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Sales by Messrs. Baugh & Jones. (Successors to the late Mr Edisbury), DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, IN THB BOROUGH AND PARISH OF HOLT, SSNSIOHSHIU. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs DAUCir J. AND JONES, at the White Lion Inn, Holt, on Tuesday, the 29th day of May, 1860, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, in the following or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the time of Sale, and subject to conditions to be then produced õ- Lot i.-All that piece or parcel of LAND, containing by admeasurement, la. 3r: 9p., or thereabouts, being part of certain fields, called the u Hall Fields," situate in the Borough of Hoh, in the County of Denbigh, and now in the holding of Mr James Price. Lot 2.-Another piece of LAND, part of the same < fields, adjoining Lot 1, containing la. 3r. 9p.; or there- abouts, and now in the holding of Mr Samuel Chaloner. Lot a.-Another piece of LAND. adjoining Lot 2, containing la. 2r. 19p., or thereabouts, also held by the said Samuel Chaloner. Lot 4.-Another piece of LAND, adjoining Lot 3, and abutting upon the Turnpike Road leading from Holt to Wrexham, containing la. 2r. 19p., or thereabouts, also held by the said Samuel Chaloner. Lot 6. Another piece of LAND, adjoining Lot 4. also abutting upon the said Turnpike Rnad, containing 2a, lr, 13p, or thereabouts, and held by the said Samuel Chaloner. Lot 6. Another piece of LAND, adjoining Lot 5, likewise abutting upon the said Turnpike Road, con- taining 2a, 1 r, 13p, or thereabouts, and also held by the aid oamuel Chaloner. Lot 7, A small Meadow, called Wern-y-Branin, con- taining 2a, Or, lOp, or thereabouts, ssitnate in the Town- ship of Dutton-y-Brain, near Holt aforesaid, also held by the said Samnel Chaloner. Lot 8. Another MEADOW, adjoining Lot 7, con- taining la. 3r. 14p., or thereabouts, in the holding of Mi James Williams. Lot 9. All that MESSUAGE, or Dwelling-house, with the Garden and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate in the Town and Borough of Holt aforesaid, and now in the occupation of the said Mr Samuel Chaloner. The whole of the Land is of excellent quality and in good condition, and the Meadows are fine rich Land. The several Lots are in the hands of highly respectable Tenants, whose rents are punctually paid. Holt is 10 miles from Chester, and 5 from Wrexham, through which the far famed River Dee flows. The respective Tenants will shew tho different Lots, and particulars with plans annexed may be had 10 days prior to the Sale from Messrs James and Owen, Solicitors, Wrexham; or at the principal Inns in Wrexham, Ches. ter, and Holt; and at the Offices of the Auctioneers, Temple Place, Wrexham. BROUGHTON, NEAR WREXHAM, DENBIGHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH JL and JONES, at the Cross Foxes Inn, Broughton tforesaid, on Monday, the 28th day of May, I860, at 5 o'clock in the afternuon, subject to conditions to be then and there produced, and in the following or Buch other Lots as may be declared at the time of Sale:— Lot 1.—All those Five newly erected and substantially "buiit MESSUAGES, or Dwelling-houses, with Gardens in t,. m thereof, situate at the Moss, in the said Town- f; ■ liroughton, and now or late in the respective v, i IU JUS of Roger Roberts, Samuel Parry, Sarah llji.iv.aves, John Parry, and James Johuson, or their undertenants. Lot 2.—All those Three well built COTTAGES, with the Gardens and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate immediately above the Old Wes'ieyan Chapel, in the Moss Valley, in the said Township of Broughton, and now or late in the respective holdings of Cnarles Shaw, John Catherall, and John Speed, or their under- tenants. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, or at the Offices of Mr Lewis, Mr Rymer, and Mr Hughes, Solicitors, Wrexham. Wrexham, 20th April, I860. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. MESSRS BAUGH and JONES have been instructed m to oSet for SALE BY AUCTION, in the month of June next, a little compact Freehold PROPERTY, at Pickhill, near Bangor, Flintshire, comprising a Dwel- ling House, with Outbuildings and about 7 acres of good Land adjoining. The Auctioneers can recommend this Property as being a most pleasant and desirable spot for a Gentleman's Country Box. Messrs. B. & J. will also at the same time offer for Sale Two of the Spring Gardens, at Rhosddu, Wrexham, and several Shares in the Wrexham Market Hall Company, and Chester Water Works. Further particulars will appear in a future advertisement. WREXHAM, DENBIGHSHIRE. BUILDING SITES jor VILLA RESIDENCES. VERY DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, Situate war the Town of Wrexham, in the County of Denbigh. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH Tand JONES, at the Black Lion Hotel, Hope. street, Wrexham, on Wednesday, the Thirtieth day of May, 1860, at Five o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions, and in the following or such other Lots as may be agreed upon at the time of Sale:— Lots 1 to 7.-All that Field, piece or parcel of LAND, called feD y Gwaelod, containing by admeasurement, 12 acres, 2 roods, and 36 peiches, situate in Wrexham Feehan, close tQ the Town of Wrexham, and adjoining the mansion and grounds of Miss Benuion, These Lots are pleasantly situated, commanding a delightful view of the Welsh, Shiopshire, and Cheshire hills. Lots 8 to ii.-All that field, piece or parcel of LAND, called Cae Cyt, adjoining the last lots, and containing by admeasurement, in the whole, 4 acres and 10 perches. These Lots have a. frontage to the road leading trom Wrexham Fechan to bontley, and a stone wall fence 10 feet high, runs the whole length of the frontage to the said road. Lot 12.