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Bale by Mr Griffith. siLBS OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY AT WREXHAM. MR. GRIFFITH basreceivedipositivaiuvtructions lJ'.1. from the Trustees of Mr. Eva* Morris, to SELL by AUCTION, on Thursday, the 20th day of November, I 856, at the Lion Hotel, in Wrexham, rrecistly at 6 p.m. A fruitful GARDEN, situate at Rhos Ddu," near to the Town of Wrexham, containing about 1709 square yards (more or leas) Summer House, Cuoum- ber frame doors, and fruit trees, &c, &c,aii included. Also will be sold at the same time land place, a FREEHOLD HOUSE and Premises, situate at the Cross-Lanes, near Bangor, containing Par- lour, Breakfast-room, Kitchen, and four good lkd-rooms and a Milk House. There are good Out-buildings attached, with two Gardena, and about 7 acres of Land. Also, a small COTTAGE, containing front aDd back kitchens, and two bed-rooms. There ili alse a Garden attached, adjoining the lands oi C. Poyser, Esq., and the Rev. E. Marsh, Bangor. Couditious will be produced aud read at the hour ato,ic and any further information may be obtained from the Auctioneer, Wrexham. 8ALE OF ALL THE FARMING STOCK Household Furniture, Dairy and Brewing Vessels, Fixtures, and other Efoess, On Monday, the 24th day of November, 1858, at the Frood Inn, and Syddyllt Farm, GwersylJt, near Brymbo and Brynmally, and within four miles of Wrexham. MR. GRIFFITH has been favoured with in. JM- structions by the executors of the late Mr. John Cowlishaw, deceased, to dispose of by un- reserved BilE BY AUCTION, upon the premises at the Frood Inn and Syddyllt Farm aforesaid, on the day above named, the whole of the Farm Stock, Implements, and Dairy Yessels, Household Fur- niture, Brewing Utensils, and the tenant's fixtures at the Inn, which include 15 well-bred DAIRY COWS, two in-ealf Heifers, three jrearlings ditto, handsome well-bred Bull, three Waggon Horsee, 2 premising Colts, useful Pony, and two Donkeys, 2 fat Pigs, 4 good pork ditto, well-bred sow, 10 oounles of fowls, aeveral stacks of wheat, barley, and oats, part of a etack of weU harvested hay, turnips and potatoes in lota, broad and narrow- wheeled carts, capital spring cart, iron and wood ploughs and harrows, turnip drill and roller, win- oowiiig machine, seta of Thrill, ohain and plough gears, saddles and bridles, and all other necessary farming implements. The usual Dairy Teasels and brewing utensils, together with the household fur- uiture and fixtures. At the auctioneer intends disposing of tb* wbole In ono day he entreal. a punotual attendance atth e rrood Inn. at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, (tha kour bed for the commencement of the Bale.) N.B.-Catalogues may be ha4 3 d., prior to the Sale at the Frood Inn, or from the iuetiooeer, Wrexham. Sale by Messrs Hill ft Son. IMPORTANT SALE AT THE CROSS KEYS HOTEL, OSWESTRY. HILL AND SON beg to auuounco that they will n SELL by AUCTION,Mon ths above premises, in the occupation of Mr, J. E. King, On Thursday, Fiitlay, Saturday and Monday, November 20th, 21st 22nd, and 24th, 1856, all the very valuable Mahog. any and other FURNITURE, in numsrons dining, drawing, sittiug, and bed room suites, Brussels and other carpets, excellent goose feather Beds, hair and straw mattresses, palieeaes, blankets, linen, china, flms, dinner and dessert services, plated good s, prints, psintiags, wines, kitchen and culinarylarticles, brew- ing vessels, very large new copper furnace, saddles, bridles, harness, aarriages, moofoini coach, hearse, hsrnesi horses, about 85 tons of prima hay and elo- vsr, eart, and other affects. The sale will commenee each day punctually at 12 t'clock CtUlojruti may be had at the place of aala Jour #;&I and Okronitie Offices, Shrewsb ury Courant and Chronicle Offices, Chester; ddvertiser Office, Wrex- Lam and at the Offices of Hill & Son, Oswestry; or by enclosing a poatage stampjto the Auctioneers. = Mk NORTH WALES POOR LAW AUDIT DISTRICT.  RICHARD BASIL CANE, ESQ., tha Poor 11 Law Inspector determined by tha Poor Law Beard to eondnct the elestion of an Auditor for the North Wales District, do hereby certify that Mr. William Pritchard Lloyd, of Cheater, in the County v. Cheater, has haan duly elected to the said ofice. (Signed) R. B. CANE, Poor La. Insyeatoe. Poor Lsw Board, London, 11th November, 1816. