw aD i dPiLo i mrih aww R 1 a? ptd. Teg yw i mi d&"7d fxyBgnfm hyn g6m? yn h?U? $ hcm& ? Imn, hob fy ghy.U mawn S S?hyw Sordd g? ?b. Ni 3 tourhjw ffordd gan nab. Ni vtjx imh ty[ mad y?y??na?. Cy??y??d 6 i ??ri?mu gMy Ha m.wr o SS u keih*W' diverlh eA y Pi!e8 &'r Gra? e dd?? 0 d? ? syiw p?mcl dMion]Sd I em m ys?nwoh fy My?Hiyr ym orfajih, gan mm un gw8Ol '47? am <Mwyd ? m?d?w! yn ms??n? o 8 j ^wyf, jpr oidldooh pi ffydd^cai, to S ■fflGLfalAM TYLER, to S W aMM ??yghtteet? wortb'- bw Vm chMt 9 nmra Tfl Pfurf. S Sa l. '8 Pil« and <ham MHa (M? wm). 3 No. I.'I 8??! PiDs (iabal ?M). 9 Ho. a.'8 MIe&M th? 00. (label gooh). ivo y PaLaNi BfdgSwkiu hyn yu mli«b man S mmm ??y?M<a la. ?t. ? 38. ,Z m. (?'r Pmt *m 1! 1b. 40. a 8a. Sg. 1 1! OOQHELWCH EfELYCHWYR R I _H IE GEORGE, camLycyddt II II p; jj J. E.Geørge, /? K.F.S.. Hirwain, Aberdare. | (Patents and all rights reserved in all countries.) Two Tablespoonsful of N.P.S." VINEGAR And Water will mak a Pint of Beautiful MALTED VINEGAR at a cost ofr 2d only. It is Silly to pay more. 4 Kind.-(H Table or Household. (2) Sauce, a Real Good Sauce in itself. (3) Pickling, Ready Spiced. (4) Salad,Sweetened with Saccharin. All Water White, or Pale Straw, Amber, Brown and Dark Colors. For all Purposes, Home, Hotel, Institutional, Manu- facturing, Army and Navy, Shipping, Expert, Fryers, Peas, Oysters, etc. All one Plice. NO TROUBLE.—Make Vinegar as you want it. Always Fresh. Not a Substitute. Absolutely Pure. Treble Distilled. Malted after Distilation, preserving the Digestive and Nutritious properties of the Malt, which no other Vinegars do. No Preservatives. Will Keep. Prices per Bottle:-9d., 1^ 1/ 1/2. 1/6, 1/8, 2/ 2/6, 3/4, 4/4 6/8 13/2, 26/- & 51/- The larger the Size the Cheaper. From all Chemists, Grocers, Oil and Colour Men, etc., or the 2/6 size and up direct, Post Paid (makes ii to 3 gallons). Ask or send for-and see you get it. TRADE DISCOUNTFor £ 2 15 Y,10 125 JE50 £100 worth. 319 4/- 4/3 4/6 4/9 51- in the Y,. In Bulk Quantities of 2 5 10 25 50 100 gallons (One Gallon makes Trade Prices 24/- 23/6 23/- 22/6 22/- 21/- per gall. 15 to 30 gallons.) Sample Half-gallon for 13/- delivered (makes n to 15 gallons). All Delivery, Bottles, Casks, Packages, Cases, Insurance, Show and Handbills, Directions Free. No Free Samples. No Delay. Delivered quickest way. Always Cash with order. (Deduct 3d. in the Z.) Merchants andAgents are allowed a further Discount of 7||per!j?cent. from all above net Wholesale Prices. only Makers in the World :-N.P,.S,, ,,V,INEGAR Co. (Begd.), Li- censed Vinegar Makers, BOSTON$Eng. Bankers K ?, & U. Bank England, Boston (Cross P.O., Cheques, etc ^) Telegrams: "AViK," Bostori. "BoleWholes,ale Cash Buying Agents wanted in all Districts where not represented. Highly Remunerative, other iinpbrtant lines to follow. "Write AVIN, BOSTON. v „ ■, i raw Baptismal Trousers and Gowns. SOm FOR UPWARDS DF 40 YEARS BAPTISMAL mOUBMBS (wiL Rhoes and Saspendio raStaohud, and gtuuran- teted thoroughly waterproof)— £ 2 15s: BAPTISMAL G,OWN§— £ 