Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Sales by Messrs. Baugh & Jones. I (Successors to the late Mr EJisbury), DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, IN THE BOROUGH AND PAhISS OF HOLT, DKHBIGHSHtKE ?0 BR SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs PAUGH ? AND JUNES, at the White Lion Inn, Hott, on T esJay the 29tb day of May. 1860, at Three u'ctock Uthe ttternoon, in the following or auch other Lita aa thtti he ag'eed upon at the time of Sale, and subject to editions to be then produced :— ,¡ Lot t.—AM that piece <'r parcel of LAND, containing by la. 3r: 9p., nr thereabouts, being part of curtain nelds, ealted the MaH Fields." situate the Borough of Holt, in <he County of Denbigh, and MW ia the holding of Mr Jamea Price. Lot 2 —Another piece of LAND, part of the same l fetda, aJj<jining Lot 1, containing la. 3r. 9p., or thero- tbuuts, and now in the holding of Mr Samuel Chaloner. Lot 3.Another piece of LAND. adjoining Lot 2, alllO held by the ttid Samuet Chatoner. Lot 4.—Another piece of LAND, adjoining Lot 3, and abutting upon the Turnpike Road leading from Holt 10 Wrexham, containing la. 2r. 19p., or thereabouts, tbo held by the said Samuel Chatoner. Lot 5. Another piece of LAND, adjoining Lot 4, (dso abutting upon the said Turnpike Rnad, containing 3t, lr, 13p, or thereabouts, and hctd by the aaid Samuel Chaioner. Lot 6. Another piece of LAND. adjoining Lot 5, likewise abutting upon the sa!d Turnpike Road, eon- Mining 2a, Ir, j3p, ur thereabouts, and alao held by the ttid Samuel Chatoner. Lot 7, A amall Meadow, called Wem-y.Branin, con- ttiatng 2a, Or, I Op, or thereabouts, ssltuate in the Town- <kip of Dutton-y-Braio. near HoK aforesaid, alao held );y the said Samnel Chaioner. Lot 8. Another MEADOW, adjoining Lot 7, con. fining la. 3r. Hp., or thereabouts, in the holding of )11 James Williams. Lot 9. AH that MESSUAGE, or DweUIng-houso, -with the Garden and appurtenances thereunto belonging, .eifuate in the Town and Borough of Holt aforesaid, and jlow in the occupation of the said Mr Samuet Chaloner. The whole of the Land is of excellent quality and in mod condition, and the Meadows are nee rich Land. The several Lota are in the hands of highly respectable Tenants, whose rents are punctually paid. Holt ia 10 siles from Chester, and a from Wrexham, through which the far <atned River Dee Bowa. The [elective Tenania will shew the different Lota, and particulars with plans annexed may be had 10 days pnor to the Saie from Messrs James and Owen, Solicitors, Wrc3hatD or at the principal Inna in Wrexham, Ches- ter, and Holt; and at the Omcea ot the Auctioneers, Temple Place, Wrexbam. BROUGHTON, NEAR WREXHAM, DENBIOSSHUH!. finO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH .L aod JO?ES, at the Cro?a Foxea Ion, Bioughton tforesaid, on Munday, the 28th day of May, 1860, at 5 o'ctoek In the afternoon, subject to conditioM to be then and tht;re produced, and in the following or such other lots as may be declared at the time of Sale:— ] ut 1.—All those Five newly erected and substantially Of with Garden 1:1 11" 'ticreof, situate at the lusf, ia the said Towu- I.:ip"" iiruughMfi, aud now or tme in the respecuve utLÍ.nB of Kuer Robert: Samuel Parry, Sarah ILr,.n;itves, John Pttrry, and James Johnson, or their iundmtnauts. Lot 2.-AH those Three welt huilt COTTAGES, with tte GardeM and appurtenances thereunto belonging, akuate un:aediately above the Old Wesleyan Chapel, in the Moss Valley, iu the said Township ot Broughton, and now ur iate in the respectiYe holdings of Ctiarles I Shaw, John CatheraH, and John Speed, or their under- tenants. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, or at the Unices of Mr Lewis, MrRymer, and Mr Hugbas, Sotieitora, Wrexham. Wrcxham, 30th April, I860. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, Jft Wrexkarn and PiclchilZ, tM tlw County of ])e¡¡biglt, amI -1lIarket Hall Share8 in W1'e.r- ham, and fVater Works Shares Mt Chester. rp0 BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by MESSRS BAUGH JL 'nd JONES, at the Lion Jan, Wrexhatn. on Tuesday the 12th day of June, I860, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, in the following or such other lota as ahall be then deter- mined and subject to conditions to be then produced. Lot 1.—Ati that Tenement and Laoda called BedweII, comprisiug a Home, and Outbuildings, and about 6 acrell of land, more or less, situate at PiekhiH, ia that part of the parish of Bangor which ia in the county of Denbigh, and now or late in the holding of Mr. Robert Etiis. Lot 2.—All that piece of Garden Land, being one of the Spring Gardens," situate at or near Rhos- Dd't, in the towMhipof Wrexham-Regis, in the parish of Wrexham, in the cotiaty of Denbigh, and now or late in the holding of Edward Davies, Esq. Lot 3.—Atao, alt that other piece of Garden Land adjoin- ing lot 3 ia the s&me holding. Lot 4.—All those 15 several shares in the Wrexham Market Hat! Company, numbered in the hooka of the aaid Company 248 to 262, both inclusive. Lot 5.