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN,: :hat the Part- Naership heretofore subsisting between aa, the undersigned Edward Jones and Daniel Hague, as Drapers, at Wrexham, in tha county of Denbigh, un- dar the atyle or firm of Janes and Hagua. was this day DISSOLVED bv rautital consent. All debte due to and owing from the said firm will be received and paid by the aaid Daniel Hague, who will carry on the said businesses his own account. Dated thatanth day of November, 1856, EDWARD JONES, DANIEL HAGUE. Witneasto the signature of Edward Jonas, and Daniel Hague-S. Thos. BAUGH, Clerk to Mr. Hughes, Solieitor, Wrexham. NEW CHEAP MUSIC. IN 'DAVIDSON'S MUSICAL TREASURY,' For November, 185fl, Published at 19, Peter's HiU, London. Sold by Charles G. Bayley, OSWESTRY, SONGS FROM DRBD." The Poema taken by t3 express permission of Mrs Beecher Stowe, ex- -claiiively for the Iki usical Treasury. LISETTE'S SONG, What are the Joys of White Man? 6d THE NORTH CAROLINA ROSE, the Ethiopian Trotjbiidones song, 6d YOU AND I. Dr Mckay'a noble Poem of Progress, tow first published with Music, Nos 821-1 of the I Magical Treasury, Price 6d I KING LEAR AND HIS DAUGHTERS QUEER, I another of the Shakspearean Extravagant written I by Hugo Vamp for Sam Cowell, suitably embellished I hi colours, 835-6, Price 6d I SIGH NO MORE, LADIES, the celebrated Glee, I arrsuged for three voices, with Nev Pianororte Sym. I I yhony aDd Accompaniments, No 842, Price sa Four by Mende?.hn, Memory- The I ?iid Forest—LoveW .pring. ?.DOwSrBt pubhs).? I ?h English Words, No 847-8, ?' I The MEDEA QUADRILLE, as P<??.' t e I O'ympic The.tre.?th a Lith..Photcgr.pb. pPo.t.r??t I 'fthe M!ebr.tedMr RobBon.M Medea, Nos 857-8 I of the Musi- al Treasury, Price 6d I THE YANKEE GIRL'S SONGi, gang by I Mrs. Florence and Mrs. Barney WtU?m. I MY MARY ANN, & KEEMO, KiMO, known u I Polly wont you trYSU6 oh! with portrait of Mrs. I ?y Wi&? Nos. 832-40 of the Musical 18Ury,  'd. ?B?ING?MU?D, with the Portrait, in No. U. Price 3d. ?"?KEE GIRL'S POLKA, on the Airs, I ?L?g around and PoUy vczvt you try me, oh lio. 834, Price 3d. Tha SOLDIER'S WELCOME HOME, sung ■ I ?'?tly at Canterbury Hall and other popular and ■ J»hionable Concerts, No. 833, price 3d., embel- I' In colours. I ?ACEtS. SOULS of the HEROES, Glee ?SYoic?.with accowpaDlmen No. 824, price I ?ZEppA, th. CREAM of TARTARS, written 1 ? Rug Vamp for Sam Cow.U, N.w Comic I suitably emballiahed in colours, price only ■ ?n?. No8. 829-30 of the MuMC? Treasury. I fteWRBCKofthc InrB&US, l^oghJiow THE HOLLY-BUSH COURSING MEETING WILL be held, by the kind permission of W C. B. T. Roper, Esq., on the PLAS-TEG ESTATE, on Friday, the 28th day of November, 1866. rriWAKDs: B. Sharp, J. Lowe, W. Kewley, and J. Boskey, Esquires. junoa: Mr. E. GriflSth. THE PLAS TEG STAKES, For Eight Doga, at L2 2a. each £ a. d. TheWinnOT 11 0 0 The Second 3 6 0 Expeasaa S 10 0 916 16 0 Closed. TUB HOLLY-BUSH STAKES, For Four Puppies of 1855, at i2 each d e. d. The Winner, 7 0 0 k"pensll w. 1 0 0 18 0 0 Closed. W.B.-Match" will be allewed to run subject to CONDI IIONB. 1. Every person running a Dog must be pro. Tided with a Red and White Collar. 2. No person will be allowed to attend this Meeting unless he produces a Field Ticket. 3. Every person whose Dog shall be found loose during a Coursing will be fined Five Shilling.. 4. Every person taking a Nomination must pay for a Dinner Ticket for the Ordinary. 5. Auy person impugning the decision of the Judge to be fined One Sovereign. Parties wishing to take Nominations for Match- es must make application to Mr. Lewis, Secretary, Lion Hotel, Wrexham, where the Draw will take place on Thursday, November, 27th, at Fivo o'clock in the afternoon. All parties interested in the Meeting are reques- ted to be at the Holly-Bush at 9 o'clock a.m., an d the first brace of Doga to be in the Slips within half an hour from that time. and if not in the Slips when called for by the Judge, to forfeit their Nominations. lttt* AN ORDINARY AT THE HOLLY-BUSH Immediately after the Coursing, 3s. 6d. each. ADWY'R CLAWDD LITERARY INSTITUTE. Wht. Loww, EaQ., Prbsideht. THE Committee of the above institution most .L respectfully beg to announce the following subjects for competition at their Annual Public Meeting to be Kfeld on Good Friday Evening, the 10th April next. at the Calvinistio Methodist Chapel, JLIwylr Clawdd. RECITATIONS. 1.—The lret three atanaaa of Bishop Hebeer. Elegy, by the Rev. J. Blackwell-in Welsh. S.—Cato'e Soliloquy on the Immortality of the I Saul, by Addison—in English 3.—An Impromptu Piece-in Welsh. POETRY. I.-Mount Sinai—Poem—in Welsh or English —not exceeding 100 lines. 2.-Tiao Catastrophe at Brynmally Colliery. Six stanraa on the tune 'Trymder'—in Welsh or English. I.-Trainalation of Cato'a Soli ojuy into Welsh.J ESSAYS. I.-Good Cliaracter-its constituents, its import- ance, and bow to obtain it-in Erglish or Weleh. 2.— Frugality (by females only) in Welsh or English. The suocessful competitors on each subject wili be duly rewarded. Nov. 7, 1866. JUST RECEIVED BY J. EDISBURY, & Co., SEVERAL Packale8 of Prima FRESH CURED YARMOUTH red hebrings, Whieb are now on Sala at their TBL aad GaociftY IsTaBLiSHMBMT, Towa Hill, Wrexham. N.B.-Also a supply of Now Foreign Fruits. BENTALL'S PATENT BROADSHARES, TO whiah Four Prins wen awarde. this year Tat the Chelmsiord Meeting 6f the Royal Agriculiural Society, in addition to the many prizee awarded to the same at the various agricul- tural shows. Catalogues forwarded fren application to JOHN WINDSOR, AGRICULTURAL MACHINIST, &c., Beatrice-street, Oswestry^ whr fcr arlous sizes way be seen. PJUCES O? BmOXDSH-lltt, MASK. £ a cl I L. W. B. if 0 B.W.D. 6 6 0 L.I.B. 3 B.I.B 6 16 6 mark. J a cl J,.I.I.R. a 16 6 L.I.B.B 7 17 6 B.I.I.B 7 17 6 B.I.B.B 8 IS 6 JOHN ROBERTS, SEEDSMAN, FRUITERER, AND LICEN- SED DEALER IN GAME, HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM, TAKES this opportunity of returning thanks to J- his friends and the Inhabitants of Wrexham, and the neighbourhood generally, and begs res- pectfully to inform them that he has given up « i tiii i • • .