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Sales by Messrs. Baugh & Jones. I (Successors to the late Mr Edisbury), SALE OF FAT AND STORE CATTLE, AT RES- FORD, DENBIGHSHIRE. MESSES. BAUGH AND JONES beg respectfully to inform their friends that their next MONTHLY 8AIJS at the Griffin Inn, Greaford, will take place OIl Monday, November 18th, 1861, and will thank partiea wishing to introduce other stock to do so at their office, Temple-Place, Wrexham, or with Mr. Davies, nf the Grirhn Inn, Gresford, as early as pouible. The following have been already entered, viz. 80 Fat Sheep 10 Fat Beasts 5 Fresh Barrens 2 Excellent Calving Cows 1 Two-year-old Heifer. 3 Store Pigs. Very useful Pony for harness or saddle Ditto Colt Useful Mare, for saddle or harneen, 7 yean old. Very useful Cob, 14 hands high, rising 3 yeara old. Ditto Ditto 12J hands high, rising 2 years. Capilal Market Shandry, with harness 8 Sides of qbxcellelt boine-cuied Bacon. ow Sale at l"wo o'clock punctually. IMPORTANT SALE Of Milehing and Fat Co* a, Heifers, Stirks, Pigs, Power- fat Waggon Horses, Stacks of Wheat, Barley, Oats and Hay, Agricultural Implements, and Dairy Vessels, at Fron Farm, Uwchymynydd, in the Pariah of Hope, in the County of Flint. MESSRS. BAUGH & JONES have been favoured with in sti actions from Charles Harrison, Esquire, (who is declining farming,) to offer for unreserved Sale by Pubho Auction, on Tuesday, the 19th day of Novem- ber, 1861, at Fron Farm, Uwchymynydd aforesaid, the entire Stock of 5 head of Milehing and 3 Fat Cows, I two-year-old Heifer, 4 Yearlings, 3 Fat Pigs. 2 Sows, 2 powerful Cart Horses, 2 ditto Mares, 1 promising two- year-old Colt, handsome Chesnut Mare, 14l hands "high, riling (j years old, steady in harneas or saddle, -M assortment of AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, :#omfrisiDg 1 broad-wheeled Cart (with harvest gearing -completle). 2 narrow-whetled ditto, and 1 small Cart, iron aDd wood Land Rollers, 3 uon and 1 wood Plough, •3 sets of BarrowF, iron Btuffler (by Howard) 3 Straw ocutters, Winnowing Machine, Sowing Hoppers, &c., teveral seta of Thrill, Chain, and Ploughinc Gears, Gig Harness, Saddle ard Side-saddle, Bridles, &c., 3 Stacks of excellent Wbtat grown upon upwards of 15 acres of land, 4 Staiks of good Barley gruwn upon upwards of 9 acres of land, and 4 Staiks of prime Oats grown upon 10 acres of land (to go off in the straw), and 1 Stack of well-harvested Hay (about 10 tont), about 100 measures of Fluke and other Potatoes, and about 25 tona of capital Swede Turnips, (in lots to suit purchasers), with a variety of other effects. Iwo month's credit will be given for the Corn and Hay upon approved security. Also, to be Let by Auction to the highest approved bidder, the tenant's right to the buildings and homestead from the day of sale to the 1st day of May, and the pasture lands upon the same farm until the 2nd of February, 1862. Luncheon at 10 o'clock, Sale to commence at 11 prompt. Froo Farm is distant from Wrexham 7 miles, Mold 6, tmd Chester 11. 'J he Auctioneers respectfully re- quest an eariv attendance, as the days arc short and the iota numerous. Temple-Place, Wrexham, 25th October, 1861. TO DBAPEBS AND OTHERS. TO BE I.ET an,i entered npon immediately, all that TO]d Eatatlabed DRAPER'S SHOP, situate on (he centre of the TOWN-HILL, Wrexham, late in the oc- cupation of Mr W. II. Jones. Apply to Messrs BAUGH AND JaxES, Auctioneers and Latd Agents, Temple-place, Wrexham. MONEY. WANTED Security for S450 upon Mortgage of FBEEHOLD PROPERTY. Apply to Messrs BAUGH and JONES, Auctioneers and Land Agents. Sales by Mr. Johnson. Sale of Growing TUNnp, and Mangold Wurzelt at Marehtciel Hall, "ear Wrexham. MR. JOHNSON has been commissioned by Mr. Jj.i Rowland to Sell by public Auction, at the Wynn- atay Market Room, Wrexham, on Thursday, 14th No. vember, 1861, 8 Acres of well-grown SWEDE TUR- NIPS, and 4 Acrea of MANGOLD WURZELS, aa measured in half-acre lots, by Mr. Turner, land sur- veyor, Wrexham. Sale at 4 o'clock punctually. HOLT, DENBIGHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, bv