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Sale by Mr. Williams. "V" rVTEVSIYE SALE OF VALUABLE FURNITURE, -Vir'e of Electro Pinto, Oil Painting, &e., JJl ;¡¡T,[j-Ruom, Jlarkd: Hall, Cross, Mold. ■;org™, in orik ense, • plays SO tunes, bath, s»ranil scpiaee hy Clementi > 1 ,• 7 S niuh tclesoope dining 1:'-ronm chairs, covered mi .• v mfa, easy nrnl lounging > :) f1, »avvt-'l pedestal sideboard, marble hlu'.i, Bfu-sols and onlr I ] cloths* \tinged libraiy nnd other Hnr ."<;J' Mahogany, szt of six 1.V.iiv- »v:T.-rv;I in leather, ditto > ,os, mtchLs antique lic- wtirclrobe, si, »t ,} v: m, HipevV.y embroidered in 'n' ••ins dessrit service, curious I <11.. .111(,Ils of China. lvsevveod drawing-euit of rich crim. ■; ■>- •■•■"■ rn-i-'ina <>r clmivs, couch, easy win. l:1! miunU'wiit hi) anJ card tables, V> 1 ) 1:. 10 UiliftS u'UCiv aAU U<»OiS, > Cry v.?d pile Axminster carpet, 25ft 6in by 18ft, brilliant 'p:?t'-rh:i?y srb?es.?f l?rgc di- n*?on-\ in burn^lu'd g'dd frames, table service t 'ci.r.u.eih-d lmo Ch:n:? unique dessert service of 'o'? r.. 1.- C' i"t?. comvletc servue of tho best 40 ó .I. & I'r eiach'io work '?bh's.f-ctnor ??,T'.?;mc.?nt?o:'l's,in raso,&c. valuable oil ?..? r: ,??;!t?th' framed, Lv C'????rt. Karl du > Wilson, and other ancient and modem artists, a number of choice c-nsravings, appropriate- 1 1 'f' J" F. ly framed and glazed. The Bedroom Furniture is nf the in fine s'v<uh n.nh^r.uv, hali-l'-ster. Tudor, and four- ,■ *»■ damask s prime goose 1c-niiicr beds line Spanish mahogany winged \var<l- rditto dressing tables and vashstands, will-, v. i; ;rb!e t" s, ehevol and toilet glasses, with i slabs, chests of drawers, Led and table lin- en, cight-dav clock, bracket timepiece, sets of r .window curtains, painted bedroom furni, vari«-tv, nnd variuus OLin/r items too numur- to euumerate. MR. JAS. WILLIAMS haq much p?aurem onnoun-hic; to hU friends and tho pnbl!c Le has bten favoured with ill st I-iieti tons to Dia- y.e ..H v Auction, at the Asacmbly Room, Mar- I J-l-.ll. Cross, Mold, (where the properly has reeved) on Wednesdfy and Thursday, 19th c •imser.eiens each morning at '11 'v. tT,.e above highly valuable ;l ..LnITTIIE. and eifacts. » the attention 1 -,ci principal V uicn >ft' 1- '.•n.-hJg Leen supplied by house- of eaiitituce in tha tr<Á' \>; tLit'. the last t'.vo yean. The whole may bo viewed on Tuesday, the 18th yovemhor, between the hours of Eleven and Four •Aloek, by catalogues only, I)i-.ce sixpence each (to be returned to purchasers), wijich may be obtained on the preniiscs, Assembly ^Itoom, Market Hall, Civ.sJ. of Mr Ilopwood, tha Hoebuck Inn, the prin- r:p-d Inns in the Town and neighbourhood, and iroju the .Auctioneer, j- at his OlEce, Maes-y-dre, Holywell. Ealo by Mr Grifnth. SALES OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY AT WREXHAM. R- CRin'ITM h&srecpivc?'posttiveinstructiona iXL f;o:? the Trustee* of Mr. Evan ?lorrf'.toj by A\ CTION, 011 Tiiu:;v, the 20th day of AowMiiijci, Hotel, in Wrexham, jircciauly at G P.M. A fruitful GAPTDEN-, situate at llhos Ddn," neni- to the Town of Wiexham, containing about 1700 btjuarc yards (itore or less) Summer House, Cucum- ber iritine deors, nnd fruit trees, &c, &c,"all included. Also will he sold nt the ram? jand place, a FPiLEliOLD HOLSE and Premises, situate at the Cross-Lanes, near Bangor, containing Par- lour, Breakfast-room, Kitchen, and four good Bed-rooms and a Miik House. There are good Out-buildings attached, with two Gardens, alai iibout 7 acres of Land. Also, it small COTTAGE, containing front and back kitchens, and two bed-rooms. There i also a Garden attached, adjoining the lands of G. Povser, Esq., and the llev. E. Marsh, Bangor. Condi!ions will be produced and read at the hour of 6alts -itid any further information nifiy be obtained from tti3 Auctiuueer, Wreihaai. Sale bv Messrs Hill & Son. 151 POUT A NT .\1,E AT THE CROSS KEYS llOTEL, OSWLSTKY. KILL AND SON b&x to"aunounce that they will M SELL by AUO'l?N, on the above pre'uises? in the ccfupiition of Mr, J. E. King, oil Thursday, l'iiduN, Satu.dtiy and Monday, November 20th, 21st 2-ith, all the very valuable Makog- 11V nnd Cither TUKNTTL'KE, iu numerous diuiug, •li-:aui:g, sitting, and bed room suites, Brussels and other csrpcts, exedlent goose feather beds, haii, aad stmsv luattresses, pHliasscs, blaukets, linen, china, ?Lsi, ditaicr aud dessert scrvicez,, plalttd goods, prints, puintin<:s, wines, kitchen and culinaiyvarticles, brew- irrj vessels, very large new copper furnace, saddles, bridles, imrness, carriages, n;oii riiiiig, coacl-j, hearse, h-rncss horses, nbout 35 tous of prime hay and clo- ver. eart, aud ether efieets. The sale will commeuce each day punctually at 12 o'clock Catalogues may be had at the place of sale Jour no I and Chronicle Offices, Shrewsbury Comant and Chronicle Offices, Chester; Advertiser Office, Wrex- ham and i t ille Others of -H.iii& Son, Otwestry or hy enclosing a postage etatnp^to the Auctioneers. NEW CHEAP lUSIC. IS 'DAVIDSnX'S MUSICAL TREASURY.' For November, 1856, Published at 19, Peters Hill, London. Sold by Charles G. Bayley, OSWESTRY, QOXGS FROM DRED." The Poems taken by ? cxprc&s permission of Mrs Beecher Stowe, ex- i*, r tLe .