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Sales by Mr. Johnson. WREXHAM, DENBIGHSHIRE. ]J,r:J.[e Ffithoul Properly in llujh Street, Hope Jirook Street, and Grove Turk, rexham. RPO B?, ?OLD BY AUCTION, by Mr. JOHNSON, at j. the "ynnstay Arms Hotel, Wrexham, on Mon- day. the 2nd day of May, 1859, at 3 o'clock in the aitl-moon, in the following, or such other lots as shall IK* agreed upon at the time of sale, and subject to con- ihtijns to be then produced. LOT I.-All those seven several COTTAGES or ])\VE LLIN G-110 C S £ S, with the yarda and appurtcn- uuccj thereunto belonging, adjoining the British bchool ill Brook-st., in the Borough of Wrexham, in the oounty of Denbigh, and now or late in the respective occupa. tious of David Hughes, Edward Thomas, Margaret Roberts, Eliza Wilkinson, Ellen Roberta, John Wyune, and Robert Jones. LOT .-All those 6 several COTTAGES, or Dwelling- ( ouses, with the yard and appurtenances thereunto be- longing, situate near to the last mentioned premises, and now in the respective occupations of William Gregory, Th 'mas Jones, Edward Whitley, Elizabeth Clarke, W. Jeffreys, and Mary Pugh. N.B. The whole of the premises, comprising Lots 1 & 2, are in good repair, and there is a pump belonging to lot 2 yielding a plentiful supply of excellent water, the use of which will be reserved to the purchaser of Lot 1. LOT 3.—All that Crott piece or parcel of LAND, containing by estimation one acre, or thereabouts, situate in or near to Brook-street, aforesaid, and at the back of )Ir. Price Vaughnn's lirewery, now in the holding of William Rowland, Esquire; this lot is well adapted for Building purposes. LOT 4.—All that plot or piece of BUILDING LAND, eituite on the North West side of the New Road, or Street, called Grove-street," lately forming part of the Grove Park Estate, being Lot 9 of certain lots or parccls of Building Land advertised for sale by Auction, on the 21st April, 1854, and shewn in the plan annexed to the particulars of such sale, and containing by admeasure- ment 1228 square yards, or thereabouts. Lor 5.-Another plot of LAND adjoining lot 4, numbered 10, in the former paiticulars, and containing 1,227 si":arc rards, or thereabout. 10 r (!. — Another plot of LAND adjoining lot 5, numbered 11 in the said former particulars, and con- tfciniug 1,2-2 square yards, or thereabouts. Lo-r 7.—.mother plot of LAND adjoining lot 6, num- bered 12 in the said former particulars, and containing 1,220 square yards, or thereabouts. Lor 8.—All that substantially built MESSUAGE, or Dwelling-house, with the shop, yard and premises there- unto belonging, being in High-street, in Wrexham, aforesaid, now in the occupation of Mr. Moses Wright, draper. This lot is admirably situated for business. LOT 9.—Ail those two SHOPS with the Dwelling- house and extensive cut office3, warehouses, yard and premises, thereunto respectively belonging, situate in Hope-street, in Wrexhim, aforesaid, now in the several occupations uf Mr. Edward Jones, hatter and clothier, and Mr. John Davies, druggist. This lot contains 519 square yards, has a fromage to Hope-street of 41 feet, and is one of the best commercial ites in the town, and lucrative businesses have been carried on there for many years. The respective tenants will shew the lots, and any further information may be obtained on application t-) the Auctioneer, or at the oiILes of Af t'?srs. James and Owen, Uryn ffynnnn Offices, where u plan of I ots 4, o, 6, and 7 may be seni. W P, E. A NI. "\fl~R. JOIISO bus been eommi?ioned to offer by ll1. PUBLIC AUC nox at the Wynnstay Arms llotc1 Wrexham, on Wednesday, the 27th dav of April, 18.59, at 3 p.m., for 4. punctually, subject to conditions. THE WREXHAM TH EATEE, Also the commodious DWE'jLINO-IL adjacent, called Theatre Cottage, now orcupied by Mr Batty, with the large Garden, and the SIX COTTAGES ad- joining the foregoing premises. The above, if not disp )-ed of together, will be offered in Four Lots, suitable for Building purposes. The property, altogether contains a superficial area of 32-50 square yirds, within a conpict boundary, and contains a p iiiiij) and buildings, recently used as a BREWER* Thf situation is dry, and elevated with good frontages to the Cattle Market, and a spacious road leading into it. Particulars with Lithographic I'lans, with any further information, may be obtained at the office of Mr Lewis, solicitor, Wrexham. April 11th, 18-59. SALE OF VALUABLE OAK AND OTHER TIMBER, Growing on the Lower Glascoed Estate, Brymbo, near Wrexham. TO BE SOLD BY TICKET, by Mr. JOHNSON, Tat the Wynnstay Arins NVrtxham, on THURS- DAY, the 2Sth dav of April, IS-59, at four o'clock in the afternoon, the following TINF IIE It, viz iiLot 1.—50 Oak, 60 Ash, 50 Elm, 9 Cyphers, and 8 ditto. Lot 2.—100 O:tk, a Cyphers, Lot 3.—45 Oak, 4o Ash, 45 Elm, 1 Cypher, 4 ditto, and 6 ditto. Lot 4.—50 Oak, 31 Ash, 2 Sycamore, 9 Elm, 10 Cyphers, 12 ditto, and 2 ditto. Lot 5.-25 Oak, 27 Ash, 1 Sycamore. Lot G.