•» «« i the Shop tormeriy neia oy mm in me iviarKet • Hall, and that the whole of his business is now con- ducted at his Shop in Hope-street, as being raoie convenient to himself and the public at large. N.B. All kinds of POULTRY eonstantly on hand. FRESH FISH supplied in First-rate oendition Wrexham, Sept. 19th, 1856. HOMCEOP1.THIC PHARAMACY, CHURCH-ST., WREXHAM. GEORGE TUSHINGHAM respectfully in- forms the Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Wrexham generally, that he has commenced business as HOMOEOPATHIC CHEMIST, in the Shop formerly occupied by Messrs. R. Hughes and Son, booksellers. Iu attendance at Wrexham—every MONDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY. Hoir ceopathic Cocoa, and other articles express- ly prepared for patients under Homoeopathic treatment. THE WREXHAM SELF-SUPPORTING HOMOEOPATHDISPENSARY, (HELD AT Mas. BAVLEV's, CONFECTIONER,) Hope-street, Opposite the Post-Office. EVERY THURSDAY MORNING FROM 9 te 10 PHYSICIAN HBNRY THOMAS, M.D. THE object of this Dispensary is to afford medi- cal advice for the exclusive benefit of the noorer classes; those who can afford to fee a medi- cal man, cannot be received as Dispensary patients. FEE-One Shilling each consultation. wiU be en- Subscribers of one guinea per annum will be eo- titled to recommend six poor patients. Attendance for private ceneulfcatieo—fmn 11 a.m. until 9 P-ID-7 tho •■•'flay. j TOWN-HILL FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. I C- AND A. ROOKE, ANING added to their premises, the House and Shop, lately occupied by Mr. Fraser, and im JLL which they keep a large assortment of EXCLUSIVELY NE""W" GOO D S, to which they have mad* and are constantly makillg LARGE ADDIRIONS, of really good, elegant, and useful H 0 USE H 0 L D F U R N I T U R E, amongst which will be found Gilt Pier and Swing Glasses, Sideboards, Cheiffoneors, Telescope, Oval, Loo, and Square Tables. Settees, Couches, Sofas, What Nots, Bookcases, Secretaires, Lounging Chairs, Chests-of-Drawers, Half Tester, Four Post, French, and Tent Bedsteads, (and any Article wanted not in Stock, can be obtained on the shortest notice, of reliable workmanship and material,) and they beg to solicit a call from Parties wanting, as it will ever be their principle to do all in their power to give satisfaction, and to supply a good article at a meclerate rate, aud so acting still trust to reap t share df public support. THE NEW TEA ESTABLISHMENT, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. THOMAS ROBERTS r IN returning thanks to his numerous friends and the inhabitants of Wrexham and the local- ity generally, for the very liberal support which they have favoured him with since his commencement, and trusts by industry and strict attention to business, and by selling, a good sterling article, at the lowest possible price, to merit a continuance of the support so liberaly accorded to him. T. R. most respectfully invites the attention of Housekeepers, and all consumers to try some of the NEW SEASON TEAS, which he has just received, and is now offering for sale, at the following prices. for sale, at the follo TEA, challenges competition for its remarkable strength and rich old Souchong Flavour-STRONG CONGOU, 3s. per lb.-good quality 3. 4d -Superio Flavoured ditto, recommended as 8d-Choice GREEN, 4s-Finest Gunpowder 5 Strong COFFEE ls& Is 2d-fine flavoured COSTARICA It 4d good Plantation Is 6d -Finest Jamaica Is 8d. T. R. has alivays on hand a large supply of BRITISH WINES, of all descriptions PICKLES, SAUCES, JAMS, JELLIES, MARMALADE, POTTED MEATS, &c., which he intends selling at greatly reduced prices. Observe-T. ROBERTS, High Street, Wrexham, (nearly. opposite the Market Hall.) HARP & PIANO FORTE WAREHOUSE ABBEY STREET, CHESTER, BOUCHER AND CO., AVE always on hand an extensive Selection of New and Second-hand INSTRUMENTS of -LJL the best character, or SALE and HIRE, on the most moderate terms. Additional Stocks kept by their various Agents in Wales. TUNING AND REPAIRING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. Loweit price for lisady.1 lloeey. CHEAP GOODS FOB. CLOTHING CLUBS & CHARITIES. JONES' ROGERS AND ROBERTS J Beg to call attention to the following List of GOODS which they are enabled to ofler at very Low Prices:— REAL WELSH FLANNELS, BLANKETS. BOLTON SHIRTS. COLOURED QTJXLTS. TICKS. XjiisrsiETsrs. IPIELIlSrTS- CHECKS. G-IJSTGm-A. S- 4 LINENS, MOLESKINS, CORDUROYS, COTTON HANDKEECHIEFS, WOOLLEN SHAWLS AND HANDKERCHIEFS, | LARGE STOCK OF CALICOES, COM- MENCING AT 02*3 PENNY ¡ PLB YARl). Croes-at, Oswestry, November, 1809 F. F R A S E R, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER. SILVERSMITH, JEWELLER, &c. (LATE TOWN HILL.) HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM, BEGS respectfully to can the attention of the public to his extensive stock of WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELLERY, FANCY GOODS, and SPECTACLES, to suit all sights, Thermometers, Weather Glasses, &c. &c. GOLD CHAINS, & FANCY JEWELLERY, in great Variety.