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Sales by Messrs. ] augh & Jones. (SucooBlora to the lat Mr Edisbury), bsAaV EI OTFAT AND STORE CATTLE, AT RES- fORD, DENBIGHSHIRE. MESSRS. BAUGH AND JONES beg respectfully j? to inform their friends that their nexttM ONTHLY SALE at the Griffin Inn, Greaford, will take place on Monday, Noveab-r 18th, 1861, and will thank parties wishing to introduce oiher stock to do so at their office, Temple-Place, Wrexham, or with Mr. Davies, of the Gri n Inn, Gresford, as eirly as possible. the fullowing have beeu tlready entered, viz.:— 130 Fat Shtep. 17 Fat Beahts. 4 Bullocks. 5 Fresh Barrens. 3 Excellent Calving Cows 2 Two-yetr-old Heitera, (in calf). 4 Three-year-old Heifers, (in calf). 1 Excellent I !ow, with calf. 1 Ayrshire Heifer, (in-calf), 3 year old. 3 Strks. 3 Store Pigs. 6 Sides of excellent home-cured Bacon. Very useful Pony for harness or saddle. Ditto ditto 15 hands high, rising 4 yis. Promising 2 year-old Colt. Very uselul Cub, for harness or saddle. Useful Nit re, 7 years old, for saddle or harness. Excellent (Job, 14 hands high, rising 3 years o'd. Ditto Ditto 121, hands high, rising 2 years. Hail-bd Mare, 15 hands high, rising 3 years. Strong useful Can Mare. Turnip Pulf tr. Cipiial Maiket Shan dry. W Said at Two o'clock punctually. j IMPORTANT SALE Of Milcting and Fat Cows, Heifers, Stirks, Pigs, Power- ful Waggon Horteg, S'acks of Wheat, Barley, Oat., tend Hay, Agricultural Implements, and Dairy Vessels, at Fmn Faim, Uwthymynydd, in the Pariah of Hope, in the County of Flint. ME?>SRS. BAUGH & JONES have been f.vofre? ?1 wnh inductions flOW Charles Harrieon, &quire, (u bo is deeliliug itkiming,) to offer for unieserved Sale by Public Amli"D, 1>11 Tuetdty, the 19th day of OVtm. ber, 18C1, at Fren Farm. Uwchymynydd a for ec aid, the entire Stock of 5 heall of Milching and 3 Fat Cows, 1 two-jiar-r ld Heiter, 4 Ytarlinas, 3 Fat Pigs, 2 Sows, 2 poweiiul Cart Horses, 2 ditto Mares, 1 promising two. yefT-old Colt, hbodbitre Cl:esnut Maie, 141L hands high, rising 5 years old, sit ady in hornets or saddle, an oteoiiment of AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, comprising 1 broad-wheeled Cart (with harvest gearing complete), 2 narrow wheeled ditio, and 1 small Cart, iron t-nd wood Land Hollers, 3 iron ard I wood Plough, 3 rets of Harrows, iron scuffler (by Howard) 3 Straw Cutters, WirlDowing Machine, Sowing Hoppers, &c., reveral sets cf Tbrill, Chain, and Ploufchin« Gears, Gig Harness, SaddtJ ai d Jside-eaddle, Bridles, &c., 3 Stocks of excellent Wheat giown upon upwards ot 15 acres of hi d, 4 SUcks of good Barley grown upon upwards of 3 acitb o' land, and 4 Stacks of prime Oats grown upon 10 seres of Ibnd (to go iff in the straw), and 1 Stack of wtll-hervested Bay (about 10 tune), about 100 measures -ot Fluke end Potatoes, flLd about 25 tona of r&Tiltkl Swede Ti.rnifs, (in lots to suit purchasers), with a vatieiv 01 other effects. 'iwo mt nib's credit will be given for the Corn and Bay upco approved security. Also, to be Let by Auction to the highest approved Hd')e'. the tenant'? right to the buiidings and homestead irom the G"y 't ?aie to the 1st day ot May, and the pasture lald-, upon the tame larm until the 2ud of February, 1862. L.ur.bcuu at 10 o'clock, Sale to commence at 11 prompt. Fron F.rm is ristant from Wrexbam 7 miles, Mold 6, and Chester 11. The Auctioneers respectfully re- quest an early atttedpnee, as the days are shoit and the Iota numerous. Ttmple-l'lace, Wrexham, iioib October, 1861. TO DRAPERS AND OTHERS. TO BE LET and entered upon immediately, all that TOld E6taH:shed DRAPER'S SHOP, situate on the centre of the TOWN-HILL, Wrexham, late in the oc- cupation of Mr W. II. Jones. Apply to Messrs BAUGH AND JONES, Au tioneers and Land Aients, Temple-place, Wrexham. MONEY. WANTED Security lor £ 450 upon Mortgage of FREEHOLD PROPERTY. Apply to Messrs BAUGH and JONES, Auctioneers and Land Agents. Sale by Mr. E. Jones. