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Money. f'!t rtHE )lA:SC.HE:'in:I (ŒXERAL LOAN & DIS- ccrx'r Booth-street Ha'"t. (oxford-street, )I:mrhet('r. :iO:EY imme,li:tteiy :tllll contillentiaUy ADY ANCED, from £i,"p".ar;1" personal security, furniture (N%-itli- out re'nov:).!). M'T' st'<. ,c. Hills promptly discounted. Prospectus Id., by post 2(1. 117!<j -mjg-O?KY t? I?end on )terscu:il or other security from J?'t_ .f?' t? -E4?! t.' I"' rop?'d by f:?y monthly quar- terly, or t't.Ih'r m.t:thnc;its, extending over :t period of from OHf month t" two .md :t !mtf years. CouHdence and punctuality snicllv Mr by letter to iii. 't'i)()MAS East, O-xft)rd-ro.ut, -NI.,Lneliester. Atteudn.nce :nven ,-it the Star Hotel, :\lnJ,J, on every 'Mold fair d:iy. The office h:M hcen est:).)?shed !n:my years. 44j M°:\EY LEXI 0\ PERSONAL OR OTHER s);('rntT\ THH Wi-,FXHA-.Nt I.O.\X COMPANY, Limited, :Ut- prc]):tred to advancf :Utv Smn from i' to f5"C npon ;).sf)na! or other huctnitv. for per!o<]!' of from three u)t'!)t.hs to two ye.n's rt'p:n:t.hle by or other In"blments. -Gnod BiHs Discounted on :n!v:mtaseous terms. T!i" co!)Hdence observed Application to be made to the TAYt.cft. OfHces: No. 13, Queen-street. Wrcx!t;mi. rornis of applications fum- bhed If a;)p!icd for hy same w'n l)u forward- ed upon receipt of a, st:niiped envelope.—Kmce honrs, for [he purpose of lUakll1 advances and receiving t-epa.ym'-nts, fro:n Iú a.ln. to 5 p.m. 72y Shipping Notices. Z3 SHORT SKA PASSAGE. Tj'VERY TUR?DAY AND THURSDAY TO JL? A'<l!;t:f< E: the Sj.Ieudid .MAIL STEAMERS of the ALLAN L! E, running: in connection with the m:jt [, IZL-NK and nthpr RAIT.- "'VA Y:-i, :ut« fcrw:u-(Un!: passengers on ea..<;y ferm.tô-âÍlI Stations in CANADA :md the WESTERN STATES -— N{)RTI! ..bIERIC.Aug. "'PER l'\T\ 4 HIliF.ItNIAN <) *.MORAVtA\ n I C.?'lAX ? ](; Aug. IS OtTAWA 3, 2:{ PmsstAX. 11 25 X()\ COTL\ 30 XKSTO!:JA\ Sentr. 1 Callin;¡,t LHlHlontlerry (!reLmd) pverv Friday to em- ba,-k ll("1. A t i l?s bark pa"t'" alltl her )I:tje,ty's III: :md from QFlmlT, m'STOX. or Xi.V YO]III. ?L? and .t..t ;j i:)s.. mcLnt)n_; Prov!s!<s, ))ut n.)t\incMor I.!q-i<.)-s, which ("11, lie oht:utit-.t o) bf.:tr<t. A linutc-J number of :n-e t;tiien in ea.<i Hte:uuer:tt £9 9; inc!'K:):; Bedllitlg", :md :U] necessary Mtens)!s. dmjna: ap:trt f;'n))t steema;e. AppIfcatMn for berths to he nmdt' Ten in :idv:mcc. Ste(>rag-e ze to eithur Quehec, Pol-Hand, Boston. or New York. £6 C- inchuUng a plentimi supply of cooked Provisions. Ba,.i.,I(T,f(! taken /'rf'f<i f/;c Oc-ca/t 5'feft)/t.<A!'p$ to the Rail- tco. CfN'.s' ;<-<: o.f ("Tj)fl IIN(L. P:tmp))]ets on C:ui.tda sunp!ip<! srr:iti.<. J;ff SmtRTHST HoL'T); toS:m Fmncisco vhi thp U\in\ rAOm- HAH.HOAD. THHOK;H TiCKHTS is.Ile(i on the Ntost fa\'oal'aJ.le tertus. For freight or pas"ae api)lv to ALLAN BROTHERS & Co., Alex:mdr:t-huildins. J:unes-street. Livprpoot, ami S;'). Lnndondcrrv. Or to THOMAS RILEY, 5, Dridge-street, Wrexhiun. 2:}Sy ? XATIOXAJ. LIXE. CTEAM PRnM T,!VliRPOI)T, TO NEW ? YORK EVH<!Y WFDN-FSI;)AN- AXD FROM (HTt:i;;xTÙ,k EVERY THURSDAY. XATIOXAL SHtP COMPYXY (l,illiite(l. ) T!!e new inll-powered Krirish tron licrenv Steam-ships. !< TONS SPAIN (Bunding) EGYPT(nuih!;ng) ITALY, (;r:?. 3(?0 BoLLA\u,Thom:M.j[4!tU T'RANrn:,(:rn?M! :K7I THEQrEt:\ThoMpson:H!7 SHiI'S Gricgs :M()7 E!U\, TIWIlJ:ts. :¡;)I H[;VKT: Thotnson ?:US Pt:\X-YLVA?It, ?SS!? TiR<;j.A, Bntara; 2?S7 D'?:)tK, Forties :{11S no 111 ue (je.sp.nched fro'it I,iveI'íJOol to .\ew York as follows:— t.RAXCE .WEi)\r:SDAY, AugusH7th. ITALY WFD.NF.DAY, August 24th. EXULAXD Wrj)N-F-;ry.ty, August 31-it. And from Qiieeii,.to-,i-ii the following (htvs. The Saloon aceonnnOlbtion on boaI'll the,e Steimerq is very superior. Rate of Passag-e li! and 15 Guineas. ac- cording to afCfHnmo<httion in Stateroom—aU having same privilege in Saloon. Return Tickets Twenty-three Guineas. There is excellent accommodation for Staerage Pas sensers, and a fun supply of Cooked Provisions served up by the Company's Stewards. Pas-scnuert h«okp(t to Fr.t.n- eiseo.—the inland towns of Canada and of the United States on favourable terms. For Freight or Pa..ssae apDiv to THt; XATtOXAL STEAM S!!I!' COIIPANY, (Limited), 21 Md :2: "ttl>r-street, LtV;:f.]'OOL to rr,TnlI\' Charles-street, WREXUAt! JOy or to X. and J. Cumixs and Buos., Queeiistown. Notices of Removal- TtT?- ?HEnUATT, Sf)HC[TOR.—UF?K? ?d 1T± RESIDENCE REMOVED to Bi-ynylT!fitji()iL L(,(Igc, IIQpe-Street, IR-rexltatit. H63 NOTICE Of REMOVAL. 'WOHN EVAX.S, poulterer, <?c., SO, His;h-street, MoJd 41 has REMOVED to Kinp-street, Mold, next door to the Beehive Shop, where he hopes to meet with the same patronage and support he has received for the last 25 years. Note the address King-street, Mold, next door to the Beehive shop. 13S9o Business Announcements. -i. fmd COUf.SON. PnMic Ac- -LTJL couiit,nt-, and Auditors, Gibraltar House, Church- street, Oswestr\ Bal.t?iee Sheet. prepared. Partnership, Executors' and every kind of accounts, adjusted and investigated. Periodie.d supprvisinn. and Audits undertaken, or Books posted by yearly contract. SSj 'MR. COETMORE K. JONES, TT AND SI7RVEYOR, DRAUGHTSMAN ETC JLJ ?.tMf?<,<- ? .4. /, -F?.?. 30, ERDDIC ROAD, 1221j WREXHAM. MtDSUMMHR AUDITS. ID HARPRR D!XON. ACCOUNTANT and -L?. PUBLIC AunrroR. Accounts carefully examined, Balance Sheets, State- ments, Pn.rt.nersllip Accounts adjusted, Ac., &c. Equi- table tenns. COIMXTHIAX BUILDINGS, 16,-SOUI-ff GA,<T¡,Æ 8TBEET,-16, LIVERPOOL. ioloj _n- THE ALBUM PORTRAIT STUDIO, 26, HGPH STUEMT, WHEXHAM .Vr. KCII IIC,r!). lVI R: B. J. EDWARDS Begs to announce tlilt he has tn:tJc srcat alterations )u his Studio both for the cotnf"rt of visitors and the pro- duction of I'ROTor i 11:\ 'HY, equ:U in every respect t'tthHhL''.tduf'mi in London or P:L!'is. Mr. R- .1. K. idso t-cturn.s ]n:)ny thinks to the nobility, gentry, n.nj t!utc's]nett fOl' t)n' liberal support, :u)'l hopes Hti!) to tnf'rtt :L sh:m' of their pzttroii;tge, by hi.s desire to please a.nd the production of good :uid Artistic rhotosra.phy. Mr EOW.\RDS invitee spGc'id uttcntion to hw superior stvleMof "CARTHD!; other b!s '-X!V HALP (GUINEA TINTEJ) PORTUAIT," w)¡¡eh :M uit!V(-rs:U!y admired. PORTRAITS FRO)f CAUTH TO tJFE S!XK Mghly HmHhed in Oil& Witei-. -\Iiiiittiiresoii ] very, &c. CARTE DC I-ISITP,,5 rj-(ttit 7. lid. per Dor. Views of <'<')!ntry Rt's!(h-n<'es, Jnteriors, We<!ding Tarties, Machinery, Animals, Ac., Ac. TeJ'JïI. fM aj)jJlic(ltifJJ! Hy the StlilltO. 26, HOPE STREET, WRFXIIAM, OP!'OS!TE MR. )\E.'ŒD.(i..nj 'T)ORTRAITS! CARTKS!! PORTRAITS' JL Ss. (}(!. p?-r dox., or Is. t!