—WEDDING & MOURNING RINGS. ELLIS AND SONS, ENGISEERS, MILLWRIGHTS. MACHINISTS, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDERS, AND AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT MANUFACTURERS, BEG to acquaint thf public that they have COil ened business as ENGINEERS MILLWRTfK-TTS Band AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT MANUFACTURERS, mu.w.ud spacious premises erec- ted for the purpose, in LEG STREET, OSWESTRY. S. and T. ELLIS having had some years experience in the manufacture of partible aad fixed Enginea, Thrashing Machines, &c., at the works of Messrs. Clayton, Shuttleworth, and Co., T!1- __a f f .1 n.nT'll.'u"J _1. i iiincoin, ana uaviug ejigagvu imcuicu auu VAIJUJLit7ifUCU ^vijvmcu uuui buiuc Ul we nest manufactories in the kingdom, also having purchased new and extensive machinery, believt they shall be able to execute any ot-ders that may be entrusted to them with promptitude and despatch, and in a workmanlike manner equal to any house in the trade. New and improved Patent HOUSE laKES. upon iln entirely new principle, made to order. J. Ellis and Sons beg to assure their frieuda and the public that no exertion shall be wanting n theii parts to merit their support. Portable and fixed Engines, Thrashing Machinta, h., of a sew nd improved 1D8ie.. order, and at ptices to Bait the times. EGERTON STREET AJt.& AND TIMBER YARD SAW MILLS CHESTER ALFRED LOCKWOOD & Co. beg to announce that they are Sellinr MOULDINGS of every Form A DOuRS, SASHES, and all kinds of JOINEUS' WORK, mauafactured by PATENT MACHINERY at greatly REDUCED PRICES, a full List of which can be had on application. SEASONKD AMD PREPARED FLOOKIJCG ALWATS O. SALE. TIMBER AND SCANTLINGS O? IVIRY DESCRIPTION. WHAT girt can you make your friends mera W pleasing or welcome than a true and LIFE- LIKE PORTRAIT of yotirself-;i gift that never de- cays. And why not gladden the hearts of dear ones at h ( me, by given them one of thrse tokews af re- memberance, which eau be easily procured, and at 10 11.11" expence, from Nl r. Crowe, Charlea-Street, Wrex- ham, from ONE SHILLING each, or in folding Case Complete, for TWO SHILLINGS and SIX- PENCE. MONEY TO LEND. A  On Landed Security, various ot64,?Ooo sums at 4 and 44 per cent. Also several small sums on Buildings at 5 per cent. Loans on personal tecurity from 216 to £ 1,000. The undersigned is alao open to purchase by private treaty Landed or Mineral property in Chealaire or North Wales, t* the extent of £ 160,000. AMnas,. Mr H. Lcwiaoa, W«crha». TO BE GIVEN AWAY! A THOUSAND LOADS OF GRAVEL, and a few Loads of SOIL, now lyinj an Bryn.T- ffynnon Gardens, Hopa-Streat, Wrexham. Apply to Mr. Hugh Davies, Builder, Wrexhan. ————————— ———- =. FAMOUS MELTON MOWBRAY PORK PIES. JAMES OLLERHEAD, begs to aanounca to the Public generally, that he has now com- menced, and will cpntinua to receive his regular weekly supply of the far famed Melton Mowbray P 0 R K PIES. And that he will always keep on hand a Stock of hit own unequalled, Original amd Highly celebrated Fine Wrexham Gingerbread."  B?t' StfMtt Wrexham. + BRITISH SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGA- TION OF THE GOSPEL AMONG THE JEWS, /~VN SUNDAY NEXT. November 10tb, 1856, I TWO 8FRMONS wilt bo preached by the I Rev. D. A. HERSCHELL, (of London,) in the Morning at Pin-y-bryn Chaprl, Service to com- mence at Half-past 10, and in tha Evening at the NEW CmjLPKL, Cjibatu-striet, at Half-past Six o'clock. A Collection will be made at the close of each Service in aid of the Funoa of the above Society. UPPER MEETING ROOt, BANK-ST. TO-MORROW, Lord's Day, Nov. 16th. 1856, TMr. H. Shaw, of Hudder8fild, will deliver two ADDRESSES in the above room, in the mor- ning at half-past ten, and in the evening at half- past six o'clock. I T HE- -R GAYAZZI HAS been engaged to deliver a LECTURE, in IL-L OswLfitry, on Friday Evening, November 28th, at 7 o'clock p.m. ] SUBJECT: "PAPACY IN ENGLAND AND ITS PRO- TESTANT SUPPORTERS." Reserved Seats, 2s.; genond Seats, Is.; Back Seats, 6d.; to be bad from the Bookselleri. f It is particularly requested that persons will make early application for Tickets, in order that proper accommodation may be secured. It is expected that Cheap Trains will run from W rexham, Ruabon, Cefn, Chirk, and other places, enabling parties to return the same night, of which due notice will be given. RHOSYMEDRE, NEAR RUABON. MISS HUGHES begs respectfnHy to intimate ??'JL to Parents and Guardians that she intends openins a SCIIuOL the first week in January, 1857, for the Education of Youn;: Ladies in all the branches