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Sales by Auction. BY ^tESSr £ S BAUGH AND JONER, Pi-'Uiixj-Unvx", Lands, and Premises, at ';(I!. ADWY <'h'r n,) ??" ?"? ?"7?''«? Wesleyan C?<tpef? in the ?'?"? ,< B'rhal/1, m the parf'? of Wrexham, in the ,,111' f Denbigh. ? BR ??'? BY AUCTION by MESSRS BAUGH ?' ..nd JO?K? at the Groivenor Arms, Adwv. aforesaid, tp. -)n May Uth, 1(), subject to conditions to be '? r,I,i tiiere produced and in the following or such other "?' )?s as may he agreed upom. "T ? ,\n that stone buHt and slated MESSUAGE )?'')!i" H"?' ?'"? the large garden in the front 'h ?.f ind "?? ?'?"'? m ?"c ??- toother with t' e cow- th..r.n sin.'U budding used for keeping straw, &(' piggery, h,)U:ol a,}, fl ,tl' th ad J d. Th!- pfmises are coining the main ro&d leading from Y. \vj. t„i tn )!"thin and opposite Bryn Off. the residence TI" f' 1 th K,,l > aml ia now in the occupation of Mr of hJ1 Wmi:IIII", '?,"T ?" ?'? ?'??'? r?' ? parcel of LAND near tr,bavin? a frontage to the township road leading f im ??"' "?"? to Wrexham p?"t Higher Berse and )i\ms 'I"' property of Mr Richard Jonps and contains by !I' I (I 1 th J ::n ,H,.n In f r, p ?nd is now in the occupation of the e'tin ?'nms. ¡,i .1..1111 Jalll! ?his '.?' ""?? ehgitde for hUl1Ilm purposes either nr?'t'' residence or cottaee property. f'l "T: ""n. all that Field Piece or Parcel of T.and ad- ,;niii« the )?t described lot having a frontage the whole ,?th thereof t'? ?? ?"Khway !pading from Adwy to Tyn-y. ) .nd contai"i"g by estimation h?f-an-acre. and now ? ,)„. ,?'c))p:'tion ?' the s?id John WiUiams  "T'?" piece "? '? ? "? "'??''?s.fou.s?y situate for ) 'ii?i'? )'?" ?''? view therefrom is most extensive and i i*r "i' f irtb'-r p iiHcnlars Tpply ta M(?-:rR ACTON & Rrny Wiwlriin. or at the Oiffces of the A rOTlONEERs T"II: '?. Wrexham, where :t Map or Phn of the in iv )"' inspec t..1. \t. it ? o'cloc ? on the s,mf day, upon the nrstiv de- .r,). i !'). "?? ?. ?' '"? ?'? by Auction the Hon\\hold "Ih'" !"? ?. '?' t' property of Mr Edward Owens ,i n054n ITHLIC HALL, WREXHAM. •'•tiit of ft Vahfih'r stock of B-droom, SHtina /> ami I>'ivrin;t fomm Xottinyham Lace Ciirtatois Valnicr*, Table and Bedcovers, Anti: ):1-: :01.0 BY AUCTION, by Messrs BAUGH .Ion.- at the above place, on Tuesday and Wed- \1" May 11th and 12th, a large stock of LACK r;Vl \IN> (Consigned from Messrs Samuel Peach and ii, iiiiif i' 'rs. Nottingham), embracing Floral Inser- Antique Hon'ton Lace. Basket of Flowers, Pe- .?ii. ponil''life. ?'"?- ?rns. and Dowcra. together ?,f'. i !n-;? ?)mt!ty of T.ace 1 ahle and Bedcovers in t.n? '?"- also Antimacassars, Window Valances' J" t 11 1. SxN1 to commence at II and h prompt. of the public to the *isiM'inunewandfirst classgoods.comingfromthe ?,in iiiufai'tui t-rs. and consist of the latest patterns for C.iicls on view on the mornings of Sale. c;i! .login s in iy lie bad on application to the Auctioneers' Tcinp! rliamhers. l05ijf M.K it f.'e-l l.i-m Inn, Chester-street., Wrexham on 3 M the iivd Ma v. issn. at Two o'clock of a „nti:\ of u^ful HorsKHOI.I) FURNITURE, removed of sale, hy BAUGH it .TONES. PI! Kl.I.M INARY. r and Orrrd 'ti.?, n-?((¡. to; /,1 thi' f 'iiiit)/ nj Ll. ithiiih. f| p,t !? ?? AUCTION, by ?!R-;s?? BAUGH t ,):\);-?t the In!lrs' Ann", ,ntthSt':I. afore- n'h of May, isstt, hy order of the )uort?a2:ee j/ !'t!?')?: y ..r,tp,1 M F.SSUAG R«! or Dwell- iui-li -j- 'he Gar.leiK and appurtenances thereto ).? ,I., :.n) ?-? '!] that ..{'-e- ?.IKSsrA?Hm'Dwcnin?- th.n' and adjoining the pr?ptt'ty of Mr P. a i:!i anpartonauces bt'longimr, situate at Glan- if aiii >.■ afore-j-iid, and now in the occupation of .fr |<i llujilt's and otb.vrs. I'n'l ]• irti' iil ii< will appear in future advertisements and it!; !« .mtinie fuither information may be obtained from Mr H i'o\,solicit-or. Wrexham, or at the offices of the V!. i iov> :;u>. Temple Chambers, Wrexham. lOlttf SALE BY TxIR SXAFE, I 'dt'rn Uiyh-dniix Ihmxeltoll F 'rni'm* PKNYBRYN HOrE, ir .J; M}'. •XM'K h :s been lniimved with instructions from ? ): '?.'rt t.'o?d. t??., (in consequence of h!s!e;tvii? Wi ■' h .Hi to s!•L PUBLIC AUCTION upon the and the min: Ia\ if nei-t'ss'iry, the whole of his very valuable :,n i >•; a! iioi'sEHOLD FURNITURE, and other effects, "ii:v :M:I- I • !'i: \v> Drawing-room suiti's in walnut i with marble top i.n.1 mi:T"r back front, rosewood sofa, spring and hair «i- f-' t, ;1111 haiidsoiti ly upholstered beautiful walnut 100 i -l atnot, choice Brussels carpet and hearthrug, pier si glass, (.'hina shelv-'s DI.NI\ii-it00M. — Passive and exceedingly handsome ic ili.i^'aiiy ideboard, Spanish mahogany dining and other t !■ carved mahogany bookcase, mahogany single and r.rm .'iiairs, ru-h-toned semi-cabinet piannfovte, tij octaves, in ro-ewood. by Holderncss, walnut couch capital hall clock, carved oak hall chairs, barometer, wire flower stands, Ac. A very fine collection of Bed-room Furniture, including, grand mahogany, polished, birch, and iron four-post and half tester bedsteads, mahogany and other dressing tables an 1 washstands, very handsome mahogany and other ward- robes, toilette glasses, toilette services, carpets, commodes, mahogany chests of drawers, feather beds, bed-room chairs, Ac., and a full complement of kitchen requisites, and other effects. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock prompt < 'atalogues will be ready a week before the Sale, and may I a- had from the Auctioneer, Lion House, Wrexham. 1007a SALE BY illl LOVATT. TO BREWERS AND CAPITALISTS. DESIRABLE FREEHOT.T) INVESTMENTS AT WREXHAM. TO TIE SOLD BY AUCTION, hy MR LOVATT (by i order of the Mortgagee), at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Wrexham, on Wednesday, the 12th day of May, at Four o'clock in the afternoon punctually, subject to condi- tions. and in the following or such other lots or order as may be decided upon hy the vendor at the time of sale lOT 1.—The recently erected Brewery, now in full work" iimconditioii called "THE VICTORIA BREWERY,' with an < 'piavters' steam brewing plant complete, fitted 5 ^erv.-d throughout with water and gas apparatus, ,Il r with all tixtures and other effects attached to the c> premises. Also the several purceis of land adjacent fi e Br. '.v-'i v, and the st iMing, loose box, sheds, and r lately occupied therewith. A;1 liie :.1, Premises are situate near the Cattle A'.iilcei. in the boiou^h of Wrexham, and were recently built and occupied by Mr Thomas Mnillev, 1.1'"v", l p, i suited for Cottnse Bnibliii;; sites, for which there is great demand in the town. "J Th" o!d-e-ta'ii;sh,l and welJ-k'i''>wn IX, iiit to and f' on ting I. it 1. formerly called The Cock, ,.¡; 11" The Victorvi Inll," situate at the junction of Jl It Mi.! Uarndon ^'tret-'s. in the borough of Wrexham, the l^eionging thereto, now in the j -itioii tjf A/r Thomas Henry Roberts. -T:1t" w..I!h1.:i.h.1 Licensed BEERHOUSE, | i Vne lin'i's H.I" with the yard and offices •! therewith, now held l,y Mr John Will::i;s, and in l aMidoii-stit" t. Wrexham tiie a ots adjo n each other, have a street; fi outage of 7iis feet, are immediately c nnected with tin- <d Cattle Market and new Suiithfield, and pre- -L ut an .iihiiir.ible site for improvement and building operations C >i-i ierab e oHl:t\" h ive very r -ceatly '•eeo made to improve t e supply of water in the \veÎl upon the premises.and tllre is n iwa tirst-rate supply, j Th" a 'o'.e property offers a rare opportunity for Brewers ■ Investors. r :r furthei particulars, or any treaty as to the property, ? ?t'tt"")s I.i:\vis AND .S<?iciters, Wrexham. !124ft.n P.YMESSRS CHURTOX, ELPfllCK&C'o I J:, taut ilnd Ext'sire S.'i.l'' of \'r{liable IJ"i'-iehij?d F ala.s, Silws Plate, Plated }' /■•' t i I !l I ills', "j" llth'n* /ar.sC.v, Vale-rlil Iletjri Dolt, J III Jll'- "i II ''xh.i.idi'i/, at HILl., CLOSE TO HOLT, Mil-* from th- Hossri mid Grexford St it ions, I Vrst'-rn Hail fit >i; Pi r» M tiff/runt W'/iXhant, Ii'. 'I' Ei iht Milrx front the Cily of Cheater. J I !>v;:s CHURTOX, KLPmcK, and CO. have been 1 v"rtdw!th in-?trucri.?tsfr"n:the executors of the ,¡, AJurris, Esq., To SELL BY AUCTION, on '?i-?. )nt -iay. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, May ?' Iltl" t?th. ]:fth. and mh, ISII. commencing each Kieveii ¡or Twelve o'clock punctually, the whole of v.luaMe Household FURNITURE adapted to four ¡,t"rt ,i,1i!I rooms and numerous bed and dressing looms, ;i.clu.J.rig a set "f mahogany telescope dining tables 14ft. ,,11ft handsome ditto sideboards, with plate and ■fll.tret draw rs and tittlngs, three-tier dumb waiter, set of I'uli.iilar.y and h.unginK chair.s, couches, iVc., np- II ,1st"r, ,I iii morocco leather excellent walnut wood draw- 1:"111 suit", uph dsteivd in blue rep, mahogany, walnut, i'i d loo, card, writing, and occasional tables, hand- aat- in,nixed and gold cabinet richly ornamented with "i "la, .hiable French clocks and timepieces,brilliant pier PLATE, PLATED ARTICLES v of lM1(,ks, oil paintings and drawings by engravings, English and foreign china d> iti' objects, small sized pianoforte gilt frame (by Broadwood and Sons), liirKei, llrussfis, tapestry, and Kidderminster carpets: 'siiM- k, rep, allll muslin window curtains; richly cut glass, dinner, tea, and coffee cutlery, a of bed and table linen, IIlfulerator allll other ir,m and brasshalf-testerand Freuciibedsteads, hoti, and wool mattresses, prime feuther beds, ■ ..liikets and counterpanes, handsome mahogany, varnished I In,. and polished birch bedroom appointments, including t -I war,hobes with plate glass doors; toil«t services, '? n'? ..) domestic otKces, «fec. i UouK LITEI'TS indl}!l a va.!nable ches?utentn-e '?. fed. d ,| u], :!rd Iï of great bone and power power- « .?-n h:'r"'t ]';? h mds. a?ed ?1 TWO AND THREE 'Wis o|> HEiFERS, calved and in-calf; two ditto heifers, linllltKtk, well-bred two years old btnl, an I •"•a.e|.t punv trap, with lamps, -cushions, Ac., strongly '11't •y iiifechajiel, ditto, in trst-rato conditioa set Ii.ii r,>s horse g>-ars, iron hurtlles, an assortment, of OF HI: SB VNDKY, including four casts, •••J ro'o-rs, mowing and reaping it-achnie, horse harri.v.s, scutHes, horse gearing for chaft cutting, I ir-i! pilia,s and ornamental i'i mble gates, garden iid a great variety of misccEaneons effects. will b- provided on the premises tit | t. r 'Â. t.llaní' I (twot.oncc tach: may be obrained from the '"11.Holt; t? Wynnstay Arms Hote!,? 