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr. E. JONES, Too Friday n?xt, 22nd instant, inan'ti adjoining the Haddock-' Farm, Greaford, from 40 to 30 Thousand well-burnt BRlCKS (in lot), bale at two oMosk punctually. Sales by Mr. Johnson. HOLT, DENBIGHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by MR. JOHN- TSON, at the White Lion Inn, Holt, in the County of Denbigh, on Monday, the 18th day of November, 1861, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to con- ditions to be then and there produced (unless disposed of in the mean time, of which due notice will be given,) all that Substantial MESSUAGE OR DWELLING- BOUSE with the Cottage, Stable, Cow house, BalD, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, called or known by the name of tie "ESP HJLL," together with the six t-e,reial fields or parcels of Laid thereto belonging, and adjoining each other, and containing by admeasurement 16 acres or therealoute, be tbesame more or less, situate withiu the Borongh, and liberties, and Parish of Holt, otherwise Lyons, in the said County of Denbigh, and now in the occupations of Evau Evans, Samuel Phillip", and other;, and adjoining the road leading from Holt aforesaid to Common Wood and Gresford. And aho all that PEW OR SEAT, belonging to the said Messuage or Dweiling-house, in the Parish Church of Holt, afore- said. Esp Hill" is situate within five minutes' walk of the Parish Church of Holt, and is distanced 8 miles from Chester, and 5 from Wrexham, wheie there is a first- clsss Railway Station on the Great Western Railway. This desirable freehold property offers an opportunity rarely to be met with for investment. The Land is of good quality and equal to the lands in this Borough, which are so well known for their early gaideo pro- ductiveness. 1he prt misf s adj. in several tenements and f^rms belonging to Lord Kenyon, Col. T. Myddelton Biddalpb, and johr. Foulkes, Etquire, and at a small outlay might easily be converted into a geuteel family res'fence. The house contains two parlours, kitchen, da ri, back-kitchen, cellar, and nine bedrooms. The well-known River Dee, celebrated for its solmon and trout fisheries, is within ten minutes' walk; and tIe fox-It, unds of S.r W. W. Wynn, Bart., hunt the surp'tiDdir.g courtly. Mr Samuel Phillips, farmer, Holt, will show tie pren-is s, and any further information may be hafl from t) c, Aiii tior.eei, or fr. m the offices of Messrs. JAmEs and WIN, Solicitois, Wrexham. IMP. RTANT SALE OF FAT STOCK. AT THE VYXXSTAY ARMS MART, WRfcXHAM. MR..JOHNS )N has been ci mmissiontd by Mr. Clar e. firiffitbs, nf King's Mille, to SELL BY AUCTION, on Tuesfay, Nuv. 26th, 1861, 31 Prime Fat Heifers 2 Do. Cows 143 Do. Welsh W.thera In bts of ten eajh. liberal keep wilt be allowed. Srle at 2 o'clock. Ki.\G-SIREET VilA P t L THE PUBLIC ia retpectfuUy in ) med that Mr -L SHAW, cf Hudatr-field, wiii dt Vde TWO AL1- DH SaES at tie ubove chapil, cn U.VDA\, Acv. i7 h. iervn to commence in tlie Mo ning et Half- 1 A IL and it the Evening nt haii-pus. MX. SAUSAGES. JOHN L: GARNET T, [Successor ta jfr. JAMES OILERHEAD) CONFECTIONER, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM, BEGS to inform hia frienda and the public that he tan now supply thtm with prim* SAUSAGES of his own making, and respectfully solicits a trial, feeling confident that they will be found unequalled in the town, beit g ilale from the best of mfat, and the fat end Iran pork being thoroughly mixed by a patent machine. The famous MELTON MOWBRAY PORK PIES all the year round." Nov. 16. 1861. PUBLIC SUBSCRIPTION LIBR RY. 5, CBARLBS-STREET, WREXHAM. SUBSCRIBERS supplied with all the New Books immediately on publication. Single Subicriptions, 11 2s per annum. F. ERASER, w ATCHMAKER, glLYERSMITH, AND JEWELLER, 42, H IG H B T B E E T, W REX H A. M. July 12,1861. AN APPRENTICE WANTED. BRIDE CAKE ESTABLISHMENT, 2 CHARLE S- STREET, WREXHAM, 2 JOHN POWELL, CON FEClli.NER AND PASTRY COOK, HAS just icceived alaige supply of FANCY GOODS for Chiistmss Psitiec. BONBONS IN GRZAT VARIXTY. Oyster and Meat Puttie. Sausage Rolls and Fancy Dishrs. Mince Pies. Lemon Cheese Cakes. Jellies, Creams, and Biancnanges made to order. Plumb Ctkes, Maccsrooos, Citron Cakes, and W BIX H i H GIN GI RBRZ AD. ø- Weddings supplied with eveiy lequiste for the table. Nov. 16th, 1861. RE-OPENING OF THE NEW CHAPEL, CHESTER-STREET. THE aVcve place olWoiship will be BE-OPENED JL on Sunday, November the 24th, 1861, when TWO SEEM OK S Will be Preached by the REV. F. B. BROWN. Service in the Wnrirg at Qvaiter to Elevcn o'clock, and in the Evf r.ii