—45 Ash, 45 Elm, 5 Cyphers and 1 ditto. The Oak Timber is 1cnerthv and suitable for plank and navy purposes. The Elm and Ash are clear and sound, fit for wheelwrights, icc. The whole are now growing on the Lower Glacoéd Estate, Brymho, near Wrexham, belonging to Sir, Elias Roberts, Wellington Hotel, Stretfo: 1 Roid, Manchester. The Timber is eloss to a turnpike road, three miles from Wheat Sheaf Station, and four and a half from Wrexham Station. Mr. John Hughes, Lower Glascoed, will show the different lots, and any further paiticulars may be obtain- ed from Mr. Beckett, Timber Valuer, Dudleston, near Chirk. Anril 15th. 1859. SALE AT PENUEL, NEAR TRYDDYN, MOLD. ■|TE. JOHNSON hs received inatrnetions from the i\jL Rev. J.mathan D?v:cs, who is leaving the neigh- bourhood, t) Sell by Auction, on Friday, the 29th day of \pril IS.5J, the whole of his Live and Dead FARM STOCK, and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, as particuS larised below. a compact DPTiTLTb-h r Immediately after which, a compact PIECE OF FREEHOLD" LAND, (close by Pt-nuel Chapel,) upon which are erected a Cow-house, Stable, aid Pigsties, will be offered for sale Two short-horned MILCH COWS, one Ditto, two years old Heifer, in-calf, 12 months old Filly, 2 Store Pitrs, 4 Ewes and Lambs, one Ram, Gig, Harness, Ploughs, Harrows. Chain Gears, Straw Engine, Wheel- barrow, two Ladders, halt-measure and Sieves, quantity of Hay, Cheese Press, Screw Press, Cheese Tub, Salting Tub, Churn, &c., &c. The Furniture comprises large Oak Dresser with Shelves and Cupboards, Tables, Chairs, Sofa, four sets of Bedsteads with Hangings and Mattresses, Feather Beds, Withstands. Also a Bookbinder's large Screwpress, and other Articles connected with the trade. A deposit of £10 per cent. will be required in respect of the purchase money for the Freehold, with a notc-of- haud for the payment of the balance. Sale at two o'clock. Wynnstay Arms office, Wrexham. Sales by Mr. Griffith VERY Important Preliminary Announcement of Sale V by -ku#-tion, iiy Mr GMTFITH, early in May, all that first-clnss DAIRY S TOCL. and Teams ol HOhSES, Farm Implements, at SrlOCkLACH llALL. Further particulars of which will appear in Catalogues and Advertisements. GREAT SALE OF CHINA AND EARTHENWARE, IN THF. MUSIC H\LL. WREXHAM. MR GRIFFITH has rec-'iv?d instru.tious 10m ther J?± well-known firm of & C. T ?VYFO RD, Bath- street Works, Hanley, to SELL BY AUCTION; on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 27th, 28th. and 29th days of April, 1859, a large and extensive STOCK of Dinner and 1 oilet Services, China Tea and Breakfast Service, of the litest London patterns, Parian Vases and Jugs, in all the favourite varieties. Matchings can be had from the Works. Sale to commence each day at Eleven o'clock in th e Forenoon. The Goods may be viewed after Two o'clock on Tues. day prior to the Sale. B.-Packers from the Works in attendance. ESTATE OF THE LATE MR. JOHN DAVIES, OF SUTTON GREEN, DECEASED. ALL Persons who stood indebted to the late Mr John Davies at the time of his death are re- quested to send in the amount of their respective accounts to me on behalf of the Executors, and all persons to whom any accounts or sums of money were due from the add John Davies when he died are requested to send in their claims to me for examination, and to be submitted to the Executors for settlement, EDWIN WYATT, Solicitor to the Executors of the late Mr J. Davies. COAL, SLACK, AND LIME. LOADS promptly delivered in the Town and JLj neighbourhood. Orders received by the Agent, E. Meredith jozw, Timber Merchant, Charles-street. Sale by Messrs. Churton. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY IN DENBIGH SHIRE AND FLINTSHIRE. To BE SOLD BY AUCTION-, by MESSRS CIIURTON, on rhursday, the 28th day of April, 185U, at the Albion Hotel, in the city of Chester, at Two I o ciook in the afternoon, and object to condi'.ions to be then produced, a VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY comprising— PROPERTY, IN DENBIGHSHIRE. IN THE TOWNSHIP OF ALLINGTON. A rUBLIC-HOUSK, Outbuildings, Garden and Croft, with the several Meadows, in the occupation of Ann Walley, containing about lOa. Or. Op. Also the Meadows in the several occupations of John Hockenhall, Thomas Ellis, Ann Randies, Price Evans, Thomas Gibson, William Taylor, Thomas Mercer, David Prince, Joseph Evans, Thomas Randies, John Randies, William Lewis, Edward Williams, and John Ellis, containing nearly 100 a. Or. Op, of Land together with the Cottages, Gardens, and premises in the occupation of Mrs Martin, Thomas Ellis, and i William Gibson. IN THE TOWNSHIP OF LLAY. BUILDINGS and I"HRLE CO STAGES, in the occupa- ions of John dough. George Coates, and William Bailey, with the several Fields, pieces, or parcels of LAND, con- taining nearly 20a, Or. Op. And also the Five Fields in the occupation of Thomas Randies, containing nearly 25 acres. The above Lots afford eligible building sites. IN GWERSYLLT. LAND in the occupation of Charles Hughes, containing about 10 acres. This also is a desirable site for buildings IN THE TOWNSHIP OF ISACOED. The FARM-HOUSE and LANDS, with the Meadows, in the occupation of John Davies, containing about 110 statute acres of Land or thereabouts. IN FLINTSHIRE, IN THE PARISH OF DODDLESTON. The several MEADOWS, in the occupation of Robert Wainwright and Thomas Huxley, containing about seven- teen acres of Land of statute measure. IX THE TOWNSHIP OF TRYDDYN. .