-All that field, piece or parcel of LAND, called Cae Dwr, adjoining the last mentioned lots, and containing, by admeasurement 7 acres, 1 rood, and 38 perches. This Lot is well adapted for Building purposes, and commands fine views. The above Property is surrounded by the lands of Miss Bennioa, C X Mainwaring, and T. Edgworth, Esqrs. Particulars may be bad, and any further information obtained, on application to Mr Hughes, Solicitor, Wrex- ham, or from the Auctioneers. Wrexham, 20th April, 1860. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD LAND AND HOUSES, At BENTRE, BROUGHTON, and BRYMBO, NEAR WREXHAM, DENBIGHSHIRE. 'PO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH X and JONES, at the White Hart Inn, Broughton near Wrexham aforesaid, on Monday, the 14th day of May, 1860, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, in the follow- ing or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the time of Sale, and subject to conditions to be then and Jhere produced- Lot 1. All that Plot of BUILDING LAND, situate near the White Bart Inn aforesaid, containing by admea. surement, 372 square yards, or thereabouts, being part of a Croft, now in the holding of Mr Edward Pngh. Lot 2. Ditto ditto ditto, adjoiaing the last Lot, and containing 466 square yards, or thereabouts. Square yards, or thereabouts. Lot 3. Ditto do do do 555 Lot 4. Ditto do do do 582 Lot 5. Ditto do do do 511 Lot 6. Ditto do do do 444 Lot 7. Ditto do do do 444 Lot 8. Ditto do do do 4U4 Lot 9. Ditto do do do 364 Lot 10. Ditto do do do 626 Lot 11, All that COTTAGE, with the Garden and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate near to the above mentioned lots, and now in the occupation of Mr Edward Rogers, containing 694 Lot 12. All that Croft, or parcel of LAND, adjoining Lot 11, and now held by the said Edward Pngh, containing 1871 Lot 13. Also all that other Croft, adjoining Lot 12, now held by the said Edward Pugh, containing 2654 Lot 14. Also all that MESSUAGE, or Dwel- ling house, Cow house, and Garden thereunto belonging, together with the Crolt at the back thereof, adjoining Lot 14, and now in the occupa- tion of the said Edward Pugh, containing 4592 Lot 15. Also all that MESSUAGE, or Dwel. ling house, with the Shop, Yard, Garden, and apportenauces thereunto belonging; situate near the Church at Brymbo aforesaid, now in the holding Of Mr Jones, Grocer, &c. In arraeging the first 10 lots, great care has been taken to suit the convenience of purchasers, and lots 12,13, and 14, having two unobstructed frontages, are most eligible lor Bnilding purposes. For farther particulars ant! an inspection of a map of the property, apply at the Offices of the Auctioneers, Tt»pl» Place, Wrexham, 87tk Aptil, 18Wi RUABON, DENBIGHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH JL and JONES, at the White Horse Inn, Rbosllaner- ehrugog, near Ruabon, on Monday, the 21st day of May, 1860, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions to be then and there produced, in the following or such other Lots as may be agreed upon at the time of Sale Lot I.-All that newly ferected MESSUAGE, or Dwelling-house (built in the Gothic style), situate near the Square, in Kbosllanerchrugog aforesaid, with the Garden ground and appurtenances thereunto belonging, now in the occupation of Mr Gomer Jones and Mr J. Lloyd Jones. Lot 2. All that MESSUAGE, or Dwelling-house with the appurtenances thereunto belonging, adjoining the last Lot, and now in the occupation of Paul Black- well. Lot 3.—.All that MESSUAGE, or Dwelling-house with the appurtenances thereto belonging, adjoining Lot 2, and now in the occupation of Edward Jones Lot 4.-All that MESSUAGE, or D,elling-houGe, situate near the White Horse Ino, inRhosIlanercbrugog aforesaid, with the appurtenances thereto belonging, and now in the holding of Edward Mitchell, or his under- tenants. Lot 5.-Also all those Four MESSUAGES, or Dwel. ling-housts, three of which have been jecently erected, and are substantially built of stone, with large Gardens in front thereof, situate at the Pan key, in the said parish of Ruabon, and now in the respective occupations o?t "M? r Titus Jones and others, their undertenants or assigns. Further information as to Lots 1 to 4 inclusive, may be obtained on application to Mr Hughes, Solicitor, Wrexham and as to all the Lots, from the Auctioneers. Wrexham, 3rd May, 1860. MESSRS BAUGH and JONES have received in. DLL structions to SELL BY AUCTION, on Thursday, May 17th, 1860, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, in Price's Yard, Market Street, Wrexham,—a handsome BASKET CARRIAGE, built by Messrs Jackson and Jones, Market SHANDRY, a useful HORSE, suited for Harness or Saddle, with a set of HARNESS, nearly new, &c., &c. Pairties wishing to introduce Stock into the Sale, are requested to send particulars to the Auctioneers as early as convenient. LOCAL BOARD OF THE BOROUGH OF WREXHAM. LARGE QUANTITY OF MANURE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH Tand JONES, on Thursday, May 17th, 1860, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, in the Yard of the Local Board, in Market Street, Wrexham,-& large quantity of MANURE, derived from tin Sweepings of Streets, the Cleansing of Drains, Privies, and Ashpits, and other House Refuse, now deposited in the said Yard. For the convenience of purchasers the Manure will be divided into Five Lots, of about Sixty Tons each. Further particulars may be had on application to the Local Surveyor, at his Office, in the Guildhall. JOHN JAMES, Clerk of the said Local Board. Local Board Office, Wrexham, 10th May, 1860. Sales by Mr Johnson. HOLY THURSDAY FAIR DAY, 17TH MAY, 1860. THE MART, WYNNSTAY ARMS, WREXHAM. MR. JOHNSON will Sell at The Mart, on Holy Thursday, at Twelve o'clock, 11 Prime Fat Cows and Heifers, 10 Do 3 years old Bullocks, 1 Fresh Heifer, 16 Well bred Calving Heifers, 14 Pure bred Berkshire Pigs (5 of them open), from the stock of H. R. H. the Prince Consort. 