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Salos by Messrs. Baugh & Jones. f (Successors to the late Mr Edisbury), cj)? OF FJ?.?V? STOVK, &c, AT THE XiNT FARM, ??c'7/y?y.vr?D, 7/?/ ?/yr6/?'. I j^jSRS BAUGH A?D JOF.S have received instruc- M li"os lrom the ref'e&e?tatives otthf lute Mr EJ- ward Lewis, dereased, to uffer for unreserved Silt; by Pnli'ic All at the Nant Farm afovesaid on 'IVsday, 22u 1 d y uf May, 1I¡O, the who'e Ofttll Firming StUI, Iinple jHtita in Husbandry, Household Gouls and ure, Rud oth>r Effects late the property of the said Mr Kdwiird lewis, de ;tHSed. The Vann ing stork co'irists of 3 excel- lent Milcliinp Cows, two with calves, and fine to calve, 1 fiesti Barren, and one two year old Heifer, 1 useful brown cart mare 15j hands high a good worker, oue Brown rart Hor", 16 baud s hii..b, rising 4 years very promising, 4 store pigs, 2 Irou Ploughs, 2 sets ot harrows, 1 j broad wheeled cart with Harvest Gearing, 1 narrow wheeled Cart with do, Thrill and Chain Gears, Winnow- ia8 » machine, Churn and other effects. o Sale to commence at 11 o'clock punctually. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, IN THE BOROUGH AND PARISH OF HOLT, DENBIGHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH i. AND JONES, at the White Lion Inn, Holt, on Tuesday, the 29th day of May, 1860, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, in the following or such other Lots as shall be agieed upon at the time of Sale, and subject to conditions to be then produced :— Lot i.—All that piece or parcel of LAND, containing by admeasurement, la. 3r: 9p, or thereabouts, being part of certain fields, called tbe" H all Fields," situate in the Borough of Holt, in the Couuty of Denbigh, and now in the holding of Mr James Price. Lot 2.—Another piece of LAND, part of the same tield, adjoining Lot 1, containing la. 3r. 9p., or there- abouts, and now in the holding of Mr Samuel Chaloner. Lot 3.—Another piece of LAND, adjoining Lot 2, containing la. 2r. 19p., or thereabouts, also held by the Mid Samuel Chaloner. Lot 4.—Another piece of LAND, adjoining Lot 3, and abutting upon the Turnpike Road leading from Holt to Wrexham, containing la. 2r. 19p., or thereabouts, also held by the said Samuel Chaloner, Lot 5. Another piece of LAND, adjoining Lot 4, also abutting upon the said Turnpike ltnad, containing 2a, lr, 13p, or thereabouts, and held by the said Samuel Chaloner. Lot G. Another piece of LAND, adjoining Lot 5, likewise abutting upon the said Turnpike Road, con- taining 2a, h, ]3p, or thereabouts, and also held by the said Samuel Chaloner, Lot 7, A small Meadow, called Wern-y-Branin, con- taining 2a, Or, lOp, or thereabouts, sdituate in the Town- ship of Dutton-y-Brain, near Holt aforesaid, also held by the said Samnel Chaloner. Lot S. Another MEADOW, adjoining Lot 7, con. taining la. 3r. 14p., or thereabouts, in the holding of ill James Williams, Lot. All that MESSUAGE, or Dwelling-house, with the Garden and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate in the Town and Borough of Holt aforesaid, and now in the occupation of the said Mr Samuel Chaloner. The whole of the Land is of excellent quality and in good condition, and the Meadows are fine rich Land. Tin st veral Lots are in the hands of highly respectable T. .i.i s whose rents are punctually paid. Holt is 10 &i s horn Chester, and 5 from Wrexham, through wi:i i 'in far tamed River Dee flows. it.e lespective Tenants will shew the different Lots, and particulars with plans annexed may be had 10 days prior to the Sale from Messrs James and Owen, Solicitors, Wrexham; or at tbe principal Inns in Wrexham, Ches- ter, and Holt; and at the Offices of the Auctioneers, Temple Place, Wrexham. BROUGHTON, NEAR WREXHAM, DENBIGHSHIRE* TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH JL and JONES, at the Cross Foxes Inn, Broughton l foresaid, on Monday, the 28th day of May, I860, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions to be then and there produced, and in the following or such other Lots as may be declared at the time of Sale;— Lot 1.—All those Five newly erected and substantially built MESSUAGES, or Dwelling-houses, with Gardens in front thereof, situate at the Moss, in the said Town- ship ot Broughton, and now or late in the respective occupations of Roger Roberts, Samuel Parry, Sarah Hargreaves, John Parry, and James Johnson, or their undertenants. Lot 2.-All those Three well built COTTAGES, with the Gardens and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate immediately above the Old Wesleyan Chapel, in tbe Moss Valley, in the said Township of Broughton, and now or late in the respective holdings of Charles Shaw, John Catherall, and John Speed, or their under- tenants. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, or at the Offices of Mr Lewis, Mr Rymer, and Mr Hughes, Solicitors, Wrexham. Wrexham, 20th April, 1860. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. MESSRS BAUGH and JONES have been instructed RL to offei for SALE BY AUCTION, in the month of June next, a little compact Freehold PROPERTY, at Pickhill, near Bangor, Flintshire, comprising a Dwel- ling House, with Outbuildings and about 7 acres of good Land adjoining. The Auctioneers can recommend this Property as being a most pleasant and desirable spot for a Gentleman's Country Box. Messrs. B. & J. will also at the same time offer for Sale Two of the Spring Gardens, at Uhosddu, Wrexham, and several Shares in the Wrexham Market Hall Company, and Chester Water Works. Further particulars will appear in a future advertisement. WREXHAM, DENBIGHSHIRE. BUILDING SITES for VILLA RESIDENCES. VERY DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, Situate near the Town of Wrexham, in the County of Denbigh. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH JL and JONES, at the Black Lion Hotel, Hope- street, Wrexham, on Wednesday, the Thirteenth day of June, 18G0, at Five o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions, and in the following or such other Lots as may be agreed upon at the time of Sale :— Lots 1 to 7.—All that Field, piece or parcel of LAND, called Pen y Gwaelod, containing by admeasurement, 12 acres, 2 roods, and 36 perches, situate in Wrexham Feehan, close to the Town of Wrexham, and adjoining the mansion and grounds of Miss Bennion. These Lots are pleasantly situated, commanding a delightful view of the Welsh, Shiopshire, and Cheshire hills. Lots 8 to 11.—All that field, piece or parcel of LAND, called Cae Cyt, adjoining the last lots, and containing by admeasurement, in the whole, 4 acres and 10 perches. These Lots have a frontage to the road leading from Wrexham Fechan to Sontley, and a stone wall fence 10 feet high, runs the whole length of the frontage to the said roa d. Lot 12.—All that field, piece or parcel of LAND, called Cae Dwr, adjoining the last mentioned lots, aud containing by admeasurement 7 acres, 1 rood, and 38 perches. This Lot ia well adapted for Building purposes, and commands fine views. The above Property is surrounded by the lands of ?'99 Bennion, C K Mainwaring, aud T. Edgworth, Esqrs. Particulars may be had, and any further informatIOn ^tained, on application to Mr Hughes, Solicitor, Wrex- ham, or 1rom the Auctioneers. Wrexham, 20th April, 1860. RUABON, DENBIGHSHIRE. I rR0 BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH A and JONES, at the White Horse Inn, Rhosllaner- M'u?ug, near Kuabon, on Monday, the 21st day of May, l8GO, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions to be then and there produced, in the following or such other Lots as may be agreed upon at the time of Sale :— II Lot. 1.—All that newly erected MESSUAGE, or *e' (built in the Gothic style), situate near jae Square, in Rhosllanerchrugog aforesaid, with the arden ground and appurtenances thereunto belonginO' 110 t' ? m the occupation of Mr Gomer Jones aud Mr J. oyd Jones. Lot 2.-AM that MESSUAGE, or Dwelling-house, '?h t?e appurtenances thereunto belonging, adjoining e last Lot, aud now in the occupation of Paul Blaok- ?H. Lot 3.-<Au that MESSUAGE, or Dwelling-house, ".? the appurtenances thereto belonging, adjoining Lot and now in the occupation of Edward Jones. Lot 4.-AJl that MESSUAGE, or Dwellmg-houee, "*?e near the White Horse Inn, inRh08llanerhrugog ?[Maid, with the appurtenances thereto belonging, and m the holding of Edward Mitchell, or his under- '?Mta. ? a.—A!so all those Four MESSUAGES, or Dwel. ]. "S-housM, three of which have been JecenÜyerected, a are substantially built of atone, with large Gardens Q ""M thereof, Mtu&te at the Ponkey, in the said N N wuli of Ruabon, and now in the respective occupations -Mr Titus Jones and others, their undertenants or .Igna. beFurter information as to Lots 1 to 4 inclusive, may N B ?Le hT? ?? on application to Mr Hughes, Solicitor, Wre Mam; and as to all the Lvts, ?Ma (He AuctMBMre. M '"?N,MM)?iM(4 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. To BE SULD BY AUCTION by MESSRS. BAUGH JL AND JoNES, in the mouth of July next, unless disposed of in the meantime by Private Treaty, of which deu notice will be given. Several pieces or parcels of LAND, containing in the whole by admeasurement, six statute acres, situate in Bersham, Dt'ar the town of Wrexham. There is some excellent Timber growing upon the Land, and affords an oppor- 1U lily larely to be met with for a gentleman to erect a Residence, being within half an hour's walk from the Wrexham Railway Station. Fur'her particulars in a future advertisement. In the meantime information may be obtained from the Auc- tioneers. Temple Place, Wrexham, 18th May, 1860. Sale by Mr Edward Xnibbs. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, SITUATE AT Rhosllanerchrugog, in the Parish of Ruabon. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr EDWARD JL KNIBBS, (by order ot the Mortgagees, under a power of Sale), at the House of Mr William Edwsrds, Llanerchrugog Arms, Rhos, on Tuesday, the 29th of May, 1860, at Six o'clock in the Evening, subject to certain conditions of Sale to be then and there produced: All that Piece or Parcel of LAND, containing by admeasurement Eleven perches of Land or thereabouts, be the same more or less, with the MESSUAGES, COTTAGE, SHOP, and all other Erections and Build- ings standing and being thereon, situate, lying, and being at Rhosllanerchrugog, in the Parish of Ruabon, in the County of Denbigh, now in the occupation of John Pryddereh, collier, and John Griffiths, collier. For further particulars apply to Messrs Edgworth and Devereux Pugh, Solicitors, Wrexham; MrThos. Hughes, Solicitor, Wrexham; Mr J. Griffiths, Builder, Rhes, who will shew the Premises; or to the Auctioneer, at his Offices, High