*iii tiint FARM-I iOL Bwitfi the outbuildings, pieces or parcels of LAND, and Quillet, in the occupation of Peter Pulford and John Edwards, containing about twenty acres. IN BUCKLEY. The HOUSE and Garden, with the several FIELDS belonging thereto, in the occupation of William Fisher, containing about nine acres. The above desirabla Property will be offered in about Forty Lot, for the convenience of purchasers. Flans, with full Particulars, may be obtained 14 days previous to the Sale, on application at the principal Inns in Wrexham, Mold, llossett, and D.iddleston; from the Auctioneer's offiecs, in Whitchurch, and Chester; or from MrG. E. TIIEVOU Kor::a, Solicitor, Mold; Messrs BOYDEL, and POWELL, Solicitors, Chester, where full information will be given. Tee respective Tenants ill show the Lots. TO TIllTELECTOKS bF THirCOUN IT OF DENBIGH. GENTLEMEN-, f I" L'LE Government having decided on submitting the question of Reform to the Country by a dissolution of Parliament. I venture again to offer myself as one of your Representatives. I felt it incumbent on me to oppose the late Bill, as inadequate to the wants and requirements of the country, and as affording no permanent settlement of the question. If again returned I am prepared to support a larger measure both of enfranchisement and disfranchisement, based however, on what I consider the fundamental principles of the constitution. On all other subjects I shall continue to advocate the same ameliorations and reforms I have hitherto done, convinced that a timely reparation of defects both in Church and State is the only means of maintaining our existing institutions. I have the honor to be, Gentlemen, Your most obedient and humble Servant. I R. MYDDELTON llIDDULPH. Chirk Castle, April 7th, 1859. i TO THE FREEHOLDERS AND OTHER I ELECTORS OF THE COUNTY OF DENBIGH. GENTLEMEN-, IN the expectation of an immediate Dissolution of the present Parliament, I venture for the sixth time to solicit at your hands a renewal of the trust you have so I often before reposed in me. I have no fresh exposition of my political opinions to make. They are well known to you all. Nor am I aware of any vote of mine requiring special explanation. In the late division I thought it my duty to support the Government against a hostile combination of all sections of the opposition, who declared by their vote, not their disapprobation cf the Government Measure of Reform, but their refusal either to accept or even consider any emanating from Her Majesty's present, advisers, AgaiLst this vote the Government have appealed to the country. Should I again be honoured with your suffrages, I shall give to ministers an independent support, endea- vouring to do my duty as your Representative by attention to your local interests, I am. Gentlemen, Your faithful and obedient Servant, watkin WILLIAMS WYNN. Wynnstay, April 9th, 1859. W DAVIS, PAPER HANGER, DECORATOR, AND VENETIAN BLIND MANUFACTURER, I, QUEERS SQUARE, QUEEN STREET, WREXHAM. TXT D. bcgs respectfully to inform the Inhabitants of t W W rcxham and its Vicinity, that he has commence d business in the above trades; and having been, for a period of 26 years connected with the first houses in Liverpool and Manchester, he can guarantee those persons entrusting him with orders, workmanship and materials as good in quality and low in price as any house in the kingdom. W. D. trusts, by promptitude in the execution of all orders, combined with moderate charges, to ensure e share of public patronage and support. N. B-Olù Blinds repainted, tapad, and made equal to new, bought or exchanged. Parties finding their own Papers can have them hung with equal care and at as moderate charges. PORTRAITS FOR THE MILLION I I MR. JONES HAS OPENED HIS PROVINCIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC ROOMS, At Mr GOMER JONES'S, Bank-street, and calls special attention to his Alahast.'ous Portraits, which have never been equalled. Portraits and Frame, from One Shilling and Sixpence. This is considered to be the cheapest and best Photo- graphic Establishment in the Provinces. Od Paintings, Engravings, and Family Pictures copied. Sj-g" Portraits taken for Lockets, Rings, Brooches, &c. attended at their own residences. Specimens may be seen at Mr Bajley's, Bookseller. UPPER HOPE STREET, WREXHAM. T, CAT II EE. ALL, ORNAMENTAL AND PLAIN PLASTERER, MODELLING TO ORDER AND ACCORDING TO ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS, LONDON, PORTLAND, AND PARIAN CEMENTS. PLASTElt-OF-PAItlS AND OTHER KOMAIf CEMENTS THE OLD STAND, ABBOT STREET. T. RIDEOUT IN returning his best thanks to his friends and the J_ public for the liberal support afforded him since his commencement in business, trusts by keeping a good supply of prime Roast Beef, Veal, Mutton, Pork, and Ham, to continue to merit a s hare of public patronage. Strangers visiting Wrexham March Fair will do well to payhim a visit. Hot meals at all times of the day during the Fair by steam power. Also cold cuts. N.B.