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TO ADVERTISERS. repayment being required for short Advertisements from parties with whom we have no account, they will see from the following scale the amount to be paid for each insertion, which can be sent in stamps Under 20 Words 1/- „ 30 „ 1161 40 2/- Under 54 Words 2. 6 » 70 3/- If not paid in advance, FULL RATES will be charged, the lowest price of a. smgle Advertisement on credit being Two Shillings and Sixpence. All Advertisements not ordered for a definite period will be inserted until countermanded. Advertisers are particularly requested to name the number of insertions when ordering Advertisements. Advertisers are requested to forward Advertisements as early as possible in the week to insure insertion and correctness, as it is only possible to insert a limited number received so late as Friday; the publishers, though anxious to accommodate the public to the latest moment, cannot guarantee insertion when received after TWELVE o'clock on that morning. Sales by Auction. SALE BY MR. THOMAS DE kN. MOLD. SALE of BL7ILDFR-31 MATERIALS, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, etc. MR. THOMAS DfCAN beys to annonnce thnt lYi he has been instructed to SELL hy AUCTION (unless previously disposed of by Private Treaty), on THURSDAY, the 28th day of JULY, 1S70, on the pre- mises, Glaurafon, Mold, full particulars of which will appear in future papers, the STOCK-IN-TRADE of a builder and contractor, consisting of a quantity of best pine pitch timber and boards, yellow and red deal ditto, scaffold poles, planks, anti cords, cast nails, slate nails and flooring boards, sash window frames and panel doors, a quantity of Minton's and Maw's patent tiles of various colours, building bricks, white and blue tire bricks, Arc. Also a quantity of excellent modem HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. May be viewed the day previous to the sale, and fiill information may beobtained from the Auctioneer. I.108j MOLD AND CILCEN, FLINTSHIRE. VALUABLE BUILDING LAND and a Cottage, at Rhydygoley, near the Mold Cotton Mill, about- half- a-mile from the Town of Jrold, and Land near DolJe'chlas, aQoltt three miles jrom the Na))ie -place. TO be SOLD by AUa TION, by Mr. THOMAS JL DEAN, at the Black Lion Hotel, in Mold, on TUESDAY, the 2nd day of AUGUST, 1870, at three o'clock most punctually, the following important PROPERTY, being Surplus Lands of the )Iold and Denbigh Junction Railway Company, subject to condi- tions of Sale to be then produced, and in the following lots, or such other lots as shall be decided on at the time of Sale, and unless previously disposed of by private contract. LOT 1.—All that piece or parcel of BUILDING LAND or Ground, having a frontage to the Mold and Denbigh Turnpike Road, and adjoining on other sides to property belonging to 31r Craig and containing by admeasurement 0a. Or. 8p. LOT 2.—Another piece or parcel of BUILDING LAND or Ground, adjoining the previous lot, and also having a frontage to the said Turnpike Road, and con- taining by admeasurement Oa. Ir. 17p. LOT 3—All that piece or parcel of MEADOW LAND, fronting the said Turnpike Road on the North East; adjoining property of Mr Craig on the South and West; and bounded by the River Alyn on the North, and con- taining by admeasurement 4a. 3r. 15p. LOT 4.—A piece of GARDEN GROUND, situate in the rear of the New Toll-house on the said Turnpike Road, and for some time past used by the occupants of such Toll-house, and containing by admeasurement Oil. Or. Up. LOT. 5.-Tlie OLD TOLL-HOUSE and PREMISES and the piece of LAND fronting the same. bounded partly by property of Edward Bate, Esq., and partly by property of P. B. D. Cooke, Esq., and containing by admeasurement Oa. lr, 5p. The above Lots are all at Rhydygoley, near Mold. LOT 6,-A piece or parcel of LAND, near Dolfechlas, in the parish of Cilcen, in the county of Flint, bounded partly by the said Mold and Denbigh Junction Railway, the other part by land of LI. F. Lloyd, Esq., and on other part by land of Mr and Miss Williams, and con- taining by admeasurement Oa. 2r. lOp. Further particulars may be obtained from the Auctioneer, or from Messrs. KKLLY, KEEXE, A ROPER, Solicitors, .Mold, at whose Offices a Plan of the above Lots may be seen one week prior to the Sale. Mold, 6th July, 1870. 1303y SALES BY MESSRS GRIFFITHS & Cn, TREVOR ARMS, MARFORD HILL, ROSSETT. MESSRS GRIFFITHS amI Co., beg respectfully to .1' announce that they will hold their next SALE of FAT and STORE STOCK, at the above place on MONDAY, the 25th day of July. IB70. Stock already ,entered 6Splendid fat Heifers 17 Prime fat Sheep The property of E. Swetenham, Esq. 4 Prime fat Beasts A lot of prime sheep The property of Mr Harvey. A lot of magnificent sheep and lambs Also fat Calves The property of General Townshend, A. Sykes, Esq., H. Hassail, Esq., "Mr Thomas, and other well known feeders. Sale to commence at Two o'clock. Offices-Feathers' Hotel. Wrexham. lli'ilr ISYCOED, WREXHAM. GROWING CORX. MESSRS GRIFFITHS and Co. beg to announce that they have been favoured with instructions from Mrs Garner, late of Isycoed to SELL BY AUCTION at Mr William Hughes, Nags Head Inn, Isycoed, on Mon- day, August 1st. 1870, the off going tenants share of 24 Tacres of WHEAT and OATS, growing upon the follow- ing Land, viz. LATHER BRAIN FIELD. 3 Acres of excellent Wheat 6 Ditto Oats GLYHYN FIELD. 9 Acres ditto Wheat CLAY CROFT. 5 Acres ditto Wheat CROFT. 1 Acre ditto Wheat Sale at five o'clock. The above, which are excellent crops, will be shown by Mr Edwin Edwards. I.Aycot-,(], 141 f;i DENBIGHSHIRE AND FLINTSHIRE AGRICUL- TURAL AUCTION MART, WREXHAM. AUGUST 4th, 1870 (Fair Day). MESSRS GRIFFITHS & Co., respectfully an- M nounce that they have been favoured with in- structions to SELL by AUCTION in their Mart. 0:' THURSDAY the 4th day of August, a. splendid lot of FAT and STORE STOCK, the property of tirst-class feeders. Sale at Ten o'clock. Offices-Feathers' Hotel, Wrexham. 12^fl.i SALES BY MR LOVATT. GROVE PARK, WREXHAM. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, early in August, two JL weU-buMt semi-detached VILLA RESIDENCES, called Tai Llwyn, with flower gardens and out-offices. EDWARD LOVATT, Auctioneer. Old Swan Hotel, July 8th, 1S70. 