Street, Wrexham. Sale by Mr T. Roberts. E A S T W I C K FARM. Near to the Turnpike, Road leading from Ellesmere to Ooerton, about 3 miles from the former t and 2 from the latter place. MR TIMOTHY ROBERTS has been favoured JLXA. with instructions from EDWARD WALKER ESQ., who has let the Farm, to Sell by Auction on Friday I next, the 25th instant, the whole of the Choice Farming Stock, Comprising 2 Calving Heifers, 9 Fresh Young Bar- rens, 2 Valuable draught Mares, excellent Pony, Gig and Harness, Farming Implements, a quantity of good wheat Straw, Household Furniture and other Effects. Sale at 12 o'clock punctually. Catalogues may be obtained from the Auctioneer's office in Overton, or troin the Trotting Mare lun, near to the place of Sale. Overton, Flintshire, 18th, May, 1860. TWENTY-SEVENTH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE NATIONAL .PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND, MAY 10th, 1860. CAPITAL.—Subscribed Capital, £1,500.000, in 10,000 shares of £100 each, £35 paid, in 25,000 shares of £20 each, £10 paid, Capital paid up £600,000. Number of Shareholders, 1,130. DIRECTORS, Robert Bell, Esq, Fenchurch-street. The Right Hon. Lord Ernest Augustus Charles Bru- denell Bruce, M P., St. George's place, Hyde-park. C. Heaton Ellis, Esq.,Harley street. John Oliver Hanson, JUll" Esq, 26, Harewood square, Dorset square. John Kingston, Esq, Crosby square, J. M. Laurie, Esq, Maxwelton House, Dumfries, and Eaton place. William James Maxwell, Esq, 9, Wimpole street, Mary- lebone. Major J. A. Moore, Portland place. Henry Paull, Esq, P.M., Devonshireplaoe, Portland place. Sir James Sibbald David Scott, Bart, 6, Southwick crescent, Hyde Park. Richard Blaney Wade, Esq, 58, Upper Seymour street, Portman-square, The Hon Eliot Thomas Yorke, 124, Park street, Park Lane, W. Daniel Robertson, Esq, Agent and Manager, 112, Dis. hopsgate street, London. SOLICITOR—E. A. Wilde, Esq, College hill, London. John Minet Laurie, Esq, in the Chair. ^PHE Proprietors are now assembled to receive from X the Directors of the National Provincial Bank of England their Twenty-Seventh Annual Report. The course of the Money Market, during the past year, does not present any changes calling for special re- mark, with the exception of those which occurred in April and May. The year opened with money at 2¡ per cent, at which point it remained until the month of April, when under the influence of alarm caused by the Italian war, the rate rose to 3! per cent, and a further advance to 4 took place in May; but there being no real ground tor this enhancement in the value of money the rate very shortly afterwards gradually fell, and by the middle of July it Lad returned to 21 per Cent. The demands, however, of an increasing trade, and the finan- cial requirements of India and China, kept up a Steady demand for capital, and the Directors found a ready employment for the Bank's Funds throughout the year, and although, as above stated, the rate of interest was comparatively low, yet the result for the year, which the following summary of accounts exhibits, will not, they believe, disappoint the expectations of the Proprietors. 1859. Jan. ]. Rest, or Undivided Profits, at ¡ 31st December, 1858, as exhibited at Annual Meet- ing, in May, 3 2 Less, Bonus declared and paid in 1859, out of this amount.. 45,000 0 0 Reserve Fund set apart in Government Securities 204,698 3 2 Dec. 31. Net Profits of 1859, after making allowance for bad and doubtful debts, and paying a Bonus of 10 per cent to 108,317 0 5 Making. £313,015 3 7 Jjeduct. Dividend on Company's Stock for June, 1859 £24,000 Ditto for Dec. 1859, paid January, 1860 24,000 -———— 48,000 0 0 £265.015 3 7 Out of the Profits of last year the Directors propose to declare, in addition to the half yearly Dividend paid to the 1 roprietors as above stated, a Bonus of 7 per cent making the division of Profit for 1S59, in all 15 per cent upon the paid-up Capital of the Comprany, free of Income Tax. After deduction of the Bonus and the two half yearly Dividends, there will remain the sum of £18,317 Os 5d, 'at t ii-^ofco-uQ jUmiVo o t!!e ^eaerve ?"? which will then stand at £223,015 3$7d« Looking at the sound and prosperous condition of t jie an k, it appears to the Directors that the time ha'6 ar- rived when the Proprietors are entitled to aveat-.d ?. tre.t, in some portion at ,l;t, of this larce acfnmn). Uon of reserved Profits. This bene? can 'be -o?d upon the Proprietors without trenching upon the E- mg power and resources of the ComDanv  .8 the Reserve Fund, on the 30th ofJune next tothe ex tent ot 20 per cent, on the Bank's paiu u; Canital in paYIg £ 7 on each large, and JM on each La!f Shar? making the r0'1vpald up on the former ?9 and ().D. the httcr £ l,12. ihis measute the Directors according, now recommend to the Fropnetors for their adoption After the above operation has been completed, »L Bank's Reserve Fund will stand at £103,015. 