1 Boar. 1 Sow. 20 Ripe Fat Wethers. The property of Mr Robert Parry, of Borras Hall, Mr Thomas Dodd. of Burton, T. Ll. Fitzhugh, Esq., Mr McCutcheon, Brymbo Hall Farm, and Mr Ed. Woolrich. Other Stock to be entered with Mr Lovatt. Wynnstay Arms Office, May 1st. SALE OF FURNITURE, AT THE TOWN HALL, WREXHAM, (REMOVED THERE FOR CONVENIENCE OF SALE,) The properly of Mr Overton, Mr Johnson, and another Gentleman, who are changing their residences. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr JOHNSON, Ton Monday, the 14th day of May, 1860,-A selection of elegant and useful FURNITURE, in Rosewood and Mahogany, adapted for Drawing, Dining, and Bed-room purposes, consisting of Couches, Chairs, Pembroke, Card. and Dining Tables, Wardrobes, Half-tester and Iron Bed. steads, Carpets, Drawers, Wash-stands and Services, &c., &c., and other Effects, as described in Catalogues, to be had from the Printer (Mr Potter) a week before the Sale. On view at Twtlve, Sale at Half-past One o'clock. Wynnstay Arms Office, Wrexham. Sales by Mr Edward Knibbs. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, SITUATE AT Rhosllanerchrugog, in the Parish of Ruabon. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr EDWARD KNIBBS, (by order of the Mortgagees, under a power of Sale), at the House of Mr William Edwards, Llanerchrugog Arms, Rhos, on Tuesday, the 29th of May, 1860, at Six o'clock in the Evening, subject to certain conditions of Sale to be then and there produced: All that Piece or Parcel of LAND, containing by admeasurement Eleven perches of Land or thereabouts, be the same more or less, with the MESSUAGES, COTTAGM, SHOP, and all other Erections and Build- ings standing and being thereon, situate, lying, and being at Rhollllanerchrugog, in the Parish of Ruabon, in the County of Denbigh, now in the occupation of John Prydderch, collier, and John Griffiths, collier. For further particulars apply to Messrs Edgworth and Devereux Pugh, Solicitors, Wrexham; Mr Thos. Hughes Solicitor, Wrexham; Mr J. Griffiths, Builder, Rbes, who will shew the Premises; or to the Auctioneer, at his Offices, High Street, Wrexham. SALE AT THE BOWLING GREEN, Pen-y-bryn, Wrexham. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr EDWARD JL KNIBBS, (under a distress for Rent), on Wednes- day. May 16th, 1860,-the whole of the excellent and useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and STOCK-IN- TRADE, the property of Mr John Evans; comprising Four post, Iron, and other Bedsteads, 8 Feather Beds, mahogany hair seated and other Chairs, mahogany, oak, leaf, and other Tables, about 4 pockets of fine Hops, the whole of the Brewing Utensils, and about 500 Gallons of prime Ale. Catalogues may be had on Monday, May 14th, on application to the Auctioneer, at his Offices. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock punctually. Offiees, High Street, May I lth, 1860. Sale by Mr. Griffiths. WREXHAM. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr GRIFFITHS, JL in the Beast Market, Wrexham, on Thursday, the 17th day of May, I860,—Valuable LIVE STOCK, com- prising Calving Heifers, Barren Cows, Stirk Heiters, a number of Fat Lambs, &c. Parties desirous of entering Stock for the above Sale, will oblige by sending particulars as early as possible. Sale at Eleven o'clock. Overton, Flintshire, May 4th, 1860. A FRIENDLY BIT OF CHIT CHAT JJetween Jlrl Scrubwell, and Mrs Thrifty, about "HARPER TWELVETREES' SOAP POWDER," SCRUBWELL.-But do you mean to say that you have washed all that lot of clothes before breakfast this morn- ing ? THKEFTT.—Oh yes, it's easy enough now to get rid of all the slap-dash, steam, and dribbling slops on a wash. ing day in good time. I can always make quick worn of my washing by using "Harper Twelvetrees' Soad Powder," and it makes the clothes beautifully clean and white too, I assure you. I have never used anything to equal it, and I have tried all sorts of things in my time. In fact, one reason why I like Harper Twelve- trees' Soap Powder" over other Washing Powders is because it is soft and healing to the hands, and makes such a fine nice lather. Besides, I never rub our clothes and you know how black my Jim's shirts get at the Eoundry. ]Patentee: -HARPER TWELVETREES, « The Works," Three Mills Lane, Bromley by Bow, London Sold by Grocers and Druggists everywhere, in penny packets and 6d and Is canisters. "B. FLATS."—BEDROOM PESTS HARPER TWELVETRKES* BUG DESTROYER, JJL exterminates these tormenting Pests by Million s. They disappear like Magic I Sold only in Bottles at 6d and Is out, by the Agents for Harper Twelvetreaa' 8oaf Powder. ESTABLISHED 1817. JAMES PUGH, CURRIER AND LEATHER MERCHANT, PADDLER, HARNESS-MAKEIt, AND GENERAL FURNISHER TO COLLIERIES, IRON WORKS AND MILL5, TOWN-HILL, WEEXIIAM. J. P. in tendering his best thanks to his numerous supporters, begs toginform them that he is at all times prepared to execute orders for the undermentioned GOODS at reasonable prices, and of superior quality and workmanship:- Leathers Engine Butts Strap ditto Rends Bellows Hides Gear ditto Do. Bends Do. Shoulders Do. Bellies Hand Leathers White Thong ditto Collar Basils Saddling, &c. Raddles Bridles Harness Gears Saddlers' Ironmongery Trees Whips, Lashes, Ac. Straps, &c. Single Straps Double ditto Hose Piping Blowing Pipes. Aprous G-utta Percha. Shwts, any thickness Tubing Straps Pump Buckets Valves Oils and Grease, &c. Vegetable Oil Ditto ditto refined Cod ditto Boiled ditto Sweet ditto Patent Axle ditto Light Brown Mineral Faint "Rrown and Red Varnish Vesetable Grease Tallow Dubbin Sundries. Collar Check Ditto Cloth Wi,ol Flocks Hair Copper Rivets and Burs Strap Bolts Sreews Nails Cotton waste Thread SADDLERS SENT OUT TO WORK AT 2s. CD. PER DAY. N. B.