—Temperance, Pic-nics, and all other parties got up on the shortest notice. Tea Urns and a Tent capable of accommodating 200 people for Hire. Horses and Vehicles for Hire. DAVID JONES, TAILOR, &c., BEGS to inform hii Friends and the Public that he _[) has REMOVED from Brook-street, to more con- venient premises, situate in Lambpit-street (opposite to Mr Lloyd, Plumber), where he intends carrying on the business in future, and hopes to merit a continuance of public patronage. Orders executed on the shortest notice. WHISZT YOU ASK FOB GLENFIELD PATENT STARCH l 8RF THAT YOU GET IT, M inferior towU we j WREXHAM EISTEDDFOD. THIS EISTEDDFOD will be held May 2nd, 1859, when Prizes to the amount of t30 will be awarded to the -L successful competitors, on subjects already announced, in Prose, Poetry, Recitation, Singing, &c., at the YORKSHIRE HALL, At 10 and 2 o'clock. At 6 o'clock in the Evening of the same day, a GRAND CONTEST OF CHOIRS will take place, the subject for competition being Handel's sublime piece, the "HALLELUJAH CHORUS," for Prizes amounting to SS 10s. THE WORSHIPFUL THE MAYOR IN THE CHAIR. TICKETS Day Tickets, First Class, 43.; Second Ditto 2s. 6el,; Third Ditto, Is. 6d. Tickets to the 10 and 2 o'clock Meetings, First Class, 3s;; Second ditto. 2s.; Third ditto Is. Tickets for the 6 o'clock Meeting only, First Class, Is. 6d. Second ditto, Is. Third ditto 6d. itr PROGRAMMES may be had on application to the Secretary, on and after Tuay J h instant at Id. each. A SPECIAL TRAIN will leave Wrexham for Shrewsbury, and all intermediate Stations, at 9 30 p.m. L. JONES, (Rhuddenfab), Wrexham, April 21st, 1859, SECRETARY. FIRST SHOW OF SPRING AND SUMMER NOVELTIES! JONES, ROGERS, AND ROBERTS ARE now prepared with the NEWEST DESIGNS and latest productions in every Department for the present f season. Amongst other Novelties th,-y will Show a large Assortment of Brid, Crinoline, Plain and Fancy Straw, and Millinery Bonnets, Flowers, Head Dresfes, Feathers, Dress Caps, &c., &c. A large Assortment of Mourning Bonnets. The favour of a call, or an order will nblige. Patterns sent free by Post, on application. Oswetry, A pril, 1859. ————— WANTED immediately. Twelve Improvers and Apprentices to the Millinery and Dress Making. I L L I N E R Y E S T A B L I S R hi IF, N T (Adjoin th e Black Lion Inn,) UPPER HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. MRS. BURROUGHS, (late S. JENKINS, Cnarles Rteect,) respectfully intimates to the Ladies of Wrexham, and neighboui hood, that by the request of many of her former customers, she has decided to resume her business, and having returued with a very choice selection of MiLLINGRV in every variety, STRAW and FANCY BON NETS, HATS, CAPS, HEADDRESSES, FLOWERS, RIBBONS, &c., &c., and respectfully solicits a continuance of those favours so liberally extended to her when in business before, for which she embraces the present opportnnity of ex- pressing her grateful acknowledgments. Mrs 15. iat^ sua wing h;r Su n-n^r Fashions shortly. N.B.—Mourning and Wedding Orders pro nptly CIcllfoJ. S,rt%v lLunets Cleaned and Altered. Apprentices to the Millinery Wanted. R. X BURROUGHS, CLOCK AND WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER. SILVERSMITH, OPTICIAN AND MUSIC-SELLER, GRATEFULLY acknowledges the kind patronage with which he has been favoured since he came to Wrexham, an d \3T begs to say that he has on hand a well-seleeteJ stock of GOLD and SILVElt WATCHES, NEW and SECOND- HAND, a gcod variety of JEWELLERY", CLOCKS, SPECTACLES, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, VIOLIN STRINGS, BOWS, BRIDGES, &c., &c., which he has resolved to sell at 10 PER CE r LOWER than his usual price. All kind of repairs executed with efficiency and punctuality, for which his charges will be very moderate. Clocks in the country attended to. Gold Wedding Rings. 9" Adjoining the Blaclc Lion Inn, Upper Hope-Street, Wrexham. B.RYN-Y-FFYNNON BREWERY, AND STEAM SODA WATER WORKS, ^TINE, gjPIRIT, j^LE AND pORTER yAULTS, UPPER HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. WILLIAM BATHO respectfully begs to return his most sincere and grateful thanks to the numerous friends and customers of his late lamented father, for the patronage so liberally accorded to him for upward* of SO years, and embraces the present opportunity of stating that the bmincss will now be carried on by him, and is REMOVED from Lower Hope-street to the enlarged and more convenient premises in Upper Hope-street, (late the Buck Inn), where he hopes by strict punctuality, and by giving his personal attention to all orders entrusted to him, to merit a continuance of their favours, at the same time he begs also ti) say that he has now had fitted up a STEAM EMGIN E, and other first class Machinery, embracing all the latest improvements, for the Manufacture of ^EftA'CED WATERS, comprising Soda, Chalybeate, Potass Waters, Lemonade, and Ginger Beer, manufactured from the Water of the far-famed Bryn-y-ffynnon Well. The Wine and Spirit Business will also have the special attention of W. B., whose aim will bo to supply a first- rate article at the lowest remunerative price. The Brewery having teen much extended, will afford much greater facilities for the prompt execution of all orders. Innkeepers and Private Families supplied with Home-Brewed, Burton, Mild, and Bitter Ales, in Cask or Bottle, London and Dublin Porter. Dealer in Cigars. All Goods delivered Carriage Free within 10 miles. I Wrexham, March 24th, 1859. PERUVIAN GUANO, DIRECT from GIBBS BRIGHT and Co., in quantities from 5 cwt. up to 30 tons. ARTHUR C L ARK E, March 30th, 1859. General (Commission Agent, Wrexham.  {>IGARS! 0IGARS! I FINE OLD HIGHLY F A V du H E D HAYANNAS. Mc ROBERTS, Bros., respectfully solicit the attention of all connoisseurs to their immense stock of fine old J.?JL HAVANNACIGARS.possessm?averyaupedorrichiiG?aiifilrmisofmvou.r one of the most deli- cious articles" ever offered for sale in Wrexham. AGENT FOR 33AXPaS VIRGINIA. BIRD'S EYE. High-street, corner of Chester-street. FASHIONS. B AZAAR, TIIGH-STREET I WREXHAN. R. LLOYD, BEGS respectfully to inform the Ladies of Wrexham and its vicinity, that he is now in LONDON purchasing JO a large Stock of FANCY GOODS, suitable for the SEASON. The whole will be ready for inspection on Tuesday, May 3rd, and earnestly solicits the favour of a call. LIST OF DEPARTMENTS. SHAWLS MANTLES I DRESSES FLOWERS FEATHERS RIBBONS STRAW AND FANCY BONNETS. I STRAW HATS MILLINERY SILKS & CRAPES LACE MUSLINS GLOVES COLLARS AND TIES. GENERAL FURNITURE, QARPETS B EDDING., L OOKING GLASS, WALLPAPER, OIL CLOTH, MATTING, IRON BEDSTEAD, FEATHER AND FLOCK WAREHOUSE. FURNITURE IN ROSEWOOD, WALNUT, OAK, MAHOGANY, BIRCH AD ALL PAINTED V, OODS. -?- -=' CARPETS, BRUSSELLS, TAPESTRY, KIDDERMINSTER, DUTCH, FELTS, DRUGGETTS, &c. I EDWIN OWEN respectfully informs the Public that he has made considerable additions to his extensive E SHOW ROOMS, in order to give purchascrj an opportunity of a larger selection of the above, together with every Article connected with the Trade, and at such prices that will ensure satisfaction. W NOTE THE ADDRESS—16, TOWN-HILL, (LATE OF THB OLD SHOP, BRIDGE-STREET.) TO AGRICULTURISTS. L ANCASII IRE U A N U E E COMPANY. (J: KNIGHT AND UO.) WIDNES NEAR -ARRINGTON, MANUFACXUBEBS OF KITIiOGENISED BONE MANURE FOR WHEAT, GRASS, TURNIPS, & POTATOES Genuine Super phosphate of Lime, Sulphate of Ammonia, Nitrite of Soda.* A CLARKE begs most respectfully to inform the Agricultural Public that he has been appointed Agen A for the sale of the above valuable MANURES, and feals confident taat whoever gives them a trial wil not be disappointed in the result. in bags of 2 cwt each, so that every one may A Stock of the various Manures will be kept always on hand, of 2 ewt each, Bo that every one may have an opportunity of testing the fertilising properties of these well-known Manures. A. C. has also an Agency for Salt, delivered at all Railway Stations direct from the Works. — — SPRING AND SUMMER FASHIONS, 1859. SHOW DAY, MAY 3RD. T. C JONES BEGS to announce his return from London, where he has purchased a large variety of Goods, all of the Newest JD Styles, in MANTLES, DRESSES, SHAWLS, SILKS, GLOVES, HOSIERY, LACE, PARASOLS, &c., &c., which have been selected with the greatest care, having regard to both quality and style, the whole of which will be ready for inspection on TUESDAY, May 3rd, when a call will be esteemed a faror. Church-it,, April £ Srdt 1659* COUNTY OF DENBIGH. AN ABSTRACT OF AN ACCOUNT of the Receipts -?- and Disbursements of the County and Police Rates, for the year 1858, commencing Epiphany, and ending at the close of Michaelmas Quarter, 1858. EDWD. H. GRIFFITH, TREASURER. RECEIVED B S. D. f. S. D. A year's county rate, at 3-id in the pound 4S42 17 5 A return from the Treasury for Prosecutions, from 1st July, to 31st December, 1857 367 17 3 Ditto lor maintenance of prison- era in the gaol, sentenced for felony, &c., from 1st April, 1857, to 31st March, 1858.. 156 5 0 —————— 524 2 3 Clerk of the Peace for registers of voters. 1 0 0 Gaoler for manure, 15s.; main- tenance of deserters, 208.; and a revenue prisoner, 30s. 3 5 0 Fines from Magistrates' Clerks, viz:— Jno. Lewis, Clerk for BromfLeld and Ruabon 4 5 6 Chas. Richards, ditto for Chirk, &c 3 13 9 Jno. Parry Jones, ditto for Is- aled and Uwchaled 13 9 3 Chas. W. Wyatt, ditto for Isdulas 19 16 0 Jno. Spier Hughes, ditto for Uwchdaias 12 11 0 Llewelyn Adams, ditto for Ruthin 12 18 0 Richd. Williams, ditto for the Borough of Denbigh 2 15 6 ———— 70 9 0 orrowed from the Police Super- annuation Fund, to pay in- stalment on debt. 450 0 0 £ 5591 13 8 DISBURSED. Balance I I 267 4 6 Apprehending, conveying, and prosecuting offenders 1020 13 6 Expenses of the county gaol 920 8 8 Ditto of houses of correction, &c 38 15 8 Ditto of county halls. 87 10 8 Ditto of bridges & roads 415 9 1 Clerk of the Peace a year's salary 440 0 0 Ditto for business done, and payments made, as clerk to the County Rate Committee. 68 12 8 508 12 8 Coroner for Wrexham District 149 8 10 Ditto Denbigh District.. 64 5 6 213 14 4 County Surveyor a year's salary 260 0 0 County Treasurer, ditto 100 0 0 Crier of the Court ditto and extra attendance 660 Jno. P. Hughes, Inspector of Weights and Measures, a gratuity for the loss of his office. 50 0 0 Magistrates' Clerks for business done under the jury and othfer acts 68 4 0 Relief of poor prisoners in the Queen's Prison. 6 0 0 Rooms at Sundry places for the Revising Barrister's Courts 3 10 0 Expenses in conveying lists of voters to the Revising Bar- rister 4 16 0 Expenses incurred in getting information respecting the assessment for new County Rate 3 3 0 Stationery, bookbinding, adver- tising, postage, messengers, -J OU 109 i n aliu stamps, occ.u « Expenses of Military Depot at Wrexham, viz.