'yxhaui or fro n the Auct?ueeis, Me?.,rs CJIlHlI, j ?" "'r.uiri, and mcHAhDSO- Che??. f?41x j -————————————————— I PRELIMINARY NOTICE OF I i.o••••. «» !■ i,PanntVfr-, Gil«& (h¡.LL, Book*, Kih-lsn Ji'ijvUit' Diiirti Vewels, I EYTON rAIDf, EYTOST, II i ll'fi'jrhii hi and three mila frmn J'u&b-j.i. CiiUlt roN, ELPHiCK, A CO. have been Ii with insti'tictions from the Exccutors of the to SELL BY AUCTION, on I Wednesday, ?iay IS and m, 1NS0, .commencing ( f veil for T.veive <clock puiictualiv,U»e whole I "V "'••€-iLentionid Valuable EFFECTS. ,t! 1., ohfetiiji-d from tlje Wynnstay Arms I > oJ WievU.un, <i» tin- A lwtioneew. Sales by Auction. SALES BY MR. LLOYD. ¡ 'J _r'f*r_J, WREXHAM SMITHFIELD. I FAIR DAY, THURSDAY, MAY Oth ltiSO, MR LLOYD'S next AUCTION will take place on ?' t Thursday, May 6th, 1880, the present entries will include:- A prime lot of Fat Heifers, Bullocks, and Bulls. Several magnificent Dairy Cows and Heifers, Calved and to Calve (this Auction is noticed to be one of the lead- ing sales for first class Dairy Cows during this time of II year). ) A lot of choice Barrens, Stirks, and Stock Bulls. A magnificent selection of Pat and Rearing Calves, Heifers and Bulls from the leading Stocks in the neighbour- hood of Cheshire. A prime lot of Shropshire anil Welsh Wethers, also Store Sheep. A number of Pork and Bacon Pigs, In-pig Sows, and | Store Pigs. The property of T. LI. FitzHugh. (j Prime Fat Bu locks. Sale at 10 30 prompt. HORSE. SALE, First FAIR in the Month, at two o'clock. All Entries taken up to morning of Sale. i OfHces. P!assey, Wrexham. 2'?9 j i THURSDAY, MAY 6TH, 1S80. (F A I R DAY) XORTH WALES AND CHESHIRE HORSE AND CAR- I RIAGE REPOSITORY, BEASTMARKET, WREXHAM. t 1\. ,IR. LLOYD has again the pleasure of announcing his iTjt. next SALE of HORSES, CARRIAGES, TRAPS' HARNESS, &c, will take place in his Repository, situate as aforesaid, on Thursday next, May 6th, when he will offer for sale the following Horses, &c. :— Several powerful Cart Horses, Hacks, Colts, and Ponies, A number of Carriages, Traps, Carts, Saddlery, & The property of J. Pickthall, Esq Plas Eyton. Stylish iron grey cob, rising 4 years o'd, about l.'J-2 high, steady to ride or drive rit l e or drive. Mr Holland, Pickhill. Pair of grey cob geldings, 14-2 high. 3 and 4 years ola, by the same horse, and out of the same mare, a capital match. Mi" Griffiih, Adrafelia. Powerful bay waggon mare, rising ti years old, sound and sold without a fault, and W;tl""an't'rl a good worker. Mr Price, Rliostyllen Three cylinder iron roller (new.) Entries taken up to hour of Sale. Sale at Two o'clock prompt. j Offices—Plassey, Wrexham. 1053 SALES BY MESSRS JONES & SOX. ,f- WREXHAM SMITHFIELD. j THURSDAY, MAY CTH, 1SS0. t JESSKS JONES AND SON, will hoM their ITX next SALE OF STOCK in the above SmithaeM, on Thursday, May fjth, ISSfl. STOCK AT.UF.ADY FNTERKP. A lot of Prime F:!t Beasts Several Dairy Cows, Fresh Barrens, In-calf heifers, short horned bulls ) A nice lot of Sheep, Lambs, Calves, and Pigs Also 10:) Very fresh half-bred Wethers perfectly sound and healthy. 6 Fat Lambs. Hale at Ten o'clock. AT CLOSE OF SALE. Offices 4, Arcade, High-srreet, Wrexham. :()7h WREXHAM I T14 FIELD. ? ? KSSKS JONES & SON mve been instructed by the, .? & Executors of the late Mr Thomas Price, of Er]:? Ha)l Farm, to SELL BY AUCTION, on Thursday, May 6th, in the Nmithfield, Wrexham, the following lots, re- moved for the convenience of Sale, viz., a very active and fast trotting Grey MAR E (in foal), two Fat PIUS, useful Ti'AP to carry four, set of Harness, patent Chaff Cutter, Wheel Churn (nearly new), and other effects. | Sale at 10.30 prompt. 1014b ———————————— Sale Household Furniture, Pe.xther Beds, Garden Rutter, (-c at No. 4, VICTORIA TEKRACE, GREENFIELDS, Jihosddn. MESSRS JONES ? SON h"ye been instructed by a l' Gentleman, who is !ea?in<? the neighbourhoo.i to 1 SRLL BY AUCTION on Tuesday, the 4th day of May, 18S0, on the above Premies, a useful assortment of Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Effects, which will in- j elude walnut drawing room suite upholstered in green damask (nearly new), rosewood and walnut centre tables, mahogany couch in black hair, easy chairs, mahogany chairs in black hair, sewing machine, nearly new, cane seate 1 and other bedroom chairs, Brussels tapestry and othnr carpets, goat skin hearth rug, stair and landing carpets and oil cloth, handsome brass and iron French bed- steads, mattresses, feather beds, dressing tables, wash- stand, toilet glasses, towel rails, large paiiitetl maple ward- robe with 3 drawers and loose slides (nearly new), mantel boards and shelves covered with green baize, sundry books, paraffin lamps, hall gas light, two 3 light gasaliers. gas brackets, pendants and ylohes window blinds, rollers, &c S days and 30 hours clocks and timepieces,wheel barometer, white top kitchen and other tables, white top dresser with 2 drawers, coal vase, cupboards, clothes maids, benches, baskets, garden fencing wire, step ladder, rain water tub, dog kennel, garden roller, lawn mower, fire wood, about 3 tons of coal, and numerous other effects. Sale at 12 for 1 o'clock prompt. 