<L pcrh:df-<tox. NORTH WALES COPYIXC CO:IPAXY, Lnt[T;:n. Send Carte ntlft Stamps, with Stamped Dn'ected En- velope, and Twelve th'st-c!:ts.s copies, with the Origina], WillbereturneLL AtHtUHSS— SCOTCIIER AND COMPANY, BAZAAR, llulywell, Xodh w{(re.- 9Ij CALVAXIZED IHON ROOFS AND BUILDINGS, CISTERNS, CAB L EST U A N J) PEN C I N a, HURDLHS,(,ATHS, CONTIN"OU. IROX D.t FE:CI:(;, ASPHALTE ROOFING FELT L, tit(tit Fúuf; -L<he;'M! ?'w«<)f /<j.??<M,;?'?/ S. S?HERN/ ?3-!0f 2?, :ntd :R. HHn].]a.<<t.-p?i, Wr..xh:Lm. 1.149f 21,:tiiil 25. Wj* I tim. t?INDLATER'S CELEB HATEDT DFBLIN JL' STULT, CASKS FULL ENGLISH MEASURE, 1064 H. K. ASi'iXALL, Ac;):NT. Tpr 0 It N I M A N'S np E A Setectfd from (I frotB ftc;iig powder, is very :U!d oldici"us in flavor. :-<old 'JII1!1 in ;)!<))* 2s. 4. :-d. -:J:],<. -to!. and :U. 1,"1" Ib. .A [II: ,;ts for 1/ Di-, riet WR-.NYT XNI Oawi.s[i<.Y .?j?. H(t.??Ii?-. LLA?coLL':? 77<"??.h:;<!?'-<r!?t. ?mTcm-'?-H .A. (i?.,u;.t. htin.HWSB?KY /?. (']!n!st. ]P,u-tBo\ I:. J' 1:1"1'. Cl?T;:? ?. <-h?;.t. ??.u?:: ?. ?X?. 'TI-:I.lPlJt)L.n ""0 .¡r I"fl; d' "0/" ?' -? ? "'?:"??; JLi-')y Business Announcements. F RF,SH SANDWICHES EVERY MORNING 1 AT TEN, AT W. PEATE'S RESTAURANT, OVERTOP ARCADE. Bottleti .47.R? <t<td STOUT m r)-t.«<' C'"ndit'-on. SOLE :\IAUFACTURE OF THE ORtGINAL AXD HKtHLY CEY.EBRATEB WP.EXI-IAA,L (GINGERBREAD. AS SUPPLIED TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN. W. KENDRICE-, 20, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM. SOLE AGENT FOR TIlE FAMOUS MELTON MOWBRAY PIES. 774i CAUTION. ROYAL GERMAN SPA—BRIGHTON. {7M<fcr Her l1fajesfy.x Especial Patronage. INVALIDS and others desirous to use the SELTZER, 1 FACHINGEN, VICHY, KISSINGEN, and other M!NERAL WATERS so successfully prepared under the HiHHMST MEDtCAL SA\CTinx for the past FORTY YEARS by STRUVE and Co., at the above Establish- ment, will please to observe carefully, that STRL'VE'S XAME IS OX THE LABEL and OX THE REn J:K STAMP AFF!XH[) TO EAC!! BOTTLE ON THEIR WATERS—M't<OM< ioytt'c&. though contained in Struvc's Bottles, th,,y ca nilot &t; of tj-,cir Ma)zztfacti4t)-e. The frequent application by other parties of the terms Brighton Seltxpr." BriKhton Vic!!y," &c., to Waters with which STRUVE and Co. hal,e )to conncction, renders this Notice due alike to the PujtUC and to STRUVE and Co. The AUTHOR of a recent work on MiNERAL WATERS says—" If A)-tifieial Mi)i4e)-al Water.'<are PI'I'IICI'ibed, we «.'t<<M INSIST ON STRUVE'S ALOXK bci-i1!J 'Il.<,d. STRUVE'S FUNERAL WATERS Me sold at the Pun' ROOM, BRiCHTOX, and by an respectable Chemists In the Metropolis and Provincial Towns. In Wrexham, by Messrs OvERTox a,n<I WILLIA.MS, Wine Merchants, and Mr J. BROUGHTON, Chemist. In Bangor, by Mr R. L. GRIFFITHS, Chemist. I:}-t5o HAXELI/S ROYAL EXETER HOTEL, WEST STRAND, LONDON. mHIS HOTEL, situated in the most open part of the J5_ West Strand, close to the Theatres, Operas, Places of Amusement, and Objects of Interest, is in style and comfort equal to any in London, while the Charges are Moderate in the extreme, and are never varied. The Hotel contains upwards of One Hundred Rooms, AM) AN ELEGANT AND WELL APPOINTED LADIES' COFFEE ROOM, With Reading RMm, supplied by -.Nlii(liel with Papers, Periodicals, and Books. EDISBURY'S AMERICAN HAIR RESTORER POSSESSES 'the singular property of Restoring firey t. Hair to its Natural Colour, and prevents Baldness. Is NOT A DYE. Full Directions for use enclosed. In -B6,ttle4 <T< 2'<. (M. and 48. 6iZ. eaelt. London Agents: BARCLAY & Soxs, Farringdon-street. Liverpool R. SUMMERS & Co., Lord-st. EVANS, Sox & Co., Hanover-street. Chester GRINDLEY & Sox, Northgate-street. Bottles carefully packed and forwarded per rail to all parts of the kingdom. PRErARED SOLELY BY JAMES F:SHER EDISBURY, DfSrENSfA'G AND FAIIIlLY CIIEIIIST, ESTABLISHED 1819, 3, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM. 970j T?/rU-ICAL INSTRUMENTS of all ?n?s, -i. r L by the best makers, new and second-hand, on Hire, with nption of purchase, at all prices. Instruments supplied on the THREE I'F,,IRS' S I'S T E 31 whereby they become the property of the hirer at the end of that period, without further payment. Instruments of all kinds Tuned, Repaired, and taken in Exchange. Newest .Music at half-price, and post free. BOUCHER & CO., CIRCUL A TTA-G 31 US IC LIBRARY. 145, BRIDGE STREET, CHESTER. 577j REDUOTION IN PjRJTCjE/ COAL. VRON COLLIERY, MAURICE & LOW. NEW WHARF, WREXHAM. Main Coal 5M. pef cwt. Cmnk SKd, House Coal 5d. Riddled Slack :;M. Nut Slack 3d. Through Slack 2M. The above is Cash Price at the NEW WHARF, NEAR THE WORKHOUSE. Cartage to any pad oj the T'0!j.t M. per cwt. All Co&l booked will be charged M. per cwt. extra. AGK?;T: Mn. ARTHUR PHILLIPS, JuxioR, 47, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM. 25:>,9j VVALTER TONES, 1, Queen's Ilead I'ard, OSWESTRY. SALOP, REGISTERED PRINCIPAL BILL POSTER, The strictest attention will be paid to all Bills entrusted to his care. 31cinber o/t/tc U'!H'(ec< Kingdom Bill Posters' AS8ociatinn, 725j TOE CRKAMS AND WATER ICES Of every Ytriety and l -L Of every variety and favour, made to order, from ONE PINT UPWARDS, at W. PEATE'S RESTAURANT, OIJmTO.V ARCADE. TO PICNIC AND PLEASURE PARTIES. D?AK?R & \\AUGr<J?tj'i'iES FUR HIRE JD AT THE QUY,V,S H( )I EL, OSTVESTRY. K99J G. BAYI.I-,Y cill,; attention to his excellent 1s' Ca Packet of 5 (Iiiii-es of NOTt; PAPER, in wrapper, !mvlng a. well-executed vjew of Oswestry Old Chttrch. Sold only by C. G. BAYLKY, Bookseller, The Cross :n]d Ctiurch-strect, Oswestry. g THE VVREXHA!tI A DYERTISER, DEXH1UHSHIRK, FLINTSHIRE, Sltr(IJI.ltil.e, C/tC.f/tt'rc, J{cri(mcth.hire, and North If-ales Registe)-. PUBLISHED EVEUY SATURDAY MORXIXC!— SC COLUMNi-i. PRICE 2D.; STAMPKD 3D. THE ADVERTISER Is the and most extensively circulated News- paper published in the District embraced in the title. THE ADVERTISER Reports County .Meetings, Quarter Sessions, Assizes, and a!I District inteihgence, earlier than any other Newspaper. The "Advertiser" has Agents and Corres- pondents in every Town, VilLige, :md H:unlet in the Dis- trict. THE ADVERTISER Is extensively circulated .among- all classes in the popu- lous Districts, both Agricultunil, Mineral, and Manu- facturing. which claim Wrexham, Mold, Jb'Iint, and Oswestry as centres, and is the only medium for Adver- tisers desirous of placing their communicutions fully before the Public !n those districts. THE ADVERTISER Is, and h:is been for many years, the recognised County Paper fur Deubighsliire atld Flintshire. THH ADVERTISER Cont-,in. Autiientic Reports of (current Events botti H 'ME and FUKE]<jN Af'CURA't'H u.Rl"E'f And Original Articles upon all interesting topics both Local and General. THE ADVERTISER Is the on!