\Itis i ca l r reasur y clusively for the Musical Treasury. LlSE'l'l'E'S SONG, What are the Joys of White Man? (jJ THE NORTH CAHOiJNA ROSE, the Ethiopian Ti u::b..dnur's song, Cd I VOL1 AND I. Di Mckay's noble Poem of Progress, now iirt pubiisiicd with 51usic, Nos 821-2 of the j' Musical Treasury, Price 6d KING LEAR AND HIS DACnilTEilS QUEKH, :u:oiher of the S!uk»penrean Extravaganzas, writteu by flugo Vamp for Sam Cowell, suitably embellished in colours, 835-6, Price 6d SIGH NO MORE, LADIES, the celebrated Glee, a;ran,red for three voices, with New Pianoforte Syui. phony aud Ace S42, Price 3d ruur Part-songs by Meudelssohn, Memory—The Wild Forest—Lovely spring. &c, now first published with English Words, No 847-8, Price6d The MEDEA QUADRILLE, as performed at the Olympic Theatre, with a Lilho-Photographic Portrait of Ihe celebrated Mr KoUoc, as Medea, Ncs 8" j' 8 of the Musical Treasury, Price TIIE YANKEE GIRL'S ftONGb, bung t-y Mrs. Florence and Ir". Bamoy Williams MY M\UV ANN, ? KEEMO, K.MO, kn^wii as 'Jy-.?, you trv me oh with Port'?t of Mra i..?? W'nL?.? No.. S32-40 oitnc M?c.1 Tr;.n (irv. Pi ice 6d Alt',OU-\D, with t?ic P,),t-tralt, in 'L%-c). 1. Pl'ibJ ;d.. The YAKEE GIRL'S POLKA, on the Air., Bobbing around and Polly won't you try me, on N 3 3d, The SOLDIER'S WELCOME HOME sung Nightly at Canterbury Hall and other popular and fllBhionaùle Concerts, No. 833, pnco 3d., cmbol- liskcd in colours. PEACE to the SOULS of the IIEROES, Glee for 3 Voices with accompaniment, No. S-l, pnto 3d. MAZ^PPA,the CREA M of TARTARS, written Ly Hugo Yiimp for Sam Cowell, New Comic Seeua. ■ T! embvUishcd in colours, pricc only Xtpence, Nus 82U-30 of the Musical Treasury. The WRECK of the HESPERUS, Longfellow I THE BRYNMALLY COLLIERY ACCIDENT. AND LOSS OF.FOURTEEN LIVES. THE fatal and melancholy Inundation at these -L Mines on the 30ih of September last, cannot but have awakened a feeling of deel) iiitcrcsr and sym- pathy throughout the kingdom, especially in Mining Districts. Ever since the accident happened, every means li-l% e been used, but without success, to rccovtr the unfortunate sufferers, imprisoned iu the mines hy the water. Nine widows aad twenty seven cli;ltli-eii, besides uged relatives, thus deprived of their natural support are compelled to appeal to the sympathy of the public)for relief. A Subscription listfcas been open- ed to meet their urgent claims, nnJ it. is hoped that this appeal on beh§]f.,of the widows aud fatherless will meet with tLe re&pouae it deserves. A Committee, consisting of the following persons, will carefully investigate the claims of the sufferers, at; d tceive and distribute the funds which may be collected- Hev, W. G. Davil's, Brymbo; Rev. Wynne Ed- wards. Gwersyllt; Messrs. Thomas Clayton, aud James Darlington, Bryumally; R. V. Kyrhe, Peudwllyu, J. Dickenson, and Dr Williams, Wrexham « W. II. Darby, Brymbo; lleury Robertson, Brymbo; John Burton, Miufira Hall; Thomas Irven, Stansty Hall; Robert Roy, Brymbo Hall; William Low, Lloft Wen; Mortimer Maurice, Oak Lodge; James Sparrow, Wrexham; John Halcroft, Bryumally; Samuel Joues, Brymbo; Charles Harrison, Frith. Edwakd DARBY, Treasur r Fkedeuick Hutchikson, Secretary. < 8. d. The Marquis of Westmin6ter 100 0 0 The Bryumally Colliery 100 0 0 The Brymbo Company 100 0 0 J,) I in Burtou, l? John Burtou, Esq., Minera Hall 60 0 0 Messrs. Maurice & Low, Vrou Colliery 60 0 0 The Broughton Coal Company. 25 0 0 Thomas Irven, Esq., Stansty ITall. 20 0 0 j Messrs. Dixons & Wardell, Bankers, .Cheste: 20 0 0 j Minera Mining Com paiiy 50 0 0 The Westminster Coal Company 60 0 0 1 Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart., MP. 60 0 0 Edward Oakley, Esq., Coed Taloli 60 0 0 New British Iron Company 20 0 0 T. T. Tavlor, Esq., per Mr. Darlington 20 0 0 George Whielden, Esq., per ditto 25 0 0 J. Dicken, Esq., Black Park. 20 0 0 Mrs. J. 10 0 0 William Field, Esq, Shrewsbury. 10 0 0 James Spence, Esq., Ditto, 6 0 0 Walter Roberts, Esq., Ditto 2 0 0 Mr. T, S. Sancock, Birkenhead. 200 Daniel Climie, Salop. 110 u William Scott. 100 „ F. A. Frost, Chester 10 0 „ Francis Parker 10 0 „ AY. Titherington 100 „ Wilson Huntingdon 10 0 Wti'tmcn employed by the Brymbo Company. abt 50 0 0 The workmen connected with the Brymbo Com- pany's Works have appointed a Committee to collect subscriptions towards this Fund. The following Bankers have kindly consented to re- ceive contributioua,—Messrs. Dixons and Wardell, Chester; North aad South Wales, and National Provincial Banks, Wreshain < Messrs, Leylanda aud Bullius, Liverpool. JUST RECEIVED BY J. EDISBURY, & Co., SEVERAL Packages of Prime FRESH CURED YARMOUTH RED KEIRIELXnsra-S, Which are now on Salo at their TlA and Gkoceky Establishment, Town Hill, Wrexham. N.B -Also a supply of New Foreign Fruits. BENT ALL'S PATENT BRO ADSH ARES,! fpO which Four Prizeg were awarded this year Tat the Chelmsford Meeting of the Royal I Agriculiural