of a sound and useful education at Alr. Roberts's (for- mrrlv occnped by Mr. Pulcston, Draper). Miss H. begs to asme those who may entrust their childrm to her cire that the mnst^cjreful attention will be devoted to thrir moral traiiiial- as well as to their intellectual improvement, having had 14 years experience iu tl-e education of children. For Terms and courso of instruction see circulars. PROVINCIAL WELSH INSURANCE GOHPAKY (LIFB AND FIRE.) CAPITAIi— £ 200,000, WHOLLY SUB- SCRIBED. I Hun OFFICES—HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM, LoNDox Bsanch—49, MOORGATE-ST., CITY. JJ LIFE POLICIES taken out durin the furrcnt year will participate in the the first BOHUS tCl be declared in 1860. FIRE INSURANCES on moderate terms. FARMING-STOCK insured in Wales and har- der Countiea, at THRJfcE SHILLINGS per cent. Steam Thrashing Machines'sllowed. ANTHONY DILLON. Secretary te the Company. Wrexham, 25th Sept., 1856. LOSS OF TEETH RESTORED WITHOUT PAIN. MESSRS. GABRIEL, the Old E#Ablisbed -i3'J- Surgeen Dentists, 112, Duke Btr?t, Liver. pool. Messrs. G VBRlEL'S wioda of construction Artificial Teetis tinbra <» all the liitest improvements is the art "artial and complete sett Spring* or clasps, nud guaranteed to servs the purport of mastication are made firmly to retain their position 'in the mouth without aid of and to restore perfect articulation, and UI not to lite detected by the closest observer. FILLING DECAYED TEETH. Messrs fT. feel that the cannot too strontclv recommend this opt,-ration, as the advantizo-s ierived from it when ikillfnlly performed, with a suitable composition, are invaluable, arrests the progress of decay-saves the sound teeth adjoining the ccayed ones from becom.n^ affected— prevents to"th-aclio-reiidws the teeth serviceablt for Mastication, and remove* the iiapleits3ut odour of the treath. arising from the surface of duuyad ttuth. CUars* Ii id. SCALE OF CH-VEGES. A sinala TooMi from.- .£0 I < A full set 4 4 0 An upper or lower set 3 3 f (These Mineral Teeth never charge colearer idemy) No cltaree made for Consultation. Scaling the t»->k. and U'«Rts remodelled by Messrs. Gubriel. the )Id-es tahlishedSur^oon Dd^tist, 112, Dake street. Livor'iool, Attendance foily from 10 till 7 don Establishments 79. Fenchurch Str. -n. City. IS Lit L-tte ilili THE WHITE GUTTA PERCH A ENAMEL, for Stoppne Dccayed Teeth without Pais Preyar»d by Messrs OAtttHL. the old-established lien tit. Dukt street, Liverpool and 79 Fenchurch Street, London. rriep. with full D irectt.itis for use One Shilling aud Sixpence, or will he 8"nt too reipt er m staaids This Valuable Filling is placed in the Cavity in a soft state, ac that it cannot cive the lest pain and may be used by any person I.Vitti the i-reat ease, and has the remarkable property of becoming hard aad tound as the tooth itself, excluding te air and tood from the nerve, and arresting all further progress of deo-iy. It is superior to every thill.' that has been used before, and ia sure to sacceed when all other rernedies have failed Prepared and sold Wholesale and Retail bv the inventors aai Pro- prietors Messrs Gabriel, Surgeon Dentists, 112 Duke-stpect. A Marvellous Remedy! FOR A MARVELLOUS AGE! .HOLLOW A Y'S OINTMENT. The Grand External Pemedy. By the aid of a microscope, we see millions of little openings on the surface of our bodies. Through these this Ointment, when rubbed on the skin. is carried to any oriran or inward part. Diseases of the Kidneys, disorders of the Liver, affections of the Heart, Inflam- mation of tho Lungs, Asthmas, Coughs and Colds, -si-e by its mean effectually cured. Evey housewife knows that salt passes freely thro inch bone or meat of any thickness. This healing Ointment far more readily penetrates through any bone or fleshy part of the living body, curing the most dangerous inward com- plaints, that cannot be reached by other means. Erysipelas, Rheumatism and Scorbu- tic Humours. No remedy has ever done as much fer the cure of diseases of the Skin, whatever form t'iey Y*!Ly sume, as this Ointment. Scurvy, Sore ..ewl!l, Sersfula, oi* Erysipelas, cannot long withstand its influence. The inventor has travelled over ni,"tiy pnr>< of the lob. visiting the principal hospitals, dispensing this Oint- ment, giving advice as to its application, and has thus been tho means of restoring countless numbers to health. Sore legs, bad Breasts, Wound. and Ulcers. Some of the most scientirlc snrgnl new rely solely on the use of this wonderful Ointment, wlieu having to copo with the worst Qitses of sores, wounds a:i(i ulcers, glandular swellings, and tumours. Professor Holloway has dispatched to the East. lxv^e shipments of this Ointment, to be used in the worst eases and wounds. It will cure any ulcer, glandular IweIlings tiffnesb or contraction ot tile joiut, even of 20 years' standing. Piles and Fistulas. These and other similar distressing complaints can by effectually cured if the ointment bo well rubbed in over the parts affected, and by otherwise following the printed directions around each pot. Astounding Cure of a bad Leg! After 16 Bones wore taken out Copy of < Letter from Mr. John ^>.f Llan- ver-ar-y-bryn, Ltandoret-y, ihewnite, dated 16th March, 13Jo. To Professor Holloway, Sir,—lTor upwards of ten years I suffered v. ith a bad leg, accompanied with swelling. I r.ji.iinod to my. bed for two years and a half,—sad z li a 1 T; sufficiently strong to leave it, I went oui, on err.Nv.