\ Liberal Paper published in the District, its political opinions are in accordance with those who seek iu'ticious and weil-timed itefonns, to increase the well- bchts of the pe-))e, and while advocating Moral, Socia), i'.nd Financta! Refoiui, FreMdo!)' to all c!:Mses. (,'reuds, and Denoniinations, is opposed to rash innovations. In the CountiM of I)ENlil(iH and FL!XT, the ADVt;t:'l'j.sHtt has a Circulation more than double tha: of :Uty "t!)er Newspaper. _n_ vV ED D I (i B n E K FA 8 T S, DIEr:, PARTIES, LUNCHEOX, & PIC-NIC SUPPLIED W, rE.lT/t'. 1170 t -_u n_ _n ASPJNALL'S (LATE ROWLAND'S ?9L Y.U: ST!:OX< .,Hi,!), j-Li; AN:)FAA!Ii.Y PA).HAt.S. C.K.s {), 1< :]! :tt:<: ,4 j NAG'5 HEAD WREXFfAM. lor T IJ"} t<. t') J{, E. APiXAIJTJ T.0j 4L i Business Announcements. RICHARD CHADWICK, EXGIXEER, MILL WRIGHT, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDEB, EAGLE FOUNDRY, WREXHAM. A GENT for the "Safe and Sure" Sectional Wrought ?\. Iron Boiler, Cowbuni's Safety Valve, J. Bailey and Co.'s Patent Invfntions, &C. 1021 ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY'S PRIZE HARVESTING MACHINERY: JOHN McHATTIE f XVITES inspection of !iis extensive and varied collec- i. tion of MOWERS, REAPERS, HAY MAKERS, and HORSE RAKES, by Hornsby, Bamlett, Burgess, and Kev, Samuelson, Howard, Kearsley, Ransome, Nicholson, and other celebrated makers. J. M. delivers these Macliines can-iage free at any railway station. Illustrated price lists and any information desired may be had on application. SEED & IMPLEMENT WAREHOUSE, 136, NORTIIGÁTE-STRBET, CILESTPR. 8!-<7j BREWERS AND PUBLICANS ?L) WROUGHT IRON BREWING BOILERS FOR SALE, APPLY TO W. HORTON AND SON, Jfanujactttrers of STEA.[ EYGLYE BOILERS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. PRINCES END, TIPTON, STAFFORDSHIRE. 2:}:{2j '\TOTICE.—CEFN FREESTONE .1. QUARRIES. These QUARRIES are now fully opened, and the Proprietors are prepared to undertake orders for all des- criptions of Building Stone, of any given dimension; Grinding Stones of all sizes and very superior quality Pig Troughs, Cisterns, Copings, & all kinds of Masonry. Orders to be addressed to THE MANAGER, MR. CHAS. CHATHAM, (Wj Cefn Freeston Quarries Co., near Ruabon. ?EFN FHKESTONE QUARRIES. The \? whole of the above QUARRIES being now in the hands of Messrs. DKXXis and Co., they beg to intimate that, In addition to the communication between the Quarries aud the Great Western Main Line, a connec- tion has just been completed with the Llangollen Branch Railway, which will enable them to supply Llangollen, Corwen, Ha!a, Do!gel!ey, and the whole of the coast dis- trict wit!! this valuable HUILDING STONE. Messrs. Dennis and Co. have also arranged for direct communi- cation by tramroad with the canal, whereby facilities will be anorded for shipping the stone to all parts traversed by the Ellesmere and Chester Canal. 949j PONKEY BRICK & TILE COMPANY (LIMITED), NEAR RUABON. T\/rA CHINE PRESSED BRICKS, 22s. 6d. per Thousand. SASITARY /v.p.Rs', CIIIJf-V-El- TOPS, FLOOR- IXG TILES, ttc., <fc. 1004j Apply to the MANAGER, Ponkey, Ruabon. T\/rR. BENJAMIN DAVIES, A trCTIO.YEER, <tc., PANT, R U A B 0 N 2408 JOHN H. ICIDD AND CO. Have an extensive assortment of the Newest Designs in BRUSSELS, KIDDERMINSTER & TAPESTRY CARPETS, HEARTH RUGS, FANCY :MATS, <f- OIL CLOTHS. CARPETS MADE UP A\D FITTED PROMPTLY. 2440J QUEEN-ST. & HENBLAS ST., WREXHAM. WHO IS TO B L A AIE E 'e JUST PUBLISHED. I'.RACTIC.AL SUGGESTIONS TO MASTERS AND MISTRESSES WHEN ENGAGING SERVANTS. BY A LADY. PRLGE ONE PEKKY. C. G. BAYLEY, THE CROSS, OSWESTKY. A Splenflid New HEARSE, with one or more J? MOURNING COACHES to match, for HIRE, AT THE QUEEN'S HOTEL, OSWESTRY, At very low and reasonable charges. IlOIj ?TtOURISTS. SPORTSMEN, AND LOVERS -L of the Gentle Art,-Heads of Families who want economic clothing for their children,—Agriculturists, Tradesmen, and others, are recommended to use the GENUINE HAND-MADE WELSH TWEED CLOTH. It may be had in great variety of pattern and texture, and includes Wynnstay Shooting Cloths, 2s. a yard; Welsh Fishing Cloth, 2s. 6d. a yard; Superfine Welsh Tw eeda, from picked wools, 4s. :M. a yard—eight yards are sumcient for a suit. Wel,h Lin.e!ls, for ladies' dresses, 3s. a yard Skirts (3 yards) for 10s. 6d. Jenny Jones Linsey Aprons 3s. (M. each. Welsh Blank-ets and Flaititels, endless wear. JOHN MEYRICK JONES, DOLGELLEY, Manufacturer of the famous Hand-made Welsh fabrics, will be happy to send patterns of TtMcd.'i, ZtM.M.)/x, or Plann"f¡; by Post, and he begs to remind the public that Dolgelley being on two lines of railway the charge for parcels to any part of England is very low. 447 ?ROWTHER AND GROSSER, \? MANUFACTURIXG & ANALYTICAL CHEMISTS, Are prepared to make Chemical Analysis, and to supply all qualities of Carbolic and Picric Acids, Aurine, Ma- chinery, Colliery and Burning Oils, Greases, &c. N.B.—Mr Grosser having had five years practical ex- perience as a Chemist with Dr. Grace Calvert, of Man- chester, will bestow the utmost skill, care, and attention upon any article submitted to him for analysis or in- vestigation. Address— PLASKYNASTON CHEMICAL WORKS, 35IJ NEAR RUABOX. ,JlI.t Ptibli.hed, p08t free <MO sta?np,,?. W ONDElitUL MEDICAL DISCOVERY, V\i showing the true causes of Nervous, Mental, Physical, Debilitv, Lowness of Spirits, Indigestion, WANT OF ENERGY, PREMATURE DECLINE, with plain directions for PERFECT RESTORATION TO HEALTH AND VIGOUR IN A FEW DAYS. The most important fact that these alarming coM- plaints may e<sf7y be removed WITHOUT MEDICINE, 7.e here clca,'lJl demonstrated, CMd the entÍl'ely new and highly .e1<(".[ t)-cat)tzent <M adopted by the A iditor, /'ttKy explained-by -)Aeans of 2chich EVERY ONE IS ENABLED TO CURE HIMSELF perfectly, <tMd at the least possible co.t. Sent free <w re- ceipt of two stampli, by W. HILL, Esq., M.A., Berkeley House, South Crescent, Russell Square, London, W.C. THESE CURATIVE MEANS ARE SO j6L4.S'F amd Snfl"L.J.: tM APPLICATION, THAT ALL CAN ClIRE PRIVATELY, STJCCESS- FULLY, & at the SMALLEST COST in a FEW DAYS. "The object of this extraordinary publication is to prove how Nervousness and concomitant Maladies can be cffectua!!y and Mucces?ful!y treated, and the most convincing proof of the emcacy of this, the greatest of human discoveries, is testified by the numerous cases of cures effected. "Iletlieal Record, 367 KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. ?'