MR. JOHN- ? SON. at the White I ion 1m, Holt, in the County of Denbigh, on Monday, the 18th day of November, 1661, at Four o' clfck in the afternoon, subject to con- I ditions to be then and there produced (unless disposed of in the mean time, of which due notice will be given,) all that Substantial MESSUAGE on DWELLING- HOUSE with the Cottage, Stable, Cow- house, Barn, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging. called or known by the name of the ESP HILL," togtther with the six several fields or parcels of Land thereto belonging, and adjoining each other, and containing by admeasurement 16 acres or thereabouts, be the fame more or less, situate withiu the Borough, and liberties, and Parish of Holt, otherwise Lyone, in the said Couuty of Denbigh, and now in The occupations of Evau Evans, Samuel Phillips, and others, and adjoining the road leading from Holt aforesaid to Common Wood and Gresford. And alfo all that PEW OR SEAT, belonging to the said Messuage or Dwelling-house, in the Pariah Church of Holt, afore- said. Esp Hill" is situate within five minutes' walk of the Parish Church of bolt, and is distanced 8 miles from Chester, and 5 from Wrexham, where there ia a first- clasm Railway Station on the Great Western Railway. This desirable freehold property offers aa opportunity rarely to be met with for investment. The Land is of guod quality and equal to the lands in this Borough, which are so well known for their early garden pro- ductiveness. The premise a adjoin several tenementa and farrre belonging to Lord Kenyon, Col. T. Myddelton Biddulpb, and John Foulkea, Esquire, and at a small outlay might easily be converted lOW a genteel family nsidence. The house contaios two pailoure, kitchen, dairy, baik-kitchen, cellar, and nine bedrooms. The well-known River Dee, celebrated for its salmon acd trout fisheries, is within ten minutes' walk; and the fox-hcunda of Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart., hunt the surrouudir g country. .Mr. blntiel Phillips, farmer, Holt, will show the premiss, and any further information may be had from the Auctioneer, or from the offices of Messrs. JAMES and OWtN, Solicitors, Wrexham. Ai 13. CHARLES C. SMITH intends to have a 1.' MONTHLY SALE of AGRICULTURAL STOCK at Mold and Poutblyddyn. Further particulars will be given in our next. AN APLOGY. WHEREAS MR. CHARLES ROWE, of Holt, in the Coumy t D nb:g h, Gardener, was on T, UI day, the 24th day of October last, apprehended anu incarcerated until the following Saturday, on the ChARGE OF STEALING A SBEI-P, "lkh I bad lost, and which Sheep was subsequently found straying, r-A 48 it now a (pears had been 80 straying lor s-ve.'al day, befoie Mr. Howe was accused of Healing it; and Mr Rowe being discharged from custody and acquitted by ihe Magistrates before whom he was lakeu, and brought an action against me for false imprison- me it, n. w 1 4o bcrebj EXfREisS MY REGRET, and MA £ L THIS PUBLIC APOLOGY for Mr. Ibwe havi g UID to talsely accused and imprisoned, and ,b. te to I ay all expenses he has been put to. Dated tbe 1st day of November, 1861. GEO. POSNETT, Nag's Head Inn, Farndon. r> TO THE WORTHY AND INDEPENDENT BURGESSES OF THE BOROUGH OF WREXHAM. ENTLEMEN,—I respectfully beg- to thank yon VJ for the honor you have conferred upon me by electing me one of your representatives in the Town C.ouucil, where I hope to be able at all times to record my. vote 10 favour of such measures as will add to the prosperity of the Borough. I am, Gentlemen, Your faithful and obedient Servant, Eagle Brewery, THOMAS WILLIAMS. Nov. 8th, 1861. TO THE WORTHY AND INDEPENDENT BURGESSES OF THE BOROUGH OF WREXHAM. GENTLE M EN,—Allow me to return you my sincere Gthanks for having a second time elected me one of your representatives in the Town Council, and to subscribe myself Your faithful Servant, High-street, Wrexham, WM. ROWLAND. Nov. 8th, 186L TO THE FREE AND INDEPENDENT BURGESSES OF WREXHAM. GEN TLEMEN,—I beg to thank you for the honor Wyou have done me in the recent contest, by return- ing me as your representative a second time. Hitherto whatever I have