g at half-past Six. On WBDMKDAY Evtnirg, Ncv. 27th, a SERMON will be Prtathtd by the REV. R. THOMAS, OF BANQIK. Service at 7 o'clock. A Colkcti<n will be medit after each Serv ice in aid of the funds for Alterations, Painting, BRYMBO EISTEDDOD. ADDITIONAL PRIZES! THE Committee lave great pleasure in rnncuncirg J. ttat two IritECs of the IboTe Institution have o Bend Prizes fer the following covipot-itions:- <. One Ccngregational Solo, major key.. 2s. 63. „ „ minor 2 6 Messrs G. Powell, and Gwilyn Gwymedd, adjudicatrlrs. The Ccmmittee lave also engrgfd the seiviies of Mr. G. Powell, piavirt, and a umpetent Barpiat for Ue day. AlEo, I rizes will be cfitred at the Eit-teddfod for the best "PfBillion Singir g," NVelob and English, to ac- c ompany tie barp afttr the manner of North Wales. R. LLOYD. BAZAAR, HIGH-STREET. SEALSKINS, PALETOTS and MANTLES, tj in great variety. R. LLOYD, Bazaar, High-street. PAl S LEY and WOOLLEN SHAWLS. j. R. Lioi D, Bbzaar, High-street. KBERDEEN WIN BEY S, and FANCY DR ESSES. R. LLOYD, Bazaar, High-street. GREATEST OVEL1]ES of tfe SEASON in GFLOWERS, FEA?HERS, RIBBOS, &c. R. LLOYD, Bazaar, High-street. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT of PLAIN A and FANCY BONNETS. R. LLOYD, Bazaar, High-street. A CHOICE ASSORTMENT of MILLINERY A and 7RIAIIHID BONNETS. B. LLOYD. Bazaar, High-street. FURS I N GREAT VARIETY. R. L LoyiD, Bazaar, High-street HOSIERY and GLOVES, in great VARIETY. R. LLOYD, Bazaar, High-street,  TD?LANEETS, SHEETS, COUNTERPANES, Band t LAN N ELS. R. LLOYD, Bazaar, Bigh-etreet. A LARGE SELECTION of READY-MADE A CLOTHES, VERY CHEAP. R. LLOYD, Bazaar, High-street, Wrexham. SUN FIRE OFFICE— ESTAl-LlSHtD 1710. MOLD BRANCH. CHARL ES C. fcMlJH, AlCHONEER ard APPRA ISER, bc-io to infoim the Gentiy, Farmtis, Glaziers, ButcLers, aLd his numenus- kind iiiei.u>, tiat heintends tolioldalteria-ily a. MOlloTHLY SALh ot every desc liption ol AGRjCLLTLRAL S'lt CK in lhe first Wedn e Hay. f the month, in the Star CIIJJt, Mold; and on tb e fiial Tutsi ay of the following month, in a Crolt at taehel1 to the BudgeIsveiQ, Pontblyddjn and he trusts tLat by prompt attlirg 01 accounU, propn arrangements, and the lacilitus cilered by the lailwsj, it will be the m'ane of ditpi sitg 01 aI,y ejua Stock when the different lairs are Lot available, to commence January, 1862. Paiticu l are, with c are's of description and charges for Sa e, my be lad itcxu M'- Price, Star Inn, Mold Mr, Phiiiiiiii, Bridge I ave-ini Pcntblyddyn or the Auc- ti neer, Sun Fire Office, Mold. Entries may be nade at eath p lace as < aily aa convenient, so as to give proper time tor advertising. COAL! COAL!! COAL! EDWAJRD LEDSOME ESPECTFULI,Y begs to inform the Public that L he has made amjrgements with Mr. WILLIAM LDWARDS, COAL MERCHANT, RHOS, to carry on the business of supplying Families &c., with Coal, both Wall and Bench, and Yard Coal, on the most reasonable terms. EDWARD LEDSOME, Coal Carrier, RHUS, WmHAX. MALT DUST AND GRAINS AT THE NAG'S HEAD BBEWEBY. MALT VUST CHEAP AT THE NAG'S HEAD BISEWERY 1 FAR MER b Met Cuw-heepcis can contract for GRAlNb at the following pr ies :— Ale JI Cll 1 bkirg 60 per Meet, 3^0. per measure. Ditto 60 do. 4d. do. Ditto 25 do. 41d. do. Ditto 12 do. '¡i;. (lo. Fioni the 2nd of November, lb61, to the 1st ol May, 18t2. BERSHAM AND MINERA TEMPERANCE SOCIETY. A NNIVERSAPY Bod PUBLIC TEA MEETING, ? a' ADWY'R-CIAWDD, on Monday, November 16th, 1861, in a Large I?Aw in, prepared fcr the occasion. Tickets, One Shilling eaih, may be obtained from Mr. Wm. Bayley, Bookseller, and Mr. Wm. Thorns, Old Virarege, Wrexham Mr. Baiter, Bersbam Mr. Davies, British Sihool. Brym bo; Mr. Thomas Jones, sboen aker, Adwy; Mr. Job Rrrfo, Coedfoetb; Mr. B. D. B. Turner, Mincra; Cfpt. Harric, BWlcbgwyn; and from any member of the Committee. Several Ministers and Gentlemen have promised Addresses in Welsh and Erglish. and all mrmbers of the Society ere respectfully and earnestly desiitd to attend, and communicate their intention to Mr. Wm. Leiter, Pen-y-Gtlli, Hon. Secretary to the Society. WREXHAM WATERWORKS. lneorpcraUon of Company, (Limited), Construction of Works, gje. '? OTICE Ib BEIŒBY GIVEN, That application J.? is intended to be made to Parliament, in the next Stetion, fcr have to bring in a Bill for all or some of the following purposes (that is to say) ) I.