1332o THE BANKRUPTCY ACT lSü!), THE REFRESHMENT ROOMS, AT THE WREXHAM RAILWAY STATION. The Estate of JOHN WIIITTA KER (of Osburne's Hotel, Oswestry, and the Refreshment Room, at the Railway Station, Wrexham), in Liquidation by order of the Trustee. MR LOVATT will SELL by AUCTION, on MONDAY ?jL NEXT, July 25th, 1?70, upon the premises at the Refreshment Room of the Wrexham Station, on the Great Western Railway, the Good Will, Licenses, and Interest in this Refreshment Room, together with the wood shed, internal fittings, casks, bottles, glass, measures, and all other property connected therewith. At the same time, a policy of insurance for ;£:Jl)o on the life of the said John WliittakerL in the Economic Insurance Company, issued Dec. I860, and in respect of which policy premiums amounting to £41 18s. 9d. have been paid. Sale at 11 o'clock, prompt. Old Swan Hotel, Wrexham, July 18th, 1^70. 1404f THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1:6!1. OSBURN'S HOTEL, OSWESTRY. The Estate of John Whittalcer in Liquidation. MR, LOVATT will SELL BY AUCTION, by order 1 of the Tiustee, 011 FRIDAY, August 5th, 1«70, and following day if necessary, the whole CONTENTS of the above well known Hotel, contained in two sitting- rooms, commercial, smoke, billiard, and ten bedrooms, kitchen utensils, and the necessary requirements for a wholesale and retail wine and spirit vaults. Sale at Eleven o'clock prompt. Old Swan Hutel, July 22nd. 1870. 142-1" SALES BY MR DAVID ROBERTS. On FltiIJAY, JULY 2.)TH, 1N70. AT WERN AND BERTH, LLANBEDR, NEAR RUTHIN. THE property of R. e(lII01í Esq. who is leaving the whole of the H\-H STOCK CROWING CIR. OPS OF CORN, HAY, FARMING IMPLEMENTS, &c., consisting of fat cow, in-calf heifer 7 two "ear old heifers. 1 ditto bullock. 1 ditto hull, curt mure rising eight, 16 hands, cart colt three years old KU hands, cart horse 15 hands, 2 cart marcs. :1 very promising two year old colts, 1 ditto filly, 7 Shri>psliire down ewes Ii ditto lambs, 4 cross bred ewes and Ii lambs, 1 Welsh ewe, 2 in-pig sows, 5 store pigs. The Implements consist of a choice selection of the most modern and improved. The growing crops include about 21 acres of wheat 4~> acres of barley, 20 acres of oats, I acre uf rye, 1Jacres of pezts, in suitable lois, as now growing on the several fields; 1 large stack of rye grass hay, 1 ditto of meadow tiay. A-U the hay and straw to go off. Three months credit for sums of i5:md upwards or discount for cash. Lunch at eleven, and sale to commence at twelve o clock. Catalogues may be had at the Hotels in Ruthin, Den- hIgh, and Cor wen, and from the Auctioneer, Corwen. 141*1- On FRIDAY, AIVJCST 5TH. 1S7II AT BRYX RHHDYN, LLAN?HDH, NEAR RUTHIN. ( ) ?J"??? "? ?'? Roberts, who has ?iveu up "o RDSV^-7^.iKHEA'r' '? of dltto BARLEY, 7t ,litto OATS, Three mouths credit or discount for cash. Lunch at one and sale at two o'clock. On ?'"?. A«.) ST 12TH, 1x70. AT Pl-,Nk-GRAI(i LLANFAIR, NEAR RUTHIN. OX the pr,)?ert?, of NN'illiains, brrowin crops of ,'?,t Baney, and Oats, all the straw to go off, U heall of cattle, .{ cart horses, and farm implements. 'hree months credit for ? and upwards, or discount '?T U?H. LUIlCh at eleven and sale at twelve o'clock. 1120r oaies oy auction- SALES BY MESSRS BAUGH & JONES. To /?'!M?, 7';?/K-<?.s. and Otlwrx.-I-ery  and rat/wble ?'?/?'/??D f'?OV?/?r at the TOWN-HILL, WREXHAM, Denbighshire TO BE OI,D BY AUCTION by Messrs BAUGH  the Old Swan Inn. Wrexham on TIle Z.'#Lil ot .July, 1870, at five o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions to be then produced, lolls to be then pro( I tice( l All that or DWELLlNG-HOUE, with the verv ( omement Yaults in front thereof, and the out-offices and appurtenances thereunto heloi?Hg and adjoinin? situate tt the Town Hill,inWrexh.?, af.rS?; n.?,=ndfwson,e time p?t,in the occupation of ?Ir John Rowland, brewer. A1so all ?'?I?SUAGE or COTTAGE, with the appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate in the rear of aud adjoining the last-mentioned premises, and now in the occupation of Mr Whitfcaker, painter. Also all that very extensive range of BUILDINGS adjoining the said Cottage, and now and for manv years past used as smiths shops, formerly in the holding of Mr Joan Parry Hughes, bellhanger, and now of )1r Edward Lloyd, whitesmith. 'J -I luso all that very compact and convenient DDrurrEm LY, with malthouse, store-rooms, sheds, ex- CL]Iellt oiffce -t-,),rd stable, very large and pro- ductive garden, summer houses, and appurtenances thereunto belonging and adjoining, also in the holding of the said John Rowland. °' The above premises are very extensive, and in one of the best bnsiness situations in the town. A large brewing business has been already established on the premises, as well as a good retail trade in the vaults and there is every convenience for greatly enlarging the Brewery and extending the business. There is a good pump with a never failing supply of excellent water on the premises. For further particulars apply to Jonx LEWIS, Esq., Solicitor, Wrexham, or at the offices of the AUCTIONEERS, Temple-place, Wrexham. I:xk- FREEHOLD PROPERTY AT POOLMOUTH, BROUGHTON, DENBIGHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION BY MESSRS BAUGH ?_ AND JONES, at the house of Mr John Matthias, called the Sun Inn, near the Moss Rock, Broughton, on Monday, the 8th day of August, 1870, at five o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions to be then pro- duced All those three several recently erected and substan- tially built MESSUAGES or DWELLING HOUSES, with the Gardens and appurtenances thereunto belong- ing, situate at Poolmouth in the township of Broughton, in the parish of Wrexham, in the county of Denbigh, and now or late in the respective occupations of Owen Thomas and others. For further particulars apply to H. HUMPHREYS, Esq., solicitor, Wrexham, or the Auctioneers. 