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SHOCKING MURDER IN SHREWSBURY. This town which for a great many years has been happily free from crimes of an aggravated character, was on Wednesday evening, the 29th nit., the scene of a most atrocious and cold blooded murder. The following are the particulars. About half-past ten o'clock on the night in question a crowd had assem- bled in the Market Square, to listen to the music of Pu itinerant hand. Among these was an unfortunate female n;tnied Usher, better known as Annie Laurie." She wn: darteir.g to the music in the Market Hall, with a man named Frederick Clewett, when a man named John Hollis, who had for a length of time co- habited with Usher, went up to them and called out anzerily to the woman" whnt b-y game do yon call this?" An altercation and a wrangle ensued, during which TJollis attempted to strike the woman with a knife, Ijnt- he was prevented by a mp:n named ITopwood. The girl then struck Hollis tlree times, and a man who was near felled him to the ground. "When he got np he appeared to be quite senseless. The sirl then ran away across the Market Square, near the Plough Ian, where she met a man named Benjamin Bromley, with whom she stopped to con- verse. Presently one or two others joined them, one of whom strongly urged her to go home, but she said she durst not, on account d Hollis. In tho course of a few minutes Hollis joined them, and addressed the girl in language similar to that he had used before. lie attempted to strike htr, but, failing to do so, he kicked her, whereupon she striick him, and ran away. Pritehard, one of the party, went up to Hollis, and, holding up his fist, challenged him to fight, but Brom- ley stepped forward and cried out, No, I have only ono arm, iike him, and I will fight him." He there- upon shook his fist in liollis's face. The latter, ob serving, that "two to unewas not fair," struck Brom- leva blow in the ches' Brontiey reeled and fell into the gutter, while H ollis immediately ran off. After Hollis had given tke blow it was neticed that he had a knife in his hand. Bromley who had utterd no word or ex(-Iatratio-a of any sort, was picked up and died immediately. He was taken to the infirmary, when it was discovered that he had received a deep wound, shout three-quarters of an iuch in length, near the region of the heart' Information was at once conveyed to the police, who, il,,i about half an hour, succeeded iu capturing Hollis in the yard of the Crow Inn, Frankwell. No kuife was found upon him. On Thursday morning the vicinity of the Police 6tati,on and the Guildhall was filled by an immense concourse of persons anxious to see the prisoner, who, it was understood, was to be brought up for examina- tion before the magistrates. Their wishes in this respect were gratified, for, shortly after twelve o'clock the prisoner, John Hollis, was under a strong guard, takeu tu the magistrates' office, in the Guildhall, which was densely crowded. On Monday last, a Coroner's inquest was held at the Salop Infirmary, before Henry Keats, Esq an d a large and respectable jury, when after hearing the evidence, the jury almost immediately after its con- clusion, returned a verdict of "Wilful Murder'' a- gaiust John Williams, otherwise known as John Hollis. The Coroner then issued his warrant for the deten- tion of the prisoner. mm i. II —■

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