—All that .6100 Conpou or Share numbered 1 ia the Cheater Wdtar Worka Company, ordinary stock letter No. 9. The whole of the land of Lot 1, is of excellent quality Md in good condition. The premises are deHghttnUy "futed, and are within a very short distance from the liver Dee and well-known Pickhilt brook, and may at a imdl expense bo converted iato a gentleman's country boi. The District ia hunted over by the hounds of Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart. The roads are good, and the lot is within 10 minutes' drive <rom Banger and 20 from W r¡,ham. Lots 2 and 3 are well-known early productive gardens, Md are stocked with noe bearing fruit trees. They are within a few minute' waUt from the town of Wrexham and the Railway Station. For further particutars apply to Me) srs. James and Owen, Solicitors. Wretham; or at the Onices of the Auctioneers, Temple Place, Wreiham. BUILDING SITES, AT THE RHOS, Near lluabQn, tM the Count!! 0/' ])ønbigk. ?PO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH ?. and JONES, at the Sun and Dragon Inn, Rhoa, ou Monday, the llth day of June, }860, at Six o'clock JQ the atteraoon, subject to conditiona to be then pro- duced :— Lot 1.-A11 that Plot or Piece of BUILDING GlND, situate m the centre of RhosHanerchrugog, Mjuining and fronting the Township Road leading trom Ltaaerchrugog Hall to Wrexham, containing by admet. "Mement, 2 rooda ot 64 square yards to the rood. LOT. 2 Ditto ditto containing 2 rooda ditto 3 Ditto do do do 1 Ditto do do do 6 Ditto do Jo 3 roods, 61 so'. yards 6 Ditto do do g roods ? Ditto do do do 8 Ditto CO do do 9 Ditto do do 3 do 10 Ditto do do 2 do il Ditto do do do 12 Ditto do do do ? D.tto do do 2-do ? Dmo do do 2 do ? Ditto do do do ?6 Ditto do do do Ditto do do do }S ? do do do ? fT? ? ? 2 ''oo? and t9 sq. yde. 21 "? do uo 2 roods and 19 sq. yds. 2 ?-' do do 2 roods ? d. jo do ? D;? ? ? ? 24 D¡ttQ d d 27 d 5 11" 0 do lroodand27sq.yda. S? 5 DD ?? ? ? 2rood3 ¡Lto d d ? D?o ? ° ? ?? ?? .tto d d d X!) Ditto 0 () 0 ? Dmo do do 2 ''M da and 23 aq. yds. 30 Ditco do do 2 roods 31 Ditt. do do do ? Dttto ? ? ? ?'? ? ?'Ko do S? do 34 Ditto dJ do 2 do ? Ditto ? ? do ''<i Dmo "° °° ? 31 Ditto do 1 rood and 26 sq. yda. 38 Ditto do do 2 roods 3\1 Ditto do do do \0 .lhtt do do d. ? Dit o do do do earTe above Lots are eligibly situated, and have been Muily arranged to suit amall purchasers, and aSbrd :d opportunity to parties deairoua of erecting HouMa ?tobemetwkh. to ?? information may be obtained upon application tOo ?r WiUiam Grimtha, Shopkeeper, Rhoa, or at the "?e of the Auctioneera, Temple Place, Vroxh&m, oere a p? ? ?g tevoral Lots may be Been. GRESFORD. ""llE next ANNUAL FAIR viU be held on the Firet Monday in Jaao. 8. WILLIAMS, **y21at,H90. J:lox ô Ibw. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. ? r0 BE SOU) BY AUCTION by Mf-saRs. BAUGH JL AND JUNES, in tha month of July next. unless dtopnaed o( in the meantime hy Private Treaty, of which deu notice will be given Several pteces or parcels of LAND, contanung in the whole by admeasurement, six Statute acrei!, situate in BHrsbam. near the town of Wtoxhiim. There Is eoc.e excellent Timber growing upon the and an'nrds an oppur. tutmy tarely to be met witrt fur a gentleman to erect a Residence, being within half an hour's walk jrom the Wrexh<im Railway Station. Further particulars in a future advertisement. In the meantime information maybe obtained from the A uc- oneers. Tempit; P!ace, Wrexham, 18:h May, I860. WKEXHAM, DENBIGHSHIRE. BUILDING SITES for ï" ILLA RESIDENCES. VERY DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, S,tuate MMr tlw Town 0/* Wredam, in t{¡,r; Cont!J of ??&?A. m0 BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH JL and JONES, at the Black Lion Hotel, Hope. street, Wrexbani, on Wednesday, the Thitteenth day of June, 1860, at Five o'clock in theattemoon, subject to conditions, and in the following or such other Lota aa may be agreed upon at the time of Sale :— Lots 1 to 7.—All that Field, piece or parcel of LAND, called Pen y Gwaelod, containing by admeasurement, 12 acres, 2 roods, and 36 pe.chea. situate iu Wrexham Feehan, close to the Town of Wrcxham, and adjoining the manstoa and grounds of Miss Bennioa. These Lota are plea&antly situated, commanding & delightful view of the Welsh, Shiopahire, and Cheshire hJIa. Lota 8 to 1].—Ail that Reld, piece or parcel of LAND, c&Upd Cae Cyt, adjoining the last lota, and contan,ing by admeaAurement, iu the whole, 4 acres and 10 perches. These Lota have a frontage to the read leading from Wrexham Fechan to Sontiey, and a stone wall fence 10 feet high, runs the whole length of the frontage to the said road. Lot 12.