3a 7d its paid-up Capital at £ 720,000. In conclusion, tbe Directors entertain a confiùenthope that they will be able in future not only to maintain the present Dividend upon the increased amount of Capital., but to add considerably to the Reserve Fund. The following Directors go out of Office by rotation but being eligible for re-election, offer themselves ac- cordingly, viz :—Charles Heaton Ellis,Esq John King- ston, Esq; and Major J. A. Moore. A vacancy has occurred in the Direction by the death of Isaac Nicholson, Ebq, to supply which the following qualified Proprietor has offered himself as a candidate, viz.,—ihe Hon Eliot Thomas Yorke, M.P. DANIEL ROBERTSON. Agent and Manager, — GREY pLE yER'S WALNUT POMADE restores Grey \? Hair to its natural colour, darkens red or light hair. I prevents ita laUiag oS, md will not stain the skin. Price Is. and 2s. 6d.; by post, 6d. extra. Sole AGENT, KENRICK, (?TCM ?Mt?, CACMM? to ? ?MMM, ???' ) j ?< TowM Ha?, WRnH U A B 0 N JIOUNDKY, (ESTABLISHED IN 1817, FORMERLY IN THE OCCUPATION OF MESSRS. R. & W. JONES.) KENRICK & EVANS, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDERS, MANUFACTURERS of STEAM ENGINES, Steam Boiler. Pumps (from 3in. to 15in. diam,) Working ?L Barrdi-, Clack Pieces, T Bobs, Pit Head Pullies (of all sizes,) Cranes, Wmcfs, Weigbing Machines, Blende and Clay Rolls, Water Wheels, Land Rollet-s, Riiilwav Truck Wheels, Tr im-road Rails, Bridge Girders, Plain and Ornamental Railings, Eutrance Gates, Boilers to contain from 9 to 300 Gallons, and every other description of Castings or Wrought Irorf Work. N.B.-Turning and Boring to order, by a powerful self-aoting Lathe. A first-class draftsman in attendance upon the premises. ESTABLISHED 1817. JAMES PUGH, CURRIER AND LEATHER MERCHANT, SADDLER, HARNESS-MAKER, AND GENERAL FURNISHER TO COLLIERIES, IRON WORKS AND MILLS, TOWN-HILL, WREXHAM. J. P. in tendering his best thanks to his numerous supporters, begs toSnform them that he is at all times prepared to execute orders for the undermentioned GOODS at reasonable prices, and of superior quality and workmanship :— Leathers Engine Butts Strap ditto Bends Bellows Hides Gear ditto Do. Bends Do. Shoulders Do. Bellies Hand Leathers White Thong ditto Collar Basils Saddling, &c. Saddles Bridles Harness Gears Saddlers' Ironmongery Trees Whips, Lashes, &c. Straps, &c. SiiiRle Straps Double ditto Hose Piping Blowing Pipes] Aprons Gutta Pereha. Sheets, any thickness Tubing Straps Pump Buckets Valves Oils and Grease, &c. Vegetable Oil Ditto ditto refined Cod ditto Boiled ditto Sweet ditto Patent Axle ditto Light Brown Mineral Pain t Brown and Red Varnish I Vegetable Grease Tallow Dubbin Sundries. Collar Check Ditto Cloth Wool Flocks Hair Copper Rivets and Burs Strap Bolts Sreews Nails Cotton Waste Thread 15ADDLERS SENT OUT TO WORK AT 2s. Gl). PER DAY. N. B.—Shoemakers and other consumers supplied with every article in the trade, and all orders received will meet with J. P's personal attenti QIi. PBICE3 AND TERMS GIYEN ON APPLICATION. J. P. begs to call the attention of Fanners others to the great advantages he has in the Saddlery department in being the manufacturer of his own Goods, and thereby being able to sell at lower prices, aud superior articles than any other in the same trade. B. COPLESTON, (Late in the employ of Air. E. Jones, Chester-street), H OUSE., SIGN, AND pUENITUKE PAINTER, No. 2, BANK-PLACE, WREXHAM, BEGS most respectfully to announce to the inhabitants of WREXHAM and its vicinity, that he has commenced J) Business at the above Premises, and trusts by first-olass workmanship, combined with moderate charges, to f b merit a portion of patronage. Writing and Graining done for the trade. White-washing, Paper Hanging. Country Orders punctually attented to. N.B. —IMITATOR or ALL KINDS OF WOOD AND MARBLE. SPRING AND SUMMER FASHIONS FOR 18G0. jyj- O S E S RIGHT BEGS to announOB his return from MNDON where be has purcbacd larg?y of DRAPERY and MILLINERY B GuODS, which he now offers to his friends and the Public at very low prices, at tbe MANCHESTER Houi-E, Cuuruli Street, Wrexham. The Stock consists of Woollen Cloths, Moleskins, Velvets, Tweed Cord, Printti, Coburgs, Alpaccas, New Patterns in Flounced Dresses, Muslie Dresses and Shawls, Cloth Mantles, Children's Jackets, White Skirts, Black Moreens, Gin^hims, Flannels, Hollands, Hosiery, Gloves, Straw and Tuscan B H F' 1 Bonnets, Satin Bonnets, Silk Bonnets, 'CJrape Bonnets, Straw Hats, Ifelt Hats, Cap Fronts, Flowers, Dress Caps Widows' Caps, Hoods, Murlin Sleeves, Muslin Collars, Purasols, Utabrollas, Cloth Caps, Scarfs, Men's Silk Hats, Shirts, Neckties, Braces, Stays, Scarfs, Bed Ticks, 0'1 Cloth, Crinoline Skirts, &e. ) Mantles, Dresses, and Bonnets, made to order. FuneraU completely furnished. IjkjgT An early call will oblige. May 4th, 1860. TO AGRICULTURISTS. j THE LANCASHIRE MANURE COMPANY'S (J. Knight 4r Co.J CELEBRATED N ITROGENISED BONE MANURE, Specially made for Wheat, Oats and Barley, Grass, Clover, Turuips, &c. SALT direct from the Works, Winsford, Cheshire, delivered at all Railway Stations. I Agent for this District-A. CLARKE, No. 2, Brynyffynnon Terrace, Wrexham. MONEY LENT ON PERSONAL SECURITY. THE WREXHAM LOAN AND JNVESTMENT COMPANY, (LIMITED), 4 RE prepared to advance any sum from £ 3 to £ 100, on personal or other security, for twelve months, repay- -L\ able in weekly, monthly, or quarterly Instalments, at a low rate of interest. God Bills Discounted on very moderate terms. The strictest confidence observed.