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B. C 0 P L EST 0' N (Ide in the employ of Mr. & Jones, Chester-street), JJOUSE, SIGN, AND FURNITURE P. AINTER9 No. 2, BANK-PLACE, WREXHAM, BEGS most respectfully to announce to the inhabitants of WREXHAM and its vicinity, that he has commenced Jj Business at the above Premises, and trusts by first-class workmanship, combined with moderate charges, to merit a portion of patronage. Writing and Graining done for the trade. White-washing, Paper Hanging. Country Orders punctually attended to. N.B.—IMITATOR OF ALL KINDS or WOOD AND MARBLE, JF O T 1 C E 0 E REMOVAL. m 0 S B S 8 H H i BEGS to inform Ms friends and the Public, that he has REMOVED from the Sho1 o in High-Street, to more ±) commodious Premises in CHURCH STREET, No 4. M. W. begs to return his sincere thanks to those friends who have so liberally supported him for upwards of 21 years, and to assure them that no exertion shall be spared to secure their future favours. M. W. beRS to announcB his return from LONDOR where he has purchased largely of DRAPERY and MIL. LINERY GOODS, which he now offers to his friends and the Public at very low price3 at the MANCHESTER HOUSE, Church Street, Wrexham. The Stock oonsists of Woollen Cloths, Moleskins, Velvets Tweed Cord, Prints, Coburgs, Alpaccas, New Patterns in Flounced Dresses. Muslie Dresses and Shawls, Cloth Mantles Children's Jackets, White Skirts, Black Moreens, Ginghams, Flannels, Hollands, Hosiery, Gloves, Straw and Tuscan Bonnets, Satin Bonnets, Silk Bonnets, Crape Bonnets, Straw Hats, Felt Hats, Cap Front3, Flowers, Dress Caps Widows' Caps, Hoods, Murlin Sleeves, Muslin Collirs, Parasols, Umbrellas, Cloth Caps, Scarfs. Men's Silk Hats, Shirts, Neckties, Braces, Stays, Scarfs, Bed 'licks, Oil Cloth, Crinoline Skirts, &c. Mantles, Dresses, and Bonnets, made to order. Funerals completely furnished. May 4th, 1860. <8* An early call will oblige. May 4th, 1860. T 0 A G R I C U L T U R 1ST S. THE LANCASHIRE MANURE COMPANY'S (I. Knight Co.J QELEBRATED I T R 0 G E NI S E D JJONE MANURE, Specially made for Wheat, Oats and Barley, Gru!, Clover, Turnips, &c. SALT direct from the Works, Winsford, Cheshire, delivered at all Railway Stations; Agent for this District-A. CLARKE, No. 2, Brynyffynnon Terrace, Wrexham. MR. CHARLES RICHARDS, (DRAPER,) AIU C T ION E ERA N D A P P R A I S E R OR. begs respectfully to inform the Public that in addition to his business of a DRAPER, he has taken out ?? a License as AUC PIONEER and APPRAISER. He has a practical knowledge of the value of FARMING STOCK and of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and he begs to assure those persons who may honour him with their support in his new vocation, he will devote his best attention to their interests, combined with strict and punctual settlement of all sales committed to his charge. He undertakes to prepare Inventories and Valuations for Probate, Administrations, &c. He takes this opportunity to tender his grateful thanks to his numerous customers for their kind support during the time he has carried on the Drapery Business, and hopes by continued attention and a choice selection of the very best goods, to merit a continuance of their kind favours. High-street. Wrexham, July 13th, 1859. MONEY LENT ON PERSONAL SECURITY. THE NFEXHAN LOAN AND INVESTMENT COMPANY, (LIMITED), A RE prepared to advance any sum from ?5 to ?100, on personal or other security, for twelve months, renay- Aable in wceHy, monthly, or quarterly Instalments, at a low rate of interest. Good Bills Discounted on very moderate terms. The strictest confidence observed.—Application to be made to the Secretary, THOMAS JONES, omces-Temple Place, Wrexham. ACCOUNTANT. THE OLD-ESTABLISHED QitOCERY AND pROVISION gH OP 21 HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. THOMAS PHILLIP PONTON BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of Wrexham and its Vicinity, that he has mmeeded Me Roberts Brothers ?3 in the above Business, and continues to supply every article for family use of such quality and at such moderate prices, which cannot fail to give general satisfaction, and which he trusts will secure to him a con. tinuance of that support so liberally conferred on his predecessors. Oct. 28th, 1869. E, KNIBBS, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM, BEGS