Society, in addition to the many prizes awarded to the same at the various agricul- tural shows. Catalogues forwarded free""on application to JOHN WINDSOR, AGRICULTURAL MACHINIST, &c., ¡ Beatrioe-street, Oswestry, I w hr various sizes may be seen. PRICES OF BROADSITARES. MARK. t s d 1 L.W.B 5 5 0 1 B.W.B 6 6 0 L.I.B 6 6 6 B.I.B 6 1" 0 1 MARK. A s d L.I.I.B. 6 16 6 L.I.B.B 7 17 6 B.I.I.B 7 17 6 B.I.B.B 8 18 6 JOHN ROBERTS, SEEDSMAN, FRUITERER, AND LICEN- SED DEALER IN GAME, HOrE-STUEBT, WREXHAM, TAKES this opportunity of returning thanks to T his friends and the Inhabitants of Wre?ham, and the neighbourhood generally, and begs res- pectfully to inform them that he has given up the Shop formerly held by him in the Market- Hall, and that the whole of his business is now con- ducted at his Shop in Hope-street, as being moie convenient to himself and the public at large. N.B. All kinds of POULTRY constantly on hand. £ FRESH FISH supplied in First-rat-a conditioll Wrexham, Sept. 19th, 1856. HOMOEOPATHIC PHARAMACY, CHURCH-ST., WREXHAM. GEORGE TUSHINGHAM respectfully in- forms the Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Wrexham generally, that he has commenced business as IiOMCEOPATHIC CHEMIST, in the Shop formerly occupied by Messrs. R. Hughes and Son, booksellers. Iu attendance at Wrcxham-cvery MONDAY, THUHSDAY, alld SATUIUJAV. Homoeopathic Cocoa, and other articles express- ly prepared for patients under Homoeopathic treatment. THE WREXHAM SELF-SUPPORTING HOSKEOPATOIC DISPENSARY. (HELD AT MRS. BARLEY'S, CONFECTIONER,) Hope-street, Opposite the Post-Ofifce. EVERY THURSDAY MORNING FROM 9 to 10 PHYSICIAN HENRY THOMAS, M.D. THE objcct of this Dispensary is to afford medi- cal advice for the exclusive benefit of the poorer classes; those who can afford to fee a medi- cal man, cannot be received as Dispensary patients. FEE-One Shilling each consultation. Subscribers of one guinea per annum will be en- titled to recommend six poor patients. Attendance for private consultation-from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., the same day. FOR SALE, A Good secondhand COPYING PRESS, nearly A new. To be had a to Mr. Bayley, Bookseller, W rexham. TOWN-HILL FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. ?' -??1? ?- -A- ?OC<?:B HASi?,^ SteM lIom,o anù Shop, laldy Mcu"iod by **• w. and h. tHheOy hUavSe mEadHe aOnd LarD e constant' mSV! LlA G O 0 D S l to which they bave mdG illlLl are consLlntly making I.AIWE ADD1TION8, of really good, degaat, and uf;¡'ul 14 0  S E ii () 11 D P u P6 N I T U R E w"-icii will ? found Gilt Pier and Swing Glasses, Sideboards^, Chpfiionet ers To'psfnni» a,, /l1 f m Sdtees, Coucnc., Sofas What Nots, Bookean, Secre^s-D^wers, Half Tester, Four ?wing Clares, S?.boarJsB, ce.J, st? ?ans S p?Pu?1 -f! ? titoek. can be ob?iu.d on th,?, j ^aint' £ 3 tL'3 shortest notice, of reliable workmanship and'material 'd UtR uyb-8.t(> fcollCilt a cal1 *rom Parties j! wanting, as it will ever be their 'princi iple to do all iu t> „ (.r| n good article at a moderate rate,and THE NEW TEA ESTABLISHMENT HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. ¡ I THOMAS ROBERTS J JS returning thank3 to his numerous friends and the inhabitants of IVrexliam lmd th o local- Ity gcnen¡}lr, for the ycry hberal support which thv ]lav favoured bhn with sinee his commencenient, and trusts by industy ?iid istriet attention to business, Ilud bv selling a BSpSSSlft.-li" pu,slLlü ?"?' to ?'? a continuance of the support ? liberaly accorded to him. T. R. most respectfully invites the U°L of nrr ou?? keepcra and all consumer to J try eomeof^bf NEW SEisOf N?EAS wH hh as -Reived, and is now offering for sale, at the following price SonehonV''l^isT^ N??N?S'???????? ??arkable .freehand rich old  Flvour-STRONG CONGOU, 3d, pel' lb.-good qualitv s 4d -Supe rio Flavoured ditto, rccouiinei?d 3s 8d-C?:crG?FE? 4?!L ?' "?? T 53MS Sli' ?-? reJ £ S». 6d -Finest Jan;1aica Is 8d.  a largo Supply of BRITISH WINES, of aU descriptIOns I he intenda selling at gre?yl.y ? ?-?-???' POTTED MEATS, &c., which he intends sellmg at greatly reduced pnces. Oburvt-T. ROBERTS, lliyh Street, WreAam, f nearly opposite th Market Ilat'l.) 1It.¡, .RI. HA HP & PIANO FORTE WA REHOUSE ABBEY STREET, CHESTER BOUCHER AND CO  H' to tetTchaarS m SALE aS° I-NSTRUMENTS of the kst character, or SALE and HIRE, on the most moderate terms. Additional Stocks j kept by Uioir various Ag°em nts in Wales TUNING AND REPAIRING IN ?S BE1^CHES_ Loweet price for Ready Money. W rTEII GOODS, BEE HIVE, CHURCH GATES. WREXHAM. TOHN JONES begs to announco that he has juet returned from the Manchester, Leeds, and ? Bradford markets, with a larga and select STOCX OF GOO DS. especially adapted ? tho on ibA™lUKgDnAfY, 01' ?'' "umeroua ? be named in detail. The STOCK will be reaJy for Inspection v the 18th instant, (This Day). i' ?' ''?Pcctfuliy solicits hie numerous friends to pay a visit to tho BEE HIVE, where they will find everything which they may require to make them warm and happy, dunM tha cold and dreary winter months. 