1421r SALE BY MESSRS CHURTON & ELPHICK. DESIRABLE FAMILY RESIDENCE AT ST. ASAPH. Sale of an extremely convenient well-arranged Family Residence, situate close to the city of St. Asaph, admirably adapted for a family of respectability, with Pleasure Grounds, excellent Kitchen Garden, with Conservatory and Forcing Pits, Stable, Harness and Coach-houses with rooms over, Loose Box, extra Coach- house, Poultry-house, and other conveniences. "|"ESSRS. CHURTON and ELPHICK respectfully IT I announce that they are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Royal Hotel, in Rhyl, on TUESDAY, August 2nd, 1870, at four for five o'clock p.m. punctually, in One Lot, and subject to conditions then to be produced, an exceedingly desirable and very complete FAMILY RESIDENCE, recently the abode of Charles Walter Wyatt, Esq., deceased, known as BOD-F.RW," situate in the suburbs of the city of St. Asaph, within half a mile of the cathedral and the railway station. The House contains entrance hall or vestibule, drawing and dining-rooms, study, capital kitchen, scullery, butler's pantry, servants hall, pantries, &c., on the ground floor, with cellars underneath, and on the first floor seven best and two servants' bed-rooms, water closet, &e. The Out-buildings comprise four-stalled stable, harness room and coach-house, with servants' sleeping-room, hay lofts, etc. above, extra coach-house and loose box, noultrv-house. &c.. &e. The Pleasure Grounds are extensive, and laid out with much taste. The Kitchen Garden is very productive, and contains a conservatory and two forcing pits. The whole are enclosed by high stone walls, and form one of the most complete properties ever submitted to public competition in this locality. Cards to view may be had upon application at the Registry Office, St. Asaph. The HOUSE, Gardens, and Premises will be LET, Furnished, from the 3rd of August to the 2Stli day of September next. X.B.—Printed particulars may be had and any further information obtained at the Offices of Messrs. BLOXIIAM, ELLISON, and BLOXIU)I, Solicitors, Xo, 1, Lincoln's Inn Fields, (W.C.), London Messrs. WYATT, SISSON and GEORGE, Solicitors, St. Asaph and Rhyl; or from the AUCTIONEERS, Chester, and Whitchurch (Shropshire). 13(i4e SALE BY MR DEW. DENBIGHSHIRE. Sale of a vert/ valit(tble and fertile F R EETIOLD FARM, adjoining the village of Cerrig-y-druidion, called Bwlch-y-bet'dy, containing 210a. 0, 32p., and a Water Corn Grist Mill. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by MR W. DEW, at the Owain (Jlyndwr Hotel, in the town of Corwen, on FRIDAY, 12tli of August, 1S70, commencing at two o'clock in the afternoon (and subject to conditions there and then to be produced), all that very excellent FREEHOLD FARM, called Bwlcli-y-beudy, most pleasantly situated, with a southern aspect, and con- taining 219a. Or. ifip., of very superior arable and Pasture Land, placed in the highest state of cultivation. at a large outlay, by the late owner. There is a very comfortable residence, and the Farm Buildings are very extensive and in excellent repair, with good water power for machinery. Together with the Water Corn Grist Mill, which with the lands below the road will be sold in lots apart from the farm. It lies in a ring fence, and is intersected by the Great Shrewsbury and Holyhead Turnpike Road, distant two miles from Cerris-y-drnidinn, ten miles from Corwen, and the like from Bettws-y-coed. The whole of the iields are most efficiently enclosed with high stone walls. Plans and further particulars may be had at any of the principal hotels in North Wales, of Mr W ILLIAM DAVIES, solicitor, Spring Gardens, Haverfordwest; Messrs LLOYU and EDWARDS, solicitors, Ruthin; or from the Auctioneer, Welltield House, Bangor. 1392o SALE BY MR CLARKE. I PENTRECAEHELYN, LLANFAIR D.C., NEAR I RUTHIN. Sale of superior Live Stock, Husbandry, Imple- ments, tire. "ITII CLAKKE is inhtructed by Ralph Lewis, Esq., ?JL who retires from fanning, to ?ELL by A ()(JTIOX' on the said premises, on TUESDAY next, July 2t;th, I<T0, the well-selected LIVE STOCK, consisting of four young short-horn milch cows, and their calves, short- horn bull, three steers, bull calf, three useful cart horses, two promising colts, and two sows. IMPLEMENTS.— Xarrow-wheel waggon, two carts, Nicholson's hay-making machine, Howard's horse rake, reaninir machine, three iron ploughs, cultivator, and the usual minor implements. A quantity of dairy and brewing utensils, well- seasoned timber, Ac. Luncheon from eleven till twelve o'clock the sale to commence at 12.30. Ruthin, July Ifth, lSïO, 1400o SALE BY MR W. CONNOR. TO PRIVATE FAMILIES, TRADESMEN, AND OTHERS. Important Sale of Drawing-room, Sitting-room, Bed- room, Kitchen, and other Furniture; also a quantity of Forms, suitable fur a chapel or school, and numer- ous other useful effects. MR WILLIAM CONNOR has received instructions' t? to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, on THURS- DAY August llth, 1?7". commencing at half-past One ,dock prompt, in the New Public Hall, 2(), Hope-street, Wre?ham an as:;emhI:e of most useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects, comprising drawing- room suite, mahogany 100 and dining tallies, mahogany chairs anil chairs, sofa, sideboards, chifKonier, book- case pier glasses, Windsor and cane-seated chairs, deal tables iron four-post and French bedsteads mattresses, dressin" tables, washstands, services, toilet glasses chest of drawers, fenders, irons, iron stove, and numer- ous kitchen requisites also a quantity of forms (with backs), and a number of chairs, suitable for offices, (c. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, Regent-place, Wrexham. 14I:Jg SALE BY MR RICHARDS. TO BREWERS, PUBLICANS, AND OTHERS. Preliminary announcement ?/ lirewarx Plant, ?.%)M))? Pi*e,tiiitfi(ar!i aiiii(iliticenictit  Breit?er. P l rt,t t.' a.92)ri.))g Curt, Horse and gear6, ilralt Mill, at the Avon Dale Brewery, Ruabon, Denbighshire. MR JUCHAR]) has been instructed to sell upon j?.I_ the above prcmises on FtHXAY, August 12th, the whole of the above plant. Further particulars in next week's advertisement. Office, 2, Bridge-street, Wrexham. 14(0_),»e HAY AND AFTER GRASS. MR RICHARDS has been solicited by PlERCM 1TJL V.U:I;HAN, Esq., to Let by Auction, at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, on THURSDAY next, July^ 2^tli, at four o'clock for iive punctually, acres of Upland Hay and After Grass, now growing at Eyton Vill-i, near Overton, Wrexham. Office, Bridge-street, Wrexham. 1430c Public and Legal Notices. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. | OHN EVANS, poulterer, &c., 80, High-street, Mold, ti has REMOVED to King-street, Mold, next door to the Beehive Shop, where lie hopes to meet with the same patronage and support he has received for the last 25 years. Note the address King-street, Mold, next door to the Beehive Shop. 1;1.,Ho BOROUGH OF WREXHAM. WILLLIAM ROWLAND, ESQUIRE, IFAI-OR. CATTLE will be received on LEY at HafocI-y-wern Farm for a weekly payment per head, with accom- modation for milking Cows in the farm buildings. The Local Board will not be responsible for any Cattle on Ley.