—All that neld, piece or parcel of LAND, called Ctie Dwr, adjoining the I-iat mentioned lota, a.ud containing by admeasurement 7 acres, 1 rood, and 38 perches. Thia Lot is well adapted for Building purposes, and commands nne views. The ubuvu Property ia surrounded by the lands of ?Mi? Benuiu!), C X jUi.inn'afi:?, ami T. Ejgworth, Esqrs. I. Pi'rttculara may be had, :tad uny tunhcr inf?rma?on obtmned, 01 appiicatiou to Mr Hugiics, MoliCitur, Wtex- ham, or Iro<o me Auctioneer:). Wrex ha<n, 20th Apni, ISCO. Sales by Mr Johnson. rpO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BVMR JOSNSON JL at the CHOSS F?XHS 1N?, tn BuousHTO?, 0; MoxDAY, the 4th day otJune, 1860, at nve o'clock in the evening (jubjuct tj conditions of ttale, to b etbem pro- duced. All that Coapact MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE, (now converted into two tenements) with the large Garden and appurteasaccs to the same beloagin" situate at the Mcas, in ths ot bruughton, !n the rdnsh of Wrexham. and in the occupation of Mr Hnrnaon aud Mra Davi, aa Tt'nantg. Tbis property is mill wurt)!y of attention from ita proxiutity to the collieries carried on in the Neighbour- hood, and ia well auitej for the residence of a manager of such works. Further particulars may be had on application to tho Auctioneer, or to Mr Thomas Rymer, solicitor, Wrot. ham. TOWN HILL, WREXHAM. UTR JOHNSON has received instructions fiom Mr J. iVL P-HugbM, Who i9 changing lua residene. to SEJ.L byWTCTION, at the Premies, on the Town H)H, on Wedaeaday, May 30, i860, (and not on Monday the 38th. as previously advertised,) a portion of the HOUSE- HOLD FURNIiURE, forpdrlour, bedroom, and kitchen purposes. The Day Rooms are substantially famished with mahogany, and house, keepera will have a good oppor- tunity of ntting up their.bedrooms frotn these, which are noted for cleanliness. Sale at Two o'clock promptly. Wynnstay Arms Omee, Wrexham. Sale by Mr Edward Xnibbs. -r-J Sa18 at the CM Black lIorse 7Kn, York-streee, W rea:ham. T?rR EDWARD KNIBbS has been favoured with -i3LjL instructions trom Mr. Kichard Jones, who ia giving up Innkeeping, to SELL BY AUCTION, upon the premises in Yorke street, on Monday, the 4th June, I860, the whole of hia FURNITURE, Brewing Utensils, &c., which will be sold without reserve. Sdle to commence at 12 o'clock punctually. Catalogues may be had from the Auctioneer, at his oSice, High street, Wrexham. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, SITUATE AT BhosUanercltrugog, w the of -RMa6oM. rpo BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr EDWARD JL KNIBBS, (by order ot the Mortgagees, under a power of Sale), at the House of Mr William Edwards, Hitnerchrugog Arms, Rhos, on Tuesday, the 29th of May, 1860, at Six o'clock in the Evamng, subject to certain conditions of Sale to be then and there produced; All that Piece or Parcel of LAND, containing by admeasurement Eleven perches of Land or thereabouts, he the same more or less, with the MESSUAGES, COTTAGH, SHOP, and all other Erections and Build- ings standing and beini; thereon, an'iate, lying, and being at Rhoal'anerchrugbg, in the parish of Ruahon, in the County of Denbigh, now in the occupation of John Prydderch, collier, and John Gfinitha, collier. For further particulars apply to Messrs Edgworth and Devereux Pugh, Solicitors, Wrexham; MrThos. Hugheo, Solicitor, Wrtixham; Mr J. Griniths, Builder, Rhas, who will shew the Premises, or to the Auctioneer, a.t his OiBces, High Street, Wrexham. Sale by Mr. Humphreys. LLANGOLLEN, DENBIGHSHIRE. EJ:y:? .B:<?M<! Ff<)P!!SM. rJpL O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by MR. HUMPH. REYS, at the GRA-PES Iyy, LLA.XGOt.LEN, m the county ofDenbigh,on Monday, the 18th day ofJuno,! 860 at nve o'clock in the afternoon precisely, subject to con. ditions then to he produced, (unless disposed of in the meantime by priv&te contract, of which due notice will be given,—AU those three substantial MESSUAGES or DWELLING-HOUSES and SHOPS, situate in Chapel street, in the town of LIangollen aforesaid, now or late in the several occupations of Messrs. G. and S. GrifBths, Ironmongers; Mr. Peter Roberts, Tailor; and Mr. John Parry, Saddler. The above property Is situate in the best part of the rapidly Improving town of Llangollen, and has the ad- vantage always attaching to corner premises and a. double frontage. The frontag9 to Chapel-street is 97 feet, and to Regent-street 17 feet and 9 inches. The opemng of the Railway now in course of formation from Ruabon to LIangollen, will considerably increase the value of property in LIangollen. The respective tenants will show the premisea, and for further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, LIan- gollen, or to Messrs. Thomas and Charles Minshall, solicitors, Oawestry. NEW SADDLERY AND HARNESS MAKING ESTABLISHMENT. NQ. 8, YORKE-f;TREET, WREXHÁM, (In the Shop lately occupied by Mr. Martin, Plumber and Glazier). T W. JONES begs respectfully to announce to the J gentry, farmers, innkeepers, and public generally, mat he has taken the above premises, where he intenda to carry on the business of a SADDLER and HARNESS MAXER, and trusts by strict personal attention, good workmanship, moderate charges, and punctual and prompt execution of all orders with which he maybe favoured, to merit a share of pubic patronage. ROYAL DENBIGH MILITIA BAND. <Ae kind permission of tJle officers of tne .B..D.2!.) fT?HE members of the above Band are nov open to JL engagements for PIC-NIC PARTIES, CLUBS, BOW MEETINGS, and all other festive gatherings. For terms sp ply to Mr. J. W. Jones, Band master Wrexbam. GREY HAIR. ?LEVER'S WALNUT POMADE restores Grey ?