1 He also respectfully wishes to call the attention of the Public to his Jugo stock of RIBBONS (about 500 pieces.) which he is enabled to dispose of at about half the regular stvul, price, he h a Yin purchased it under circumstaucos which permit of him doing SC). October 18th, 1856. CHEAP GOODS FOU CLOTHING CLUBS & CHARITIES. I JONES ROGERS AND ROBERTS: BillY to call attention to the following List of GOODS which they are enabled to oiler at very Low Prices — "WE.1..JS:a: BLANKETS. j 3 E 3 T, -A- 1-,T i M: E rE BOLTON SHIRTS. C OLOUHED QUILTS. t TICKB. PHIITTS. ¡ C I:rBC :E:3 -(-. -r A ,r-< 1 C3-T?:'T C,<j-?'   ?n?rs?rs? ? MOLESKINS, ¡ COHDUROYS, COTTON HA-NDKEROHIEFS, WOOLLEN" SHAWLS AND HANDKERCHIEFS, LARGE STOCK OF CALICOES, COM- MENCING AT OITPia PENNY PER YARD. Cross-st, Oswestry, November, 1859 _9 GLASGOW HOUSE, TOWN IfILL, I WREXHAM. E. & Y. RUSHTON, EESPECTFULLY beg to inform the inzabitants of Wrexham, and its vicinity, that they have taken the premises lately occupied by Mr. Smith, Confectioner, Town Hill, Wrexham, which they have OPENED with a choice selection of GENERAL DRAPE EY, MILLINERY, RIBBONS, &c. STRAW BONNETS altered and cleaned to the Newest Shapes. F. F'EASE R, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER, SILVERSMITH, JEWELLER, &c. (LATE TOWN HILL.) b} IIIGH-STREET, WREXHAM, BEGS respectfully to call the alteution of the public to his extensive stock of WATCHES CLOCKS, JEWELLERY, FANCY GOODS, and SPECTACLES, to suit all sights, Thermometers, Weather Classes, &c» &c. | GOLD CHAINS, & FANCY JEWELLERY, in great Variety.—WEDDING & MOURNING RINGS. ELLIS AND SONS, ENGINEERS, MILLWRIGHTS, MACHINISTS, IIUJ] AiYB BRASS FOUNDERS, AND AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT MANUFACTURERS, X>EG to ^quaint t;he public that they ha,e commenced bu.iness ?ENGINEERS, MILLW™RIGH^TS gbX in A "?LEME?T MANUFACTURERS, ? ? aud .p.cious p;.??: ted for the purpo8c, in LEG STREET, OSWESTRY EngiuVtoiiint-lt r;4T eiPeCiMC" in the manufacture of portable ? M Enginos, Thrashing Lllachires, &c., at the works of Messrs. Clayton, Shuttleworth, and Co., Lincoln, and having engaged talented and experienced workmen from some of the LestmMuf-ietor? in I the kingdom, ?ohav purchased new and ext?ve machinery, believe they shall be able to I order:> tW may be entru ted to them with promptitude aJ J?ch?.nJI?workI? oc q ual t,) auy house m the trade. New and improved Patent HORSE RAKES, ?- an -?-eiy nneeww pril1ciplt made to order. J. Elli's and Sons beg to assure their friends and ?licthatuo??llbe waut??<? parh to merit tke?r support.  fixed En.gines, ?-,hlla!hi Uachinc¡¡. &c" of a new aird improved cornatruetion, ma& to orùer. and at IH ices 10 SUI' the times, COUNTY OF DENBIGH. CniEF C:ONTSTABLE. .T0TI0EIS I1EKEBY GIVEN", that at the nfst .1. rliltrv Qjsarter Sessions, to be held on THURS. DAY, the 8'h day of January next, at Ruthin, in the County of Denbigh, the -'us! ices intend to elect a I 1" C' 1 C I IlIEP CONST A BL"S for the said County, at a al,ary of i250 per anuum, wjth eo oliowance of | 50 per anuum f.-r Horse &;»d i orage. The loreiJ is i o consist of (about) 37, including Superintendent, I Serjeants, aud Men. ] C.mJiJttcs aro rcq!1iud to x?end an Adjonrned St:?sioub Ruthin, ci Tnni?DAY.thel'SL'it?y (,f DLeeuibnr next, "l,i amI Uicn t? produce their ,,f r,)on, aiid i I;ti-t to language will be n of t?iC, I'?T(,.l JOSSPll PEERS, ) ??&tjt i) ? jj<j.'o, | Clerk 0i the Ptc. nui?tL 81st 0?.?853. I pn,AL I lI.) (' ct! 7'i ?7'?;2L.S?: r;?, If) ¡', J It' Y<\j r., I' It¡' p; ¡". J ¡).¡ £. .g .oil   fLIFE AND FISF.) CAPITAL—, £ 200,0 00, wbolly S-JB- SCRI11ED. HEAD Orvicns—HIGH-STREET,'WREXHAM, LOKDON BHAKCH—49.M00HGATE-ST., CITY. LIFE POLICIES taken out'during the current -tj year participate in the the first Bonus to be declared in 1860, FIRE INSURANCES on modevate terms. FARMING-STOCK insured in Wslea and bor- der Counties, at THREE SHILLINGS per cunt. Steam Thrashing Machines allowed, ANTHONY DILLON. Secretary t&'the Cosipanr. 1856. HENRY POOLE, HORSr, CLIPPER and SINGER, Hknblas- -L stbeet. WIt f.XIU}f. be,2:8 respectfully to inform the Gentlemen, Farmcis, aiid others of the neigh- | bourhood that he is now prepared to attend to all or- ders in the above line and as he has been engaged in it for more than 16 years, jhe feels confideut of being enabled to give every satisfaction to those who employ him. October 14th, 1856. WHAT gift can you make your friends more I pleasil1 or welcome than a true and LIFE- LIKE PORTRAIT of yoiirself-a gift, that never de- cays. And why not gladden the hearts of dear oues ¡ at h niie, by given them one of these tokens cf re- metnberancc, which caa he easily procured, and at 60 ittic exppneo, from Mr. Crowe, Cbarbs-Street, Wrex- ham, from ONE SHILLING each, or in Lldhg CàS Complete, for TWO SMiLUXGS and SIX- PENCE.  ';(I;' .o' -11 TO I.I?'