—Application to be made to the Local Surveyor, Guildhall. By Order, JOHN JAMES, TOWN CLERK. Town Clerk's Office, 22nd July, 1870. 142tij OVERTON INCLOSURE.  GEORGE FARMER, of Montgomery, in the county I > of Montgomery, the valuer acting in the matter of the Inclosure of Lightwood Green and Knolton Bryn, situate in the parish of Overton, in the county of Flint, Hereby Give Notice, that a SCHEDULE of all claims and objections which have been made in the matter oi the said Inclosure, and of my determinations thereon, has been deposited at the Bowling Green Inn, Overton, in the said parish, for the inspection of all persons interested therein. Given under my hand this 21st day of July, 1870. 1409g GEO. FARMER. DENBIGHSHIRE SUMMER ASSIZES, 1870. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next ASSIZES for the County of Denbigh will be held at Ruthin, in the said county, on TUESDAY, the second day of August next, and all Justices of the Peace, Mayors, Coroners, and Bailiffs of Liberties, and all Jurors, Persons bound by Recognizances, Prosecutors, Witnesses, and others, having business at the said assizes, are hereby required to attend at the County Hall, at Ruthin, aforesaid, at ten o'clock on WEDNES- DAY, the third day of August next, at which hour the court will sit and proceed to business. JOHN RICHARD HEATON, ESQ., Underslieritt's Office, High Sheriff. Denbigh, 1st July, 1870. 1393o OSWESTRY MARKET TOLLS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the several ??) Tolls, Rents, and Stallages payable on Market and Fair Days in the Cattle and Horse Markets (including the Tolls paid by Auctioneers), and within the are, of the covered markets, called the Powis and Cross Mar- kets, WILL BE LET BY TICKET, at the Town Clerk's Office, in Oswestry, on Friday, the 29th of July instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, in one or two Lots, for the tenn of one year, from the 1st day of September next to the 31st day of August, 1871, inclusive, subject to such conditions as will be then declared, which several Tolls, Rents, and Stallages were let in 18(39 for the fol- lowing sums, viz. LOT £ s. d. I.-The Cattle and Horse Market. 330 0 0 2.—The Powis Market and Cross Market 300 0 0 HENRY DAVIES, Town Clerk. Oswestry, Town Clerk's Office, Stli July, 1870. 1369r Tenders ARMY CONTRACTS. TENDERS will be received at the undermentioned t Office until twelve o'clock noon, on the 2nd August, for Washing bedding Repairing do. Removal of straw and Deodorising and emptying privies Sweeping chimneys Lighting lamus at the following places, for three years from 1st October, 1870. WESTERN DISTRICT. Brecon Bristol and Horfield Devonport, Plymouth, Stoneliouse Hill, Prince of Wales Redoubt, Western Kings, St. Nicholas Island, Bull Point, Tregantle, Scraesdon, Staddon Point, & Heights, Stam- ford, Alaker Barracks & Heights, Picklecombe Point, and Caw sand, Poltrawn Exeter and Topsliam Cardiff Newport, Monmouth PemDroke Dock-Hut and Defencible Barracks, Pater N.E. and S.W. Tower, Stack Rock, Pop- ton, Hubberston, South Hook, Thome Island, Dale Point and Block House, Scoveston Penally Pendennis and St. Mawes Trowbridge Padstow Forms of tender, conditions of contract, Arc,, and mu information as to the services to be performed, may be obtained on application at this office, by letter adressed to the Assistant Controller of the District, or In person between the hours of 10 and 4 o'clock,—and no tender will be entertained unless made upon the form so ob- tained. Tenders on the printed forms must be properly filled up and signed, and no tender will be noticed unless delivered at the under-mentioned office, under closed envelope (marked "Tender" on the outside), before 12 o'clock noon on the 2nd August. Control Office, 6, George-street, Devonport, 1st July, ±870. 1403o Entertainments and Meetings. CHANNEL TUNNEL. (BY REQUEST.) A LECTURE on International Communication and the mode and desirability of constructing a Tuntiel under the Straits of Dover, will be delivered by WILLIAM Low, Esq., C.E., in the Town Hall, Wrexham, on MONDAY afternoon, the 25tli oi July, at Four o'clock. The Chair will be taken by Sir W. W. WYNN, Bart., M.P. Tickets of admission, free of charge, may be had from Mr Potter, stationer. l-e THE WREXHAM GAS LIGHT COMPANY. NOTICE IS HEREBY mVE that the ORDINARY ?.. ? GENERAL MEETING of the above Company, will be held at the Lion Hotel, Wrexham, on Wednes- day, the 10th day of August next, at twelve o'clock at noon. The Register of Transfers will be closed from the 1st proximo, until after the meeting. By Order of the Board, THOMAS WALKER, SECRETARY. Wrexham, July 22nd, 1870. 1422r DENBIGHSHIRE AND FLINTSHIRE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. THE SURVEY on a large scale of several districts J_ having been completed, a MEETING of Land and Mineral owners, proprietors, and lessees of collieries, mines and quarries, and others interested in the development of the mineral resources of the two counties, will be held in the Assembly Rooms, at the Wy" nnstay Arms, Hotel, Wrexham, on Mon- day, the 25th instant at three o'clock p.m., to adopt resolutions, urging the chief officer of the ordnance Survey department to complete and publish with the ut- most possible despa ch, the maps of the mineral dis- tricts of the two counties, and to take the necessary steps to get the maps geologically tilled up by the officers of the Geological Survey Department. The Chair will be taken by SIR W. W. WYXX, BART., M.P., at three o'clock punctually. 1368r ROCK OF AGES LODGE, 1132, G.U.O. OF ODD-FELLOWS, WREXHAM DISTRICT. THE are respectfully informed that the j_ ANNIVERSARY DINNER will be held at the NEW INN, GWERSYLLT, on MONDAY, the 25th inst. The Royal Denbigh Militia Band has been engaged for the Dancing on the Green. BY ORDER, -N.B.-Tlie Members to meet at the Lodge Room, at half-past nine o'clock in the Morning. 