- Gittins, &c., for ironmongery 41 16 0 Evan Thomas, joiners'work.. 21 0 0 Gas fittings, &c 16 13 6 Allowance for fuel 9 3 9 Ladders and fixing grates. 3 1 0 Provincial Insurance Company 4 10 0 A year's Land Tax 0 10 0 ———— 96 14 3 Repairing room at Wrexham used for Militia stores. 2 10 0 Edward Davies, repairing Book van. 1 1 6 North Wales Lunatic Asylum, viz. Moit.tanonf William Tinnfr- Lewis Williams, and Jane Cinbb, 85 17 7 Bnildiag, repairs, additions, al- terations, and improvements 83 2 3 ———— 168 19 10 Interest of money borrowed to build the Asylum, and instal- nients on account of princi- pal, 402 6 5 Ditto to build Depot & ditto.. 807 17 0 ———— 1210 3 6 £ 5636 18 6 Amount paid £ 5636 18 tf Amount received a.6591 13 8 Balance due the treasurer £ 45 4 10 THE POLICE RATE. RECEIVED. X. S. D. Balance in hand 1280 19 3 A year's police rate at 2d in the pound. 3008 0 0 Conveying prisoners to gaol and other business done by the force. 156 9 4 Return from the treasury of J of the expense of pay and clothing from 2nd July to the 29th of September, 1857 174 1 6 330 10 10 JE461910 1 DISBURSED. Policemen of other Counties for apprehending and con- veying prisoners 4 29 Magistrates' Clerk, &c., for fees. 6 9 6 Jno. Williams, and others, fur- ther on account of New Lockup, &c., at Ceryg y Druidion 77 11 0 Cast bed plates, and bedding for ditto 7 111 Furniture for Magistrates' room in ditto 17 17 0 Repairing sundry lock-up houses, &c., .«••#••••■ •• 43 10 10 Ebenezer Thomas, for work and extra work at Abergele ditto 69 3 0 Gas and repairing windows at Ruthin ditto 2 9 8 Ditto at Llanwrst, ditto Police 2 2 0 219 15 5 Printing, stationery, advertis- ing, &c 66 10 3 Clerk of the Peace, a yeat's salary oo. 60 0 0 A year's rent for office, coals, and clearing 15 0 0 Gun frame 14s 7d, door mat 7s lOd 1 2 5 ————— 16 2 5 Jones and Prytberch, for ex- amining Policemen 2- •. • • *2 12 6 Joseph Salmons, &c., for two ,spring carts for superinten- dents, and carriage 46 7 6 Corporation of Denbigh for Standaid Weights and Mea- sures 27 15 0 Interest of money borrowed to build lock-up'house, &c. 100 2 4 Instalments on account of prin- cipal 91 13 4 191 15 8 Foulkes, Paul, and others, for clothing 236 16 8 Accoutrements and harness 34 13 8 I Handcuffs and staves. 6 6 6 Boxes, straps, station and door plates, and cart covers 6 18:0 William Lowe. for carbines 14 4 6 Joyce and Son, for cleaning and repairing swords 15 0 W. Rouw, for candles and oil 0 14 S 300 18 7 Chief Constable for contingent disbur5ements. 120 11 7 » Ditto, in advance'for ditto 20 0 0 1 a you IA i&Y 46 ago 0 0 Ditto, for pay for the force from 1st January to 31st Decem- ber, 1858.2643 12 3 —————— 3084 3 10 Superannuation Fund, deduc- tions from Policeman's pay from 1st January, 1855, to 31st December, 1858. 104 3 6 £ 4130 16 11 Amount received.. £ 4619 10 1 Amount paid 4130 16 11 Balance on hand X488 13 2 Audited by the Rev. Mr. Owen and R. Owen Moulsdale, Esq. "A LOOKER ON." IF the Person giving the above signature will com- JL municate personally with the party to whom they wrote, the strictest coufidence may he relied on. READINGS FROM CHARLES DICKENS. UNDER THE PATRONAGE AND IN AID OF THE FUNDS OF THE WREXHAM LITERARY INSTITUTE. ON TUESDAY Evening, May 3rd, 1859, MR. WILLIAM CHEVALIER, Will give a selection of Readings from CHARLES DICKENS, in the Town Hall. Front Seats, Is; Second ditto, 6d. Members free. Doors open at Half-past Seven, to commence at Eight o'clock. Tickets may be had from the Booksellers, the members of the Committee, or from AURED T. JONES, Secretary. YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. A LECTURE will be delivered in the MUSIC-HALL, I -OL by the Rev. C. CHAPMAN, M.A., of Cheater, on MONDAY EVENING, April 25th, 1859. Subject :—" LORD BACON." To commence at 8 o'clock. Tickets-To Front Seats, 6d.; to Back Seats, 3d.; may be had from the Secretary, Mr. Francis, Mr. Gomer J ones, at the Rooms of the Association, and from Sunday School Superintendents or Teachers. igOr Members admitted Free upon presenting their Tickets of Membership. v. mt R. RUABON COAL COMPANY. (LIMITED.) mHE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that the JL above Company are now supplying at their pits, the undermentioned Coals for country sales, by teams. Prices at the Pit- s. D. Best Yard Coal. 9 2 per ton Wall and Bench Coal 7 6 „ Main and Brassey Coals 6 8 „ Screened Nuta and other Slack 3 4 „ Coke for Foundry and Malting purposes 12 0 „ Orders addressed t3 the colliery by letter will be punctually attended to. N.B.-This is the only colliery in North Wales that supplies coals for the use of her Majesty. GWERSYLLT FIRE CLAY WORKS, NEAR WREXHAM. JDODD & Co. beg: respectfully to inform the No- J bility, Gentry, Famerl, Builders, and the public generally that they have now on Sale a quantity of ifrst-class Bricks, Tiles, Ridge Tiles, Bearers, Chimney Tops, &c., &c., which they recommend with great confi- dence, considerable improvements having been effected by them in the manufacture. N.B.