-To ileorroiate a Ccmpst y under the name or title of the Wrexham Water Ct mpany," or some other nsroe or title, srd enable such Company to supply water to it e iiihsbitants and other persons within the Borouth of Wrezbam and other places adjacent thereto, in the township cf Bersbam and parish of Wrexham, in the county of Denbigh. 2.—To acquire the right to impound, intercept, divert, convey away, and use the watc r f, om a certain stream, called Pack Saddle ttnam, or brook, otbtrwise Pentre- hjebar, otherwise Pent-y-fellin sych, and the water of all other brooks, streams, or springs flowing into the be- fcrementiur ed brcok or stream, or upon the site of the intended works which said streams, brtoks and springs He situate in the township of Esclnsbam Below in the said parish of Wrexham, and flow directly or derivatively into the river Cly wedog. 3.—To construct and erect a Wtirand all other neces- saiy Wiiks across the said brook or stream at a point ablutforty yards to the east of a bridge called Pentre- byeban Bridge. To construct a)) culverts, drains, acque- ducts, bridges, and nec-etsary woilks to t-ecuro the said Weir, alcng the distance of about thirty yards to a point to the West of the last described Bridge, and marked (A) on plan, Ini' which said works are all to be situated in the said township 01 Esduaham Below, and pariah of Wrex- ham. .To form, construct, lay down, an arqueduct, or line of pipes, commencing at the aid before n entioned NVeir, tlirt ugh, along, and into a pasture field belonging to Simcn Yorke, Esq., and now or lately in tIe occupa- tion of Owen Williams, and numbered 387 cn the tithe map of the township of Esclusham Below, in the said parish of Wrexham, and terminating in a Reservoir next hereinafter mentioned. 5.-To form and construct a Reservoir, tanks, and filter beds, ard all necessary appliances for cleansing storing, and delivery of the said streams or brooks; which taid reservoir, tanks, and filter beds are intended to be constructed in the said before mentioned pasture field numbered 387 on the said before mentioned tithe map of the township of Esclusham Below, in the pariah of Wrexham. 6.-To form, construct, and lay down an acquednot or main line of pfpes commencing from and out ot the DC rtb side of tl e said Reservoir, running from thence and passing out of the said field, at or near Saddle Bridge, thenie along the turnpike road, leading from Raabon to Wrexlam, and terminating at a point in the said turnlike Ded, in the Borough of Witxham, at or rear the t..}¡ house or turnpike-gate, called Wrexbam Gate, maiked (B) on plan. and which said line ot acquetiut t, meics or pipes, will pass from, through, or into the several townships or places follow- ing, or some of them ('bat is to say) Estlusham below, Bet sham, Wiexham Abbot, Wrexham Regis, in the pariah of Wrexham, the township of E,ddipr, in the parish of Gresford, all in the said county c f Denbigh. 7. To take power to erect and lay down all necessary steam and other engices, distributing and ot. er pipes, dams, slucies, water gates, stop cocks, drains, outlets, embankments, cuttings, bridges, tunnels, weits, j umps, and other sorks. machinery, and conveniences for the effectual construction, maintenance and use of the said intended works, and for the distribution of tLe supply ot water within the limit-ol the intended Bill. 8- To lease or sell the undertaking or works, or to amalgamate the same with any other person, company, or body corporate. 9.—T o purchase by compulsion or agreement, and otherwise take on lease, and lake grants or easements over lands, houses, rights of water, and other property for ti e ) urtoee ot the nidertakiug; aEd to levy rates, rent? a).d chsr?es in rtsptct of water supplied by the Company to confer, vary, or extinguish exemption from the pay- ment of such raltp, rents, and charges, and to confer vary or extinguish other riglts and privileges. 10.—To cross under, over, or by the side or, and to st'.p up eitl er temporarily or j erma. ectly, roads, rail- way?, tfrcsms, ai d wattrcour es, lor tbe pkirpofeof Jay- irg down, Ll.d to authorise the laying down euch eul- YCILF, ctts, dia n?, brfnt-h pipes, service pi'es, distribut- ing pipu, sluins, fire plugs, washout co. k3, and other wor ks, apparatus and appendage", storing, couveyins, and deliveriug the water of the Company, and tor more con- veniently, ulinv, draining and cleansing the fceveial works, bereiol cfore mentioned. II.