1352f CEFN DRINKING FOUNTAINS. MEMORIAL TO G. W. WHALLEY, ESQ. M.P. THE Members of the Committee for the furtherance Tof the above object are kindly requested to attend a MEETING in the Acrefair We3leyan Chapel (School. room) on TUESDAY evening next, 26th July, at Seven o'clock. ° 1408g- CHAS. J. PULLAR, Hon. Sec. ANNIVERSARY OF THE CEFN MAWR LADIES' CLUB. BY the kind permission of G. Thompson, Esq., the J[) ANNUAL TEA will he held upon ground adjoin- ing TREWYNANT HALL, on TUESDAY, July 26th, 1870. Tea on the table at Four o'clock. The New British Brass Band in attendance. Dancing to commence at 5.30 p.m. Admission: Tea and Green, Is. Green, bd. 1340 ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS. THE ANN*IVERSARY nIXNER of Court Miner's Friend in Need, No. 2.;17, of the above order, will be held at the Prince of Wales lun, Brymbo, 011 Friday, the 2:Jth instant. Members are requested to attend punctually at eleven o'clock a.m. to join in the procession. Dancing to com- mence at six o'clock. The  Band of the 1st Cheshire Royal Militia will be in attendance.. Admission to the Green, sixpence each. THOMAS JONES, SECRETARY. TVNTVERSARY OF THE LOYAL WYNNSTAY LODGE, No. 611.), Ruabon District 1. 0. 0. F, Jr. U. HELD AT THE WYNNSTAY ARMS, RUABON. T dE 38th ANNIVERSARY of the above Lodge will be held on SATURDAY, JULY 30th, 1870 Members residing within live miles of Ruabon to meet at the Lodge-house (as per Lodge rule 13) at nine a in to receive their tickets. Procession to start a.t tl o'clock, To dine at three p.m. A Brass and Fife Band is engaged for the day. In the evening there will be amusements on the GREEN accompanied by the tvc,) Bands. The j- the Greea at three-pence each. 135-Sj Entertainments and Meetings. LLANEllCHRUGOG PARK. A PUBLIC TEA PARTY will be held in the J-j L above Park, oil MONDAY, AUGUST 1st, 1870, in aid of the Rhos National School. Tea on the table from Three to Five o'clock. The Wrexham Volunteer Band will be in attendance. Tickets of admission to Tea and Park One Shilling each. To the Park only Sixpence each. Tickets to be had of Mr. POTTER, Bookseller, Wrexham; and from various parties at the Rhos. 1343y CAERGWRLE FESTIVAL, 1870. THE GRAND GALA DA J. is fixed for WEDNESDAY, August 3rd, on the Ancient and Picturesque Ruins of CAERGWRLE CASTLE, Which will be most Gorgeously Illuminated at Dusk, by Electric, Artificial, and Coloured Lights. TEA and other REFliESHENTS will be provided in the PAVILLIONS at 4 o'clock p.m. GENERAL DANCING and Grand Balle Masquerade on the Royal Grounds at 5.. The celebrated BAND of the ROYAL FLINTSHIRE MILITIA in full Uniform, has been specially retained for the occasion. A GRAND BAZAAR of Miscellaneous, Useful, Artistic and Ornamental Arti- cles will be held in the Pavillions, ON THURSDAY, AUGUST THE 4TH. Ladies and Gentlemen, the elite of iitiis and neighbour- ing Counties will be in attelldance at the Grand Stiills of this noted FANCY FAIR. 5 ■ Tickets for Tea, Refreshments, aiid Privileges of the Green, Is. (id. for the GREEN only, Is. To be had at the Principal Hotels, Stationers, &-c., in Mold, Wrexham, Chester, &c., &c. The Benefit towards Educating Poor Children. £ 3T CHEAP TRAINS will run from CAERGWRLE to BUCliLEYat 10 p.m., and for WREXHAM at 10.30 p.m. (For other Trains, see Time Bills.) 1338 Education. IS, KING STREET. THE SCHOOL conducted by the MISSES JONES, J. will re-open on MONDAY, August 1st, 1870. 1414r YSPYTTY COTTAGE, QUEEN-STREET, WREXHAM. MRS MOLE begs to announce the RE-OPENING of -L her school on WEDNESDAY, August Jnt, IWO. 13970 MR SIMMS (organist of the Parish Church, Wrex- '?/TR SIMMS (orgtmist of the Parish Church, Wrex. JTM ham, and Professor of Music at The College, Chester) begs to inform his pupils and friends that he will RESUME his organ, pianoforte, and singing lessons, on WEDNESDAY, the ;¿7th instant. SCHOOLS ATTENDED. Chester-street, Wrexham, July lst, 1870. 1390o MUSIC AND SINGING. MR. JAMES ALDOUS, Professor of Music (Organist i n. to the Parish Church, Ruabon, and Private Organist to Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart., M.P.), gives LESSONS on the Organ, Harmonium, Pianoforte, and in Singing. Terms upon application. References allowed (by kind permission) to several of the leading families in the neighbourhood of Ruabon, Wrexham, and Oswestry. Mr ALDOUS attends Oswestry every Tuesday, and Chirk every Friday. Lessons given daily at his Rooms, Ruabon, and at Hightown, Wrexham also at Pupil's own residences. The ensuing term commences on WEDNESDAY, July 27th, 1870. 142:3g Railway Announcements. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. ON SATURDAY, July 2:3rd, and every Saturday until further notice, Cheap EXCURSION TRAINS will run to BARMOUTH from WREXHAM at 3.30 p.m., returning on the following Monday. Also on SATURDAY, July 23rd, and MONDAY, July 18th, and every Saturday and Monday until further notice, Cheap Eight-day EXCURSIONS will run to BAR- MOUTH, HARLECH, PENRHYN DEUDRAETH, PORT MADOC, CRICC1ETH, and PWLLHELI from WREXHAM at 3.30 p.m., and for TOWYN and ABER- DOVEY from WREXHAM at 12.45 p.m. These tickets will be available for return any day within eight days. ON MONDAY, July 25tli, and every Monday until further notice, Cheap EXCURSION TRAINS will leave Chirk at 7.0 and 9.5 a.m., Ruabon 7.15 and 9.^5 a.m., and Wrexham 7.25 a.m. and H.40 am., for RUABON, WREXHAM, CHESTER, BIRKENHEAD and LIVERPOOL, returning the same day-f also for the ISLE OF MAN, allowing fourteen days from the date of issue. Bills and full information can be obtained at the stations. Paddington, July, 1870. J. GRIERSON, Gen. Man. 1363g GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. EXCURSION TO PORTSMOUTH AND SOUTH- EA?NII'TON.-On MONDAY, July 25th, an Excursion iram will leave Chester at 9.15 a.m., Wrexham, 9.40, Corwen, 8.5, Llangollen, 8.35, Ruabon, 9.50, and Uswes- try, 9.55 a.m. for Portsmouth and Southampton, return- ing on Monday, August 1st. Tickets and bills can be had at any of the above sta- tions, or from air Davies, G. W.R. Ottice, Eastgute-street, Chester. Paddington, July, 1870. J. GRIERSON, Gen. Manager. 1402r GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. CHEAP SEA SIDfj EXCURSIONS to WEY- MOUTH and THE CHANNEL ISLANDS, AL- LOWING ELEVEN DAYS. On SATURDAYS, JULY 2:} and AUGUST 6, 1870, and fortnightly during the Summer, CHEAP EXCURSION TRAINS will run to WEYMOUTH, as under; and at the following Fares for the Double Journey: Leaving Chester 9-15 a.m., Wrexham 9-10 a.m., 19s. Corwen 1S.5 a.m., 2Us.; Llangollen 8-35 a.m., Ruabon 9-5U a.m., 19s. Oswestry 9-55 a.m., 18s. First-Class Tickets issued at double the Covered Car- riage Rates. Children under three years of age, Free above three and under twelve, Half-Price. The Steamers sail from Weymouth to, Guernsey and Jersey, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and re- turn from Guernsey and Jersey to Weymouth, on Mon- days, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Passengers by the above Trains may return by the 8-55 a.m. Tram from Weymouth within the Eleven Days, exclusive of the day of departure but they must com- plete their return journey within that time. CHANXKL ISLANDS.