/«' &eK< Remedy for .Bth'ottx Disorders. Sold by all Chemists, &c., at Is. lid., 2s. Hd. and 4s. 6d. per box. DEAD THE "WARNING VOICE." L L' To the Nervo?ts and Debilitatpd- Dr. SMITH, the celebrated Physician for the cnre of Nervous Exhaustion, Indigestion, Rheumatism, Dimness of Sia:ht, Function:).! Disorders, Weakness, Low Spirits, Debility, Spermatorrh<ea, Itnpedunents to Marriage, and :t.I! DI-.ea-'es resulting from error, continues to send gmtis a copy of his invaluable work, THH WARNING VOICE (!:? pag:es). Contains the directions by which many thousand patients were restored to health after the painful application of electricity and all other Mselv- calle" remedies without medicine had failed. tUustr&ted with cases and testimonials from grateful patients, with w<'f!t!.<o/ c ii re Sent free by post to any address, secure from observation, on receipt of two stamps. Letters of enquiry promptly answered. Address—Dr. SMITH, 8, Burton-crescent, London, W.C. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY PATIENTS. Dr. SMITH will, for thebenefX of persons suffering from Nervous DcLDity, Ac., on receiving a description of their c:tHU (enclosing a stajnped directed envelope for reply), send his written opinion, with advice and direc- tions, for the most successful treatment and cure. I4N)y NEW LIFR FOR THE EXHAURTED. SUFFERERS fr.'m Nervnno DPI)ility, Wasting k7 Drciuns, J'rostmtion, L:ts8itude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of l':ncrg-y anI! Appetite, Pains m the Back :u)d L!mbs. Timidity, Self-distrust, Dixxiness Love of SoHiude, CroundIeHs Fears, and those attendant evils' CAN SPHUDILY CURH THEMSKLYHS. .And with privacy, safety; and success, obtain HEALTH, \K:OUR. and which, by the recent extrordinarv dis- ('uvt'ncs can he ('asi)y imparted to OLD and YOUNC tUCH and PUOi{ WITHOUT MEDICINE. QUCCES- IX EVMHY CASM IS AS CER- k? TAtN n-s the return of the season, to prove which a ')f;).U. WtLL Br; SKXT FI:EE OF COST. Chronic ('asps cnred fn from four to six weeks; In- cipient ones t,wc!ve to twenty days. t''A!UH:H IMPOSSIBLE, with a BOOK of CASES t!)eMHANSof <U!: H in (if cnc!nsa (:1e :tL]np, fin Ffl1e pet"itJi¡..L. :In<l tddl'e:s- n ¡. H.\tH!:iSOX. JI, CILA!(t'iK-STrt?' Li/Xi?snrKY, I.w:!)n. ;) .(. pl"at"th' 1(.iL' Nf. Ij'u!L:'fc! '] a t:i:{l' :¡a j Business Announcements. NOTICE. DTIHK ROYAL DENBIGHSHIRE MILITIA BAND _t having lately had a, PROFESSIONAL Master engaged by the Omeers, have made great improvement, and are available for Pic-Nics, Clubs, or Dance Parties. The newest and most fashionable Music is Mou) per- formed by this Band in London style. Applications to be matte to CHARLES JENNINGS, Band Master, 1294 :}, Stanley-street, Hightown, Wrexham. Ty/rR. C. A. (JTEPHENSON'S QUADRILLE BAND, Comprising VïoUns, fm?M, Yiolincello, Double Bass, Flageolet, Cla)-ion;t, co).)Wtl &c., May be engaged on moderate terms for Balb), Parties, Concerts, &c. Terms on application to Mr C. A. STEPHEX- SON, Commercial !uH, College-street, Wrexham. Any number of the above instruments may be selected to attend Private Parties. 74) Ft?HE WREXHAM VOLUNTEER BAND may be TE?N?'GAGED for Festivals, Pic-nics, Clubs, <&c. JOHN W. JONES, Bandmaster, Late Bandmaster Royal Denbigh Militia. 8, Yorke-street, Wrexham. 1455a THE CROSS, OSWE8TRY. Y?AILY and WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS, conveyed JL? by the Cambrian Railway Co., on the day of Pub- lication, =by the iirst Train after receipt. All orders promptly attended to by C. G. B A Y L E Y, BOOKSELLER, The Cross, Oswestry. THE NEW T ANCASHIRE STEEL PEN, JLj AXD ALL OTHER PENS, Ma,iujactured &y .ED WARD VUOIISA-YUER, SOLD BY CHARLES Cr. BAYLEY, THE CROSS AND CHURCH STREET, One of the Agents for Oswestry. TEWIS AND 0 W IE N THE LIBRARY, OSWESTRY, RAILWAY AND GENERAL PRINTERS AVD STATIOKERS, ARE PREPARiiD TO FURNISH ESTIMATES TO PUBLIC COMPANIES For every description of Printing and Stationery. WALL PAPERS. CHOICE NEW PATTERNS IN GREAT VARIETY, jIT ALL P.RICE.S. T. JPHENNAH, 496j VICARAGE HILL, WREXHAM. rpHOMAS TT E WIS NEWS AGENT AND BILL POSTER, €, OSWALD ROAD, BEATRICE-STREET, OSWESTRY. 79-tii cIIIARLES CLARKE, BILL POSTER FOR TOWN & COUNTRY, TOWN CRIER AND NEWS AGENT, FLINT. Agent for the sale of the W-REXHA M A D VERT ISER at Flint, Bagillt, Northop, and surrounding districts. GEORGE TDLOWER, Member of the United Kingdom Bill Posters' Association, GENERAL BILL PUTR AND DEAD WALL DECORATOR. 6, JOXES'S COURT, PEXTREFELIX: WREXHAM. Lessee of Special Posting Stations. Town and Country ordei-s pnncttlally a«CM(M <o. TERMS MODERATE. rj?HE Birmingham Patent "SAFE and SURE" Sec- Ttional Wrought Iron BOILER. The highest evaporative power in the least space is obtained. All parts made in duplicate and tested to SOOlbs. per inch. For price. &c., apply to Mr RtCHARD CHADWtCK, Eagle Foundry, Wrexham. 1020j ESTABLISHED 1789. WILLIAM PIERCE, CABINET MAKER, UPHOLSTERER, AND GENERAL UNDERTAKER, .MZDGJ? STREET, WREXIfAJf. AGENT TO THE PATENT METALLIC AIR- TIGHT COFFIN COMPANY, LIMITED. mHESE ccSns are covered with white. -L black, and crimson cloth or velvet, and and every design of coloured and metal furniture is nsed. They are only 1r the weight of lead comns and are more durable. The expense is so small that they can be used for all funerals except those of the very poorest class. Various sizes kept in stock. 2383y FUNERALS. WY.Y.cYSTAY ARVS HOTEL, WREIHAAlf. J. B. MURLESS TDEGS respectfn?y to Inform the pnhHc h? JD has reduced the charge for his funeral equipage to the following scale WITHIN FOUR MILES FROM WREXHAM. 2nd Hearse and Pair 21s. 2nd Mourning Coach and Pair 21s. ABOVE FOUR MILES A:"D UXDER EIGHT FROM WREXHAM. 2nd Hearse and Pair 31s. 6d. 2nd Mourning Coach and Pair 31s. 6d. The use of a haitdsmite silk velvet pall, 7s. 6(f. The best Hearse and Coaches, with new ostrich feather plumes, at the nsual charges. 833y CROSSE & DLACKWELL'S TABLE JELLIES AND CREAMS, In Pint and Quart Bottles, READY FOR IMMEDtATE USE. CALVES' FEET, ORANGE. LEMON, NOYEAU, MADEIRA, VANILLA, Ac. Retail of all Crncei'M and Italian Warehousemen; ,\Vho]esa]e of the Manufacturers, CROSSE & BLACKWELL, J'M)'M)/0)'.< to <A<' Queen, SOHO SQUARE, LONDON. 638y ELECTRICITY IS LIFE. ? MARVELS OF SCIENCE In restoring health and strength are truly anfl solely ac- complished, without medicine, by PULVERMACHER'S PATENT IMPROVED VOLTA-ELECTRIC CHAIN BANDS, BELTS, And Pocket Batteries. For distinguishing these from shum electric and other appliances advertised by u/ N<;K'<Ke (?) CONSULT PULVERMACHERS PAMPHLET, Entitled lfattere's Chief Re..torer of Exhausted Vital Elwryy, and a hnat of Testimonials of Cures embodied therein will convince patients of the pre-eminent efficacy OF PULVERMACHER'S SYSTEM Winch stands without a rival. A Test sent Gratis on Loan for a week if required. CAUTION.