1015u SALE OF FREEHOLD PUBLIC-HOUSE AT BRYMBO. t ?}p0 BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs JONE? AD SOX, at the Mount Inn, Brymbo, on Tuesday, May 11th, 1 ?SU, at F?ur o'clorh in the afternoon, subject to con- ditious to be then produced, all that old-established and well-built PUBLIC-HOUSE, called the" Railway Tavern," situate near the railway gates, Brymbo. The house con- tains two parlors, taproom, bar, kitchen, cellar, brewhouse, large elubroom, iiid three good bedrooms, with large and productive garden, containing by estimation about 1000 square yards, and now in the occupation of the proprietor, Mr William Moses. For further particulars apply to Mr .T. ALLINHTON HnmEs, Solicitor: or the Auctioneers, 4, Arcade High- I street, Wrexham. 10.15b MONDAY, MAY 10TH, JSS0. SALE OF FAT STOCK, AT THE ROSSETT AUCTION MART. MESSRS JONES AND S*>N lie- to thank their! patrons and friends for their liberal support, and wish to remind them of theh' next Sale of Fat Stock, which v.iU take place on Monday, the !0th day of May, IKSf), at their Auction Mart, Golden Lion Inn, fiossett, when the following stock will he offered j Fat Bullocks, Heifers, and Bulls. i Useful Dairy Cows and Calving Heifers. Prime Shropshire Down and other Sheep. j Fat Calves. I Pork and Bacon Pigs. The property i if A. Balfour, Fs(i., F. Potts, Esq., J. Bovdell, Esq., -General Townshend, E. Swetenham, Esq., C, Topham, I Esq., B. S. Huberts, Esq., T. Beakbane, Esq., E. Moss, Esq., Mr .T. Edwards, Mr Woolrich, Mr Davies, Mr .Voolrich, Mr Pritchard, Mrs Woolrich, Mr Lewis, Ir Bayne, Messrs Baguley, Mr Dudleiton, Mr T. Thomas, Mr Thomas Lewis, Mr Oilman, Mr Zachaiy, Mr Roberts, Mr Fdward Woolrich, Mr Bishop, Mr Thomas Evans, Mr j Handley, Miss Roberts, Mr Hughes, and others.. Further entries respectfully solicited. Sale t TWO o'clock, prompt. Offices:- 4, Arcade, High-street, Wrexham. 1049 SALE BY MESSRS ETCHES, NUXXERLEY AND ETCHES. THE WHITCHURCH (SALOP) HORSE SALE. THE next Whitchurch (Salop) Horse Sale will take place on FRIDAY, May 21st, 1X80. Entries for catalogues close May 14tli. ETCHES, NUNNERLEY, & ETCHES, AUCTIONEERS, 1044 Whitchurch. Salop, and Crewe, SALE BY Mil RICHARD OLLERHEA1). rNDER A BILL OF SALE. MR OLLERHEAD li:t? il'st",Icii0lis to SELL? 1 BY AUCTION upon the premises of Mrs Harriet Powell, Boot and Shoemaker, near Beehive Shop. Brymbo near Wrexham, on Friday, May t th, ISSIO, the whole of the STOCK-IN-TRADE of idiots, shoes, tools of trade, also the book debts, and other effects, and the whole of the House- hold Furniture, bedsteads, ic-??h,?r I)e(ls, &c., without reserve. Sale :it TN%-t, ;'c-lock. Auctioneer's Office, U, Charles Street, Wrexham. m-hn SALES BY MR. J. W. BROWN. J OX MONDAY. MAY 3RD, 18-30. STOCK SALE AT BROUUHTON HALL STATION. MR J W. BROWN h?s to anUQunce that he will II M SELL BY ?UCTfoN, at the above Station, on Mon- j day M v 3rd, 1S-0, tlie following FAT CATTLE, SHEEP, LAMBS CALVES, PIGS Are., viz.: 20 Prime Fd Builocka and Heifers everal C'a!vi)? Cows and Hei''? s fiU Fat Sheep j 20 Fat Lambs (j Fat Calves 10 Fat Pigs i Together with such other stock that may be entered up to day of Sale. Sale at eleven o'clock prompt. iGharch Lane, Mold. 1054 ?',<'KM?f!ft.')/?''?<(t? 7«?'?"t( .??<'C.' r<t7'!«?("'(< J .V<'f'& ? /f''?o!? Pvmiture and Effects at FFYN?NFA.MOLD IPitl'Ui minutes tealk of the Railway Station. j MR. ,T ?', BROWN has been floured Hithin?tmctioM ?'a fro)? ?i0 executors o? the late Mrs. Bancroft to SeH bv udinn <? the premises abo?, on TUESDAY, ]lth M \Y JSS?t thp ?ho!e of the vshiable ami modem HOUSE- HOID FuhNI'lV'f'I- outdoor ctfeets. il)pertaiiiiilg to dinin" and dra wius: yoouis, staircase, hall and landing, live ■i^edrooms, two kitetei's. pantry, conservatory, yard and O"a"iU. 1 ?T??er particulars ? n?t week's Adveft^r ,Hal in 'I' llich win be .<-dy on Tuesday nt, and may ))e ob?i? OU ??Ii""?? ? W Au-?)0i,? 'Uun-h Lane, 1 K5p Moid '"?P Sales Dy Auction. -r'- SALE BY MR. S. ASTON. '1. 'or. ,r" PRELIMINARY NOTICE. MR ASTON will hold his usual MONTHLY SALE on 1TJL Monday week, May the 10th, at the Auction Sale Room, late Exhibition Ground, Hope-street, Wrexham. Particulars rext week. Office-Argyle-street. 1060n Legal and Public Notices. ..r /í" 'j, ,r. JOHN WOODFIN, DECEASED. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all persons having 1? any CLAIM or DEMAND against the Estate of JOIIX WOODFIX, formerly of Burton, but late of Rossett, both in the County of Denbigh, gentleman, deceased (whose Will was proved at St. Asaph, on the Thirtieth day of March, 1880, are hereby required to send particulars of such Claim or Demand to us, the undersigned, on or before the 13th day of May next. Dated this 13th day of April, 1880. BARKER, HIGNETT, & CARRINGTON, Chester, p965n Solicitors for the Executors. THE COMPANIES ACTS, 1862 AND 1867. IN THE MATTER OF THE NANNERCH LEAD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, as a Current- Fgoiiim Concern, the Machinery, Plant, and Materials of, or belonging to, the Nannerch Lead Mining Company, Limited. The Mine is situated about li miles from the Nannerch Station, on the Mold and Denbigh Railway, Flintshire, North Wales. The Lease of the Royalty can be secured by the purchaser. Schedules of the Machinery and Pl-;nt, and any further particulars, together with order to view, m-ty be obtained on application to the Liquidator, Mr Ralph C irr, Westgate-road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. H7Ha GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. CHESTER RACES. CUP DAY. ON WEDNESDAY, May 5th, EXCURSION TRAINS will run to CHESTER as follows, returning same evening. Leaving SHREWSBURY at 9.35, 10 45, and 11.30 a.m. Basehurch 9 r>4 Rednal 8.41: Whittington 10. 12 Oswcstry R45, and 11.40 a.m and 12 L') pm • Gobowen 10 20, 12, and Oswestry 9.45, 12 25 p m Chirk 10.25, 12.7, and H.30 p m •' Wrexham 8.8, 9 30, 10.55, 31.-1 and 11 20 am, and 12.30, 12.55, 1.36, and 1 SO p.m. Gresford 8.15, 9 40, and n.21o\ a.m., and 1.0 and 1.57 p.m. Rossett at 8.21, 9.45, and 11 35 a m and 1.12, and 2.3 p.m. See special Bills. 1052n J. GRIERSON, General Manager. TO FRIENDLY SOCIETIES AND OTHERS. FOR HIRE, ROPES and STAKES, for Athletic Sports, JL' itc. Wire rope, sufficient for a half mile course. At liberty any day excepting Bank Holiday (August 2nd), when they will be wanted for the Foresters' Fete, on Acton P irk. -Apply to J. EABORN, WSp Rhosddu. NEW AMERICAN BOWLING SALOON. rilHIS New and Commodious SALOON is n w OPEN on JL the premises of Mr JOHN PARKER, Red Cow Inn, Penybryn. 23rd April. 102% TAKE NOTICE th?t the Grand drawing of Prizes that Twas to take place, on the 2oth inst. for the benefit of David Leech, Moss, near Wrexham, who has been disabled since the 18th September, 1S78, is to be POSTPONED until the :?ôth of May, and all Books are requested to l'e sent in on or before the 24th of that month. The winning numbers will be published in the Wrexham Advertiser and Liverpool Weekly Mercury of the 29th May- 1880. pjtfp FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF WALES. rrHE ANNUAL MEETING will be held at the Wynn- ''L stay Arms, Ruabon, on Monday, May 3rd, at Five p.m. The Challenge Cup will be afterwards presented to the Druids by Sir W?tkinW. Wynn, Bart, M. P. Dinner on the Table at (;.39. Tickets 5s each. 1060b Entertainments and Meetings. PRELIMINARY ADVERTISEMENT. THE JJUABON D ISTRTCT of the MANCHESTER UNITY FRIENDLY SOCIETY intend holding a DEMONSTRATION in WYNNSTAY PARK, on the 31ST M A Y, the same being kindly premised by SIR WATKIN WII.I.MMS Wy:, Bart. Full particulars will be duly advertised. 593b TENDERS A RE invited for Two TENTS for the sale of Refresh- | ,i ments, and One for the sale of Tea and Coffee, &c everything to be non-intoxicants in the latter tent. Tenders to be sent in, addressed to Mr ROBERT JONES, Spring Cottage, Street Issa, Ruabon, not later than 10th Ma v. 1653z WREXHAM HARE AND HOUNDS CLUB. | ^MATEUR ^THLETIC gPORTS. 1l FIFTH ANNUAL MEETING. ACTON PARK, S A T U R DAY, J U N E 5 in, 1880. Particulars as to Sports. Prizes, &c., with Forms of entrv may be obtained from 1048n J. STEWARD CRA WFOXD, Hon. Sec. EBENKZKR ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAPEL, CEFX, B A ZA A R j (Under Distinguished Patronage.) A BAZAAR In aid of the above Place of Worship WILL BE HELD IN THE SCHOOLROOM in AUGUST NEXT. Further particulars will be (luly announced. 914z PRELIMINARY NOTICE. IT IS PROPOSED TO HOLD A G P, A N D g A Z A A R IN MOSTYN PARK, By the kind permission of Tlin HON. LORD AND LADY MOSTYN, In AUGUST next, Under Distinguishell Patronage. Proceeds in aid of a New Church near -%Iost%)i Station. Contributions of any description will be thank- fully received at The Vicarage, Llanssa, near Mostyn. 974a -< 0_ Ley for Cattle. n I" EY AT CYMMAU PARK, from 12th of May to 12tli of October, 1S80, at following rates £ s. d. Yearling Heifer or Steer 1 S 0 Two-year-old do. 2 0 0 Cow or three-year-old ditto 3 0 0 Two-year-old Colts :j 3 7 6 One-year ditto. 2 7 6 All stock taken into Ley will be seen daily, but at Owner's risk. Apply to Mr GEO. HOWE or Nill JNO. PARRY, Ffrith. S54a LEYS AT LLAY HALL, GUESFORD, FROM the 12th M?y to 10th October, 1?'), at the Jt' foUowing rates FOR CATTLE ON LY. A Yearling Heifer 10 0 A Two-year-oId ditto. 2 I) I) FOR ONLY. A Yearling Colt 0 0 A Two-year-old ditto. 4 0 0 A Three-year-otd ditto. 5 U I) No cittle or horses will be allowed to be changed, and all to be at the risk of the vwner, who shall have no claim for compensation for any cattle which may stray or get lost. Any person booking cattle or horses, and not entering the same, will be required to pay as above. All beasts are liabje for the price of the leys. To be booked at Mr R. HANDLES, Llay Green Farm, Gresford. ALSO to LET, about 2:i :;cre-: ,.f excellent LAND for Grazing. 933b ]" E Y 4 T THE 9.'3.3b L E Y A I' T Ti E I. () Y) (,' E F A R 31. 4, s. d. Yearling Heifei o> .Steer 1 5 0 'J',l do II" t) T3jree-year-old do or Cciv 2 15 II Yearling Colt 2 51) do o -J I] Apply to Mr Tnov.i& ?;?T/ H • Lcdie Farm, mar Conm' Wo H .?. 