/ Hair to its natural colour, darkens red or light hair prevents its lalUng og, and will not atain the ekin. Price Is. and 2a. 6d.; by post, M. extra. SoLE AGENT, KENRICK, (Jhwt 6guirø, CAcMMt <o the Qt«<M, LondMI,) 19, TOWM W&I;u.ur. G OLDEN E AGLE -DRAPERY AND AJILLINERY E STABLISHAIENT, TOWN HILL, WREXHAM. M I S 8 E ED W A R I) S HEGS to announce her return from London with the principal NOVELTIES 1M MILLINERY, which are JD now ready ibr inapt-ctton. Mrs. Edwards also begs to calt at'ention to hr fhcap stock of Broad and Narrow CLOTHS. Plain anJ FäMv C()ArI(S ànd TitOWSERINGS, YESTINGS of every <)escri))Uou. Shaw!a, Prints, Cotton Sheets, Mant)es, Ptannets, Comitnrpaues, Dresses, Calicoes, J,inieys, MUlIlins, Linens, Chfck and Gingnams, Cob(lur;,ri,, Cards, Hats aii(i Caps of every description Alpaccas, Motfskin, and a good assorted atod: of Hoalery, Which she can with confidence recommend. RHOS- Y-M ED RE DRAPERY ESTABL ISHMENT. J. PULESTON, BEG Publie Notice in addition to the well Maortad STOCK OF GEVER1L DRAPERY, has now on Site D a targe Stock of MEN'S and BOYS' REAOY MADK lJLU rIIING, which the introduction of the Sewtn): Machine in the manufacture enables him to oSer Cheap. A great variety of CLuth and Tweed Mantles and Jac- kets, Machine made at Half the Usual Prices. The Soot and Shoe Department offdri equal advantages in the manufacture of whi ch the Sewing Machine has become of general use. LadiM* Cloth Boots from 2s 2d to 14s. Large Stock of Men's Lace. up Bootg, from 5s to Ms. Men's Wellington Boota, tn all sizes, from 9.! to 16s Sd. With a gteat variety of Chtldren's Boots and Shoe*, Slippers, Goloshes, &c, &c. r< ENERAL IpURNISHINGr E 8 T A B L 19 H If P, N T DRAWING AND DINING ROOM SUITES, IN WALNUT, ROSEWOOD, AND MAHOGANY BEDROOM DO., IN MAHOGANY BIRCH, AND ALL PAIN- TED WOODS, IRON BEDSTEADS, FEATHER BEDS,HAIR, WOOL, AND FLOCK, MATTRASSES, CHIMNEY, AND PIER GLASSES. .1 IMMENSE STOCK o? IN ALL PAPERS, AT VERY REDUCED PRICES, FELTS, DRUGGETS, COCOA INCHAM AND RUSH MATTING, HEARTH RUGS, DOOR MATS, DAMASKS, CHINTZ, and a choice Selection OF UPHOLSTERY TRIMMINGS, &c., &c., <&e. E. OWEN'S Extensive Show 'Roomq, offer the greatest. Variety in the Principality to purchasers of the above articles. Estimates given for the Furnishing of Houses or separate Rooms. Furniture to any amount bought or exchanged. A large assortment of Second hand Goods always on Sale. 16, TOWN HILL, (Latp of the Old Shop, Br!Jge Street) SUMMER FASHIONS FOR 1 8 C 0 ¡ 20 HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. i MRS. JB U R E. 0 U G H S BEGS TespectMiy to iniorm the Ladies ofWrexh:un and neighbourhood, that she is now showinc her JD SUMMER FASHIONS, comprMing the Newest styles in MILLINERY, FLOWERS, STRAW A\!) FANUI HONNETS. &c, &c. K.B.—Mourning and Wedding orders promptly executed. Straw Bonnets, cleaned and altered. SHOW ROOM, 20, HorE-SRTEET. t -RUABON 'pOUNDRY, (ESTABLISHED IN 1817, TOBMEBLI IN THE OCCUPATION OF MESSRS. R. & W. JONES.) KENRICK & EYANS, j IRON AND BRASS FOUNDERS, T?/TANUFACTURERS of STEAM ENGINES, Steam Boilers, Pumps (from 3m.tot5:n. diam,) Working M Barrels, Clack Pieces, T Bobs, Pit Head PuIHes (of all sizes,) Cranes, Winces, 'Weighing Machines, Blende and Cl&y Rolls, Water Wheels, Land RoUcrs, Railway Truck Wheels, Tram-road Rails, Bridge Girdera, Plam and Ornamental Railings, Entrance Gates, Boilers to contaut from 9 to 300 Gallons, and every other Description of Castings or Wrought Iron Work. N.B.—Tunung and Boring to order, by a powerful self.actmg Lathe. A &mt-class draftsman in attendance upon the premises. ESTABLISHED 1817. JAMES PUGH, CURRIER AND LEATHER MERCHANT, SADDLER, HAKNESS'MAKER, AND GENERAL FURNISHER TO COLLIERIES, IRON WORKS AND MILLS, TOWX-niLL, WBEXHAM. J. P. in tendering his beat thanka to his numerous supporters, begs to'n{brm them that he is at all times prepared to execute ordere for the undermentioned GooDS at reasonable prices, and of superior qaaHty and workmanship :— Leathers Engine Butts Strap ditto Bends Beilows Hidea Gear ditto Do. Benda Do. Shoulders Do.BeUie* Haud Leathers White Thong ditto CoUarBMils Saddling, &o. Saddles Bridles HarneiiS Gears Saddlers' Ironmongery Trees Whips, Lasbes, Ac. Straps, &c. Single Straps Doub)e ditto HosePipmi; JilOwi"K fipes I Aprons Gutta. Percha. Shepts. any thickness '1'uhin Straps Pump Buckets Valves Oils and Grease, &c. Vegetable Oil Ditto ditto refined Cod ditto Moiled ditto Sweet ditto Patent Axle ditto Light Brown Mineral Pai;'1 t Brown and Bed Varnish Venetabte Gre<Me TaUow Dnbbin Sundriea. Collar Check Ditto Cloth Wuol FlockA Hair Copper Rivets MdBtir? Strap Boita Srcewa N&Ua Cotton Waste Thread SADDLERS 2"E:NT OTJT TO AVO?K AT 2s CD. PER DAY. N. B.