—Applicatiou to be made to the Secretary, THOMAS JONES, Offices—Temple Place, Wrexham. ACCOUNTANT. AGRICULTURAL JMPLEMENTS Hay Making Machines, Horse Rakes, and Horse Hoes for the Season. ltidge Drill, for Turnips and Mangolds. Bentall'a Patent Prize Root Pulpers, Samuelson's Single and Double Action Prize Turnip Cutters, with Plate to Cut for Lambs, also to Pulp for mixing with Chaff i Richmond and Chandler's Prize Chaff Cutters and Corn Crushers. Howard's Priaa Ploughs' and Harrows. Croskill's Carts, Rollers, and Root Washers. Sold by Iff Q Y E R T O N, W, 0 IRONMONGER, WREXHAM A G R A N D DISPLAY OP GUMMER J? A S H I O N S T. L. JONES HAS RE-OPENED HIS SHOP AT No. 6, CHURCH GATES, WREXHAM, W TH an. entire New Stock of Millinery and Drapery. The Show Room will be complete with the choicest selection of Millinery and Straw Bonnets, Dress Caps, Ribbons, Straw Hats, Flowers, Feathers, C; ip Fronts, Mantles, &e. WANTED SEVERAh APPRENTICES TO THE MILLINERY BUSINESS. S U M* X E R FASHIONS FOR 1 8 6 0 20 HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. MRS. B U R R O U G H S BEGS resnectfuJlt to inform the Ladies ofWrexbam and neighbourhood, that she is now" showing lier JD SUMMER FASHIONS, comprising the Newest styles in MILLINEliY, FLOWERS, STRAW AND I'ANOV: BONNETS,&C.,&C. N.&.—MourniD" and Wedding orders promptly executed. Straw Bonnets, cleaned and altered. £) SHOW ROOM, 20, HOPE-SRTEET. GOLDEN JJUGLE 1QRAPEKY AND MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT, TOWN HILL, WREXHAM. MISS E B D W A R D S T)EGS to announce her r etum from London with the principal NOVELTIES IN MILLINERY, ?hich is I now ready for inspecti, )n. M??wa?s *also bi'gs to call the attention of her friends to her stock of WOOLLEN AND LINEN DRAPERY, which she can confidently recommend. APPRENTICES WANTED TO THE MILLINERY. QPRING A N J) S U 1\1 MER F A S II ION S FOR 18G0. T. C. JON E S, Bvrc to announce his return Aom LONDON, where he has purchased largely, and tbe following departm en ts Hw?l be found to contain a very CEIlOE SELECTION of NEW GOODS for the s?on, including the FVT OWTHTQIMS FANCY DRE5SES of Tarioua Textures, also FRENCH and other SILKS, purchased unde? the w™ TARIFF arrangements, aa Well as the NEW Sr?ES In MANTLES, which will be found Novel in Design, and 1 well wQrthy of inf'ection. The RIBBON, GLOVE and LACE departments are selected with great care, a large variety of the ?p? PARASOLS, in plain and fancy colours. vould call attentioa to his purchases in PAISLBY. TISSUE. REP, and other SHAWLS, which he can th confidence recommend. The Stocky TRIMMINGS will be found very large and well?rted, also his stock of HOSIERY is of Warr??d Make ? ?sh. Church-st., Wrexham. TO PARTlS vvumsmm. GEEAT CLEARANCE SALE OF FURNITURE &C. OLD ES TABLISI-IED CABINAT AND UPHOLSTERY WAREHOUSE, B n I ID 0 B- S T R X 2 T) WREXHAM. I L L I A U P I B R C E EGS to iiijrowm the ??h.MfMtB of Wrexham, and its vicinity, that he 1S now SELLING off the whole 8fh1s ?. ?E<GiSc.? tom. f« <Mmth? e ;'?FjBSlTURE, CA.?PETS.DRUGGETS.HEARTR RUGS DOOR MATS, WALL ?PA'F PE? tofat cost Pric, i. oricrto make room for EXTENSIVE ALTKBAHONS IN HIE PRffMTWsi ??' ?RNITURE is Hom.made, and ot the best materials and workmanship, The whole of the t T. ? S??pBR? I???Lot. to?t p<ircha? c.Miderably under cost price. WALL ''?'? MM"* ljaperhangem this is an o.?ortunMy seldom to be met ?th. lw Mark OP 830? B?at 8?0X4  'Tttr GREAT WEST E UN RAILWAY. GWYLIAU v SULGWYN, 1860, CYMDEITHASFA LIVERPOOL. A SPECIAL and cn AP TRAIN will leave tin f undermentioned Station* on ^AIDHDAY, MAY 26th, 18CO. Several of the most Eminent Ministers from Notth and South Wales are expected to be pre- sent. wn FARES TO BIKKENHEAD AND BACK From p.m. s. d. Oswestry.3 ]5 4 0 Gobowen s 30 46 Chirk .3 45 4 0 Llangollen Road .3 5U 4 0 Cefn .3 5.5 3 6 Ku;ihoii 4 5 36 Wrexham 430 3 3 Gresford 4 37 30 Ro»sett .4 42 30 Birkenhead, arrive about .5 40 Passengers' may return frow Birkenhead on the fol- lowing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and the time -to return will be specified on the Fare tickets. .^Passengers must ask for GuztT WE-5TEBN TUAINS. For further information, apply to Mr J. Jones, Cae du, Leeswood, Mold. LOST on the 7th instant, between Hope-street, Wrex t J ham, and the Crispin Smithy on the Mold road, a pair of Spectacles in a peculiar wood case.—VV hoever has found the same and will bring them to Mr Bayley, .Bookseller,IW rexham, shall be handsomely rewarded. RHOS DISTRICT BRITISH SCHOOL. TO ARCHITECTS. THE COMMITTEE of the above Shool are open to j. receive Tenders tor Ground and Elevation Plans of a school room for the accommodation of 400 Boys and Girls ou the British and Foreign School principle. -Application a to be made to the Secretary, Mr Isaac Rogers, grocer, Rhos, near Ruabon. MR L. F. SCO IT, SURGEON DENTIST, MAY BE CONSULTED DAILY, from 10 a.m. to G p iu,—Attendance to the poor gratis, from U m to 10 a.m. 27 UPPER IIOPE STREET (next door to the Savings Bank,) WREXHAM. UNRIVALLED STOCK OF MANGOLDS AND TURNIP SEEDS, h. V lb. Y. S T R A H A N, (Late Gardener to T. Irwe)j, Esq., Statisty Hall,) GENERAL NURSERY, SEED, AND FKUIT WAREHOUSE, 37, IIIGII STREET, IPRE-VIIAM, NEXT 1)3011 TO MR SMITH, DRAPER. YS. wishes it to be particularly observed that a Ye Catalogue containing all particulars may be had on application, or post free. Y. S. is prepared to send out jobbing Gardeners at 2s 6d per day each. AGENT for MARK & WARD'S RAT AND MICE POWDERS. 