-TO couter, vary or extinguish rights and privi. leges, over all lands, houses, hereditaments, rights of tWa. ter and other property to le taken, acquired, or ioteifered with by the Company. To lmorpcrate with the Bill all or some ot the provieious of The Companies Clauses Consolidation Act 1845." "The Lands Clauses Conso- lidation Act 1845." 'ihe Liuds Clauses Consolidation Act Amendment Act 1860. And Water Works Clauses Alt 1847." Duplicate plans and sections, describing the situation, lines, at,d levels of such reservoirs, tanks,filter beds,aoqueducts, or noaill pipes, and the lands, in, tt rough, cr upon which the same respectively, will be situate or trade; a hook of i eference to such plans, ':01 taining the names of the owners or re- puted owners, lessees or reputed lessees and occupiers cl the lands, homes, and prOI erty which may be taken and a copy of this notice, published in the Loudon Gazette will on or befoie the 30th day of November ins! ant, be de- posited for put lie inspectioL, at the office of tie Clerk of the l'eace fcr the County of Denbigh. And on or befoie the potie dHy a crpy of so much of the taid I lane, feciions, and books of reference ai relates tu ihe ce\eral | diis-hea, cr townships, nforei'aid, and also a cpy of the Gazette notice, will be deposited with the oafish Clerk ut i ach of the said parisles, at their rebi- deuce. Jrinted copies of the proposed Bill will on or before the t Zzjtil day ot December next, be deposited in tie t'rivate bill (Jtti ce d the House of Commons. j Dated iLi J 12th day of November, 1861. WELSH HOUSE!! 24, TOWN HILL AND ABBOT-STREET, WREXHAM. JANE PRICE, BEGS to return her sincere thanks to her Friends and the Pnblic in general for the very liberal support she l-as Jj received since her removal to her present premises, and has great pleasure in announcing that she has bought a very large STOCK OF WINTER GOODS, and is prepared to sell them at a very low profit. J. P. particularly calls attention to the undermentioned goods:— WHITNEY AND BURY BLANKETS. WELSH AND ENGLISH FLANNELS. SHEETS AND QUILTS. WELSH AND ENGLISH LINShY IN GREAT VARIETY. WOOLLBN CLOTHS, w SUITS MADE TO ORDER. CORDS AND MOLESKINS. SHIRTS, SILK HANDKERCHIEFS AND TIES. SILK AND FANCY HATS AND CAPS WELSH AND ENGLISH HOSE IN GREAT VARIETY. STAYS AND GLOVES. MERINO AND FANCY DRESSES. BONNETS AND RIBBONS. AUT U M N AND ^INTEE JASHIONS, 1 8 6 1-2 T C JONES BEGS to announce his return frcm Lcudon with a large and well-selected slock of Goods suitable for the .D Season consisting of Shawls, Mantles, Silks, Dresses, &c., &c. MILLINERY ROOM. T. C. J. wishes to csll special attenticn to this NEW DEPARTMENT, which is replete with a choice selectirn cf Bonnets, Ribbons, Flowers, Featheis, &c., &c. 10, Church-Street, Wrexham, October 25tb, 1861. Q OLDEN JG A G LE S TAB LISHMENT 21, TOWN-HILL, WREXHAM. H/f ISS E. EDWARDS begs to intimate tlat ihe has just retvined fiom Lender with a rboice Stock of WJ1}.R FASHIONS, cur-prising n.d hrif N« v.lties in Millinciy, Mantles, Shawls, Dresses, See., which are now ready for inspection. The favor of an early call is solicited. MR S. EDWARDS Embraces the present opportunity of ackncwlcdpirg pstt laviuis, and at tie same time to invite attention to her STOCK OF GENERAL DRAPERY Which the flatters herself wjll be fcund wortly of tlat support she has hitherto received. NEW WYNN HALL COLLIERY. The inhabitants of Oveiton, Bangor, Erbistock, and the neighbourhood, can now obtain supplies of very superior MAIN COAL For house' use, frcm the above well-known Colliery, one mile from Ruabon. Wynn Hall Coal Company, October J2tb, 1861. INTER JASHIONS AT ANCHESTER O U S E CHURCH-STEEET, WREXHAM. MWEIGBT begs to announce to bis friends tbat be has just returned from London, where be has jYi purchased a large stock of Drapery and Millinery Goods, Woollens, Cloths, Moleskins, Cords, Vel- vets, Linen, Holland, Flannel, Blankets, Cottons, Sheets, Counterpanes, &c. Straw Bonnets, Silk Bon- nets, Fancy Bonnets, lelt Wats, Straw Bats, Dress Caps, Widow's Caps, English Blld French Flowers Bonnet Ribbons, Caps, Fronts, Head Dresses, Gloves, Collars, Sleeves, Dress Buttons, Belts, Velvet Ribbon, Mohair Dresses, Fancy Dresses, Prints, Coburgs, Alpacca, Cashmere, Scarf bbawls, Paisley Scarf Shawls, and Woollen Shawls, Cloth Mantles and Cloth Paletots, Fancy Woollen Skirts, Crinoline Skirts, White tays, Gray and Drab Stays, Hoods, Cloth Caps, Men's Shirts and Silk Hats, Silk Neck Ties, Shirts, Collars. Mourning and Wedding Bonnets, Dresses and Mantles, made on the shortest notice-—Funerals, com- pletely furnished.