—Shoemakers and other consumers supplied with every article in the trade, and &U orders received will meet with J. P's personal attention. PRICES AND TEUMB GIVEN ON APPLICATION. J. P. begs to call the attention of Farmers others to the great advantages be tas in the Saddlery department in bemg the manufacturer of his own Goods, and thereby being able to sell at lower jjrices, and superior articles than any other in the same trade. B. COPLESTGN, (Late M the employ of J!fr. E. Ji?KM, CMSfer.sf¡reet), HOUSE, SIGN, AND pURNITURB pAlNTER No. 2, BANK-PLACE, WREXHAM, TDEGS most reapectfully to announce to the inhabitants of WREXHAM and Its vicinity, that he has commenced JD Business at the above Premises, and trusts by nMt-clasa wcrkmMohip, combined with moderate charMB. to merit a portion of patronage. Writing and Graining done for the trade. White-washing, Paper Hanging, Country Orders punctually a ttented to. N.B.—IMITATOR or ALL KlXDS OF WOOD AND MARBLE. SPRING AJSD SUMMER FASHIONS FOR 1860. m 0 S E S WRIGHT TDEGS to announcf) hia return from LONDON where he has purchased largely of DRAPERY and MIL LINERY J) GOODS, which he now otfera to his fnen ia and the Public at very low pliCf), at the MAK 'cuMTBR SOUSE, Church Street, WrMham. The Stock consists of Cioths, Moleskins, Vetvets, Tweed Cord t, Prints, Coburga, Alpacms, New Patterna m Hounced dresses, Muaite DreMea and Shawls, Ctoth M?nttoa, C hUdren'a J:c:ets White Skirta, Black Moreens, (hnghama, Fiannela, HoUanda. Hoatery. G!o-?, Straw Md TuMan Bonneta. Satin Bonnets, Silk Bonneta, Crape Bonaeta, Straw Hata, Felt Hats, Cap Fro nts, Flowers, Dr( M Caps Widows'CM8, Hoods, Murlin Sleeves, Muslin Collrs, ParMob, UmbTeUas, Cbth Cap8,&carf9, Me.a'e Siik Hats Shirts, Neckties, Braces, Stays, Scarfs, Bed Tictia, Oil Cloth, Crinollue Skirts &c. Idsati" Dresses, and Bonnets, made to Otdfr. Funerala complete) f furnished. iW An early call will oblige. May 4th, 1860. TO AGRICULTURISTS, i THE LANCASHIRE MANURE COMPANY'S (J. Knight 0& Co.,) OELEBRATED NITROGENISED JBO NE IAAN'IJREO Specially made for Wheat, Oats and Barley, &ras<, Clover, Ttt .ruips, &c. SALT dtMct &om the Works, WiMford, Cheshire, delivered at all Railway Sta' HoM. Agent for thM Diatriot-A, CLAR&E, Ne. 2, BrynylfYDnoll To uwp WrexhMa. HENDEHSON'S GREAT ANGLO-FRENCH CIRCUS, THE STAR COMPANY OF GRKAT BRITAIN, WILL VIlT WREXHAM. TDKSDAY. MAY 29th, 1860. 'T'HE splendid STUD OF HORSES and umivaFed t Ttoupe of Artistes wUt parade the principal streets about One o'ctock. THE GKAND CHINESE PROCESSION. tepresentitig the Etnperor of China proceeding to War Counc'I, surrounded by his Mongolian Guard uf Chinese (Javahy, attired in the correct costume ot the Cekatmi Empire, preceded by the eiegant Band Chariot, drawn by Six beautiful Steeds, coutawing His M¡jdstY'¡i Baud of Mandarin Masiciiins; the whole brought up by the Emperor* State Uhftriut. The number of Artistes engaged is trtble that of any otqer Cuque, amongst which will he found MDLLE. JOSEPHINE QUAGLIENE, MDLLE. ADELE, YOUNG R OME 0, The Great Sotneraautt Throwet on Horseback; The Agile French Oownf, THE BROTHERS QUAGLIENI; and the two greatest Clowns of the day, MR. J. H. FROWDE, and MR. HAttRY CRUUESTE. Day Performance at Two;—Evening, at Half-past Seven. Price: of Admission:—First Class, 23.; Second Is.' Atena (seati-), 6d. The Company will yieit RUABON on WednesdaY May 3 Oth. CHIRK FLOWER SHOW. A T a Meeting of the Committee of Management, ?]L he)d on Friday last, (U?y 18th), It wa? <> decided that the Fuze of a SILVER CUP (the gift of Mr Moses) for the best 12 Diatmot DASLtA BLOOMS, to b" com- peted for by Gardeners: and Amateurs wtthm 25 m!Iea of Chirk. Each Competitor to pay a Subscription of 5s., which sums will be added to the Cup. Notice to be given to the Secretary, and subscriptions to Le paid on or before the 1st September, 1860. B. GETHING. N.B.—The Show will be ue]d on Friday, 7th Septem- ber, 1860. W R E X H A M FLORAL AND HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. President :-tSir Watkin W. WyMM, Dart., M.P. THE t'lRST EXIII of FI(iwers. Fruits, and JL V,get.i),[,-q, will tt" t'<*td (Ly kitil pefui89it)n). in GROVE FAKK, (entrance hv Kiag-st[ot-t).<)n TuEa- UAY. the 12[tt day of June, i8;jo, when nculy Unc ii uudrefi Pfiz-s will he uHfed. 'the (;ommittfH tiopo to itfe numerous c,iiitpetito.-i iu each ctass, and beg that all prudum.!ons m<ty bt: 8t'nt in bft'jre 10 (t'ctuck, to prcveut contusion, and give the Judges U<ue to HXtuniue aud compare the various artic)f8. e- A Sfkct Band wHt be in attendance. Adnaiaaten to members at 2 o\;)ock on preaentat!on of ? their tickets; n"n.subs'TtbHrs 28. each till 4 o'otlock, and from 4 t., 6 p.m. Is.; Cottagers fiom 1 to 6 p.m. 6d. eiich. Chitdrcn and Schools Half-price. Ticketa mav be had of the Wrexbam St&tionere, and of the Secretary, who will etippty Prize Lian, witti IMea, &c on application. CHARLES OLDHAM, HoN. SEC. N.B.