—Passengers will have the privi- ledge of going from Weymoucn to Guernsey or Jersey by the Cyguus," "Acquilla," or "Brighton" Steamers AT A SlNliLE FARE FOR THE DOUBLE JOURNEY, Oil production of their Excursion Tickets. A STEAMER leaves Weymouth every Saturday at 10-30 p.m., for Guernsey and Jersey. TICKETS and BILLS can be had at any of the above Stations. Paddington, June, 1870. J. GRIERSON, Gen. Man. 125 lj DENBIGH, RUTHIN, & CORWEN, London and North Western, and Great Western Railways. ANNUAL MUSICAL FE:;TIY AL, of the North ?L Wales Psalmody Association, ion f the North Grounds, Ruthin, on Monday, August 1st, 1870. On Monday, August 1st, 1870, tickets will be issued to Ruthin, at Single Fares for the Double Journey (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Class), by the trains leaving Rhyl at 8.2 and 11.5 a.m. Mold, 7.55 and 10.8 a.m.; Denbigh, 8.50 a.m. and 12.10 p.m. Corwen, 8.5 and 10.35 a.m., and all intermediate Stations, returning the same day by any ordinary train. The last train for all stations beyond Denbigh, leaves Ruthin 6-25 p.m. Tickets will be issued to Ruthin at about a Single Fare for the Double Journey (1st, 2nd, attd 3rd Class), by the trains leaving Wr- xham at 9.13 a.m.; Ruabon, 9.30 a.m. Llangollen, 9.54 a.m.: DolgeW, 6.30 a.m. Bala, 7-18 a.m. and 9.15 a.m, Llandrillo, 7.35 and 9.35 a.m., and all intermediate stations, returning the same day by any ordinary train. The last train leaves Ruthin Station at 7.15 p.m. BY ORDER. Ruthin Station, July 9th, 1870. f DENBIGH, RUTHIN. & CORWEN RAILWAY. SEA-SIDE EXCURSIONS. BARMOUTH, DOL- GELLEY, and llALA LAKE, on FRIDAY, JUNE 3rd, and TUESDAY, JUNE 7th, and every Tuesday and Friday until further notice, CHEAP DAY EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued to Bala, Dolgelley, and Bar- mouth, from stations between Denbigh and Uw~vddcl- wern inclusive. For particulars see small bills. LONDON & NORTH WESTERN, AND DENBIGH, RUTHIN, & CORWEN RAILWAYS. CHEAP DAY EXCURSIONS for Visitors to the beautiful Vales of LLANGOLLEN and CLWYD, BALA LAKE, and DOLGELLEY. On and after WED- NESDAY, JUNE 1st, CHEAP RETURN TICKETS will be issued from RHYL, by the 8.2 a.m. and 11.5 a.m. trains to Ruthin, Corwen, LlangoUen, Bala, and Dol- gelley. For particulars see bills. GREAT WESTERN, AND DENBIGH, RUTHIN, AND CORWEN RAILWAYS. SEA-BATHING !-CHEAP EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued daily on and from WEDNESDAY JUNE 1st, until further notice, to RHYL, from Dolgelley and all intermediate stations. For particulars see bills T. CARTWRIGHT, Ruthin Station, May, 1870 General Manager. CHEAP THATCHING CORD at ILES JONES, Bee-hive, Rhosymedre. Cheap Tea Warehouse. Tea Is. 4d., Is. 1Od., 2a. 4d' 2s. 8d., and 3s. per lb. 1407g CG. BAYLEY calls attention to his excellent Is. ?_? Packet of 5 Quires of NOTE PAPER, in wrapper, having a well-executed view of Oswestry Old Church. Sold only by C. G. BAYLEY, Bookseller, The Cross and Church-street, Oswestry. g Business Announcements. THE LARGEST & MOST VARIED STOCK OF CHILDREN'S & LADIES' STAYS & CORSETS IN THE PRINCIPALITY. JONES'S. THE ORIGINAL STAY SHOP, 22, QUEEN-STREET, WREXIIAM. Stays,inade to Order. 1238j MUSLINS, GRENADINES, &c. W. & J. pRICHARD Are now submitting a large variety of FRENCH MUSLINS, GRENADINES, COSTUMES, LACE & GRENADINE SHAWLS, And a full assortment of the NEWEST GOODS for the SUMMER trade. ELEGANT & RECHERCHE BONNETS, made of the best materials, AT A MODERATE COST. Every description of MOURNING GOODS kept in Stock. FUNERALS conducted with economy under the personal superintendence of Mr WiiiiiAai PRIGHARD. HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. 430j WE respectfully announce that we have re- VV plenished our stock with a very choice assortment of NEW SUMMER GOODS, specially adapted for the present SEASON, and embracing an extensive variety of LIGHT SCOTCH CHEVIOT SUITINGS, among which will be found some of the best mix- tures produced this Season these we recom- mend for business and TOURISTS' SUITS. FANCY TROUSERINGS. LIGHT AND WHITE QUILTINGS FOR VESTS. The NEW BERLIN CLOTH for the PRINCE OF WALES' FROCK COAT AND VEST. A large assortment of CLOTHS for WEDDING ORDERS. Instructions for Self-Measurement sent Post Free on application. Orders sent Carnage Free. T HOMAS ROBERTS & CO. (Late GLOVER and ROBERTS), TAILORS$DRAPERS, 17, TARLETON-STREET, 1086b LIVERPOOL. JOHN LLOYD, CABINEF MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, CHESTER STREET, WREXHAM. A Choice Selection of WALL PAPERS AT REDUCED PRICES! FRENCH INLAIJD CABINETS IN EBONY AND WALNUT. CURTAIN MATERIALS, CONSISTING OF ASSYRIAN STRIPED REPPS, DAMASKS, ETC., ETC. 1315i 'JOHN MORISON, ARCHITECT it SURVEYOR, 10, KING-STREET, WREXHAM, FOR 21 years resident Architect and Superintendent J' of Works to the late Iarquess of Westminster. Desi»ns. Workinsr Plans, and Specifications of Build- ings supplied. Also Works Superintended, Measured, and Accounts made out on the most moderate terms. 1252.i E. LEWIS, TOWN HILL, WREXHAM, HAVING b«en appointed AGENT for D. H NICOLL & Co., London, has a large assort- ment of their celebrated GUINEA WATERPIWOF OVERCOATS and other Fashionable Garments. 832j JOHN GRIFFITH, TAILOR, 24, YORKE STREER, WREXHAM, BEGS to inform his friends and the public generally, J) that he has taken the premises lately occupied by Mr Edward Hughes, and from his experience in the lead- ing establishments in town, and strict attention to busi- ness, hopes to merit a share of public patronage. 1200j TAILORING! TAILORING!! TAILORING J THOMAS RICHARDS (late Cntter to Mr T- -Tnncs VJotbier- No. 1. Hone-street. Wrexham), begs to inform his friends and the inhabitants generally that he has commenced business on his own account, and most respectfully solicits their favors, believing that his practical acquaintance with his profession and his experience in the best Houses in Liverpool and Man- chester, will secure satisfaction. Ge.ntle)neies oio)t Material attended to with promptitude and Moderate Charges. 