\7D. C?'U'?? ????j? On Lftnded SC(,TIty, T?rioM C)'oIU -tL 5 FIOV sums at 4auJ 4? per cent. ¡ A:so several ssnali sums on per cent. Loans on personal security from £ 16 to £ 1.000, The I undersigned ii also open to purchase by private treaty Lauded or Mineral propeny in Cheshire or North Wales, to tbe t":dcnt .Jf(]CO,OOO. Address, Mr, B. Lewison, Wrexham. LOSS OF TEETH RESTORED WITHOUT PAIN. I' ESSRS. GABRIEL, the Old Established I JJUL Surgeon Dentists, 112, Duke Street, Liver- pool. Ueasrf. GATiRl KL'S mode of constructini; Artificinl Teeth cabri- c«an tlia laies: improvements is the art Partial and complete sots sprmsrs or clasps, aud uuarantetd to serve the purpose of mastieatiou areuiade tirmly to tetaiu tiii ir positioij iin tiie motitit withnilt aid of and to restore perfect articulation, and are uot to be detected by tie closest observer. •^FILLING DECAYED TEETH. Mwsrs G. feel that the cannot too etronirlv ropommend this operhtion. as the aiivautajes derived from it %hen skilil'IllY b n -,iiithLIc tre itiv-iiuait,,r, anfte the };ro,r-» of Jerny— ?sv<s the souua tet-ti; '¡joiniIJj( the pciyc.l ontO, ns afl'citt. J— pr^wuts s the tietli eervu-ciiilt for Mastication, and reai'jvsa tee ucpicvjut odour of tho 'irt-th, Brisins from the surface of dccayej teeth. Cliarje 20; Cd. ? —SCaLE OF CHARGES. A sini;!# T'irii i; from jgQ j 6 A futisct. 440 An upper 01 !«ir srt 8 2 0 ■ iTIiese iiinerftl Teeth never charge colouror decay) No ch1irc \oflàl for Consultation. Seaiinz the tetLJ, and Vsi'a remo.!et!ed hy 51«n. Gabriel, the uld-es t»bU<beaSuwop Dth :st. 112. I)IIE strt!e t Atlen,ta!tee diiily from'li t;ll 7. Lou- don fcstablisumetiU73, Fcuchurcb Street, Ci:v. 33 Lu'?ie I!:I' d01,;bl:tleÎ'{{' lUtTTSIrpÊÖll :L, I for stoppng DfpayeJ TCdh without Pain rre))sr? Lv Mt'tJrs cAamEL. tha oh!.e5tA.H8hed i)t!j?sts Duko ttrft iterDoot hu.' 79 Fenchurcb Street, London. Pr;eo, with full UnK-ttf'm for use Or,e ai-l or will bo st-nt on reipt ol 20 Th? htuabU iK rlb,"1 :u theCuvjly io a sa't natf te that it CfluOOt gIve the !c"t t?? and may Oe upt?d by any rt'?on with t'e I greatcase, and litis t ht." rtinitrUhbic I)rc-.t,trty of bcccuiiiii^ hard and tound ab the tooth ;f:,df. exc*?»j«iiD» tLeaircnd food i'roi;« tbcncrvf*. nnd arretiting a)* furl i or proiTessof <I« c.iy. It is eupf-rior t«> €Vi»ry- that has been nscu btiorc1, uua is s'Ji ii ti>#uccocu u'b^u all other remedies afave Jaikd i'repared and sn'd "Wlolcrale Riid UPfD'l Ij? the in..ntr.r;; An.ll'ro.¡ pnetot's .Me?ars Gabrici.Surg?'QD?'tS-s, U-;DtU:L-ttn'L.t -I '5lF.œT.n-: .¡¡ < '1 1¡ e«». %• ^^3 c FOR A MARVELLOUS AGE I I J 1 HOLLOWAY'S OINTMBNT. j .1 '1. 0"; 'L_J.z..1. 1 The Grand External Jlemedy. I By the aid of a microscope, we eee millions of little openiujrs on tho surface of our bodies- Through these this Ointiuent, when rubbed on the skiu. is cavnej tu any or,van or inward j»art. Diseases of tiie Kidneys, disorders of the Liver, affections of the ltea; t, Inliaui- mation of the Lungs, Asthmas, Coughs and Colds,j-sro by its mean (ilYoetually cured; Evty housewife knows that salt passes freely through bone or meat of any thickness. This healing Ointment far more readily penetrates through any bone or fleshy part of the living body. curing the most dangerous iuward com- plaints, that cannot be reached by other means. ¡ Erysipelas, Rheumatism and Scorbu- tic Humours. No remedy has ever done so much for the cure of diseases of tlie Skin, whatever form they nrnv assume, as this Ointment. Scurvy, Sore Heads, Scrofula, or Erysipelas, cannot loilp; withstand its influence. Tho inventor lias travelled over many parts 01 the globe, visiting the principal hospitals, dispensing this Oint- ment, giving advice as to its explication, and has thus been the means of restoring countless uumbcrs to health. Sore legs, bad Breasts, Wounds and Ulcers. Some of the most scientific surgeons Dow'rely solely on the use of this wonderful Ointment, when having to cope with the worst cases of sores, wouildia and ulcers, glandular swellings, and tumours. Professor Holloway has dispatched to the East, large shipments of this Ointment, to be useo iu the worst cases and wounds. It will cure any ulcer, glandular swelling's Liffilesh or contraction of the joints, eveu of 20 years' standing. Piles and Fistulas. These and other similar distressing coniplnints can by effectually cured if tho ointment be well rubbed in over tho ]:.irts affected, and by otherwise following the printed liirectious arouuu ed,Ch put. Astounding Cure of a bad Leg r After 18 Bones were taken out 1 1 1 Copy of a Letter from 2fr. John Anthony, of Llan- ter-ar-y-bryn, Llandovery, CarmarthenlJiiire, dated 16th Alarch, 1855. To Professor Holloway, Sir, For n.iw.iids of ten years I suffered with a bad leg, accompanied with swelling. I was confined to my bed rk)i- two years aiiii a half,—and when 1 was suiliciently strong to leave it, I went out on crutches, hut unfortunately fell down and broke my log bone, this agaiii threw me on my bed for nine months, dur- ing which time I had sixteen pieces of bono taken out of it. I consulted Rfue of the most clever medical men in Carmarthenshire, Breconshire, aud Glamorgan shire, but they could not cure me. At laut i per- sunded to give your Ointment andPills a trial, which I did, and by continuing with them for one month, iy,y 1,¡. wi;s perfectly cured, after ten years of most savero sulTeriiig. 