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MARKETS. WREXHAM MARKET.— THURSDAY. I o il ~i d I While Wheat 10 0 10 6 lied theftt 9 6 10 0 Matting Harley. 5 9 6 3 Oats. 3 6 4 0 Potatoes per measure 3 6 4 0 Butter 1 2 1 3 iifrKs 6 for sixpence Fowls, per couple 3 6 — 3 3 ELLESMBKK CORN MARKEL- XuesaAi. Wheat old, 9. OJ to 9a 10.1; new 0« 01 to Od O t, bar- ley, 38qta, 5a 6d to 6s 6d oats per oOlbs 3. OJ to 4s Od j. u tatoes, 4i Od to 48 6d. OSWESTRY CORN MARKET. WEDNESDAY. Wheat at 9s 6d to 10s Od; barley, 5s 9d to 6s Od; oatil. 3s 6d to 4s 3d. MARK LANE CORN MARKET.—WEDHESDAY. There was but a thin attendance at thit morning's market, and very little variation occurred in the general character of the trade. English wheat was firm, at Monday's currency. What took place in foreign was at about former prices. Flour told in moderatd quaiiti'y, at prices which do not alter quotations. Barley, beans, and peas are written as before. Oats a steady sale. Malt in moderate request. LEEDS CORN MARKET.—TUESDAY. Factors bold their samples of fine qualifies with great ifrmness. Trade slow at the rates of last Friday. Barley, be IUE, and other articles without alteration. Arrivals: Wheat, 2160. LONDON PRODUCE MARKT.—-WEDNESDAY. Sugar: At the sales to-day very little buusiness could be effected. 2,500 bozes f I avait ui, in superior parcels, were bought in at high rates, yellow 40s 6d to 45t 6d florette, 45s to 48s; and white 5is; 1,820 baits Penaog ] sold at 31a 6d to 33s for brown, and 359 to 39s 6d for yellow but 800 hhds. Porto Rico and 15,000 buyers at the previous currency. Privately a floating cargo was disposed of; but the exact terms and particulars did not transpire. Coffee: The public sales have gone with spirit, at full prices, to a small advance. Plantation Ceylon. 74s to 76s Malabar garblings, 52s 6d to 55s 6d per cwt. Tea: Public sales were commenced to-day, aud passed off rathei quietly. Black teas sold at about previous rates; but greens tarely maintained at late rabs. Itice Tho market is quiet, without change in price. Arrowroot: 791 packages St. Vincents sold at 3J to 4fd. Pepper: BLick continues ia demand, and prices are arm, 234 bags S'lmtàtn sold at 4d pur lb. White is steady in value, 644 bags sold at 6d to 6-ld for Singa- pore. Oih: Linseed 368 6d, with a good demand. Other oils quiet. Turpentine American spirits have advanced to 78s to 73s 6d. TaHow: Market quiet, at 52s spot; 51s 9d all the year; and 53s sellers, spring. Hemp: Manila was bought iu at £25 per ton. LIVERPOOL CORN MARKET.—TUESDAY. There has been no material change to note in wheat and flour during the week, the business done being chiefly in retail at former prices. Indian corn has met less atten- tion, and to effect sales off the quay, a decline of 6d to 9d per quarter bai been accepted. Oats and oatmeal have both been difficult to sell. All other al ticles have re- mained without, miterial variation. There are- still some shipineDts making to France: since Tnesday 4042 quarters wheat and 330 quarters Indian corn have been exported to Havre, and 1151 sacks flour to Nants. Al our market this day there was only a limited business done in wheat, and prices closed without any material at- teratioa on the week. Oats were Id per bushel cheaper, with rather more inquiry. Barley, beaas, and psas were all as before. Indian corn met more attention at the decline of 6d to 91 per quarter, mixed briagidg 32s 6d per 480 lb, ex-quay. LONDON PRODUCE MARKET.—THURSDAY. Sugar at rather lower prices, more business doing, Refiaed not much wauted. No decided change in tho value. Coffee demand again animated, aud estreaic rates real^ei. Te i: meek, with more attention to-diiy, and prices. Rice; sales limited, rates unvaried. Suitpttrc less business d^ing', but mtr- chania remain firm. Tallow: demand moderate, at late ratlS. BIRMINGHAM CORN MAR-KE-T.-THURSJDAY. I Fair supply of English wheat, and to effect sales a re- duc.iou ot Is per quarter had to be submitted to on both I new and old. Foreign nominally unaltered. Beans, peas barley, and oats all held for previous rates, but only taken I in retail. LONDON CATTLE MARKET.—THURSDAY. I The beef trade dull, Monday's prices supported. Mut- I ton aiso dull, prices rather lutver. Ve:il Hit at Monday's terms. Beat 4s to 5s mutton 4s 8d to 5s pork, 4s 8d to 5s 6d per 81bs. Beasts blO; cows 95; sheep and I lambs 4,05b, LONDON HOP MARKET. —MCXDAY. I Ther; was a fair average business Joing in all kinds of hope, at very full prices, bat other kinds Were a dull in. uuny. Mid aud East Kent, £ • £ 7 Weald ot Kent. £ 4.. £ 6 k; u. et t. t 3.. £ 4 i Ycariiu^s £ 6..j&} I

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