—Shoemakers and other consumers supplied with every article in the trade, and all orders received will meet w ith J. P's personal attention. 1:4 PBICIS AND TERMS GIVEN ON APPLICATION. J. P. begs to call the attention of Farmers others to the great advantages he has in the Saddlery department in being the manufacturer of his own Goods, and thereby being able to sell at lower prices, and superior articles than any other in the same trade. RICULTUKAL JMPLEMENTS Hay Making Machines, Horse Rakes, and Horse Hoes for the Season. Ridge Drill, for Turnips aud Mangolds. Bentail's Patent Prize Root Pulpers, Samuelson's Single and Double Action Prize Turnip Cutters, with Plate to Cut for Lambs, also to Pul II for mixing with Chaff; Richmond and Chandler's! Prize Chaff Cutters and Corn Crushers. Howard's Prize Ploughs and Harrows. Croskills Carts, Rollers, and Root Washers. Sold by W. 0 V E R T 0 N, IRONMONGER, WREXHAM. A GRAND JQISPL AY OF CJUMMEE FASHIONS!! T L. JON E S HAS RE-OPENED HIS SHOP AT No. 6, CHURCH GATES, WREXHAM, W TH an entire New Stock of Millinery and Drapery. The Show Room will be complete with the choicest selection of Millinery and Straw Bonnets, Dress Caps, Ribbons, Straw Hats, Flowers, Feathers, Cap Fronts, Mantles, &e. SUMMER FASHIONS FOR 1860. 20 HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. MRS. B U R R O IT G- H S BEGS respectfully to inform the Ladies ofWrexham and neighbourhood, that she is now'showing her SUMMER FASHIONS, comprising the Newest styles in MILLINERY, FLOWERS 'STRAW A Jp FANCY J'.O NNETS, &C., &C. N.B.—Mourning and Wedding orders promptly executed. Straw Bonnets, cleaned and altered. SHOW ROOM, 20, HOPE-SRTEET. GOLDEN JJAGLE DRAPERY AND MILLINERY El STABLISIIMENT, TOWN HILL, WREXHAM. MISS E E D W A R D S BEOS to announce her return from London with the principal NOVELTIES IN MILLINERY which is Bnow ready for inspection. Mrs. Edwards also begs to call the attention of her friends to her stock of WOOLLEN AND LINEN DRAPERY, which she can confidently recommend. APPRENTICES WANTED TO THE MILLINERY. GPRING AND RUMMER F ASH ION S FOR 1860. T. C JONES, BEGS to announce his return from LONDON, where he has purchased largelv. and t^he fol'lowine deDartm™ ents will be found to contain a very CHOICE SELECTION of NEW GOODS for thVsasr fnldTn the NEW DESIGNS, FANCY DRESSES o( various Textures, also FRENCH ando? Sl? ?u chafed un?' the NEW TARIFF arranement8, as well as the NEW STYLES in MANTLES, which will be found Novel ?inDp?n and well worthy of inspection. The RIBBON, GLOVE and LACE departments are s?dwi?tS ? tc???' large variety of the NEW PARASOLS, in plain and fancy colours. T.C.J. would call attention to his purchases in PAISLEY, TISSUE, REP, and other SHAWLS which he can with confidence recommend. The Stock of TRIMMINGS will be found very large and well assorted, also his stock of HOSIERY is of Warranted Make and finish. Church-st., Wrexham. NEW SHOP, No. 18, QUEEN-STREET, W REXHAM. E E V A N S HAS just returned from the first markets with a choice selection of MILLINEZRY SSTRAW 'RfiNVF™TS HATS, TUSCAN AND FANCY CAPS, HIBBOKS, PBAIHEKS, FMMH MOW^S1, «,v!. which are now ready for inspection. TO PARTIES FUKiNISHLNG. GREAT CLEARANCE SALE OF FURNITURE &c. OLD ESTABLISHED CABINAT AND UPHOLSTERY WAREHOUSE' BBIDGE-STBEET, WEEXHAM. WILLI AM PIE RCFF JOS EGSto inform the inhabitants of Wrexham, and its vicinity, that he is now SELLING off the  8fhis ..D large stock of CABINET FURNITURE, CAEPETSIBRUTOETSTEASM R? D?l< ft.' WALL PAPERS. & &c., at cost Prices, in order to make room for EXTENSIVE ALT?RAT?T? f?QT??T?Ht! PREMISES. The FURNITURE is Home-made, and of the best materials aad workmanshln The whole of the WALL PAPERS will be sold in Lots to suit purchasers considerably under cost price. To Builders, Painters, and J'aperhangers, this is an opportunity seldom to be met with. e- Mark the address.-The OLD SHOP, BRIDGE STREET. U A B 0 N F 0 u N D R ys ——————' (ESTABLISHED IN 1817, FOEMEBLY IN THE OCCUPATION OF MESSES. It & W JONES.) KENRICK & EVANS, IRON AND BRASS PO UNDERS, MANUFACTURERS of STEAM ENGINES, Steam Boilers, Pumps (from 3ia to?.n Barrels, Clack Pieces, T Bobs, Pit Head Pullies (of all size.,) ?Cran??? Machines, Blende and Clay Rolls, Water Wheels, Land Rollers, Railway Truck Wheels, Tram-road Rail J P*5 ,nes' Phin and Ornamental RaiUn?, Entrance Gates, Boilers to contain from 9 to 300 ??? )n I and eve^Jothj description of Castings or Wrought Iron Work. N.B.—Turning and Boring to order, by a powerful self-acting Lathe. A first-class draftsman in attendance upon the premises. STEAM TO AUSTRALIA UNDER SIXTY DAYS. Passage Money £ 14 and Upwards. British and Austrahan Ex-Royal Mail Packets, and Eagle Line of Packets, In conjunction with the Celebrated Auxiliary Screw Steam Clipper GREAT BRITAIN Appointed to Sail Punctually, From LIVERPOOL on the 5th and 15th of every MONTH. To the Consignment of BRIGHT, BRoTilsits, & Co Melbourne. THE ABOVE IN ADDITION TO BEING THE ONLY LINE WITH STEAM OUT OF LIVERPOOL, IS COMPOSED OF THE LARGEST, FINEST, AND FASTEST MERCHANT SHIPS IN THE WORLD. Ship. Reg. Bur. Capt. Date. YOUNG AMEHICA.1961..4500..CARLISLE 5th April GOSPOBT 1082.. 2500.. JONES.15th April S.uDUBA.1662..31>00.. FLYNN 5th May OCEAN UHTBP' 1026.. 3000.. BaowN To Follow TO BB 8UCCEEDED BY THK FOLLOWING CUPPBBS AND BTEAMSSa;— GREAT BRITAIN LIGHTNING CHAMPION OP THE SEAS DONALD McKAY GBEAT TASMANIA EAGLB ifirni VITA MARCO POLO OCEAN CHIEF BRITISH TRIDENT GIPSY BRIDE MORNINO LIGHT COUMODORS PERRY MONTMORENCY .