—Wanted two Apprentices to the Millinery and Dress Making. 4. Church-street, Wrexham, October 5th, 1861. HOWARD'S CHAMPION PLOUGH, MARKED H." HOWARD'S NEW PAITIiRN PLOUGH, (marked "V.") HOWARD'S POTATOE PLOUGHS, BANSOME'S AND SIMS'S PLOUGHS, HOWARD'S & RODENHURST'S CULTIVATORS, BOWAFD'S PRIZE BARROWS AND HORSE RAKES, CROSSKILL'S AND CAMBRIDGE'S ROLLERS, GARRET'S CORN AND SEED DRIILS, RICHMOND AND CHANDLER'S CHAFF CUTTERS, BEN TAIL'S &. SAMUELSON'S TURNIP CUTTING MACHINES, AND ROOT PULPERS. W. OVERTON, IRONMONGER, WBEXHAM. W. O. had the honor of receiving the firat premium for tbe beat collection of Implements, at the Denbighshire and Flintshire Show, held in Wrexhafn. NEW SADDLERY AND HARNESS MAKING ESTABLISHMENT, N 0.( 8, TORRE STREET, WREXHAM (In the ShopLlately occupied by M* -Martin, Plumber and Glazier). JW..T ONES begs respectfully to announce to gentry, farmers, innkeepers, and public generally, that tj he has taken the above premises, where he intends to carry on the business of a SADDLER and HARNESS MAKER, and trusts by strict personal attention, good workmanship, moderate charges, and punctual and prompt execution of all orders with which he may be favoured, to merit a share of pubic patronage. MR. EDWARD KNIBBS BEGS to return his sincere thents to the professional gentlemen, tradesmen, farmers, and the publio generally JD for the very liberal support accorded to him since bis commencing business as an Auctioneer and Appraiser, and takes the present opportunity of assuring those friends who may favour him with their commands, that he will alway exert himself to the best of his ability to further their interests and to give satisfaction. High-street, Wrexbam, Jan. 24, 1861. NEW MEDICINE WAREHOUSE, 2, CEURCH-SIKEET, WREXHAM, LATELY OCCUPIED BY MB. DEELEY.  PRICE, DISPENSING CHEMIST, frcm LIVEBPOOL, moat respectfuHy informs W ? tbe Nobiiity, Gtntty, aid <bt Ibbhc f<ntrf'i;, tht e has t. ken te above ?ell.known Establishment, which isnow replete with a choice selection of DRUG, CHEMICALS, PERFUMFRY, Patent Mcdicine?, &c. PRICE'S l'EtTORAL CLlGH l CZl.NOES. Ittpared Jrtm the Celebiated Cough and Pulmonic Remedy, Jt. Btham of Jiorthomd ond Ani.setd.-11 eee Lczergts ccnlain all the virtues cf the Balsam of Hirehound and Aniseed, will be ftund to give inHMit relief to tie mott tnubletome Cough, t1.ey will also be found moct invalu- able in Churches and Public Assemblies, as <ne or two if Uken and allowed gradually to dissolve in the mouth, immediately checks that tickling cr irritation in the tlroat, which causes this peculiar short Cough. Clergymen and Public Speakers will find them very excellent for strengthening end clefcring the voice. Sold in Boxer, la. each. Post Free, h.4r!. PPost RFIrCeeE, 'S CELEBRATED CHOLERA MIXTURE AND PILLS. For ?oic? ?M?.M?, .Py«?-y. J. JHarrhtea, ?c., ?c.—Ibis famous Mtcicme ?as first oideied ty 1be tele/raud Pl.1sid&D, Sir A. Coo?tr, at London, to his patients, end sfterwatds so lieily ac ministered by tie most eminent physicians of London. NEVEK KNOWN TO FAIL. This Medicine gives hUllfaiate relief to the patient, and seldom requires more ti an two or three doses to effect a cure. Should alwsjs be kept in leadiness, as delay rtnders the patient's life baz"lilfóup. Sold in Dottlefl, 6d. each. baza/dew. Sotd in Pottiff, RHEUMATIC MIXTURE, For Bheumat)fm, :Rheumatic Gout, Sciatica, Tic t PRICE'S (ELEBKAIED L JJt)loreux, InBotUee.2?.d.each. HLHMAT1U ?BROCAYRN.—InBottIts.Is.each. JC DoloreuEx, LIXIR FOR TOOTHACHE, Tic D?lo?u?, Lbeumatio in the hce and Head, is a Ctrtain U»RICE'S .t. nre for all ?rvoua Hfadach?, %c. t?ectual < remed. y r for DChLu? dtenwth. o are ? troubi.l. ed? INFANT PRESERVATIVE. A most safe and effectual remedy far nChui-u ldien whi. o are troubled with Convulsion?, l'ams in the Bowels, &c.; in Mcssles, Teething, and Cramp, it is particularly recom- mended by tLe Medical Mm for all disOldHS ) eculia\' tf Infants. 