2 000 Of the following FINE BEDDING PL.k-NTS-'Uo-.u Thumb and Variegated Geraniums, Verbenas, Dahlias, Hollyhocks, Petunias, Senecious, Hiletrops; also a splendid stock of Fuschias, two feet to four feet, bushy Plants. TRY P It A S E It S SHILLING RAZOR, 42. HIGH STREFT. WALL PAPER.  HUGHES AND SON have now leady their K « Books of New Patterns of CHEAP PAPER HANGINGS. Experienced men sent to put up the Paper. SPRING AND SUMMEU FASHIONS, 1 AT It. L L 0 Y 1) BAZAAR, 6 & 7, IIIGH-ST., WllEXIIAM. IH AVE ureal pleasure in announcing thur. our first Annual display of vhllinery mid Mantle Fashions wiill be made ill our Show Kooins, on TLLSDAY NhXT. May 1st. GVeat care has been taken in selecting the Newest Styles and patterns in both departments Our General Drapery business is now fully I)tor'J up with all classes of goods suitjiblu to a respectable farni ty trade. I heg most sincerely to thank you for all past business favoms, especially in our uew branches of FAN(;V BOOTS & SHOES, still soliciting your continued recom- mendation and support. -+- DRESS AND MANTUA MAKING. MKS. RHODEN he?s to infurm the [?d)M of Wrex- ilL ham and its vicinity, that having just received her Case of Fiist Class Models, she is prepared to execute all orders with which s he may be favoured, with her personal care and attention. 15, Cheater Street, Wrexham, May 12th. 18C0. N.B.—Respectable Apprentices wanted immediately. R,6YAL DENBIGH MILITIA BAND. (By the kind permission of the oiffcers of the R.D.B.) THE members of the above Band are now open to JL engagements for PIC-NIC PARTIES, CLUBS, BOW MEETINGS, and all other festive gatherings. For terms apply to Mr. J. W. Jones, Band master' Wrexham. ROBERT JONES, (LATB OF JACKSONS & JONES), COAClI MAKER, WREXHAM, BEGS to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants Bgenerally of the town of Wrexham and the coun- ties of Denbigh, Flint, Chester and Salop, that the above firm having been dissolved, he has commenced business on his own account in HOPE STREET, WREXHAM, where he has a Snowaoosr, and upon the Premises in BANK STREET, lately in the occupation of Mr Richard Davies, Coach Maker. From his long experience of the most practical part of Coach-making, and his determination to execute such orders as may be entrusted to him with skill and despatch, and at the lowest possible prices, he hopes to merit, as he solicits, a share of public patronage. A SUPPLY OF CHEAP WELL-FINISHED BASKET CARRIAGES, DOG CARTS, WHITECHAPELS, & LIGHT PHJETONS, ALWAYS ON HAND. Old Carriages taken in exchange, or repaired and renovated. Wrexham, Feb., 18GO. G. YOUNG, BUILDER, ROXBURGH PLACE, WREXHAM, BEGS leave to intimate to the inhabitants of Wrex- Bham and its vicinity, that he has done away with a disadvantage under which he has laboured during the last two years, by employing a steady and industrious Joiner, every way qualified to take the management of first class work. G. Y. expresses gratitude for past favours, and hopes that by well executed work and moderate prices, he shall be able to attain and insure public confidence. ggf Several good JOINERS wanted immediately, and also one or two APPRENTICES. [A CABD]. I R. SAMUEL GRIFFITHS (FARMER) AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER, I ARGOED, OVERTON. MR. CHARLES RICHARDS, (DRAPER,) AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER CR. begs respectfully to inform the Public that in addition to his business of a DRAPER, he has taken cut ce a License as AUCTIONED and APPRAISER. He has a practical knowledge of the value of FARMING STOCK and of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and he begs to assure those persons who may honour him with their support in his new vocation, he will devote his best attention to their interests, combined with strict and punctual settlement of all sales committed to his charge. He undertakes to prepare Inventories and Valuations for Probate, Administrations, &e. He takes this opportunity to tender his grateful thanks to his numerous customers for their kind support during the time he has carried on the Drapery Bnsiness, and hopes by continued attention and a choice selection of the very best goods, to merit a continuance of their kind favours. High-street, Wrexham, July 13th, 1859. rpHE OLD-ESTABLISHED GROCERY AND pROVISION SHOP 21 HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. THOMAS PHILLIP PONTON BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of Wrexham and its Vicinity, tint he has succeeded Me Roberta Brothers Bin the above Business, and continues to supply every artiole for family n;( of such quality and at such moderate prices, which cannot fail to give general satisfaction, and which he trusts will secure to him a con- tinuance of that support so liberally conferred on his predecessors. Oct. 28th, 1859. K N I B~~B R; I G 11 S T R E E T W It E X H A M BEGS respectfully to inform his Friends and the Gentlemen, Farmers, Tradesmen, and others of the Town of Wrexham and the surrounding Localities, that he has just taken out a License to commence business as AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER, and trusts by unwearied and strict attention to all orders entrusted to him, and by promptness in settling al accounts to merit and obtain a share of their patronage and support. £) Valuation for Probate of Wills, Succession and Itesiduary Duties, prepared oa Reasonable Terms. I Office, High-street, Wrexham. July 11th, 1859. LOCKWOOD AND Jjl A K B I M