-i. but unfortunately fell down aud broke i-jy ;f, 1; this again ilirew me oti my bed for nine uioiii'is, (Hn- ing which time 1 had sixteen pieces of boae taken out of it. I consulted some of the meet clevor lui^ier.l men in Carmarthenshire, Erecon»faire, aad Glamorjctn- shire, but they could not cure me. At I-,st I waw per- suaded to give your Ointment andPills a trial, Ahic-I- I I did, and by continuing with them for one nickith, K,r leg. was perfectly cured, after ten years ef meet s4were sufftriiig. I remain, Sir, yoarsobediently (signed) JOHN ANTHONY Both the Ointment and Tills should be tIHtl in the folfowntf cms;— Bad Legs Chlego-fwt Fistola* Sore-throats Bad Breaate Chilblain ftftnl Skin-dineaeas Burns Chapped lia>dst61andalarSw*UiBfaScurvy Bunioai Corns I ftA) Laabaca Sere heads Bite If .he'loIllCAllet!I'tI met Tumours and Sand Vliaa Cantraeted and Kheumatism l_'lc»r» Ceeo bey iaiff Joints Sralds IVounda Elepbantiaan SareNipplea laws Sold at the Establishments of PROFESSOR Hollowat 244 Strand, (near Temple Bar,) London, and 80, Malde Lane, ?ew York, also by all !esnfot')t?.l rglsl8 and toto in Medicine. th -oup'S the I KT'"8 prices :-18 ld 289ù 18 6d,1\8, 22s, and 33s Pot. aiiea her0 i9 considerable sa?cgby taking the l?er .Jzes, If?.<?n?en9fot ,uid?nce of Mtieaf <- wr? gamdzu l?zt wIn *vow ætnutrh. WANi'ED, an ont.door APPRENTICE to the W atch and Clodt Making BustneM, ?nethat can apeak the Welsh lang ege will be preferred. I Apply to Thomas Heywood, Watchmaker, High. I' street, Wrexham. ) MEDICAL. WANTED by a qualified Assistant, who is VV aquaintod with the Welah language, a situation. Apply to Mr. F. F. Jones. Auctioneer, Ruthin. WANTED TO PURCHASE, A GOOD MALT MILL; also a SCREEN.- .LL Apply to Mr Peter Carregan, Victoria Vaults, York-street, Wrexham, or: to Mr. Eilisbury, Ber- shaiu. WANTED, immediately, a large quantity of TV OLD NEWSPAPERS. The best price, given.-Apply to Mr. BayJ«y, Wrexbam. an hr ¡'nlh; TO BE SOLD, a Stack of well-harvested TUpland B A Y, about SO tons. Apply to Mr. Robert Anker*, Wine Merchant, Wrexham. AGRICULTURAL SALT, At Kizibbs's Salt Warehouse, Wrexham. EKNIBBS begs to inform the Farmers and E. Agricuiturists of Denbighshire that he has always in Stock a large quantity of SALT, suit- able for Agricultural Purposes, which he is pre- pared to sell at vary reasonable prices. For par- ticulars and to purchase, apply to E. Knibbs I High-street, Wrexham. Also, the best Winsford Cheese Salt, and a largo Stock of fine Salts, for household purposes. I Mtirch 6lh, 1856. NOTICE IS TIEREBY GIVEN, that from the dato "r thill JL Advertisement, no Orders are to be receiv d or pr iven. or Monies paid on behalf of Mr. EVAN MORRIS, Leather Manufacturer, Wrexham, but through and to the undersigned Trustees of the said Mr. Evan Morris. Signed, JAMES jo: SS, JONATHAN O,FEN. Nov. 16, 1856 RUTH IN. j THE OLD ANCHOR AND COMMERCIAL INN. ¡ "pICHARD LLOYD GRIFFITH respectMly -M-? intimates that he has commenced business at the above Inn, and hopes by steady and strict at- tention to merit a share of the Public patronage. Spirits and Home-brewed Ale of the best quality. London and Dublin Porter. Cars for hire. Good Stabling and excellent lock- up Yard. Well-aired Beds, and superior accommcdation for Travellers. LOST, A Rough haired, Black and White SHEP. A. HERD'S DOG. He is square built and hia tail has been cut. His expression is that of a Foulmart or Otter Dog. Answers to the name ef Laddie." Anv one bringing him to Pen-y-lan will receive Ten Shillings Ueward and expenses. MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, CATTLE MARKET. WREXHAM. ESTABLISHED 25 TEARS. EP. KERHHON is 'veH-known to tbopublic E& as the first Artist ia Europe for prelening Birds Beasts, and all kinds ef Reptiies to resemble the ittittitle and perfections of Life. He is employed by most of the Xobility and Gentry in the kingdom EfppciulelJs of his rurious Art may ba seen nt the Re- pository. is also fine collection of Rare Birds,Beasts and Injects, in the highest state of perfection. A' t!¡ere .re many Ladies and Gentlemen who are partial to their Birds, and favourite Animals, this is respect- fully to inform them that they may hare their re- mains preserved in appearance so near lir. as scarcely to be distinguished, and warranted to last beyond ex- pectation. E. P. Kerrison hopes that by continued exertion and a sincere wish to give satisfaction to all who may favour him with a trial, still to merit a continuance of public patronage and support, so liberally btstowed upon him during the last 25 years. N.B.