'DRIC?800'1H1NG POWDERS FOR CH1LDLEN CUTTING 1 HEIR TEETH. Children suffering J[. Buder hritatiún of the to?eis from cutting ileir teeth or ?themise, i4)U Le lmu eciatcly reheved by tbe use of these wtrm Aromatic Powders. In those cts. s where the patent's milk tun.s and becomes curdled on the stomach 01 tbe inlant, giving rise to griping |.ains, aid undering tLe child restless and fretful, they have never been kn*wn to fail. Sold in packets at Is. and 6d. CELEBRA1ED WORM POWDERS, ior deusil1V, crdiDg, end purifying the bJocd in children, snd removing tbe cease of Worms. W. Pliceba?iBg bao mi.rj yure' f"ltllhe p!aMieeimhetrea)mt:t)tot Children's diseases, and the very gieat success which nss eiundtd his trealnrmt, he i: eiisUtd to reader tLe most efficient aid in all cases ceming under bis r>ctice, and Motheis may reI) on cfre and attention. PRICE'S ANTIBILIOUS A?D 1IYER PILLS. Ib'y (OJ(Ht the tiimech and l'owds, act gently on the L liVtr and Hdt n', remove Hotel et on the d'ln, end impiovc the appetite and di?t&tive orgaD8. JJ RICE'S BALSAM OF HOREliODND AND ANlfcEEi) is sold in Bottles, One Shilling each. Y>RICE'S QUININE TOOTH POWDER, sold in Bottles, One Shilling each. Freeh supply of COD LIVER OIL (quite tasteless) direct from Newfoundland. IKT Family Recipes and Physician's Prescriptions carefully prepared. COwDBITIO PO\i DEhS for UORfcES, in tins, Is. 6d. each. HORSE AND CATTLE MEDICINES of every description warranted genuine. Oils, Paints, and Varnishes. Colors properly prepared for Paintings. TEBTH ZZiaAOlBD. PHIZES FOR TURNIPS. P E O C T 0 K A N DRY L A N D Respectfully inform tbote friends who intend to compete for their Premiums this season, that they must give itotfce, ia wriullg, to tLat efleet, on or before the 1st of October, tbat being the last day of entry P. and R. also desire to call attention to their GRASS AND WHEAT MANURES, FOB AUTUMN USE, WBICB TBET CAN CONFIDENTLY B £ COMMENI>. BIRMINGHAM AND T. HUGHES, ENGINEER, BRASS FOUNDER & MILLWRIGHT, AGBICULTTT It AX IMPLEMENTS, AND MACEINE MAhUFACTURXB. BKGKNT-ST. AND 38, IAMB PIT-ST. WBUHA)[. Portable and Fixed Steam Engines, from 2 to 14 hone power and upward., to order. ?r.shIng,Str.w.sLkIng,Ridd!ingandBa?ey-HTro?nu.?.g? Winnowing Machine, equal to any in the trade. Horse Gear of various s'zea, Richmond, Chandler, end Coone's Cbaff-Catten,, Pulpers, and Turnip-Cutters, always on Agricultural Machines and Implements, Weigning Machines, &c., carefully repaired. SStaatiims, &c.> 1itmttb. WANTED by a Youn? Man of good character, W a situation a. GROOM. Has no ob? make himself generally useful situation at a respecatble tra ■' Bayley, bookseller, W rexhair AN AGENT wanted f A Doited-ground r Apply to Mr. Bayley, f' WANTED by a respectab*. ?. "'> TV as Companion to a Lady, o? — r/; an elderly Gentleman. Address—E. B., care » Bayley, boi kseller, Oswestry. WANTED immediately, and the beat prMe W any quantity of OLD NEWSPAPERS, byW Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. $0 b, TO BRICKMAKERS, CONTRACTORS, AND j OTHERS. THE SMELTING REDUCTION LIME & COAL j. COMPANY, (LIMHED). BhONCOED COL- LIERY, near MOLD To be LET, for the purpose of Brickmakicg, the BRICKFIELD belonging to the abov* Comp any, ;orming jart of the Broncoed Estate, situate near Mold, in the county of Flint. The Comfanyto have the right to puicLa^e such bricks as they may req uire, a' a price to be agreed on, and the Leesee to pur chafe frcm the Company all coal and slack at the Company's pi ices at the pit mouth. Tenders, stating term s by siool and by 1,0C0, to be sent in addressed to Mr. Laac Atberton, 3, Cable-street, Liverpool, before One o'clock on Monday, the 2nd December next. Fos further particulars apply to the taid Mr. Isaac Athertonj or to Mr. Charles Hales, Manager, Broncoed Colliery, Dfar Mold. CATTLE! CATTLE I CATTLE! FARMERS and others who are overstocked with t* Cattle can have them comfortably Housed, Watered, and Fed on the but barky straw lull of clover on the following reasonable terms: Three-year-old Heiters Is. 