done in the Council was according to the best of my ability and judgment, and will continue to do so independently. I shall also con. tinue to do &:I I can, as hitherto, to inoresiie and develops the trade of the town. I have the honor to be, Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, Chester-street, RICHARD EVANS. NOT. 6th, 1861. TO TEE BURGESSES OF THE MUNICIPAL BOROUGH OF WREXHAM. G ENTLEMEN,-Allow me to tender you my best \JT thanks for the honorable positionin which you plated ma on the poll on Friday, the 1st instant. I do Lot appear before you as an elected Town Councillor, although I polled an equal number of votes with one who has since been declared by the Mayor and Assessors as duly elected. We have fought a hard fight, and although not completely victorious, I have no doubt with a more perfect organization we should have been so, and even now the general result may be looked upon aa a great success. Two of our Candidates were returned at the head of the poll, I myself had the support of 352 Burgrssea, and was only defeated by the casting vote of the Mayor. Had the votes been taken with anything like the expertness which the two previous Mayors used in taking the poll, there is no doubt the four White" Candidates would have been returned, as a large number of votes remained unrecorded when the poll was closed. The lerson taught our opponents by the late contest, will, I trust, be a salutary one. A strong re-actir. u has set in against them, and unless a very different state ci matters obtains within the Council Chamber in the next. twelve months, the days of the Reds" are numbered. I again tender you my moat cordial thanks for your support, and if my humble services at a future occasion may be useful in rescuing the town from the dominancy of a party, whose only policy seems to be one of obstruc- tion to every useful improvement in the Borough, I am at your command. I am. Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, 8, King-st, Wrexham, GEORGE BAYLEY. Nov. 6th, 1861. TO THE BURGESSES OF THE BOROUGH OF WREXHAM. GENTLEMEN,—We have had a hard fought battle, and I have lost—lost by one! The: e is no dishonour in such a defeat, and I am not broken-hearted. There was no direct question before the public, except, whether the publicans, who are after all themselves but the tools of more designing poli- ticians, should rule the town. The two retiring publicans are again returned, so that the spiggot is still in the ascendant. If at any future time the respectable portion of the burgesses seek again to purge the Town Council of the ignorance. incompetency, and sycophancy, which have made W rexb am a bye-word and laugh- ing-stock, they may again count upon me, for one, to fight their battle. I am, gentlemen, your humble servant, 7 JOHN JOXES. Chesnut Cottage, Chcster-st, Nov. 1, 1861. COAL! COAL!! COAL! EDWARD LEDSOME RESPECTFULLY begs to inform the Publio that I he has made arrangements with Mr. WILLIAM EDWARDS, CoAL MERCHANT, RHOS, to carry on the business of supplying Families &c with Coal, both Wall and Bench, and Yard Coal, on the most leasonable tt rms. EDWARD LEDSOME, Coal Carrier, RHJS, WBKXHAM. DRAPERY AND GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT, CHURCH-STREET, RUABON. W. L. X 0 R It 11 8 IN tendering to his numerous friends and customers Pbis sincere thanks for the peonage and support accorded him for meny years in the above lines, begs to inform thtm that he intends to REMOVE to n ore extensive and cotrmodious Premises, situate in Cburch- ttreet, whiih will be Opened on Thursday, 7th Novem- her next, with a new and large assortment of WINTER GOODS of every description, where he hopes by strict attention to business to merit a continuance of those favi ura which have been soliberally bestowed upon him. BY ROYAL LETTERS VATENT. HENRI'S PATENT CATTLE FEED. MANUFACTORY, nULL. THE ONLY FEED SOLD BY ANALYSIS. Z Wholesale Agent for Wrexham JOHN MORRIS, DEPOT & OFFICE, 2, TEMPLE ROW. FOUND, about three weeks back, a WELSH SHEEP, the owner can have the same by applying at the Police Station, Wrexham, on paying the expenses. If not claimed within a week from this date, it will be sold. I LLOYD, Bazaar, High-street. SEALSKINS, PALETOTS and MANTLES, ki in great variety. R. LLOYD, Bazaar, High-street. PAISLEY and WOOLLEN SHAWLS. H. J L LLoID, Bazaar, High-street. ABERDEEN-WI-WSEYS, and FANCY ADitESSEs. R. LLOYD, Bazaar, High-street. GREATEST NOVELTIES of the SEASON in FLOWERS, FEATHERS, RIBBONS, &c. R. LLOYD, Bazaar, High-street.  