—A PERPETUAL INJUNCTION in CHANCERY, dated lUth August, I8<X), was granted to J. L. PL'LVEHMACHER againt ALPRED BAKROWS, aHaA C. D. HAMMoxn, KH<m HENRY JAMES, ulias C. T. RAPHfn, their assistants, agents, and servants restrtin- mg the said person or persons, under a penalty of £5000, from deceitfully advertising BeItH, Ac., delusively repre- senting them as electric. This decree is printed in ex- ?Mo in PULVERMACHHR'S PA?tPHLET of Testi- monials and Reports of cures, conta.imnin:! likewise extmcts from many standard and sc!ent;Hc works—vi? Dr. Pereii-.L' )[att,)-;a 4th edition Dr. Tanner's ]lractice of Mediciiie, 8tli edition and Dr. Handtield .lones on .Yen;QUR a,itt Punctional D!w)-(fcj-.< J'<- sent post-free on application to the sole inventor and Patentee J. L. PULVERMACHHR, GALVANIC ESTABLISHMENT, 200, REGENT STREET, LONDON, W. 6:1j L LOYD-S WL;,EICLY J, 0 N DON N f: W S ? sent to yonr own doors, POT.H;J' FRET:, for THREE HAL!-PMSCE bv seii(Iiiii,, the amount in stamps for the number of Papers required, to EDWARD L) OYD 12, hahsbury-square, London, E.(' Or ONE PEN,Xý a.t any Newsagent's. 10?)?? '??'?LLOYD'S W!:KKLY I,O])ON NEWS. "?"? t'H!nl, v P.?cr, co? !tt:u)iin??d Dm ebatt es in j.?? rluuuent. Review.. of ??s. :\Iusie, aHl thel?-mm, Lea<hn? Articles.? the tupi.-s of ?the< d?v' Ans-s to (;orre.spon<!ents, L?v ?n.t P?i? r? P?n ?I?t?ns f?. the i??ver. Fruit, ?nd Kite) ? .? <ten, ?e!?r.?n.s fr<.m ? )-n)? of tt.e W.1,i (.'0 e? Amount of :tII the f.<m.{-,i) :r?.'s, Sj?.rtu).. h.MJ ?" ?' ? y"?LK ..f the XKWS <,f t)? ?KKK CM?,. l'L.??\ of :dl Xews:.K.'ut..s; ..rP(MT F);P at y.r oi,ii <!<.<<. f<)]- T ,„ H t: K E HAL F ?. (- R 1471i 1\ EW a:1d Han<I,vme WEn})! HHOlt'H,I: ,LN aI'P for t:U;):, at U)e ltl.T .r F. S HO !). OSWESTRY. At v'-ry lov-' dU1g"L JH.j, Business Announcements. I m ARAVIL,LA COCOA.OLE PROPRIETORS, TAYLOR BROS., LONDON. Tne COCOA (or CACAO) of MARA VILLA is the true Theobroma of Linnccus. TAYLOR BROTHERS having secured the exclusiv supply of this UNRIVALLED COCOA, have, by the '.kit- fut application of their sofuble principle" and elaborate machinery produced what is so undeniaMy "THE PERFECTION Of PREPARED COCOA." that it has not only secured the preference of IIomœo¡;"ths, and Cocoa drinkers genoaHy, bnt many who hi)d hitherto not found any preparation to >uit them have after one trial adopted the MARA VILLA COCOA as their constant beverage for breakfast, iuncheon. &C. "A SUCCESS UPltECEDEN'1'ED.The Clob,,ay£: "Taylor Brothers' MaraviDa Cocoa ha.- achieved a thorough suece-s, and super'-edes every other Cocoa in the market. For homoeopaths and invalids w could not recommend a more agreeable or valuable beverage."—Sold in packets only, by all Grocers. TT? NICOLL & Co.. of London and Paris, haveHevera) JLF novelties to oS.'r to the Public through Mr S. DAVIKS, Weti-hpocI; Mr E. Lewis, Wrcxhatn; Mr II. HuoHES, Denbigh; and the agency of the principal Clothiers. Hosiers, and Diapers in the United Kingdom.—Country ad- dre'-ses given on application to 6, Fell-street, Wood- street, London, E.C. rrUiE RUG PALETOT, a. Patented Dual Garment, JL serving for a Cloak for the shoulders, or a covering for the knee's. Groceful, cheap, will fit anybody, dust and shower proof, and light Ùl siibstaizce for SU.1Jt;ller. L 'IMPERA'I'RICE,tu Elegant Waterproot CLOAK, ) J also a Skirt and Jacket, forming a new and com- plete Dres-i for a Lady. mJL HE GUINEA TWEED OVERCOATS, and the new Summer Melton PALETOT. rnHE SAILOR BOY and New Styl<; Knickerbockers for JL for Boys.—The whole of the above sold wholsMie only By D. NICOLL & Co., G, FeII-stre't, London, E.C. ? JTL JASl,E?"i\—TH E C I TY T A I LOR. STT GnACE- JL cncnfH-RTRUT, and 142, Ft:N<'HUKCH-STRt:ET. Try his 13/- TROWSERS, all Woot ?nd warranted shrunk.— Patterns and Cards for Self-measnrement sent l'O>it Free. ? ?KIGINAL WEED SEWING MAt:lilJ?ES ?(Lock- \? Stitch). To workbv Hand, from 2I/; by Foot, from JL7 10/. Strong, simple, and elegant, NORTH AMERI- CAN SEWING MACHINE Co., 9, Newgate-t. City, E.C. NOTICE.—IMPORTANT SALE! T. A. SIMPSON (LATH T. A. StMrsoK & Co.), 154, RJ.:(n;l'T-'rR;E'l', & 8, BEAK-STRKET, W. TN CONSEQUENCE of the death of his late Partners, JL and the NEAR EXPIRATION of the LEASE of a portion of his Premises, Mr T. A. SiMpsoN wi)l, until fur- ther notice, oner his La.rge &nd VH.rn;d Stock to his Patrons and Friends, at the following REDUCTIONS, viz., JEWEL- LERY 10 per CENT., FANCY GOODS 20 per CENT. for CASH. Intending Purchasers will find it ef great advantage to make an early inspection of sume to secure PRIORITY OF CHOICE. T. A. SIMPSON, Goldsmith, Jeweller, Watch Mnd Clock Manufacturer, Dr( s-ing Ca-e and B;.g Maker, Die Sinker, Stationer, Engraver, an-1 Foreign Importer, 154, RFZIENT-STREFT, & 8, BHAK-STREET, W. rUHE HERCULES FA?!ILY C?YMNA? ?Prang!ev's ?L Piitent). Trade Mark Hercule- leaning on a !-tan'. Hea)th may be acquired and maintained by the regular and judicious use of this Gymnast, which surpasses ail others. Sold at all Fancy Repositone' '\TEW DOG CARTS and TWO WHEEL TRAPS of ?.?j the latest designs warranted, jEt2 to JE20. Basket Ciirts P,10. Drawings and Prices Six Stamps. CHARLES PEARCE, New Coach Works AYLESBURY. Mmi L LEa-wId-JOli N-S-O-N-s:M AN ûR E 8 For Root, Corn, and Grass Crops. Of Local Agents. Wholesale onl., M, Mark Lxne. London. _n_n_ TheGRAND 'DIlLdMA'oniONOUR (being the FIRST Ptize. and su; erior to the Gold Medal) Amsterdam Exhibition, 186' T IEBIG COMPANY'S EXTRACT of MEAT makes JU EXCELLENT B.EE TEA, for 2?1. a PINT. CAUTION.—None genuine without Baron Licblg's the in- ventor's certificate on every jar. Best and cheapest Stock for Beef-tea, Soitps, Entrees, aud Sauces. ::Sold retail by all Oilmen, Chemists, Grocers, and Wholesale by the Com- pany, 43, Mark Lane, E.C. "\?7'HAT is WEALTH without HEALTH?Take W BRAGG's PURE VEGETABLE CHARCOAL. Sold inBottlef, 2s., 4s., and 6s. each, by all Chemists, and by the Manufacturer, J. L. BRAce, 14, Wigmore-street, Cavendish-square. T AMPLOUGH'S PvRETic SALINE i. most agre. aNe t ? and cmeaciousin ??czvM?/K???cK?'/Mg'fever", towel complaints, skin diseasp, and inflammation. It relieves the most intense headache and thirst, and, if taken with lime juice syrup, is a fpeeiSe in gout and rheumatism.— il3, Holbom-hiII. London, E.C. T)ILES.—CHExszMAx's HjEMORRHOjnv?K. A safe and certain remedy. Only of H. CHEESEMAN, Surgeon, 40, IIampstead Road, London. 30 stamps post free. ENZOI)INE.-Bronchitis, Cholera, Consumption, BCougb, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, and all wasting dis- eases cured with certainty never before known. Of all Chemists 1/1, 2/9, 4/6, and 1I/. Mr Price, Chemist, 2, Lower Seymour-street, London, W. TT A D I E S .