8, CRESCENT TERRACE, WREXHAM. 12)7j 1. E. EVANS, ACCOUNTANT, INSURANCE and GENERAL A. COMMISSION AGENT. Agent to the Provincial, Norwich and London, and London and General Insurance Companies. PROPOSAL FORMS ON APPLICATION. RENTS AND DEBTS COLLECTED WITH PROMPTNESS. Shares in Public Companies bought and sold on Com- mission. References and Security given if required. OFFICE—1, HENBLAg STREET, WREXHAM. 13880 P A L M E R'S FAMILY BOOT & SHOE MANUFACTORY, Boots and Shoes for all Classes and all Seasons. CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE TRADE. Ladies' Kid Elastic .from :J, fid. Gentlemen's Elastic Sides 8s. &I. Children's Boots and Shoes, 9jd. Observe the address:— 2, TOWN-HILL, WREXHAM. 1395f pURE AERATED WATERS. ELLIS'S RUTIIIN SODA WATER ELLIS'S RUTHIN POTASS WATER ELLIS'S RUTHIN SELRZER WATER ELLIS'S RUTHIN LEMONADE ELLIS'S LITHIA WATER ELLIS'S LITHIA IC POTASS WATER FOR GOUT—the last-named is a splendid remedy. EVERY CORK IS BRANDED "R. Ellis & Son, Ruthin," and every label bears their trade mark, without which none is genuine. Sold by Chemists, Hotel-keepers. Confectioners, and Wholesale only from R. ELLIS and Sox, Ruthin, North Wales. ö!.JO Business Announcements, HARVEST, 1870. HORNSBY'S, HOW ARV'& SAMUELSON'S JLL ?on'&'? ?y? REAPERS. HORSE RAKES, HAY-MAKING MACHINES, Scythes, Pikels, Rakes, Thatching Cord, BY ALL THE liEST MAKERS, AT R. O. JONES'S, GENERAL IRONMONGER AND TINMAN, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT DEPOT, THE GOLDEN PADLOCK, 945j 41, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. BRIDGEWATER FOUNDRY. SHOW ROOMS—SCOTLAND-STREET, ELLESM ERE. WILLIAM CLAY & SONS beg to infnrm < T their Agricultural friends that they have now a Large Stock of HARVEST MACHINERY, Selected from the Leading Makers, and will be found on inspection to be one of the most modern and best- selected Stocks in the county. Including Hornsby's Manchester Royal first-prize Reap- ing and Mowing Machines. Ransome and Sirns's Royal first-prize Horse Rakes. Howard's new Patent Horse Rakes. Howard's and Ransome & Sims's Haymaking Machines, And every other Implement and Machine that a Farmer requires can be obtained at the new Show Rooms of WILLIAM CLAY A SONS, SCOTLAND-STREET, ELLESMERE. June 30tlv 1810. 1245j YEAST! YEAST!! YEAST! USE THE PURE ENGLISH BECAUSE it is dry, portable, and keeps longer than any other. BECAUSE it is home made and unadulterated, whilst much of the foreign, by Dr. Muspratt's analysis, often contains from 16 to 70- per cent, of unferuientable matter. BECAUSE it makes the Siceeteat, lightest, and most wholesome bread. BECAUSE it is cheaper in price and superior in quality. BECAUSE it is delivered fresh and sweet from the works daily. BECAUSE a supply can always be relied on, at iiwde- rate prices, throughout the year. Sold by all respectable Bakers, Flour Dealers, &c. Wholesule bv the ENGLISH YEAST COMPANY, LIMITED, 1366j 7, EDMUND-STREET, LIVERPOOL. QHOPS AND STEAKS AT ANY HOUR. CHOPS AND StEAKS AT ANY HOUR. AN ORDINARY ON THURSDAYS AT 12-30, At W. PEATE'S REST A UR AN T, OVERTON ARCADE. TALBOT INN, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM. T. C. HOUGHTON BEGS respectfully to inform his friends and the J) public generally, that he has taken the above old established inn, where he hopes, by supplying WINES, SPIRITS, ALES AND PORTER, and other REFRESHMENTS OF THE CHOICEST DESCRIPTION AT MODERATE PRICES, Combined with attention and civility, to merit a share of public patronage. GOOD STABLING AND rARD. WELL-AIRED BEDS. 12S5e IMPORTANT TO FARMERS. HARVEST BEER AND PORTER AT T, MANLEY'S ALE AND PORTER STORES, 2(5, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. Orders should be brought early to secure a good article. Prices on application. 1:371g FRAMP RON'S PILL OF HEALTH. THIS excellent Family Medicine is the most effective remedy for indigestion, bilious and liver complaints, sick headache, loss of appetite, drowsiness, giddiness, spasms, and all disorders of the stomach and bowels; and where an aperient is required, nothing can be better adapted. Persons of Full Habit, who are subject to headache, giddiness, drowsiness, and singing in the ears, arising from too great a flow of blood to the head, should never be without them, as many dangerous symptoms will be entirelv carried off bv their use. For Females, these Pills are truly excellent, removing all obstructions, the distressing headache so very preva- lent with the sex, depression of spirits, dulness of sight, nervous affections, blotches, pimples, and sallowness of the skin, and gives a healthy, juvenile bloom to the complexion. Sold by all Medicine Vendors, at Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. per box, or obtained through any Chemist. 882j CROSSE & B LACKWELL'S TABLE JELLIES AND CREAMS, In Pint and Quart Bottles, READY FOR IMMEDIATE USE. CALVES' FEET, ORANGE, LEMON, NOYEAU, MADEIRA, VANILLA, &c. Retail of all Grocers and Italian Warehousemen Wholesale of the Manufacturers, CROSSE & BLACKWELL, Purveyors to the Queen, SOHO SQUARE, LONDON. 638y HALF A MILLION HAS BEEN L'AID BY THE RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY AS COMPENSATION FOR ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS (RIDING, DRIVING, WALKING, HUNTING, An annual payment of £ 3 to £ 6 ris. insures £ 1000 at Death, and an allowance at the rate of £6 per week for Injury. A BONUS TO ALL POLICY HOLDERS OF FIVE YEARS' STANDING HAS BEEN DECLARED PAY- ABLE IN AND AFTER 1871. For paticulars apply to the Clerks at the Railway Sta- tions, to the Local Agents, or at the Offices. 64, CORNHILL, & 10, REGENT-STREET, LONDON WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary. AGENTS :—Mr. A. BURY, Temple Place, Mr- W. JAMES, Wlieatsheaf. 