-v. fTlHE above celebrated Steam and sailing   B  J_ Clippers form:ng the only line ?t???honoured by a visit from Her Majesty the mBMwtH Queen, and so well known for their rapid passages, punctuality in sailing, and splendid accom. odation unsurpassed by any ships m the world, will continue to sail regularly between Livetpool and Mel. bourne, affording to Passengers and Shippers, the most unrivalled advantages. The Commanders are men of experience and noted for their kindness and attention to passengers. The Cabin accommodation ia most superior, the Saloons being elegantly furnished with every requisite to insure comfort to passengers, and are supplied with Beds, Bedding, &C. ?'&m? 'f3et Passengers forwardod to Lannceston and Hobart Town. *B 1??IBBS, BRIGHT & Co. Merchants,  X to JAMES BAINES, & Co., LiverpooL OB TO MB. ARTHUB CLAKE. BYMIfTONON OR TO MB. ?CE,VREXaAMt 0 GENUINE COD LIVER OIL PURE AND TASTELESS. In Consumptive cases it speedily removes the night sweats, so weakening to persons in Decline, and though the disease may be so far advanced as to preclude the possibility of cure, yet if the oil is genuine it will give such strength to the invalid as will prolong life, by keeping pace with the ravages of the disease. MESSRS. W. ROTTON AND SON, COD LIVER OIL EXTRACTORS, BIRMINGHAM, and SCOTLAND, Knowing that the fate of the patient is generally dependant upon the purity of the Oil, have determined to supply none other than a Good and Geuuine Article, the properties of which are, if extracted from fresh Cod Livers. paleness of colour, sweetness of taste, and efficacy in administration aim they especially guard the Public agaiust being induceu to purchase rank, dark and racy Oils, such being undoubtedly of inferior quality, the products of stale livers, miscellaneous Fish. or the result or overheating in the extraction, any of wbiedi would result in defeating the most scientific skill. Such has been the success attending the use of Messrs ROTTON'S Cod Liver Oil. that they have been favoured with testimonials acknowledging the same, irom the most eminent Physicians, including the names of Wm. Herepath, Esq., F.C.S., of Bristol J. B. Melson, M.D. Bell Fletcher, A1.U. D. W. Crompton.M.D. I  WiUiam Sands Cox, M.D I John Eccles, M.D. I «. E. S. Horciblow, M.D. Alfred baker John Postgate. Birmingham. I logetner with testimonials from the most scientific analytical Chemists. AGENTS FOR WREXHAM J. BROUGHTON, CHEMIST, HIGH STREET JOHN FRANCIS, CHEMIST, HoPE STREET. AGENTS FOU OSWESTRY: SMALE & SON, AND J. GRIFFITHS, SURGEON. MR EDWARD HUMPHREYS, AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER ÅGENT FOR LAND AND HOUSE PILOPIRTY, I LLANGOLLEN. LAMP OILS!! D. JONES IRONMONGR, 12, TOWN-HILL, BEGS to statethat he hu inst rweived a fresh supply Bof PartRne, Photogen, Petrole?, and Belmantine, which he is prepared toaell at 3s. 3d. per gallon. AIM a large assortment of LAMPS adapted w bura the above Oittt 1 UNRIVALLED tTOCK OF MANGOLDS AND iUHNir SEEDS, it,. lp lb. Y. S T It A H A N, (Late Gardiner to 71 lrwen, Esq., ostansey ffall,) GEiNERAL NURSERY, SEED, AND FRUIT WAREHOUSE, 37, HIGH STREET, WR EXHA M, NKXT DJOR TO MR SMITH, DHATKH. TS. wishes it to be particularly observed that a Y ? Catalogue comaining all particuiara may be had on application, or post free. Y, S. is prepared to send out jobbing Gardeners at 2s 6d per day each. AGENT for MARK & WARD'S RAT AND MICE POWDJSiiS. O 000 0? the following FINE BEDDING 23 ?-??"? PLANi'S—tom Thumb and Variegated treianiuius, Verbenas, Dahlias, Hollyhocks, Putunias, Senecious, iiiietrops; also a splendid stoca of Fuschias, two feet to lour feet, bushy Plants. DRESS AND MANTUA MAKING. m VS. RHODES begs to inform the Ladies of Wrex- JH.L ham and its vicinity, that having just leceived her Case of First Class Models, she is prepared to execute all orders with whl,.Il she may be lavoured, with her personal care and attention. id, Chester Street, Wrexham, May 12,11, 1860. N B.-Respectable Appreaticepwa?gtej ?imm ——————————— 4'  ? Y?' TRY ?R?SER?S SH I L L I N; G R A Z 0 R 4 2, HIGH STREET. THE COMMIT fEE for carrying out the cheap Con- certs, and the IV urkini li tea's Reading Room, dur- ing the winter Months of 1859-60, having closed their operations during the Summer Months, beg to lay be- lore the Public the Financial statement in connection therewith. DONATIONS RECEIVED. £ s. d. W. H, Darby, Esq. 5 0 0 C. E. Darby, I 5 0 0 T. T. Griffitill It 2 0 0 T. Edgworth „ 2 o 0 Rev. J. G. Short 2 0 0 J. James, Esq. I 1 1 0 E. Williams, Esq so 1 1 0 T. Painter, Esq. 1 1 0 Mr R. Jones. 1 1 o Messrs Jackson and Jones. 1 1 0 A orking Cientleman e.00 9 v 0 a. 1 0 0 Mr W Bayley 1 1 0 „ W Bott 1 l o „ Ptiiilips 0 10 0 0 0 Williams 0 10 0 Edwards 0 10 0 It Young 0 10 0 Evans, Queenst. 0 10 0 Baugh 0 10 0 T Rowland 0 10 0 W Thomas 0 10 6 „ T Francis 0 5 0 G Bay ley. 0 5 0 Vaugbanv o 0 5 0 A Friend 0 5 0 Mr C. Hughes 0 5 0 ,,PoweI),rownRill 0 3 0 „ Williams, Hope st O 2 0 29 18 0 Expended by the Rev J G Short before leav. ing Wrexham .18 14 5 Gas Fittings for Working Men's Room 1 12 1 Gas for Do do 1 4 3 i Printing and advertising. 