—Orders promptly attended to. W. G. SANDY, LAY CLERK OF CHESTER CATHEDRAL, AND ORGANIST OF GltESFORD CHURCH, XTNDERTAKES the tuition of CHURCH CHOIRS, and attends twice each. week in Gresford and the neighbourhood to give instructions in MUSIC, PIANO- FORE, and SINGING. Terms on application. Upper Northgate-street, Chester. SALT FOR FARMERS. EDWARD HENSHALL, Railway Salt Works, Wins. ford, Cheshire, begs leave to inform the public that he has appointed Mr. ARTHUR CLARKE, Bryn-y. ffynnon Terrace, Wrexham, sole agent for Wrexham and all neighbouring towns on the line of Railway. The Salt will be found clean aud to answer all Dafry and agricultural purposes. E. H. employing his own Wag- gons, and having made arrangements with the Railway company, is offering Salt at Reduced Prices. WREXHAM, RUABON, LLANGOLLEN, AND BANGOR BRANCH ROADS. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Trustees of the Nabove District of Roads intend to let tbe repairs, team carriage, labour, &c., necessary for maintaining the same in proper order, by i rivate Contract, in portions or otherwise, as may be convenient; and any person or persons desirous of contracting with them for the same, are requested to send in Tenders therefor to me on their behalf between this date and the 28th day of April instant. Security will be required to be given for the due per- formance of such contracts. EDWIN WYATT, I April 7th, 1859. Clerk to the Trustees. THE PROVINCIAL I WELSH INSU RAN O £ COMPANY. (THE ONLY INSURANCE COMPANY ESTABLISHED IN WALES.) CHIEF OFFICES.- 2, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM 49, MOOEGATE STREET, LONDON, E. C. CAPITAL9 22009000. (wnOLLT SUBSCRIBED BY UPWARDS OF SEVEN HUNDRED SIIAREHOLDEBS.) TRUSTEES. SIR WATKIN WILLIAMS WYNN, BART:, M.P. SIR CHARLES MORGAN, BART. GENERAL SIR R. H. CUNLIFFE.BART. C.B. COLONEL MYDDELTON BIDDULPH, M.P., Lord Lieut. of the County of Denbigh. COLONEL WATKINS, M.P., Lord Lieut. of the County of Brecknock. FREDERICK RICHARD WEST, ESQ. THE VERY REY. THE DEAN OF ST. ASAPH. HENRY THOMAS, ESQ., Chairman of the Glamor- ganshire Otiarter Sessions. THOMAS BRASSEY, ESQ., 4, Great George Street, Westminster, and Lowndes Square, London. HUGH OWEN, ESQ., Barnsbury, London. LIFE. Stamps paid by the Office. Medical Referees paid for their Reports. Profits-Eighty per cent, returned. Office Expenses very moderate, and chiefly borne by the Fire Department, so as to increase the Bonus. No liability incurred by the Assured as in Mutual Offices. FIRE. Moderate Premiums. Prompt and liberal settlement of losses. Farming Stock insured at 4s. per cent., being 20 per cent, less than charged by other Offices. Security in both branches of a subscribed Capital of Two Hundred Thousand Pounds, besides a large and increasing Fund from Premiums. <> Prospectuses &c., on application. ANTHONY DILLON, Secretary to the Company. DENBIGHSHIRE YEOMANRY CAVALRY. SERJEANT-MAJOR JERVICE begs to inform the Members of the A, or No. 1 Troop, that he will attend at Wrexham, on Tuesday, April 26th, at Mr. Lewis's, High-street Vaults, at two o'clock, to teach the New Sword Exercise, and at the Plough, Rhos-y-medre, on the following Tuesday, May 3rd. The Members of 1 the Troop are to attend with Swords and Belts. ) ESTABLISHED 1762. r CARRIAGES ON SALE. JACKSONS AND JONES, COACHMAKERS ¡ Wrexham, (Successors to Joseph Cooper), in ex- pressing their most grateful acknowledgments for th* distinguished patronage and support they have received from the nobility, clergy, and gentry, since taking to the above old establishment, beg respectfully to intimate that they have on sale a large assortment of NEW and SECOND-HAND CARRIAGES. The new Carriages consist of exceedingly light doablo p roughams, with circular plate glass fronts, for one or two horses; double and single seated Cabriolette astons, with and without heads; very light fashionable Pony Phaetons; handsome four wheeled Waggonettes with gig fronts and all recent improvements; four and two-wheeled Dog Carta; Whitechapels and Spring 0 t of various forms; Sociable Cars, adapted for lankeeperl The above Carriages are all built of the best seasoned materials, and finished in first-rate style of workmanship, and are all constructed in the most fashionable forma. « combining elegance, durability and lightness, the whole of which will bg Warranted. Second-hand Fly Chariot; very light running mail Coach, to carry fonr inside and twelve out; light .two- horse Break; Mail Phaeton, handsome light Chariot, Phaetons, Gigs, Bath Chair, exceedingly light Brougham. &c., &c. Basket Carriages to order on the shortest notion, Wrexham, March 17th, 1859. .a fo Set TO BE LET, GARTH COTTAGE, Trevor, de- JL lightfully situated within a hundred yards of the turnpike road leading from Ruabon to Llangollen, about one mile from the Cefn railway station, three miles from Llangollen, and the same distance from Ruabon. The Ruabon and Llangollen Omnibus passes twice a day, and the proposed line of railway to Llangollen will pass the cottage at a distance of from three to four hundred yards. It contains a kitchen, parlour, four bedrooms, scullery, washhouse. &c. There is also attached a good kitchen garden, stable, and an abundant supply of water. Apply to Mr. Wright, Post Office, Garth. TIIO BE LET, unfurnished, in a house pleasantly situated Twithin two miles of Wrexham, a Parlour. Sittinz Room and two Bed-rooms. Apply to Mr. Bayley, Bookseller. Wrexham. WREXHAM. MOST DESIRABLE RESIDENCE. TO BE LET, with immediate