-A Marvel In Manufacture.—LADIES' ? STOCKINGS. The prettiest and cheapest thing ever made. 5/9 per dozen pairs, a sample pair sent free to any address on receipt of Seven stamps. Address, Thos. Webb, Manufacturer, Brownsfield Mil]s, Ancoats, Manchester. T'?rALKER's CRYSTAL CASE WATCHES are supcr- W seding all others Prize Medals, London 1S6?. Paris 1867. Silzer from jEB 6s., Cold from JE!5 15s. H8, Cornhil). E.C., 2.j0, Regent-street, W., and 76, Strand, W.C. Descriptive Piimphlpt tree. 0 L D D U 13 L I N ,W -H I S K E Y ?J? In Bond and Duty paid. In Butts, Hogsheads' and quarter Casks. In Bottles and packed in Cases. BAGOT'S, HUTTON, & Co., 28, William Street, DUB L IN. ? per CENT. and BONUS.—To Investors.—The ? SOVEREIGN permanent BUILDING amd IN- VESTMENT SOCIETY receives MONEY on the best possible security. (Shares JEIO), at P per cent. Interest and Bonus. Send for Prospectus. A. R. WORMALD, Actuary, 26, Moorgate—treet, B.C. T E A.—To Consume or to Sell asain. WEBSTER BROS., 39, Moorga.te-street, City, are W now supplying a Pery Fi)te 5<roMj- Rich Co?jgozi, 2s. Od., VayChoice SOltclumg 2s, 10d. A large assortment of well-selected Black Teas from Is. 6d. to 2s. 4d. Orders for JE2 worth sent carriage paid to all parts of England; JE4 Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. DUPE WATER.—Dr. Wilson savs:—"The SELF- JL CLEANING CHARCOAL FILTER, lately patented hy Mr LIPSCOMBE the celebrated water-niter maker, of Tempte Bar, London, is the only one that removes lead, lime, and sewage from water-it has in London superseded every other." Agents in every Town throughout England keep them in stock. PURE WATER.—Government Inspection.—Mr. LIPSCOMBE'S Patent NEW FILTER is being genprally used in the houses of Medical Men, nearly 6,0uu Physicians and Snrgcons have them. The recent Govern- ment inspection has stamped it as being very much superior to ail other modes of filtration.M"dical Paper. RADFORD'S Pttent WASHING l\Iaehines, Wring- JL) Ing. Drying, Mangling, Calendering Machines. Litundry requisites. Box & Barrel Chums. See Ca.ta!ogues <rpc by post. 63, Fleet-street, London. Cathedral Steps, Manchester. Tp?UMPING MACHINERY of every description for P works of drainage or irrigation, the supply of towns, Tiilages, estates, manufactories, &c. Apply to CrWYNNE and Co.. Engineers, Essex-street Works. Strand. London, W.C._Large Illnstrated Catalogues for 12 stamps. FIRST-CLASS Extra Strong STEEL "PENS. Last Jt- four times longer than others. Samples for three stamps. Also THOS. LOWE's Celebrated STEEL PENS. JOHN HEATH, George-street, Tarade, BinninpbHm. _5- _0 O--PATTERXS ? SILKS7 Post-free?BLACK OUU SILK, 1S/6 to 5 guineas a dress. COLOURED SILKS from I GUINEA to 10 GUINEAS. NICEOLSON and Co., AO to 52, St. Paul's Church-yard, B.C. Ladies should wnte for the above before pur( hasiner. STRAW HATs PATENT MACHIE SEWN for ? LADIES and GENTLEMEN. -0- ?<TRAW HATS ? PATKNT MACHINE SEWN 'aje ?? greatly superior in ma?e ?nd nnmh to hand made goods, possessing great durable advrntages and natural firmness the stitches are short amd repular, and do not penetrate the outer surface, or destroy the bead of the plait. Sold by all nrst-clftss Drapers, MiHiners. and Hatters PATENTEES and MANUFACTURERS VYSE, SONS. & Co., LONDON; LuroN, BnDFORDsiuRE, ST. Al.UAN'S, HERTS, 4,ND PitATO, ITALY. T HE "BAG of BAGS" for TRAVELLING DRES- JL SING, :tnd WRITING, the most compact and usefu! ever made. Patented and Invented by JENNER and KNEVSTUB. ra'entees of the A.B C Despatch Box, and E'gin Writing' Case, 33, St. James's-st., and 66, Jcrmyn-street, London. Ligt'- post free. BIIJLIARD TAnL¡'S.-THURTON and Co., J.t Billiard Table Manufacturers. By appointment to H. M. the Queen, and II. R. 11. the Prince of Wales Established 1814. 14, Catherine-street, Strand, London, W.C. Lists on application. irtILLIARirTABLE?-ft. lon? 48/6: l?ft. lon? S5? iLF Youro?vnDiningT?MeofMiys:ze,?genuineBi)!Mrd Table in 5 minutes. Cues & Baits complete. Diagram Free PATENT TABLE BILLIARDS Co., Bath-street, Bristol. CRICKETING Outniters. J. WMDEN -&C,-2- ? NEW COVENTRY STREET, LONDON. Bats Balls. Pads, Gloves, Croquet, Catapulta-, Teleaphs. All of the best Makers. Lists and Terms on application. The "FLORENCE.— THE BEST FAMILY SEWING MACHINE JL (LOCK STITCH). REDUCTION IN PRICE. PROSPECTUS, PRICE LIST, and n1! further information to FLORENCE SEWING MACHINE Comn-mv W, CHHAPSIDE, LONDON. AXt< S:{, UXIOX-STKEKT, CLASGOW. t? ?T?? S'rRINf:, ?nd DRUM?rplFH _Lt BANDS.—Mus.c;d h?trnments of every d<-?-rin- tion, t? host and cheap..?, to be had of J. MOORF.. Buxton" Road, Hu !dcr.neM. ];.nds supplied at whole.,itl,, pl'icl's. OJd instruinciits bought or talcf,n in pxch:u)"p P,ttGm< preps, Hn'i t.'stimonints po?t fr.'f-. ?lu-ic for ?nv ?Dd <.f b?nd r?rnn.sGd by the Army. Navy. R? C.? & ?pa! P.?.Mr.? &An,t..ur Y?njsof-th.. UTu-t?dKh?dom l'?<nnfortps Ih.rmouium.. & ttarp. by th? bp.t m?? ??M. YOUNC;R?co.'s Famed PALE and VT EDtNI;URf;H AI.HS. ?.y be had 'hMush a!I th<. h :uiin!; I!o't)ers nnd 'L:cm.s.d Victu?!crni C.? .n.] ?ifc. I!r. w.-ne- E.hnbu?h Lond_ on Otucc. I!. h-p.!prp I?mhoth S t' \?7'Ht'Ht;I{HA? and CO.'s w Hott!e<t Cot?et-, Stont :nr! Ale-' ol(' A!Ilt. HOB' L\KER. Pric('" and fn') p:u'\i(,111: ,Hl hI' "t.) .t thc<' tor. 2C. WOn.][[1' STt'HK-J\ J.nx:)ON, EC. A R <' Y's r<ch):(t('<I t) I' R L ) N S! T U 1)' ANCHOR j;RE\\K!!V, DmMN (Lar!t :;) I)t.jN' 1111: ore). l' 1 ]' l'r!! icrm-<on:)pp) !.n'!on. ? '< T Y U ? D U tM.t X U t; H W ? K V C C. ?? (t.?;tTt:?), C E 1. E R H r i; U S T C U T j S TJJ, 31, Succt, The NORTH SHROPSHIRE AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT DEPO' JJARVESTING j\J A C H I N E R Y. HOBNSBY'S, SAMUELSON'S FICKSLEY'S, WOOD'S, HOWARD'S, RANSOMEs & SIM-! A MOWING MACHINES HAYMAKERS WITH LATEST IMPROVEMENTS HORSE RAKES REAPING MACHINES The BEST MACHINES, the BEST MAKERS, on <7M BEST TjERJfS, frfim the LARGEST &I-OCF in SHROPSHIRE or yORTJEf WALES. THOMAS AND WHITFIELD, THE CROSS, OSWESTRY. N.B.