3 14 6 Newspapers and Stationery 0 13 2 Rent of Room 3 0 0 Cleaning do 0 10 0 Repailing Windows 0 5 4 Use of Music Hall o 10 6 30 4 3 Received 29 18 0 ——— Due to Treasurer 0 6 34 W. BOTT, Treasurer. SPRING MEDICINE. THE Concentrated Fluid Extract of SARSAPARILLA, Teombiried with DANDELION, and other similar Re- storatives, to be obtained at JAMES F. EDISBURY'S, FAMILY AND DISPENSING CHEMIST, No. 2, HOPE STREET, WBEXHAM. (fcg" Every Article in domestic use always kept in stock. Patent Medicines and Perfumery; Oils, Phints, and Colours. SPRING AND SUMMER FASHIONS, AT R. L L OY D 'S BAZAAR, 6 & 7, HIGH.ST., WREXHAM. I HAVE great pleasure in announcing that oar first Annual display ot lVlillinery and Mantle Fashions wiill be made in our Show Rooms, on TUESDAY NEXT, h b 1 l' hi May 1st. Grtrat care has been taken in se l ecting the Newest Styles and patterns in both departments. Our Gtneral Drapery business is now fully stored up with all classes oi goods suitable to a respectable family trade. I beg most sincerely to thank you for all past business favours, especially in our new branches ot FANCY BOOTS & SHOES, still soliciting your continued recom- mendation and support. MILLINERY & STRAW HAT ESTABLISHMENT, 43, Hope-street, Wrexham. MISS LLOYD EESPECTFULLY invites an inspection of hpr New and Choice Stock of Millinery, Straw Hats, Crinoline and Fancy Bonnets, French and British Flowers, Feathers, Hair Nets, and Parasols. Ribbons, Laces, Falls, and Collars, the whole of whic will be ready on THURSDAY, the 10th MAY. WALL PAPER. JL? ?  have Bow lead y their HUGHES AND SON have now leady their R # Books of New Patterns of CHEAP PAPER HANGINGS. Ø" Experiencel mea sent to put up the Paper. LEA & PERRINS' CELEBRATED TU" ORCESTE11 SHIRE GAUCE PRONOUNCED BY CONNOISSEURS TO BE THE "ONLY GOOD SAUCE" AND APPLICABLE TO "EVERY V ARlETY OF DISH. ? k?-!   ¡ ¿f,.i      EXTRACT of a LETTER from a MEDICAID GENTLEMAN at Madras to his Brother at Worcester, May, 1851. "Tell LEA4PERRINS that their SAUCE is highly esteemed in India, and is. ill my opinion, the most pa- latable as well as the most wholesome Sauce that is made." The success of this most delicious and unrivalled condiment having caused many unprincipled dealers to apply the name to Spurious Compounds, the PUBLIC is respectfully and earnestly requested to see that the names ot LEA & PERKINS are upon the WRAPPER, LABEL, STOPPER, AND BOTTLE. Manufactured by LEA & IEKBINS, Worcester. Sold by Citossu & BLACKWELL, London; and all respectable Druggists, Grocers, and Italian Warehousemen throughout the World. KAYE'S PILLS. HEALTH RESTORED and maintained by the use of JEL these Pills, prepared solely by John Kaye, Esq. of Daltou-Hall, near ilndderslield. They are uuequalleu in simplicity, safety, and beneficial effect, and in cased of accnte as well as chronic diseases, especially tl101' rising jrom impurity of Blood, Indigestion, and Consti- pation, are he best medicine that can possibly be em- pioyed FEMALES, ARTlZANS, MECHANICS, all persons of Se dentary Habits, and the general public, will find them of the greatest service in correcting and preventing irregu- larities in the performance of the various functions of the human body. Buy one Box and read the testimonial enclosed. MONEY TO LEND, from xio to JE400, on persons or other security, to be repaid by easy Monthly or Quarterly inatulments, extending over a period from one to three yaars. Loans granted within one week fro a day of application. Confidence strictly observed. Apply, by letter or personally, to Mj. EDWARD CLt was, No, 56, Booth-street East, Oxford Road, Manohesur, l Established the year 1843. I ANNIYERSARY SERMONS.  SEt?M'?? will be prrached TU-M?EPOW. ,,nday, Mav 13th, 1800), in the WKSLEYAN (SundaCy, RAP EL, S?op Road, Wrdxham, by the REFORM ltev J. THOMaS, of Ellesmeie in tijo artel-nonti at Half-past Two, and in the evening fit Six o'clock. Collections at the close of each Service in aid of the Trust Fund. On MOXDAY NEXT, (May 14th), a PUBLIC TEA MEETING will be held in the MUslC HALL, iu connection wilh the above Anniversary, after which a PUBLIC MEETING will take place, when the Rev J. Thomas (Ellesmere), Hev Joseph Jones, Kev A. Ash- worth, Rev P. Madducks, and other ministers and friends will address the Meeting. The Bersham Choir of Singers have kindly consented to sing several Pieces during the Ev- ning. Tea on the Table at half-past Fc)ur.-Tick-els, One Shilling each, can be had of Messrs Bott and S. M. Jones, or from any of the ftieuds connected with the above Place of Worship. NEW BAPTIST CHAPEL, BHOSLLAS EKCHKUGoe, THE Opening of this beautiful Building for Divine JL Service, will take place on Sunday and Monday, the 13th aud 11th instant. Many well known Ministers will officiate. The Rev D. Evans, Dudley, (late of Newtown) will preach in English on Monday, at 2 p.m. Also, the Rev J. Roberts, Brynmawr, (late of Tredepar) will deliver a Welsh Lettore on Tuesoay Evening, the 15th instant,-Subject: WILLIAMS, WEEN, AND HIS TIMES," To commence at Seven o'clock. Tickets to be had at the Chapel door. The proceeds to the Chapel Fund. ROYAL DENBIGH MILITIA BAND. (By the kind permission of the officers of the R.D.R.) THE members of the above Band are now open to T engagements for PIC-NIC PARTIES, CLUBS, BOW MEETINGS, and all other festive gatherings. For terms apply to Mr. J. W. Jone3, Band master, Wrexham. N 0 T I C E rpHE Second General Annual Me&t!rg ofh Membeia r L iloef the OFFA PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILD- ING SOCIETY, will be held at Mr Richard Davies's, Temperance Hotel, Regent Street, Wrexham, on Thurs- day, the 17th day of May, instant at 7 o'cluck iu the evening. By order of the Directors. May 10th, 1860. ARTH UR CLAKKE, Sec. NOTICE. ALL Persons having any claim or demand upon the /Y "PONKEY IRON COMPANY LIMITED," who for a few months carried on business at the Ponkey Iron Works, at Ruabon, in the County of Denbighshire, are requested to send the same to me the undersigned forth- with. By order-ot the Company. IIENRY H. HULBERT, Solicitor. Devizes, Wiltshire. Devizes, April 27th, 1860. PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of Chan- P cery made in a cause of Thomas Batty and anther against Thomas Chapman. The Creditors and Incum- brancers on the real estate of John Chapman, late of Rhyl, in the Parish of llhuddlan, in the county of Flint, Wine and spirit merchant, who