100)b Business Announcements. GLOVER & ROBERTS ARE NOW SHOWING B LUE SFRGE SUITS, at 45s. BLUE SERGE SUITS, Indigo Blue. JgLUE SERGE SUITS, 50s. jgLUE SERGE SUITS for Bicyclingr BLUE SERGE SUITS for Yachting. JJLUE SERGE SUITS for Business Wear. SPRING OVERCOATS, Showerproof. SPRING OVERCOATS, OLe Guinea. SPRING OVERCOATS, New Colours. SPRING OVERCOATS, in New Shape. SPRING OVERCOATS, Wear Resisting. SPRING OVERCOATS for Travelling. GLOVER & ROBERTS, MERCHANT TAILORS, 13, SOUTH CASTLE STEEET, LIVERPOOL. 101,34f "JOHN L UPTON, CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, (For 19 years in the employ of Mr Wm. Pierce, Bridge-st.) WORKSHOP—QUEEN-STREET, WREXHAM. ALL KINDS OF FURNITURE MADE TO ANY DESIGN. Furniture packed and removed to any distance. REPAIRS NEATLY EXECUTED. Priv"te \iMr.?s 3, MADEIRA H!LL. ?38 3, .Nltl)rIRA I-IILL. 1038 NOTICE. GEORGE BENNETT, CUTLER, from SHEFFIELD, having taken Shop, No. 4, PEDLARS' MARKET, for a short time, all orders entrusted to his Daughter will be promptly attended to. 1042b SPRING FASHIONS FOR 1880. IN MILLINERY, MANTLES, COSTUMES, &c. Brown, HOLMES & CO. beg to announce their return from Paris and Lyons, with the Latest Fashions for the Season, and respectfully request the favour of a visit to their Showrooms. SILKS. They have made large purchases of Silks from the best Makers in Lyons, at prices fully equal to those of last year. These purchases include a variety of the New Soft finished Satins now so much used for draping, called Satin Merveilleux, Satin de Lyon, and Surah. DRESS MATERIALS. Their Stock of Dress Fabrics includes all the New Makes in Cashmeres and Beges, together with a variety of novel Persian and Japanese Mixtures Trimmings. NEW PRINTED WASHING FABRICS in Satines, Crepes, and Cretonnes. Exclusive Novelties in Hosiery, Gloves, Laces, Fancy Ties, and Parasols. Patterns sent free by post. CHESTER, March, ISSO. 331 PURVEYOR TO THE QUEEN AND RO AL FAMILY. WILLIAM KENDRICK, CONFECTIONER, 20, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM, Sole Manufacturer of the Original and Highly Celebrated WREXHAM GINGERBREAD, as Supplied to her Majesty the Queen. Sold in Boxes from One Shilling and upwards BRIDE CAKES Made and Ornamented to any Design. SOLE AGENT for the MELTON MOWBRAY PIES VISITORS to WREXHAM can be SUPPLIED with LUNCHEONS, DINNERS, TEAS, &C., in his well-appointed DINING ROOMS. DAILY PAPERS TAKEN. LUNCHEONS, PIC NICS, SCHOOL TREATS, At CONTRACTED FOR. LADIES' ROOM. jtST W. K. has Opened the above Room for the comfort and convenience of Ladies. 6Slb HAXELL S ROYAL EXETER HOTEL. [ js_ situate in the most open part of the WEST STRAND, %?? close to the THEATRES, OPERAS and Objects of Interest. Apartments 2s 6d. Drawing ?j??a????? j?o?,n ?.jth Bed Room eit ?M?< 10s M., 12s 6d Service, Is lid. The Private Apartments are en suite the double, Coffee-Rooms for families and gentlemen well arranged, with entrances to Billiard and Smoke-rooms. Cuisine ex- cellent. Vide Ab i'deen Journal. 7a t '-I SPRING AND SUMMER FASHIONS. T. C. JONES Begs to announce his return from the various Markets, and has been successful in purchasing ■ (roods suitable for the ensuing seasons, at con- I siderably reduced prices, to which he invites special attention. The following departments are I worthy of iiispretion:- MILLINERY—The Latest Fashions. DRESSES-Quite New. MANTLES and JACKETS—The Latest Out. WOOLLEX CLOTHS of superior quality and new- I est styles. Having a first-class cutter, all orders for Gentlemen's Garments guaranteed a good fit. FAMILY LINENS have hi: special attention. I STOCK ready for INSPECTION on TUESDAY next and following days. 10, ClIURCH STREET WREXHAM. April, 24th, 18s0. I01'2f   IRS. gCOTT Respectfully announces that she will make her principal 'show of SUMMER FASHION S". On TUESDAY NEXT and Following Days. 31, HIGI. STREET, WREXHAM. April 23; d, Mtt. lOlKp E. R PALMER, Is now showing his NEW SPRING STOCK of LADIES' AND GENTS. BOOTS AND SHOES in all the Parisian and London Styles. A large assortaient of BOY', GIRLS', and CHILDRENS GOODS. Old LADIES easy fitting BOOTS, GENTS GOUT BOOTS always in Stock. LADIES' AND GENTS. DRESS & WEDDING BOOTS AND SHOES. A few odd lots left from Sale at marvellously low price. Orders by post have special attention. OBSERVE THE ADDRESS P A L M E R S OID ESTABLISHED FAMILY LOOT AND fcffOE WAREHOUSE, 2 A x D 2 > TOWN HILL. 317 Legal and Public Notice. r" ..r- I- .r WHIT MONDAY, 1880. THE OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF THE "ALMA LODGE," OF THE GRAND UNITED ORDER OF ODDFELLOWS, beg to inform the Public that their GRAND DEMONSTRATION will be held on ACTON PARK. (By the kind permission of Sir It. A. Cunliffe, Bart., M.P.) ON WHIT MONDAY (BANK HOLIDAY), MAY 17TH, 1880. AT THREE O'CLOCK, THE FOLLOWING A T H L .E TIC S P 0 R T S WILL BE COMMENCED 120 YARDS HANDICAP. 1st, Electro Tea Service 2nd, Silver Medal; 3rd, Bronze Medal. Entrance, Is. 150 YARDS HANDICAP. 