6d, per week. Two ditto ditto Is. 3d. One ditto ditto. Is. Od. Apply at the Printer's^ lOBE LET, a LARGE ROOM, capable of seating 2PO persons, situate in a cential part of Wrexham; suitable lir a Hub Boo m, School, &c., or if desired could be divided into two Rooms. For particulars apply to Mr. Rideout's Refreshment Rooms, 16, Town Hill Wrexham. I liø it "olb, c TIMBER. TO BE SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— J. Lot 1: 60 oak trees, 6 elm, 28 ash, 8 beech, 9 sy< am ore, 6 poplar, 25 larch fir, and 7 Scotch fir trees. Lot 2; 14 ollk treef, 10 ash, 3 flm, 3 beech, and 10 larch fir trees, growing on lands called Pen-y-bryn," in the parish ol RuuboD, in the holding of Mr. Samuel Lewis, who will show the same. For further particular apply to Mr. S. Lewis, Pen-y- bryn Hall I'aim, Ruabon; or to Mr. Roger Beckittg Timber Valuer, Dudleston. rpo BE SOLD, a small set of DRUGGIST'S X S HELVES, with 30 drawer? suitable ffr a Surgery or a small Chemist's Shop. Apply to Mr. Francis, Chemist, Wrexham. DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, CHESTER— JL7 For SALE by Private Treaty, the DWELUNG- H OUSE, No. 20, Crane-street, containing, drawing, dining, and morning rooms, five best and three servants^ bedrooms, gotd kitchen, pantiies, scullery, &c. The principal rooms front to the Roodee, and command aa airy and open situation which cannot be built upon or otherwise interiered with. There is a garden, whieti presents a frontage aleoto the Roodee, together with stabling. The residence is suitable for a family of re- spectability, and the tenure is freehold. Together with the above Hill be OLD the THREE HOUSES also on the south side of l'ralle. 8trett, being numbered respect- ively 23, 25, and 27, and now in the occupation of re- apeitatle tenants.—For further particulars, apply to Mr. Benj amin Owens, Surveyor, Lower Bridge-street, Chester. BE SOLD, a laige lour-wheeled PH-ETON, JL rectnily painted and lined, with shahs and pole, either for ot e or two hoises. Also, a BASKET CAJ&« KlAGE, nearly new. Apply to Mr. Bayley, Bookseller, Wrtxham. r?O BE SOLD, a pair of NEW WHEELS. 4 feet X 11 in. bifib, with Ade acd Pina complete, fit to carry 2 tous 10 cwt. Aime, 2. The whole to be sold at a leduced price. Apply at tLe Printer's. LOST, on Wednesday night, October 30th, betweea JLj Holly Bush and Coergwrle, a Double-Barrel GUN. Whoever ha* got the tame, by delivering it to Mr. Superintendent Th. mas, Mdd, or P.C. Dew, Caer- gwrle, ill be handsomely rewarded. 161. FOURTH iEASON. 1801. ART UNION OF GREAT BRITAIN. ONE SHILLING PER SHARE. Upwards of 200,000 Tickets have been sold in the three previous Cravings, 3,0-50 Pr zes distributed, in- cluding 585 Paintings, from £153 downwards, being ONE Prize in each 68 tickets. The FoURiH DRAWING will take place in the Free Trade Hull, Mancbefcter, on Saturday, December 28th, 1861, and will consist of upIIIoards of 1,000 PRIZES. FIRST PRIZE, "May-Day in London, in the 16th Century." J. Ritehis, £150..Nuw exhibiting (No. 3b9) in the Birmingham Exhibition. (For remainder, see list.of prizes). Tickets,—price One Shilling,—each ticket entitling the holder to one chance in the drawing, may be had from all the principal Priutsellcrs, M uic and Booksellers, or they" iil be forwacded direct by the Secretary, ou receipt of an envelope (stamped and directed), together with postage stamps or poat-otfice order for the numbac of tickets required. JAMES G. LAW, Secretary. 46, Princess-street, Manchester. Agents In W rexham—Messrs. Potter & SOlpe, Book- sellers, High-street, and Mr. G. Bayley, Alherlisw oml e. KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. HEALTH RESTOHEO and maintained by the usa fl of these Pills, prpparedsolely by John Kaye, Esq. ot Daltcn-Hatt, mat Huddersfitld. TLey are unequallea in simplicity, tatety, and beneficial effect, and in cases of acute aa well as chronic di ea-M, especially thott rising from impurity of Blood, Indigestion, and CtmIti- pation, aie the best medicine that cau possibly be em- ployed. FEMALES, AETIZANS, MECHANICS, all persons of Se- dentary habits, and the gen. ral publio, will find them of the greatt-et service in correcting and preventing irregu* In ntits in the performance of the various function of the human frame.