—FITTING OF ALL KINDS IN STOCK. COMPETENT WORKMEN TO REP.UR AND START MACHINES. Catalogues Post Free. 2]:;7j H TTURLBUTT AND (";0., TIMBER MERCHANTS, COW LANE BRIDGE AND TOWER WHARF T7JfBFR YARDS, C H B c: 'p B H H. H. and Co. having received numerous applications for their List of Prices from persons residing in Wrpx ham, Rua.hon, a.nd neighbuurhood, requirmja: Timber :tnd anxious to purchase in the best and cheapt'st lII:lrht. Iierewith beg to submit to the public genet-ails the following rate of prices for T2.MJL!ER delttered Pree ftuiii 1";1 way cajriage at Wrexham, Rua.bon, and Mold Railway Stations. BEST SPRUCE DEALS, 3 inch, for Scantling, Boards, &c., at :ld. to 31d. per foot, 3 inch x 12 inch. BEST SPRUCE BATTENS, 7 inch x 2i inch. for Joists, &c., at JEd.'per foot, running. BEST SPRUCE SPARS, 3 inch x 21- inch, at Id. 3 inch x 21 inch, at id. 3 inch x 2 inch, at 311. Siuch y 1! ince, at gd. per foot, running. BEST SPRUCE, Plained and Edged I inch Flooring Boards, ready for laying down, in every length, at l£d. p(-r foot superiiciaJ, or 13s. 6d. per square. RED DEAL, Planed and Edged 1 inch Flooring, well seasoned and ready for laying down; First quality-free from knots, shaokes, and sap, at 21d. Second quality, at 2d. per foot superficial. Yellow Pine DEALS 3 in., 1st quality ?t 7?1.) foot 2nd do. at 5?. ( -P?, 'r?-.°-?' 3rd do. :Lt4d. f??-°?' 4th do. at:?d.) 12 m. Red DEALS :} inch, 1st quality ?t (??d. ? 3  '2nd do. at5ld. ( -P? ?, <. :M do. a.t? d. ? ?. 3rd ?'" Ln. ''y 4th do. at :?d. ? RED DEALS, 12 inch x 4 inch, at 7'1. to 91 (1. per foot, 12 iach x 4 inch. RED DEALU, 7 inch + inch, at 2;d. to 2d. per foot, 7 inch x 2t inch. BALTIC, 4 feet Plastering Laths, extra strength, at Us. per 1,000 laths. YELLOW PINE LOGS from l(Hd. to 2s. ? PITCH PIXE LOCS fMm2s. to 2?. M. RED PI?E LOGS fromlM. to2s.?P?-??- ?MEMEL? BALTIC LOG?ftoml?.Ud.tu 2.? SAWING AT SAW MILL RATES :— PINE BOARDS :—1 inch :md thicker, fi-oiii lid. tu :M. per foot, 1 inch by 12 inch i inch from 1(1. to 2}d. per foot, superficial. í inch from IN, to ld, per foot, superncial. N.B.—The above PRICES are for TIMBER DELIVERED FREE at WREXHAM, RUABOX, and MoH. SALE YARD-COW LANE BRIDGE. WHOLESALE YARD—TOWER WHARF. OFFICES AT COW LAXE BRIDGE. 1015j CARSONS' PAINT, PATRONISED BY THE QUEEN, The British Government, The Indian Government, TheColonialGovemments 7,000 of the Nobility & Gentry Railway A Canal Compaities, Collieries, Iren Masters, <&c. For all kinds of OUT-DOOR WORK, And is proved, after a test of upwards of 70 years, to surpass any other Paint. CARSONS' ORIGINAL PAINT CA.RSONS' AN?o'R?icx PMNT, Is especially applicable to Iron RooSng, Park Fencing, Farm and other Buildings, Bridges, Hurdling, Farm Implements, Carts and Wagons, Gates, &c., &c., and all exposed Work, effecting a SAVIXG OF MORE THAN 50 PER CE'\T., As not only is it cheaper in the nrat place when pur- chasing, but lasts twice as long as Genuine White Lead, or any other paint, and CAN BE LAID OX BY UNSKILLED LABOrR. It is sold in a fine dry powder, will keep any length of time, and requires neither grinding or straining, but simply to be mixed as per "Directions for L7zie. I COLOURS. Percwt White, or Light Stoned I Bath Stone, or Cream ) 1 colour ?}0ii. Light Portln.nd Stone ? Porthmd Stone. J Oak, or Lead bolour 26s. t.. Percwt. Bright, or Dark Red ) 2(; Chocolate, or Purple ?; 2(j". Brown BLtck.orBrotixeGreeR 1 j Bright Green I -12' Deep Green, or Blue TRADE MAKK A HAKKEL. Prepared Oil Mixture for the Anti-Corrosion. Oils, Turpentine, Varnishes, Brushes, &-c. CA-USONS' ORIGINAL CARSONS' AN?SSposioN PAINT, For Public Edifices, Mansions, Villas, and every kind of Brick, Stone, Compo, &-c., is unrivalled, and is the only Paint that will effectually resist the rays of the sun upon CONSERVATORIES, GREENHOUSES, FRAMES, Ac. 3 CWT FREE to all STATIONS in England, Ireland, and Scotland. Patterns and Pegtiin-onialg sent Post Prg, Ko .Agents. WALTER CARSON AND SONS, La Belle Sauvage 1 a,'d, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, E.G. AXD 21, BACHELOR'S WALK, DUBLIN. CARSONS' PAINT. 6'8y KAYE S WORSDELL'S PILLS. The best Remedy fur Diseases oy the SA-iit. Chemists, &c., at Is. IM., 2s. !M., and 4s. t!d. per box. HOLLOWAY'S OINPMENT. THIS wondetfu! Ointment sets like masic in fhc JL cure of old wounds, sores, and ulcers, however in- veterate. Its effect is marvellous in cases of paralysis, contracted or stilt joints, and in stoppage of the water or disorders of the kidneys it is unequalled. ASTHMA AND BRONCHITIS. This class of cases, including sore throats, had couehs, and colds, may be infalliably cured by well rubbing this remedy twice a day on the breast, throat, and chest. BAD LEGS, BAD BHEASTS, ETC. In many hospitaJs in Europe, this celebrated remedv now in general use. In Spain, Portugal, and in Italy, the Physicians regularly prescril)e Its use for Mores :uid ulcers. Sailors, soldiers, emigrants, :md miners tuid it most inYlauable, ¡ RHEUMATISM AND SWELLINGS, To sufferers from racking pains this Ointment is price- less. It reduces inflammations and swellings, removes all pain, and restores natural circulation. PILES, FISTULAS, ETC., KTO. All inflammations and ulcerations to which either s-ex may be afflicted can be relieved, and cured by the diluent use of this healing Ointment, IMPRUDENCES OF YOUTH. Certain old sores and swellings can be effectually cured by the joint agency of Holloways Ointment and i'ills if used according to the printed directions. The Ointment and Pills should be used conjointly in most of the following cues:- Asthma. B:Ml Legs Ba<! Breasts Bronchitis Eruptions Ghutds, Enlargement of Gout Lumbago Piles Rheumatism Scrofula Sore Thioa.ts SoreHejuis TicDoIoureux Wlieexiup with (lifficilltv. of Breathing. 1fif" CA UT ION :-None are genuine unless the words "/7oKou)<t)/, London," t).re discernible :LK :), Wafer-mad, m every leaf of the hook of directions which ma\ be plitinly seen I)v hol(ii*ttg it to the li:lflt. holdnt thf. manufactory of I'rofessor Hon.owAY, 24t. Strand L<ni- don, and byill DeaJers in Medicine, in pots :it !<' 1 '<! 2s. 9d., 4s. M., lls., 22s., &nd :s. -There is .l able saving by taking the tarter "i7.e"er' copious di- rections for use :tre afHxed to each pot. Hj NAT U R E'S C U It -k T I VE. ELECTRICITY AND MA(}NHTISM. HEALTH AND MANHOOD RESTORED (lvithoitt J/(;cf«;f?t<'J CURE YOURSELF BY THE ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC SELF ADJUSTiNC CURATIVE. ?UFFERMRH from A'o-t-otM 7)e???' r(!<-)/t? ?r.??h-. S 3/'enfn< n? fA)/t.')'t'ft? Dc?)'t'xj'o; V\)?a?'<?; '?? the heni-t, Noises iit the Ifi,ad aii(i A'f!<, /); paired Sight and J/t'MiO; II/digestioll, Prostnil;I, Lassitit(le, o.y Spirit." Loss o ;f Eiiei-!I!t a lid Appetite, Poi)).q ut the and Loft' f)/ Solitud." P.'al' <C-c., ?'c. CAN NOW CURE THKMSELVES By the only (¡uarantccll Kt'mcdv" ill KurofK'. protected Mid sanctioned b' the f.%ci,.Itv. Demils frt-e for Ouo St:unp by WALTER .!H\R, H- Medical Hh-ctti- ci:m (to the London Ht's;'it;tts), PERCY HOUSE, BEDFORD SQ.UARK, I,()XDUX, W.(,. N,n,-h>rlidn(' :tnd Fees superseded. In proof of the WONDROUS CUrE eitech'd. tn\)- !!d<«:mh:tvcthc ELECTR!C :\I.