—Tho Trains of the Great Western R<u)way CMQpaany will run to Wrexbam aa foiiowa:—Leave Shrewsbury at 8 25 a.m., 12 25, and 2 20 p.m.; leaving Chester at 10 45 a.m., 12 0, 2 40, and 3 30 p.m., stepping at the Stations aa per Company's Time Bill. First and Second Class Passengers by these Trains for the Exhibition, will be booked at Single Fares for the Double Journey! THE OFFA BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. ESTABLISHED IN 1868 ON rEBMANENT rMXCIFI.Ea. S HARES. jE100.M[)nth)y Payment.lOs. 50. Ditto Ditto ÕS. 25. Ditto Ditto 23.6a. Entrance 2s. 60., Is. 6d., and Is. respectively. Subscriptions received on the third Thursday in every mouth, at Mr. Richard Davies's, Temperance Mote), Wrexhatn, between 7 and J o'clock in the evening. SECKETAKY—MR. ARTHUK CLARKE, ESTABL I SHE D 1812. PROCTOR A N1) R YLAND' S PREPARED BONE MANURES, FOR TURNIPS, GRASS, WHEAT. BARLEY, OATS, POTATOES. &c ANDTHEm BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME, ARE THE BEST PREPARED AND CHEAPEST MANURES OFFERED TO THE PUELIC. 1?.tTBX, LTNGH,1.41[ JND CHESTER. TO PARTIES FURNISHING. GREAT CLEARANCE SALE OF FURNITURE &c. OLD ESTABLISHED CABINAT AND UPHOLSTERY WAREHOUSE BRIDGE-STREET, WREX HAM. WILLIAM PIEltCE, t)EGSto inform the inhabitants of Wrexbam, and its vicinity, that he is now SELLING off the whole efhia D iarge stock of CABINET FURNITURE. CARPETS. DRUGGETS. HEARTH RUGS. DOOR MATS, WALL PAPERS, &c.. & at cost Prices, la order to make room f..r EXTENSIVE ALTERATIONS IN THE PREMISES. The FURNITURE is Home-made, and of the best materials and workmanship. The whole of the WALL PAPERS will be sold in Lota to suit purchasers considerably under cost pnce. To Builders, Ptuntcra, and l'aperhangerst this n an opportunity seldom to be met Nvith. OW Mark the addreea.—The OLD SELOP, BRIDGE OTitEL-T. MR. CHARLES RICHARDS, (DRATEE,) AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER /? R. be"8 respectfully to Inform the PuMic that in addition to his business of a DRAPER, he has taken out co a License aa AUC FIONEER aad APPRAISER. Ho h?s a practice know.ed?e of the value of FARMING STOCK and of HOUSEHOLD FUHNITUH.E,andhe begs to assure those persons who may honour him with their support in his new vocation, he will devote his best attention to their interests, combined with strict and punctual settlement of all sales committed to his charge. Ho undertakes to prepare Inventories and Valuations for Probate, Administrations, &e. He takes this opportunity to tender his grateful thinks to his numerous customers for their kind support during the time he has carried on the Drapery Business, and hopes by continued attention and a choice selection of the very best goods, to merit a continuance of their kind favours. High-street, Wrexham, July 13th, 1859. 'rpHE OLD-ESTABLISHED GROCERY AND pRO VISION jsjHOP 21 HIGH.STREET, WREXHAM. THOMAS PHILLIP PONTON T)EGS to inform the Inhabitants of Wrexham and its Vicinity, thit he hM succeeded Me Roberta, Brothers JL) in the above Business, and continues M s?pty every artiote for f?auiy us? of suuh quality a'td at such moderate priceg, which cannot tail tngivfgeaertd satisfaution, and whicil hj trmH will aacLirato him acun- tinuance of that support .io tiberalty confeffed on his predecessors. Oct. 28th, 1859. E. KNIBBS, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM, BEGS respectfully to Inform his Friends and the Gentfemen, Farmers, Tradesmen, and others of the Town of Wrexhani and the surrounding Localities, that he has just taken out a License to commence business aa AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER, and trusts by unwearied and strict attention to all orders entrusted to him, and by ptomptnesa in settling al accounts to merit and obtain a share of their patronage and support. Valuation for FtobMe of WiHs, Sucoeas!oLi and tiesninacy Duties, prepared on Reasombia Ter'ns. OtBce. Kigh.&treet. Wrexham. July llth. 1859. MONEY LENT ON PERSONAL SECURITY. THE WREXHA)I T CAN AND TXVESTMENf COMPANY, (LIMITED), A RE prepared to advance any sum from JE.5 to ?100, on personal or other security, for twelve months, repay. Aable m weekly, monthly, or quarterly Instalments, at a low rate of interest. Good Bills Discounted on very moderate tenna. The strictest confidence observed.