213j THE w REXHAM A DVERTISER, DENBIGHSHIRE, FLINTSHIRE, Shropshire, Cheshire, Merionethshire, and North Wales Register. PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY MORNING— 56 COLUMNS. P R ICE 2D.; STAMPED 3D. THE ADVERTISER Is extensively circulated among all classes in the popu- lous Districts, both Agricultural, Mineral, and Manu- facturing. which claim Wrexham, Mold, Flint, and Oswestry as centres, and is the only medium for Adver- tisers desirous of placing their communications fully before the Public in those districts. THE ADVERTISER Is the Oldest and most extensively circulated News- paper published in the District embraced in the title. THE ADVERTISER Is, and has been for many years, the recognised County Paper for Denbighshire and Flintshire. THE ADVERTISER Contains Authentic Reports of Current Events, both HoMK and FOREIGN, ACCURATE MARKET INTELLIGENCE, And Original Articles upon all interesting topics both Local and General. THE ADVERTISER Is the only Liberal Paper published in the District, its political opinions are in accordance with those who seek judicious and well-timed Reforms, to increase the well- being of the people, and while advocating Moral, Social, and Financial Reform, Freedom to all classes, Creeds and Denominations, is opposed to rash innovations. In the Counties of DENBIGH and FLINT the ADVERTISER has a Circulation more than double that of any other Newspaper. THE ADVERTISER Reports County Meetings, Quarter Sessions, Assizes, and ail District Intelligence, earlier than any other Newspaper. The Advertiser" has Agents and Corres- pondents m every Town, Village, and Samlet in the Dis- trict. JOHN ROGERS, BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, BOOKBINDER, AND NEWS VENDOR, 20, HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. JOHN ROGERS begs to inform the public generally that he has taken the above Business, lately car- ned on by the lISSES BRADLEY, where he hopes by strict attention to business—thorough knowledge of the trade in all its branches—punctuality in the execution of all Orders entrusted to him, to merit a share of public support. add- J. R. has increased the Stock considerably and addew a number of Novelties thereto, an inspection of WhiCll he respectfully solicits, and also calls attention to the following SPECIALITIES: Daily and Weekly Papers supplied and delivered in any part of the Town. A Daily Parcel from London, enabling him to execute Orders on the Second Day. A New Stock of Music at Half-price, all Pieces not iD- Stock procured by return of Post. Grocers, Tea Dealers, and Drapers' Shop and Counter Papers, and Paper Bags. Shops and Schoul supplied at Wholesale Prices. NOTE THE ADDRESS BOOKSELLER R O G E RS STATIONER. 20, HOPE-STREET. 12575 Business Announcements. PRICE & CO., BOTTLERS OF EAST INDIA & BURTON SALE; JD AND LONDON AND DUBLIN STOUT, Have a large Stock in prime condition. 991J HISKEY WHISKEY WHISKEY t Try MURLESSS IRISH WHISKEY, At the VAULTS, Xu, 1, YORK E-ST llEET. For CASH at 18s. per Gallon. b"98j THE OLD SWAN BREWERY, -L ABBOT-STREET, WREXHAM (POR PRIVATE FAMILIES ONLY), EDWARD LOVATT, PROPRIETOR, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, Agent for the Proeincial Insurance Company, Tippu.s Cattle Fond, the Wrexham T'ent Company- 9935 T. I ANLEY, WHOLESALE WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT, MALTSTER, & BREWER. STORES: 2tj, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. LONDON and DUBLIN STOUT (in Cask and Bottle) BURTON BITTER ALES. Sole Agent for T. Murphy and Co.'s celebrated IRISK STOUT, in English measure, casks 9 and IS gals. 1370s TO FARMERS AND OTHERS. JJ A E V E S T GEEFI OF FINE QUALITY, BREWED ESPECIALLY AT THE NAG'S HEAD BREWERY, WREXHAM. Orders now being registered on the most reasonable terms, IN CASKS OF 9, 18, 36, and 54 GALLONS. 1029j Q.EORGE B A R K E R Successor to the late Richard Evans. WHOLESALE, RETAIL, AND FAMILY WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, CHESTER STREET, WREXHAM, Respectfully invites the notice of the public to his well- selected stock of WINES d:: SPIRITS, which he sup- plies in bottle or direct from the cask. Burton, Pale, and Manchester Mild Ales, London anA Dublin Porter in cask or bottle. Sample Bottles at Wholesale prices. 99CJ QVERTON AND WILLIAMS. IMPORTERS OF WINES AND SPIRITS, EAST INDIA PALE ALE, LONDON AND DUBLIN STOUT, MALTSTERS & HOP MERCHANTS^ RUTHIN SODA WATER & LEMONADE, ROYAL GERMAN SPA WATER, TOWN HALL, WREXHAM. 1975j QVERTON AND ILLIAMS> TOWN HALL, WREXHAM, Respectfully invite a trial of their well-selected STOCK OF LIGHT SUMMER WINES, &e., which they offer at very low prices:— Claret "0 "0 12:. 15/- 18/- 201- 2-1/- per doz. Burgundies 18/- 24/- is Hocks 30;- 36/- 50/- 23, Champagnes. 3U/- 36/- 42/- sp Port IS/- 24/- 30/- 36/- is Sherries. IS, 20/- 24/- 30/- „ Marsala 20/- 22/- n Liqueurs—Maraschino, Curasao, Noyau, Cherry Brandy. BASS & ALLSOPP'S BITTER BEER. IN CASK AND BOTTLE. London and Dublin Stout in Cask and Bottle. DETAILED WINE LIST ON APPLICATION. June, 1S70. 1172j THE GUINEA WREXHAM. PALE INDIA ALE, Of a delicate Straw Colour and fine flavour, BREWED EXPRESSLY FOR FAMILY USE, at the NAG'S HEAD BREWERY, WREXHAM. SUMMER SEASON, 1870. The Celebrated PALE INDIA ALE. THE GÙIKEA ^^TREXHAM 18 gallons for 21a. 9 gallons for 10s. 6d. Delivered within 200 miles of Wrexham Carriage Free. H. K. ASPINALL, 1032j BREWER AND MALTSTER. Important Notice to Wine Merchants, Brewers, Hotel- keepers, Publicans, Beerhouse-keepers, and Privata Families. THE SELF-ACTING Patent TILTERS, for Barrels and Casks of any size. The Self-acting Patent TILTERS are warranted to draw every drop from the barrel as fine and as pure as any previously drawn. The Self-acting Patent TILTERS can never get out of order. The Self-acting Patent TILTERS pay for themseites many times over the first year. The Self-acting Patent TILTERS can be applied in oae minute, and require no more attention until the c-tsl,- is empty. The liquor is warranted to retain it-i brilliancy to the last drops. The Self-acting Patent TILTER is the best known fur its efficiency and correctness. The Proprietor feels great confidence in recommending- the ?If-?tms P?nt TILTER to ?U in the ???'?' ISUSSTTASRTILTERS *• The price of the Patent TILTERS are 17a M each 4nd Is. '3ti. per yard for H-sas a piping. By Royal Letters Patent, dated March !t 1869 teSimoniiS on ??PPlication, with first-clasa testimonials, by illr c who is now in Wrexbam fitting up N-itli the Patent TILTER in t/h!! e Wrex¥n{ Bre'$N"eries, Hotel', and Vaultq in tha town, principal on-Mersey, Che,H 01 F to Sth* e *orks'T"-  ?-' or to the Works,  « BRISTOL MINERAL WATERS. SUMMERS (late Roughaedge & Summers) Largest Manufacturers in the West of England. MANUFACTURERS FOR 60 YEARS. INVENTORS OF LEMONADE. PATRONISED BY HER MAJESTY. Pronounced by Conaoisseurs "the best Soda Water Sold by Chemists and Wine Merchants in Enqland and Wales. Agent:—J. F. EDISBURY — -?''f I 1? 3, HICH-??nd?? I ',?:???.T? 'Wi .¡:o