1 remain, Sir, yoursobediuiitiy (signed) JOHN ANTHONY Both the Ointment and Pills should be uned in II the following cases;— Bad Lelfs Chiego-foot Fistulas Sore-throats Bad Breasts Chilblains Gout Skin-disease* Burns Chapped bands'&landul&rSwelliiiKiScuiry Bunions Corns (Soft) Lumbago Soie heads Bitt: of MesehetoesCaneers Piles Tuuinurs nn'l Sand Fl;ea Contracted amd Ki;cumaiii.ra. Ulcers Coco-bay Stiff Joints Scalds V.'ounus Elejihftttti#»i» Sore Nipples Yaws Sold at, the Establishment-; of PitrrEsson Holt.oway 541. Stran.L (near Temple Ear,) London, and 80, Slaideu Lane. "\e'.v York, also by Druggists aud i' a!rs iu Medicines throughoutthe civilized woric" at the following pricesIs lid 2.. %] is GJ.tls, 22s, Slid 33s Pot. V There is a considerable saving by ttiina the sizes, X.P.-DiroctinTis for guidance of patients in evwy disorder e atfued to each Pot. \4i;4.-7-æt..l. œtnntrh. T?T'ANTKD, <!t ont-door A! Pi\ESTICH to the t 7 ?Va'ch aud C'ock M?kitur Htts?est, one that can spe?k:th-: Wf!yh Jangf sgs uiH be preferred. AppiytoTho-nas Haywoud, Wat?hjuakcr, High- strret. Wrexham. WANTED, n iii1ation M CC'OK in a jTenlle- j VV' mom's fami1, b? e re?pMtahIc 'yno? Woman who can ?: odnna a two (? ypsrs' ?nod char?cirr from 1 her last situv.ioa.— Apply to Mr. Baylev, Book- seller, Wrcxliam. PORTEa WAITED, Apply to Mr. V7. or? rton, Ironmonger tud firoc;r, \Vrsxhajj; no one need apply w ho cannot produce a (¡oJ character for honesty and 1 scbric-iy. W, XTED TO PURCHASE, GOOD MALT MILL; s'so a SCREEN.— 1-" T\ 'T.. '4 Apply to Mr Peter Carrejran, Vleturia Vaults, ;■ Tork-strect, "Wroxhnci, or to Mr. Ediabury, DTr- shsm. .1 j ScnrtOLM ASTER WANTED. TH1 Committee of the Wrexham Itigged Schools r '1' nre desirous of cngflÍug the 6fcrvicea of a ilAS t TEFt for the School The hours will be from t 7 to 9, for fotir'r-ver-iii,, i;. the week. II Apply to the Secretary, Mr. Vaughau, Q, King- etrcet. I WANTED, a good Plain COOK, in a gentle- V V man's family in the neighbourhood of Wrexham. Must produce a pood character. Apply to Mr. Bay ley, Bookseller, Wresharo. WANTED, a lar-e WEIGHING MACHINE, < V suitable for a Collibry.-A,r,ply to Mr Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. ".T ANTED, imtnftdiatelv, a large quantitv otr OLD NEWSPAPERS. The best price given.-Ar,piy to Mr. Baylay, Wrexham. €Q k gnlfc TO BE SOLD, a Stack of "ell-harvested JL Up?nd HAY, about 10 tons. Apply to Mr. Robert Ackers, Wine Merchant, Wrexham. .I. ,pq. h' 111 T ,¡g ¿ A "c- TO BE SOLD. ALL that valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, 1-. iiituat-e at RHOS DDU. Wrexham, coni,still, of a New and well-built HOUSE, containing (wo Front Parlours, Kitchen, Dairy, Cellar, Wash-houg*, end Five Bed-rooms, with suitable outbuildings, and I about 8000 square yards of superior Garden LAND, j every way suitable for building purposes, with au es- I celiexit Pump o! water on tho prem ises Tha clove is situated in the most healthy part or; the neighbourhood of Wrexham, within ten iniuntcs j walk of Wrexham Church, or the Bail way Station. The whole to be sold in one or cooru Lots, ou applies- I tiou to lilr. "r)tt, oa the preu-isca or at the iioilway Station. 1 11 m — — AGRICULTURAL SALT; Vv" At Km'b!Js'8 Sai4 Warehouse^ JJ rcxhafti. ¡' KNIBBS begs to*infc)i-ni"tlie'-Var'".zz,, aiil jLJ. Agriculturists of Denbighshire that he has always in Stock a large ouliii of SALT, suii- able for Agricultural Purposes, which he is pre- pared to sell at very reasonable prices. For par- tieulars and to purchase, app" ly to E. Kxibbs' High-street, Wrexham. Also, the best Wineford Cheese Salt, and a large Stock of fino Baits, for household purposes. March (ith, 1856. MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, CATTLE MARKET, WREXHAM. ESTABLISHED^ YBllS, BP. KEKRISON is well-known to tIiePuh?ic Ili* as tbefii?t A rUst ill Euiope for preserving Birds, Beasts, end all kiaJa of R*jptile3 to resemble the attitude and perfectioD5 of Lifd. He is employed by most of the Nobility and Gentry ia the kingdom Spftcimeus of his curious Art may be seen at the Re- pository, as also a Sue collection of Rare Bit-di, Beasts and Iusects, in the highest 6tate c-f perfection. there are many Ladies and Gentlemen who are partial 'I to their Birds, orul favourite Animals, this is respect- fully to inform them that they may have their re- mains preserved in appcarauce so near life as scarcely t-j be distiuguiihed, and warranted to last btiyoud ex- pectation. I E. P. Kerrison hopes that by continued exertion aud a sincere wish lo give satisfaction to all who ma* favour him with a trial, still to merit n eontinuaPe« | ofpuMic patroas?e and support, so lib^v.liy btstoweu upon him during the last 25 years. N.B.