-Foreign Bird-skins carefully mo onted.are Birds bought, sold, or exchanged. NOTICE. MI[t. IFIIC-KS Will close his Pli OTOGRAPIIIC, GALLERY, IN Wrexham on SATURDAY NEXT, and Re- JL open in Oswestry the following week. Lose no time therefore in obtaining a correct Likeness at the Provincial Photographic Gallery, Hope-streer. Will positively close on Saturday next. NOTICE OF REMOVAL, WILLIAM HOLLAND, Grocer and Tea W Dealer, takes this opportunity of returning thanks to his numerous triends, and the public of Wrexham generally for the kind patronage which they have accorded to him since his com- mencement in the above business; and begs to in- form them that he has HiSMOVEP 1.0 the Prem- ise lately occupied by Mr C. Owen, Tailor and Drapei, Hope-street, Wrex iam; and respectfully solicrits a continuance of their f- vou/ and support. Hope-street, Wrexham, Sep. 5th 18t56. KAYE'S WORSDELL'S VEGETABLE PILLS have cured thousands whoso complaints wero considered beyond hope. Wbilt the most e-.f c,tciout and speedy, they arc, at the same time, tho safest remedy that can be etc ploy c: i; nona meed fear to take them, and yet all may iiope for relief and cure from their us: Tho number nf TESTI- MONIALS from all classes of socicty, winch Vave been published, prove that their curtive qualities are tlio most remarkable -of any medicin* of the present day and the fact that they Lev* bees ow stantly increasing in sals for mors than twent years, shows that they iltand th» test of time at experience, and that, whersrer they art knon their value is appreciated. Thwy are especially suited to persoas Buffering from A sue. Asthma Bilious Attacks ?Cbest.ifecLionb Dropsy DiarrhaM Eruptions Fever riaiuicncy General Debility Stomach Com- plaints Scrofula Sore legs Ukers Liver Diseases at' 111 r i ifs KlieumatisM Gum Gravel Headache Indigestion lulluenza Worms, AE. AC. I- L- few ()A.j¡;S 0"1" VJU-U-i* aire l;ivcii wjjuw, in auino to which ¡;f ot hers will be found iu the pam phlet whica :<ceonii.r.nies each box. D> rr.> DwiE' ct the Yirtwi* Iron Works, Jvon confined to hiv bed for eleven week coi" e.ivu'lit, upon u s vcre attack of inflammation 01 th lm-ce; i y leave's l'ills, he WM camptettty cured u id lJavies, of tae bi..Uj< workff, fzitti-Li, ol the above n'tcr fUui'iinp fre.n violeut 1)0;" iu his lolt liide. wa V-vl^tly ( i red Ity the us; of these uill. I. jiCV.nA, 16, Hauley-street, Liverpool, aiter having suii.;rc d frcui jauuuice and au aifeciiou 01 the livf-r, wzcs severit y attacked by dri)ptty -his medical ad- viser pronjuncea his case hopelPs>;but a frieiid in- ducing him tI try's Worsdell'sFills,ano altertak- iug two boxes', he .was partectly i,eslorei to htallh. Mrs. G. lllLL, Truaipi t-ffate, Herefoittshire, had a severe complaint in tha chest for two years, and tried every means that cruld lie thought ef, but II ithout suc- cess, till she hoard of Kaj t's Pills. She toos. a few i)ox.Ai and Nvw thoroughly euio i. Mr. fpLFojii), f): Kirbo Cane, j.ort'olk, was afflicted for ten years with pi-oii :• wea'iness and pi in, in conse- quencoofiiidtr.eatiuii. By taking the V, getabie RL-st-fir- ative Pills, the disttessin?; pains were reuioved, aud his gen;1 al health wonderfullv iiiproved. i I iMr. J. K. Upi-om, of Hanbury. declared that he foun '.as lite a burden to him, in consequence of diz^uu* k I 'n'ou;; ùebl houstant litadache, great weakness, and Ill' t tiebi cty but, by taking Kaje's, Pills, he was completely rce ?j    DING. of St d h d a career cut from I RICll4BD K-OLDING, of Stroud. had t csricer cut from his tongue, and   ^tbse. expected notlllll u death. Uo took oiia bO of tbuts pills, ?aid com}!l" Be Wdl w?t?t????* ??. ¡ l » j fURNISHED APARTMJSHT8 TO LET. TO BE LKT. Furnished Apartraezits in" « -L pleasant and healthy part of the outskirts of Wrexham, consisting of • Drawing Boom and Bed Room For particular* apply t. Mr. Bayley, Rotkseller,7 Wrexham. T0 BE LIT, "ilh immediate potMStioo. a desir-  "b!. iD.?W™ ELLING HOUSE, pleaMndy titMted in Vpplr VChester Street, Wretham.eont.inin.din- JDi: and draaiug i-ooua, Ill. upper rooms, kitchens and Apply to Mr. A. NT, Edwards, on the preniism. TO BE LET, (And may be entered upon at Christmas next,) fTlWOlarje and commodious Rooms, suitable i for Warehouses, one of which is now used as a Chapel by the Wdah Calvinistio Methodists, and the other as k Warehouse, with the requisite wirdiog tackle, situate in Bank Street, Wrexham. Rent moderate. The above premises are well adapted for the stowage of dry goods, being well protected from the weather and strongly secured. The situation of the premises ta central and avary facility for stowago afforded. To treat aBd for further information apply ta Xv Knibbs, High Street, Wrexham. High-atreet, Oct., 31, 18,56. OSWESTRY, SALOP. TO BE LET, with immediate possession, that -L old established and well known Family He- tel, situate in the Town of Oswestry, called U The Cross Keys," tn which are attached excellent Stabling, Coach houses, Yards, dtc., and 10 acret of land of very superior