—Application to be made to the Secretary, THOMAS JONES, Omces—Temple Place, Wrexuam. AccovN-MNT. AGRICULTURAL TMELEMENTS Hay Making Machines, Horse Rakes, and Horse Hues for the Season. Ridge DrH!, for Turnips and Nlanvoldi. Bentall'9 Patent Prize Root Putpers, Samuetsoa'a Single aad Double Action Prize Turnip Cutters, with Plate to Cut for Lambs, also to Put? for mixing with Chan; Richmond and Chandler's Prize ChafF Cutters and Cora Crashera. Howard'8 Prize ploughs and Harrows. Croski)l'a Carts, Rollers, and Root Was hers. Sold by W. QVEBTON, IRONMONGER, WREXHAM DENTISTRY. ATTENDANCE IN WREXHAM NEXT WEDNESDAY AND EVERY WEDNESDAY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. LIVERPOOL ESTABLISHMENTS :—134. DUKE.STREET, (directly ophite Berry.street). London Establish.ments :—33, Ludate Hill, and Resent street. T\?TESSRS. GABRIEL the old-established Snrgeon and Mechanical Dentists, present their compliments to the 1 M- inhabitants of WREXHAM and vicinity, and beg tostatethatthey visit WREXHAM every WEDNESDAY, and may be consulted at LION HOUSE, High Street, on the toss of Teeth, &c., from 10 to 5 each day. The necessity has lony been felt throughout many parts of the country of being able to obtain the services of a Dentist of some standing in his profession, without the necessity of a visit to town, or without having to [uy an t exorbitant charge for such services this desideratum Messrs. Gabriel will at once supply. Messrs. G. are the patentees of an entirely new description of TEETH and GUMS, which are ntted with absolute precision and success, such Indeed as are by any other means unattainable; they are ntted on the moat tender gams with oat sprigs or wires of any description, and are as firm and usefut in the mouth as the natural mastieatora ando in order to render tbefm within the reach of the most economical, they are supplied at charges strictly moderate. Messrs. G.'s pamphlet (gratis) fully explains the system which hM been approved by the highest medical authorities and tae press, and will be sent post-free. Messrs. Gabriel beg to say, that, aa a guarantee against failures (as is often the case with other dentists), patients are at liberty to return any caae not perfectly satisfactory, and another will be made in its place, free of eitra charge. Messrs. G.'B patent White rename!, which effectually cares decayed front teeth, can only be obtained at the .following establishments '—134, Dul-e-street, Liverpoolp and 33 Ltidgate-bill and Regent.6treet, London, where they may be con- sotted dai!y,;i'rom 10 to 6, &ee of chatge. Observe :-Attendance in WREXHAM every WEDNESDAY at Lion HonM Hixh'atreet. SCALN Of CHARGES. A Smgle Toothfrom. 10 3 6 1 Upper or LowerSet. 220 A Full Set Upper or Lower 4 t 0 Stopping Decayed Teeth. 026 CONSULTA'noN FREE. Scaleing Cleaning Extracting and all operatioM appertaimr? to Dentutry at Tory modarate charges, Stoppi?ng SBccaalieemmgc Culioeaanmmngfr ? ?? ???.? ENAMEL, PREPARED GUrfA PERCtiA. &o. Patent White Drepared Gutta Percha for atopping Deeaydd teeth, prim with fnH diMotbM for use la 6d per box Royal Tooth Powder for beautifying the Teeta and CxLast <' the beit eltl\l1t," la Sd per box. Mesara Gabnei a Nov Diacovery patented White Enamel, aamo coiour as the teeth with full direotioM for use priCe 59 per box. CAUTION tee that each box beare fie name of the sole inventora and proprietors, Messrs GABRIEL, London and Liverpool, and every Wednesday at the Lion House, Wrexham. jfr. Bowland, C%<MM<, Mje oyM< for W'rexhan for <A< asove Preparatitml. ) Letterl by poat reçei ye attention. Refereneea to patients. Specimens can be Been Notice every Wednesday at the 14oit Bouse, High-otreet, Wrexham. ltQthm. rpHE KKV T. WID:)0\VSQX. B A. (Wr?hf. and J. late t-ch.-Iar <jfSt J?hn't) C'?!e<;< (?m)'rid?e))« p'eparfd to ret-.eive pupittsiti Ml\lhem..liö, <'lfuwi\;t, tnd fiexera) cubjecta.—A. p)y at 39, Wrfxham Fechan. ii:a bt ? rlio RR LET. and entered upon irnitiediiitely, a D\\ Ei,LJ NG-I:WUSE.nd itrse SHOP. attune at j f'etu Atawf. III tile parish of Ruilt).)Ii, m Hte count/ of De!il)i,,rli. F.T )urth') [)Hrti)')dara and to treat, apply to Mr. C. E Sab.ue, Soixitor, ().!weatty. i <MU UE LEf w)ta imtnedtttte po?oatou, the UFFICE3 JL lately occupied by Mr E. ?'i?b, Sutteitor, on the Town HiU. Aptly to Mr J. Pu,,tt, CucrMr, on the p eWJses. t?O BK LEI', tb&t beautifuHy sMutLted reaidenoe, tutt. JL able tor it GemecL Fa.uiiy,c?d "DKM COr- TAGE." it ia Bttuato at Hdagor, isacoed, adjoining the river Dee, and to a gentleman fond of fishing, presenta unrivaiied attracdoM. There is an excellent waited gar- den attached, now planted.—For pattM.ulara apply to to Mr Jamea Lewis, New Inn, Bangor, Flintshire. To HE JLEi' with tmrnediate po-mesaion, HouBe and Uarden, Timber yard, Jomet'e shop, and baw-pit, situate in feu y bryc, Wrexham, late in the occupauon of Mr John Grinittia. fhe above premises will be .Let iiepuately.-Fvr particulara apply to Mr.- Arthur CiarUe, .brynySynnoM Terrace, Wrexham. y\?FA. COTTAGE TO BE LET with immediate posaesaton, furnished or unfurnished, deligh?'ulty situated about 2 and-a-balf miles from Wrexbam ttation containing evety requisite for a genteel residence, m* eluding a good stable aad garden.—Apply to Mt. Lester, Pen.y-gelii, near Wrexham. TJL ?O BE LE f with immediate puaseMton, that weU- Taccuztumed FUbLlC-HuJt:t:, now known M the "ltailway InB." i.ituatc at the KuMett. near the Railway statiun.-Apply to Mr. John Price, on the premiaee. 0 BH LKT with tMuieJIate poMeMtou, a HOUSE aiid üAl{V, situate at ltlius ddo. The ho'tM cuntaiua four Ledroons, parlour, kitchen, back kitcueu, und scullery, and other uut-duuf etnveuieiiees.-Thti (jrardea u ptamed.