\( ETI(' Ct'RATtVK on Trial, with rcfercuces to the lea.iiu¡! J'It\sici:Lns of the dny. Est,tl)li.slietl ISIOts S,,irgif.:Il &('. ,t Test (;rati<. S'ell'{ ,fili' D<,tai!<. CAUTtON.-N.H. This is ši"lItitic ppli:mc., in "pital" hy the :'If"l1 F:H:nHy of Cr"a 'Brita;n. .J I' FIL whtt ('altinn t''<' ,.n'5l;<- h:>- n:tm<- :m<! hnjtat;pg h!'< Villi: t'rixe ;\k,!a! aw! !{('i'¡t:\l Y? AMH.V K!t.t:S. C<?nn;XT\?)KS nid )' jtU LH;!f)t'S t?tOKS. m?.?v.r?"v '?tC (; t;Ayi.K\'s, ti-y. 7'7;t' }¡.o.;f /< ,t ? e f-(¡I/Jj i(.: t ,« (lld by all <llur!t< .2: :¡t J:ld.l< :it)'! C41. ptr box. i7.i POPULAR MEDICAL WORKS, PUBLISHED BY MANX, 39, CORXH1LL, LOXDOX (Entered at Stationers' Hall, 1S40J Price Is. by post 12; sealed, 20 stamps. H/TAXHOOD a Medical Easav en tf.e Canse -L T- L and Cure of Premature Decline in Man. th<- Treatment of Nervous and Physical Debility, Sterihiv. The result of 3U years' successful Practiced Bv .) ) CURTfS, M.D., 15, ALBEMARLE STREET, l'ICC-i- DILLY, LONDON. I REVIEWS OX THE WORK. "We feel no hesitation in saving that there i' m member of society by whom the book will not be f-)iin,t useful—whether such person hoid the relation ..f a PAREXT, PRECEPTOR, or CLERGYMAN."—.Sf't Eveuin". Paper. ''Dr. Curtis has conferred a boon by pubiishini; thi little work, in which is described the source of t!.r,s. diseases which produce decline in vouth, or ni<.re )' !quently premature old age. "-Daily Tele:J¡"('Jlh, M:ncl: 27th, 185t!. Also, from the same Author for Is., or 1C stamps DR. CURTIs-s MEDICAL GUIDE TO MARK)A<.r:. JL? a Practical Treatise on its Physical and Persun:d Obligations. With rules for removing certain of wedded life. j The above wt)rksniayil.-jo be obtained at the Auth 'r residence. 15, ALBEMARLE STREET, W., LONDON. i,.j: WREXHAM ADVERTISER OFFICE (LATE .MUSIC HALL). A LL kind. of Letter Press Printing, executed b. J?jL hand and Steam Power. CIRCULARS, BILL HEADS, AND CARDS, inth.: ?? neatest styles. T?RAW AND PAY SHEETS AND SETS OF i_? ACCOUXT BOOKS FOR COLLIERIES. COLLIERY RULES IX ENGLISH OR WELSH  T?ALL PROURAMMES, MEXU CARDS, &nJ J? WINE UsTS. ftREWHRS' and .Mpi-chant?' Delivery, (?rder, ?u JLt Receipts Books Printed and Bound. BOTTLE and Cask Labels, Direction Card- TT?RAPERS' POSTERS & HAND B!LLs Disp).??: Diii Ftrst-rn.te Style, on the shortest notice, aim ? very advantageous terms ArCTlOXI-ER: KALt: BILLS andCATALU'.rt.- A with the upmost expedition. C H E C K DELIVERY BOOKS, ) T. BAYLEY AND BRADLEY. ADVERTISER OFFICE, WRKXHAM. f FLAIRS GUUF ? hHEUMAT.C PILLS. 1-3 Price Is. Ud. and ?s. !td. pt) box. Tilis preparation is one of the benefits which the of modern chemistry has conferred upon mankind: !"t durins the tirst twenty years of the {.t.-ent .'fntmy tj speak ot :t cure for t!ie ('iout was a but now the eH!c:n-y and sttfety of this medium. is sc fully demonstrated, hv sons in every rank of life, that public t!ns as one of the most important discovery's 01 the" present ane. These Pills require no restraint of dipt or <mt'iHet'.t.t during titeir use. and certain to prevent .1i- .tti1.-c:kiJl¡' any )'ital part, sold by all Medicme Vendors, or obtained tllr"ll;h any Chemist. ") TRAFFIC RECEIPT. 1"711. -r("al Westeim {. Grent Western ) ?;4.!?:H West Mid):md .?. ? I?x' South W?es.t:r? 1< London and Xortb Western. ) ,LH' ? ??' Shrewsbury ?nd HerefMrd i ShropshireUuion ?.1?.4"* C'ABHL\ R.\)LWAYS.—(17S miles open)—TratHc the wepit cndint: A IIg-. 7, Isiv. par. horses, carriages, (ions, and mails. £:¡; Us Od chandisf. minerats. and cattle. <r!s7 Os Od tot:d the week. ?7t!4 Os Oti a??-p,.ate fr. )n the 1-t jt;IS.iI. Corresponding week lust vc:.r ?!7S tuih'- "P''?? —Passe]).er.s. parrels, horse. cania?es do!:s..mdr.?' ??]:{« «s ('() merchandise. !uin"t"ds :nnf ?'??' .C132<! Os ()d total for the week, ;e:'4 .< Us od c ditto, 17,54. ? h-tr IhT:-i: I1U:-i: BAT:-i at FIL\iER' Wrexham. Every description of Cl.oCK- cleaned allll r.'p,rt" F. I-I\Elt. 4. Hih."trt't't, Wrcxham. "'7'! The pubHc fuUy l¡ y.'rf. a-; it is always rich in flavour, very who!eso:ne. Supplied only in packets by vertised in tbi- paper. i BttKAKFAsT.—EPPS'S COCOA.—CRATKH t. ?" '? Fon'r)\(;.—The very agreeable character of thi- )'?? ?'' ?tioii has rendered it ? general favourite. Tt'e ?.S('j-r<'c<' <rff?<'?(' remarks:—"By a t.hcroHcb k't''?' of the natural laws which gon>m the opo.Mi" digestion and nutrition, and by a careful appti'n' ''? the nne properties of wpU-se!ected coco:). ?)r )-P!? provided our breakfast t:tb)es with a deiicatch ??.'?' bever:)ce which may s:tve UM many heavy do t"r- ?, Made simpiv \vit!i bo:!ins water or milk. S?I'i '¡'. tin-lined packets, labelled—JA'Mt;s EPI' ?" 1(' II .i. Homo'opathic Chemists, I?oud<?n. J. E. a)'d t ?s ?.?? Preparations are sold in ?'texham by \?. <?' Hi?b-street. -See tiiat each bottb' is securCt) '') ? "ver the cor k beari!)? the signature, Jatue" )'-)')'' O\"(r the l'ork, hlar¡I1p: t Ie Slll:t .ure, :L1Ul' (;o., without, which none are ?euuine. T!))-: Rt;v..lA?Ks PARSONS.—This distit)?" ?? cont'o-uust re.-i?!is the pastorate of S:dem Ci)::pc!. next October, wb?b wil! be tlie 5tkb :Lnniver-n r tirst prc:K-hnt:: in that city. In a recent scru" .? I1r"t 1!1'eaeh11t 11\ l,t 11), n., .:) t" r"ve)\'n(t ?entb'mau made specia) aHusio" ? t'russo-French war. He rcm:u'ke)-Prophcc\ ""? )t!:)in itseff. and it could o;dv be e\p]aincd by ?'j 1 1. a'td patp .M e acc?n.p t i.- I un. rt. The"e was t)0 ?"?' !h;'<'present issut' wonid bea for?;d t,) ill ?r:n'd march hv which (}od woutd <-vo)vc Ihs '?' tl I II t!ce]'t purposes. Thev spoke of d tl ¡'l"[J" frou) the abvss which had fed on the dcva.?.. coutitie.'s )uiMio::s. and wtt.s now nappn)? li,.t 1" -.v.!)"s ?!o:)tine over the destruction of !n!]')o"- ?..  HI' S 11'11 \I'" \1: bu.fn.n. thetrnmphs of the H.dySpint.?'"? b.n'd of no i.iore the bat:!e ot the Mar:?. fuse d no i se and ?anncnts)-c.. )'' b l ood. fl1l'd ]!oi:->t.' atll 1I1!1(llt .¡.t. 1 the tit" :(1 i,it? sii-ill iii.t(! of clit? 'riiTii!)t,t .11 (, tl)tl i!lflll'lil IL b:n:!a )' uo uh.rc J'c t!n.i;or <.f :.r!iHery. a)?t :t"d dc.b ?n)j'pb- of s<?T;et! bc.sts. no )))' sho'tts ot tih'con.!U"ror.tbe ?b'iek sof t)n' 11. 4'r!t'" II! :)dthe'4)o:msof thcdyin?no the cr)c- ;¡: \?.tov.s :t')do)p)'arsnomort'-a' thc"t;r':e"t .?., r .f J r 1 "')r, 1\ilW" :nd ?ad waste of fruitful t?]d' :)),? prov i'-cc'. Au-.rb.'r order and a-?'h' r Jis!tt"" ?"" :U!d i.tead of antipaD.y there wf"d _?' f" I .iT :111: i):stc.!d"t' r<eu'=:e.f<'r?:en<:s.- I'?:td o) a)).?. ?;: to \.1.. 1 'I.Hi!. (';lt1.:( l )., <S h)-<d of srsp:c!on ?:'i ?' .?'- ?" nuth ue?c'- bin'?!? nn in '!? -?. )t-.? bt..L'!H'ood ))' K)be ns i'l" Md i. '? ??