-F;re¡n Bird'skms caicfully mt)utitedar e Sirds bought, sold, or exchanged. NOTICE, MR. HICKS-* Will closo his P- q T IN Wrexham OIl SATURDAY NEXT, and Re- & open in Oswestry the following week. Lose no time therefore in obtaiuing a correct Likenesj at the Provincial Photographic Gallery, Hope-street. Will positively cloee on Saturday arxt. I NOTICE OF REMOVAL. WILLIAM HOLLAND, Grocer and Tea Vv Dealer, takes this opportunity of returning thanks to his numerous friends, and the publio of Wrexham generally for the kind patronage I which they have accorded to him since his com- mencement in the above business; and begs to in- I form them that he has REMOVED to the Prem- 1 ise lately occupied by Mr C. Owen, Tailor and j Drape) I Ilope-stroet, Wrexham, and respectfully solicrits a continuance of their favour and supports Hope-street, Wrexham, Sep. 5th 1856. -U- AYE" 8 WORSDELL' 8 VEGETABLE PILLS j A%- have cured thousand whose complaints I were considered beyond hope. While the most I efficacious and speedy, they are, at the same time, ¡ the safest remedy that can be employed; none need I fear to take them, end yet all may hope for relief and cure from their use. The number of TESTI- MONIALS from an classes of society, which hive been published, prove that their curative qualities are tho most remarkable of any medicine of the present day; and the fact that they havo bee n con stantly inoreaaiug in sale for move than twent years, shows that they stand tho to;t of time en j experience, Bud that, wherever woy are kuon ) ?.t.?r VBIU(? is appro' a?'d. } They arc suited to persona catering from  Aftus. A?hfM miious Attacks I Choi AifectioiiS 1 h'c- .S, Diavrhwil Eruptions Fever Fiat-ul.T.ey ,<?)?r:tU.'eMIty [I Stomach Com- llbiuts "(.! I'Is I ¡ Sore Iej-s I Ulcer* Li»or Diseases -1 Piles I iiheuznatism Goui G ravel Headache lmiiivi si ion 1 >:1 ■ uur.^ Voi'llj.s, le. 6;0. 1 I A few CASES OP CUU-E are aiven D;;iow, m auitio to wliicl: hundreds of i tiiers wiil be f.Hmci ia the pam phlefe v. hieii accouipaui«;s each box. IJLVID or the Victoria Iron Works, Moti mouthshire, was conl'h:«>d to his bed I'm- eleven week consequent upon o. s vre attack of intiauiBintion o: th l(_iji;rM; by takinK Kaye's PillM, he was completely t-I-liv David l/avies, of tlie, tamo works, (aflier o! the above after su Her in s? from violent pain in Lid left side, wa. perfectly cured by the use of these pills. Mr. McWha, 16, Stanley-street. l,itrerpoo». alter having suffered from jaundice and an aficulior, 01 the liver, was se-verley altaelied by dropsy; his medical ad- viser pronounced "iis case. btit a friend ill- ducing him to try ivaye s WorsoeJi s Fills, nnJ after tak- jug tA o boxes, he was perfectly restored to h-alth Mrs. G. liiLt,, Trumpet-gate, Herefordshire, had a severe complaint in the chest for two years and tried every nieaus that could be thought of, hut without see- cess, till she of kaye's Pilis. She took a few boxes and was thoroughly cured. Air. Ppifokd, 0: Kirho Caue, Norfolk, was afflicted j lor ten ycavs with great W!Ùut'ss Hlld Juin. in cullse. quence ot indices! ion. By takin* the V. potable Restor- ative l'sds, the distressinpr pains wero removed, and his ecneia! health woaderfullv hiturovcd. Dlr, J. K. Uptos, of Biuibury. declared that lie foun l,as hie a luirden to him, in consequence of dizzin>'s he.;st:int headache, sreat weakness, and nervous dein c'.y tnking- Kayc's, Pilis, he was completely re it<>red to health. Iiicunu> t oldixg, of Stroud, had a cancer cut iroin h's tongue, and alter bcmn iil for about ?.? y<?'. ?' f.x?-ct? nothing but death. He took on;- box p!,is. aud compictely cur@Ü hun, He $U(, tn<»y worth a guinea a box."   h? IH. '-——-? ?._??__?c ?r M. TO PE1.ET, I J (??ybc (ntl:reù U¡ c. at Cl!l:i::trJll EIJ)¡t.) 1 rw-' r; ?'? rT R .n?,.?.?, ?, suifj»:i!e- JL A_?' ??'' '?" Vj ;h ('I 1 t .1. 1 j a?. Chapel Ly n.0 ??. i!ii5ni; ?.n.,i? I 'I r j. an?t?cuu?ra.??h.r?. with the !.?'r? I t,1.; ,-t\:  t..?? ? i? iLuk S?.-? Wrexham! tI-1t i ;;lu. f 7 ho Aleve p)t.mi.? are ], adapted for <? t?w.-?cof <hy??, i.?:?Y?I I.?.?c:d ?.? i 1, "j- ,r, ,,1 ?' .? '¡" tjje wiui.^er a::i; stron^y ,JC. 1 ed. i l.i; j oi tl';o riiuuiscs ia cui?al and 'n:ry I'aM'.ty f.w j tstowajo u Corded. 'f??s,; .utju!h-d. I ?' '"?''? ?'! :rinr?.? i',t??.?;oi: spp]?to Mr ????jL?..S?.?,V?,?.n. L?S?-??t, Oc f fil, :i.?.. "'t:.oû (,). -,L. ¡ OS?E?iDV,SALOP. 1 J: L" 1, .1..1. 'Y10 'ay\ _1.  t P O ?E ?ET, T.-i:h i??.c..i.?:. ?oss?'fon. <h? £ "° -i known Famiiv JIu- ? ?????-'? ?-?'arn.u;vJ?- Cr??'K?  W'!iC\ ????ry, caUed ? Th.  K('j' to W Í: ¡¡;h P.¡' ?t?,bGj c?cli.nt '"h h hou=l;S Y nrdr, and lOa.TC, of f l Lxiiloi" V(-rc superior qu..hty, and now minj'th.iae occupanor. 01 Mr. J. K I?u." TLo House and putbuilJi?s have lately under- I gone cOI1sidcmblo alteration, ?d t? ?holear? in a ihorougn state of repair. Tho premises are most conveniently situated fur general and co?m?ciat Lu?no.3, and are within 5 minutes walk of tho S?tion of the Town, on'the Gft?t?csternR?I?