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EPITOM3 OF NEWS. N. aanoa f-ed that M. Flcury brohter of General Fleury 0,) a French consul at Liverpool, has been appointed cousulllt Palermo. An official return shows that the number of'etiers which pa-ist'D thri'iuh trie SIIHQUII post-office list year was 3^,1)28.45.) in 1857 it was 36,103,871 and in 1855 oaly 23,SMS,(132. I .ie Ac. d "nuH dcs Sciences l'il.1 to 1'1..ct Oil Thursday a in the di-partiiient of cliemiatry iu roo-n of tne late Gherart. The contest was between Sched. dur of Vienna and llofuiann of London. Forty out of forty three votes w, re for the London savant. TTic ch-irg -,] to forward the erection of a c;tt:r.'dral in Madrid !i" ti <sl a meeting, under the presi- dency of tiie Kinj, to devise measures lor providing funds for the purpose, and has resolved, amongst other things to recom mend t he imposition of a tax of two per cent, on will- nings in the IJtery, an,1 th; opening of a subscription in Spain and South America. Why is a man payiog his note of hand like a father gf)- ing to see his children ?—Because he meets responsibili- ties The two Haytain envoys, who had an interview with the Queen on Saturday, announced to her Majesty the estab- lishment of a Republic in llayti. Arrangements are now beir,g made for the adoption of Warry's gitu by the ordnance board. An ofTer was made to him by a foreign Government, but declined. Oil iat iii-day, a inai-ricil woman, aaned Hannah Mor- ton, living in Wednesbury, deliberately committed suicide by jumping down a deep well in her own garden. In the Birmingham County Court on Saturday, Mr Horsfall, manager of the Watrr Works Company, obtained a verdict for £ 20 damages and costs against Messrs Abel aad Fiaher for injuries sustained by him from the bite of a of a yard ifoz belonging to them. The Birmingham Post states that "Henry Marshall, j Esq of the King's-road Brighton, who came down to Walsall a few days ago to address and canvass the electors, has been sent to Stafford Gaol, on the suit of a prater, whose bill he left unpaid when before the electors in 1852. On Sunday a fire broke oat in St Mark's Chapel, Ful- ham-road, London the property of the National Society for Promoting the Education of the loor. The fire was not subdued uuiil a serious amount of mischief had been done. James Flowers, of Luc, Kent, picked up a bottle in the public road a short time siuce, containing, as he supposed, laudanum, and took some on the occasion to assuage a cough froin which he had suffered severely fur some time. Having then obtained relief, he took another dose on Fri- day niirht, mixed with vinegar and sugar, and immediately got. worso and died on Saturday. At the Cosnita Majora of the Royal College of Physi- cians, held on Monday, Dr Dauiel Noble, Dr M. A. Ea,e,& Wilkinson, and Sir Jamcti Lomix Bardsley wr admit licentiates, under the recently-enacted by-law. Kiug's Newtown Hall, one of the oldest and in- teresting halls in Derbyshire, has been destroyed by Are The loss is nearly £ 1,500. The hall was the property of Lady Palmerston An enthusiastic reform meeting was held at Rawtenstall, on Monday evening, uuder the presidency of Mr J. fl, Whitehead. Several excellent addresses were delivered. The Lord Chancellor has j'tst added nine gentleman to the commission of the peace for the borough of Ipiwieh Six of the nine are Conservatives, and the remaining three Liberals. At the Liverpool Bankruptcy Court, on Monday Messrs T. and B. Chaffers, builders and conttactors, received a second-class certificate, with suspension for three month., with protection. The Prefecture of the aucient and splendid city of Bourges has been burnt down; all the valuable records contained in it are destroyed. At the excavation of the ground on which St. Peter's Church recently stood, at Albany, New York, a double coffii was discovered, supposed to be that of Lord Howe, who was killed at the battle of Lake George, July 6, 1751. was buried General Uiloa, who took a share in the defence of Ve. nice in 1849, has arrived at Turin from Paris. At GeiDa the English are now so unpopular that the air of" God Save the Queen," which occurs in a ballet now performing at the Carlo Felice Theatre, was hissed on two consecutive nights. At a trial at Wool wich on Tuesday of Mr Whitworth'a rifli,-s against the Eufield large bore, it was unanimously decided in his favour. The Duke of Cambridge was present. The original complaint of the King of Naples was car- buncle (anthrax), and he probably now has what the German physicians call "zersettizuiig des Mutes" (de- composition of the blood.) Jerome Bonanarte. the Pranflann -P » I wi -ILO&ALUL XilLlCtJ Jerome, who is a captain iu the French army, has re- turned to France from America, where he has been passing some months on a visit to his family. Some soldiers belonging to the Hungarian regiment Baron Zobel," which is now stationed at Venice, of their own accord arrested four Italians and one French- man who had tried them to be faithless to their flag. When these men were searched it was discovered that they bad about them a plentiful supply of watches, rings, and Napoleons. On Sunday evening, one cf the Eastern Counties line, the mail down train from London was passing through a low cutting between Ilford and Romford, when, by some unexplained means, the boiler burst, shattering the engine and hurling the wheels into a garden some dis- tance from the line. The rails were turned up, and portions of the boiler were blown a distance of a hun- dred y aids. The driver of the engine was slightly scalded, but, providentially, none of the passengers were injured, and the train was not thrown off the line. BURGLARY AT A PARSONAGE.