quality, and now ia tb occupation of Mr. J. E. King. Tho House and Outbuildings have lately under- gone considerable alteration, and the whole are now in a thorough state of repair. The premises are most conveniently situated for general and commercial business, and are within 5 minutes walk of the Station of the Towm, onttle Great Western Railway, For further particulars, apply to Messrs. Loft, ueville, Williams, & Jones, Solicitors, Oswestry* TO BB LET, THE Pant Steam FLOUR MILL, Rusbou. com- -L prising three pair ?f French Mill Stoaee, DreMin? and Smut M'achinet eemplate.ingoodM- pair, and eajikble of making 160 &eke of Flour pea we*k> ana for hir.b the consumption in the im- mediate neighbourhood is upwarda of double that quantity, and there being no other lark flour mill in the parith, makes the above a very desirable compact promises, sucJi as is seldom to be met with. For further information enquire at tho Aitertietf Office, Wreihaos. TO B1 LET, with immediate possession AD excel. lent and eammodions VILLA RESIDENCE. situate in the vicinity of Wrexham, eaataininf Din- inir and Drawing room, t Kitchens, aad 4 Bedrooms Water Closet, &c. Rent moderate. Apply to Mr. Gummsw, baildiuy earvejor, Wrex- ham. TO GENTLEMEN, LAND AGENTS. FARMERS. ko. THOMAS MULLOCK, NURSERYMAN & SEEDSMAN, WXBXHAM, BEGS to inform the Gentlemen, Land Agenti? Band Farmers of WrMham and the adjoimn? districts that be baa always on hand a large Stock of Oak, Elm, Ash, Sycamora, and Italian Poplar for hedge-row planting, to which he would es- pecially invite their attention. Hs has also a plentiful supply of Theva-meto& Spruce-fir, Evergaeen and FlovorirAg Shrqb%lr%Lt tresf. Greenhouse Plants, 4e, Wrexham, Nov. 14, I860* ON SXXXHEl PERAMBULATORS aad a BATH CRAIR, m JL moderate terms, at MR. N. S.I ¡COTCIIER'S. JEWELLER i SILYERSMITH, HOPE-STREET, TkREXHAM. Bath Chair, per hour, M; per day, Is 6d per week, 6s. Perambulators, per day, Cdjtper week 2 ghilliugs. CELEBRATED SHROPSHIRE MEDICINE. The best Purifier of the Blood discovered THE ORIGINAL PLOUGHMAN'S DROPS -L These invaluable Drops have for nearly Half a Century proved themselves the OHLT effectual euro for biliousness, affections of the liver and kidney's dropsy, eancer, fistula, uleers, scrofula, king's evil, scurvy, scorbntie affect ions erysipelas, and all erupg tions of the skin a safe remedy for all female eom- plaims, rheumatism, pains in the back, St Anthony't tire, fits, and all other diseases srising from an impure state of the blood. Sold in bottles at Is 9d, oel 4s 6d each. AGENTS.—JONES, Phcmitt, Wrexham; Robekts Advertiser Officc, Oswestry HOLL, Chemist, New- town; JONES, Chemist, Whitchurch, KIN*, Chs- mist, Market, Drayton DR. DE JONGH'S UfillT BKOWV COD LIVIR OIL HAS now, in consequence efite marked superi- n ority over every other variety, seouyed the confidesce and almost universal preference of tlto most eminent Medical Practitioners in the treat- ment ef Covswnption, Bronchitis* Atthm*, Oout, MheumatisSeiatiea, Diabetes, Diseases of the skin. J.Y&:uraq.'a, tickets, Infantile wasting, Oexeral debil. end all Scrofulous iffections. Its leading distinctive elsaraoteristieaar* i Cempfefe wrtservtien ef aetiee end essential prineiples. Invariable parity end uniform strength. In tire freedom from Nauseoue flavour &a efter-Uete. 14PW Cwf4tivO E"ffects, tmd eomequemi Joeweir. ttLECT MIDICAL OFMIOKl. CHARLES COWAN, ESa, M D., L.R.O.S.B., Physiciem to tholerawhiro Hoepitel, Consult- ing Physician to the Reading Dispensary, Translator of Locis o. PHTHISIS," te. Dr. Cowan ia glad to find that the Profession has 9me reasonable guarautea for a geniting arti- cle. lue material now sold varies in almost ovorr establishment whore it ia purchased, and a tendea- cy to preler a eolouileaa and tastelees Oil, if no* cuanteracted, will ultimately jeopardise the reputa tion of an unquestionably nluable addition to th. Materia Modica. Dr. Cowan, wishea Dit. lI8 Jo-sca oygry auoceaa- ilk his aeritoreu* ad. tukmj. EDGAR SHEPPARD, ESQ., M.D., M.B 0.& Iroftalaior "I" Gibert en Diseosei ef the Skim," Bftqmwei mi Esther's Steearehee em- Mr Blood," Dr Shtppard has made extensive nso elDa Da Jorgu's Liyht-Brown Cod LITOF Oil, and has great pleasure in testifying to its superiority ovet every ether preparation to be met with in this c('uutry. It ilaa the rare excellence of being well borne und assimilated by stomachs which reject the ordinary oil. Dr Sbeppard has no limitatios in stating that be believed am Imperial Pint of Da DL j Light-Rrown Oil to be of mora valu* than an Imperial Quatt of any other to Watft with ia London. Sold only in Impmual lialf-pinta, 18 64; Ptnw 4s 9J; (tualts, 9s; eapsuied and, lahlle4 with VA DLJ ONGH', stamp tnd Hgnttnrt, wtihma '-?? none are ??MtMC, by AKSAR, HARFO?D M)? Co., e de British consignee 77, St?M? London and by many respectable Ch?Biat? Md Dr uØÏÐ. Sold at Wrexh.m, by Mr. W. H. JOHNNON Cbemut, High-street j and br Ma W. kQWLAM» Cbemist, lligh-strest; and by i(g W. RC)W7 Chemist) Hi^b-rttoOtk