1st, Cup 2nd, Cruet Stand 3rd, I 5s. Entrance, Is. QUARTER-MILE HANDICAP. Open. 1st, Cup 2nd, Silver Medal; 3rd, Bronze Medal. Entrance, Is Gil. QUARTER-MILE JUVENILE HANDICAP, under 16, and resi- dent within 10 miles of Wrexham. 1st, Cup 2nd, I Silver Medal; 3rd, 5s. Entrance, Is. 3 MILES WALKING HANDICAP. 1st, Silver Stop Watch 2nd. Gold Centre Medal 3rd, Silver Medal. Entrance, 2s. 1 MILE RUNNING HANDICAP. 1st, Timepiece under shade 2nd, Cup 3rd, Silver Medal. Entrance, Is fid. 150 YARDS HANDICAP. For Youtlis under 18. 1st, Cruet Frame; 2nd, Silver Medal; 3rd, Bronze Medal. Entrance, Is. FOR CONDITIONS, &C., SEE SMALL BILLS. The Committee have at great expense secured the services of the following talented artistes:- MONS. JEROME! The wonderful SLACK WIRE WALKER, who has been specially engaged at considerable expense, will give his ■vstoiinding Performances on the Slack Wire. PROFESSOR TYLER! THE GBEAT CRYSTAL PALACE ILLUSIONIST, who will go through his wonderful lAGICAL MARVELS and Ventriloquial Entertainmeht of Wonders. Special Engagement (by particular desire) of the old English Entertainment, Punchinello, THE QUEENS PUNCH AND JUDY (Title registered), as presented at Buckingham Palace, before Her Majesty and the Royal Family. At Four O'clock the BAND will play for DANCING. The whole to conclude with a Magniiicent displav of FIREWORKS! Admission Tickets if purchased before the day, SIXPENCE a charge of One Shilling will be strictly adhered to on the day Children under Twelve THREEPENCE. Cheap Trains from all parts. Refreshments sold on the Ground. Parties desirous of estimating for the right of supplying Refreshments, should send in their Tender on or before Monday, May 10th, to J. Barker, Secretary, Meifod Terrace, Wrexham, from whom all other information may be obtained. 1049p MRS WHITES ORPHAN HOME, ESTABLISHED IN 1*71 AT GRESFORD, SINCE REMOVED TO WREXHAM. The present Home built at a cost of Land purchased at The Freehold of the Home is vested in the names of three Trustees, and a Trust Deed prepared, in which provision is made for the Government of the Home, the appointment of future Trustees, and also if circumstances in the future should render it necessary, for the final disposal of the property in Trust for the Wrexham Infirmary. The Home is thus the property of the Public for ever. 159 children have passed through the Home, fi5 free, and 25 are at present in The Home, 6 free. I STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS FOR THE YEAR ENDING 31ST DECEMBER, 187\1. RECEIPTS. PAYMENTS. I s. d. Jtl s. d. Balance m haml ,3'" ¡.;]O .,alan" and mClllental" 96 7 1 Maintenance of girls 134 V) 4 Clothing. 37 3 S Donations (including £ 250 from the Trusttfes of lictiselieeping 118 14 3t the late Mr Hugh Davies Griffiths) 341 14 8 ■ Books, postages, and stationery. 22 1 7 Subscriptions <12 S t) Balance of Mortgage on Home 100 0 0 Earned by girls 3 3 0 Half-year's intere"t on same 2 10 0 I Ladies Registry Office fees .0 I 6 Opening drains, new porch to Home, 33 5 6 Collected in box (118 S Amount invested at £ 5 per cent, per annum 150 0 0 I Half year's interest on £ 150 invested at £5 per Balance in hand 115 7 11 cent. per annum 3 15 0 i (7510 Us 075 10 0J Examined and confirmed, I iWtJa J. ALLINGTON HUGHES. MR ROBINSON WATSON WILL (D.V.) COMMENCE A SERIES OF SPECIAL SERVICES IN BRYNYFFYNNON WESLEYAN CHAPEL, WREXHAM. ON SUNDAY, MAY 16TH, To be Continued Daily, Morning and Evening, until the Friday following. The Meetings conducted by Mr Watson have been made a blessing to many thousands of all classes in all parts of I England. 922z Business Announcements. J'. .r F'- ,r- -.f- G A M E SEASON 1880. TO GAMEKEEPERS. C 17' B T 0 ''T & C 0 C K BENSON & CO., 11, HIGH STREE T WEEXH A M Beg t«j iioliiy tnax- they are the SOLE AGENTS FOR NORTH WALES AND BoRDEH COUNTIES FOR THE SALE OF GEORGE WILSON'S CELEBRATED PHEASANT, POULTRY. & DOG FOOD. These goods can be supplied from C. K. B. A CoV den-t ;.L H'jexhaui (,1 direct from Norwich at the same prices as charged by G. W. at his Establishment, S T. AUGUSTINE. N O R WICH. CARRIAOK< PAID Tv NEAKM RAILWAY STATION. PRICE LISTS WITH TESTIMONIALS f t, EE ON APPLICATION. 9t39 H U GHES AND SON, 5li, HOPE- S T REE T, W R E X H A 31. LARGE AND SPLENDID NEW STOCK OF WALL PAPERS FOR 1880. A SHOW nOmI DEVOTED TO THIS DEPARTMENT. 864z -+- p R I Z E I E D A L A L E S KILDERKIN THE GUINEA FIRKIN 21s. 10s. 6d. W R E X H A M PALE FAMILY ALE. BREWED EXPRESSLY FOR FAMILY USE, L, v THE WREXHAM BREWERY COMPANY, WREXHAM. THE CELEBRATED (j IT I N E A W R E X H A M IS GALLONS FOR 21S, 9 GALLONS FOR 10S 6D, Delivered Carriage Paid. THE WREXHAM BREWERY CO., W r, E X H A 31. d2471a I 1- THE POOR MAN S FRIEND. -+- I DR. ROBERTS'S OINTMENT. I This invaluable Ointment (as originally prepared by G. L. ROBEliTS, M.D.) is confidently recommended to the Public as an unfailing remedy for Wounds of every description—Scalds, Chilbl.iins, Scorbutic Eruptions, Burns, Sore and Infiamell Eyes, A-c. Sold in pots at Is lid, 2., M, lls, and 22s each. Sold wholesale by the Proprietors, BEACH A'BARNICOTT, Bridport; and retail by all respectable chemists. N.B.