died in or about the month ot July, 1857, are by their Solicitors on or before the 29th day of May, I860, to come in and prove their claims at the Chambers of the Vice Chancellor Sir Wil- liam Page Wood, at No 11, New Square, Lincoln's Inn, in the county of Middlesex, or in default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded from the ibenefit of the said decree. Tuesday the 5th day of June, I860, at 12 o'clock at noon, at the said Chambers, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the Claims. Dated this 3rd day of May, 1 SCO. EDWARD WEATHERALL, Chief Clerk. GREGORY, GREGORY, SKIRROW & ROWCLIFFE, of No. 1, Bedford Row, London, Agents for J. GILL, BIRKENHEAD, Plain lift's Solicitor. TO SERVE MARKS THIS SEASON, 1860, AT One Sovereign each Mare, and Two Shilling a and .A: Sixpence the Groom,—the Groom's fee to be paid at the time of serving. That beautiful bay horse YOUNG WINDSOR, The property of Mr. H. Jones, Ferm, Leeswood, near Mold. Young Windsor stands 16 hands high, and is rising 6 years old. He was shown as a Hunter Stallion at the Exhibition of the Royal Agricultural Society at Ches- ter, 18-58. His dam was got by Petworth g.d. by Pel- quin; g. g. d. by Quicksilver; g. g. g. d. by Clothier, Young Windsor's sire was shown as a Hunter Stallion at the Exhibition of the Royal Agricultural Society at Windsor Park in 1851, and was pot by Sir Thomas, Arab bred. His grand sire waa bought by the Duke of Brunswick to go abroad. If health permits he will visit the following places weekly -011 41fonday Morning to the Red Lion, at Hope, for one hour; thence through Gresford to L!an-y-pwll, for one hour; thence throuah Marchwiel to the Buck Inn, Bangor, for the night. Oil Tuesday to the Bryn-v-pys Arms in Overton, for one hour; thence to the Swan Inn, Eliesmere, until the market is over; thence to the Green Man Inn, between Ellesmere and Oswestry, for the night. On Wednesday to the St. George's Inu, Oswestry, for the market; thence to the Cross Keys Inn. Chirk, for one hour; thence to the Black Horse, Groes, for the night. Oil Thursday to the Cross Foxes, Wrexham, for the market, and thence to Caergwrle, for the night. The last round of the Horse will be on the 11th of July. The Money to be paid on the last route, or 5s extra will be charged, lT O B E R" T JON E S, (LATE OP JACKSONS & JONES), COACH MAKER, WREXHAM, BEGS to inform the NobHIty. Gentry, and Inhabitants Bgcnerally of the town of Wrexbam and the coun- ties of Denbigh, Flint, Chester and Salop, that the above firm having been dissolved, he has commenced business on his own account in HOPE STREET, WREXHAM, where he has a SHOWROOM, and upon the Premises in BANK STREET, lately in the occupation of Mr Richard Davies, Coach Ataker. From his long experience of the most practical part of Coach-making, and his determination to execute such orders as may be entrusted to him with skill and despatch, and at the lowest poi-sible prices, he hopes to merit, as he solicits, a share of public patronage. A SUPPLY OF CHEAP WFLL-FIXISHF.D B A. S K E TeA. R R I A. G E S, DOG CARTS, WHITECHAPELS, & LIGHT PRETONS, ALWAYS ON HAND. Old Carriages taken in exchange, or repaired and renovated. Wrexham, Feb., 18G0. A FIRST-CLASS Income for a Business Mau.—Agents Wanted ill every district, to conduct the sale of the Mai chaster and Liverpool Royal Cattle Food.—Ad- dress E. b, Lutcliffe, 24 Apollo St., Oldham Road, Man- chester. GREY HAIR. CLEVER'S WALNUT POMADE restores Grey C Hair to its natural oolour, darkens red or light hair prevents its tailing off, and will not stain the skin. Price Is. and 2s. 6d.; by post, 6d. extra. SOLE AGENT, KEN KICK, (From Squire, Chemist to the Queen, London,) 19, TOWN HILL, WREXHAM. COUGHS AND COLDS. ROWLAND'S PECTORAL OXYMEL is the best RMedicine for Coughs, Colds, Asthma and Bron- chial aflections; is pleasant, safe, and ellicacious, and has afforded relief after numerous other remedies have lailed. In bottles at Is lhd. and 2s. 9d. Prepared only by W. ROWLAND, Dispensing Chemist, High- street, Wrexham. [A CARD]. MR, SAMUEL GRIFFITHS (FARMER) AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER ARGUED,OVERTON. Y1NEGAR.—Patronised by Her Majesty's Govern- V ment. CONDY'S PATENT CU?CE?TRAlED PURE MALT VINEGAR. Families by using this delicious Vinegar, insure purity ana effect a saving of Fifty per cent. See reports of Dr Letheby, City offices of Health, Dr HassaH, 01 the Lancet Commission, and others. Sold by the Trade in bottles, labelled and capsuled. Wholesale, 63, King .Williain-st., London; bridge, E.C. Condy's Family vinegar, being the above article be. fore concentration,One Guinea, Six Gallons, cask and car- riage free. 0 4 1 "t i 1 ( j I MRS. HUGHES, (late of Penybryn, Wrexham) L tenders her very grateful acknowledgment* to her numerous Frienos for the patronage bestowed between 20 and 30 years. Iilio respectfully aniiotinces that she still rtetivei Ful,iiii tu Board and Educate, at 142, Foregate Street, Chester. Those Parents who may kindly honour her with the charge of Lhdr Children, are assured that all possible rare' shall bt! bestowed both on moral and mental cultme, com- bined with domestic comfort. Pupils can enter immediately. I Chester, 3rd May. I860. rp HE ltJiv t. WIDDOYVSOX, B A. (WrsnKl.r, an" late scholar of St John's College, 'Cambridge) ia prepared to receive pupils in Mathematics, ( lassicii, and general subjeetg.—A^ply at 39, Wresham Pechan. foor bt Irt. TO BE LET, a g.od HOUSE and SHOP, in Bangor JL Isacoed. TO BE LET with immediate possession, House and -L Garden, Timber yard, Joiner's shop, and Saw-pit. situate in Pen y bryn, Wrexham, late in the occupation otAIr John (iriffltt)s.