O^TlT EGERTON STREET SAW MILLS CHESTER, HAVE CONSTANTLY ON SALE EVE R Y DESCRIPTION OF FOREIGN TIMBER American and Baltic in Logs, Red, White I and Yellow Deals, Baywood, Mahogany, tuid Birch, in Boards and ScauV"Igs, Steam Struck Mouldings of Every Form and Variety. Split and Sawn Laths, Oak, and Elm oards, SEASONED AND PREPARED FLOOR BOARDS, DOORS, SASHES, ARCHITRAVES, SKIRTING STAIRCASES, SHOP FRONTS, AND ALL KINDS OF JOINER'S WORK OF FUtSC-RAL'S QUALITY PREPARED BY N% PATENT MACHINERY At UNPRECEDEN TED LOW PRICES, a full List of which may be had on application; EVERYTHING DELIVERWn FRBB OP IZXPRNSII AT THE RAILWAY STATION. DENTISTRY. ATTENDANCE IN WREXIIAM NEXT WEDNESDAY AND YtnY WEDNESDAY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. LIVERPOOL ESTABLISHMENTS :-134. DUKE-STREET, (directly oprmite Berry-street). London Est-,tblish-ments:-33, Ludgate Hill, and Regent street. MESSRS. GABRIEL the old-established Surgeon and Mechanical Dentists, present their compliments to the inhabitants of WREXHAM and vicinity, and beg to state that they visit WllEXIIAM every WEDNESDAY, and may be consulted at LION HOUSE, High Street, on the loss of Teeth, &c., from 10 to 5 each day. The necessity has lony been felt throughout many parts of the country of being able to obtain the services of a Dentist of some standing in his profession, without the necessity of a visit to town, or without having to pay an I exorbitant charge for such servi ces this desideratum Messrs. Gabriel will at once supply. Messrs. G. are the patentees of art" entirely new description of TEETH aud GDMS, which are fitted with absolute precision and success, such indeed as are by any other means unattainable; they are fitted on the most tender gums with out springs or wire3 of any description, and are as firm and useful in the mouth as the natural masticators aud, iu order to render them within the reach of the most economical, they are supplied at charges strictly moderate. Messrs. G.'s pamphlet (gratis) fully explains the system which has been approved by the highest medical authorities and the press, and will be sent post-free. Messrs. Gabriel beg to say, that, as a guarantee against failures (as is often the case with other dentists), patients are at liberty to return any case not perfectly satisfactory, and another will be made in its place, free of extra charge. Messrs. G.'s.patent whiteenamel, which effectually cures decayed front teeth, can only be obtained at the followiug establishments134, Duke-street, Liverpool, and 33 Ludgate-hill and Regent-street, London, where they may be con- salted daily,ifrom 10 to 6, free of charge. ObserveAttendance in WREXHAM every WEDNESDAY at Lion House High-street. SCALE OF CHARGES, A Single Tooth from :CO 3 8 Upper or Lower Set 2 2 0 A Full Set Upper or Lower 4 4 0 Stopping Decayed Teeth. 0 2 6 CONSULTATION FREE. Scaleinc Cleaning, Extracting and all operations appertaining to Dentistry at very moderate charges, Stopping 0' with GOLD, WHITE ENAMEL, PREPARED GU C rA PERCH A, &c. Patent White prepared Gutta Percha for stopping Decayed Teeth, price with full directions for use Is Gd per box Roval Tooth Powder for beiatifyiniL4 the Teetti and Gums, "the best extant." is 6,1 per box. Messrs Gabriel's New Discovery patented White Enamel, same colour as the taeth with full directions for uso price 5s per box. CAUTION see that each box bears the name of the sole inventors and proprietors, Messrs GABRIEL, London and Liverpool, and every Wednesday at the Lion House, Wrexham. Mr. Rowland, Chemist, sole agent for Wrexham for the tbove Preparations. 1 Letters by post rewiye attention* References to patients. Specimens can ba aeea Notice every Wednesday t at the Lion House, High-street, Wrexhan, (Ebiiolimi. rrUlE REV T. WIDDOWSON, B.A. (Wrangler, and JL late scholar of St John's College, Cambridge) ia prepared to receive pupils in Mathematics, Classics, and general subjects.—Ai ply at 39, Wrexham Fechan. a he Xtt. "r. TO BH LHL', t!?tb?utifu))y situated residence, suit. JL iihtet?r a 0,en) set Fafmiy, exiled "DEK COT- r.\Gh, it is situate at BaTi»or, t'aeued, adjoining the river Dee, ai;d to a gentleman fund of fishing, presents umivalltd attractions. There is an excellent walled gar- den attached, now planted.—For particulars apply to to Mr James Lewis, New Inn, Bangor, Flintshire. npo BE LET with immediate possession, House and Gardeu, Timber yard, Joiner's shop, and Saw-pit, situate in Pell y bryn, Wrexham, late in the occupation of Mr John Griliiths. fhe above premises will be gold separately.—Fur pwticulars apply to Mr. Ajrthuc (JiurKe, Brynyffyuuou Terrace, Wrexham, OFF A COTTAGE TO BE LET with immediate possession, furnished or unfurhished, delightfully situated about '2 and-a-half mi'es from Wrexbam Itltiou containing every requisite for a genteel residence, in- cludiug a good stable and garden.—Apply to Mr. Lester, Pen-y-gelli, near Wrexham. TO BE LET with immediate possession, that welU JL accu?'med PUBHC-HOUSM, now known as the Railway Inn." situate at the Kossett, near the Railway station.—Apply to Mr. John Prioe, on the premises. '?U BE LE?r with immediate poMeiaiou, a HOUSE JL and GAKDKN, situate at Rhos ddu. The home contains four bedrooms, parlour, kitchen, back kitchen, and scullery, and other out-door MaVellieDetL-fhd Garden is planted.