—The use of either Dr. Roberts's Alterative Pills or his celebrated Anti-Scorbutic Drops, in conjunction with the Ointment, is strongly recommended. See Pamphlet with Testimonials, forwarded post free. 2b TOHN TpARQUHARSON, ..n MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT, 20, Queen Street, Can :still supply good WREXHAM.   info'm his numerous customers that PLANTS OF STANDARD AND DWARF ROSES '?'?eonttnue? to his numerous customers that of the most useful sorts for the Flower Garden, t„T f • lie still continues to EYERGREEN SHRUBS and FRUIT TREES, CLEAN, DYE, AND ALTER HARDY SPRING FLOWERING PLANTS, LF.OKOHN?, FELTS, and STRAW HATS, and BONNF.TS to the no^vest thanes to look equal to new. .sui. table for the Rockery and Flower Garden. r," h" Address— >—I — U T T VEGETABLE and FLOWER SEEDS <,f the tT BUT T most useful .sorts to be had at the Market Hall, where Orders for Nursery Stock, Ac., will be EJ'N" >T1! ,1.1, attended to. 387b :J1!-tf WUEXHAM. GENERAL PRINTING ESTABLISH M i<:NT. Advertiser Office, MARKET SQUARE, WREXHAM. Every description of COMMERCIAL, GENERAL, AiSTD FANCY PRINTING. PROMPTLY F. X E C V T C D Publishers (by authority) of the Abstract of the Coal Mines Regulation Act, AND Special Colliery Rules for North Wale" To be had in Sheets and Books, in both Engil ;h and Welsh. JJAYLEY & JJRADLEY, ¡ PROPRIETORS. Business Announcements, DINE AT gTEVENS? JJESTAURANT, CHOPS AND STEAKS, DINNERS, LUNCHEONS, TEAS, KEFRESHMKNT CONTRACTOR, 45 AND 4ti, HOPE STREET. WREXHAM. Ka. SELECTED FARM SEEDS. Y Stracha?:i SEED MERCHANT AND N C!!sEI'YMAN, WREXHAM, Offers a Splendid Lot of the True SCOTCH CHAMPION P O T A T O E S, WHITE ROCKS, KECiENTS, and other kinds. GUARANTEED DIn ECT n-Ot: SCOTLAND. OATS, BARLEY, CLOVER, and GRASS IT PRICES AND SAMPLKS ON APPLICATION. -ioyb seed SEI:O SEEU CORN EXCHANGE, WREXHAM, Opposite the Butter Marlet, OPE:" nn T:II;NSII.\YS and SATI-IWAYS. E V A i\ I L L I A )1 S BEGS to thank the Agriculturalists of Der.M-h.-dihe f«.r their liberal patronage during the la«t 22 ywirs in Wrex- ham, and to invite an inspection of his new and first-class stock of SEEDS OF EVERY DESCRIPTIONS, including Vale of Clw/d Red Clover (very superior), Here- ford Clover, White Dutch, Trefoil, Cow Grass, Alsike Clover, Scotch, English, and I tali ;u. E>e-gras<, Vetches, Swede, Turnip, and < bir.len "ell, Also at BAILEY STREET, OSWESTRY. ;-7¿ JJOBINSON & jTjXOHES, Jt? S B. PRACTICAL TAILORS AND DRAPERS, 30, HENBLAS STltllET, WREXHAM. G. R. begs to state that he has been with Messrs E. Rogers and Son, Charles-street, for upwards of nine years, and that he has taken Mr E. Hughes into partnership, who was with the late .J. Clarke, Hope-street, for upwards of eighteen years, and with Mr T. C. Jones, Church-street, for the last six years. R. & H. beg to solicit the Clergy, Gentry, and Inhabitants of the town and district for their kind support, and at the same time to thank their very many friends who have promised them their Patronage almost unsolicited, assuring them that nothing shall be wanting on their part to merit the same. ENTIRE NEW STOCK TO SELECT FROM. LADIES' ULSTERS, JACKETS, AND HABIT MAKERS. LIVERIES ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. 456b NEW GOODS. WE have just to hand complete deliveries of I W NEW GOODS for the Spring Trade, now ready for inspection, I We desire to call attention to our large assort- ment of fashionable BRAIDED JACKETS AND DOLMAN'S Suitable for Young Ladies' wear, ana verv reason- able in price. ENGLISH and FOREIGN DRESS MATERIALS in the prevailing combinations, and in great variety. CRETONNES for IHStI, all fast <-olors. IVe can iioa, offer spec ptices l'or LACE and GUIPURE CURTAINS. The designs ;iro beautiful and in perfect taste, and our customers will do well by favoring n-i with their orders. We are this season extra well prepared in our Millinery-department, and very respectfully solicit an inspection. WINT. & J.N.O. pRICHARD, DRAPERS. 14, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM n 1- ESTABLISHED 1817 1-1 DYEING DYEING DYEIXG < FinsT-cr.A? P R I Z E  ED_ L I FmST-CL\S I Awarded 1874. CERTIFICATE OF | IEHJT 6 Awarded 1874. | THE LARGEST DYE-WORKS IN THE MIDLAND COUNTIES. IMPROVEMENTS IN THE ART OF DYEING AND FRENCH CLEANING. AT THE MIDLAND COUNTIES STEAM POWER DYE WORKS, LEICESTER, LICHFIELD, AND BURTON-ON-TRENT, OHN SMITH, SOLE PROPRIETOR. AGENTS IN THIS DISTRICT WREXEIAII MISSES WHITING, Fancy Repository, 2, High-street OSWESTRY: MRS M. REASON, Fancy Repository, Church-street. US' Goods sent to and received from the above Agents Weekly. AGENTS WANTED IN RUABON AND UN- R EPR ESENTE D DISTRICTS. "iT The New Price and Color List for 187S to be had Gratis or Po-t Free. 305 JAMES LLOYD, OAK TREE INN, R U A B O N R PAD, WREXHAM. HORSES AND TRAPS FOR HIRE, FURNITURE REMOVED WITH GHF\T??-r r> I« ALL KIND OF TEAM WORK DONE, ??' COXTRACTS ENTERED INTO &c. "69 Town or Country. J. G. & J. LLUYD, PLUMBERS, GLAZIERS, AND PAINTERS, LEAD PnIPS, WATER CLOSETS, BATHS, BEER MACIIIM.C, AND WATER SH>I>LY FITTINGS OF THE MOST IVPllOVED CONSTRUCTION. All orders promptly attended to. U F F, N' t. n F. W R E X H A M J. < 2?7p