-ay. ^°Particu^ars> apply to ?ssra. Lon- ucvn•lf e, \V iliiairts, &JonM. Scn?to?, Oswestr y e'l1;: & :(;1: f To BE LET, rumishd Apartr?n's, in a I bealtby part of Wrexhatn, consiatin? of n I Sitting Ro?M, and two cr moro ood airy Bed- I Booms—Apply to Mr D?ley, Book-cller Wrcx- Law, J TO BE LET, ?HE r?t Steam FLOUR MILLS, Raa?on, com- JL pri6h three pair 3f Fieuch ?iil StonM, Dressing end Smut. Ms?ima complete, !uncoJ rL- pair and capable of making 160 sack? of Hour per week, aud for which ? cGDumptioD iu the im- mediate ne?hbo?-hood is upwards of double that I quMUty and there b?ng no ?U'er ?cic Bcur mill iu the parish, tnakes the above a very desirable compact premises, eucn as is seldom to be niwt with. t For further in formation enquire at the Udver/ism> Ulrica, Wrexham. I ""r B'' 11"" h 1. t r 1.1U BE LET, with immed iate r;o?Ecssion an cicel- I -3L lent and couimodions VILLA HEl.DEXll, situate ia the vicinity of Wicxham, containiDg Dm- iu¡¡; und room, 2 Kit;je!'s= li.lid -4 Bedrooms, W«anier .U- ose:, (tc. Rt-ut moderate. h^ Apply to Mr. Gummow, fcuildiajj surveyor, Wrex- ON KIB2 "OERAMBULATOH5 .nd a BATH CHAIR cm JL ujodoful'w ttriji.Sj MU. N. \:()1( I{h!{:J "JX r'VlZLEER £ fSfL VEiiisMITH, ?!? ?0?'SrR?ET.V?EXHA'i r"- l L&J i., .f'" J" .1.¿. B?R Ch&]r,?r Lour, 3d; ;? .i?. 13 ?d r. fe k' 1) 1 at013» i^r dhy/6<Ji>r w, ]c ?.?- I?????tc?, per dhy/ M??r ?. ¡( ?o?Jnj?3, TO BE GIVEN AwIFl If REMOVED withiv thb kext FOHTNIGllT, np?O or THREE HUNDRED LOAD30f SOU ?- now !y?g o? Bryiiy?ynuoM Gardens, H?? btreet, Vr rexbara. Apply to Mr. Hugh Davies, Builder, Wrexh^'n. CEL i ] B RATET^lHjopSirnr^V^ The best PuriHei- of the Eiood discovered THE ORIGINAL PLOUGH^fANS DROPS JL These mvaluubb Drops hsre for nearly a Cmt■>!■ proved themselves the only cflecluil cure j lor bill- iisncss, affections of the liver and V'drnVs dropsy, cancer, tistula, ulcers, scrofula, king'* evÍ1, | scurvy, scuioutiu alieelious t:ryéja:la¡¡, "lid all n-eu tuns ot tne sktu a s.ife rern-dv for sil female co-n- l/ismts, .n.j.tman?m, pains m the L-.?, St Aut' iva hre, iit?, and aJ! other di5cau¡ ?n.,?t,(? an i>; 7;,ir< &tate 01 the Llod. Sold in hot<'? ? 2. tfo 4s Cd each. AGEN I -Jonf.9, C.} emist, Witshsm; AuycrMi'-r Oilicc, Oswestry JloU., Chemist, Ni w- (tu\in; <!t)NKs, Chcmi.-t, Whitchurch C1, liiiet. Market,.Dravtoa FAMOUS M E L TON, 31 O TV BRAY IJ 0 R K i I li S. JAME3 OLLSRHEAD, begs to announce to O the lubnc generally, that he has now oo-n- l meccet., nnd will continue to rL-cdrp his r"-? ?k? ?pp!. ?- the ?r fs?.d M?ton Mo?y P ORE PIE3. And <h? be wm?..? I k h" h" 11 t keep on hand a Stock of h:e own uncoua t ?rig? ?d Highly celebr?? L-me Wr?uh Gingerbread." High Street, Wrexham. I DR. DE JOKGJtl'S r lIGOT-BBOWil COD LITfifi (Wi, MAS now* in coi.sequeQcp uÍ it marked "u?] ?L ority over every oth? variety, sccur?i tbc confidor.ce and ulaiost universal most eminent Medical Practitioners in the trcnt- meut of Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, (; (JUt, Rheumatism, SciUica, Diabetes biases of the thin ■ Ih euralgia, Rickets, Infantile wastmy, General debu- ity, and all Scrofukiti ajfectijas. Its leading distinctive characteristics are OompUte preservation of active and «tauitf pri^ nciple 3, Invariable purity and uniform strength. Entire freedom from..Yauseotls favour aM after- Rapid Curative Ejests, and ooi^equeni JEeon^my. SELEcr medical ovixrorn. CHARLES COWAN, ESQ., M D., L.R.0.S.R, Senior Thysician to the Berkshire Hospital, Consult- ing Physician to the Reading Dispenso/y, Translator of "LOUIS ox Phthisis," t1, Dr. Úowau is glad to iiud that the Profession has reasonable guarantee for a genuine arti- elo. Tho material now sold varies in ahnost every establishment where It is purchased, and a tenan- cy to prefer a eolouilesa aud tasteless ifn—t eovuitcracted, will ultimately jeopardise the reputa tiou of an umjuestioaably vaiuHblo addition to t1.:1> Materia Med:ea. Dr. G.J.. un, wishes DR, Jo sou every suoeesd ia his tueritoroua ujv' v- taking." f EDGAR 6IIEPPAHD, ESQ., M.D., M.Ii C M m I 'r I r, TraitsLtor ?' ?'?,?? o« ?-,?,M? ? ?? ?. *• **d Rcdzer*9 ??rc/? ?' th, Biotd," c. D r S' par,,l has made ext^nsive uga r.f j)H j_? Light-Brown Cod Liver OU, „nd ha- great pleaeuro in testify ing to us euperionty ov. i every other prcparution to tv met wiLl ill t!l. couutry. It has too rare excfcBc-nce of boiro- TVt ii borne unLI a^imilatcd by stomachs which rcieci the oidinary Oil?, Dr Shep; orii has no hesitation in statiug that he belieTes an Imperial Pint of Dk I DJi: Joxuii's Light-Brown thl to be of moro value than an Imperial Quart of auy other to be met with in London." Sold only ia Impbutai. Jiaif-jtinls, 2s Cd PinUe 4s 9d; Quarts, 9s; oapsuied and labelled with. Da ÐB'JU:\GU's'sta.¡;:p and &i^i>aturc, without which y 'U;' J IA1'l'OI' none are flllIÚIII;, by 1SAUF011D, and Co., sole British consignees, 77. Strain!, London and bv mxuy ivjpectublc Cnemisls and JJruggis-s. all J }. 1' II I.r'.f' Sola r-t j"l;J:¡d, .J: ål. v' J\1..A.u.j.., iiigh .street; anvi by Mr W. ROWLAND ¡ Ci-eruist, High-sUcct, WA..N l'r.Dj ih tha neighbourhood of H'-aboa & Vi sober, ?e?y, middie-?t.'d mairifd MAN without encumbrance, to attend t9 a horse, cow and en-den. AcuJt.?c is piuvUcd, and the sit tuition a permaneut one. Apply to the Printer of this imtw