-At the Leeds Town Hall, on Saturday, Luis Peter Nicolai Ernst, a native of Xilsineur, was brought up on remand, charged with com- mitting a burglary at the residence of the Rev. W Wil- liamson, the incumbent of Headingley. near Leeds, and was committed for trial at the next Yorkshire Assizes On the night of the 30th ult, an entrance was effected into the rev. prosecutor's house, through the drawine- room window, and a gold watch, a quantity of silver plate, and other articles, worth between jE30 and -S40 were stolen. The prisoner was apprehended a few days afterwards at Liverpool, and he admitted having cum. mitted the rob bery. 11 e appears to be a very ° daring character, and has committed numerous buMariet in various parts of the country. He has been twice or thrice convictou. He is about 38 year of age, of sallow com- plex.ion. middle height, wears gold earrings in his ears, and has many scars about his body. The right lower arm is marked, in blue ink, with the figures of a sailor and a woman joining hands, and underneath are the Liters Ava-Line and a ship with three masts. The left arm is marked in biue ink with the figures of a wo- man, a mermaid, and a seahorse, in red and blue ink in- termixed, and the words "Anna Maria Gonzales;" a serpent on the left wri,t, a man's head in the ccntre of' ba°k    hand, a ring, with diamond on the ri hfinger °ol f left hand he has a small silver ring through the nipple of each br69<t an? ™ t)? ?? tre of the bre ist, in tre of the bre .st, in blue ink, the figures of Christ and the cross, ana a man on one side and a woman on the other, weeping on the front of left thigh in blue ink, the figures of three men and a serpent in a tree on the front of the right thigh the figure of an Indian warrior; calf of left lc,, iii !rked, in blue inle. with the letters "P. L. b. M. M. S. S. right calf marked in blue ink with a crown and the letters M. K. M. S. W L P. N. E. H. C. S. be hag algo a red and brown mark near the bend of the left elbow. Several persons who bad been found dealing with part of the stolen property were taken into custody, but some of them were discharged, and the rest were admitted evidence agairst Ernst. A M*™ O™ BaOUGUT TO LIGHT AXD PUNISHED.-Inthe yeir 18,57, a sailor on board a ship bound from this port to Liverpool was made away with near the Bilize, and disappeared. During the voyage the murderers told some of the crew how the matter had taken place, the man thrown overboard, &c. The in- dignant sailors, as soon as they landed in Liverpool, went to a justice and revealed the facts; three men charged with the murder, named John Shields, George Nvilliamson, and John Tiim vm-a o.Mfnr1 -4. 4.- '0, u'lCJltu AUU. OCiH. IU New XlT ork1, w, hence they were brought here, nnder a requisiti n from the governor of Louisana. They re- mained a long time in the parish prison, until lately the giand jury took action in the matter and released the witnesses, who went before the recorder of the se- cond district and made an affidavit. The three accused were kept in gaol, where they remained for a time nearly forgotten, the offence having been committed 111 the limits of the parish of Plaquemines. After the affidavit the authorities of the parish of Plaquemines took the matter in hand, and had the prisoners transferred from this parish on the 5th instant. They were tried in rlanqucmincs, and all three condemned to imprisonment with hard labour for life in the state penitentiary.-New Orleans Picayune. THE SEASON MOST CONDUCIVE TO CONSUMPTION — The accuracy of modern sanitary statistics has proved that, at all events in England, the spring is the time of the year most inimical to consumptive cases. It is then that the cold north-easterly winds and frequent changes of temperature aggravate the sufferings of the phthisical invalid, and irritate the delicate lungs of those who, without being actually consumptive, miy be predisposed to that fearful nul,1,, Tho Y f count} WHICH have attended the administration of that far-famed anti- consumption rjmedy, Dr. de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil, in thousands of cases of incipient and advan- ced consumption, fully justify the faith which is placed in the specific curative powers which have been proved to exist alone in this peculiar and unrivalled preparation of Cod Liver Oil. The merits of Dr. de Jongh's ex- ceedingly pahtable Oil as a preventive of diseases of the lungs and as a curative agent in consumption, cannot be better described than in the words of two learned and eminent foreign physicians. Dr. Pruya van der Hoeven states I have given it to those who showed a phthi- sical habit, and it has not only improved the delicate ap- pearance, but reinoved the obstinate couah." and Dr I 0 Suerman obseivesI consider that this Oil is the best moans by which we can restore those who unfor- tunately suffer from tubercular consumption." The number of postoffices in the United Kingdm are 11,235, of which 8U6 are head offices and the distance over whioh mails are now conveyed within the United Kingdom by rallwny, mail coaches, &c., » earn packets, boats, and fOvt messengers is about 133,000 miles per day. The number or letters delivered in the United Kingdom in the year 1858 was 523,000,000, of which number 428,000,000 were in England, 44,000,000 m Ireland, and 51,000,000 in Scotland. The number of newspapers doliyered througu the POIJ jA the #§Movw TO'SJW.WT™4 ? ? ? ?