-Pi)r particulars apply to Mr. Arthur Clurke, Bryuyffynuou Terrace, Wrexham. i^O LEI, a COTTAGE, in the outskirts of WrexhM JL consist? of KItchen, Back Kitchen, and two Bed- rooms, with small Yard attached.-Apply to Mr Bayley, Stationer. OFFA COTTAGE TO BE LET with immediate possession, furnished or unfurnished, delightfully situated about 2 and-a-halfmiles from Wrexham station containing every requisite for a genteel residence, in- cluding a good stable and gtirden.-Apply to Mr. Lester. Pen-y-gelli, near Wrexham. s: -■ TO BE LET with immediate possession, that weU- Taccustomed PUBHC-HOU?E, now known as the "Railway Inn," situate at the Rossett, near the Railway- station.—Apply to Mr. John Price, on the premises, f|>0 BE LET with immediate possession, a HOUSE X and GARDEN, ?ituate at Rhos ddu. The house contains ftlllr bedrooms, parlour, kitchen, back kitchen, and scullery, and other out-door conveniences. Apply to Mr Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. TO BE LET, a Genteel and Convenient House and JL Premises, called Bryn-Edwyn, Regent street, late in the occupation of Mr H. M. Jones.-For paiticujara apply to Mr Daniel Edwards, on the premises. TO BE LET, OR SOLD. A GENTEEL VILLA RESIDENCE, situate ia XX. GKOVE PARK, Wieiham. Apply to Mr. RICHABD BUNK. a be &rftr, BARLEY STRAW. a quantity of Barley Straw.—Apply to Mr W. Buy ley, Bpokseller, Wrexham. lT°^LD', the ORGAN now in St Mary* r Caftu>olic S Church, Wrexham. For particulars apply to Gray and DavHon, 9, Russell Street, Liverpool The Rev. Dr Browne will kindly allow it to be in- spected, on application being made to him at St Mary's Rectory. OUPERIOR STRONG BUILDING BRICKS, at ? TWLRty-OnC Shillings the Thousand.—Apply to T. lianson, Plasissa Brick Works, near Ruabon. LLEWELYN MINE, MINERA. S E-VERAL SHARES in this very prosperous Mina fur SALE.-Apply to Mossrs Baugh and Jones, Auctioneers, Wrexham. TO BE SOLD, that superior Thorough-bred Stallion "GOOJERAT." Goojerat is a bay horse, fSdS 1819, upwards of 16 hands, he is by Galaor, out of Phar- macopia by Physician, dam Underlass, by Muley. He is own brother to Guicower, winner of several races. Any information about the horse to be had from Mr Whittaker, Turf Tavern, Wrexham. £ ituatktts, SEanMr. WANTED immediately, a YOUTH, of 17 or 18 tV years of age, capable to drive and to look after a Horse.—Apply at Mr W. Bayley's, Hope Street. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A MARRIED MAN without a family, to take charge Aof Mr Overton's house.-Apply on the premises. High Street, Wrexham, May 9th, 1860. WANTED a respectable SERVANT of All Work, TT about 20 years of age, guod character indispen- sible.—Apply to Mr Bayley, Bokselloer, Hope-street, Wrexham. WANTED a respectable Young WOMAN, as Bar- V f maid, about 28 years of apt:-who would be cap- able of attending to the duties of the Farm.-Apply to Mr Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. WANTED, a well educated YOUTH, thoroughly ? Y cQaveraaut with the Welah Language, as an OUT-DOOR AiTRENTlGE to the business of Chemist l and Druggist.—Apply to James F. Edisbury, Dispensing Chemist, No. 2, tiolie Street, Wrexham. TO BUILDERS, &0. TENDERS wanted for the erection of Dwelling- JL hf.uae, Office, Stables, &c., at the Cambrian Safety Fuse Works, Brymbo. Particulars may be had by ap- ply iug at the Works (between the houisof ten and three) or to Mr Manners, 26, ilegent-street, Wrexham. FLRS T-CLkgg INCOME FOR A BUSINESS MAN. AGENTS Wanted in every district, to conduct tha ABale ot the Manchester and Liverpooi Koyai Cattle Futid.-Address E. A. Actou, 29, Corporation-street, Manchester. WANTED an experienced DAIRY MAID, and one (f capable of attending to Bouse keeping, good char- acter required.—Apply to Mr Wiliiam Bayley, Booiuel- ler, Wiexbam. MONEY X?1 f)AA TO Lend on Mortgage of Freehold Property.-Apply to Mr R. Wil. hams, Solicitor, 22, Abbot street, Wrexham. IMPORTANT NOTICE, As some unprincipled Parties are now making and offering for Sale an Imitation of the GLENFIELD PATENT STARCH, we hereby caution all our Customers to be careful, whea purchasing, to see that the word GLENFIELD is aft each Packet, to copy which is Felony. WOTHERSPOON & Co., GLa,oow & LONDON. G-ROVE N-URS ERY, CRESTEU-STREET, WREXHAM, AND STANLEY & GREEN LANE NURSERIES, OLD SWAN, LIVERPOOL. MESSRS. DAVIES AND FRANCIS beg most respectfully to announce to the Nobility, Gentry, and Farmers of Wrexham and its vicinity, that they are prepared to receive orders to any extent for all kinda of Nursery Stock, consisting of FOREST TREES of every description. They have also a very fine Stock of Strong Quicks (or Thorns) for Edge Planting, a choice collection of Fruit Trees, consisting of Peaohes, Nec- tarines, Apricots, Apples, Pears and Plums, trained and untrained.. Evergreens and Flowering Shrubs, Standard and Dwarf Roses, Stove and Greenhouse plants, DutcU Bulbe, Horticultural and Agricultural Seeda, catalogues of which may be obtained on application. Grave Nursery, Wrexham. ROWLAND'S STOMACHIC DIGESTIVE PILLS. THESE PILLS are prepared from the prescription of JL a late eminent physician, and will be found a most valuable remedy for all disorders of the Stomach- mpaired digestion, flatulence, acidity, deficient appetite for food, pain in the stomach alter meals, head-aoheor ner vousness, and for females before and atter oonfinemento They do not contain a particle of mercury, or any of ita preparatioLS, bvsing composed entirely of vegetable ingredients; and their continued use will not weaken, or in any way injure the system, but from the tonia property whicti they contain, will have a strengthening and invigorating effect. A more valuable family medicine cannot be obtained. Sold in boxes at 8!d, Is lfd, and 2a 9d by the proprietor, WM. ROWLAND, DispBNBDfe CHOCST, fiigh Street, Yfoxlun* I i ( i t < <