2 2s. ( Cash must aooompfany each Order. Please state Waisi Measurement. Nwn THip AX>DKJM»— Mfi, R. Winter Jones, Kingston Villa, Wrexham. ■. J INDIVIDUAL Communion Cups Write for List of Patent Ideal' Outfits and Samples on appro., to the Makers,—TO WNSHENDS, IjRD., BIRMINGHAM 0. S. Morgan, L.R.A.M. (ORGANYDD NODDFA, PONTYCTMMER) Organ Recitalist, Beirniad. GvfeiHer,— SCHOOL OF MUSIC Potttygymrogj? I OPPOSITE THE BRITISH MUSEUM. THACKERAY HOTEL Great Russell Street) London W.C.I. NEAR THE BRITISH MUSEUM. KINGSLEY HOTEL Hart Street, Bloomabury Sq., London, W.0.1 These well-appointdamd commodious Temperanc Hotels have Passenger Lifts, Bathrooms on every Floox Lounges and Spacious Dining, Drawing Waitiag. Reading, Billiard and Smoking Rooms. Perfect Sanitation, Fireproof Floors, Telephones, Night Poriert, BEDROOM, BREAKFAST. AND ATTEND ANCE. FROM 7s. 6d. PER NIGHT PEI PERSON. Full Tariff and Testimonials on Application Tokgrathic A ddresses:- Thackeray Hotek-" Thackeray, Westcent, London." Kingsley Hotel-, II Bdbkcraft,. Westcent, London." Tolethows-T. Hotel. Museum 1230 (2 lines). I 1232( lines).  CUNARD ?!NE TO UNITED STATES SOUTHAMPTON AND CHERBOURG TO NEW YOR K Imperator. Sat. Jan. 10 Mauretania Sat. Jan. 31 Imperator Sat. Feb. 14 SOUTHAMPTON to NEW YORK. Royal George .Tues. Dec. 30. *Royal Georg-e..Wed. Feb. 4 *Via Hlaifax LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK. fStephen Early Jan. *Carmania IN ed Jan. 7 Virgllia [Freight only) ''r'' Wed Jan 21 fCabin Passengers Men only. *Via Halifax LIVERPOOL TO BOSTON Vardula [Freight only]. Thurs. Jan. 29 LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA. A Steamer LONDON TO NEW YORK. Vestali a [Freight only] Wed. Dec. 31 t*Valacia (Freight only) Sat Jan 10 "Saxonia. Thurs Jan 16 Ghipaaa Frei/ht only. Sit. Jan.17 f Via Havre *Via Halifax LONDON TO BOST ON Inkula (Freight only) 8' D 17 LONDON TO PHILADELr?l? 11 Verban!a Œnnght only) LPHIA LONDON TO BALTIMORE 21 Copenhagen, Freight on'y.. Sat'r  BRISTOL TO NEW Y?K au. V t 1. T<' ORK es a la, Freight oo!v SaUin??.  '0 e it. er BRISTOL TO' B?TIMO? ?'" • Doon-b ?- rFreightonIvl Q" 31 BRtSTbL TO PHILADELPHIA Doonhoim [Freight only] S t i -ii OTTRDAM TO NSW'?R?' 1 Valacia (Freight only). ?T ANTWERP TO NEW YORk °' Navalllo (Freight only) ? D  OH,PA« THURS. ?CUNARO' f,? TO CANADA BOUTHAMBTON TO HALIFAX Royal George..Tues. Dec. 30 Royal George Wed Feb 4 LIVERPOOL TO HALIFAX Carmania Wed Jan 7 LONDON TO HALIFAX tvalacia (Freight only) Aat. j 10 Saxonia, (Passengers ony. ThUlS. Jan 15 i 'rivre. LONDON TO PORTLAND Me Willaston FFreiabt only]. Thutf. Jan 15 :°™' rrei^?nly Wed. Jan. 28 All Canadian Sailings connect with Can. adian National Railways. an. For Rates of passage and further MrtiM lars, apply Cunard Line Liverpool 51 B: opsgatc. London, B.C. 2; 29-31 Oo?i? Ateet. London, S.W. 1; 65,BaId?sSE? Bristol; Ia, lgh Street, Cardiff 'n? Street. Birmingham: Maritime  Southampton; 1 Millbay Road P!?2 tf: 98, Mosley Street, Manchester; 24 ?Er? Street, Bradford; or to Local Agenj?