possession, a genteel and very desirable residence, called BODHYFRYD, situated on the confines of the town, on the Chester-road, recently occupied by the late Mrs COOPER. and attached to which is a well stocked garden, together with about 5 acres of superior Pasture Land. The house is thoroughly dry, and contains every ac- commodation for a small family, having a good Entranoe Hall, Dining, Drawing, and Breakfast Rooms, four best bed rooms, dressing room and water closet, besides at r- vant's apartments. There are excellent stables, saddle room, coach house, and cow house attached, with a commodious yard, and a good supply of water. Application to be made to Mr OWBN O. WLLLIAJO; Holt-street, Wrexham. T 0 LET, three convenient and newly-erected GOT- X TAGES situate in the outskirts of Wrexham. Apply to Mr. Bayley, Printer. TO BE LET, and may be entered upon immediately JL a DWELLING-HOUSE, situate in Wrexham- Fechan, in the town of Wrexham, within IS minute* walk of a first-class Station on the Shrewsbury and Chcew Railway, and lately occupied by Robert Humphreys Jones, Esq., deceased. It contains two Parlours, Drawing Room, five Bedrooms, Kitchen, Scullery, Cellars, with Stable, Coach-house, Yard, Garden and Pump. For further particulars apply at the office of Mr. Haehefc Solicitor, Wrexham. BREWERY TO BE LET. Y compact BREWERY to be Let in the month L of September next, built on the most approved principle, and capable of a large business, situate io Wrexham Abbot, and now in the occupation of Mr. Evans. Apply to Mr. Charles Bate, Maltster. &o, Wrexham. March 17th, 1859. A NEAT VILLA RESIDENCE, NEAR WREXHAM. TO BE LET. with immediate possession, a neat VILLA i RESIDENCE, pleasantly situated within one mile of Wrexham Station. The House consists of Two Par- lours, Two Kitchens, I arier, Pantrv, Four Bedrooms, small Closet, &c., Flower, md Kitchen Garlau, well stocked with choice fruit trees, and about Two Acres of TAndwith suitable Out Buildings and every necessary convenience. Apply to Mr N. S. Scotcher, Jeweller, Wrexham, or Mr W. Baylev, Bookseller. TO BE LET, with immediate possession OFFA COTTAGE a very desirable residence with every convenience, including a good Garden, Stable and Coach house, situate withir. three miles of Wrexham, on the Ruthin and Minera Road. Apply to Mr. Lester, Peny- gelli, near Wrexham. .O' lrt .o'lJ FREEHOLD PROPERTY. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, two good TCOTTAGES, with productive Gardens attached, situate at Rhosrobin, near Wrexham, in the occupation of George Piatt, and Henry Edwards, respectively. Apply to Mr. Edward Jones, Auctioneer, or Mr. John Jones, Solicitor, Wrexham. TO BE SOLD by Private Treaty, a Chest of JL JOINER'S TOOLS, nearly new. For price and particulars, apply to Mr. Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. TO BE SOLD a SHOP FRONT, with Two Windowi JL Size of each, 8 feet by 6 feet, with shutter* oom- plete.—Apply to Mr Allinand, grocer, Hope-street, Wru- ham. March 19th, 1859. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY all that re- cently Erected and convenient VILLA RESI* DENCE, situate at Rhosddu, near the town of Wmzhuk with two large plots of Garden ground attached, containing in the whole one thousandaad fifteen square yards of Lander thereabouts, be the same more or less, and now in the QII80 patiou of Mr J. R. Gum mow, architect The above Property is Freehold of inheritanoe, and al- though situate close to the Town of Wrexham, is ia de Township of Staosty, consequently free from Borough aid other Town Rates. Further information may be obtained by applying to Messrs. EDGWORTH and DKVEREUX PUSH, SOLICITOUS Wrexham. March 18th, 9. itua:t:i,O'Uf,i. && THREE or Four respectable YOUNG FEMALES am Twanted immediately as Apprentices to the Drm and Mantle Making business. Apply to Miaa Jenkia% York-street, Wrexham. WANTED either mw or any time during the yearg a respectable HOUSE or VILLA, or good aiied Cottage, in the parish of Chirk, Llangollen, or Ruabon containing two good Sitting Rooms, three for four Bed- rooms. Kitchens. Garden, and other conveniences. Letters, stating situation, rent, and other particular!, addressed to Mr. Charles Hughes, Stationer, Wrexham, will meet with attention. WANTED a situation as Coachman, or Coachman VT and Gardener. No objection to make himself useful,—Aged 38. Good references can be given. Apply A.B., care of Mr. C. G. Bayley, Bookseller, Osweetry. WANTED at an Inn in Liverpool, a respeoUklt VV FEMALE of good address, about 35 Jean II age, to take a responsible part in the maELRgOMent- ]Fad class references required. Application to Mr. Bapieji Bookseller, Wrexham. WANTED a Strong Active BOY, from 14 te It W years of age. Application to Mr. BepWj, Bookseller, Wrexham- MONEY. LOANS granted from L25 to L2000. on personal or t collateral security, to be repaid by monthly or buarterly instalments. Apply to John Williama, Crow Castle Vaults, Llangollen. WREXHAM CRICKET CLUB. PATRON-SIR W. W. WnfN, BAST., M.r. PRSSIDBNT—TOWNSHEND MAINWAAMA, EM.Kr. TREASURER—R. W. JOHNSON, BøQ. Those gentlemen who wish to join the above Club are requested to forward their names and address to Xt G. Warburton, Honorary Secretary, Bank-fttreetc Wrexham, April 7th, 1859, 'tAl