SPLENDID ASSORTMENT of PLAIN A and FANCY BONNETS. R. LLOYD, Ba- zaar, High-street.  CHOICE ASSORTMENT of MILLINERY A and TRIMMED BONNETS. R. LMTD. Bazaar, High-street. FURS, in great VARIETY. R. LLOTD, Bazaar, J C High-street- HOSIERY and GLOVES, in great VARIETY. E L R. LLOYD, Bazaar, High-street, BLANKETS, SHEETS, COUNTERPANES, JD and FLANNELS. R. LLOYD, Bazaar, High- street. A LARGE SELECTION of READY-MADE CLOT RES, VERY CHEAP. R. LLoyi), Bazaar, High-street, Wrexham. BERSHAM AND MINERA. TEMPERANCE SOCIETY. A NNIVERSARY and PUBLIC TEA MEETING, JTX at ADWY'R-CLAWDD, on Monday, November ISth, 1861, in a Large prepared for the occasion. Tickets, One Shilling each, may be obtained from Mr. Wm. Haylor, Bookseller, and Mr. Wm. Thomas, Old Vicarage, Wrubam Mr. Barker, Benham; Mr. Dayiea, Britiah School. Brymbo; iNIr. Thomas Jones, shoetraker, Adwy; Mr. John Rogers, Coedpoeth; Mr. B. D. B. Turner, Minera; Capt. Harris, Bwlchgwyn; and from any member of the Committee. Several Ministera and Gentlemen have promised Addresses in Welsh and English, and all members of the Society are respectfully and earnestly desired to attend, and communicate their intention to Mr. Wm. Letter, Pen-y-Gelli, Hon. Secretary to the Society. W REXHAM TEMPERANCE LEAGUE. THREE LECTURES Will be delivered in connexion with the above League, by MR. LAWRENCE GANE, OF LONDON. Monday, Nov. 11th Natioual Schools, Minera. Tuesday, 12th Music Hall, Wrexham. Wednesday,, 13th British Schools, Biymbo. Each evening at 7 o'clock. 6* A Collection in aid of the Funds will be made at the close of each. COURSE OF POPULAR LECTURES AND MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENTS, IN THE TOWN HALL, WREXHAM, For 1861-2. IT is respectfully announced that on Monday Evening. ± November llth, 1861, GEORGE BUCKLAND, Eiq., of the Royal Polytechnic, London, will give his favourite and much admired Musical Entertainment, entitled-" OLI) ENGLISH AND PATRIOTIC SuNGS," which has drawn forth tremendoua applauds from crowded audiences wherever introduced. Admission to a single Lecture—1st Class, 2s., 2nd do. Is., Back Seats, 6d; or Tickets for the whole course, 10s. 6d. The inehiber* of the Literary Institute ad- mitted at half-price on production of their Cards of Membership. Tickets to be secured at each of the Bookaellem Doors open at halt-past Seven, to commence at Eight o'clock. t' KING-STREET CHAPEL. THE PUBLIC is respectfully informed that Mr JL SHAW, of Huddersfield, will deliver TWO AD- DRESSES at the above chapel, on SUNDAY, Nov. 17th. Servioo to commence in the Morning at Half- past TEN, and in the Evening at half-past Six. MALT DUST AND GRAINS AT THE NA.G'S HEAD BREWERY. MALT DUST CHEAP AT THE NAG'S I HEAD BREWERY! FARMERS "d Cuw-keepera can contract for F GRAINS at the following prices:— A person taking 60 per wefk, 3d. per measure. Ditto 50 do. 4d. do. Ditto 26 do. 4ji. do. Ditto 12 do. 4jd. do. From the 2nd of November, 1861, to the 1st of May, 1862. dXTEJESsr INSURANCE COMPANY. I  BVILDIZiGs, LivEnrooL. M? C??—QuBEN TNSCBANCB BUILDINGS, LIVERPOOL. London Ofwe-83, KINO W ILLIAH STBBBT, E.C. CAPITAL HALF A MILLION, with power to increase to a MILLION. THE GENERAL PROGRESS OF THE COMPANY during the last three years is thus shown, viz FIRE PREMIUMS, let year .£12,569 3 5 Ditto 2ud" 24,996 14 8 Ditto 3id „ 38,482 16 2 being an increase of the present over the prtceding jear of upwards of 60 per cent. The LIFE PREMIUMS received dur- ing the first two years amounted to 16,272 1 0 Whilst durihg the last two years they have reacted 22,620 18 U The TOCAL INCOME for eaoh of the ibree jears shows an INCREASE ofnelWly TWENIY THoUS- AND POUNDa PiiR ANNUM. FIRE and LIFE Insurances granted on liberal terms. Prospectuses and forma of proposal to be had at' any of the Offices of the Company, or at the Agencies. By ordel, W; P. CLIKEHUGH, Manager & Actuary. ø- Active aDd influential Agents at Wrexham, Ruabon, and Ofswetitry wauled. MONEY. MONEY TO LEND, from .