—Apply to Mr Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. TO LLT A COTTAGE situate in Wrexham, coMtating of Kit- ?\- ehf", Lack kttctinn, and two Bedrooms with smalt yant uttut;iit:d.- Apply to Mr Bayley, .Bookseller, Wlex- ham. TO BE LET, a Genteel and Convenient House and Premises, called Bryn-Edwyn, Regent street, late in the occupation of Mr 11. M. Joues.-For particulars apply to Mr Daniel Edwards, on the premises. a be .rTh, TO BE SOLD, A BARGAIN a small GREEN HOUSE and Hot-bed AFrame.-Apply to Mr Bayley, "kwher, Hopv- street, Wrexham. rpO BE SOLD, the ORGAN now in St Mary'. ?. Catholic Church, Wrexham. For particulars apply to Gray aad Davison, 9, Russell Street, Liverpool. The Rev. Dr Browne will kindly allow it to be in- spected, on application being made to him at St Mary's Rectory. SUPERIOR STRONG BUILDING BRICKS, at Twenty-one Shillings the Thousand.—Apply to T. Hanson, Plasissa Brick Works, near Ruabon. TO BE SOLD. THE undermentioued Shares in the Wrexham Gal and JL Coke Company. IDA Shares of 1: 5 each. 29 B Shares of t5 each. 10 0 Shares of!;5 each. (S3 10s paid.) Apply to Mr WYATT, Solicitor, Wrexham. LLEWELYN MINE, MINERA. SEVERAL SHARES in this very proaperoua Mina for SALE.—Apply to Messrs 4Rh and Jones* Auctioneers, Wrexham. y 1_ •" TO BE SOLD, that superior Thorough-bred Stalliott "GOUJEltAT." Guojeratis a bay horse, foaled ink 1S49, upwards of 16 hands, he is by Galaor, out of Phar- macopia by Physician, dam Underlass, by Muley. He is own brother to Guicower, winner of several races. Any information about the horse to be had from Ms Whittaker, Turf Tavern, Wrexham. it1tittia1tS. &t.. mamtb. WANTED a good practical v orking Smelter ot "V Lead and Silver Ores.—Ap^y .0 air C. W Nevii, Copper Works, Llanelly, Carmarthenshire. WANTED an APPRENTICE to the Ironmongery vV and Grocery Business.—Apply to Mr Overton, liigh street, Wrexham. May 15,1860. WANTED a situation as Plain COOK by a yonag W woman in a respectable family either in Wrexham or the neighbourhood.-Apply to Mr Bayley, Bookstilerp W rexham. WANTED a situation by a respectable yonng person, T to learn the Confectionary and Baking business. She would in return devote 12 months time, and maktl her- self generally usefai.-Appiy to Mr Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. W ATEJ) immediately, a steady active young woman, TV as NURSE, one aeustomed to the care of childreu preferred, a good character indisponsable.-Apply at Mr Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. 0_ WANTED at Hope Paper Mills a lew steady work* W ing men. _n- A FIRST-CLASS Income for a Business Man.—Agents JLA. Wanted in every district, to conduct the sale of the Manchester and Liverpool Royal Cattle Food.—Ad- dress E. B, Lutclitle, 24 Apollo St., Oldham Road, KIlL" Chester. TO COLLIERY PROPRIETORS. THE CHESTER WATERWORKS COMPANY is open for a Contract for a supply of good rough Slack from main Coals, the quantity required is about 24 tons weekly, tenders for the same stating particu- lars,—Addressed to E. T. PovtR, will be received at the offices of the Company. Chester, 14th May, 1860. WANTED immediately, a YOUTH, of 17 or 1ft I years of age, capable to drive and to look aftec a Horse.-Apply at Mr W. Bayley's, Hope Street, WaNTED a respectable SERVANT of All Wwt? about 20 yeara of age, good character indispen- sable.—Apply to Mr Bayley, Bokaelloer, Hope-street, Wrexham. W AM TED, an experienced Woman as DAIRY MA ID; also, a middle aged Woman, capable of taking the management of Household matters where few cows are kept. Good character indillpenNblt ia both cases.—Apply to Mr Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham* WANTED, a well educated YOUTH, thoroughly TT conversant with the Welsh Language, as aifc OUT-DOOR APPRENTICE to the business of Chemist and Druggist.—Apply to James F. Edisbury, Dispensing Chemist, No. 2, liope Street, Wrexham. MONEY ril TO Lend on Mortgage ofF_olct d?i.?U\J Property.-Apply to Mr R. WU- barns, Honcitor, 22, Abbot street, Wrexham. IONEY. SEVERAL sums varying from £100 to 91000 to b. {3 advanced upouapproved Mortgage Security.-Apply to Messrs James and Owen, Solicitors, Wrexham. 7?V? r?n FOR ONE POUND.-Di.tri jK bution of ?pit? of 'fWELVA MILLION? POUNDS STERLING of the Au9tn6B L .m of the year 185S, authorized and guaranteed by Gorcr i- nient. A Prospectus will be Bent (post tree) on ai pliai- tiou to F. E. FULD & Co, Bankers, FraLikfort-oi -tk,. Maine; or. to save Foreign Postage, addressed FUl 1) Ai; Co, 32, Villiers-street, Strand, London, W.C., will be im- mediately transmitted, ROWLAND'S STOMACHIC DIGESTIVE PILLS. THESE PILLS are prepared from the prescription of JL a late eminent physician, and will be found a moat valuable remedy for all disorders of the Stomach- mpaired digestion, flatulence, acidity, deficient appe" for food, pain in the stomach atter meals, head-ache or nor vousncss, and for females before and after oonfinementa They do not contain a particle of mercury, or any of its preparation, buing composed entirely of vegetable ingredients; and their "continued use will not weaken* or in any way injure the system, but from the tonic property which they contain, will have a strengthamng and invigorating effect. A more valuable family medicnn cannot be obtained. Sold in boxes at 8?d, Is l?d, and 2s 9d by proprietor, CHjtMMT, WK. iOWLAD, DWPSNSINQ CHRMMT, ??8?Mt,VtMhM?