—Apply to Mr Bayley, Bookaeller, Mrexhatn. T 0 BE LET, a Genteel and Convenient House and. Preniisea, called Brya-Edwyn, Kegent street, iate in the occupation of Mr R. M. Jone3.—For paiticulMa apply to Mr Daniel Edwarda, on the premises. Sj bf .crI1r, "r".¡"J"'r__ TO BE SOLD, A BARGAIN BRILLIANT TONED PIANO J'L FOKTE, in Mctaiic States, by Broadwood tppty to Mr F. F. Jones, Auctioneer, Rtithin, or to Mf Tho.aas Jones, Organist, Well-street, liuthin. r?OBESOLD by FRLYAi'E CONTRACT,? HOUSE? _L known a8 the Feathers Inu,"si?te at Cetn Mawr, in the piimh 01 Ruabon, and n the holding of Mr, John Wright. The above pttpecty Issttu<tte on the side of the road, (tbout 1110 yisrdl from the Aerefair IroaL Works. and the Llanl!olleulllwaJ.' The house is new, k and well-adapted ior a Public Hotiae and Shop, with ,good-Gei'Lar and Brew-house.- For further pMUcultm I apply to Mr. Edward Griuitha, Red Lioa Ion, Cefn* Illi.wr, or on the preiuises. TO BE SOLD, A DARBAl? a small GREEN HUUSE and Hot-be? juL Fmme.—Apply to Mr Bayley, Hookselier, Rope* titreet, Wrexham. QUPERIOR STRONG BUtH)ING BRICKS, tt {j Twenty-one Shillings the Thotmmd.—Apply t? T. Hanaon, Plaanaa Brick WorlH, near Ru&bon. TO BE SOLD. f!THE undermentioaed Shares in the Wrex!um Ga! anj JL Coke Company. 10 A Shares of f5 each. 29 B Shares of i;a each. 10 C Shares ofJ6:5 each. (S3 lOa paid.) Apply to Mr WYATT, Solicitor, Wrexham. 0 BE SOLD, that superior Thorough.bred SttilioA JL "GOOJERAT." Goojeratiaabayhorae.foattKim lo-H), upwards of 16 hands, lie ia by Galaor, out of PhM* macopiit by Physician, dam Underlay, by Muley. Ha is own brother to Gmcower, winner ui several rauea. Any mtonna.tion about the horse to be had from Me WhiMaktT, Turf Tavern, Wrexham. ituatio.n5t &C., æanttb. TT7'ANTED a good practical votking Sm?ter o W Lead and Siiver Utea.—Ap?.y ? ?f C. Wt Nevi!, Copper Works, LiantiUy, Carnmnbenshire. 4 FlHSl'-CL4.SS Income for ii BtiameM Man.—Agent* ?jL Wanted m every dutriet, to conduct the Mie of the .Manchester and Liverpool Hoyai Cattle Food.—Ad* dress E. B, Lutcliife, 240 Apolio St., Oidham Road, Man* Chester. TO COLLIERY PROPRIETORS. mHE CHESTER WATERWORKS COMPANY ia JL open for a Contract for a supply of good rough. Slack from muin Coata. the quantity required M about 24 tons weekly, tenders for the same stating particu. lars,—Addressed to E. T. POVER, will be received at the otScea of the Company. Chester, 14th May, 1860. Virr ANTED, a wdl educated YOUTH, thorodghiy TT conver:iant with the Weiah Language, M M OUT-DOOR AIIPRENTICE to the busineslloí Chemitt and Drugget.—Appty to James F. Ediabury, DiapeMing Chemist, iXo. 2, Jiove SLreet, Wrex.ham. LOST A T Raabon on Thursday last, between 3 and 3 o'clock .juL p.m., a vdiuabie GOLD BRACELET, either on the OvertOti Road, benveen Park Side Cottage and the Bath Lodge, or iu the P<trk, between the Bath Lodgt and the Fark Grounds, or in the Bath Grounda. Who* ever will bnng the above to Mts Puitar, Park Side Cot- tage, shali be handaomefy rewarded. LOST /N Thursday last. m or near Wrexham, a SILVER \? DOUHLE E?E GLASS. Any one ending the Bame and reaming it to Mr Bayiey, will be tewardei for their troubie. ? ? f OST on the 7tb instant, between Mope-atreet, WfNt* jLjt ham, aud the Crispin Smithy on the Mold road) a pair of Speetaciea in a peculiar wood CMe.—Whoever hM iound the same and will bring them to Mr Bayle,. Bookadlcrt Wreiham, shall be handsomely rewarded. MONEY ?1 ?)f?? TO Lend on Mortgage ofFreeho!i O?JL??U? Property.-Apply to Mr R. Wil. liftma, Soncitor, 22, Abbot street, Wrexham. MONEY. QEYERAL sums varying hom?lOO to ilOOO toh? i3 advanced upon approved Mortgage Security.—Appty to Me, srs Jamt< and Owen, Solicitors, Wrexiunn. ?<.)? ??? ?OR ONE POUND.-Mttti* ???/??J?U button of Capita of TWELVE MILLIONS rOUNDS STERLING of the Austrian LOM of the year 1858, authomed and guaranteed by Govern- ment. A Prospects wiii be sent (po.t free) on tppM*- tion to F. E. FULD & Co, Bankers, Fr&nkfort-OB-thw. Maine; or, to save Foreign Postage, .ddrMMdtULU < Co, 32, ViUiera-street, StMDd, London, W.C., will be Ut- mediatety transmitted. ?_ June 20(lt, 1860, is tM LmtDayfor Tiklú. ONE SHIHING PER SHARE. ART UNION OF GREAT BRITAIN 600 PRIZES. Highest Pr;ze, Painting, Value JEloO. Second £100, No Prize will be of lesa value than One GumetL The Drawing will take place on June 30th, 1890, but M tickett can be sold alter the 20th. TAINTED LISTS of the succeMful Bumbers vi!l b? JL sent to each distributor immediately aftef th? drawing. Agents have been appointed in timottewy town of the kingdom, and nearly 200,000 ticket* imue& Should any dUnculty be experienced in obtainioz thems they wilt be torwarded direct from the office on receipt of postage &tampa or Poitt-o&ce order for the numblr required. All applicationa ot mquirica mutt cuat&W a stamped enveiope for reply. SAMUEL H. DEAN, BROWASTO 39, Princesa-street, Mancheater. Tickets and Prospectuses may be obttined &om Mr< WiUiam Baytey, BookKlier, WrexhMn, or from *M AdverWer Oi4ce. .t