£10 to FAOO, on persons JjjL or other security, to be repaid by easy Monthly or Uiiarterly instalments, extending over a period from one to three years. Loans granted within one week from day of application. Confidence strictly observed.— Apply, by letter or personally, to Mr. EDWARD CLOWES No. 56, Bcoth-street East, Oxford Road, Manchvster. UtiLblishad JMg. F F It A S E ltp WATCHMAKE.R,. gILVERSMITH, AND JEWELLER, 42, HI GB STREET, WREXHAM. July 12,1861. IW AN APPRENTICE W ANTFD. PRIZES FOR TURNIPS. PROCTOR A- K ;D R Y L A N D Respectfully "nform tbope friends who intend to compete for their Premiums this season, that they must give notice, in writing, to that efleet, on or before the 1st of October, that being the last day of entry P. and R. also desire to call attention to their GRASS AND WHEAT MANURES, JOB AUTUMN USE, WEICH THEI CAN CONTTDEKTLT lttCOMMEWI). BIRMINGHAM AND CHESTER. WELSH HOUSE!! 24, TOWN HILL AND ABBOT-STREET, WREXHAM. j A N E pRICE, BEGS to. return her sincere thanks to her Friends and the Pnblic in general for the very liberal support she has MB received since her removal to her present premises, and has great pleasure in announcing that she has bought a very large STOCK OF WINTER GOODS, and is prepared to sell them at a very low profit. J. P. particularly calls attention to the undermentioned goods:— WHITNEY AND BURY BLANKETS. WELSH AND ENGLISH FLANNELS. SHEETS AND QUILTS. WELSH AND ENGLISH LINShY IN GREAT VARIETY. WOOLLEN CLOTHS. SUITS MADE TO ORDER. CORDS AND MOLESKINS. SHIRTS, SILK HANDKERCHIEFS AND TIES. SILK AND FANCY HATS AND CAPS WELSH AND ENGLISH HOSE IN GREAT VARIETY. STAYS AND GLOVES. MERINO AND FANCY DSESSES. BONNETS AND RIBBONS. A UTUMN AND WIN T E R JASHIONS, 1 861-2. } T. C JONES BEGS to announce his retuin from London with a large and well-selected stock of Goods suitable for the J) Season consisting of Shawls, Mantles, Silks, Dreeeee, &c., &c. MILLINERY ROOM. T. C. J. wishes to call special attention to this NEW DEPARTMENT, which is replete with a choice selection of Bonnets, Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, &c., &c. 10, Church-Street, Wrexham, October 2ath, 1861. GOLDENEAGLEE STABLISHMENT 21, TOWN-HILL, WREXHAM. MISS E. EDWARDS begs to intimate that the has just returned from Londo. with a choice Stock of WINTER FASHIONS, comprising London and Peris Novelties in Millinery, Mantles, Shawls, Dresses, &c., which are now ready for inspection. The favor of an early call is solicited. MRS. EDWARDS Embraces the present oppoitunity of acknowledging past iavcuis, and at the same time to invite attention to her STOCK OF GENERAL DRAPERY Which the flatteis herself will be found worthy of that support she has hitherto received. RE GENT-STREET, (OPPOSITE THE SAVINGS BANK.) MRS. WRIGHT BEGS respectfully to inform the Ladies of Wrexham and its Vicinity that she is now showing her WINTER BYASBIONS. Mrs. W. hopes to obtain from her friends and public generally a liberal share of patronage. assuring them that no exertion on her part shall be wanting to merit it. bi rs. W. begs to call attention to her DRESSMAKING business, which will continue to receive her best attention. Modes received monthly. N.B. APPRENTICES WANTED. NEW WYNN HALL COLLIERY. The inhabitants of Overton, Bangor, Erbistock, and the neighbourhood, can now obtain supplies of very superior MAIN COAL For house use, firm tte sloie well-kric,vn Colliery, one mile from Ruabon. Wynn Hall Ctal Coirpauy, October 12th, 1861. INTER JjlASHIONS AT jy^ANCHESTER JJOUSE CHURCH-STEEET, WREXHAM. M WEIGHT begs to announce to his friends that he has just returned from London, where he has purchased a large stock ot Drapery and Millinery Goods, Woollens, Cloths, Moleskins, Cords, Vel- vets, Linen, Holland, Flannel, Blankets, Cottons, Sheets, Counterpanes, &c. Strpw Bonnets, Silk Bon- nets, Fancy Bonnets, Felt Bats, Strew Hats, Drees Caps, Widow's Caps, English aDd French Flowers Bonnet Ribbons, Cape, Fronts, Head Dmses, Gloves, Collars, Sleeves, Dress Buttons, Belts, Velvet Ribbon, Mohair Dresses, Fancy Dresses, Prints, Coburgs, Alpacca, Cashmere, Scarf Shawls, Paisley Scarf Shawls, and Woollen Shawls, Cloth Mantles and Cloth Paletots, Fancy Woollen Skirts, Crinoline' Skirts, White Stays, Gray and Drab Stays, Hoods, Cloth Caps, Men's Shirts and Silk Hats, Silk Neck Ties, Shirts, Collars. Mourning and Wedding Bonnets, Dresses and Mantles, made on the shortest notice.