respectfully to inform his Friends and the Gentlemen, Farmers, Tradesmen, and others of the Town of BWrexham and the surrounding Localities, that he has just taken out a License to commence business M A U C T ION E ERA N D APPRAISER, and trusts by unwearied and strict attention to all orders entrusted to him, and by promptness in settling all accounts to merit and obtain a share of their patronage and support. Valuation for Probate of Wills, Succession and Kesiduary Duties, prepared on Reasonable TerrAm. OBee, tfh-iltrftt, Wrexham. July llth. 1869. LOOKW OOD AND F ARRIMOND EGERTON STREET SAW MILLS CHESTER, HAVE CONSTANTLY ON SALE EVE RY DESCRIPTION OF FOREIGN TIMBER American and Baltic ia Logs, Red, White I and Yellow Deals, Baywood. Mahogany, and Birch, in Boards and Soantlioga, StMm Btruok Uooldlnca of Every Font and Variety. Spile and Sawn laths, Oû, and Elm mm., SEASONED AND PREPARED FLOOR BOARDS, DOORS, SASHES, ARCHITRAVES, SKIRTING STAIRCASES, SHOP FRONTS, AND ALL KINDS OF JOIIfBa'S V0R5 OF FUST-RATS QUALITY PREPARED BY PATENT MACHINERY At UNPRECEDENTED'LOW PRICES, a full List of which may be had on application. KVXUSTBINO snrrcBBP raw or ntnnrsi AT THE RAILWAY STATION. DENTISTRY. ATTENDANCE IN WREXHAM NEXT WEDNESDAY AND JSVERY WEDNESDAY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. LIVERPOOL ESTABLISHMENTS :-134.. DUKE-STREET, (directly opposite Berry-street). London FAiblish-ments.-Sg, Luditifs Hill, ana Regent street. ItiTESSRS. GABRIEL the old-established Surgeon and Mechanical Dentists, present their eomplimmtsta the JM. mhaMtMi. ?WRBXHAM and viewty, and 6W taii6tot6t they visit WRBXHiM every WEDNESDAY, and mae be consulted at LION HOUSE, High Street, on the loss af Teeth, &c., from 10 to 5 each day. The necessity has lony been felt throughout many parts of the country of being able to obtain the services of a Dentist of some standing in his profession, withont the necessity of a visit to town, or without having to pay an I exorbitant charge for such services this desideratum Messrs. Gabriel will at once supply. Messrs. G. are the patentees of an entirely new description of TEETH and GUMS, which are fitted with absolute precision and success, such indeed as are by say other means unattainable; they are fitted on the most tender gums with oat springs or wires of any description, and are as firm and nsefnl in the month as the natural masticators; and, in order to render them within the reach of the most economical, they are supplied at charges strictly moderate. Messrs. G.'s pamphlet (gratis) fully explains the system which has been approved by the highest medical anthorities and the press, and will be sent post-free. Messrs. Gabriel beg to say, that, as a guarantee against failures (as is often the case with other dentists), patients are at liberty to retnrn any case not perfectly satisfactory, and another will be made in its place, free of extra charge. Messrs. G.Isfpatent white'enamel, which effectually cures decayed front teeth, can only be obtained at the:following establishments :-1349 Duke-street, Liverpool, and 33 Ludgate-kin and Regent-street, London, where they may be con. sulted dai11,lfrolD 10 to 6, free of charge. Observe -.—Attendance in WREXHAM every WEDNESDAY at Lion House High-street SCALB or CHARGES. A Single Tooth from 3 6 Upper or Lower Set 2 2 0 A Full Set Upper or Lower 4 4 0 Stopping Decayed Teeth 0 2 6 CONSULTATION Pan. Scaleing, Cleaning, Extracting and all operations appertaining to Dentistry at very moderate charges Stopping with GOLD, WHITE ENAMEL, PREPARED GUTTA PEttCHA, &o. I Patent White prepared Gutta Peroha for stopping Decayed Teeth, prioe with fall diraotioas for use Is 6d per box Royal Tooth Powder for beautifying the Teeth and Gums, the best extant." Is 6d per box. Messrs Gabriel's Now Discovery patented White Enamel, same colour as the teeth with full directions for use prioe 5s per box. CAUTION see that each box bean the name of the sole inventors and proprietors, Messrs GABRIEL, London and Liverpool, and every Wednesday at the Lion House, Wrexham. Mr. Rowland, Chemist, sole agent for Wrexham for the above Preparations. Letters by post receive attention. References to patients. Specimens can be seen Notice every Wednesday a the Lion Bouse, High-atreet, Wraham.



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