-Funerals, com- pletely furnished.—W anted two Apprentices to the Millinery and Dress Mrking. 4. Church-street, Wrexham, October 5th, 1861. HOWARD'S CHAMPION PLOUGH, MARKED no" HOWARD'S NEW PATTERN PLOUGH, (marked "V.") HOWARD'S POTATOE PLOUGHS, RANSOME'S AND SIMS'S PLOUGHS, HOWARD'S & ROI)EN li URS 118 CULTIVATORS, JjO'W.,D'S PRIZE BARROWS AND HORSE RAKES, 7 C R 0 S SKI L L' S A IN D C A .%Ll B R I D G F, I S ROLLERS, GARRET'S CORN AND SEED DRllLS, RICHMOND AND CHANDLER'S CHAFF CUTTERS. BEN'IALL'S & SAMUELSON'S. TURNIP CUTTING MACHINES, AND ROOT PULPERS. W. OVERTON, IRONMONGER, WREXHAM. W. O. had the honor of receiving the first premium for the best collection of Implements, at the Denbighshire and Flintshire Show, held in Wrexham. t NEW 8ADDLERY AND HARNESS MAKING ESTABLISHMENT, So. 8, YORK E-8TRFET, WREXHAM, (In the Shoprlately occupied by M* 'Martin, Plumber and Glazier). JW, JONES begs respectfully to announce to gentry, farmers, innkeepers, and public generally, that J. be has taken the above premises, where he intends to carry on the business of a SADDLER and HARNESS MAKER, and trusts by strict personal attention, good workmanship, moderate charges, and punctual and prompt execution of all orders with which he may be favoured, to merit a share of pubic patronage. MR. EDWARD K N 1 B B S BEGS to return his sincere tbsrks to li e jrofessional gentlemen, tradesmen, farmer?, and the publio generally tor the very liberal support accorded to him since his commencing business as an Auctioneer and Appraiser, and takes the present opportunity of assuiing those friends who may favour him with their commauds, that ha will alnay exeit Limsf if to the best of his ability to fuither their interests and to give satisfaction. liigb-street, Wiexbsn, Jan. 24, 1861. NEW, MEDICINE WAREHOUSE, 2, C HTTR C H-S 1 R E E T, WREXHAM, LATELY OCCUPIED BY MR. DEELET.  PRICE, DISPENSING CHEMIST, from LIVERPOOL, most respectfully informs W • the NnbiHty, GCDUY, 8Ld tht P*.Lhc (nelfll!}, that Ie has taker, the above well-known Establiehment, wb;eh is now replete with a choice selection of DRUGS, CHEMICALS, PERFUMERY, Patent Medicines, &c. P RICE-8 PECTORAL CuUGH LOZENGES. liepared Jrom tie CelcbroJed Cough and Pulmonic Remedy, J. Btlsam of hotehowd ofid.Ar"betd.-l r.ese Lozenges contain all the vittues of the Balsam ot Horehound and Aniseed will be Ituiid to give intiant itlief to tLe. niobt troublesome Cough, they will also be found mott invalu- able in Churches and Public Assemblies, as cne or two if taken and allowed gradually to dissolve in the mouth immediately checks that tickling or irritation in the throat, which causes this peculiar short Cough. Clergymen I end Public Speakers will nnd them very excellent for emigthtniog and clearing the voice. Sold in Boxes, Is. each. I Ilost Free, Is. 4t]. T?RICE'S? qeleBRATED CHOLEEA MIXTURE AND PILLS. For ?ott? CoM?!M<s, J)!/?<?< I P Z?ayr?a, ?c., ?<.—This <an.ou6 Mcdione waa hri?t o?deted by the celel;ratt Pb sitian, Sir A. Cooper, of London to his Vatieutts, and btteiwards so iietly adn,ii,istered by tie most eminent physicians of London. NHVEB 'KKOWN TO FAIL. This Medicine gives itniit-ciatc rflief to the patient, and tddom requires more than two or threa doses to efleet a cure. Should always Lie kept in readiness, as delay rtnders the patient's life hazardous. Sold in Bottles, Is. 6d. each. TYRICE'S CELEBRATED RHEUMATIC MIXTURE, For Rheumatism, Rheumatic Gout, Sciatica, Tic  Do)ormx &c.—In Bott'es, 2s. ?d. each. RBEUMATIC EMBKOCATIUN.—ID Bottles, Is. eadi. DoloreuEx, LIXIR FOK TOO iH ACHE, Tic Dulonmx, Rheumatio in the hce and Head, is a certain Jt. cure for all Nbryou8 Headaches, ?c. PRICE'S INFANT PRESERVATIVE. A most fate and effectual remedy for Children who are troubled L with Convulsions, Pains in the owels, &c.; in Measles, Tntbing, and Cramp, it is particularly recom- mended by the Medical Men for all disoiders peculiar to Infants. RICE,B SOOTHING POWDERS FOR CHILDREN CUTTING THEIR TEETH. Children suffering Lunder irritation of the bowels from cutting tbeir teeth or otherwise, will be immediately relieved by the use of these warm Aromatic Powders. In those cases where the parent's milk turns and becomes curdled on the (tomach of the infant, giving riae to griping fain., and isi dering the child restless and frettul, they have never been knflwo to fail. Sold in packets at Is. and 6d. CELEBRATED WORM POWDERS, for cleansing, cooling, and purifying the blood in children, and removing the cause of Worms. W. Price having had miriy years' extensive practice in the treatment of Children's diaeasss, and the very gieat success which has attended bis treatment, he is enabled to render the most officient aid in all cases coming under hit notice, and Mothers may rely on cere and attention. PRICE'S ANTIB1LIOUS AND LIVEK PILLS. 'Ihey correct the stomach and bowels, act gently on the t liver and kidntya, remove Llotchea on the skin, and imptove the appetite and digestive organs. p RICE'S BALSAM OF HOREHOUND AND ANISEED is sold in Bottles, One Shilling each. p RICWB QUININE TOOTH POWDER, sold in Bottles, One Shilling each. Fresh supply of COD LIVER OIL (quite tasteless) direct from Newfoundland. tigf Family Recipes and Physician's Preacriptions carefully prepared. CO XDNITIO PO^ DEBS for HORSES, in tins, le. 6d. each. HORSE AND CATTLE MEDICINES of every description warranted genuine. Oils, Pairts, and Varni.h.J-. C<"ii° irepared for Paintirgs. I T t t X u fcX-iK&Clt:!). IT. HUGHES, ENGINEER, BRASS FOUNDER & MILLWRIGHT, AGBICULTUBAL IMPLEMENTS, AND MACHINE MANUFACTURER* BEGENT-ST. AND 3.8, LAMB PIT ST., WREXHAM. Portable and Fixed Steam Engines, from 2 to 14 horse power and upwards, to order. Thrashin g, Straw-Shaking, Riddling and Barley-Horning Winnowing Machine, equal to any in the trade. Horse Gear of various sizes, Richmond, Chandler, and Coone's Chaff-Cutters, Pulpers, and Turnip-Cutters, always on hand. Agricultural Machines and Implements, Weighing Machines, &c., carefully repaired. NEW MERCERY, STRAW BONNET, AND MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT, No. 23, QUEEN-STREET, WREXHAM. JFCFCISS pODMORE. BEGS respectfully to inform the Ladies of Wrexham J) and ita vicinity generally, that she will OPEN her Establishment on MONDAY, NOVEMBER Hth, 1861, with a choice assortment of the latest novelties lit Silks, Shawls, Dresses, Straw Bonnets, Hats, Millinery, Mantles, Ribbons, Gloves, Lace, Muslin Goods, &c., &c-» all in the newest style, and marked at such prices that eannot fail to give satisfaction. Miss P. trusts (having been connected with Wrexham for so many years) in opening her new premises to obtain from her friends and the public generally a liberal share of patronage, assuring them that no exertion on her part shall ba wanting to merit it. It will always be her study to keep a well-selected stock of the latest Paris and London Novelties, which for style, quality, and price, cannot be surpassed. Miss P. will have her SHOW ROOM replete with all the Novelties of the coming Season, on the Opening Day. MONDAY, the llth November. N.R.—Out-door Apprentices wanted for the Millinery. ChesierHouse, 23, Queen-Street, Wrexham, and High-Street, Rhyl. Ji:t1udio1tst mauteb'. WANTED, an active Married Man, of good charao" W ter. as CARTER.—Apply to Mr Bay ley, Stationer, Wrexham. WANTED to Purchase, from six to eight tons of tV good SWEDE TURNIPS, delivered in Wxex- ham.—Particulars as to price to be left with Mr Bay ley, stationer, Wrexham. WANTED, in a Gentleman's family, by a respect- TV able married man, a situation as COACHMAN. Apply to J. Clark, Esq., Mayor. WANTED, by a respectable Young Woman, a tV Situation, near London or Manchester, as Kitchen Maid or Under-Housemaid. Good character can be given. Apply to Mr. Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. AN AGENT wanted for the sale of Raw-giound and Boiled-ground Bones and Artificial Manures, Apply to Mr. Bayley, "Advertiser" Office,.Wrexham. WANTED by a respectable young person, a situation. TT as Companion to a Lady, or as Housekeeper to an elderly Gentleman. Address—E. R., care of C. G. Bayley, bookseller, Oswestry. WANTED immediately, and the best price given- W any quantity of OLD NEWSPAPERS, by W. Bayiey, Bookseller, Wreiham. ia hit liCt. TO BLACKSMITHS. TO BE LET, the BLACKSMITH'S SHOP, .L (newly repaired) and COTTAGE attached, situate at Rhosneeonty.— For particulars apply to Mr James Hanmer, Rhosiiessney 'luvem, utar Wrexham. TO BE LET, THE VRON FARM, » Uwchymynydd Issa, Parish of Hope. Either 110 or 142 acres. Apply to Mr. YVetherell Rossett, Wrexham. CATTLE! CATTLE! CATTLE! FARMERS and others who are overstocked with JD Cattle can have them comfortably Housed, Watered, and Jed on the best barley straw lull of clover on tho following reasonable terms: Three-year-old Heilers Is. 6il. per week. Two ditto ditto Is. ad. One ditto ditto Is. Ode Apply at the Printer's.  HOUSE TO LET, with four Bedrooms, Kitchen, A, Parlour, Pantry, two CeHars, and small Garden. Apply to Miss Vaughan, No. 35, Wrex- ham Fechan. TO BE LET, a piece of good young CLOVER, i. 8 acres; also, a GRASS FIELD of 9 acres, for tha Winter. Apply tu Alfred T. Jones, Charlea-street. A HOUSE TO LET, fifteen minues* walk from YYiesham. Apply to Mr. Bayiey, Bookseller, Wrexham. rpo BE LET, and enteied upon immediately, a well- I ftequeum PUBLl?-BOU?E, situate at Pen^eae, two good accommodation rooms, excellent cellar kitchen a nd back kitchen. Ofiirs an eicellcnt situation lor a ettady and active man, bnd would be suitable to a per- son who may happen to Lave a butcheiing business.—• Apply to Mr. Edward Edwards, tanner, Kuat-on. rr0 BE LET, a LARGE lWOM, capable of seating 200 piibtliB, biiuaie in a ceniial part ot Wrexuam; suitable lor a Club fcctooi, &c., or it desired coulo be diviued inio two .booms, ioi particulars aI-ply to Mr. Ridtoui'a Refitihmeut Rooms, xii, Town Hill. Wrexham. f|I >0 BE LET, a HOUSE ana SHOP, eituate m the populous and nourishing aiouict, ot RhosUaoer- cliiugog. Apply to Eaiho ana Jones, Rr>uyftyuuon> Brewery, Wrextjam. a bit alt TU FARAiEhS. A LARGE QUATll 1: 01 OLmJ TANN to be dis- f posed ot. Apply to JuNM and KOCKK. DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, CHESTER— t EOI a ALE b) Private lreatj, n.e D\VELL.1NG- i^utlSE, Nu. 2L, Cia/it-sirtet, containing, drawing, diumg, and morning ruouiS, five test ana three servants* Lei'ioouis, good auciieu, pantiles, sculltiy, 130. itia principal ruouxb iront. to tiio Jioodee, and command au. airy auu upeu situation wnich cannot De bunt upon or otherwise inicrteied witii. There is a gaiuen, which presents a frontage also to tUti KooUec, together with stabling. The residence is suitable lor a lacnity ot rö- spectability, and tne tenuie it. treeliold. Together witu tun above will be FAOLD the TliivEE H^lioEa also oa me soutu side oi CraLe. street, beiug numbered respect- ively iiH, 25, and 27, ana uow in llie occupation ot ie- spectat/le unauts.—-tor furttier pal tll,w..r", apply to Mr. Benjamin Uwen, Surveyor, Lower iinu6e-btieet, Cuuster. iO BE SOLD, a large four-wheeled PHJ2TON, recently painted and lined, witti snails aud pole, either for oue or two horses. Also, a BASKET CAR- KIAGE, nearly new. Appl.) to Air, Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. rt o BE SOLD, a p?r of NEW WHEELS. 4 feet JL 11 in. high, Wttn Alle anu rim complete, Rt t? carry 2 tons 10 cwt. Arms, 2. Toe wnole to be sold at a reuueed price. Apply at toe Printer s. LOS!, on Wednesday night, October 30th, betwee? JLJ Hoiiy Bush (Wd Caet?wrle, a DuubIe-Barr? ???. Wnoever haagut tilebamt, by deli?etta?itto ?r. jSuperintenuent 'i'ti?as, ??, or F.C Dew Caer? d Set.. ?rl«, ?Ui t?e u.a??"'e? i-ew?rded,